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still a chance to put their names in the papers.

Still, many of the contenders are taking this campaign seriously. After all, an unemployment rate of 6.7% and the deficit. One of the most prominent of these viable candidates is body builder-turned actor-turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Following the exAfter allowing the amples of fellow California budget defientertainers such as cit to run upwards to Ronald Reagan, $38 billion, DemocSonny Bono and ratic Gov. Gray Davis Mare Chagall “The Circus” Jesse “the Body” is forced to face a disgruntled public and a throng of candidates vying for his pow- Ventura, Schwarzenegger announced his canerful position. A total of 135 candidates have didacy for governor on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show and believes that he can revamp applied for eligibility to run for the recall the slumping California economy. election. Of those, only a small handful of them have any reasonable chance of coming out on top. For the remaining candidates, it is The remaining top contenders include: Cruz An ex-child star, a watermelon-smashing comedian, an adult entertainment star and a seven-time Mr. Olympia. What do all these characters have in common? Come Election Day, all of them will appear in California’s statewide recall ballot for governor.

What is a Recall? A recall is a democratic procedure used to remove an official from office and replace him or her in the middle of a term. The ballot will have two parts when voters head for polls on October 7. The first part is a yes-no question asking whether to remove Governor Gray Davis or not, and the second question asks which candidate the voter would like to replace Davis with. California is one of only 19 states that have recall provisions.

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Summer in Mexico By Takayuki Okada SUA students represent many different countries around the world. Thanks to this worldwide friendship, I was able to stay at Kouichi Hara’s house in Mexico for a month last summer. I decided to go because I wanted to practice speaking Spanish. Before I went I had been in Japan and I hadn’t studied Spanish for two months so I desperately reviewed my Spanish book before flying to Mexico City. Kouichi and I had a fun time together. But because we tended to speak in Japanese together, I decided to go to Guanajuato for a week where I wouldn’t

have anyone to speak in Japanese with and I would be forced to speak Spanish.

While I was in Guanajuato I practiced speaking with students from the University of Guanajuato. I would stay at the university’s (Continued on page 7)

The Pearl strives to emulate slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s efforts to bring out the human side of every story. Following his courageous model, The Pearl opens channels of communication in an endeavor to articulately and respectfully express differing opinions. The contributors of The Pearl report intentionally on issues of concern for the campus, the local community and the globe, aiming to unify the campus towards the realization of the mission of Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo.

Courtesy: T Okada

In this Issue: Emails from Outer Space Our Bodies, Our Soka Kumar Sadavrati Hot for Teacher Founder’s Corner

2 3 5 5 8

Emails from Outer Space From: Mitzi McDougall To: Pearl Subject: RE: SUA represents in Costa Rica Hola Pearl, well, i am emailing you from an internet cafe here in Heredia. The past 11 days i have been in Liberia and was able to see the beaches and meet the people there who are every friendly. I was stalked by monkeys in Liberia where the animals roam free and so do the bugs who managed to like me a little too much. I have learned how to cross the streets, it’s really dangerous here, the cars wont stop for you at all, so one has to be very cautious. I try to keep a low profile so that people wont treat me differently. The host families are really cool, they feed us a lot, so i will have gained a couple of pounds. well, i haven't done much mainly because i still have to get a feel for the place, perhaps ill have more to say later on. well, best regards to all, see you in January. smiles, mitzi Mitzi (Left) with Maju.

From: Aiko Otsuka To: Pearl Subject: Pearl I now live in Mendoza, a beautiful city in Argentina, for my study abroad. Taking classes in my third language (Spanish) and living with an Argentine family are new experiences for me, and very challenging. However, I believe that challenging what I can’t do or what I don’t want to do is the best resource I can use to grow and to become a world leader who can truly contribute to world peace. I am giving it my best shot to study hard. I am fully enjoying living in this culture. aiko otsuka class of 2005

I know that we have an incredible journey ahead of us. When I’m walking down the street bearing the Spanish stares or when I’m sipping on tinto de verano at some local bocadillo near the city center I feel as if there is a constant fight—a tremendous internal battle of self transformation and growth. And now that I’ve escaped our Soka bubble, I have a deep sense of appreciation for all of you and for the mission we have at Soka, for the times I thought I’d give up, and for the times you’ve made me laugh, cry, and learn—all in the same sitting. I’m so proud of us and felt the sudden urge to send my love and Spanish kisses your way.

From: Nicole Chu To: Pearl Subject: Hola From Madrid!

Liz Nobukuni went to her first bullfight where she was oblivious to the fact that they actually KILL THE BULL. As she sat there in the crowd of people cheering, she Saludos a todos de mis compañeros! I’ve been in Madrid for a little over a week and it squinted her eyes as the bullfighter threw hooks into the bull’s back. “How did they seems like all a blur—I’m still not used to attach those sticks on the bull?” She sat in the Spanish slurs, afternoon siestas, and smoke filled bars. And don’t get me started puzzlement as the final round came and as the poor animal hit the dirt ground, the with the Spanish men—tight pants and

By WuLa Dawson

trait, a good ear for the language of the heart, can help us fulfill the mission that our founder has set for us here in at this university.

Someone said something to me this summer that I will never forget. She said, “People can feel your heart.” She shared an example: “When your friend shows you her new engagement ring and you say, ‘oh that’s so beautiful’ but your heart is bitter because you are jealous of her larger diamond—your friend can feel that.”

Just like the example of the engagement ring, it is important for us to self-reflect as we tune our ears to the frequencies of our classmates’ hearts. You must start by listening to your own heart. If you are jealous because of a bigger diamond, then work on your sense of self-worth so that you are able to celebrate alongside your friend.

Letter from the Editor: The Heart

fanny packs. I’m living close to la Universidad de Compultense where 100,000 students study A little over a year ago I would have LOVED to be in such a big school and now that I am; it’s a little overwhelming!

eight hours later, I still go to bed arguing with her in my mind. Ultimately, she won over my heart and the argument. I don’t know if it is because that day her heart was stronger but, when I listened to her heart, I understood where she was coming from and simmered down.

Before I stopped and listened, I was so upset that I was shaking. I started to feel personally attacked. I thought, “How could a close friend of mine think this way?” and I felt like no one understood me. After I urge you to develop your heart and your Recently, a friend challenged something pausing, I realized that some of my own ability to feel other people’s hearts. After fundamental to my identity and worldissues were clouding my vision and preediting countless articles and papers, I am view. It hurt, and it was hard. It didn’t take venting me from hearing the sincere heart amazed at how difficult communicating long before we were yelling at each other. of the person sitting in front of me. I don’t can be. While editing, I try to listen to what As our volume and intensity increased, agree with her, but I understand where she the writer is trying to say. Developing this friends nearby took cover or stood by siis coming from; I can feel it. lently to watch the sparks fly. Now, forty-


crowd stood up and cheered as if spectators of a homerun. Liz squinted once more and walked out of the arena, questioning if the bull was SLEEPING. Oh, the joy of being American. Word of advice to next semester students: practice as much speaking as you can in and out of classes. I some how ended up

Our Bodies, Our Soka By The Pearl Staff To raise awareness and initiate discussion about sexual violence, students decided to create a workshop. The eleven students of the Sexual Violence Learning Cluster, with Professor of Psychology Jeff Green, designed a workshop after researching various aspects of rape and speaking with experts. Over 100 students who attended the workshop on September 9 received an overdue introduction to various issues concerning campus rape, including the role of alcohol and the victim response cycle. Organizers were pleased with the lively discussion among the participants but felt it was only a first step. Sexual assault happens more often than we realize (in 1998 according to the Department of Justice 1 in 6 women reported being a victim of rape or attempted rape). It is likely that it has already happened here. If it happens to you, what should you do? The learning cluster students, while designing the workshop, tried to find out. They examined the Student Handbook for answers. The Code of Student Conduct does not have any definition of sexual assault; as it stands, it would fall under “unwanted touching” as defined in the University Policy on Sexual Harassment.” Students also consulted with an expert at the UCLA Campus Rape Treatment Center who feels that the Soka Code of Student Conduct is not specific enough to protect victims of sexual assault. Recently appointed as the Judicial Officer, Assistant to the Dean of Students Hyon Moon is happy that all this education is happening. She explained that the code has purposely been kept broad in order to not limit the Judicial Board’s ability to discipline offenders. Moon explained that the school is not a court of law: it is an educational institution that focuses on addressing

ordering grilled ham when I wanted a glass of wine (Don’t tell Lopez—he’ll be ashamed). Other than that, enjoy the Soka Bistro while it lasts.

The Future Is Ours To Dream

And finally, I want to leave you with one of my favorite passages from my man Whitman:

As we remember September 11, we should not be full of grief and sadness alone. We should also celebrate those individuals who have emerged victorious, despite the tragedy. The ceremony for September 11 at Peace Fountain here at Soka University of America’s Aliso Viejo campus was just such a celebration.

Afoot and light-hearted I take the open road,... Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good fortune,.... Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms, Strong and content I travel the open road.

students’ actions and helping them alter their behavior. The aim is to protect the integrity of the learning environment while keeping in mind the accused, the victim and the community as a whole. President of Students Against Campus Violence Celia Rocha (’06) said that the Code of Student Conduct is one of the clubs concerns. But they feel it is more important to educate those who are responsible for making decisions concerning sexual assault victims and offenders. To make changes to the current Code of Student Conduct, students should direct their concerns Hyon Moon as the Judicial Officer. She can then recommend modifications to be approved or disapproved by Dean of Students Ed Feasel. Moon says, “I’m still in the process of learning and researching. Like everything on this campus, I think it is still developing.” If you do experience sexual assault and would like to speak to someone, you have several options: you can talk to a trusted friend, Hyon Moon at 480-4139, our counselor Marcia Mordkin or call the Orange County Rape Crisis Center (949) 752-1971. Ann Takayama, WuLa Dawson and Samantha Hawkins contributed to this article.

By Rekha Gokhale

With the last rays of the sun crowning the sky, the stage crowded with students came into view. The strains of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” filled the evening air. The voices reached a crescendo with the audience joining in, rendering new heights to the glory of the evening. This was followed by a heartening speech by Emily Aoyama, the daughter of David Aoyama who was aboard American flight 11 as it crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. “Anyone who cares about another is working for world peace.” These were the powerful words Aoyama, a sophomore at SUA, AV. After she there was a long silence at the end, followed by a thundering applause from the audience. “Together We Are Hope,” a beautiful poem recited by Soka students further contributed to the solemnity of the evening. “The future is ours to dream,” they cried out together, portraying the essence of Soka in its goal of fostering global citizens. Along with the remembrance at Peace Fountain, a reception for Danny Sze’s, photography exhibit entitled “Images of Courage,” which honors the rescue team of September 11, 2001, took place inside Founders Hall. The grand finale was an interpretive dance performance. As many as thirty young women filled the stage and with every twist and twirl, sent the hearts of everyone soaring into the skies. The evening did not come to an end, such evenings never do.

Image of the 9-11 Event captured by Alan Watson


What Is Your Impression of SUA so Far? By Emily Frausto


I’m glad to have many friends to share and study with at SUA. It is seriously like another family; we’re teaching each other. I didn’t understand what Liberal Arts meant before coming, but now I see that it teaches the basic knowledge of life. In Core I, I have learned what I never could have learned from just reading and memorizing.

Saturday, September 20th @ 9:00am to 3:00 pm Student Campus Day Volunteers are needed for the campus tour, registration table, and greeting. Let’s welcome prospective students!

Yoko Wakui Mexico City, Mexico

It’s beautiful! I love it! I couldn’t imagine a better place than here! On the whole Earth there is no place I would rather be! I would rather be here than win the lottery! Ogi Sevic Stuttgart, Germany

Friday, September 26th @ 11:30 pm to 1:30 am Dance with DJ TIRADO

The food is good! I was surprised to have miso soup in America but it is better here than in Japan! The sophomore SOLs were so kind to us. I was surprised at the cultural differences when I was at social events; everyone is so active. I feel freer here than in Japan, even more than I had expected. “Pukka” Junko Tanaka Tokyo, Japan I was amazed by the sophomores and juniors; everyone is really shining here. I want to really shine, and really polish myself here. “Gan Gan” Masako Iwamoto My first impression was about how warm, nice, and genuinely friendly everyone was. They welcomed me in such a loving way. Right from the start I felt their dedication to creating bonds; they were genuinely happy to see us. I see now how important the bond between freshmen and the upperclassmen is at SUA. Gretchen Todd Seattle, Washington In America, I felt a sense of vibrancy and energy that hit me straight away. I feel very overwhelmed but it is so inspiring here. I can respect that I won’t understand the importance of Core and my first few weeks here until a few months in the future. I am very happy here. Craig Johnston Leicestershire, England

I came here to understand Daisaku Ikeda better. I want to take action and fight for him. I feel I am taking that action by developing bonds and having dialogue with people here. Jesse Goodspeed Phoenix Valley, Arizona


Thursday, September 18th @ 6:30 pm 4th Floor Ikeda Library Room 400 "GOT CAREER?” Career Planning for 1st & 2nd year students Come and learn about the career planning process...the BEST way to get started on your future!

Saturday, September 27th @ 12:30 pm Gandhi Hall The Princeton Review Practice Graduate School Exams! Come and take a FREE Graduate School Practice Exam. Check out what these exams are like! We'll simulate the test taking experience for you and you'll have a chance to meet with a Princeton Review Consultant to review your exam results one on one! RSVP Required. Sunday, September 28th @ 1:00 pm in front of the Dining Hall Club Expo Setting up starts at 11:00 am Thursday, October 2nd @ 6:30 pm 4th Floor Ikeda Library Room 400 Information Session: RECRUIT International Career Information, Inc. Are you interested in starting a career in Japan after graduating from Soka? If so, come to this information session and find out straight from the company recruiter about all the HOT job opportunities that are waiting for you in Japan! Information session will be presented in Japanese. RSVP Required. October 31 @ 6:00pm to 10:00pm Main Gym Rhythmission’s Annual Haunted House $3—Students and Staff $5—Community Children under 10 must be supervised.

Family Legacy: Kumar Sadavrati

Kumar was still reluctant to apply to SUA, AV, because he felt pressure from his parents.

By Victoria Kraus

Two months after his visit, Kumar’s grandfather passed away. It was a great shock for him, though he had only met his grandfather twice because they lived in different countries. “I really respected him,” Kumar explains. “When he was young, he participated in the peace movements with Mahatma Gandhi. He was a journalist, and wrote a lot of books. He even climbed the Himalayas. I always wanted to become like him.” The passing of Kumar’s grandfather reminded him of his visit to SUA, AV. “Maybe if I come here, I could be like my grandfather. So I tried.” Though Kumar is still unsure about his future career plans, he feels that SUA, AV is the right place for him in developing himself in order to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.

When Kumar Sadavrati visited Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo in July of 2001, he got more than he expected: a very intimate tour of the campus from SUA, AV staff and the feeling that receiving a humanistic education in America would honor his grandfather who wanted Kumar to contribute to society. Kumar was born and raised in Osaka, Japan by his Indian father and Japanese mother. He attended a highly competitive international school that emphasized English and college preparation. Though his parents wanted him go to college in America, it was never in Kumar’s interest to do so, as he wanted to stay and attend college in Japan. However, in the summer of 2001, Kumar and his parents went to California to visit friends and various college campuses for information. SUA, AV was his last stop. Of all the campuses Kumar visited in California, SUA, AV was the only place where he, the student, was the center of attention. “They answered every question I asked,” he remarked about the SUA, AV staff.

Kumar (right) and roommate

By Jessica Webster

They sure are a studious bunch. Monday before classes began and dinner was winding down, we saw a whole gaggle of humanity moving toward Gandhi. Low and behold, they were all people we didn’t recognize (read: they were all freshmen). So we decided to do a little reconnaissance. We followed them in through the third floor entrance, down the hall, out the door onto the balcony area with the classrooms, down the staircase, to the left, up the circular staircase, oops, no back again, turn here, and into Gandhi 209. Why do they all have Plato with them? It’s a summary session! Now, I ask you, what kind of self-respecting freshmen goes to a book summary the night before classes start? I mean, they didn’t have the 1st class scaring the bejeezus out of them about how they would have to read 100 pages a night, I think they missed out on that.

Photo: V Kraus

sent back to the APC. Edward Feasel, Dean Hot for Teacher of Students, feels that it is important to hear By Emily Frausto the voices of all people affected. If you are “Hot for Teacher” (or staff), make sure to A new policy is being considered for approval at Soka University of America, Al- speak up because the opinions of staff and iso Viejo. This policy involves sexual rela- students will be taken into consideration. The policy will then be sent to the provost tions between employees and students. and back up to the Board of Trustees before Guidelines are given for sexual relations in it becomes a university policy. faculty/student and staff/student relationships. The policy begins by stating that “a Currently, SUA, AV has no written policy on this issue, but has had an unwritten unbasic feature of the mission of Soka Uniderstanding against faculty/student sexual versity is to foster close intellectual relations among faculty members and students relationships. Recently, other universities in and to encourage mentoring on the part of the US have created written policies of this sort. The Board of Trustees decided that the faculty.” On this premise, the policy prohibits relationships between faculty and SUA, AV needs a policy too. They asked Michael Hays, Dean of Faculty to write one students as well as all staff and students. and circulate it for response. Hays brought The policy also states that any violation of the policy to the APC for discussion because the APC is the only entity on campus the policy by employees will result in “immediate institutional sanction including that meets on a regular basis and includes possible termination of employment.” The faculty, staff and students. policy is not retroactive and may not affect current relationships between staff and students. If you are the student involved in a relationship of this sort you will not be penalized in any way.

Impression of the 3rd Class

Hays says that the “aim is to protect people in vulnerable positions.” He also feels that we clearly should have a policy on this topic and that most faculty, staff, students, and parents would rather have clarity on the This policy has not yet been passed, but has issue than leave it ambiguous. Feasel states initial approval by the Academic Program that as Dean of Students he will uphold and enforce the approved policy. Committee. The policy will next be discussed at the faculty forum and will then be

I heard one sophomore tell a group of freshmen that they had it lucky. They were regaled with a story of how cruel we juniors (then sophomores) were to the new freshmen (now sophomores). Did you get all that? But I’ve also heard more than one sophomore comment on how weird it is to have new people around. Are we vindicated? Yeah, I think so. And of course they’ve taken over the 24. Here I am, at a table of juniors (yes I know I’m not the friendliest person), an island in a sea of freshmen. I remember when you could come into this room and be up to your ears in ‘05s. Those were the days…well, maybe not. I’m glad Salehi has taken to sleeping in his own room. I heard that the male to female ratio is a little more even in the other two classes. Thank goodness for that! Though I do have to say that the atrociously widespread use of the words “Sunrise” and “Sunset” has me quite appalled. Don’t believe it for a second.


Clara, Sacramento, Mendocino, and Solano— have been just one big waste of time, money still use outdated and error-prone punch-card and energy. ballots that may result in as many as 40,000 votes going uncounted. However, the recall election may still be October 7 as planned because California’s chief The participants most likely to suffer from election official and supporters of the recall this postponement are Republican candidates. are expected to appeal the judges’ ruling. After an extended campaign session, the nov- Regardless of this new ruling, candidates are elty of an unusual recall may wear off, and it continuing to campaign as if nothing has It seems this recall election may be around may be easier for Davis to gather over 50 changed in case the ruling is overturned. for some time. Voting day was originally percent base of support, especially if the elecOctober 7, but just this Monday, judges from tion occurs in March when many Democrats Information on voter eligibility and registrathe Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals orwill vote in the presidential primaries. Repub- tion can be found at dered the election to be postponed. This rul- licans will probably not have a primary be elecing came about because six large California cause President Bush is seeking reelection. If tions_15day.htm. counties—Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Davis does succeed, the recall election may (Continued from page 1)

The Candidates

Bustamente, currently California’s Lieutenant Governor and the only major Democratic candidate; Peter Camejo, a candidate representing the Green party; Arianna Huffington, an Independent columnist; and Tom McClintock, a conservative Republican senator.

Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamente Party: Democrat Platform: The Lt. Governor has opposed three tax cuts in the past because he claims they favored the wealthy. He has also defended to keep several services that are offered to undocumented immigrants campaign, he has asked his constituency not to support the recall but still vote for him as the best alternative.

Peter Camejo Party: Green Platform: Camejo has proposed to solve the budget crisis by increasing taxes on the wealthy and giving tax relief to the middle and lower class Californians. He is a proponent of renewable energy sources and vows to support that field if he gets into office.

$25 Cigarette By Cornelia Kull There are two new rules regarding dorm life this year that did not make much sense to me this year. Rule number one is a $25 fine for smoking on the terraces and patios of the residence halls or within 10 feet of a building. Rule number two bans any personal items from the halls outside dorm rooms. The cigarette rule is not new, but the fine of $25 is. The fine was put in place because students (including me) smoked on the patios despite the rules. According to Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Security George Wesson, the patio is not a fire hazard area if there is an ashtray (and I always had one). Also, according to Wesson, the patios were built so that people could smoke on them. Last year, the student next to the patio did


Arianna Huffington

Tom McClintock Arnold Schwarzenegger Party: Independent Party: Republican Party: Republican Platform: Huffington Platform: Known Platform: Schwarzeneghas shown interest in as an anti-tax cru- ger is fiscally conservareforming campaign sader and wants tive but advocates more finances to liberate poli- vehicle license spending on child welticians from the grips of fees abolished. fare and education. His big contributors. She Remembers a social views are more also advocated hiking time when his liberal—he is pro-choice up taxes of corporation mother burst into and does not condemn and the rich while cut- tears after calcu- homosexuality. Despite ting taxes for middle lating the family’s driving a gas guzzling and lower class Califor- federal income humvee, he views himnians. tax. self as a conservationist.

not mind me smoking there, and, because of this, I thought, “Who cares what the rule is?” This cigarette rule was created to accommodate nonsmokers, not in response to a fire hazard or other safety issue. Breaking this rule did not bring any consequences last year, but it was made stricter because it was not respected. I understand the reasons for the fine because of this. However, because this is a concern of comfort for nonsmokers, as opposed to a concern of safety, the students who are directly affected by the smoke should decide these rules. For each dorm, students could decide the rules together. This approach fosters a sense of responsibility within our dorms. Instead of complaining, we can always approach a Residence Life staff member or Director of Student Activities and Residential Life Michelle Hobby and propose changes.

The true purpose of the dorm hallway rule was not clearly communicated by Residential Life staff. After talking to Wesson and Hobby, I found out that it is not just about tidiness, it is about fire safety. In the case of fire, the hallways will be dark and full of smoke. If there is anything in the hallway, people might trip over these items. Every second counts in those moments, and that is why I do not have anything outside my door anymore. Why was this not the case last year? Only shoes were allowed in those days in order to accommodate students, but we extended it to shelves, chairs, boxes, sports equipment and little living room set-ups. These are serious fire hazards. Ultimately it is not a matter of whether we get fined by the fire marshal (as Residential Life threatened) but about clearing the way in case of an emergency.

language center for several hours asking random students in Spanish if they had time to help me. As a result, I received free private tutoring and made new friends. I also met exchange students from all over the world. Sometimes we would spend time together in the evening at the café, conversing and playing pool. It was difficult communicating in Spanish at first, but speaking became more natural as time passed. Staying in Mexico allowed me to learn more than just Spanish. One of my most embarrassing cultural experiences in Mexico was the custom of kissing each other’s cheeks as a greeting. My new Mexican friends first took my cultural background into consideration, but as we became more familiar, they treated me like one of them. My unaffectionate nature caused me to resist being kissed at first, but as time went by, I became accustomed to it. One of my most memorable moments in Mexico was meeting a Columbian student. I was inspired to hear that he planned to go back after completing his Master’s Degree

and contribute to the development of peace in Columbia. As he described his struggles, they were real and alive in my mind. I had never met anyone from Columbia. Though I’ve read and heard of such struggles around the world, I finally understood that such struggle is closer to me then I imagined. Before I went to Mexico, I only knew of struggle in mainstream societies I was familiar with like US, Japan and China. After my encounter with my Columbian friend, I was able to broaden my views of the world and realize that people in Columbia work and struggle just as much as anyone else in the world. Be like me! Join The Pearl! Be like me! Join The Pearl!

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Congratulations ’06! By Emily Frausto Michael Sasaki’s dream came true, as four spirit reps from each class created

the first ever spirit rally at Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo. We rocked the gym Monday night with spirit spreading through the classes: RED – ‘05! ORANGE – ‘06! GREEN

– ‘07! Juniors spent the day with red ribbons tied to their bodies, while the freshmen made a quick change into the glorious green after dinner. The fab ‘06ers stealthily made it to the Batcave (310) to transform into the Oompa Loompa brigade, marching in a cloud of orange to the pep arena. We finished the night with soar throats of ecstasy after cheering for the Yatta green kids, super drag sophomore, and hip -hoppin’ juniors.

Academic Department Update What’s Going on This Month? By Lisa Kawai and Diana Ueda The Academic Department, previously the Academic Committee, has numerous projects for the upcoming year. AD, a subcommittee of the SSGA executive branch, consists of students working on creating trusting relationships between students, faculty and staff, taking an active role in student concerns, and making sure students are aware of the Academic Program Committee’s activities. The first meeting of the Academic Program Committee, a committee consisting of elected faculty, staff and student representatives, was held on August 27th. One of the topics of discussion was the “Sexual Relations between Faculty and Student and Staff and Student Policy.” This policy was passed by the APC, but is still in review for the Faculty Forum. (Check out Hot For a Teacher on page for more information). Academic Department will be informing the students in more detail about the policy. The next Academic Program Committee meeting, which is open for all students to attend, will be held on September 17th at 4:00 in Pauling 430. The department began collaborating with Joyce Paik, our career counselor, to provide students with an information center in Student Affairs. This center will have information about SUA’s curriculum, graduate schools, internships and other academic literature. The Academic Department, along with the Speech Collection Committee, will also be sponsoring the Sunday Night Discussions. This will be an opportunity for students to have dialogue about selected speeches, essays and articles by our school’s founder. The Sunday Night Discussions are set to begin September 21from 7:30 to 8:30 in the fourth floor living room of Dorm 300. We look forward to seeing all of you there.



founder’s champions of humanism who courageously place is not the only place you can call work for the peace and happiness of human- home; that which teaches you about life, kind.” about self growth, about respecting and loving each other is a home as well. Thus, a Daisaku Ikeda, Class of 2007 3rd Entrance prisoner may call prison his home if he realizes his mistake and makes an effort to learn from it. In the same token, I regard SUA, AV as my home because, not only, is it helping me to spread my wings for intellectual quest, but also it’s providing me with an ideal surrounding for my self growth. The SUA, AV community offers many positive I am proud to be a member of this commuideas; some of which I have grasped, some nity, to call SUA my home. Over the next I’m still grasping and perhaps many more four years, I hope that you will create many lessons are still to come. Something rather life-to-life bonds in your new home as you important I have learned from this commuspread wide the wings of learning and intelnity is that every challenge, every hardship, lectual pursuit. And no matter what chaland every obstacle leads to self growth. lenges or hardships you may face over the Such growth is only possible through incesCeremony Speech course of life, I hope that you will develop Home implies something different for every- sant effort, sincere dedication, and sheer into individuals who embody the wisdom one. Indubitably, one might articulate that patience. and philosophy of value creation, true home is the place where you are born; which, of course, is very true. What many Amitesh Kumar, Class of 2005 people fail to comprehend is that, your birth“For all of you, your hometown is of course the place where you were born and brought up. But at the same time, it could also be said that SUA, where your wisdom, intellect and character as a world citizen will be fostered and forged, is your hometown. And further, there are people throughout the world who are praying for and supporting your growth and SUA’s development—this world of human solidarity will always be your spiritual community.

Mars Attacks

Be like me! Join The Pearl Be like me! Join The Pearl

Normally September is ruled by Mercury: the planet of intelligence and communication, not to mention the newspaper’s lovely managing editor, Jessica, the most famous of all Virgos. However, this month, the fiery planet of Mars has taken the spotlight; it’s closer to Earth than it’s been in 60,000 years! So back up Mercury! Mars the God of War is in the house!! No more wussy dialogue skills needed, VOV (Victory Over Violence) is out this month. Now is the time for manly butt-slaps! In honor of Mars’ victorious return, we have a few suggestions on how to celebrate this auspicious occasion:

Be like me! Join The Pearl

By Pumpkin and Loquacia

Punch your friend—you know you’ve wanted to do that anyway. Eat some raw meat—just like Dad used to make. Be like me! Join The Pearl Set your bed on fire—not only does this include destruction, but fire as well, just don’t smoke in the hallway! Start a war—nothing makes the God of War happier than…well…War! If you wanted to join The Pearl but didn’t Invade Poland—what’s Poland done for us lately? Dip your French (yes, I said French) fries in a turn in an application OR if you didn’t frosty—it has nothing to do with Mars, but it tastes really good! pick one up... Ask Alex Marcos to fix your air conditioner and watch the violence ensue. Buy a green dress, a real green dress, that’s cruel. Enjoy this time of emotional tumult because pretty soon Venus will be in to take over, and we all know what happens when the Goddess of Love is about. P.S. Scorpio is a dork!


*Email us for an application at *

Sept 2003 Issue  

An ex-child star, a watermelon-smashing comedian, an adult entertainment star and a seven-time Mr. Olympia. What do all these characters hav...

Sept 2003 Issue  

An ex-child star, a watermelon-smashing comedian, an adult entertainment star and a seven-time Mr. Olympia. What do all these characters hav...