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Drug woes irk residents

MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval


recent surge in drug use in Red Hill has residents and the neighbourhood watch running scared. They claim there has been an increase in the use of tik among teenager. Residents are expected to meet this week to find an action plan to help alleviated the effects of drug abuse. Community leader Luyanda Lombo says in recent months more parents have come looking for help. This follows an increase in the use of tik as well as thefts. “The problem is getting out of control and parents don’t know where to turn,” he says. Lombo explains as more teenagers turn to drugs, thefts of household items and other valuables have increased. “I was approached by a mother who told me her child was using drugs and kept stealing things from the house. The thefts are a result of the drugs and adding to crime,” he adds. Lombo says desperate parents have threatened to take matters into their own hands. He cautioned against this and says residents should report the incidents to the police. “Many have threatened to take action against those caught smoking drugs or stealing. We need a proper strategy to deal with this,” he says. Lombo says they are aware of at least six dwellings where drugs are being sold. He warns residents not to approach the alleged dealers. A neighbourhood watch member, who does not want to be identified, says in addition to this, she is aware of children who travel to

WATER WORKS: Firefighters help a young boy to control a fire hose during a firefighting dis­ play at the annu­ al South African Navy Festival in Simon’s Town at the weekend. The event, held in partnership with the City of Cape Town, saw several naval drills, marches and performanc­ es by the SA Navy band. See more photos on page 6.PHOTO: DENVOR DE WEE/PHOTO24

Ocean View to source drugs. She agrees the situation is getting out of hand and believes something needs to be done. “The parents are in tears as more children start using drugs. The police are a great help; they come immediately when called,” she adds. Joseph Duyisile, chairperson of the Red Hill Neighbourhood Watch, believes residents need to get rid of the dealers. He believes those who sell the drugs are “the root of the problem”.

“If we get rid of them, Red Hill will be much safer. With all these drugs available, I can see why more children are turning to it,” he says. Duyisile explains the watch is consistently contacted by concerned parents, but says they “can only do so much”. Simon’s Town Police Station commander Captain Jacqui Johnson warns residents to not take the law into their own hands and instead to report all suspicious activity to police.

She says despite two properties being identified by the community for drug use, police have come up empty-handed during searches. She explains these houses are being monitored and says all new information must be reported to the police. Johnson says over the past six months there have been several arrests for drug possession which remains a high priority for police. “There has also been an increase in house break-ins, theft and theft out of motor vehicles. There has



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been a decrease in assault cases,” she says. Johnson has requested police be invited to all public meetings regarding crime. “We need to stand together. Information about crime within the settlement needs to be shared with police so we can investigate and take the necessary action,” she adds. V Share your thoughts on drug abuse and thefts by drug addicts. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.



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Shooting down carelessness NICOLE MCCAIN @nickymccain


hat started off as means of self-defence can soon become a murder weapon. Family members left with the gun of loved one who has died may find themselves contributing to the criminal underworld if they do not follow protocols and dispose of the weapon correctly. Local police have launched an awareness campaign to educate the community on the correct procedures to follow after the licensed owner has died. After the death of the owner, the firearm must be immediately handed over to police or stored by the executor of the estate, says police spokesperson Sergeant Hilton Malila. The gun can later be sold or kept by a family member once a licence has been obtained.

Preventing crime Since the beginning of January, Metro Police officers have confiscated 17 illegal firearms, 168 rounds of ammunition and eight magazines during patrols and stop-andsearch operations across the city. Over 20 arrests have been made for the possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, which is significantly higher than the 11 firearms confiscated during the previous quarter, says Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security JP Smith. “Every gun we confiscate means one less weapon for gangsters to use and run rampant in our communities. It is frightening to think that we have confiscated five firearms in one week, compared to 11 in a three-month period between October and December last year,” he says Malila echoes Smith’s concern. “There are many dangers that can stem from not handing in the firearm of a deceased person. The gun, if not securely stored, could


end up in the wrong hands. For instance, a child could get hold of the firearm and shoot a friend while playing, or the weapon could be used to commit crime.”

Safety starts at home Mbulelo Makapola, who owns a firearm for self-defence, has requested his family follow the law to the letter. “My wife knows that if I should die, she is to take the gun straight to the police station. The gun is kept locked in a safe and I am the only one with keys to prevent it falling into the wrong hands,” he says. The family man has ensured his family knows the correct procedure for handling his firearm. “I have a three-year-old son and he is not allowed to play with toy guns. I teach him that guns are not toys and he could kill his mother or his sister by playing with one. I also ensure my children don’t touch my gun or open the safe,” he says. Gun safety is not to be taken lightly, Makapola insists. “There is a need for a project to educate the community. Some people like to put their guns on display, but a gun is not something to show off. It’s important that people know how to handle guns safely.” Number of risks Having a gun in the home brings a number of risks, says Gun Free South Africa chairperson Adèle Kirsten. “For a start, if you do not have a licence for the gun you are holding the weapon illegally, which is a criminal offence. There is overwhelming evidence that guns in the home increase the risk of suicide, intimate crime against a partner, femicide and murder,” she says. In addition, firearm owners are often a target themselves, Kirsten claims. “Studies have found that gun owners are more at risk for contact crimes, such as assault and murder, than those who do not own guns. They run a higher risk of injury or death,” she says. If left in the hands of family members who are not licensed, the weapon could be stolen and used to commit a crime, Kirsten says. “The only responsible thing to do is hand in the gun. It’s just not worth the risk.”

DESTRUCTION: Every year, the provincial police’s Firearms Control Section destroys confiscated or voluntarily surrendered firearms at a scrapyard under heavy surveillance. PHOTO: FOTO24

Local rat breeders’ days numbered – City Health

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As rat season peaks, communities are encouraged to dispose of their waste responsibly, as this is a key contributing factor to the size of the vermin population. As in most cities, council has to contend with a number of pests, including rats. Generally there is an increase in rodent numbers between September and October, as well as March and April. Most of the large-scale rodent baiting that City Health performs occurs during these times. Rats tend to be a feature in dense human settlements where there is a steady food supply, stormwater drainage systems and an absence of predators.

The most infested areas include builtup central business district areas where there are many food-related businesses; informal settlement areas, where structures are not rodent-proof; and ports and transport interchanges. City Health proactively manages rodent breeding through traditional baiting methods and health education for residents. Where applicable, legal action is taken against residents who create conditions for rodent breeding. Baiting is done in public areas and not on individual premises. Over the last 20 years, there has been

an increase in the number of food outlets in the city, as well as informal settlements, with respective waste management challenges. Mayoral Committee member for Health Lungiswa James says: “City Health works closely with other departments, including the solid waste management department, to ensure that our waste removal plan is effective. However, there are still far too many people who dump their waste illegally or irresponsibly and without any regard for the consequences – one of which is attracting rodents. We need the cooperation of everyone if we are to effectively address the issue.”

Coca­Cola conmen prowling the internet

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Congratulations! You have won R100 000 in the Coca-Cola lucky draw – all we need is your bank details, ID number and all other personal information for you to claim your prize. Sound familiar? Don’t get caught in the latest Coca-Cola phishing scam doing the rounds. There has been a significant increase in reports of phishing scams involving the misuse of the Coca-Cola Company name, warns the Peninsula Beverage Company. The company, also called PenBev, is the local bottler and distributor of the Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western Cape. Consumers are being warned to be vigilant when it comes to receiving an SMS or email message from individuals claiming to be from Coca-Cola, notifying the recipient they have won money in lotteries.

Denise Green, PenBev spokesperson, confirms: “The Coca-Cola Company’s different brands and trademarks are being used without permission. The Coca-Cola Company is in no way associated with any SMSes or emails requesting sensitive information to redeem a prize. The Coca-Cola Company will never ask for confidential information such as an identification (ID) number or bank account details. We urge the public not to give out any personal details.” Coca-Cola runs a number of legitimate promotions during peak seasons. This is how you can tell if you really are a winner or if you are being scammed: . PenBev and Coca-Cola contact their winners telephonically, never via SMS or email. . PenBev and Coca-Cola would never ask for any fees – whether legal, administration,

clearance, delivery or packaging – to be paid for winners to receive the prize, which is given free of charge. . If customers haven’t entered a competition, then Coca-Cola would not contact them. If customers have fallen prey to a phishing scam the first step is to immediately discontinue all communication with the source and report it to the authorities. Green adds: “PenBev has had instances where consumers have fallen prey to these scams and paid in monies, only to be asked to provide more money after the initial payment, then the scammers ask for a further admin or postage fee. An important thing to remember is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” V For further details contact Coca-Cola SA consumer affairs at or call 086 011 2526.


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Bid for a second road

MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval


he City of Cape Town will be filing an application to build a second access road to Masiphumelele. This follows an appeal from more than 80 people across the Far South to Premier Helen Zille and Mayor Patricia de Lille to improve living conditions in Masiphumelele. The appeal, written by Dr Lutz van Dijk and Professor Andy Dawes, was handed to De Lille’s office in January. Since then monthly meetings with a delegation from Masiphumelele have been held with Zille and De Lille. Following the meeting last week, Van Dijk sent a notification to residents informing them of the proposal for the second road. In his report, Van Dijk says it was agreed the municipality would make an application for the second access road which will run through Abington Road. South Peninsula Sub-council chairperson Felicity Purchase confirms they are looking into creating a link from Myeza Road to Kommetjie Road through Abington Road. She says due to the presence of wetlands, the City and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning are determining which approvals will be needed. According to a map of the area there are three seeps, where subsurface water emerges during the wet season, and seeps into the valley floor. These wetlands may also be fed by groundwater. “Because of the wetlands it would be unlawful to extend Abington Road up to Myeza Road without an environmental authorisation from the department,” she says. Purchase adds it may be necessary to apply for a Water Use Licence Application from the Department of Water Affairs. But this has not yet been determined. According to a report from the City the presence of seeps was determined using the presence of water, wetland soils and wetland plants as indicators. During October 2012 site visits with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry took place and soil samples collected. Purchase explains unless the environmental affairs department rules that the National Environmental Management Act En-

BUMPY ROAD: The City of Cape Town is in the process of filing an application to connect this gravel road with Kommetjie Road. PHOTO: MONIQUE DUVAL vironmental Impact Assessment Regulations are not applicable a basic environmental assessment will be required. She says a direct link between Myeza Road and Kommetjie Main Road is the most desirable option compared to a link through the waste water site or through Fish Eagle Park. “For this reason the focus at the moment is to find ways to get the Abington Road extension built as soon as possible,” she says. The City now plans on appointing an environmental practitioner to prepare the application. “Due to an obligatory time frame stipulated by the regulations, the process cannot be completed within less than between five and six months. If there are objections and appeals the process can be consid-

erably longer,” Purchase adds. There have been mixed feelings from businesses in Fish Eagle Park. Following the news that the Abington Road extension will meet up the Fish Eagle entrance into Kommetjie Road, businesses have questioned why they were not included in the monthly meetings. Business owners Mike Burnham King and Garth Fletcher say they have not been consulted on the plans for a second access road. They believe the second access road will not help emergency vehicles as these “areas are difficult to reach, whichever route one takes”. They are concerned about the increase of unroadworthy vehicles and speeding, an in-

Distressed whale rescued off St James Beach Volunteers sprang into action on Saturday following reports of a distressed whale off St James Beach. Members of the South African Whale Disentanglement Network found a juvenile Southern Right Whale, estimated to be under a year old, trapped 600m off-shore by rope from welk traps at 08:20. The whale was distressed and, entangled under water, was struggling to get to the surface to catch its breath. Network spokesperson Dave Hurwitz says two lines were keeping the whale trapped underwater and forcing the animal to lunge above the water to gasp for air, before being pulled back down by the rope lines. Initial hopes that the whale was tired, which would have made it easier to use disentanglement equipment, were dashed by the spirit of the whale which appeared to

Fun day at vlei As part of the campaign to save Princess Vlei from being developed into a shopping mall development, the Princess Vlei Forum will host Imagine Princess Vlei, an event to showcase its vision for the space, on Saturday 22 March from 14:00 until 17:00. A petition of more than 7000 objectors will be handed to a representative of the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee. There will also be live performances and interactive and creative activities. Refreshments will be on sale. V Visit for more details.

be lively and full of energy. After a brief initial assessment, volunteers found five ropes entangled around the tail and one rope around the head. The whale was suffering from a laceration of the lip, visible rope marks around the body, and a laceration around the tail stock. A rope was cut by the rescue team about


a metre from the tail, which allowed the whale to mostly disentangled itself by rotating its body, but a second rope also had to be cut to allow the animal to go free. Volunteers continued to monitor the whale for a while and the whale seemed to be healthy and swimming along strongly. The operation to free the whale was completed by about midday.

crease in crime, safety of properties and protests. “We worry about the safety of the business when local residents decide to protest – we have been caught up in this on a number of occasions and this has prevented us from going to or from work and been trapped in the park as there is no other exit in case of any emergency,” King adds. Volker Janssen, who owns a warehouse in Fish Eagle Park, says he has no objection to the proposed road. He says it is unacceptable for a community of more than 30 000 people to only have one access to their homes. “This was the strategy of the 1980s where the former regime wanted to have full control over the townships by giving them access only from one entrance. Those days are over for two decades now,” he says. The board of Capella House School say they are opposed to the road. In a letter they state the potential increase in foot traffic is a concern when considering the existing levels of crime. “Our understanding is that the road was designed for Fish Eagle Business Park and was never intended to access Masiphumelele,” the letter reads. The board has also raised questions as to whether or not Chasmay Road has been considered as a second access. Bong Mithi, chairperson of the Masiphumelele Informal Settlement and Backyarders’ Forum and part of the delegation at the meetings, confirms business owners have not been consulted about the proposal. This, he says, is primarily because they do not know any of the business owners. He explains the second access road is “urgently needed” and says he would be willing to meet with business owners. “When there are fires, it is a terrible situation and we need to find a way for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to access the wetlands. We are more than willing to meet with business owners to show them what we are dealing with.” Purchase says in terms of legislation, the application will have to be opened for public participation for all concerned to be consulted. V Share your thoughts on the proposed road. Starting with the word “Post”. SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

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Savouring the awards of hard work

REUNION: Three False Bay residents attended a nostalgic reunion of seven former school class mates from the Christian Brothers’ College in Kimberley. The group, who matriculated in 1958, met at the Galley Restaurant on Fish Hoek Beach last week. The get­together was arranged by Ivor Swain, who served as president of the Local Chamber of Business (Commerce and Indus­ try) for six years and chairperson of the Fish Hoek Valley Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Parvo outbreak in Far South An animal rescue organisation has warned of a canine parvo and distemper virus outbreak in the Far South. Tears Animal Rescue says in a statement Ocean View and Masiphumelele have had an unusually high number of cases. If dogs are not vaccinated, it may not have the defences to fight these diseases. The canine parvo virus is spread through the faeces of infected dogs. The virus manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is in the intestines and the symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss and lack of appetite. Less common is the cardiac form, which attacks the heart muscles, often leading to death. The faeces of an infected dog can contaminate the soil and grass with the parvo virus for up to a year. Dogs that have not been vaccinated can contaminate dog parks just by walking through it. The canine distemper virus is spread through the faeces and bodily fluids of infected dogs. Dogs are infected directly by being in contact with an infected dog or indirectly by coming into contact with objects an in-

fected dog has had contact with. Symptoms include a runny nose, vomiting and diarrhoea, dehydration, excessive salivation, coughing or laboured breathing, loss of appetite and weight loss, callusing of the nose and foot pads, as well as neurological symptoms such as twitching and seizures. Puppies with their immature underdeveloped immune systems are at the highest risk of infection. They should receive all of their vaccinations beginning at six weeks, with two booster shots given every four weeks thereafter. Once the initial series of shots is complete, adult dogs will need their immune system booster annually to protect them against parvo and distemper. Puppies who have not been fully vaccinated should not visit communal areas until they have had all of their vaccinations. Without veterinary treatment, the chances of survival for dogs infected with these viruses are slim. Tears has mobile clinics in Ocean View, Masiphumelele and Red Hill. Pets can be sterilised and vaccinated for R40. This only applies to those whose monthly household income is below R12 000. V For more information, phone (021) 785 4482.

New operating times for library Ocean View Library have changed their operating times. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the library will be open from 10:00 to 17:30.

On Mondays from 10:00 to 19:00, on Fridays from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00. V For more information phone (021) 783 1887.


e has come a long way since his days as a trolley assistant at a Kenilworth nursery. While at high school, this was where Humphrey Brydon (28) worked every public holiday and all his school holidays. The reality for this Muizenberg resident was that he had to help his single mom, Charlene, make ends meet in caring for them as a family. At University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) graduation ceremony, Brydon was awarded a cum laude for his Master of Science degree. As an added bonus, he was employed as a lecturing senior officer at UWC’s Statistics and Population Studies Department. As his name was announced at the graduation ceremony, a pleased smile made it clear that all his hard work was worthwhile. His thesis identified six risk-taking behaviours in the sexual activity of first-year students. Therefore HIV/Aids programmes could be specially focused using these identified risk-taking behaviours to adapt or develop their programmes to curb the spread of HIV/Aids. Brydon recalls his earlier years at high school. “There were days when we couldn’t afford the basic necessities. Sometimes, when there was no money for transport, I had to walk about 10km to get home.” While at Groote Schuur High School, Brydon landed the trolley assistant job, which led to a promotion as IT branch manager. His next job, a part-time position in IT at Bush Radio, forced him to further his studies. “I was told I could stay on and volunteer, but without tertiary qualifications, they couldn’t employ me any longer.” He knew he had the technical acumen to study IT, but after two years of studying IT through Unisa, he dropped out. Two years after studying IT at UCT also left Brydon unfulfilled. “I was about to register for IT again, this time at UWC, but I knew it was going to be a mistake. In my miserable state, I was asked by a friend to sit in on one of his Maths and Statistics lectures, and that’s when it clicked. In no time I registered for a B.Sc in Mathematics and Statistics in 2010.”

Sohco Steenvilla Complex (Military Road, Steenberg) Applications for 2 Bedroom Units Only If you are interested, please bring along Id books and 3 months’ payslips for everyone over 18 years old in the household. Dates are as follows: Time:

20, 25 & 27 March 2014 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 & 29 April 2014 09:00 am - 10:30 am

Minimum criteria are: • Gross Household Income: R7000-R7500- 2 Bedroom Unit: 2 to 5 Occupants • Gross household income must not exceed R7500 per month • South African citizen only • Married or single with financial dependants • Must not have owned property • Must not have received a government housing subsidy • Competent to contract • Clear credit record • Credit and Property Checks are done on the day of applications ***Units are ready for occupation

FULL BLOOM: Wendy Manser from Lakeside re­ ceived this plant in a pot for her birth­ day two years ago. She says: “It died and I sort of cared for it, but now it’s come up in full bloom again. Any information is wel­ come. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

SWEET SUCCESS: Humphrey Brydon, of Muizen­ berg, accomplished his MSc cum laude. PHOTO: HARRIET BOX

A year after obtaining his degree, Brydon completed a B.Sc Honours degree. “While at UWC, an opportunity presented itself to attend methodology and other courses under the degree of Master of Finance and Strategy. This was for about six months at Science Po, a Political Science University in Paris, France. “This is where I was taught the skills I employed on my path to obtaining my masters degree. The cum laude came as a surprise, but I am still very grateful that UWC gave me the opportunity at Sciences Po.” He adds: “Consistent hard work has always been key for me, though. I realise that in my earlier years my mother was as tough as nails; she put all three of us through varsity. She was my motivating factor for wanting to succeed, and I suppose as the eldest son, I felt the need to fulfill the fatherly role in the family. I saw my mother investing most of our limited resources into her children’s education, and that was what drove me to want to succeed.” A PhD is on the horizon for this young lecturer, but for now he says: “I would like to contribute and give back to the family”.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014


Cops notch up successes MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval






out of motor vehicles. Speaking on developments at the station, police spokesperson Captain Stephen Knapp said they were excited about the intake of new recruits. He said they were aware of police resources being deployed to other areas including Vrygrond and Overcome Heights as they


were more needed there. Knapp explains close relationships with private security companies have helped to curb crime. “We are aware of the shortages and many of us, including myself, try to do extra patrols,” he said. These patrols showed results last week




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NEW PLAN: Police are keeping a close eye on the activities at Kalk Bay Beach.


rug-related arrests, card scams and community involvement took centre stage at a public meeting held in Kalk Bay last week. The meeting, which was held by Muizenberg police, was attended by residents, neighbourhood watch representatives and Sector 3 Commander Captain Monty MacKinnon. It focused on crime affecting Lakeside, Muizenberg, Marina Da Gama, St James and Kalk Bay. Giving an overview of crime statistics, MacKinnon said the precinct had been hit by card scammers, drugs and property-related crimes. Earlier this month police arrested three men and a woman from KwaZulu-Natal for scamming a tourist in Kalk Bay. According to a police report the four appeared in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday 5 March. They were arrested in a hired car on Boyes Drive after a woman reported being robbed of her bank card while at an ATM in Kalk Bay. On further investigation, police found the group is wanted for several other cases of fraud. MacKinnon said there were also arrests of a brother and sister for tik, as well as two men for house break-in and theft out of motor vehicles. He says, however, crime has come down over the past three months. Following a house break-in in Clairvaux Road, police were approached by a woman who picked up a cellphone near the scene. MacKinnon says with the use of the cellphone police managed to track the two men who were also responsible for several thefts

when Knapp embarked on a high-speed chase from Muizenberg to Constantia. While doing an ad hoc patrol in Main Road, Knapp was approached by a shop owner who said he had been robbed and pointed at the get-away car heading in the direction of Lakeside. Police chased the Silver Volvo which drove at high speeds along the M3. The chase came to an end in Spaanschemaat River Road when the Volvo’s engine cut out. Along with private security guards, Knapp arrested three men and a woman from Manenberg for robbery and recovered an undisclosed sum of cash. The suspects, aged between 22 and 35, will appear in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court this week. Residents raised concerns about the movement of suspicious characters into the mountain. They claimed a group of people who were living on a boat on Kalk Bay Beach have moved into the mountain following the removal of the boat last year. Police agreed to look into the issue. Kalk Bay St James Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association chairperson Tony Trimmel said planning for the 2014 festive season and the issues at Kalk Bay Beach should commence early this year. He said the behaviour of beachgoers was an ongoing concern for residents. Knapp says they are now working on a plan to get the police’s water wing to assist during the festive season. Subforum chairperson Bert Stafford urged residents to work with police to keep their community safe. V To report crime call the Muizenberg Police Station on (021) 787 9010.



Tel. 021 715 4666


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

A naval experience


he Navy has again opened its doors to the public for a first-hand experience at life as an officer in white. The annual three-day Navy Festival was held in the East Dockyard in Simon’s Town. Visitors got the opportunity to view ships and submarines and enjoy helicopter displays. Tug rides in the harbour was another

firm crowd favourite. A special remembrance ceremony was held for fallen heroes. Other attractions that created excitement included the Sea Cadets Precision Drills, live cannon firing as well as various other music items and displays by the South African Navy.

BATTLESHIP: The Navy ship was on full display this weekend for all to admire.

MUSIC TO MY EARS: A brass band set the mood for the afternoon.

HEROES: Officers line up with rose in hand during the laying down of the roses.

ATTENTION: Crowds of people watched as officers stopped to salute or march to orders.

WAITING IN LINE: Visitors waited patiently for a tug ride in the harbour.

PRECISION: Navy officers march during a ceremony at the festival.


FUN: Sun, sea and salutes were the order of the day at the Cape Town Navy Festival this weekend.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014


Market gets the thumbs up MONIQUE DUVAL @monique_duval


n application for a Thursday market at the Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek has been approved. The application, made by owner Sybrand van der Spuy, received several objections from nearby residents. The application was given the thumbs up at the City of Cape Town’s Spatial Planning, Environment and Land Use (Spelum) committee last week. According to the report, the market attracts between 1500 and 2000 people and operates every Thursday from 16:30 to 20:00.

During the interview process, Brian Lanton, who spoke on behalf of the residents, raised several concerns about noise and parking. He said the application should not be approved as it violated noise control regulations and caused a disturbance to the neighbours. In a summary of the objections in the report it states: “The events are highly intrusive on the neighbouring properties, especially the noise from amplified music and cars using the driveways.” Lanton said the weekly market was not the only events residents had to endure. “There are also burger nights, picnics and

Girl saved after near drowning The brave intervention of rescue services members has given a little girl a second chance at life. The seven-year-old came close to drowning at Long Beach in Kommetjie at the weekend. Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services responded to reports at 17:15 on Saturday. National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) volunteers were alerted to the incident and launched sea rescue craft and sea rescue vehicles. NSRI Simon’s Town station commander Darren Zimmerman says when they arrived at the scene, Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services confirmed the girl was found on the beach. “Their paramedics were treating her for near drowning

During a debate on whether or not to approve the application, Spelum committee member councillor Joy McCarthy questioned the impact the market had on the neighbours. She said the popularity of the market and the support of feeding schemes should not be considered when making the decision. Councillors took a vote and the result was five to one. Officials from the City’s health department said the applicant will now have to submit a Noise Management Plan (NMP). V Share your views on the approval of the operation of the market. Starting with the word “Post” SMS your comments to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

NOTICE OF A MEETING OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN A meeting of the Council of the City of Cape Town will be held on Wednesday 26 February 2014 at 10:00 in the Council Chamber, 6th floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre, 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town.

symptoms and NSRI medics were on -hand to assist,” he says. Zimmerman explains it was not determined where the child is from and how she got into difficulty. “The child was stabilised and is expected to make a full recovery in hospital,” he adds.

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special events,” he said. In his presentation, Van der Spuy outlined the popularity of the market. He pointed out the economic benefits of the market and comments on social media sites and the support of feeding schemes in Ocean View and Masiphumelele. In the report, the response from Van der Spuy to the objections states he informed City officials that delays in the approval process necessitated the utilisation of the site for a market prior to permission being granted. It also says the application is in line with the Cape Town Zoning Scheme and the events licence had been granted.

Wynberg Branch 68 Kerk Street Wynberg Tel: (021) 762 1101

Terms and Conditions apply. AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society is an authorised service provider. AVB PEOPLES POST 1

Please note that limited seating is available in the public gallery of the Council Chamber and, therefore, seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to attend the meeting, you are requested to contact Michelle Alberts on 021 400 3708 between 09:00 and 16:00. All requests for attendance must be received by no later than a day before the meeting. You will be required to provide your surname, initials and contact telephone number. Visitors are kindly requested to be seated by 09:30.



PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evils of child pornography


here are many horrific stories surfacing about child pornography and of adults using social media sites to trap minors. Recently, a Johannesburg father handed his daughter (17) over to police after the shocking discovery that she was sending naked selfies to a 42-year-old man, as well as two male teenagers. The Grade 10 pupil was convicted for the manufacturing and distribution of child porn, and given a three-year suspended sentence. Her adult co-accused was also convicted and received the same sentence. Were the father’s actions fitting? Was the girl’s sentence a fair one? What course of action is available to parents if this happens? This is what People’s Post readers had to say about the case and child pornography:

LOUISE GELDENHUYS says parents need to take some form of responsibility if their children take part in such behaviour. “He should look at the man in the mirror and question why the daughter would send naked pictures to a much older man.”

LINDIWE NDAYI says deeper issues may be behind such actions. “Be careful of judging others. People are sly and offer children things in exchange for these pictures. Men who do this type of thing are threats to society and should be imprisoned.”

SHANNON FORD believes no decent human would tolerate the evil of child pornography. “Adults should have more common sense when it comes to this type of thing. Parents should explain to their children the dangers of these encounters.”

MAJDIE MATTHEWS says adults should know bet­ ter than getting involved with children. “If a minor is sending naked pictures, then the minor should definitely be sent for counselling. He or she must be cut off from all social media sites.”

UNATHI GXAKUSHE says if the girl sent naked pic­ tures of her own free will then the repercussions are her problem. “Clearly, she is seeking some at­ tention, because no one forced her to send pic­ tures of herself to so many guys.”

STUART GREENWOOD believes if the girl was not threatened into sending the photos, nothing can be done to the co­accused. “If it was my daughter I would ground her from going out for a very long time, and I would beat the older man up.”

LORRAINE TANDIE blames unrestricted internet access and a lack of education about the dangers of the web. “If there was a way to monitor what social media sites your child was visiting, it would be a step in the right direction.”

and its Neighbours. Phone Derek on (021) 788 2502 for more details. Wednesday 26 March

Friday 21 March V Simon’s Town: The Simon’s Town Country Club will hold its monthly quiz evening at 20:00. Entry is R50 for a team of four or less. Phone Phil on (021) 786 1233. V Ocean View: The Ocean View Community Market Day will be held from 18:00 to 22:00 at the Multipurpose Centre. Call Joyce La Guma on (021) 783 2098 for details. Saturday 22 March V Cutrisdal: The Cape Natural History Club will host a guided coach tour of Citrusdal. The cost of R280 includes the coach, guides, entry fees and lunch. Phone Sheila on (021) 782 1620 or visit to book. Sunday 23 March V Simon’s Town: The Simon’s Town Country Club will hold a potjiekos competition at the club. There will be live music by Desert Moon. Phone (021) 786 1233. Tuesday 25 March V Zandvlei: The Muizenberg Historical Conser­ vation Society will host a talk by Chris Taylor entitled Three Ships at the False Bay Rende­ vous, Promenade Road, Zandvlei at 17:30. The talk is a visual exploration of the warships Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, which are preserved in Portsmouth, England. Entry is R30. Phone George Hill on (021) 788 5542 or email V Kalk Bay: The Kalk Bay Historical Association will hold its annual meeting at the Bible Institute of South Africa at 20:00. Dr Helen Robinson will speak about her book Constantia

V Sunnydale: The Fish Hoek Community Police Forum will hold a public meeting at the King of Kings Baptist Church at 19:30. Phone Tony Bullock on 082 456 6565. V Fish Hoek: Whale spotters will throw a bash at Golden River Spur, Town Square, Fish Hoek from 17:00 to 18:30. Whale Spotters and their parents are invited to celebrate the last whale watching season that delivered whales, dolphins and roaming orcas. Email awhaleo­ for more informa­ tion. V Simon’s Town: Boet Dommisse will give a lecture on St Francis Church ­ its 200­year history, Architecture and Artefacts at St Francis Church at 18:00. The lecture will be followed by the The Six Saints of Simon’s Town book launch. Phone Yvonne on (021) 786 4404. Friday 28 March V Fish Hoek: St John’s will host a jumble sale fundraiser on the corner of Kommetjie Road and Seventh Avenue from 08:30 to 10:30. Phone (021) 782 3306.

COTTON CANDY: A People’s Post reader from Sun Valley took this picture of clouds while on a run on Silvermine Road. PHOTO: SONJA BEEBY

V Fish Hoek: Susan Groves will speak about her first book, titled Pleasure­in­Relating, at the next Literary Tea at Fish Hoek Library at 10:00. She is trained in Core Process Psycho­ therapy and shares in the book the difficult, uncomfortable and tender moments experi­ enced in human interactions. Entry is R20. Phone Jen Strickland on (021) 782 7337.

Laatz will peform The Songs of Nat King Cole at the Simon’s Town Country Club at 20:00. Tickets are R60. Phone Anita on (021) 786 1233 for more information.

Friday 28 and Saturday 29 March

Sunday 30 March

V Muizenberg: There will be a book sale at the MM Gallery to raise funds for the Sozo Foundation in Vrygrond. Phone (021) 825 5527.

V Simon’s Town: Camerata Tinta Barocca will play six of the 12 concerti comprising Vivaldi’s L’Estro Armonico of 1711 at St Francis Church at 16:00. There will also be a performance by Grant Bräsler, Master of Music at St George’s Cathedral. Tickets range from R80 to R100. Phone 083 684 7318 for additional information.

Saturday 29 March V Simon’s Town: Graham Burton and Mike

Tuesday 1 to Friday 4 April V Simon’s Town: To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Just Nuisance’s death, The Simon’s Town Museum will hold a colour competition. Schools are required to book. Phone (021) 786 3046. Tuesday 8 April V Fish Hoek: False Bay Volunteer Emergency Medical Services will hold its annual meeting at their base at False Bay Hospital at 19:30. Phone Lucy Price on 082 371 3850.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014





A Cape Original since 1992



21 MARCH 2014

Fabrics, Curtains & Linens

Easter Sale!

BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 • * 11/13 Picton Street, Parow Tel: 021 930 5170/1





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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

Budget: the impact on property

ADVERTORIAL: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan presented the 2014 Budget which, in essence, was well balanced in terms of attempting to keep economic sectors viable in the face of increasing costs of all inputs. He did not bring any specific tax relief for home buyers or owners, either by way of a higher transfer duty or tax relief for the interest paid on home loans. Particularly welcome, from the macroeconomic point of view, was the decision not to raise the tax rate for the country’s highest earners from 40-42% that some commentators had predicted. An imposition of a similar type tax that was recently imposed in the UK is a quick answer for governments that need to raise revenues to appease many voters who are demanding better service delivery. However, the minister has realised it is also a trap, as it may only offer short-term relief, followed by a long and often greater drop in revenues down the line. Statistics show those earning more than R500 000 a year make up just over 8% of SA’s 14 million taxpayers, and account for almost 55% of the tax revenue being collected, so government can’t really afford to isolate them.

The focus on reducing government spending and creating private sector jobs should have a positive impact on the tax base and provide an investor-friendly solution to the revenue problem. Harcourts CEO Richard Gray says: “This approach will have a positive effect on the real estate industry as the minister has managed to contain the expected deficit over the next year to 4% of GDP. “This is a substantial decline from the 6.8% of GDP reached in 2010 and should reassure the ratings agencies that currently have SA ‘on watch’ and also help to boost the foreign and local private sector investment so desperately needed for job creation.” Also positive, he notes, is government’s renewed and apparently extended commitment to cutting expenditure and reducing wastage in the public sector. “Apart from anything else, this is essential if government hopes to be able to deliver on its deficit containment promise,” Gray says. “Although, to date, there has not been much evidence of this being implemented, and it is not likely to be popular in an election year.” V Visit Harcourts at and

LEASING YOUR PROPERTY: Carefully select the tenants for your property.


Don’t let tenants tangle your sale With the demand for property still strong at the moment, a growing number of property owners believe the time is right to sell homes they have been renting out. But, says a statement, they should be aware this can be difficult if they still have a tenant in place. Shaun Rademeyer, CEO of a leading mortgage originator, says: “Unfair it may be, but tenants generally have a reputation for not keeping homes in the best condition, and many potential buyers seeking a home for themselves will be reluctant to look at a property with a sitting tenant.” He adds: “In many cases, even buy-to-let investors who might be interested in adding the property to their portfolio would prefer to find their own tenants. “And incumbent tenants who do not want to move can create major problems for a seller. To start with, they may be difficult about giving an agent access to the property to show it to prospective buyers, or perhaps deliberately leave the home in a mess when they know the agent is coming round with

potential buyers.” He says tenants have also been known to try to block a sale by regaling potential buyers with every real or imagined fault in the property or the neighbourhood. “In addition, property owners who have not made regular inspections may be in for a nasty shock when they decide it is time to sell because maintenance has been neglected and expensive repairs are necessary before the property can be put on the market. And if pets or animals have been kept inside, the home will at the very least need thorough cleaning and perhaps re-carpeting.” There may, of course, be no problem where tenants have been carefully selected from the outset, says Rademeyer. Often if the property is to be sold the best course is to first find out whether these sitting tenants might like to buy it themselves. “But if that is not possible, it is generally better to give them reasonable notice and then prepare the empty property for sale, with the incentive for prospective buyers that it is ready for immediate occupation.”

Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne, Fish Hoek T 021 782 6202 E View NEW RELEASE

Fish Hoek

R575 000

64m² apartment in very neat condition. First floor single bedroom unit close to all amenities including railway station and beach. Large well fitted kitchen open to lounge area. Also available – 1bedroom apartment needing TLC. Priced at R375,000.

Wolfie 076 416 8069 Bed 1 Bath 1 Lounge 1 Gar 0


Fish Hoek

R4 795 000

350m² home on large erf in secure estate. Executive home with many features including secluded, sheltered pool, small vineyard, fully self-contained flat plus guest room, solar heating, irrigated garden and double auto garage with workshop.

Vic Duggan 083 626 0383 Bed 3 Bath 2 Lounge 2 Gar 2

Fish Hoek

Robynn Prytz 082 4678096 Bed 4 Bath 3 Lounge 1 Gar 2


L O S Clovelly

R2 595 000

Brand new stylish home with rustic feel and many special features. Well designed open plan living area with easy flow and great entertainment capability. Lock up garage with direct access. Close to Clovelly Golf Club, beach and nature walks.

Vic Duggan 083 626 0383 Bed 3 Bath 2 Lounge 1 Gar 2



Glen Marine


CASH OFFERS! Neat home built on 685m² with views across Simon’s Town harbour and bay. Large timber deck overlooking the valley, bachelor pad with kitchenette and bathroom (or 3rd bedroom with ensuite).

Wolfie 076 416 8069 Bed 3 Bath 2 Lounge 1 Gar 0


R1 395 000




R17 500pm

Executive home on the Capri mountainside with stunning views. Large bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms. Spacious living areas and balcony. Auto garaging for 3 vehicles. Available 1 May. REGRET NO PETS

Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Bed 3 Bath 2 Lounge 1 Gar 0

Lisa Dewey 083 730 0884 Bed 3 Bath 3 Lounge 2 Gar 3



Fish Hoek


Fish Hoek

R1 050 000




Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Bed 2 Bath 2 Lounge 1 Gar 0



Welcome Glen

R1 750 000

Modern three bedroom house set in the lovely location of Glencairn Heights. Overlooking the sea with magnificent view of Simons Town and the peninsula. Offers Welcome!!!

Vic Duggan 083 626 0383 Bed 3 Bath 2 Lounge 1 Gar 2


R5 250pm

R950 000

Secure spacious apartment situated in a gated complex offers spacious open plan kitchen and living. On one level - no stairs! Communal pool. Short walk to beach and village. Automated single garage an optional extra.


Neat home in Fish Hoek with lovely mountain views. Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room with sliding doors leading to enclosed garden. Alarmed with perimeter beams, security gate and bars. Gorgeous sunny home.


Quaint child-friendly home with outdoor entertainment area consisting of built in braai and solar heated pool. Open plan kitchen with laundry area, lounge and dining room. Fully walled garden and single carport. WMF7253


Carol Croft 071 351 4977 Bed 2 Bath 1 Lounge 1 Gar 1



R4 095 000

Beautiful, North facing home in a peaceful and tranquil gated security complex. Offering double volume living areas and modern, open plan kitchen and double garage. Lovely mountain and sea views.






R15 000pm

Ground floor flat in Longbeach Village. Close to shopping mall and public transport. Open plan lounge and fitted kitchen, sliding door leading to common lawn area. Available 1 April.REGRET NO PETS

Stunning home with immaculate finishes Huge open plan living area, designer kitchen, additional lounge, built-in bar, outside entertainment area with pool. Funicular to house from parking area and double garage. Available 1 April. Pets with owner’s approval.

Lisa Dewey 083 730 0884 Bed 2 Bath 1 Lounge 1 Gar 0

Lisa Dewey 083 730 0884 Bed 3 Bath 3 Lounge 2 Gar 2




PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

Top safety tips for a child-friendly home F

or many young couples, the prospect of starting a family is what prompts their first home purchase. But if you’re about to bring home a new baby, you need to make sure your home will provide a safe and loving environment. So says Berry Everitt, managing director of an international property group, who lists the following top tips for making your home child-friendly as your baby starts to crawl, walk and run: . Install safety gates at the top and bottom of all stairways and keep them properly

closed at all times; . Install plastic safety guards in all unused plug points to keep out curious little fingers and put snap locks on all ground-level cupboard doors; . Make sure any nappy or cleaning buckets have lockable lids, and install snap locks on toilet lids. Small children are top heavy and can easily drown in very little water; . If you have a pool, it’s best to have both a fence with a locked and alarmed gate and a safety net. Small children should also not be allowed to play in a paddling pool without

close supervision, and the pool should be emptied immediately after use; . Make sure all bookcases and storage cabinets are firmly fixed to the wall with brackets so that they cannot fall over if used as standing aids by a child learning to walk; . Make sure deck or balcony railings are close enough together that a child can’t squeeze between them. If they are not, plastic mesh at least 1m high should be firmly fixed to the vertical railings and the floor; . Store medicines and chemical cleaners

in closed, preferably locked cupboards, well out of reach of any climbable furniture; . In the kitchen, be careful not to let pot and pan handles project over the edge of the stove, and never leave a climbable chair or stool near the stove; . If you have glass sliding doors, place bright stickers or decorative decals low down on the glass so that children can easily see when they’re closed; . And keep children out of tool sheds and garages, and keep your car locked even when parked in the driveway.

Fine & Country Fish Hoek Telephone: 021 782 5934 Fax: 021 782 6800 Email: Address: 90 Main Road, Fish Hoek, 7975

Creative and intelligent marketing of individual and country property

Marina da Gama

R 530,000


Offers from R 1,795,000


R 4,995,000

Modern three bedroom beach villa overlooking Glencairn beach. Balconies on upper level offer panoramic views. Ideal seaside retreat or holiday home with abundant entertainment space and double garage. John Paré 083 266 1290 Web ref: 94386

Fish Hoek

R 2,195,000

Simon’s Town

R 7,500,000

Magical mountainside family home, lovingly modernised and with open plan living, sun room with sea view deck, outside family/games room and double garage. Lots of entertainment options. Lorraine Webb 082 675 0725 Web ref: 114699

Fish Hoek

R 2,995,000

Beautifully appointed entertainers home with very special garden, pool and terrace. Four bedrooms (MES), study, art studio, and open plan living. Level driveway to double garage. Lorraine Webb 082 675 0725 Web ref: 115843



NEW RELEASE Two bedroom apartment on the first floor in secure complex. Open plan kitchen/lounge and one bathroom. Parking bay and communal swimming pool. Five minutes to the beach. Angela Muskett 072 341 4583

... 300 offices globally

Fish Hoek

R 3,495,000

. and loads of accommodation for a large family with Stunning views spacious room sizes and fabulous finishes. Five beds & study, lounge, dining room, games room & covered verandah. Double garage & carport. Lorraine Webb 082 675 0725 Web ref: 117701

Perched high on the mountainside, this spacious family home has uninterrupted views across False Bay. Built by a master builder, this stunning house has wonderful accommodation with impeccable attention to detail. John Paré 083 266 1290 Web ref: 106794

We are all “SOLD OUT” and are needing stock. Selling a property is at best a difficult task. In order to conclude a satisfactory sale in todays competitive market, professional help is needed and we pride ourselves on our ability to deal with valuations, pricing, advertising, qualifying buyers and negotiation. The South Peninsula with its strong community structure and the variety of outdoor pursuits on offer is ideally suited as an area for retirement. For the young families, the area has quality schools and sports clubs allowing residents to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. Properties here offer excellent value for money and that is why we have many enquiries from potential buyers wanting to relocate to this very special part of the world.

FISH HOEK *R2 450 000

Call us now for a free “no obligation” valuation of your home.

DALE GREMELS 082 539 9393

Enjoy the lifestyle with superb sea and harbour views from this designer home in Simon’s Kloof. Spacious open plan living and multiple entertainment areas, balconies and infinity pool deck. Lorraine Webb 082 675 0725 Web ref: 102089

NOORDHOEK *R3 495 000

TRACY MUNNIK 082 412 8401

GLENCAIRN *R1 900 000

NOORDHOEK *R3 595 000

ROB MUSTART 083 230 2291

Fish Hoek

R 7,000 per month

Large sunny apartment on Fish Hoek Mountainside, with garage & off-street parking. Beautiful mountain and sea views. Two large bedrooms with BIC’s, two bathrooms, sunroom/office, kitchen and o/plan living and dining area. Sarah Crossman 076 456 8608

SUNNYDALE *R1 295 000

FISH HOEK *R1 595 000

TIM CUMMINS 082 499 6040



PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014


Life lessons

It’s best we get this out of the way. Life is messy. For the majority, it’s hardly verdant hills and prosperous purses. That said, life – in all its chaotic and captivating radiance – does smack back with a pleasant surprise. Our default setting is doubt when hearing good news stories. But when the tale is authentic... warm fuzzy feelings to drive away the scowls, albeit briefly. Well, don’t doubt this. A couple took a metered cab from the CBD to Harfield. After the drop off, the driver – an independent operator – realised they had left a wallet and iPhone on the back seat. Langa resident Edward Damalekani returned the items as he found it. Many would scoff and sneer at this. Let’s face it: temptation besets all, yet here is a re-affirmation of how kind people can be. Also, it demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit. So why do we question our triumphs? Why do we deny the small victories in life? We yearn for a better reality, but we deny evidence of these tiny examples of goodness persisting in a decaying world. This is beneath us. Life is full of half-truths, pretty lies, and rising frustrations consuming communities on the edge of reason. Like Manenberg. Residents gawk in envy and sorrow at how other well-todo communities live. Gangsterism is a historical legacy, and Manenberg residents are right to question the validity – and integrity – of elected officials as State coffers empty into huge festivals and public revelry. Surely the cash is better spent bolstering straining safety mechanisms? And if elected officials deign to answer, the answer is invariably a poor one and borders on offensive. It’s an election year, so perhaps 2014 is the time we decide to make life less messy. We most certainly deserve a less complicated and violent reality. Make it happen.

WRITE TO US | email | fax | post

Nuisance versus necessity | fax: 021 910 6501/06 Third Floor, Bloemhof Building, 112 Edward Street, Tyger Valley, Bellville

I acknowledge the importance of roadblocks, but is after 07:00 on a Friday on Kommetjie Road the time to do so? (Recently) there was a tail back from Ocean View Police Station to the four-way stop. It is most disruptive, impacting most negatively on employers and employees alike. It is not practical, and affects productivity negatively; surely the traffic department can do better. In these economic times, workers residing in the same areas arrange lift clubs for obvious reasons such as the rising fuel costs. In October last year, the same happened and, surprisingly, nobody took responsibility for this absurd situation, citing that there was no roadblock at the time. Makes you think, does it not? CATHY AMERICA, EMAIL Wayne le Roux, Metro Police Chief, responds: The City’s Metro Police Depart-

Preference will be given to letters of fewer than 350 words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give your full name, address and phone number (for our records, not for publishing).

People’s Post is published by WP Newspapers, a subsidiary of Media24. FALSE BAY 30 972 copies distributed Thursday to the following areas: Marina da Gama, Lakeside, Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Welcome Glen, Da Gama Park, Ocean View, Masiphumelele, Glencairn, Glencairn Heights, Glen Marine, Glen Ridge, Fish Hoek, Clovelly, Sun Valley, Sunnydale, Faerie Knowe, Imhoff’s Gift, Capri Village, Kommetjie, Simon’s Town and Noordhoek. OTHER EDITIONS People’s Post also has the following nine standalone editions: Woodstock / Maitland (16 391) Mitchell’s Plain (83 340) Retreat (23 423) Grassy Park (21 838) Lansdowne (21 130) Athlone (30 252) Constantia / Wynberg (30 069) Claremont / Rondebosch (30 843) Atlantic Seaboard / City (29 246) Total print order: 318 495 WHOM TO CONTACT NEWS EDITOR: Mandy King Email: SPORT: Liam Moses Email: ADVERTISING MANAGER: Garth Hewitt Email: MAIN BODY ADVERTISING: Michael Roberts Tel: 021 910 6500 Classified Advertising: 0860 117 520 PRESS CODE, CORRECTIONS People’s Post subscribes to the South African Press Code and we are committed to journalism that is honest, accurate, fair and balanced. Under our editorial policy, we invite readers to comment on the newspaper’s content and we correct significant errors as soon as possible. Please send information to the news editor at or phone 021 910 6500. Alternately, please contact the Ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen at or 083 543 2471. Complaints can also be sent to the SA Press Ombudsman on telephone 021 851 3232 or via email khanyim@ombuds­ or

ment can confirm that a vehicle check point operation was conducted on Kommetjie Road at the said date and time. During the operation, a total of 73 fines were issued and one suspect was arrested for drunk driving. The City’s Safety and Security Directorate has a mandate to ensure all residents across the city are kept safe. In doing so, all law enforcement agencies within the directorate have an obligation to hold such operations to ensure that residents obey the law. We need to hold these operations at various times of the day to ensure maximum coverage and we receive numerous complaints that many infringements are observed during peak hours. That said, the City notes the constructive criticism from America and additional measures will be put in place in future to ensure minimal disruption.

Questions over surfers’ landmark I’m delighted to hear something is finally going to be done about the derelict dust bowl that is Surfers’ Corner (“R2m landmark for Muizenberg”, People’s Post, 6 March). However, three aspects puzzle me about the current concept. A bronze sculpture is surely a liability given the chronic metal theft that blights Muizenberg. I’m surprised a skateboarding park has not been incorporated into the design. Every time I drive down to Surfers’ Corner, I almost run over an errant skateboarder, so it would make sense to provide a controlled environment for skateboarders. I hope the proposed landscape garden is very simple and only includes wind and salt

Thanks for support The Smith and Zimmerman families would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement during the sad passing of Megan Smith (Zimmerman) on Friday 28 February.

tolerant indigenous growth, as the last thing Muizenberg needs are more untended, scraggly and withered trees and lawns on our beachfront. I can imagine a sculpture in the middle of a skatepark designed to look like a dune field incorporating dune grasses, not only on the circle but also replacing the “lawns” next to the beach. This would make Surfers’ Corner a prime attraction even when the waves are blown out by the South-Easter. The current concept seems to be a classic example of looking backwards instead of dealing with the needs of the present and preparing for the future. JUSTIN FORD, MUIZENBERG Dear Megan, you fought this battle with everything you had. Your strength and courage to the end was admirable. Keep smiling, lovely lady, we will always love you. YVETTE DU PREEZ, EMAIL

Donation welcomed We have just recently established a cycling club in Ocean View. We also assist the local school boys who practice with us, entering them for fun rides. Our ultimate goal is to purchase bikes for the boys and help them as much as possible. We come from an underprivileged area where unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse and gangsterism are rife. On Friday 28 February we had our first fundraising effort in the multipurpose hall. We sold hot foods and drinks. Mr Sonday from Welcome Wholesalers in Ocean View kindly contributed all the drinks, which assisted us in making a modest profit. We thank him for this valuable contribution and (wish to) inform our local community that this kind gentleman, who comes from such a well-known family, not only takes but also gives back. ABDURAGHIEM DE KLERK, OCEAN VIEW CYCLING CLUB

Service with a smile I would like to thank Peter’s Auto in Noordhoek (Sun Valley) for their fast and friendly assistance. My husband purchased a new car battery in Laingsburg in December. While on holiday we noticed the car battery was leaking. We arrived home early January and phoned the battery company (in the northern suburbs) to ask if they could replace the battery for us? They told us we can go to Peter’s Auto and ask him to check the battery and then contact them for replacement of battery. On arrival at Peter’s Auto, I noticed he was extremely busy (with) cars parked all over the workshop and the phone was ringing continuously. Peter was very friendly and helped us straight away. He phoned the battery company, checked our battery and replaced it free of charge. He was extremely busy and we took about 45 minutes of his work-time. It saved us having to go all the way to the northern suburbs to replace our battery. It was such a blessing dealing with Peter’s Auto. Thank you so much. We appreciate the help. RÉANA, FISH HOEK


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

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The dirtiest seaside community? The article “Troubled waters” (People’s Post, 27 February) refers. It may just as easily been titled “Clouded waters”. I wish to draw attention to the some facts. There has been no sudden increase in pollution levels off Fish Hoek Beach in recent months. Sadly for the last year, at least, they have consistently been among the highest levels monitored in the Peninsula. There are two stormwater outfalls on Fish Hoek Beach and two in the Silvermine Estuary, monitored bi-monthly by the City’s Scientific Services section. The two beach outfalls are known as the Lighthouse and Culvert. The Lighthouse drain is dry for much of the year and varies between high and very high in terms of non-compliance with the guidelines. Consequently the data collection for this drain is unfortunately intermittent. The Culvert drain flows the whole year, as it carries the spring water from Elsie’s Peak to the beach and it reads consistently high. It is unfortunately the drain entering the beach inside the shark net in this most popular swimming area. While serving on the exco of the Fish Hoek Valley Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association, I attended a meeting with sewerage and drainage officials in September. We had requested councillor Felicity Purchase to convene and chair this meeting with a view of establishing where the contamination is entering the Culvert system and locating its source. It’s known that this drain is serving a mainly residential catchment of the upper avenues and mountainside. It was agreed that they would isolate the contamination to a branch by lifting manholes and performing a clean/dirty test. Having isolated a branch they where then going to perform a “blown smoke test” to determine the source and notify us of the results. Not having had any further communication from officials since then, we requested that a progress report for this undertaking be placed on last month’s subcouncil agenda.

I was most surprised to read that the officials did not refer to their undertakings with the Culvert in their report back, but instead reported on the Lighthouse drain as being the source of our beach contamination. Additionally the source of the contamination they confidently diagnosed as resulting from the washing of refuse bins in the street and failure to keep grease traps clean. Admittedly our businesses could certainly do with some improvement in housekeeping and I would suggest that the Central Improvement District gets any member that supplies foodstuffs to subscribe to a proper bin cleaning service. All garages must produce stormwater conformity certificates for their forecourts. Additionally they could determine the source of the continual flow of dirty water into the Beach Road gutter behind Town Square. The terrible stench that often comes from the storm drain on Dunster Avenue should also be investigated. I must point out that grease traps are installed in restaurants’ sinks to prevent grease from clogging the sewers, not storm drains. Also, E.coli is a bacteria from the gut of warm blooded creatures and is found in sewerage, not in rotting food and grease. Are we, the residents of Fish Hoek, actually the dirtiest seaside community in the whole of the peninsula? Is it logical that our storm drains can actually be more toxic than the big drains opposite Mitchell’s Plain and Strand/Khayelitsha that drain the Cape Flats? On Tuesday 1 October last year, we reported a manhole lifting with sewerage gushing from it into the gutter on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Recreation Road. It was found it hadn’t been a spill, but residents had been washing their bins in the street. Rather curious, as the first was a Tuesday and that area’s bin day is a Thursday. Perhaps council officials have already successfully performed the “blown smoke test” on both us and our councillors. STEVE PERRETT, FISH HOEK


. As a Navy wife for more than 20 years I am saddened by the way the festival has deteriorated. The price of the stalls is ridiculous, compared to previous years when I used to take a stall. The decision to exclude the beer garden, which was an attraction and ensured stallholders made business, and the various activities that we looked forward to see are also no longer available. Bring back the old planning committee, so that we can go back to basics using a formula that worked. . When it rains E.coli readings immediately skyrocket at Clovelly and barely changes at the stormwater outlets. There is no foundation to say it is not the washing of dirt bins. . What a fantastic plan. What about a green arrow for cars turning into Fairie Knowe? It’s a nightmare with the volume of foot and motorised traffic from Kommetjie’s direction. . The work described can’t possibly be done for only R6m – probably R600m or even R6bn. The article stated R6m would be taken from development levies, while more funds will be sourced from other budgets – News Ed.

. A temporary slipway should be constructed on the corner of Kommetjie Road and Capri Drive to alleviate afternoon peak congestion. This is taking way too long – perhaps a boycott of rates and taxes should be motivated as a motivator. Glencairn Expressway has been re-tarred twice in the last four to five years. . Traffic in the Far South is out of control, neglected by the City and a product of overdevelopment before appropriate infrastructure was put in place. One of the worst roads is Ou Kaapse Weg. Week after week there is a serious accident involving emergency vehicles, helicopters and rescue services that cost millions. There has been no attempt by the City to put measures in place to slow the traffic or police the driving. Money is haemorrhaging that would otherwise be available for upgrades of the roads. As a citizen and resident of Noordhoek, I ask that this road, which passes through the nature reserve, receive urgent attention before we upgrade a road that it feeds. As I write this I hear the sirens again. Stop the carnage! Cheryl Neave . To the author of the SMS regarding Miss Lily, the cat run over in Sun Valley: shame on you! If you have a “secret remedy” for keeping cats in a yard, other than locking them indoors, please explain.

Signalling ‘a priority’ in Noordhoek Referring to the letter “Road widening in Noordhoek explained” (People’s Post, 27 February) and the response by City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee member for Transport, Brett Herron. I ask why there are not already signals at that intersection? It must be a nightmare for drivers in

Take note of proposal I fully support the statement by Hein Viljoen in his letter “Flawed logic” (People’s Post, 6 March). The present arrangement has created a problem that did not exist before.

Noordhoek Road to join Ou Kaapse Weg, particularly when there is heavy traffic. By all reports if they are waiting for the construction of the Sun Valley Mall to be completed, there will be a long wait. Signalling is a priority. SUSAN O’HAGAN WARD, FISH HOEK I would further urge that the committees of Fish Hoek and Noordhoek Ratepayers’ Association take note of Viljoen’s proposal and use their good offices to press for the change needed. NORMAN FROUD KOMMETJIE





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PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

MASS APPEAL: The Masque Theatre Speech and Drama School presents Storytime2, featuring Cinderella and the Frog Prince. This hilarious and in­ teractive script will appeal to all, from four­ to 90­year­olds. Here the Woodcutter, played by Michael van Rensburg, and Prince Charming (Sven Engel­ brecht) duel it out in the forest. To book call Dayle on 084 367 1046 or email dayle­ Show times are Monday 31 March at 11:00, Tuesday 1 April at 11:00 and 14:00, Wednesday 2 April at 11:00 and 14:00; Thursday 3 April at 11:00 and 14:00 and Friday 4 April at 11:00. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Oom Schalk and his Bosveldstories First there was Percy Sieff, followed by Patrick Mynhardt and now David Muller’s delightful touch stages Herman Charles Bosman’s brilliant writing. After its initiation at Biekie Bosman Festival, Oom Schalk, from the Heart has ridden into town to charm audiences of all ages. The show will be performed at Kalk Bay Theatre from Wednesday 26 March to Sunday 6 April at 20:00. This popular performer has delighted local audiences in shows such as Imagining Einstein and Harbour, the Kalk Bay Musical. V Tickets cost R85 and R70. To book visit Guests can enjoy a delicious supper before the show. To book a table for dinner, call 079 361 8275.

JUST PEACHY: Hear some tall tales about the Groot Marico from Oom Schalk at Kalk Bay Theatre. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


The HA!Man is back Francois le Roux, also known as the HA!Man, returns to Kalk Bay Theatre for three shows only. The South African cellist, who broke away from his classical background to create art in the moment (“HA!”), will perform from tomorrow Friday 21 to Sunday 23 March at 20:00. Performing independently and globally since 1992, he has recorded numerous albums, gives workshops to the youth and writes on human issues. Many regard him as a world class musician and a leading voice towards an ecological aesthetic, according a statement. He met Belgian writer and actress Joke Debaere in 2010, who has since joined him on the HA! journey as guest performer on stage. Together they deliver a potently new and moving marriage of word and sound, also in the form of an online multi-media magazine called HA!Monthly. The general HA! performance also flows with piano/keyboard playing, flutes, body movement and momentary surprises. From early childhood, his parents shaped the HA!Man’s musical career, stimulating improvisations on piano and organ. At 10 he was employed in Johannesburg as church organist and since 11 appeared as soloist with orchestras on cello and piano. He took composition under Carl van Wyk, studied theology and philosophy at Stellenbosch University and has a partial music degree from Unisa. During the ’90s he hitchhiked his way across South Africa, busking on streets and experimenting with other art forms

MUSICALLY SOUND: The HA!Man will put in three performances at Kalk Bay Theatre this weekend. PHOTO: SUPPLIED such as spontaneous writing, drawing, dance and acting. Since 2000 he added electronic equipment to his make-up and became mobile. To follow the HA! and get more information, sounds and images, visit Doors open at 18:30 and seating is unreserved. Tickets cost R85 and bookings can be made at Guests can enjoy supper before and dessert after the show. To book a table for dinner call 079 361 8275.


PEOPLE'S POST | FALSE BAY Thursday, 20 March 2014

Dribbling for success



ockey development in Athlone and surrounding areas is set to receive a massive boost after the launch of a South African Hockey Association (SAHA) programme in the area. The SAHA Club and Youth Development Programme sees Vygieskraal based Central Hockey Club selected as partner to implement both elite and mass participation development programmes. The less competitive side of the programme will see Central’s coaches working with primary and high school players. Ron Hendrickse, senior administrator at Central, says the high performance component will see the most talented youths drafted to an intense training programme. “They will be developed in a 22-week long programme where they will receive both hockey and life skills coaching,” he says. “After completing the programme they will be more than ready to compete with their peers from the so-called better hockey schools.” A total of 40 players will be selected, with equal amounts of under-13 boys and girls and under-16 boys and girls. Hendrickse says this component of the programme will mainly concentrate on players from Athlone and surrounds, but could include players from the other disadvantaged areas such as Mitchell’s Plain.

Central has been hosting similar development programmes for several years now. Hendrickse says SA Hockey’s input and support will improve the programme. “It’s progression of trying to do the same thing better,” he says. “SA Hockey has put something new on the table; only time will tell what comes of it.” The programme will kick off next month, around the start of the second school term, but the talent identification for the mass participation and elite components will start on Saturday (22 March) at the Youth Hockey Festival. “Talent identification will take place over the next few weeks, but we already have 200 to 300 kids who participate in the club’s programmes,” Hendrickse says. “We already have some ready-made products, but the idea is to identify new products. As much as 50% of the recruits could come from Central’s mini-hockey programmes, as this is representative of primary schools in the area.” Around 400 under-11 and under-13 players will participate, with teams representing Athlone, Mitchell’s Plain, Rondebosch, Delft, Belhar, Langa, and Gansbaai. The event will be held in partnership with the City of Cape Town. As part of the Club and Youth Development Programme, 30 volunteer coaches will also be enrolled in coaching courses.

RIDING A WAVE: Kommetjie’s Max Armstrong won the junior boys’ division at the inaugural Quiksilver Takes One To Know One surf event at Long Beach on Sunday. PHOTO: LUKE PATTERSON


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Stage set for soccer showdown LIAM MOSES @LiamCPT


ape Town’s best under-19 teams are set to test their mettle against South Africa’s most elite academy sides at the Metropolitan Premier Cup next month. The draw for the tournament took place on Tuesday with intriguing clashes thrown up in the group stage. Group A will see defending champions Ajax Cape Town take on Johannesburg’s School of Excellence, local academy ASD Cape Town and amateur side Beaufort West City. In Group B, hosts Bay Hill United have been pooled with Free State’s Harmony Academy, Port Elizabeth’s Caledonians FC and local ABC Motsepe League (Safa Second Division) side Glendene United. Bellstar United are the only Cape Town side in Group C and will have to fight hard to qualify ahead of Absa Premiership side and 2003 tournament champions Bidvest Wits, Absa Premiership side Amazulu and Gauteng’s Senaone Gunners. Bluedowns Spurs face the same situation in Group D, and will need to overcome the might of PSL side and 2010 champions Supersport United, last year’s finalists from Jo-

hannesburg Berea Albion and KwaZulu-Natal’s Ethekwini Coastal Academy. Group E has the University of Pretoria pooled with three local teams in National First Division (NFD) side Vasco da Gama, Old Mutual Academy and amateur team Robinvale Spurs. Two of Cape Town’s most famous club’s, NFD side Santos and recently reformed Hellenic FC, will face off against Mpumalanga Black Aces and Mitchell’s Plain’s Morgenster United in Group F. Kaizer Chiefs are the clear favourites to qualify at the summit of Group G, with NFD team Milano United, Mitchell’s Plain’s Beacon Spurs and local team Masidlale FC fighting it out for second. Group H features 2009 tournament winners Mamelodi Sundowns, Kenya’s Gallant Academy, Cape side Bishop Lavis FC, and KwaZulu-Natal’s Saints FC. This year the teams will be playing for well over R50 000 in prize money, with the winners netting R35 000 and the runners up scoring R20 000. The player of the tournament and top goalscorer will bank R3 000 and R2 000, respectively. The Premier Cup will run at Erica Park in Belhar from Friday 16 to Monday 21 April.

WORK HORSE: UCT’s Shaun McDonald powers through a tackle during his side’s Varsity Cup match against Wits in Johannesburg on Monday. McDonald scored a try to help UCT to a 25­5 win. PHOTO: SASPA Ikey Tigers will host arch rivals Maties in a semi-final of the Varsity Cup on Monday, after securing second place on the log. FNB UCT sealed the home semi by disposing of Wits University 25-5 in Johannesburg in their last league fixture of the tournament on Monday evening. Neither side lacked motivation heading into the fixture, with Wits chasing their first ever victory in the Varsity Cup and UCT clinging to the possibility of a firstplace finish on the table. But Ikeys showed exactly why they were favoured to win, racing to an early 10-0 lead with wingers Richard Stewart and Lihleli Xoli both crossing before the night’s first

UP FOR GRABS: The Metropolitan Premier Cup was launched on Tuesday evening. Here Chadwin Petersen (left) of Claremont’s ASD Academy, tournament deputy director Pat O’Connell, Santos skip­ per Fagrieh Lakay and Morgenster United captain Adrian Jaftha hold the coveted trophy. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS

BRACING FOR IMPACT: UCT’s Michael Botha attacks the line as Wits lock Rendani Ramovha puts in a tackle during a Varsity Cup match in Johannesburg on Monday. UCT scored five tries to win 25­5. PHOTO: SASPA

Cape derby in Varsity Cup semis strategy break. The score went unchanged in the rest of the half, with the visitors wasteful on attack, as fullback Martin Sauls knocked-on three times in promising positions. Sauls made up for his misdemeanours in the second-half, scoring Ikeys’ third try seconds before the teams headed off for the second strategy break. Powerhouse lock Shaun McDonald, responsible for much of UCT’s go-forward with ball in hand, scored his team’s bonus point try in the 70th minute and replace-

ment back Nathan Nel crossed two minutes before the final whistle to put the icing on the cake for the Cape Town side. UCT’s margin of victory could have been larger if not for flyhalf Dean Grant’s uncharacteristically poor night at the kicking tee. The loss leaves Wits rooted to the foot of the table and condemned to relegation. UCT’s semi-final opponents, meanwhile, pulled off a stunning against-the-odds victory to seal third place on the table. Maties came from behind to beat defend-

ing champions Tuks 41-24, scoring five tries in the second-half to end Tuks’ run in the tournament. The semi-final will be UCT’s first since winning the competition in 2011 and first-ever against Maties, though the sides previously met in two finals in 2008 and 2010. The other semi-final will be contested by North West University and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Pukke finished at the summit of the table after securing a hard-fought 24-20 win over the University of Johannesburg, while NMMU qualified despite losing 33-34 to the University of Free State. The semi-final will kick-off at 17:00 on Monday (24 March) at the Green Mile.

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Peoples pos false bay 20 mar 2014