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Tuesday 16 October 2012

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BOAT LOVERS: LO VERS: Young and old flocked to the Cape Town Inter­ national Boat Show held at the V&A Waterfront at the weekend. Those in attend­ ance enjoyed view­ ing the many luxu­ rious yachts on dis­ play. Running concurrently at the Cape Town Inter­ national Conven­ tion Centre was a variety of exhibi­ tions showcasing the latest trends, products and tech­ nology appealing to all water­sport enthusiasts.

Residents win bar debate TAURIQ HASSEN

THE Time and Place Restaurant and Bar is believed to have closed their doors for good after the Cape High Court ruled against the decision to transfer their liquor licence to a new owner. This means that the first leg of the court case against the bar in Bo-Kaap has tipped the scales in favour of residents. Osman Shaboodien, the chairperson of the Bo-Kaap Civic Association, confirms the victory and says: “This means a lot to Bo-Kaap and it should set an example for other areas who are also battling against illegal establishments.” The court case has not yet been wrapped up as the association is set to appear once again in December; there was no ruling on the liquor licence for the bar.

Shaboodien explains that the association has laid criminal charges against the legal representatives for the business after their affidavit stipulated that the business was not close to a school or place of worship. He says: “We will go back to court. They blatantly lied in their affidavit, as this business is neighbouring the Nurul Islam Mosque.” Residents were relieved to hear about the closure of the business and feel measures should be introduced to avoid similar instances unfolding in the future. Resident Gasant Abrahams explains that strict guidelines should be handed over to council, which should be referred to when applications are received. “This should have happened before the application for this place was approved and it should be a set of guidelines that we, as residents, will provide,” he says. Abrahams admires the stance taken by res-

idents and was “proud” to be part of the neighbourhood that battled against this licence. He says: “People took time out to protest and go to court to fight this matter. There was real unity when tackling this issue, something that should always remembered.” Farieda Toeffy, a resident who protested for three consecutive days outside the bar, believes that the victory in court last Tuesday proved that if residents stand together, they can “overcome anything”. “This is our community and when people do not respect the community, then we, as the residents, should stand up and oppose,” she says. Toeffy now has her sights firmly set on the end-of-year court case where she, once and for all, would like to put the matter to bed. “This has been going on for long enough now and come December, this matter will be

ended,” she says. A relieved Shaboodien adds: “I really don’t think a bar will opening up there again.” Thys Giliomee, the CEO of the Western Cape Liquor Authority, would not comment on the current court case. However, in a previous statement Giliomee confirmed that the liquor licence was granted to the establishment on the grounds that the premises was found suitable for the purpose of conducting the business. No objections to the awarding of the licence were received by the board. The premises is zoned for commercial use. The business concerned would focus on food and not liquor. No loud music would be allowed on the premises. People’s Post attempted to contact the owners of the bar for comment, but was unsuccessful at the time of going to print.


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Recovering from grief’s wounds Dear reader,

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I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every one of you who sent me emails in response to last week’s ConnectED. Thank you for your love and compassionate, inspiring messages and thank you for sharing with me your personal stories of losing loved ones. Your words have touched my heart so much that we are publishing some of your letters this week – and more in future editions of People’s Post. I hope that sharing these stories might give others the comfort, hope and strength that I have drawn from them. Anyone who has been through grief will know that it is all-consuming; it takes over your existence and stops you in your tracks. You feel as if you will never overcome how you feel. There are times you need only solitude and other times you find your loneliness unbearable. I’ve learnt that I need both and have let my







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Unfortunately, and despite my friend’s noble intentions to distract me from my grief and see me smile again, I ended up searching for my late mother’s face among the crowd and ended up fleeing to my car. Hearing about the death of a resident in one room while a karaoke party was in full swing elsewhere in the home, contributed to my sadness. It also awakened my realisation that this is life and that death is the final chapter in the book of life. Knowing this does not in any way diminish the pain, but helps to teach acceptance – in tiny parts. I feel very blessed for all the support I am getting and to have the platform in which to – through my writing – process my emotions. I pray and wish for everyone who is going through bereavement the same love, support and strength I am getting. ’Til next time, go well! ConnectED is a weekly column by People’s Post editor Feroza Miller-Isaacs who can be contacted on People’s Post in online. Visit

See the world through new eyes



family and benevolent friends tug me along – to an extent. Last week, a good friend of mine succeeded in convincing me to visit Lotus River Place where he was hosting a karaoke for the more than 100 seniors there. Not knowing what to expect and how I would respond to attending an event of this nature so shortly after my loss, I was happily surprised to find a homely, clean, comfortable and joyful place. Several of the smiling elderly residents were singing and dancing, some on the dance floor, the rest in their chairs. They were celebrating life, forgetful of their ailments and age. The eldest resident there is 102 years old and she walks with the aid of only a walking stick, smiles, and gladly poses for photographs. She sports thick, shiny grey hair. Lotus River Place is also where many older people have found love and a wedding is on the cards for one such couple, as I was informed by Josephine Frenchman. She is one of several amazing volunteers who give of their time and love to create the homely atmosphere that makes this residence different from some others.

3-4 November


Zandvlei, Muizenberg R20 adults / R10 children All profits go to support Cape Mental Health Festival Hotline 082 658 4537 Zandvlei, Muizenberg


Tuesday 16 October 2012

HEAVY DEBATE: Atlantic Seaboard residents have their say in a heated debate on the proposed routes for their area. Photos: Tauriq Hassen

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 3

NEW ROUTE: Construction on Beach Road is well underway, with sidewalks and part of the road making way for new MyCiTi bus stops.

Residents slam MyCiTi routes TAURIQ HASSEN

THE MyCiTi service planning team was in the firing line when proposing options for new routes last week. New routes for the service in Sea Point is set to be introduced next year, but residents feel that options are being forced upon the area. In a heated debate at the Peninsula Hotel, residents were given the opportunity to comment on the two options provided by the MyCiTi’s planning and engineering team. Manager of IRT for Infrastructure Development in the Transport, Roads and Stormwater department, Ron Heiden, confirms that two options are now being scrutinised by the team. The first proposal is to convert Queens Road, between Victoria and Kloof Roads, into a one-way street, with traffic flow towards Signal Hill. Buses will travel up Queens Road, left into Kloof Road, right into Avenue Disandt and along High Level Road towards the city. Residents feared that the top of Queens Road will remain a constant threat, as the intersection needs traffic calming measures.

Ward councillor Beverley Schafer confirms that an application has been received for these measures to be implemented. “Because there is an application, this does not mean that traffic lights will be implemented, but it’s certainly something the City can look into,” she says. The second proposal is to retain Queens Road as a two-way street and reverse the directions of travel in nearby Fir Avenue, between Victoria and Kloof Roads. This means buses and other traffic will travel in an upward direction towards Signal Hill. Buses will travel up Queens Road from the Sea Point station, right into Victoria Road, left into Fir Avenue, left into Kloof Road, right into Avenue Disandt and along High Level Road towards the city. Residents claim that changing the direction of Fir Avenue would cause major “traffic safety hazards”, as cars would now have to travel upwards towards a potentially dangerous curve in the road. Ashley Johnson from Sea Point was concerned about the proposed changes, as it meant traffic would immediately be doubled in Fir Avenue. “The officials are not trying to gather our suggestions – they have already made up

their minds and they are forcing us to accept this proposal that is already being constructed as we speak,” says Johnson. She explains that Fir Avenue is not “conducive to travel upwards” and plenty of accidents can be expected at the top of the road. “The officials really need to do their homework properly because they are not listening to people who are exposed to the realities of this road,” she says. Another resident, William Smith, placed emphasis on the curve at the top of Fir Avenue and was concerned that the area would be turned into a “potential death trap”. “Anybody living in this area can tell you that it’s dangerous coming down here; motorists are driving away from the curve. Now you are talking about sending traffic at potentially high speeds towards that curve. This cannot be good,” he says. People’s Post sat in on the two-hour meeting, where residents became agitated during the presentation. They repeatedly heckled the MyCiTi team, shouting: “You guys have already made up your minds, so why ask us?” Tempers flared when residents’ suggestions for alternative routes were constantly shot down. Heiden was even threatened with

Cyclist’s body found in Green Point


was on the pavement. “The deceased was dressed in cycling clothing,” says October. He adds that police had inspected the body and discovered nothing had been stolen. There was also no significant damage on the bicycle. “We are trying to determine what had really happened, because he was

not robbed and it seems as if he was not knocked down,” says October. Cape Town police is now requesting the public or possible witnesses to assist Detective Sergeant JeanPierre Toua with this investigation. Anyone who is able to shed some light on the incident can contact him on 0 (021) 467 6326 or 0 (021) 467 6315.

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THE discovery of a dead cyclist in Cape Town has left police puzzled. On Thursday at about 18:00, the body of the cyclist was found in the busy High Level Road in Green Point. Captain Ezra October, spokesperson for Cape Town Central police, explains that the body was found in the middle of the road while his bicycle

legal action but was dismissive of the threats, claiming residents had “no basis for legal action”. One resident, Lillian Andrews, responded to Heiden, saying: “We are the ratepayers in this community and everything that is unfolding is from our monies. If you guys do not have respect for the ratepayers, how do you expect us to respect MyCiTi?” Mayoral Committee member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater and ward councillor, Brett Herron, explains that the public was asked to comment at the meeting, but the meeting was never an actual public participation meeting. Herron says: “The City did take note of all comments made during the meeting, including written and oral comments and questions.” He adds that the City upheld a process of public information, rather than participation. However, there have been numerous engagements with the public across the city about the placement of bus stops. “Public comments is always taken into consideration,” he says. “The MyCiTi planning team will now be relooking at routing MyCiTi services in the area and have discussed alternative options.”

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Page 4 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Underground in Cape Town THE Cape Natural History Club will explore the enclosed streams under the CBD and the hidden passages of the Cape of Good Hope Castle on Sunday 21 October.

The cost is R250. For more information contact Eleanor on 0 (021) 762 1779 or visit their website at

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Child porn too easily accessible JUANITA WILLIAMS

HARDCORE pornography is watched by 97% of child abusers, according to police statistics.






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Clive Human, the director of Standing Together to Oppose Pornography (STOP) blames this on easy access to porn, which is being called the new drug of our time. “Sadly, the perpetrators are getting younger and younger and the number of reported child-on-child sexual abuse cases have skyrocketed. Children today are acting out what they are exposed to on TV and the internet. “Cellphones gives them instant access to sexually explicit material. Some are posting pictures and clips of themselves on various platforms of the social media, without a thought to the long-term effects it can have on their lives,” Human says. “There is a huge increase in child pornography and without adequate parental supervision there’s the risk of children posting illegal content of themselves online. It is a criminal offence to have porn on a phone belonging to a child, so the parent or guardian who has signed the contract could be charged with neglect and abuse.” A child under 18 years can be charged with manufacturing or distributing child pornography, he says. “This is a serious offence, and a youngster could end up with a criminal record for life.” Human suggests parents put an adult content block on a cellphone, but this is not possible on a Blackberry. Easy access to sexually explicit material in shops is also a temptation. The best-seller 50 Shades of Grey, known as “mommy porn”, has outsold the Harry Potter series. Children are reading this fantasy and assume it is part of a normal healthy relationship. “Never before in history has pornography been so cruel, violent and degrading to-

wards women, and this is perpetuating violence and aggression towards women.” The real danger, says Human, is that women are being objectified by porn. “The men see these fantasy women as always available, and a real wife and mother can’t compete with these air-brushed women. Relationships are fragile and when porn is introduced they can breakdown from the strain of these ‘affairs of the mind’.” Founded in 1994 by Doreen Meissner and Michèle Human, STOP was launched in response to the de-regulation of porn and campaigned at schools to support family-friendly stores that agreed not to stock pornographic material. The women also lobbied the council to create a bylaw which made it mandatory for sex shop owners to give communities the chance to comment. Clive decided to get involved when men started confiding in him at meetings. He decided to take early retirement from his job in the textile/fashion business and has counselled hundreds of men. “It is an embarrassing addiction, with deep-rooted issues, and not many people really know how to deal with it. It causes devastation in a committed relationship, which often results in divorce. People have lost their jobs and we have dealt with cases of child molestation.” He says many adolescents feel pressurised by a sex-saturated society. “Girls and boys become introverted and feel inadequate. In America, many young men between 20 and 29 are suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of the easy availability and a diet of high-definition porn. They prefer the fantasy to a real relationship. This is a very worrying trend.”





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The City of Cape Town is once again staging the iconic Night Market in Adderley Street. In addition to 200 stalls, the market will feature nightly entertainment, themed around Cape Town’s unique cultural heritage to ensure an inclusive event. An extensive marketing campaign will promote the market to Cape Town residents, business people and tourists so you can be sure of doing good business during the busiest shopping period of the year. We want the Night Market to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for shopping and recreation for all people in Cape Town during December. Visitors will be able to browse, buy and then relax in the refreshment and entertainment areas set up along Adderley Street. Market dates Friday 30 November 2012 – Saturday 1 December 2012 Friday 7 December 2012 – Sunday 9 December 2012 Friday 14 December 2012 – Monday 24 December 2012 (excluding either 16 or 17 December 2012) Times Set-up time 17:00 to 18:00 and weekends 11:00 to 12:00 Running time 18:00 to 22:00 and weekends 12:00 to 22:00 Location Adderley Street (between Strand Street and the fountain at Hans Strydom Street) Prospective stall holders must apply on the application forms that are available on the City’s website at or from the Cape Town Civic Centre, Information Desk, 2nd Floor Concourse level, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town or send a fax to 086 576 0524 or 086 588 6700. Applications in the following categories will be accepted: home and décor, craft and design, Christmas goods, clothing and accessories, fresh produce and deli, food and beverage. Preference will be given to locally produced goods. Contact Tim Page on 021 417 4045, Chanel van Wyk on 021 400 5502 or Emlyn Hammond on 021 400 5942 for further enquiries.




Cnr of Doordrift Rd, Intersection off N2 & R44 Eversdal Road Opposite Somerset Mall Old Blue Mountains Nursery Exit 25 off N1 TEL - 021 794 2221 TEL. 021 852 7400 TEL. 021 919 1106

Offers valid till 21 October 2012 while stocks last



Doncaster Road, next to KC Centre TEL. 021 671 9050/1

Racecourse Road, behind Paddocks TEL - 021 528 4000

Successful applicants will be provided with the relevant conditions and must sign a contract with the market operator. All the successful applicants will be notified by 9 November 2012. ACHMAT EBRAHIM CITY MANAGER



Tuesday 16 October 2012 TAURIQ HASSEN

RESIDENTS from the Gardens remain wrapped in a cloud of confusion while the future of their cottages is being discussed. The cottages form part of the abandoned Cantebury Road Scheme, a project which would have seen the City of Cape Town commissioning the broadening of the road (“Council’s cottage carbuncle”, People’s Post, 2 October). Susan Hales has been living in Maynard Street for the past 24 years and has still not been offered the opportunity to purchase her house. “We have already spent lots of money on maintaining these properties. We all come from poor backgrounds and now we find out that the City wants to sell our houses,” she says. Hales is even more concerned that houses on the opposite side of the bridge were sold to residents. It is believed the cottages were sold for around R10 000. “This is ridiculous. The worst part is that we get all these mixed stories about the area, but we still don’t know what will happen to these cottages,” she says. Another resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, met with People’s Post outside the cottages last week and pointed out some of the home improvements done by residents. “This road scheme has been abandoned for a very long time – that is nothing new. But the fact that they now want to place our houses on the open market is ridiculous. What are we supposed to do?” he fumes. What he finds disappointing is that no real communication is held with residents in the area, but “decisions continue to be made”. “We want answers from the City and we really want to know what is happening with our properties. This has been going on for a while now,” he says. Janin van Niekerk claims she has been living in her house for the past 10 years without any lease agreement. “I am like a squatter, but I have been spending money over the years on improving this property and making it look appealing to the eye,” she says. She firmly believes the City is wasting money on security guards for the cottages,

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 5

‘What about us?’ saying: “Over the years, I had to chase squatters away from the houses.” Vice-chairperson for the City Bowl Ratepayers and Residents Association, Patrick Labrosse, is not surprised to hear about the road scheme being abandoned. “The road widening has been very unofficially off the table for many years – at least 20 years that I know of – but the City needed provincial to sign off on the official scrapping of the project, something which just wasn’t happening,” he says. According to Labrosse, demolishing the cottages was not on the cards as Maynard Street has been proclaimed as Urban Conservation Area. “The irony is that these houses, due to the relative neglect from the City, have not been modernised or subjected to the alterations of those on the other (western) side of the street,” says Labrosse. “The City will not spend the sort of money on these properties needed to restore them to the level required to derive their full marketrelated rental potential, so selling them is seen by residents as the best option to have the houses brought up to standard.” Ward councillor Brett Herron explains that the road scheme was reviewed during the course of last year and a report was taken to full council for a decision on the future of the road. “Council supported the proposed de-procla-

mation of this road scheme and the matter was then referred to the province for a decision to be made,” he says. Herron confirms that the road scheme has

been formally abandoned, hence the request from the councillor that the future of the cottages be decided. “If we implemented the road scheme it would have required demolition of some of the cottages, which is why there was no investment in their maintenance or upgrade,” says Herron. Herron confirms that the future of the cottages has yet to be decided.

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Page 6 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Tuesday 16 October 2012

A bright idea to save electricity

n ge e En rag Ga

from M5

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Chichester Rd


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The bulbs have been installed in traffic lights. The upgrade started in 2005, first switching from 75 watt incandescent light bulbs to halogen lamps and switching lamps which had 70 LEDs in each. Now all 1 378 traffic signals in Cape Town have been changed to high-tech, energy-efficient lamps which have only three LEDs

you can imagine the labour involved. “The LED’s lifespan is about five years. If this goes faulty within five years then the supplier must give us a new one with a new date of manufacture and if that goes within five years I will give that back as well.” He adds that the LED lamps will also have to be replaced less often because they are more resistant to water damage and are still able to function perfectly even if one of the three LEDs in the lamp fuses. The City announced the completion of the traffic signals upgrades at an event held at the Traffic Signals Depot in Ottery on Tuesday.

It would increase to around R4,5m if it was calculated using the retail price. The new bulbs cost R500 each, significantly more than the R18 which was paid for each halogen lamp and half of the R1 000 which was paid for the older LED lamps which had 70 LEDs in each. Oosthuizen says the City will also save by not having to purchase as many lamps as before and because the LED lamps require less labour. “The other major thing is the lifespan,” says Oosthuizen. “The halogens and incandescent lights had to be changed every three months, so

Durban Rd

THE installation of new energy-efficient LED lights will save the City over R2,5m a year on electricity bills.

each. Bernard Oosthuizen, the operations manager for traffic signals, says the new lights will cut the City’s electricity bill greatly. “We will pay about a seventh of the electricity bill that we used to,” says Oosthuizen. “We are saving 3 900 megawatt hours a year. Overall with maintenance and electricity together, it’s a massive cost saving.” One megawatt hour is equivalent to the average amount of electricity that 330 South African homes use in one hour. The R2,5m saving has been calculated using the bulk cost of electricity paid by the City.

Warrington Rd


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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Shattered by sea disaster JUANITA WILLIAMS

THREE British tourists and a local man were among the 38 passengers shipwrecked off Duiker Island, near Hout Bay, at 14:22 on Saturday. John Roberts, a tour guide from Hout Bay, perished in the disaster. His fiancée Sharleen Malan broke down in tears at the news of his death. The couple were due to be married this week. The British man, Peter Hyatt, 64, died at the scene. He was due to fly to his home in Barry, South Wales, later that day. His wife Susan, 63, and her daughter, 37, were both rescued and taken to Groot Schuur Hospital for treatment. The other two UK women – Bronwyn Armstrong and Lynette Hartmann – were trapped under the boat for three hours and breathed in air pockets to stay alive. The story made headline news in major UK newspapers. Brad Geyser, of NSRI Hout Bay, says: “Volunteer sea rescue duty crews were activated following reports of the local 10m Hangberg Charters charter boat Miroshga capsized at Duiker Island near Hout Bay with multiple casualties. Some survivors had been rescued by the charter boat Nauticat and by the charter boat Extravagant.” Geyser says some passengers were in the water and others clung to the hull of the upturned boat. They were rescued by NSRI boats and charter boats. The rescued passengers, which included four children, were treated by paramedics. Others were transported to various hospitals around Cape Town. Geyser says: “At that stage it was believed up to six people were missing. This number was later revised to four people still missing and it was confirmed that 38 people had been on the boat when it capsized.” Three women had to be rescued from inside the hull of the upturned boat by police divers and EMS divers.

“Initially EMS divers using scuba gear rescued a South African woman from inside the hull of the boat. They swam under the hull to reach the woman who was using an air pocket to breathe. NSRI and EMS rescuers communicated with her by tapping on the outside of the upturned hull. The divers used breathing apparatus to help her swim out from the upturned boat. She surfaced about 16:15 and had been trapped inside the hull since the boat capsized at around 14:15.” At that time divers didn’t realise there were two British women trapped deeper inside the hull. They were also using air pockets to breathe. One of the women suffers from chronic asthma and a police diver gave her his breathing apparatus. He swam out of the upturned hull without breathing apparatus and returned with fresh sets of breathing apparatus for himself and one for the woman. All three women had to be coaxed out of life jackets which were making it difficult for them to swim out, as they were too buoyant. The women were taken to hospitals in a critical condition. The body of the deceased man was handed into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services and 24 survivors were transported to hospital with minor injuries. All survivors were treated for hypothermia on the scene. During the rescue operation additional blankets were provided by Hout Bay’s Watch Con and medical personnel comforted survivors. “Everyone – from retired nurses to new basic first aiders – arrived to lend assistance. Survivors and rescuers received counselling and hot drinks in the harbour,” says Geyser. The South African Maritime Safety Authority will investigate the cause of the incident and the salvage vessel Smit Amandla is on the scene to conduct a forensic salvage operation on behalf of Samsa. Police have opened an inquest docket.


People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 7

LIFE LINE: Rescuers come to the aid of passengers of the Miroshga chartered whale­watching boat.Photo: Lionell van der Schyff

Page 8 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition


Tuesday 16 October 2012

Food for thought TODAY is World Food Day and tomorrow is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The two go hand-in-hand: the poor don’t have enough food to eat. In a world with such divergent parallels – people beset by obesity, while others purge in an attempt to stay thin – the need for a day to eradicate poverty is telling. The fact is, while there are thousands of people who regularly enjoy three full meals each day, with options to spare, there are as many millions wondering where their next meal will come from. Hunger is a driver. It will drive law-abiding citizens to beg, borrow and steal. A parent will find it difficult to stomach seeing their child going without. There is no pride in the need to still hunger pangs when the cupboard is perpetually bare. Has the world run out of options to ensure food security? Is there not enough space to grow crops, or to raise animals and keep fowl? It is an indictment upon humanity that, while some shun food in the name of maintaining a dress size, others are reduced to scavenging the dirt bins of a throw-away society. Organisations such as Food & Trees for Africa work to address issues of poverty alleviation and food security. They distribute trees to disadvantaged communities to address climate change, uplift environments and quality of life. Their food gardens help schools and communities develop sustainable food gardens. They also assist and develop in organic farming by providing skills, resources and mentoring, and bringing previously unemployed people into the business of agriculture. They are not alone in the plan to feed the world. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, NGOs, NPOs and ordinary individuals make it their business to put food on the table of the hungry. While we may believe that “the poor will always be with us”, it takes very little to extend a helping hand up.

Wizz won’t stop ’til you get enough THE LATE Michael Jackson has been brought back to life at the Artscape Theatre. Kenny Wizz, the world’s number one Jacko impersona-

tor, has been thrilling audiences with his tribute to the King of Pop. The Michael Jackson History II Show will be running at the theatre until 28 October.

MAN IN THE MIRR MIRROR: OR: Kenny Wizz flanked by Michael Jackson fans Jethro Tegegne and Oscar van der Spuy.

ROCKING THE WORLD: WORLD: Friends Grace Christie, Amber Webb, Lauren Jefthas and Iman Levack enjoyed the evening.

BEAT THAT: THAT: Sarah and David Wepener with all their merchandise.

GLOVED: Savannah Gelant, Vanchesco Freddy and Jehan­Paul Freddy. GLOVED:


Tuesday 16 October 2012

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 9

She is surely proud of you What a mo moving ving tr tribute ibute On the road

. Journey of Hope is a motorcycle ride undertaken by, among others, a group of cancer survivors. The ride goes through parts of the country and ended on Saturday. The country’s number one volleyballer, Anne Siroky, was the Shoprite Checkers SABC2 Woman of the Year for Sport in 2007, the Western Cape winner for the Old Mutual Sowetan SABC Community Builder of the Year in 2007 and a recipient of the Imvusa Foundation’s Community Spirit Award. She is the founder of The Future Factory, an NPO focusing on life skills and sports development at schools. Here Siroky shares her special Journey of Hope experience. What sheer peace as three days unfold for my first motorbike ride as pillion from Bethlehem to Ficksburg and Fouriesburg. We overnighted at the Hoek Fontein Ox Wagon Camp Nature Reserve after outreaches at two community churches. The humility of the people was mind-blowing. Sundays in rural communities still represent dressing up and going to church. Pastors, elders and families gather and we city slickers can only marvel as they sing in unity to give thanks and listen the stories of breast cancer survivors. We arrive at the nature reserve in darkness. We are welcomed by the smell of braaivleis and, later, camp in ox wagons – our beds kitted with a pillow case personalised with the names of each breast cancer survivor’s name embroidered on them. Travelling to Clarens with the Ghost Rider as pillion was truly remarkable. Over 500 people experienced the impact as breast cancer survivors Nonki Rampoporo, Timothy Mlenje and Lorraine Leburu spoke of the disease. Timothy gave men in the audience a new perspective on how they, too, could be affected by breast cancer. He had a strong message for men: they must support their wives, children and mothers, as some men tend to see the disease as a curse which gives them reason enough to abandon them. Journey of Hope spokesperson Kathy Malherbe showed the community how to test for lumps. Their facial expressions spoke of the enthusiasm to participate in the newness of touching under their armpits and to do circular movements around their breasts. The Journey of Hope team then engaged in personal talks with women in the community. Each woman could choose a new or second-hand bra that Journey of Hope survivors hand out after demonstrating the importance of how to wear the bra; the right fit can give a woman renewed confidence. That night, our hotel stay was a far cry from the ox wagon lodging where we experienced kraal life: carrying our lukewarm water, filling a bucket and operating it with a string to shower under the open skies. At dinner we celebrated Nonki’s birthday. A cake was baked and she was presented with sparkles; everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday and her face lit up. The next morning we headed for our new destination: the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. The mountains catch the eye and we stopped for a photo shoot and enjoyed sweet strawberries, soaking up the magic of the morning. We held hands and everyone lifted up their loved ones and friends in prayer, remembering why we are on this Journey of Hope. Then it was on to Phuthaditjhaba. At Moteka High School, we reached 750 people, and then left for High School Kgola Thuto. The pupils made a special request to see the bikers rev their engines. Our last journey was at malls in Phuthaditjhaba and Harrismith. I did some ball skills and taught juggling to the people, and even workers on lunch participated in the sports and recreational games. As I am about to close my eyes, I thank God for the past few days.

I HAVE just received People’s Post and read your beautiful column (ConnectED, 9 October) about your mother. What a moving tribute to a very special woman. I am sure it would have touched many readers’ hearts

just as much as it did mine. My condolences to you and your family. Wishing you all much strength as you mourn her passing and celebrate her life. PIPPA HUDSON

OUR hearts go out to you on the loss of your mother. We wish you strength and peace at this difficult time, a host of good memories to draw on, and the love and support of everyone around you. In the past few years I have lost a number of older close family

members, but I have yet to lose my mother who is now 86. I dread not having her around as she is the keeper of my childhood and the historian of my life in so many ways. I can only imagine what you must be feeling. SANDRA ELLIS

Wish you good memories memories

I KNOW your column is an ode to your mother in a way. These words came to mind as I remembered my own mother and as you describe your feelings: “I’m writing every word with a broken heart that yearns for my mother”. May your mom rest in peace. To my mother: You taught me humility.

I think of you; you are still a wonderful thing in my life! A “thing”, for now you live in me in spirit. Thank you, Mom, for all you taught me in your short life. The Lord keep you in peace. You are not alone, Feroza. I’m sure she is proud of you. CHARLOTTE NAKANA ZIMPEL

MY SINCERE condolences on the loss of your amazing mother. I read your dedication to your mom and it brought tears to my eyes. You are so lucky to have

such a wonderful family. Your mom will always be with you. I know; I lost my mom many years ago.Be strong and take care. ANDRÉ GILBERTSON

She will always always be with you


Page 10 People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Blind cricket team prep for world cup LIAM MOSES

THE South African blind cricket team have geared up preparations for the inaugural T20 World Cup to be held in India. Selected from clubs around South Africa last month, the 17-man squad assembled in Grassy Park for a training camp at the weekend. The team trained at Fairmount High School on Friday. Coach Armand Bam says most of the work was aimed at increasing their fitness and sharpening basic skills. Bam adds they also discussed team strategy. “We have a month to go. Everyone has been training in their own provinces. Now it is a matter of consolidating and making sure everyone understands what we need to do when we get to India.” Bam’s team also took part in a gym session at the League of Friends of the Blind (Lofob) in Klip Road before taking to the field.

The current SA side – made up of blind and partially sighted players – include two players from the team which won the inaugural Blind Cricket World Cup in 1998, also in India. Some of the team also took part in a series against Pakistan in 2010. Bam feels that youngsters give his team an edge over the other nine nations competing in the tournament. “I think we are actually going to do very well. We have a team with a lot of experience and a good balance of youth as well,” says Bam. “There is a nice mixture and balance, which is different from a lot of the other countries. I think most of the other countries’ players are coming to the end of their playing career and they have more senior players than what we have.” He says teams from the sub-continent will be South Africa’s most difficult opposition at the tournament.

FITNESS: The South African blind cricket team are put through their paces in a fit­ ness session during training at Fairmount High School in Grassy Park . Photo: Liam Moses

“Our biggest competition is going to be Pakistan and India also have home ground advantage. They are very familiar with their surrounding and the conditions of the pitches. Those are really the two countries are going to be our stiffest competition.” The squad will assemble on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November for a training camp. They leave for India on Monday 26 November.


A final training camp will be held in Bangalore on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 November before the tournament kicks off on Saturday 1 December. The team currently does not have a sponsor and the management team has been hard at work raising the R500 000 needed to travel to India. Potential sponsors can contact Lofob on 0 (021) 705 3753.

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Tuesday 16 October 2012

People’s Post Atlantic Seaboard­City Edition Page 11

Islanders feast on tourney success TAURIQ HASSEN

THE Western Cape Islanders touch rugby team is creating an island of success after reaping in the medals at the Junior InterProvincial Tournament (JIPT). Seven associations from all over the country participated in the JIPT, with the Western Province palming the overall trophy. Western Cape Islanders touch rugby team president Labeeb Levy was reserved in his victory celebration. “The win was just a cherry on the top, but that is not what we strive for.” He adds: “We strive to create better people and create a vibrant, but exciting (time) for the players, making them want to return to the field.” At this year’s JIPT, hosted at Zoo Lake in Gauteng, the Islanders walked off with overall winners, gold in the boys under-19 and girls under-17 sections – both remaining unbeaten at the tournament – silver in the boys under-17 and under-15 sections and a bronze medal in the boys under-21 category.

“Our main aim is to focus on development in the sport and getting the sport out there to as many communities as possible. That in itself is an achievement.” Since being established last year, the association has racked up a number of titles in various categories and also saw a number of players going on to represent the county at World Cup level. The association is affiliated to the SA Touch Association (Sata), which in turn is an affiliate member of the South African Rugby Union (Saru). All players selected to play for the Association receive full provincial colours and when representing their respective associations at inter-provincial tournaments, could be selected for the national team. Levy explains that many of the players currently under the WCTA umbrella are from disadvantaged areas such as Manenberg, Mitchell’s Plain, Langa, Gugulethu and the greater Cape Flats. “We do have a planning phase going forward and we hope to get more women involved in the sport and also to keep the players playing,” he says.

CHAMPIONS: The girls under­17 team show off their gold medal for their performance at the JIPT.

HIGH FIVE: Reddam Primary player Kai Maack tries to pass over the attempted block of St David’s player Jason Farr during a game at the SACS Junior Waterpolo tournament on Saturday 13 October. Reddam won the game 5­0 and went on to win the tournament by beating the SACS first team 5­4 in the final. Photo: Matthew Withers

TRY TIME: Western Province eighthman Duane Vermeulen dives across the try line with Cheetahs back Sias Ebersohn clinging on during a Currie Cup match at Newlands on Saturday. Province’s 36­15 victory saw them finish the league stage of the tourna­ ment in third place. They will now face the Lions in the semi­finals at Ellis Park on Saturday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

STRETCHING OUT: Stellenberg High School batsman Deandre Nel lunges at the ball as Wyn­ berg Boys’ High School wicketkeeper David Bedingham prepares to catch it during a match in Wynberg on Saturday. Photo: Gavin Withers

CHRISTENED: Sizwe Ndlovu, James Thompson and Matthew Brittain, three of the four members of the South African Olympic Lightweight Fours gold medal winning rowing team, pour champagne over SACS high school’s new boat at the school in Newlands. The boat was named Orca. Before christening the vessel, the three gave a motivational talk about their gold medal performance at the London Games to a group of around 60 teachers, students and parents. The fourth member John Smith could not travel from Gauteng due to injury. Photo: Liam Moses




R200 R 50 R150 R 50 R 10 R 20


People's Post Page 12

Phone: 021 713 9440 | Fax: 021 713 9481

Tuesday 16 October 2012

REVVING IT UP: Theo Erlanger rides dur­ ing the Cape Town Urban Assault down­ hill mountain bike race from Signal Hill on Sunday. Photo: Peter Heeger/Gallo Images

Hanover Park crowned Coke Cup champs LIAM MOSES

A STUNNING second-half comeback saw Hanover Park FC claim victory over Heath Athletic in the final of the Coke Cup at Athlone Stadium on Saturday. Hanover Park went into the half-time break trailing on the score board and second best in the possession and territory stakes, but a vastly improved second stanza showing saw them turn the game around. Sam Anthony, the team’s head coach, says his players were inspired to victory after they were reminded of their responsibility to the Hanover Park community. “It means so much to these youngsters, the under-19 boys who played in the Metropolitan Premier Cup, and obviously our community as well,” says Anthony. “We have all the trouble in Hanover Park,

Swing for charity THE week-long Cadiz Steenberg Classic is expected to draw about 1 000 Cape golfers. The event aims to raise well over R600 000 for charity in one of the country’s biggest fundraising golf tournaments. The event – from Sunday 28 October to Saturday 3 November – is hosted at the Steenberg Golf Estate, voted by Conde Naste as the number one golf resort in South Africa and number two in the world. The Classic raises funds for community upliftment organisations located near the golf course. Last year it raised a record R625 000. The aim is to top this figure and boost the total funds raised over the last 12 years to over R3,2m. Frank Cadiz, CEO of the tournament sponsor, says the company’s involvement is based on its belief that responsible and caring corporate citizenship is a key component of true business leadership. “Business has a responsibility to help meet the needs of society at large and an obligation to step forward and contribute time, energy and resources to better the world in

but we showed that there is much more than what we are known for. There are football people who want to succeed as well. “That most definitely motivated my players. In adversity you succeed, and that is what I said to them at half-time. I told them to get out there and make the people of Hanover Park proud. “I think that’s what spurred them on in the second half.” Neither Heath nor Hanover Park took control of the game during the first few minutes, and they traded blows without finding the knockout punch for 25 minutes. But as the game wore on, Heath began to dominate, taking the lead in the 36th minute after winning a free kick on the left flank of their opponent’s half. The ball was crossed into the box, towards the far post, and Lee Dames rose above a pack of opposition players and teammates to head which we operate,” says Cadiz. “This event is one small way we are contributing to the community in which we live and work.” This year the beneficiaries include the South African Riding for the Disabled Association (Sarda), The Emma Animal rescue society (Tears), the Westlake Community Centre, the Steenberg Clinic and Caddy Programme, and the Haemophilia Foundation. The Steenberg Golf Course boasts a host of illustrious members, including rugby heroes Francois Pienaar, Morne du Plessis, Lance Sherrell, Robert Brink, Christian Stewart and HO de Villiers. All these members will be participating in the week’s events. Since it was started in 2000 Cadiz Steenberg Classic has grown from a one-day tournament to a week-long event. The tournament includes a parent/child contest and culminates in the Cadiz Steenberg Classic on the last day. The week of golf is followed by a gala event and prize giving. Several fundraising efforts throughout the week, including a raffle and auction, are expected to yield over R600 000 this year. For more information on the tournament call Ryan Murphy 0 083 701 0401.

the ball past Hanover Park keeper Wesley Seconds. Both teams fashioned chances to score in the rest of the half, but were foiled by lastditch defending. Hanover Park took control of the game immediately at the start of the second half and found the equaliser in the 57th minute after a period of sustained pressure on the Heath defence. The ball was crossed into the box from a corner and Ganief Karriem headed it home unchallenged. Around 16 minutes later Karriem scored again to put his side in the lead for the first time. Heath Athletic keeper Riedwaan Okkers fumbled the ball after a harmless shot from the edge of the box and Karriem was on hand to tap it in. Heath would not accept the defeat and they restored parity in the 86th minute when a

long ball over the Hanover Part defence found Dames in space and with only one defender present. After allowing the ball to bounce, he struck it a volley past Seconds with his first touch. The game seemed destined for extra time, but a controversy in the final minute saw Hanover Park regain the lead. The referee awarded a contentious penalty and Clinton Roberts sent Okkers the wrong way before confidently nudging the ball into the right corner. Anthony believes his team were slightly overawed by the occasion in the first half, but settled in the second once they tuned out all of the other distractions. “In the first half most of our young boys were nervous and they had to overcome what is happening around them and focus on what is happening in the game. That is what we did in the second half.”

Peoples Post Atlantic Seaboard 16 October 2012  

Peoples Post Atlantic Seaboard 16 October 2012