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IUP art history professor Eleanor M. Mannikka lectured on Tibetan teachings of death.


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It’s unlike any other event in the world. A race more than 1,150 miles of the most extreme and beautiful terrain known to man and dog.

Page 2 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

Where is your ideal spring break locale?

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Chicken Hawks -Vaughn Johnson • Friday, March 19, 2010 • Page 3

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Police blotter

Census Bureau visits IUP, educates students about census By Sean Bracken

Alcohol violations

• At 2:29 a.m. Thursday, Brittnie M. Lintner, 19, Shelocta, was arrested after she was seen stumbling and then falling onto the sidewalk on School Street in front of Pratt Hall, causing injury to her knees, according to campus police. She was transported to Indiana Regional Medical Center. Lintner was cited for underage drinking and public drunkenness, police reported. • At 1:25 a.m. Thursday, Derek L. Kelly, 20, Pittsburgh, was cited for underage drinking after he was found to be intoxicated at the Pratt Suites’ ground floor men’s restroom, according to university police. Kelly was released to a sober adult. • Borough police reported that at 1:19 a.m. Thursday, Misty Solorzano, North Richland Hills, Texas, was observed making several traffic violations in the 800 block of Wayne Avenue. Solorzano was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DUI and several traffic violations. Solorzano was lodged in the county jail, police reported. • At 12:27 a.m. Thursday, James Kesslar was arrested at Wolfendale’s Bar at 560 Philadelphia St., according to borough police. Kesslar was charged with public drunkenness after refusing to leave the bar, police reported. • At 11:26 p.m. Wednesday, Matthew G. Smith, 21, Cheswick, was cited for public drunkenness after he was found intoxicated at South 11th Street in front of Sprowls Hall, according to university police. Smith was transported to the county jail after several failed attempts to find a sober adult, police reported. • Borough police reported that at 11 p.m. Wednesday, Michael T. O’Neill, 20, Canonsburg, was observed falling down several flights of stairs at an apartment located in the 800 block of Grant Street. While the officer was speaking with him, he began to get combative, police reported. O’Neill was transported to IRMC for treatment and later was cited for public drunkenness, underage drinking and disorderly conduct and then lodged in the county jail, police reported. • At 10:40 p.m. Wednesday, Ryan A. Martin, 23, was found staggering and stumbling in the 1000 block of Oakland Avenue, according to university police. Martin was cited for public drunkenness and placed in the county jail on a public detainer, police reported. • At 10:14 p.m. Wednesday, Emily R. Griffin, 19, Gilbertsville, was found intoxicated in front of Stapleton Library, according to university police. Griffin was charged with underage drinking and public drunkenness and was released to a sober adult, police reported. • Borough police reported that at 10:13 p.m. Wednesday, Nicholas J. Zapatka, 20, Pittsburgh, was observed acting suspicious in the 700 block of School Street. When approached by an officer, Zapatka fled on foot, police reported. He was stopped a short distance later, cited for underage drinking and was released from the scene, police reported. • At 5:48 p.m. Wednesday, David M. Zvirman, Imperial, was found intoxicated inside the McDonald’s at 940 Wayne Ave., according to borough police. Zvirman began to fight with the officer, while police attempted to arrest him, police reported. Zvirman was sprayed with pepper spray in order to gain compliance, police reported. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and underage drinking, police reported.

Disorderly conduct

Carolyn J. Adams, 19, West Chester, was arrested by university police at 12:33 a.m. Thursday after she was found causing a disturbance at the first floor hallway of the Wallwork Suites. Adams was cited for disorderly conduct and released to a sober adult, police reported.

Drug violation

At 1:32 a.m. Thursday, borough police found Valencia Arturo, Fort Worth, Texas, to be intoxicated in the 1300 block of Philadelphia Street believing he was walking to Blairsville. Upon arrest and search, Arturo was found to have a small amount of marijuana inside his pants pocket, according to police. He was arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana and public drunkenness, police reported.

Public urination

• At 1:07 a.m. Thursday, Brock Eutin, 18, Boswell, was observed by borough police urinating between several vehicles along the 200 block of Rice Avenue. Eutin was found to have consumed and be in possession of alcohol. He was cited with public urination and underage drinking and then released from the scene. • At 12:54 a.m. Thursday, Christopher Warren, 25, Home, was observed urinating along the 500 block of Philadelphia Street, according to borough police. Warren was cited for public urination and released from the scene, police reported.

– compiled from police reports Page 4 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

News Editor

It is time to fill out a U.S. Census, as this year is the start of a new decade. Many people are not sure what a census is and why it is important, according to Lanette M. Swopes, a specialist for the Philadelphia Regional Census Center. In order to educate students about the census, representatives from the center were outside at the HUB from 12 until 5 p.m. Tuesday as part of an ongoing bus tour throughout the region. The center serves all of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C. and 11 counties in southern New Jersey, Swopes said. She said several people attended the event, including a fifth-grade class, Indiana Mayor George Hood and other county officials. “This whole road tour is about promotion and awareness to the census,” Swopes said. Students should not be included as dependents of their parents, because they do not live at home for the majority of the year, according to Swopes. Students that live in the dorms will receive individual census

reports, which consist of seven questions. The dorm’s residential advisers will distribute them to students. Students will then have to fill it out and return it to their residential advisers, Swopes said. “If a student lives off campus, they will receive a regular census form like the rest of the population,” Swopes said. She said students will have until April 1 to fill out and send the form to the census. Swopes said that the census serves two purposes: districting seats in Congress and distributing money to each district. Jai Ramos, a member of the Census Bureau, put the visit to IUP together. “The event was to happen someplace else, but it was canceled,” she said. “It was put together really quickly, but it turned out to be an exciting event.” The regional census also recently visited Temple and Cheney universities in Pennsylvania.


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Student workshop to promote diversity, communication on campus By Sean Bracken News Editor

An IUP student group will hold an event this weekend to promote more diverse relationships on campus. Mosaic will host the event, called Building Bridges, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday at G-5 Delaney Hall. The event will feature Justin Brown, a Slippery Rock University student, who will start the discussion about building bridges on campus. “This is an exciting training that will give you skills you can use, not only here at IUP, but in your future workplace and life,” sociology professor Melanie Hildebrandt said Tuesday. Hildenbrandt said there are currently 12 students signed up for the event. She also said that she hopes for an additional eight to 28 to sign up and participate, for a more diverse group. “The idea is to give students the skills to initiate and run dialogues

with a group of 20-40 people about touchy or difficult topics, such as race [or] racism, sexuality, sexism, cultural differences, stereotypes, student experiences on campus, building alliances, etc,” she said. “We basically want to take ‘diversity beyond the numbers’ and create a more tolerant, open and friendly environment for all students on campus,” Hildebrandt said. The workshop is open to any interested IUP student. “This event is a kind of training session for any student, graduate or undergraduate, who would like to participate in activities and discussions [or] rap sessions that promote understanding, friendships and better relations between diverse groups [or] students on campus,” she said. Mosaic is a student organization that promotes tolerance of students that come from different cultures. Any student interested in attending the event is asked to contact Hildebrandt at 724-357-7635 or e-mail her at Melanie.Hildebrandt@

E-mail on earthquakes sparks flood of rumors By Mark Muckenfuss The Press-Enterprise Scripps Howard News Service

Rick Jirsa just wanted to warn his family and close friends in California that a large earthquake might be on the horizon. But the e-mail he sent them Feb. 25 shook things up more than any of the tremors that triggered the message in the first place. The Moreno Valley High School teacher’s e-mail bounced all over the Internet. Somewhere along the way, it landed in Riverside County Fire Chief John Hawkins’ mailbox. Hawkins, who doesn’t know Jirsa, said he was concerned about the prediction that scores of small earthquakes between Redlands and Moreno Valley in recent weeks might be precursors to a major quake in Southern California. He wondered if there was any merit to it. Experts say there is currently no way to predict an earthquake. Hawkins forwarded the message to Peter Lent, county office of emergency services deputy director, and to members of the fire department’s executive team. “I wanted to validate as best as

possible the prediction,” he said. The next thing he knew, the e-mail warning was popping up all over the Internet with his name attached as the author. Hawkins said he hasn’t been able to determine who altered the original e-mail and sent it out. “Someone else rearranged the content ... and sent it all over and posted it on several blog sites,” Hawkins said. For one thing, he said, he would never start an e-mail with “Hi.” The warning, attributed to him, appeared on several blogs and Internet sites such as rumormillnews. com. Contacted about the posting on her Rumormill News site, operator Rayelan Allen said she received the e-mailed earthquake warning anonymously. “It sounds like you are trying to discredit [Hawkins] by having him associated with the number one conspiracy site in the world!!” Allen wrote in an e-mail. Hawkins found himself doing damage control. Meanwhile, Jirsa, an earth science teacher, was dealing with fallout of his own. He had included his phone number at the bottom of

the original message. “I’ve gotten like over 300 phone calls,” Jirsa said, “some at 2 a.m. I learned my lesson. I won’t do that again.” While earning a geology degree at the University of Redlands, Jirsa said he spent time doing seismic mapping in the very area where the recent quakes occurred. He regularly monitors earthquake activity maps on the Internet. “It wasn’t a prediction,” Jirsa said. “But things are kind of moving, and you ought to be prepared.” Hawkins said he has received about 100 e-mails in response to the viral message. Early this week he got a congratulatory note crediting him with correctly predicting the 4.4 magnitude quake in Pico Rivera. Jirsa can top that. He said he has received calls and e-mails offering kudos for predicting the recent 8.8 magnitude quake in Chile. Hawkins said county officials checked with earthquake experts at the U.S. Geological Survey and Caltech in Pasadena. “Neither Caltech or USGS can validate or refute any prediction, but they did not believe that the quakes were [abnormal],” he said. • Friday, March 19, 2010 • Page 5

r News q

By Chuck Shepherd Universal Press Syndicate

Questionable Obsessions

• In November, Jim Bartek, 49, of Maple Heights, Ohio, announced he was ending his streak of 524 consecutive days in which he listened to the album “Nostradamus” by the heavymetal group Judas Priest. • In February, Hilary Taylor, 63, of Great Yarmouth, England, revealed that she had been bequeathed her uncle Ken Strickland’s collection of 3,000 watering cans. Strickland, who also kept meticulous records of the holdings, died in January.

Mad dogs, horseplay, monkey business and having a cow

Pigs Livin’ Large: Among the items that celebrity farmer Cathy Gieseker bought with proceeds from the $12 million Ponzi scheme she, in February, was sentenced for perpetrating (prosecutors called her the “Midwest Madoff”) was a $900 tanning bed for her “show” pigs.

Leading Economic Indicators

• Details about Britain’s biggest marijuana-importing operation emerged in March following the conviction of its three managers in

Southwark Crown Court. The enterprise earned the equivalent of as much as $300 million at such a rapid clip that the partners apparently were unable to use much of it, despite buying real estate, jewelry and expensive cars. An inspector said Scotland Yard found “moldy” cash “rotting away,” hidden under floorboards. “[I]t was no good to anybody.” • Recession’s Over: Among the items on display in February at the Verona Luxury Fair in Verona, Italy: a hand-crafted billiards table covered in gold sheets; an armchair topped with the skin of 20 crocodiles; a 24-carat gold racing bike; a boat with a Ferrari engine; a golden coffin (with cell phone); and a diamond-studded wedding gown in pink chinchilla fur.

22nd Century already?

Later this year, manufacturer Organovo, of San Diego, will begin shipping its $200,000 ink-jet-type printers that create living organs for patients needing transplants. The 3-D “bioprinter” works by spraying extracted microscopic cells on top of each other, in pass after pass. On the bioprinter’s equivalent of a sheet of paper, and under laboratory conditions, the cells fuse together and grow

for weeks until an organ substantial enough for research use is created (and ultimately, substantial enough for human transplants). The bioprinter is faster than growing such organs from scratch, which scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have been doing for several years.

ing undercover but who had aroused suspicions of residents of a neighborhood. After investigating, the deputies discovered that in order to guard his identity as an ICE agent, the man was posing as an FBI agent. [Orlando Sentinel, 3-4-10]

Least Competent Criminals

If you’re wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun and walk into a store to rob it, but there are no employees there to rob, and you abort, is that an “attempted robbery”? Sanjuan Reyes, 22, and two teenagers were arrested in Joliet, Ill., in January and charged with attempting to rob the Supermercado Viva Mexico. Two acted as lookouts while the youngest, wearing a ski mask and wielding an air pistol, entered the store. Apparently, the only employees on duty were in the back room. The boy waited for a minute or so, then bailed out, and the three fled empty-handed. Joliet’s deputy police chief said a crime was committed.

• Jonathon Smith, 27, was arrested in March in Fairbanks, Alaska, shortly after his release on bail on charges that he tried to buy three trucks from local dealers using forged checks. His latest arrest came at Seekins Ford, where, according to police, he was trying to buy yet another pickup truck with a forged check. • Falmouth, Mass., police hired John Yarrington as a confidential informant on Feb. 16, setting him up with $100 in marked bills to make a cocaine buy from dealer Cory Noonan, which Yarrington completed. He left the scene, but less than 10 minutes later, before Noonan could be arrested, Yarrington returned and, according to police, attempted to buy more cocaine on his own.

Unclear on the concept

Undignified deaths

Five points of law

In March, sheriff’s deputies in Kissimmee, Fla., detained a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent who was work-

• A 36-year-old man drowned in Denville, N.J., in January during a friendly swimming competition with a pal, as they raced underneath a

30-yard long ice patch on partially frozen Indian Lake. • New York City police believe that drug-gang hit man Hector Quinones, 44, shot three men to death in a high-rise apartment in December, but allowed a woman in the apartment to escape when he tripped on his own baggy pants while chasing her. As police arrived, Quinones climbed out onto the fire escape but accidentally fell off and broke his neck.

News of the Weird Classic (April 2005)

Two-time convicted bank robber Mark Turner filed a lawsuit against Canada’s National Parole Board in 2001 because the board had released him early from prison in 1987 from a previous sentence. The board should have kept him inside until that sentence ran out in 1994, he said, and it was thus the board’s fault that while on parole, Turner had robbed another bank and was again locked up. By 1994, he said, he would have been more mature and would not have re-offended, and for the parole board’s error, it should pay him the U.S. equivalent of almost $1 million.

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Page 6 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

r News q

Student activism is most heated in decades By Cyndee Fontana McClatchy Newspapers MCT

Since last fall, frustrated Fresno State students in California have holed up overnight in the library, marched by the hundreds through campus and invited themselves to the president’s house for study hall. The demonstrations, borne of budget cuts, stirred memories of the 1960s and 1970s, when the campus simmered with anti-war and civil rights protests. While nothing now approaches that volatility, many say today’s student activism — fueled mainly by class cutbacks and soaring fees — is the most ambitious in decades. “It’s remarkable,” said Lisa Weston, an English professor and president of the faculty union. “For many, many years, students on campus have been very quiet.” Echoing that was Matt Ford, one of about 80 students who camped out at the library in November to protest its limited hours. “People say, ‘I’ve been teaching here for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this — and it’s about time,’” he said. Students have publicly debated President John Welty, rallied to complain about skyrocketing fees and a lack of democratic decision-making and showed up on the president’s doorstep to study on a Saturday — when the library was closed. E-mail, social-networking sites, YouTube


videos and even low-tech paper leaflets advertised everything from sit-ins to rallies. The protests illustrate a larger trend. Students throughout the California State University and University of California systems — sometimes aided by sympathetic professors and campus unions — have marched, rallied and occupied buildings. CSU’s faculty union has helped publicize and even joined in some events. But Lillian Taiz, a history professor at CSU-Los Angeles who heads the California Faculty Association, said students are making their own decisions. She praised their initiative, calling it “critical for an educational experience that you learn how to stand up

for yourself.” Today’s students “are learning to apply what they’ve learned to their own experience,” she said. Statewide, the most extensively coordinated demonstrations are expected Thursday, when representatives from all levels of public education protest budget cuts. Local “Day of Action” events include early-morning pickets at Fresno High and other schools, a march from Blackstone and Shaw avenues to Fresno State and a rally at the university. At Fresno State, some say recent protests represent the most consistent wave of student activism in nearly half a century. Back then, students opposed to the Vietnam War hung President Richard Nixon in effigy. One student was convicted of arson after the university’s $1 million computer center was firebombed. This year’s protests featured some raw language and pointed questions — but little conflict beyond that. Students at the library study-in cleaned up before they left; activists brought in pizza after one rally. Statewide, some demonstrations have been marred by violence or clashes with authorities. In early March, protesters at UC-Berkeley broke into a building, torched trash cans, smashed windows and threw rocks and bottles at police. In December, a dozen students at San Francisco State University were arrested for trespass after barricading themselves inside a classroom building.

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Page 8 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

Documentary presents debates on war in Afghanistan By Emily Eberhart Staff Writer

Opposition to the Afghanistan conflict is growing, according to several public opinion polls. The Six O’Clock series attempted to tap into that opposition by presenting “Rethinking Afghanistan” Monday at the HUB Ohio Room. Indiana resident Anna Kolsar presented “Rethink Afghanistan,” a documentary by Robert Greenwald and held a panel discussion with Francine Porter of CODEPINK Pittsburgh and Pete Shell of the Thomas Merton Center Anti-War Committee, which is in Pittsburgh. “You need to be aware that there’s always more than one way to look at things,” Kolsar said at the beginning of her presentation. The documentary outlined the downsides to the Unite State’s presence in Afghanistan. The film included insight and opinions of international leaders, U.S. Democratic leaders and citizens of the affected Middle Eastern countries. This war is three times more expensive than any war in history, costing about $775,000 per U.S. troop being sent to the Middle East, according to Barbara Starr, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent. The film also included commentary from MSNBC, which reported the “hidden costs” of the war. It included veterans’ health care, social costs, disability costs and medical expenses related to injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. The documentary also argued the idea that women in Afghanistan have been liberated by our presence. It said that it is a misperception. Although there are women in parliament now, women’s rights have not been improved, according to the documentary. Afghanistan constitutes that women have two equal rights under law, which are to obey their

Chelsea Yurisic/The Penn Anna Kolsar spoke to students before presenting Robert Greenwald’s documentary Monday at the HUB Ohio Room.

husbands and to pray — but not in the mosque, as it’s reserved for men. “This film is very timely, as this weekend is the seventh anniversary of U.S.’s occupation in Iraq,” Porter said. The audience members responded to the film and discussion with questions of their own, which were divided on the controversial topic. “The movie was very one-sided against the war that it lost credibility,” said Casey Contres (sophomore, political science). “The film contained a lot of statistics with little attribution.” Kolsar said that CODEPINK Pittsburgh is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to stop future wars from happening. The movement includes more than 300 members. The Thomas Merton Center AntiWar Committee organizes peace marches to protest war, according to Kolsar.



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March 1 Six O’Clock Series warns students against dangers of identity theft By Emily Eberhart Staff Writer

MCT Joe Thorne, from Penn State Harrisburg, helps paint a house on Lenox Blvd. in Orlando, Fla., with the help of other spring breakers from his school and Purdue Tuesday.

Alternative spring break gives students philanthropic opportunities By Kate Santich The Orlando Sentinel MCT

There was a time when spring break was synonymous with beer and bikinis. But these days, a large and growing number of college students are spending their precious time off helping underprivileged kids, abandoned pets, disabled veterans and disaster victims. Alternative spring break, as the movement is called, will draw roughly 72,000 students across the country this year, according to the national nonprofit Break Away. Florida is both a leading provider of student volunteers and the beneficiary of scores of team projects led by out-of-state students seeking a side of sunshine with their altruism. “Our alternative spring break program has become so popular that we’re actually booking schools two to three years out,” said Susan Storey, communications director for the Kissimmee-based Give Kids the World, which treats children with lifethreatening illnesses and their families to an all-inclusive Central Florida vacation. “This week we have Purdue with 55 students and Colorado State with 10. DePaul gets here next week, and St. John’s [University] and the University of Georgia just left.” With 1,500 volunteer shifts to fill each week, Give Kids the World puts the students to work doing everything from laying sod to serving up pizza parties for the kids. At University of Central Florida, the alternative spring break program has grown so much, so fast that this year three students were turned away for every one accepted. Jessica Maureen Schwendeman, 23, said there’s no better way to spend the week. “I’m very passionate about this work, and I’m having a great time,” she said last week from Birmingham, Ala., where she was leading a group volunteering at inner-city schools. “I feel like it’s a waste of time to just sit around when I could be doing something that’s fulfilling to me as a person and helps somebody else. I have the rest of my life to sit

around.” That seems unlikely. The UCF senior is not only a double-major in political science and sociology, but she also has minors in women’s studies and public administration — and she is student director of Volunteer UCF, the group that coordinates the alternative spring break trips. She already has applied to the Peace Corps and, after graduation, hopes to spend two years working in Africa. The super-achiever personality is typical of today’s generation of alternative spring breakers, said Samantha Giacobozzi, program director of Atlanta-based Break Away, which helps match participating colleges with eager charities. “The caliber of student leadership within these alternative break programs is astonishing,” she said. “The ones we meet have tremendous motivation and interest in social justice and the desire to make an impact.” Although Break Away was founded in 1991, Giacobozzi and others say the concept of alternative spring break really came into its own after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Colleges that already had alternative break programs added trips aimed at disaster relief, and colleges that lacked such programs began to launch them. Since then, Giacobozzi said, student participation has risen 10 percent to 15 percent each year. At University of Florida, which has won national recognition for its extensive volunteerism, students this year could choose from nearly two dozen projects, including protecting marine life, educating communities about HIV and AIDS and laboring alongside impoverished farm workers. Representatives of charities helped by spring breakers say the students are invaluable. Generally young and healthy, they’re often able to do physical labor and tackle large projects that other volunteers may not. Habitat for Humanity, for instance, has created a “collegiate challenge” to make the most of its student work force, charging minimal fees to house volunteers at 250 work sites across the country.

Identity theft has become one of the quickest growing crimes in the United States, according to Visa. That was the subject of the Six O’Clock Series presented by PNC Bank March 1. Eric Rayco, IUP’s PNC Bank branch manager and community banking officer, educated students about identity theft and financial scams to be aware of. Around 10,000,000 Americans were victims of identity theft in 2009, according to Visa. Rayco talked about scams such as phishing, dumpster diving, mail theft, pre-texting and the importance of keeping important financial documents secured. Another form of identity theft can occur in the form of collection calls regarding bills that people can be unaware of, according to Rayco. Anyone experiencing these phone calls or ones asking for secured financial information should contact their financial provider, he said. Another way people can watch for signs of identity theft would be to keep an eye on their credit scores, Rayco said. “Request to view your credit report at least annually,” Rayco said.

Danielle Bashore/The Penn Eric Rayco of IUP’s PNC Bank branch spoke to students about guarding against identity theft March 1 at the HUB Ohio Room.

“Review your credit report at least six months prior to making a large purchase.” Equifax, Transunion and Experian are three National Credit Bureaus and credit reports, which can be accessed for free. The top scams at college campuses come in the form of phishing. Rayco urged students to ignore any urgent-sounding e-mails from eBay, Paypal and banks that ask for account information. He said to call the institution directly for verification to avoid falling victim to any of these scams.

Rayco said another thing to avoid are e-mails implying a distant family member died in a foreign country and has left you money. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” he said. Rayco said an e-mail scam from individuals claiming to be the FBI has been circulating on college campuses. They send e-mails requesting financial information, and students are encouraged by Rayco to be skeptical of these e-mails. “If the government wants to talk to you, they’ll find other ways to make contact,” he said.

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By Emily Franey and Emily Mross Contributing Columnists

E*Trade is an online stock brokerage company known for its commercials featuring talking babies who trade stocks. Lindsay Lohan is an actress and musician known for several runins with the law involving DUIs and cocaine, along with a few stints in rehab. If you remember ads from this year’s Super Bowl, you probably remember the E*Trade baby webchatting with his girlfriend, who accused him of spending time with “that milkaholic Lindsay.” Neither of us even thought about Lindsay Lohan the first time we watched the ad, but she is calling foul and suing E*Trade for a total of $100 million: $50 million for compensatory damages and $50 million for exemplary damages. Lohan and her attorney say that she, as a celebrity, has first-name recognition like Madonna and Oprah, and that the E*Trade ad is using her


name, characterization and personality for commercial purposes without her consent and is therefore violating her right to privacy. For those of you who have not seen the commercial, a blonde toddler who bears no resemblance to the red-headed Lohan plays “that milkaholic Lindsay.” Lindsay Lohan has had some harsh epithets tossed her way before; this potential slam seems somewhat childish (no pun intended) compared to some other things we’ve heard about her. Brandon Davis screamed two pretty choice words about Lohan’s potentially colorful anatomy while out with Paris Hilton in 2006, and Lohan’s directors and co-stars have not had overwhelmingly positive things to say about her work ethic in the not-so-distant past. A leaked script for the commercial shows that the baby who became the “milkaholic Lindsay” was originally named Deborah, and there was a list of potential adjectives to describe her. Though not one of the currently most popular baby names,

Dinosaur Comics

Page 10 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

Lindsay, which ranks at 314, beats out Deborah, which comes in at 780. And a Facebook search of the name Lindsay returns more than 200,000 results. While the name change could be somewhat suspect, we do not buy the first-name recognition claim. Aside from her Twitter notoriety, Lohan has not been active in her career as of late. Unless she decides to break up with Samantha Ronson or tweet nude photos again, she won’t be getting much attention. It seems like this suit has very little ground to stand on, as E*Trade did not use a red-headed child, did not mimic Lohan’s voice or use any other similar references aside from her very common first name. Bloggers have speculated that this may be a publicity stunt to get the public noticing Lohan once again. This ad first aired a month ago, and has been played rather heavily ever since. If the unauthorized use of her name and likeness was so obvious and so damaging to Lohan’s career and psyche, why did it take her a month to file suit?


Ben Shulman/The Penn

Texas approves controversial ‘right-leaning’ textbook alterations By Sarah Morrow Senior Staff Writer

Last week, the Texas State Board of Education approved what is being referred to as “right-leaning alterations” to their social sciences textbooks. The vote came back at 10-5 in favor of these reforms. The current list of alterations that have been approved are indicative of a revisionist view of history. Should these changes be finalized in May after a period of public comment, they are guaranteed to have a significant ripple effect across the American education system. The alterations in question include some incredible disservices to people such as the founding fathers. If Texas has its way, Thomas Jefferson’s role in the founding of this country will be diminished to nothing more than a mention of his name. There were many individuals whose participation in the birth of America was vital, and I would think that the key writer of the Declaration of Independence deserves a little more attention then just a mention. You may be asking yourself where Texas is encouraging an emphasis during this period instead. The recommendations of the largely Republican board were to focus on the Christian founders of the nation, stressing the idea that the country was founded on Christian doctrine. Someone like Jefferson, who was a firm supporter of the separation of church and state and did not regularly participate in organized religion, does not fit in here, according to the board. Another interesting shift in the way that history may be viewed comes from shifts in focus regarding the

more liberal 1960s, affirmative action, and women’s rights. Instead of viewing this period of American history as a step towards equality, the board is seeing an opportunity to alter the language, decrease the focus and depict the results as less liberal. In place of the left leaning portion of the 1960s, there will be a focus on the right leaning time in the 1980s-1990s and the birth of Reaganism. My issue here is the selective memory on both sides. The history of these periods include both right and left issues that are vital to understanding the makeup of our current politics and society. The conservative trends of the ’90s mean very little without an honest look at the resurgence of student protests. At the same time, the liberal shifts of the 1960s are only as important as the conservative points that led to troop increases in Vietnam and the Nixon administration. While this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the reforms (extreme cuts to Latin history, changing imperialism to expansionism and ignoring the importance of third-party candidates in recent years are issues being tackled as well), these changes will be more far-reaching than just Texas. Texas supplies the U.S. school systems with 80 percent of its textbooks. Should these changes become part of the educational standard in Texas, they may soon be joining the educational standards across the country. Is this fair to the rest of nation? Should the opinion of one state’s education board dictate that way the U.S. remembers its own history? In short, no, it should not. While the education system is not perfect, these are not the changes that we need.



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IUP Men’s Basketball wins regional championship, celebrate

Letter to the editor Police at Indiana University of Pennsylvania have been an active part of the university. This is good because security and safety are very important. However, I feel that police are way more concerned with harassment of students at the university rather than keeping the town safe. I always thought that police were here to make sure everything is running smoothly, the law is being respected and people are being safe. Coming to this university I have realized that police would rather give underages, DUIs or simply catch a student doing something wrong, than protect them. Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? In my experience at IUP I have noticed that officers are extremely rude to students. They assume people are at fault

or in the wrong, and would prefer it. One night my friend drove me back to my dorm from her house. On the way there she got pulled over and was asked to take a breathalyzer, simply because it was “thirsty Thursday” and he was looking for students driving drunk. My friend had not had anything to drink and would never get behind the wheel drunk. I thought this was an unfair reason for her to be pulled over, especially because he even told us the reason was “thirsty Thursday,” He seemed disappointed to have not been able to give her a DUI. I happened to to be moving out of my room the day of the huge blizzard. I was trying to load up my car fast before the blizzard got worse. I put my flashers on while I was gathering my stuff together and when I came back to my car, there was a

cop behind my car. He said he called a tow truck to tow me because I was parked there just past 15 minutes. The cop was nothing but rude to me for no reason at all. I apologized and was very respectful to him, and he seemed to think he had the right to treat me like I was some sort of criminal. I didn’t appreciate this, because I have never done anything to deserve that treatment and have absolutely no record. From my point of view, this is how most cops are and these are their only intentions. They want to catch you doing something wrong and seem to get some kind of pleasure out of it. I would like to see more officers actually making a difference here, rather than making students’ lives more hectic than they already are. — Lauren Miller

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It was a scene like no other: 2,000 IUP fans piling into the confines of Memorial Field House. There have been inklings of school spirit at IUP, but this was different. This was no ordinary spirit. It was fever. It was fever that spread quickly amongst the residents of Indiana. Evidence of this was how fast tickets sold for the event. Ninety minutes before tipoff, there wasn’t a ticket left. It didn’t hurt that that the Student Co-op bought 900 tickets and gave them away for free, but in doing so made it the hottest ticket in town and the place to be in Indiana on March 16, 2010. People were turned away before the game began and when it did begin, there were very few times that people could hear the person sitting right next to them. IUP has not had a distinct home court in more than a decade, and it came back Wednesday night. It was much needed and well done. The fans showed up early, wore white as requested by the athletic department and rarely fell into silence as they became as much a part of the game as the players on the court. It was almost like the players fed off the energy of the crowd. They would walk up and down the court, waving their hands in the air to get the crowd louder, and they did. In doing so, they rattled the West Liberty squad on a number of occasions. When the clock struck zero and it had become official that the Crimson Hawks were on their way to the Elite Eight, the emotion in the building was so palpable that the fans rushed the court to celebrate with the players. Rushing the court is not an uncommon occurrence in college basketball, but is uncommon on the court of Memorial Field House. Congratulations to the Crimson Hawks players and coaches for earning a trip to the Elite Eight, but also congratulations to the IUP fans for making a small Division II basketball gym sound like a 20,000-seat arena and helping your team win a regional title. It was truly a scene like no other.

Editorial Policy The Penn editorial opinion is determined by the Editorial Board, with the editor in chief having final responsibility. Opinions expressed in editorials, columns, letters or cartoons are not necessarily that of The Penn, the university, the Student Cooperative Association or the student body. The Penn is completely independent of the university.

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Office of International Education continues Foreign Film, Music Series By DEVVON HORN Staff Writer MCT

IUP, YMCA hosts Big Hearts Little Hands By Marissa E. Young Staff Writer

Big Hearts Little Hands will be looking for strikes, gutter balls and prospective bowlers to raise money for this IUP affiliated organization. On Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Mohawk Lanes, there will be pizza and fun provided for all. “This is our biggest fundraiser,” said Sharon Caldwell, IUP graduate in charge of Bowling for Kids. The goal Big Hearts Little Hands is aiming for is $65,000. This money will help children get their own mentors at Big Hearts Little Hands. “Last year, IUP students raised an incredible amount of money, $36,000. That’s the most that’s ever been raised,” Caldwell said. Big Hearts Little Hands started at

IUP in 1965. It was formerly a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, but is now a part of the YMCA. The organization lost a lot of recognition when they made the move to the YMCA. “We need students. Without IUP our program doesn’t exist,” Caldwell said. “IUP students don’t realize how important they are.” Because there is no federal or state funding for the event, it is vital for many people to get involved. Big Hearts Little Hands is in need of many people, such as IUP students and members of the community, to come and bowl for these children to get mentors. “[We are] serving the mission of helping children,” Caldwell said. For inquiries or more information about Bowling for Kids, contact Caldwell at 724-463-3377.

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blame. This inspires Sophie to stand up for her view and her cause and not let her brother take all of the blame. Therefore, during the last few interrogations,

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Sophie admits to what she did and takes the blame along with her brother. The film ends with Sophie, Hans and another member of the White Rose organization walking all the way to their executions, which happen on the same day they were accused. “The film was great and inspiring,” said Ainyae Stratton (sophomore, communications media). “It showed strength, dedication and confidence. From [Sophie Scholl’s] confession to her death, she stayed true and committed to her ideas. I’d recommend this film to many because it was such an inspiration.” According to the IUP Web site, the series’ installments take place every other Sunday through the end of April at the Indiana Theater. Film showings are at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., with live music at 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. The next film, “The World,” a film in Mandarin and Shanxi dialect with English subtitles, will be shown March 28 at the Indiana Theater.

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The Office of International Education presented the second film of the Foreign Film and Music Series, “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days,” on March 14 at Indiana Theater. According to the IUP Web site, this is a film in German with English subtitles, telling the story of Scholl, an anti-Nazi heroine. Sophie, along with her brother and some other comrades, started a non-violent resistance group against the Nazis and Hitler, the “Führer,” or “leader” in German. Sophie was a 21-year-old student and was one of the leaders of the resistance group, the White Rose. This group consisted of students from the University of Munich in Germany. Sophie is captured during an attempt to spread and distribute leaflets, which opposed Nazism with her brother Hans. After her capture, Sophie is accused of high treason and is

intensely interrogated. During the beginning of these interrogations she lies heavily until she sees that Hans has made a full confession, defending his view and taking all the

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‘Drink Pink’ at Wolfie’s, support American Cancer Society, Relay for Life By Amber grady Staff Writer Chelsea Yurisic/The Penn Katrina McGaughey, also known as the Ice Cream Lady, impresses students with her bubbly attitude and her devotion to making a student’s day with a frozen treat.

Foster’s Ice Cream Lady recognized for great service By CHELSEA YURISIC Contributing Writer

We all scream for ice cream! That is exactly what happens on the days when Katrina McGaughey, also known as the Ice Cream Lady, is at Foster Dining Hall. McGaughey, from Dixonville, 10 miles east of Indiana, is actually a milkshake and cake lover. So why does she serve ice cream here on IUP’s campus? “I enjoy my job,� said McGaughey. “If I wasn’t interacting with y’all I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.� Katrina, a chocolate peanut butter cup lover, does more than just serve ice cream. She enjoys taking care of her Pit Bull puppy, Dude. She also enjoys camping at Cook Forest and tubing down the Clarion River with her family-sized party tube that holds eight adults. “I’m huge on family,� she said. “I have a very active family life.� Katrina likes to spend time with her daughter, Brandy, and her two grandsons, Harley, 4 1/2, and Zachary, 1. She also takes care of her mentally handicapped brother, George. Not only do the students at the cafeteria like Katrina, but one of IUP’s students, Zachary Lynn (freshman, mathematics), started a Facebook group in honor of Foster’s Ice Cream Lady. With more than 2,000 members, this Facebook page is visited daily by IUP students who leave comments

about their visits with Katrina. “I made it at 2 a.m.,� Lynn said, “because I thought, ‘You know what? She brightens up so many people’s days, and she even knows my name.’ So I decided if I was going to make a Facebook group, it might as well be for her.� “I am so flattered,� said McGaughey. “The fact that students take time out of their day to make comments. I absolutely love it.� Katrina has a love for music. As a fan of Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead, she plays music while she serves ice cream. “We know everyone loves music, and when I put my jams on, I’m in seventh heaven,� she said. “I love it when she sings along to songs playing on her radio,� said Kelli Thomas (freshman, College of Humanities/Social Science). According to Katrina, she wants to make a scrapbook of all the things students have given her. She wants to be able to show it to her grandkids. “I honestly would never get ice cream if I didn’t see her there to make me feel better,� said Dave Kondracki (sophomore, Eberly College of Business). “So many days that I just hated everything about school and life, I would walk in there and she would be serving ice cream, and she would always make me feel so much better.� “Foster’s without her would be like peanut butter and jelly without bread,� he added.

Wolfie’s Pub, Club and Grub and the IUP chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) are hosting a Drink Pink fundraiser from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. today. A portion of the event’s proceeds will benefit The American Cancer

Society and IUP Relay for Life. There will be a cover charge of $4, and attendees must be 18 or over. The fundraiser will have drink specials, including $2 you-call-its and a drink featuring the pink liquor X-Rated. So far, PRSSA has raised money for the ACS and Relay for Life by selling more than 150 T-shirts. The group has also picked up a

number of sponsors for the event at Wolfie’s. Relay for Life will be held at IUP’s Miller Stadium from 5 p.m. Friday, April 9 through 10 a.m. Saturday, April 10. The cost of signing up for a team is $50 per team or $10 an individual. For more information about Drink Pink or Relay for Life, contact Thea Petrigac at

Helpful pandas, skin brighteners for spring By Sally Dadisman McClatchy-Tribune News Service MCT

As the weather warms up and the sun shows its head more and more, don’t be afraid to shine yourself. Benefit Cosmetics new Bathina “Take a picture it lasts longer� ($28, adds a bit of glimmer to your arms, legs and other body parts. The glimmer isn’t blinding, but it does help perk up the

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($11.99, proves they can be multi-talented. The dual pencil sharpener/paper shredder was inspired by the fictional panda made famous in “Anchorman.� The shredder isn’t large (running through the panda’s middle portion), but its big enough for receipts, or larger papers that have already been cut down. The pencil sharpener is a bit old school in that you have to wind it up to sharpen.

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Chris Botti performs, gives IUP taste of jazz By SEAN CAREY Staff Writer

Many people who came to the concert were already familiar with Chris Botti’s work. They were quite aware of his caliber of musicianship. It was mostly a non-student crowd, though a few avid students could be found speckling the audience. Several people came from surrounding areas to attend the performance. Some even followed Botti’s concerts from venue to venue. “I know I’ve seen him on TV,� said Beth Tocci, one of the concert-going women. When asked how long it had been since she first heard of him, she said, “He’s been around.� The crowd gave Botti a very warm ovation at his entrance. He and his talented ensemble performed “Ave Maria� in a display of technical prowess. The audience applauded his sustained long note at the end of the piece, and marveled when, after their applause he was still holding the same note. The ensemble consisted of piano, bass, drums, keyboard, electric guitar and trumpet, with a guest violinist

“My parents believed in me enough to let me jump off the cliff.� —Chris Botti and vocalist. The piano player had lightning-fast hands; the guitarist was all over the stage; and the bass player and drummer laid down grooves that kept the attention of everyone present. Andy Ezrin, on the electric piano, kept the ambience and mood with ethereal tones from the keyboard. “We recently as a band celebrated our five-year world tour,� Botti said. Ezrin, the pianist, has been nominated for eight Grammys; he won two. He received the 2010 Guggenheim award and has been awarded various other prizes. Botti played “Caruso,� a song from his latest album, “Chris Botti in Boston.� He also mentioned that the government recently passed a bill which made Miles Davis’ album “Kinda Blue� a national treasure, because of the importance that album has on music and musicians of this type of music. “Flamenco Sketches,� the fol-

lowing piece, was characterized by restraint and lack of chord structure during the piece. It was a modal piece with no melody. “It is purely improvised,� Botti said. “There are only five chords.� Botti next introduced Mark Whitfield (guitar) and Carlos Enrique (bass), who was “one of Winton Marsalis’ favorite bass players,� according to Botti. When Botti addressed the audience before playing “Emmanuel� he admitted, “I thought, I’d love to somehow alter the song to feature myself and a violinist.� He was joined by violinist Caroline Campbell. Later the band was joined by Lisa Fisher for the song, “I Can Hardly Wait to Hold You.� Botti and Fisher had an exciting trumpet-voice duet. “Sting asked me to take my band and be the opening act,� Botti said. “I needed a drummer that would piss Sting off.� Introducing Billy Kilson, the drummer, Botti added that Sting “said to me what he always says. ‘That’s the best drummer I’ve ever seen.’� Botti invited the young musicians down to the front of the stage, saying, “You’ll

Dave Biblis/The Penn Chris Botti, the trumpet-talented jazz composer, performed March 2 in Fisher Auditorium.

never see another drum solo like this!� Botti maintained a good sense of humor throughout the show. Near the end of the night, Botti spotted a youngster in the crowd near the right front side of the stage. Botti asked him a few questions, joking with him for the sake of the audience, but the child didn’t get the jokes. “Tommy, what’s up?� Botti asked. “You thought you were on the way to a Jonas Brothers concert?� After telling him to plug his ears for some “grown-up� talk, Botti told the crowd, “I dropped out of college!� He had been a student at Indiana Unversity, Bloomington, and was offered a paying gig playing his trumpet. “My parents believed in me

enough to let me jump off the cliff,� Botti said. He left college and went to perform with Frank Sinatra for two weeks. It was Botti’s first professional gig. The encore song was a saloon song in a jazz/country-Western love song sort of way, “One for my baby, one more for the road.� Botti had the crowd snapping their fingers along with the music. When asked what music students should know about the music he performed, Botti said, “I got here by practicing boring scales.� More information about Chris Botti and his upcoming concerts can be found at his Web site,



B�g �inking fo� � b�g w��ld Woodland Road. . .Pittsburgh, PA 15232 800-837-1290. . Page 16 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

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Go nude this spring, wear natural hues By EMILIE LE BEAU McClatchy-Tribune MCT

The hottest hue for spring? Your skin. Cream, caramel, chocolate — whatever your skin color, nude is the latest look inspired by Hollywood. Matching an outfit to your skin tone can be an elegant and creative look. Here are five ideas on how to successfully wear the trend and not appear undressed: • If your skin is cream-colored: Pair a creamy nude peasant top with dark blue jeans. Avoid looking topless by keeping the fabric flowing with a loose fit. The Estee Peasant Top by Ella Moss is a delicate blouse made from 100 percent silk. It has scalloped details and threequarter length sleeves. It comes with a tonal jersey made from 100 percent micro modal. $153 at • If your skin is peachy: Try a tonal camisole under a blazer or belted cardigan. The Not Your Daughter’s Jeans Tummy Tuck Scoop Neck Tank is a nude camisole with

wide straps and a slimming panel in • If your skin is like caramel: the stomach. Pair a short skirt or shorts with It measures 23 inches from the tonal shoes and legs will appear long shoulder and is made and lean. in the US. Hand Most women are familwash only, $49 at iar with tonal heels but Nordstrom stores. many don’t realize nude • If your skin is sneakers also are availolive: able. Combine spring The Converse One Star trends by wearOxford Slip on in Tan has a ing a sleeveless, canvas upper with rubber, belted dress. The contrast stitching. The Hammered insole is cushioned, Charm Tiered $34.99 at Target. Ruffle Dress in • If your skin is boudoir blush chocolate: from Arden B Wear a tone has layers of that is slightly ruffles and lighter than your the texture skin in order to helps avoid avoid appearing an undressed undressed. The appearance. New York satin The dress dress from Kay has a sweetUnger is a shiny heart neckline brown dress with and is 26 incha shawl collar and es long. Made beaded trim. It is from polyester, sleeveless with a MCT dry clean only. $88 ruched waist and pencil at skirt. $350 at

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Google Maps becomes bike-friendly Chicago Tribune MCT

The world’s most popular Internet search engine is getting more bicycle-friendly. Google has unveiled a service offering bicycling directions on its Google Maps feature. Hard-core and recreational cyclists will be able to use the Web-based technology to plan trips or explore biking trails and routes in 150 U.S. cities, Google officials said. Several online bike-trip sites already exist. But bicycling advocates hope Google’s entrance in the market benefits not only individual riders but Chicago’s transit system as a whole. One goal is to make it easier for non- or infrequent cyclists to access the service, thereby promoting more bicycling. The Web address for the service is maps. After typing in start and end points and selecting “Bicycling” on the drop-down menu, a user will be provided with itineraries and

estimated travel times, although trip times undoubtedly will vary depending on the pedaling power of the individual. But to allow for such variations, the step-by-step biking directions factor in the length of the trip, changes in elevation and even fatigue, Google officials said. “This is the next move in what we think mapmaking should be,” said Jim Lecinski, managing director for Google in the U.S. and former head of Google’s operations in Chicago and the Midwest. “Streets are not just for cars.” The Google bike-trip planner will not immediately be available on cell phones and other wireless devices, but company officials said they are working on a mobile application so that cyclists can look up directions while on their bikes. Google Maps’ new software program includes recommended cycling routes for specific point-to-point travel and maps that show bike trails, on-street bike lanes and bikefriendly roads.

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r Sports q This is not a good for anybody — nor is the continued leaking of results from a supposedly confidential testing program — but it’s the way it is.

Struggling Crimson Hawks swept by Seton Hill By kyle predmore Staff Writer

The IUP baseball team suffered two losses in its doubleheader against Seton Hill Wednesday. The Crimson Hawks started the first game with a slim lead in the third inning when shortstop Paul Bingham brought in pitcher Pat Smith with an RBI single. IUP’s lead held until Seton Hill was able to make it 3-1 from a homerun by infielder Tom DeAngelis in the bottom of the sixth. Bingham got another RBI single in the seventh to make the score 3-2. The Crimson Hawks were able to take the lead when outfielder Kofi OseiAning scored on a wild pitch. First baseman Kyle Stryker hit a homer in the eight inning to give IUP the lead, but Seton Hill wasn’t done just yet. Pitcher Stephen Cooke, who pitched in the sixth inning to relieve

Corey Betz, got in some trouble when with the two hits in the fifth. With he hit the second batter, catcher Pat these two losses, the Crimson Hawks Trettel. drops to 4-10. Infielder Nick Erminio was able to The Hawks were scheduled to start get an RBI single to bring Trettel in for PSAC play against Lock Haven, but due the tying run. to the conditions of Lock First baseman Mark Haven’s Owen Dougherty Henry was able to get the Field, the game was unable winning run when Stryker to be played. made a wild throw with There is a possibility that Henry in between second the March 20 doubleheader and third. might be rescheduled on The second game one of the PSAC make-up seemed to be going well dates on March 23 or April for IUP up until the fourth 6. Bingham inning. In the meantime, the With IUP in the lead 5-1, Seton Hill Crimson Hawks continue their sevenwas able to make a comeback by scor- game road trip. ing six runs on five hits. Trying to get away from the two Seton Hill had some timely hits, losses they suffered at Seton Hill, the but a wild pitches and errors didn’t Hawks travel to Buckhannon, W. Va., help the Crimson Hawks at all. to play West Virginia Wesleyan and With the score 7-5, IUP tried to then to Lock Haven to finish the long mount a comeback. road trip. Seton Hill was unable to get a hit Their next home game will be a the rest of the game, but the Crimson doubleheader 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Hawks were only able to score one run March 26 against Mercyhurst.

Page 18 • Friday, March 19, 2010 •

Washington won’t survive in dugout despite support from management By phil rogers Chicago Tribune MCT

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington, who took time last week to explain to me why he still wanted Milton Bradley on his team, is a dead skipper walking. He’s still on the job in Arizona, preparing for his fourth season in the dugout. But he has about as much shelf life as milk after confirming the report he tested positive for cocaine last season. This is not a good thing for anybody — nor is the continued leaking of results from a supposedly confidential testing program — but it’s the way it is. Washington deserves a chance to get past what he calls “a terrible mistake,” as there’s no indication what he did affected his job performance. He did the exact right thing in tell-

ing the Rangers before test results were revealed. Rangers President Nolan Ryan and general manager Jon Daniels should be applauded for standing behind Washington when he came to them in the middle of the 2009 season. But that was then. This is now. Ryan said Tuesday that Washington initially offered to resign. “He understood the consequences, and we had a lot of discussions and soul-searching, and we felt that we would treat him just as we would other employees through our Human Resources Department,” the Hall of Fame pitcher said to reporters in Surprise, Ariz. “We chose to do that because he was sincere and forthright.” Ryan hopes his organization’s fans can be as forgiving. It would be a great story if he simply could survive, let alone thrive.

r Sports q

IUP advances to Elite Eight in front of raucous Memorial Field House crowd By vince DeANGELO Staff Writer

IUP basketball fans stormed the court Tuesday night in a sold-out Memorial Field House after junior Joe Rocco tossed the game ball toward the ceiling following IUP’s 84-72 win over West Liberty. As it fell back to the ground, students had already begun leaping over the media table and celebrating, jumping on top of the school’s mascot painted at the center of the floor. “I’m really proud of these guys,” Head Coach and recipient of the PSAC West Coach of the Year award Joe Lombardi said. “We just seem to be getting better week by week. We played [great] defense tonight, and I think that was the difference.” The Crimson Hawks (31-2), have earned a ticket to the Elite Eight — which will be played in Springfield, Mass. — for the fifth time in school history. IUP will play the winner of the South Region, Valdosta State University (28-4), at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. VSU defeated Rollins College 71-58 to advance. “I’m just a guy leading these young men and trying to help them reach their team goals,” he said. “We have a community here that is extremely supportive in a lot of ways, and it is nice to thank them with success. It’s also great to be a part of a program

that can create some spirit here at IUP and pull the community and the students together.” Tournament most valuable player Darryl Webb tied his career-high total points in a game with 27 and grabbed 12 rebounds. Webb also shot 11-15 from the free-throw line. Both seniors, Akida McLain and PSAC West Player of the Year Thomas Young, were named to the all-tournament team. McLain scored 16 points and snatched six boards. Young put up four points and dished out seven assists. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like this,” McLain said. “It has definitely been a great experience. When I got here, I just wanted to help any way I could and add to what they already had.” Julian Sanders sank five shots from beyond the arc and ended the night with 17 points. Kevin Stewart’s line read 11 points, six boards, six assists and two steals. The Crimson Hawks gave WLU a heavy dose of tough defense. The offensive-juggernaut Hilltoppers averaged 103 points a game, ranked second in the nation and made 13 3-pointers a game, ranking first. But IUP thought otherwise. The Crimson Hawks held them to a season-low 72 points and just six 3-pointers. The Crimson Hawks set an early tone, building a 13-3 lead seven min-

utes into the game, but the Hilltoppers weren’t rattled. They responded with a 9-2 run, cutting IUP’s lead to three, and shortly afterward Scott Mirich made a layup for WLU to tie the game at 20 with eight minutes left in the half. The Hilltoppers continued to linger, forcing IUP turnovers with fullcourt pressure. Pelle gave WLU its only lead of the game, 33-32, with less than three minutes to play in the first half after draining two shots from the bonus line. IUP responded with a Sanders’ 3-pointer, and the Hawks took a fourpoint lead, 39-35, into the break. The Crimson Hawks came out and built another strong presence again, extending their lead to 14 with 14 minutes left in the game, ultimately ending WLU’s season. “To beat a team like [IUP], we had to shoot the ball extremely well,” WLU Head Coach Jim Crutchfield said. “We made some shots, but not enough to win a game like this. Player for player, [IUP] is more talented than anyone we have seen this year, and they are probably the most talented team in Division II in the country.” Valdosta State will be making its first Elite Eight appearance. It has knocked off the No. 1-ranked team in the country twice this season, the first occurrence against Augusta State and the second against Arkansas Tech.

Brandon Oakes/The Penn Seniors Akida McLain (left) and Thomas Young led IUP to its fifth trip to the Elite Eight. • Friday, March 19, 2010 • Page 19

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Scherer: NCAA tournament will bring some surprises, but usual suspects will be there in end Other than the Super Bowl, this has to be my favorite time of the year. Usually I will fill out a ton of brackets to hedge my bets on who is going to win. However, this year I changed and just went with one bracket. Midwest This has to be the toughest out of the four. There are up to eight teams that are good enough to come out of this region. In the Sweet 16, I have Kansas, Michigan State, Georgetown and Ohio State. I think those are the best four teams in the bracket. It wouldn’t be a surprise, though, to see Maryland or Tennessee make a run, either. In the Elite Eight, I have Kansas and Georgetown. Kansas is the best team in the country, and Georgetown should have been a two seed. I think Kansas will come out of the Midwest and will move on to the Final Four. West There are only about three teams that could come out of this region, those being Syracuse, Kansas State

and Pittsburgh. The rest are good East teams, but I think those teams are Kentucky is the No. 1 seed in a head and shoulders above everybody bracket that could have a few surelse. prises along the way. I think there are In the Sweet 16, I have Syracuse, only two teams that could come out Murray State (a 13 seed), Pittsburgh of this region. Kentucky and West and Kansas State. Murray State is a Virginia are the only two teams that team that could give anyare good enough to make the body problems. Final Four. It has nine players that In the Sweet 16, I have average nine or more points Kentucky, Cornell (an 11 per game. It also holds its seed), Marquette and West opponents to under 40 perVirginia. Cornell is the best cent shooting. team that the Ivy League In the Elite Eight, I have has sent to the tournament Syracuse and Kansas State. in the past five seasons. I would have loved to say They lost to Kansas earlier Pittsburgh, but I just in the season by only think it is too young to By anthony scherer five points. Sports Columnist make run far into the In the Elite Eight, tournament. But next I have Kentucky and year I think it could be a West Virginia. top-five team in the country. I have West Virginia going to the I am going with Syracuse to come Final Four. out of this region, but if it doesn’t South have starting center Arinze Onuaku, Some people say that this is the who was injured in the Big East easiest region for Duke, but I don’t Tournament, then it will lose early. think Duke is good enough to come

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Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds led his team to the FInal Four last season.

out of it. I think if there is going to be a region that has a lot of upsets, it would be this one. In the Sweet 16, I have Duke, Siena (a 13 seed), Baylor and Villanova. I said at the start of the season that I liked Siena. It has four starters that have been to the tournament the last three seasons. In the Elite Eight, I have Siena and Villanova. I have Siena beating Duke


because I don’t think Duke has a good team. I think it came from a weak ACC conference and doesn’t have the athletes that some of these other schools have. I have Villanova going to the Final Four. Final Four I have Kansas over Syracuse. I have Villanova over West Virginia. Finally, I have Villanova over Kansas to win the National Championship.

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IUP softball off to best start in school history IUP has a big task ahead of it with on-base percentage. the conference play only a few days Junior pitcher Erin Holloway is away. The team opens the conference making a big comeback after having play with a game against a struggling an injury-filled season last year. She The IUP softball team started its Clarion team. Clarion has a record of has posted a 6-0 record so far this season as if there were a fire burning just 1-6. After Clarion, IUP will face season. beneath it. off against Lock Haven and Slippery There is no wonder to her success IUP got off to the best start in Rock. when she is posting stats like a 1.07 school history with eight This is the most earned run average, along consecutive wins before important part of with holding the opponent’s falling to Adelphi. Making the schedule since batting average to only .141. sure the team didn’t lose its conference play is She recently recorded her second game in a row was such a big deal. third shutout of the season junior pitcher Michelle One of the when the team played Lake Bivona, who knocked in the more impressive Erie in Painesville, Ohio. game-winning run against players on this Holloway shut down Lake C.W. Post to bring the Crimson Hawks Erie with 15 strikeouts and record to 9-1. IUP is now 11-1 team is sophoonly allowed two hits. and are currently ranked No. more outfielder IUP’s next game is at Bivona Holloway 12 in the National Fastpitch Monica Iachini. 11 a.m. Friday in the Salem Coaches Association Poll. Iachini is leading the Crimson Tournament in Salem, Va. Its first This ranking is the first time Hawks with a .500 batting aver- opponent is West Liberty and its the team has been ranked since age and has also stolen nine bases. second game at 3 p.m. is against the 2001 season. Iachini also has a remarkable .543 Alderson-Broaddus.

By a.J. Pagano Staff Writer

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Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow debuted his new throwing motion to NFL coaches and scouts on Wednesday during pro day. NFL coaches such as Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers and John Fox of the Carolina Panthers were among the first big names on the field for pro day, which started about 40 minutes late because of the rain. Tim Tebow’s throwing

motion looked more fluid, and had featured a quicker release with short tosses. But Tebow is still releasing low, which had been his problem during his days as a Heisman Trophy-winning Florida Gators’ star. Carolina Panthers coach John Fox and Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris were impressed with him, though neither commented much on the new throwing motion. Tebow didn’t miss many passes, but he’s still pulling the ball down low. Coach Morris thought Tebow

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did a great job. “He didn’t miss many throws. He came out, did what he had to do,” Morris said. Tebow said, “It felt pretty good. I was pretty happy with that. I made a lot of changes and improved on a lot of things. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, a lot of things that I think I need to get better and I’ll continue to work on it, continue to get better. But I think I made a lot of strides. “There’s the question of why wouldn’t you wait until you get drafted to start working on some of the things you need to work on. For me, I’m not going to wait to change it. I was going to make the changes and work on it and I felt like I did that.” When asked whether he noticed any changes to Tim Tebow’s throwing motion, Morris said, “I’m not the quarterback guru that you guys should be talking to, but like everybody knows he’s a talented guy, he’s a popular guy, he’s a sharp guy, he’s a smart guy, he’s had success all his career

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and I’m sure nothing will be different when he goes to the next level.” One NFL executive who knows a thing or two about quarterbacks is Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren. On Tim Tebow’s NFL pro day performance and throwing motion, he said, “You can tell he’s trying to make adjustments to his motion. That seems to be what people are fired up about, and he’s working very hard to do that, and it showed today. I thought he had a pretty good workout. “It appears to be that he’s made some adjustments in a very short period of time, and he’s got good guys working with him. I would say this, though: If you look hard enough at anybody ... we can be really picky about stuff. You’ve got to be careful about losing sight of the big picture and what kind of a player he is, what kind of a winner he is and what kind of a person he is. There’s a lot of good about this young man. We’ll see how it goes.”

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What’s the worst mascot in the NCAA tournament?

“St. Mary’s Gaels.” — Jordan Greaser (sophomore, anthropology)

“New Mexico Lobos.” — Sam Yingling (sophomore, hospitality management)

“Minnesota Golden Gophers.” — Emily Stilson (freshman, hospitality management)

“Vermont Catamounts.” — Tyler Delauter (freshman, communications) • Friday, March 19, 2010 • Page 23

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