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the people of lotus 2010 Autumn/Winter


Feather Shirt: Natural: 14,700yen

Scallop Blouse: Gray Beige: 22,050yen

Scallop Blouse: Natural: 22,050yen

Scallop Blouse: Black: 22,050yen

Western Shirt: Blue: 11,500yen

Western Shirt: White: 11,500yen

Pintuck Blouse: Lt.Gray: 27,300yen

Pintuck Blouse: Charcoal: 27,300yen

U-Neck Gather Blouse: Black: 19,950yen

U-Neck Gather Blouse: Red: 19,950yen

U-Neck Gather Blouse: Gray: 19,950yen


Shearing Dress: Black: 30,450yen

Shearing Dress: Green: 30,450yen

Shearing Dress: Wine: 30,450yen

Shearing Silk Dress: Black: 26,250yen

Amish Shirts Dress: Rust: 32,550yen

Amish Shirts Dress: Gray: 32,550yen

Amish Shirts Dress: Mustard: 32,550yen

Pintuck Dress: Charcoal: 37,800yen

Pintuck Dress: Lt.Gray: 37,800yen


Tweed Easy Pants: Red: 28,350yen

Tweed Easy Pants: Brown: 28,350yen

Tweed Easy Pants: Green: 28,350yen

Judo Pants: Black: 18,900yen

Strings Pants: Gray: 16,800yen

Strings Pants: Black: 16,800yen

Sweat Easy Pants: Lavender: 14,700yen

Sweat Easy Pants: Gray: 14,700yen

Sweat Easy Pants: Purple: 14,700yen


Dr.Coat-Sweat: Heather Gray: 21,000yen

Dr.Coat-Boa: Beige: 35,700yen

Dr.Coat-Boa: Purple: 35,700yen

Dr.Coat-Boa: Charcoal: 35,700yen

Ester Print Gather Coat: Blue: 42,000yen

Linen Gather Coat: Gray: 45,150yen


Mother Long Cardigan: Brown: 26,250yen

Mother Long Cardigan: Gray: 26,250yen

Turrle Neck Tee: Charcoal: 12,600yen

Turrle Neck Tee: Natural: 12,600yen

Herley Neck Tee: Charcoal: 13,650yen

Herley Neck Tee: Natural: 13,650yen

Leggins: Charcoal: 12,600yen

Leggins: Natural: 12,600yen

Boa Boot: Blalck: 42,000yen

Boa Boot: Brown: 42,000yen

Boa Bag: Blalck: 16,800yen

Boa Bag: Brown: 16,800yen

Pendant: 11,550yen

Key Ring: 15,750yen

Distributed by NEPENTHES Co.,Ltd. SSP. Division 1-10-1-401 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Japan tel:+81(0)3 5939 8128

the people of lotus Lotus Co.,Ltd. 10-7 Kamitori-cho, kumamoto 860-0845 Japan tel:+81(0)96 354 3381

the people of lotus / 2010 autumn & winter  

the people of lotus / 2010 autumn & winter

the people of lotus / 2010 autumn & winter  

the people of lotus / 2010 autumn & winter