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Sex in the city NICOLE MCCAIN

After a strip club was raided and two arrests made for prostitution, a call has been made to relook the licensing system used for nightclubs. The current system licences nightclubs and strip clubs under the same category. The Embassy, Cape Town’s number one gentlemen’s club according to their website, was raided on Friday 2 August by the Vice Squad, Hawks and members of the Public Order Police after they received reports that prostitution was taking place. Officials found 17 foreign nationals and a host of local women working at the establishment. People’s Post was not able to establish what work these women did at the nightclub. Two suspects, whose gender was not released by law enforcement, were arrested for prostitution and running a brothel. The strip club, according to the City of Cape Town’s executive director of safety and security Richard Bosman, is licensed to operate as a bar. “Any establishment, whether situated in a business or residential area, is governed under the authority of the Land-Use Ordinance Act which grants permission for specific business activity to take place on the land. In the case of Embassy, it is only allowed to operate as a bar; any other types of activities are prohibited.” He says this is because there is no additional category to differentiate a strip club from any other club with live entertainment. “There is no such licence for a gentleman’s club, only for a facility that operates as a bar. The difference between a gentleman’s club and a nightclub is that the former is not allowed to have any live entertainment on the premises and can only operate as a bar.” Ward councillor Dave Bryant says licences for bars are issued by the environmental health department, but need to appear before the subcouncil for approval. “Unless you can prove prostitution is taking place by witnessing the solicitation, you have to treat it like any other business. We do sometimes have suspicions, but we need proof before we can act.”

BUS BUSTED: TED: The Embassy nightclub was recently raided by the Vice Squad, Hawks and the Public Order Police for prostitution. Bosman adds: “As an ongoing preventive action to curb such illegal activities, regular inspections are performed on such premises. Not many reports are received by individuals with regard to these premises as these activities are conducted very discreetly and are mostly uncovered through investigative work.” But some have raised the concern that enforcement is being hampered by a lack of regulations, such as licences. City resident Lilly Sibanda says there should be different licences for night clubs and strip clubs.

“It’s different to a nightclub with bands. If you made a different licence for strip clubs, it would be easier to enforce because you know which is which.” However, Capetonian Jerome Kruger disagrees. “I’ve never been to a strip club and I don’t even go to nightclubs, but I think it’s fine if they have the same licences. The youngsters like dancing and that kind of thing. As long as it has a licence, it’s fine.” Bryant says a separate licence would possibly make enforcement easier, but it would have to be drafted into legislation. “The fact that this arrest was made is a

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win for us. It shows that we have ways to expose those who exploit the system.” Bryant says there are a few suspicious establishments in the CBD, with some trading quite openly as massage parlours. “What we’re really concerned with is exploitation, such as human trafficking or underage prostitution. If it’s not regulated, it’s difficult to enforce.”

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‘No answer at 10111’


When faced with an emergency, the first thing you need is help. But when that help is a phonecall away and no one is answering, you could feel like you’re left hanging. A businessman says he’s called the 10111 emergency number on numerous occasions and had terrible experiences. “I witnessed a robbery where people were stabbing each other,” says the man, who does not want to be named. “It was a heated situation and people were getting hurt. I called the emergency number and there was no answer. I was frustrated and afraid, so I called again and reported the matter, but the police never pitched.” He says he no longer calls the police and instead drives to a police station to report crime. Language also became an issue. A previous time when he tried reporting an incident to 10111, “the call centre operator asked me to refrain from speaking Afrikaans because he couldn’t understand me”. He believes some 10111 operators don’t have a good command of languages spoken by the people whom they’re serving. An elderly woman, who does not want to be

named, says she calls 10111 at least three times a week to report crimes , but very seldom gets a response from the police. “It’s very frustrating when police encourage residents to report crimes and promise to come to your assistance, but never pitch when you call,” she says. “I tried to report a case where a young girl was being raped by her grandfather, but no one answered the phone at the police station. I called (suspended chairperson of the provincial Community Police Forum) Hanif Loonat, who went to the police station to report the crime. “The rapist is now behind bars because we managed to go to the police to report the crime. What happens in cases where people can’t go to the police?” The feisty woman says she sometimes takes the law into her own hands and personally removes drug peddlers from her street. Other residents walk to the police station to report crimes because their calls are not answered. “The service is appalling. During Ramadaan I called to report an incident and the call centre agent put the phone down in my ear because she could not understand Eng-

lish. Another time my call was transferred to an answering machine saying they’re ‘not available at the moment’,” she recalls. “I’m a pensioner and spend money buying airtime to call and they don’t pitch.” Heideveld Community Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Mugidien Barnes says the service is at its worst over weekends. “I’ve tried reporting shootings and domestic violence cases over weekends and no one answers the phone,” he says. Loonat, who is suspended for criticising the Athlone Police Station, says he’s received countless complaints from people saying they can’t get through at weekends. He says government should upgrade the system so callers can select a language preference. Loonat says he’s relayed complaints to deputy provincial police commissioner General Sharon Japhta about the “inefficient and ineffective emergency number”. He says some people who called the number were reporting shootings and domestic violence. “I’ve received 30 complaints in the last three months. I also tried calling the number and no one answered.” It’s better for people to call 10111 because

the system automatically logs the call and records the conversation, so then no one can deny facts of the conversation, he says. Technological aspects need to improve and well-trained operators need to be employed, Loonat adds. “We should not be playing with people’s lives. Money should be spent on this service, even though it’s costly, because our people’s lives cannot be in danger.” Provincial police spokesperson FC van Wyk says 10111 is a medium to receive complaints, which are “registered and dispatched to the local police station or complaint vehicle responsible to attend to the complaint. It is the station commander’s responsibility to attend to the complaint within their policing area”. He says there are delays at busy times, like weekends and month-end. “All calls should be answered within two seconds. About 63% of all calls are nuisance and information calls.”

Life, love, lies and laughter


A stripper, sex worker and grande horizontal. Bambi Kellerman comes to the Fugard Theatre in District Six in her raunchy cabaret show, 50 Shades of Bambi. The younger sister of Evita Bezuidenhout will take the audience on a journey of her teenage confusion, youthful experimentation, middle-aged compromise and twilight-year common sense of life, love, laughter and lies. Bambi will entertain and educate the audience on relationships, trust, happiness, hope, love and fidelity with the aid of musical director and pianist Godfrey Johnson. The show, which naturally stars Pieter-

Dirk Uys, is recommended to anyone who believes in freedom of expression and the right to choose what is best for them when the lights are low. The show has an age restriction of 12. It runs at the Fugard Theatre until Saturday 24 August. Performances on Wednesdays and Thursdays start at 20:00, while shows on Fridays and Saturdays commence at 19:00 and 21:00. Tickets, at R150, can be bought via Computicket or the Fugard box office on (021) 461 4554. People’s Post is giving away three double tickets to the show on Friday 16 August. To enter, visit

WIN! INTROSPECTION: Pieter-Dirk Uys stars as Bambi Kellermann in 50 Shades of Bambi.

Hop on the sights sightseeing eeing bus with P People’s eople’s Post Post WIN!

People’s Post Women’s Day event


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This is Women’s Month and your favourite local newspaper invites women readers to paint the town red with People’s Post. Join us on a spectacular excursion on Tuesday 27 August. A select group of women will join People’s Post staff on a tour of Cape Town on the City Sightseeing Bus, a trip up Table Mountain and a stop for a light lunch. Each woman will receive a goodie bag and a special gift, all courtesy of People’s Post and sponsors the City Sightseeing Bus, the Table Mountain Cableway and Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts. In exchange for this outing, People’s Post guests are reminded of other women who endure difficult conditions. Each guest is requested to donate a pack of sanitary pads or a bra. The bras will be donated to Journey of Hope, an organisation which aims to raise breast cancer awareness. The pads will be donated to a school of People’s Post’s choosing. V Stand a chance to join this fun event. Visit and enter the competition.


Share yyour our community community news on our web website site People’s Post is looking for volunteer citizen journalists to tell us about the events happening in your area. We also want to know about the issues facing your community. And don’t forget about the fuzzy, good news stories – we’re always interested in

those! You may have a story to share, you may want to write reviews or blog for our website or offer traffic reports on your way to work. You could be a keen gardener with lots of top tips to offer or simply have a fasci-

nating local story to tell. As long as it’s local, we’re interested! V Visit for more information on how to become a citizen journalist and start up­ loading your stories today. A selection of the best stories/blogs will published in the newspaper every week.



Cash to make a splash

TRAGEDY: A man died on Sunday afternoon after the vehicle he was driving, believed to be a maintenance bakkie, plunged over the East Pier at the V&A Waterfront and into the water. The driver died at the scene, however, the vehicle’s passenger was able to escape unharmed and swim to shore. The circumstances around the accident are under investigation. PHOTO: LERATO MADUNA/PHOTO24

The Sea Point Swimming Pool will receive a cash injection to ensure it “remains a world-class facility”. Tenders have currently been extended for a R3m contract to upgrade the popular swimming pool. “We are hoping to have the contractor appointed and ready to start with the work by April/May 2014 and the contract period will be three to four months,” says Belinda Walker, the Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and Special Projects. “The upgrade is being done to ensure that this pool remains a world-class facility.” The work will include repairing the existing rim flows, reinforcing expansion joints, fibre lining the pool and tiling the steps. The upgrade will take place after peak season to ensure public safety.

During peak season the swimming pool attracts up to 60 000 swimmers, but some swim all year round regardless of the weather. One of these is chairperson of the Friends of the Sea Point Pavilion, Tony Schalabrieno. “About half a dozen of us swim, come wind or rain. I imagine we’ll complain when the pool closes, but the pool really is in good condition.” Schalabrieno says the pool has had a number of repairs over the last year, and he is looking forward to those to come. “Currently maintenance is being done on the sea pumps. We had to have fresh water in the pool for a few months, but there is sea water back in it now. The dressing rooms have been redone and retiled and the cleaning machine was replaced. They’re all great improvements and are done all year round.”


Duelling fencers NICOLE MCCAIN

Fed up with looking through fencing which closes off shared fields at the Green Point Common, residents are now tackling the City of Cape Town. Although added as a security measure, locals feel the fence is locking them out of a public space. The barricade was completed around the shared rugby and cricket fields on the Common in June as a security measure. “The fence was erected to improve the security of the field and to address the vandalism being experienced. It was also erected to control unauthorised use of the field, which leads to over-play and extensive rehabilitation,” says Belinda Walker, the Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and Special Projects. The fencing leads to better control, says Mark Magielse, the chairperson of the Green Point Ratepayers’ Association. “The fields are well maintained, and the intent was not to keep the public out but rather to reduce problems like vandalism or damage from over-usage.” He says the space is being used by the public in the form of sports clubs. The fields are used by various sports clubs throughout Cape Town who need a formal venue for games and matches, Walker says, but are available to the public on Sundays. “On Sundays the fields are open for families and any impromptu, social, no-boots games such as touch rugby. During the week and on Saturdays the clubs use the fields for practices and matches.” Anthony Phillips, who lives on the street, says he often used to sleep on the common. “It used to be my home. To see it all fenced up makes me very sad. I understand that it is to make it nicer for the public, but I think the common is better without all the fences on it.” Green Point resident Gladys Brinkhuis is against the fences. “They should leave the common open. There aren’t many areas for people to go around freely. What’s the use if they fence it in? I also worry that vagrants might find it easier to sleep there if it’s fenced in because they have something to erect a structure against. If it’s open, it will stay a public space,” she says. Ward councillor Beverley Schafer says the common has historically been allocated for public recreation and to fence in a section of the common goes against this historic role. She believes the solution is to set up a forum for ratepayers which protects the his-

IMPROVEMENT: The Sea Point Swimming Pool is due to get a R3m upgrade.

No German required!

FENCED: The shared fields at the Green Point Common have been fenced in for security reasons, leaving residents unhappy. PHOTO: NICOLE MCCAIN toric role of the common. While Magielse welcomes the idea of an oversight body, he says the association is already fulfilling that function. “We have started an audit of the leaseholders and owners and allocation of space on the common. I’m in favour of an oversight body, but in a way we’re already doing that.” Walker also thinks the oversight body is unnecessary. “The common is protected by its zoning as Public Open Space which prohibits any development. The City is responsible for

the entire space and coordinates the use thereof through the different departments responsible for the different areas. There is a limit to the amount of play permitted on these shared fields, as is the case with all sports fields owned by the City to ensure their longevity. These fields are provided for a formal purpose, namely cricket and rugby. The City provides other venues for informal recreational activities. The public has full access to the Urban Park where they can engage in recreational activities.”

Entrance Examination for current Grade 4 learners

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Outlets may Outlets or be open ffor booze-ness booze-ness

LEAPING FOR JOY: Laura Bosenberg as Sleeping Beauty.



After the implementation of a new liquor bylaw in April, the City of Cape Town is set to reconsider trading hours of liquor outlets. Over 90% of respondents in the first round of public hearings requested that trading hours be extended and that outlets be allowed to operate on Sundays. Currently, the bylaw allows licensed traders to sell liquor for off-site consumption between 09:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Saturday. Liquor may not be sold for off-site consumption on a Sunday. This excludes wineries, which can trade from their tasting rooms.

MARISKA DE JONGH is often inconvenienced by the early closing hours of the current bylaw. “18:00 is early. What if you need to buy beer for a braai, but you only leave work at 17:00? By the time you get to the bottle store it is packed. The trading hours don’t need to be extended to Sundays, though. You can shop on a Saturday.”

ABRAHAM ABR AHAM MULLER doesn’t see liquor outlets trading on a Sunday as a problem. “People just want to chill with a glass of wine or two – there’s nothing wrong with that. Just act responsibly whenever you drink, no matter what the day.”

RUDOLPH LO LOUW UW says this bylaw has been tried and failed in the US. “It just entices people to buy more beforehand, which fuels alcohol abuse. Illegal enterprises will also just spring up to supply consumers after hours.”

JANSE insists the contentious liquor byREMONA JANSE law should not approve liquor outlets operating on a Sunday. “I don't even like being around people who drink, especially mothers with young children. I believe Sunday is a holy day and people should not be allowed to buy alcohol on a religious day.”

NOXY BENTE is against liquor trading on Sundays. “It is a religious day and many people do not believe drinking on a Sunday is right. On the other hand, restaurants open on a Sunday and serve alcohol so people are still able to drink. Why not just extend the operating hours during the week?” she asks.

JOSEPH COLREAY JOSEPH COLREAY says banning substances only adds to social problems. “If you decrease the trading hours, it won’t get rid of the problem. When you ban something, it only encourages people to do it.”

PATRICK BENTE says liquor outlets, like any other business, need to make money. “Allowing these stores to operate on a Sunday could possibly create more jobs. Extending the hours could allow staff to earn a little bit more as well.”

Princess on pointe NICOLE MCCAIN Being a proper princess is hard work. Just ask Sea Point resident Laura Bosenberg. When she pulls on her ballet shoes and assumes the character of Princess Aurora in Cape Town City Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty, you would learn that being a princess means more than just wearing a crown. Bosenberg has been dancing since she was four, and says her younger self would not have believed she would land this plum role and star in one of her beloved fairytales. “I grew up on Disney princesses and fairytales. My favourite is the Little Mermaid. Perhaps I’ll suggest we perform that,” she laughs. However, being a princess is not an easy task. “It looks much easier than it is. The role is technically demanding. There are a lot of quiet moments where you have to maintain control and which require balancing and pirouettes.” Bosenberg (29) demonstrates the skill, flair and unreserved passion of a natural performer. “I love being on stage, and I love that ballet has the constant challenge to improve,” she says. This is how and why she sustains the love for former roles she has already performed – to perfect a technique and strengthen the role’s development. Her credentials include Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet and Carmen. Bosenberg believes the tale of Sleeping Beauty still resonates with her audience, regardless of feminist scorn at the damsel in distress plot device.

“It’s the story of a girl who has a spell forced on her and has to spend her life hidden away. Even though she gets pricked by a needle, she still gets her happy ending.” Audiences’ delight in seeing Happily Ever After eventually come to distraught beauties cruelly done in by witches and bad fairies. Well, it appears Happily Ever After is in Bosenberg’s future – the ballerina shyly admits there is Prince Charming in her life. “I want to be able to look back with no regrets and live happily ever after.” Though gifted with the talent and skill to enthral audiences on stage as a princess, Bosenberg says she is an exact opposite of being a princess. When not centre stage and expressing her love for dance, Bosenberg prefers to relax with her two dogs, cook or window shop. “I don’t really see myself as a princess. That’s why I like to play the role of the princess so much!” she says. A colleague interjects: “Don’t believe her!”, unable to resist a bit of good-natured teasing. The allure of playing the role of Princess Aurora is the sumptuous costumes. “I love that Aurora wears a tiara the whole way through. I love all the sparkles!” she gushes with appropriate princess-like enthusiasm. The tiaras are all lovingly handcrafted by dancer Johnny Bovang, who also plays the role of the evil witch. Sleeping Beauty will be presented by Cape Town City Ballet at the Artscape Opera House until 18 August. Tickets can be booked at Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-Seat on (021) 421 7695.


Robben Island Museum hereby invites prospective service providers and suppliers to register on the supplier database. The purpose of this database is to give all prospective suppliers an equal opportunity to submit quotations to Robben Island Museum. For further information and compulsory documentations please visit the RIM website at Contact Mr. Odwa Mxenge (021 413 4208/ and Ms Belinda Jara (021 413 4265)/



Overhaul for hall NICOLE MCCAIN

It’s more than just a new lick of paint for the Schotschekloof Hall, as almost R500 000 will be pumped into an upgrade of the community facility in the coming months. During August and September, the hall will receive waterproofing of the roofs, electrical repairs and a new coat of paint inside. The repairs are part of routine maintenance, says Belinda Walker, Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and Special Projects. The upgrade is long overdue, say residents. “I don’t think an overall upgrade has been done since the hall was built,” says Osman Shaboodien, chairperson of the Bo-Kaap Civic Association. The hall was built in the early ’80s, he says. “The hall is used for a variety of things by the community. A crèche has been there since the ’80s, the neighbourhood watch has offices there and multiple func- RENOVATION: The Schotschekloof hall will receive an upgrade over the next two months. tions, such as weddings and school plays, take place there. It is also used for Eid cele- good for the community. If it looks new it ready made are being accommodated dewill attract more people and events. At the spite the repairs. brations.” “The contractor scheduled his work proAnwar Valley, chairperson of the neigh- moment, it doesn’t even catch your eye,” gramme to accommodate the confirmed bourhood watch, says although the organi- he laments. However, another resident feels the bookings. No further bookings are being sation’s offices are in the hall, the renovamoney could be better spent on upgrading taken until repairs are completed.” tions benefit all. Renovations are also being carried out “It’s good for the community. The hall parks. “Why waste the money on the hall? is rundown and the roof has been leaking,” It should rather be spent on the parks,” on the Woodstock and Maitland halls. Woodstock Town Hall will have the roof says Yusuf Sieed. he says. “The hall doesn’t really need upgrading. and ceiling repaired, along with electrical Resident Shameegh Sampson also work and a new coat of paint, to the value thinks the upgrade is a move in the right It’s alright on the inside.” No bookings will be allowed during re- of R570 000, and the Maitland Town Hall direction. “It’s always good to improve. It will be pairs, says Walker, and any bookings al- will have roof repairs done worth R280 000.


Online help for rape survivors

Accessing justice is only an app away. The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust has launched its Rape Information Portal on Mxit. It will form part of Mxit’s “MySafety” app, which currently has 164 475 subscribers. Research conducted by Rape Crisis showed that a lack of information and a poor understanding of how the criminal system works prevents rape survivors from accessing justice. This portal will vastly improve the accessibility of information about rape to women, particularly in poorer and rural communities. The app, called RapeCrisis, is currently available in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. It distils 30 years of experience working with rape survivors into a simple yet comprehensive information package. It empowers women with the information they need to navigate the journey towards justice and recovery. This complex process has many steps including disclosure, reporting to police, a forensic examination and medical treatment, police investigation, court proceedings and counselling. Rape Crisis director Kathleen Dey says the aim is to act as a bridge between the rape survivor and the criminal justice system. “Rape Crisis is committed to offering survivors information that is clear, accurate and accessible. The value of the Mxit mobile social network is that it is an inexpensive, easily accessible tool with enormous reach as it can work on nearly any phone. Women in poor and rural communities might not otherwise have had access to this vital information.” Andrew Rudge, the head of Mxit Reach, says the MySafety app was created earlier this year in response to the Anene Booysen tragedy. “Including the information from Rape Crisis increases the value of this app immeasurably as a tool to empower users.” Access the app at




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Engen Knockout Challenge set to rock Wynberg LIAM MOSES


BEST FOOT FORWARD: The Jive Women’s Day Challenge was hosted by Edgemead Runners, who celebrated their 21st anniversary, in Bellville on Friday. People’s Post, TygerBurger and City Vision – collectively known as WP Newspapers – were the print media sponsor of the event. The race beneficiary, the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust received a cheque of R10 000 from Jive and Edgemead Runners Club. The top three women runners with the sponsors, from left, are Ryan Warner (Edgemead Runners), Nomvuyisi Seti (Lion of Africa Itheko Sport AC), Khanya Mateyisi (Khayelitsha AC), Linley Holmes (Fish Hoek AC) and Wendell Jacobs of Jive. PHOTO: CARINA ROUX

SHARP SHOOTERS: The Western Province under-16 basketball team won the Ballers At Work Invitational Tournament in Belgravia, Johannesburg on Saturday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The right way


CHALLENGE 2013 Engen celebrates 10 years of supporting youth football



Breederivier Gazette in Robertson and the Swartland Gazette in Malmesbury both now have openings for go-getter journalists.

Key Responsibilities: • Write quality news and feature articles, adhering to strict deadlines • Adhere to the quality, style and content standards as laid out and required by the publications • Comply with the requirements of the South African Press Code • Produce content in English and Afrikaans • Contribute multimedia content to the publications' website and also maintain a social media profile for the publications Requirements: • Diploma or degree in journalism, languages or media studies • Experience in writing for a newspaper or magazine • Valid driver's license • Passion for media, knowledge and current affairs If you meet the above requirements and would like to be part of this team, please forward a comprehensive CV to Applicants must clearly indicate which post is being applied for. Please use reference “Journalist Breederivier Gazette” of “Journalist Swartland Gazette”. CLOSING DATE: 23 August 2013

Pinelands’ Joel Adriaanse (right) is coached by Randy Hendricks during a hockey festival hosted by Central Hockey Club at the Vygieskraal Hockey Complex in Athlone on Saturday. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

he battle for under-17 football dominance will resume this weekend when the 10th annual Engen Knockout Challenge finals kick off. Regarded as a proving ground for Cape Town’s most talented young footballers, the Challenge is hotly contested by 16 of the Mother City’s best teams each year. The 10th edition will be no different, featuring the under-17 sides from four different professional teams, two of South Africa’s best academies and some of the Cape’s most wellknown amateur clubs. People’s Post is the tournament’s print media sponsor. In Group A, Pinelands-based Old Mutual Academy, Mitchell’s Plain’s Kenpark United, Green Point Salesians and Island Rovers will compete for the top two places and a spot in the next round. With excellent facilities, coaching to match and a track record littered with the spoils of junior tournaments, Old Mutual are clearcut favourites to qualify top of the group and face the second-placed finisher from Group B. The rest will have to fight it out for second place and face the tougher route to the final with the winners of Group B waiting in the next round. Both Kenpark and Island Rovers are capable of sneaking through. In Group B defending champions and five time victors Ajax Cape Town are expected to brush aside any challenge in the group and finish with three wins and a healthy goal difference. Fellow professional outfit Vasco da Gama should fill the second spot after a breezing through the last qualification round with a 100% record and an average of three goals per game. Cape United and Kuils River FC will

most likely continue onto the Plate section of the tournament. Group C is the toughest of the tournament this year. While tournament hosts and former champions Santos will be favourites to finish first, the race for second place is less clear cut. Grassy Park’s Crusaders are the form side out of the three, after banging in 10 goals in three wins during qualifying. But despite less impressive track records, Coca-Cola Cup senior champions Hanover Park and Kraaifontein City could be the group’s dark horses. ASD Cape Town Academy, Challenge champions in 2010, will most likely take the top spot in Group D with National First Division team Chippa United finishing second. The Claremont-based club scored seven goals and conceded none in three victories in the qualifiers and have a history of unearthing and polishing the rough diamonds of Cape football since inception. Atlantic Nacional and Bishop Lavis will scrap to avoid finishing at the bottom of the pile. The tournament will kick off at 17:30 on Friday, with Old Mutual facing off against Kenpark United on the B field, and run until the last game at 20:15. The Challenge will run from 09:30 to 15:30 on Saturday, and from 09:30 until 15:30 (tournament final) on Sunday. All games will be played at the William Herbert Sports complex in Wynberg. Heart FM’s Nick Feinberg and former Santos coach Duncan Crowie will be in attendance on the final day. V Visit for news on the Engen Knockout Challenge as it happens. V Follow @ThePeople’sPost and @LiamCPT on Twitter for updates and results. If you are at the event, tweet your photos and messages of support for your favourite team, followed by #EngenKO13.

If no feedback has been received by 27 August 2013, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful. The company reserves the right to not fill the position. Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups. Media24 Breederivier Swartland Gazette 15x2 130813.cdr

Cape Town 16 - 18 August Cape District / William Herbert Sports Complex R5 parking R5 per person

We would like to improve our delivery service

to you our readers, and have put in place an SMS service to make sure you receive your favourite newspaper regularly. Simply SMS the word DELIVERY to 32516 should you have any delivery related queries. SMS costs R1.00

SPORT TUESDAY 13 August 2013 | People's Post | Page 8 | 0021 910 6500 |

REROUTE: SA Schools rugby team winger Grant Hermanus steps while on the run during a match against England at City Park in Athlone on Friday 9 August.

PACE TO BURN: SA Schools rugby team winger Duhan van der Merwe cuts through a gap during a match against England at City Park in Athlone on Friday 9 August. South Africa won 19-14. PHOTOS: PETER HEEGER/GALLO IMAGES

Baby Boks off to a winning start LIAM MOSES


he South African Schools rugby side hope to “improve and build” on their 1914 victory over England at City Park on Friday. The match formed part of the International Under-18 Series which also features Italy, France and Wales. Team coach Chris October believes his side will only get better after a shaky performance in the setpieces. “The scrums are always a dicey affair, especially with the new laws. This is the first time the boys played and scrummed together. We can just build on this and improve,” he says.

“In the first half we did well in the lineouts, but (it seems) they picked up our calls. A lot of work still lies ahead. The foundation has been laid for success in the rest of the series and we are looking forward to the next challenge. In terms of our defence, attack and kicking there are a few things we can improve on.” England broke the deadlock early in the match when skipper and eighth-man James Chisholm picked up from the back of a scrum in the SA 22 and charged over. Sam Olver goaled the resulting conversion, but SA right wing Grant Hermanus narrowed the deficit with a penalty soon after. SA captain and number eight Rikus Both-

ma refused to be outdone by his England counterpart and powered his way across the whitewash to take the lead. However, Hermanus missed the conversion and SA lead 8-7 at half-time. Duhan van der Merwe extended South Africa’s lead in the second half, popping up in the centres to gather a pass one-handed, scythe through gap and dot down. Hermanus missed the conversion again and it seemed it would prove costly after Chisholm and Olver retook the lead for England with another try and conversion respectively. Flyhalf Brandon Thomas took over kicking duties, after Hermanus departed injured, and went on to nail two penalties to

BMT key to success at hockey tournament LIAM MOSES South Africa under-21 men’s hockey coach Darryn Gallagher hopes his players can show big match temperament when they play in the senior men’s inter-provincial tournament (IPT) later this month. The SA under-21’s will participate in the tournament, hosted at Hartleyvale, in preparation for the International Hockey Federation (IHF) Men’s Junior World Cup in India in December. The final squad for the tournament will announced after the IPT and Gallagher knows exactly what quality and skills he wants from players. “We look for guys who are going to take (the lead in) the critical and crucial moments. We are looking for guys who are going to play with belief, regardless of the scoreline,” he says. “Recently I have been involved in a few international tournaments and the SA sides have been so close to getting big results, but

have just not been able to take the crucial moments like other teams. “We’re obviously (also) looking for fitness and conditioning, an understanding of structures and intelligent players.” The SA under-21 squad currently numbers at 31 players, but just 18 will compete at the IPT and the squad will be cut to between 22 and 24 for the World Cup – depending on how many players meet the coaching team’s standards at the IPT. Gallagher says he is currently leaning towards 22, as a smaller group allows the players to be better focused. The IPT will be the last chance for all players to stake their claim for a national place, whether they’re “fringe” squad members or those not part of the set-up at all. “If anyone is going to play their way into the team, then it’s going to be someone from that squad,” says Gallagher. “For someone to come into the squad and not have had any involvement in the buildup would be quite tough, but not out of the

question.” He adds that while winning the tournament would be a “bonus”, the only goal is giving players equal time to prove their worth. SA have been grouped with England, Pakistan and Malaysia at the Junior World Cup and will need to finish in the top two of the group to qualify for the quarter-finals. With England at fourth on the FIH world rankings, Pakistan at eighth and Malaysia just below South Africa at 12th, competition will be tough. Gallagher believes his side are capable of making the top eight if they show the temperament and take those “crucial moments”. The IPT will take place at Hartleyvale from Sunday 25 to Saturday 31 August. V The South African under­21 players will have to carry the cost of the trip to the Junior World Cup trip to India themselves. Anyone interested in sponsoring the team can contact Gallagher at dgallagh­

hand SA the victory. October praised his side for their defensive performance, after soaking up the advice of defence guru Jacques Nienaber in training sessions last week. “Right from the beginning we knew there would be three aspects that was going to be very important if we were to win the game; our defence, attack and kicking,” October says. “Defence must be the foundation on which we lay any success. Today the guys went out there and showed a lot of character.” SA take on France at Outeniqua Park in George at 18:00 today (Tuesday 13 August) and then face Wales at Boland Stadium in Wellington on Saturday 17 August at 15:30.

Peoples post atlantic seaboard 13 aug 2013  

Peoples post atlantic seaboard 13 aug 2013

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