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Volume 14, Issue 7

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Peace to turn co-ed

The Student Newspaper of Peace College, Raleigh, N.C.

By Melissa Kizior Times Staff Writer

Administrators at Peace have announced a new rule that will take effect starting in fall 2010: Peace College will go co-ed. The new rule will allow co-ed dorm rooms, co-ed classrooms and co-ed bathrooms. Students, faculty and staff are about to experience a drastically different Peace, but will it be for better or for worse? “I am going to love it when Peace becomes co-ed, there will be a lot of benefits and good things that come out of it,” said Peace College student, Robin Story. Now that Peace has gone co-ed, what will the changes be? Will girls respect and appreciate the new rule or will they abuse the privilege? Some are excited for these changes and some aren’t. “Yes and no, it will be great because I will actually be able to find a guy more easily, but I am worried about making myself look good and I will not concentrate on classes as much,” said Peace College student Mackenzie Stewart. “I am going to hate it when Peace becomes co-ed,” said Peace College student Joanna Domino. “It is probably going to turn into every other college that is out there.” For those of you who are excited for boys to start attending Peace, get your flirt game started. For those of you who are dreading the new rule, bring a gas mask…boys can get smelly!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Major changes to health care bill By Courtney Williams Times Staff Writer

Contributed Photo

And the new ‘Prez’ is... Unfortunately, we aren’t talking about Perez Hilton By LeAnne Horne Times Staff Writer

After a long and extensive search for the new president, a decision has been made. Peace College Athletic Director and head basketball coach, Kelly Johnson, will be named the new president of Peace College. Johnson joined the Peace College community six years ago in 2004. “I am honored to replace President Bingham and hope my wife and I can represent this great college the way President Bingham and Warren have,” said Johnson. “My first official day in office I will sign paperwork to put in place a pay raise for all Peace faculty and staff as well as the four-day work week with classes Monday-Thursday for the 2010-11 academic year.”

In a very competitive search, the committee found his ability to juggle the responsibilities of athletic director and head basketball coach impressive. President Bingham also seems very confident in the abilities that Kelly Johnson displays. “Coach is a ‘slam-dunk’ for Peace,” said Bingham. “He has a home court advantage and is experienced at representing us on the road. He teaches teamwork, knows how to play offense and defense, encourages some long-shots to get on the scoreboard, and accepts that turnovers happen - all in a day’s work for a college president.” Due to the nature of this job and the required time commitment he will be stepping down as athletic director and head basketball coach.

On March 22, after a year of fierce debate, President Obama signed the health care bill into law The President shocked Americans by completely revamping the health care bill to apply one major change: a section on the most “dangerous” Americansthose who are under 21 and over 60. “Drinking, partying and sex are major problems in our country that needs to be addressed and fixed,” President Obama said in a nationwide televised announcement last night. “I believe that if we stop giving under 21’ers an option to go see a doctor, they will stop abusing bad habits.” For those who are above 60, President Obama has eliminated health care coverage because they are easily prone to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and shingles. The President said he will stop giving medical care to these patients because there are too many diseases to have to pay for. “I do not apologize for those who are above the age of 60,” said President Obama. “For those who are of that age, you are prone to diseases that require extensive medical care.” For those who are of these ages, look forward to applying for health coverage.

MTV’s ‘Snookie’ announced to be graduation speaker By Elizabeth Evanoff Times Staff Writer

In efforts to ‘poof’ up graduation this year, Peace decided to present a celebrity to speak at the commencement ceremony. Nicole Polizzi, also known as “Snookie” has been arranged to speak at the ceremony on May 8. From Marlboro, New York, Snookie is known for her role as a ‘guidette’ on the MTV hit show, “Jersey Shore.” “OMG it will be, like, so much fun.

I cannot wait to teach all you girls how to put your hair into a poof,” Snookie said. Snookie also looks forward to informing the Peace students about all the best gyms and tanning beds that she frequents. “There is, like, one around the corner, like, that I go to when I come downtown to get my party on!!!” Not only will Snookie teach students about hair and tanning, she is very eager

to teach students how to land the perfect guy. “It will be super fun to teach you all the best tricks on how to get with the hottest Guido’s. I am so excited to be able to take out each of you fine ladies for a night out on the town, on MTV of course! What girl pays for their own drinks anyways?” Her subject for graduation speaker: How the poof relates to a college students.

“Like, I wanted to show students how to poof their hair, of course, but it is really important because not only does it make you appear taller, so you don’t just pick up short ugly guys at bars, but you also look a lot smarter….I SWEAR! Teachers drool over the poof-both male and female-I promise you’ll get an A if you poof it just the way I show you!” Peace welcomes our speaker.


The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7

Be Graphic, Make a Difference

Advice diva is back again!


Your questions answered – Page 6

First Friday Downtown hosts Peace’s design work – Page 7

The Peace Times

Volume 14, Issue 7

The new Peace College student

The Student Newspaper of Peace College, Raleigh, N.C.

By Abry Freeman Times Staff Writer

THE PEACE TIMES 15 East Peace Street Raleigh, NC 27604-1194 The student newspaper of Peace College

Courtney Williams Editor-in-chief

Stephanie Lilley Copy editor

Natasha Willis Ashley Prince

Assistant-copy editor

Co-graphic design editor

Brenna Mickey Co-graphic design editor

Ally Motola Advertising Manager

Staff Pamela Austin, Holly Benge, Lorna Dailey, Tiffany DeLeone, Elizabeth Evanoff, Meagan Hightower, LeAnne Horne, Shannen Jacobs, Melissa Kizior, Taylor Shaw-Adams, Christina Small, Tina Wilson, Jessica Adams, Madeleine Carney, Mary Fowler, Roshunta Cochrane, Abry Freeman, Elizabeth Long, Hannah Mullis, DeLissa Smith, Samantha Stanyon, Tiffany Taylor, Sierra Clarke, Cristy Cooper, Carol Ann Duke, A.T. Galizes, Alexis Giron, Christean Hunter, Shanna Pearce, Sherry Revels, Harlonda Smith, Erika Klees, Deone Lowther, Christina Small

The new school year not only introduced a new group of first-year and transfer students into the Peace family, but also a new kind of student: the working adult. The newly implemented Degree Completion program allows for working adults to earn a degree in Human Services or Business/Leadership within 19 months with each class being roughly five weeks in length. But, it can be a hard road to take. “We are students like everyone else,” says Jocelin McAllister, an administrative assistant at Duke Health Raleigh and a part-time nursing assistant at Rex Hospital. “We have to study just as hard, if not harder,” she said. According to the Peace College website, the program is “tailor-made for working adults,” and the students are taking advantage of the chance to further their education. “The degree program appeals to adults who are in real life situations,” says Emily Frailey, who travels from Pittsboro for classes each week. “It is a manageable way to become more marketable.” Being a manageable program is what seemed to draw Frailey and other students to the program since classes start at 6 p.m. However, some say the down side is that for the most part classes end at 10 p.m. “We are focused so we do it,” says Jennifer Jackson, a preschool teacher and mother of two. “I am glad that Peace offered the opportunity.” Even though the Degree Completion program adds studying and attending See “Degree completion” pg. 4

President Laura Bingham, front right, at this year’s Turning 21 Dinner.

Presidential search in the final stages By TIffany Taylor Times Staff Writer

The search for Peace College’s new president has been narrowed down to at least two candidates. “Our timetable calls for this process to be completed and a new president announced before the summer begins,” said Trustee Fred Kelly, the search committee chair.

The first candidate, Dr. Janet Walbert, visited campus this week, with a full itinerary. Walbert is currently Vice President for Academic Affairs at Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College) in Pennsylvania. “I am confident in my ability to provide intentional, visionary leadership for

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the future of Peace College,” Walbert stated in her application for president. The second presidential candidate will be coming to campus next Monday and Tuesday, and will have the opportunity to meet with students, faculty and staff. The second candidate’s name will not be released until right before his or her visit. At that time, the candidate’s resume and cover letter will be posted on My Peace. Walbert’s resume is currently posted on My Peace under the “Community” section. From many students’ point of view, the announcement of the new president holds many different emotions. “I’m excited for the new person to come in here and see the great girls that are here,” said Casey Hardin, a Peace College student. As for what type of candidate the Presidential Search Committee is looking for - “a collaborative leader, effective communicator, and engaged listener who has the ability to help others to reach consensus,” said Kelly. “Additionally, we are seeking a strategic planner and one who can be an inspirational advocate for Peace and its vision of a liberal arts education for women.” One characteristic is left off this list, but is most likely one of the most important for many students - “willing to get to know every student just like President Bingham did,” said Hardin. Bingham will finish out her term as president at the end of this summer.

“Sexting”: When texting gets racy By Sierra Clarke Times Staff Writer

There is a new trend amongst American teenagers, the trend is “sexting” and the consequences can be ruthless. “Sexting” is defined as sending a nude or semi nude photo via technology such as a text or an email. The idea may be appalling but the practice of sexting is becoming more of a norm for American teenagers.

“Sexting” is a felony, if you are caught sending or having possession of a “sext” you could be charged with child pornography if the photo is of a minor. In a nationwide survey by the National Campaign to Support Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 20 percent of teenagers admitted to taking part in “sexting.” Cole Biggerstaff, a junior at Appalachian State says, “I have received “sext”

pictures before, and I have forwarded them. A girl at my high school sent a photo of her bare chest to a boyfriend and he sent it to his entire contact list, needless to say it spread quickly, she was teased so abrasively she transferred schools.” With the abundance of social networks and having the World Wide Web at virtually every teenager’s fingertips, it isn’t a surprise when a picture that was See “Sexting” pg. 4

APRIL FOOLS! Pages 1& 2 were fake. Now for the REAL NEWS!


The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7


Be Graphic, Make a Difference: First Friday Event Looking for something fun to do this Friday evening? Come out and support Peace College graphic design students and alumnae for a wonderful First Friday event at Designbox showcasing the power of Social Justice. Using this gallery as a medium to promote thoughtful action, Peace students and alumnae will demonstrate their commitment to using design as an agent for positive social change. JOIN US on April 2nd from 7-10 pm for the opening exhibition and share a glass of wine while you take in these powerful messages.

The show continues through Apr 23rd at DesignBox (323 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC) weekdays 12pm-6pm in the gallery.

Alumnae and students participating in the exhibit are: Adrienne Michelle Van Luvender '09, Bonnie Bunting Roberson '09, Elizabeth Ashford Prince '10, Michelle Louise Mohr '07, Brenna Grey Mickey '10, Sohyun "Ann" Kim '11, Erin Mattingly Hungate '05, Rebecca Wilder Hazelett '06, Jenell Gilyard '08, Jade McKenzie Estes '09, Bonnie Gail Cook '09, Sarah "Katie" Katelyn Amspacher '10, Rhiannon Pittman '10, Annie Ha '10 and Robin "Sariena" Kim '11.

“Sexting” Continued from page 3 meant to be private spreads rapidly. The immediate response from other teenagers toward the individual in the photo is brutal. Hannah Mullis, a sophomore at Peace College says, “I knew someone from high school that sent a picture of herself to a boy and it was sent around, it was detrimental to her reputation and she was no longer respected by anyone.” “Sexting” is becoming more serious each and every day, experts say teenagers need to be more cautious and realize that these decisions could have a lasting

impact and follow them for a lifetime. Hunt Harris, a sophomore at North Carolina State University says, “I think that ‘sexting’ just really degrades any girl who does it, you never know who is going to be able to see a “sext.” I wouldn’t want to date any girl who tried to “sext” me, because I don’t think it is classy. ” Experts say “sexting” can lead to serious problems in a person’s social life, family life, and it has led to suicide in a number of cases.

“Degree completion” Continued from page 3 class to an already busy life, many of the Adult Education students believe that it will be worth it in the end. “I was drawn to the Human Services degree because it is an accelerated learning program,” says Patrice Yon, a

graduate of Mt. Olive who is currently self-employed. “While it is challenging to keep up and transition back into college, it will be nice to be a Peace graduate.”




e-mail us at


The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7



The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7



Got a question?: The Advice Diva is in the house keep your friends for the sake of the long-term. Not to mention, one friend is going to instantly envy the friend who moves in with you so there will be constant animosity until she gets over it! That is all…

I’ve got two roommates, one I get along with better than the other. Next year, my roommate and I want to get an apartment together but our other roommate thinks the three of us are going to live together again. How do we tell her we don’t want her to live with us without really crushing her? Funny you would ask this question around housing time. I must admit, I have never been in this situation because I am just a straightforward person and am one to announce any setback upfront. You should boldly state to her, next time she brings it up of course, that since you value this friendship; you do not think it would be a good idea to room with her. Now on the opposite side, anytime you move in with a roommate of some sort and you two were previously friends, it can always be a troubling outcome. Being that you two are comfortable with speaking to each other about issues, some words may be misplaced and there meanings can be lost amongst angered emotions. SO the smart advice from moi, would be to move in with neither and


The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7

I need some advice about advice. I have a friend who is always giving me advice, even if I don't ask for it. Actually, I never ask for it. I'll just be telling her about my day, and she'll have some sort of words of wisdom for me. It's really annoying. What do I do?

Photo by Ana Teresa Galizes

Peace junior Chris Hunter is The Advice Diva.

Well, you have a classic case of Positive Polly! She is so obsessed with all of her flaws that at every chance she gets, she tries to correct someone else's life because she cannot go back and fix her own. How turning the tables on her; let her vent about her problems and in turn, this will give you a chance to give advice to her. Maybe you will have much understanding about her situation and you guys can switch roles. By no means be as annoying as her, just simply show her how the right advice is to be broadcasted. That is all...

Summer Break is Coming!

Tanning Specials 919-696-2532 OAKWOOD NAIL SPA

5K Bunn Fun Run/Walk 2010 To Support Neuroblastoma Cancer Research & William Bunn “Wide Open” for the Cure! Please join us for a 5K run/walk to benefit William Bunn and Neuroblastoma Cancer Research. William, now 8 years old, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer in 2007. He continues to courageously fight this battle today and needs your help! Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that forms within the nerve tissue of infants and young children. It accounts for about 7% of all cancers in children and every year there are 650 new cases. With your help we can do something bold for William and for other children and their families who have been affected by Neuroblastoma Cancer. Come out and share this incredible day with us by running, walking, biking or donating…whatever moves you!

Saturday April 24th, 2010 Quail Corners Shopping Center Registration: 1pm Run: 2pm

Stick around after the run for a “Finish Line” Party hosted by Tijuana Flats!

Call for your appointment today!

Walking Distance - 305 Pace St

1 block from Krispy Kreme, behind Person St Pharmacy

Jimmy Joh n’s will be don atin g a percent age of their sales on April 24 th to The William Bun n Fun Ru n. Stop by and fu el up bef ore the run or rejuven ate after the 5K with a delicious sub sandwich!

““L wss 1122::11 Heebbrreew Leett uuss rruunn tthhee rraaccee tthhaatt iiss bbeeffoorree uuss aanndd nneevveerr ggiivvee uupp..”” ––H ***Visit for more information, early registration and donations***


Say What?

The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7

Say What? is a new section of The Peace Times where you can say what’s on your mind, make an announcement, or just vent. If you want your say, write it down and drop it off in The Peace Times drop box on the door of Pressly 300, or e-mail us at

Dear landscape staff, I am so flippin’ sick of hear Thank you for excessively ing about health care reform. I don’t care what you think nor waking everyone up in the morndo I want to see it posted all ing with your obnoxious leaf blowing, then following us to class and over Facebook!!!!!!!!! bothering our professors. I look Your car has turn signals forward to hearing you tomorrow... and the next day...and the next for a reason, USE THEM! day... At least Willie P is devoid of I need a spring break from my leaves and our front lawn is quite spring break. possibly the greenest I’ve ever I G O T ENGAGED ON seen before. Thanks MARCH 7!!!!!

Can someone plz upgrade Ross?

Just because it breaks 60 degrees, doesn’t mean your Tired of the mean girls. We are ass needs to hang out of your all adults! Let’s be nice! shorts.

Anyone else hating that the Fyi, if you take a CRC course, weather has been SO beautiful the grade you make does not and we are stuck in the library transfer! studying? Why do students pay 85 dollars for a parking decal and there aren’t even enough parking spots for students?

Tuition... .....increase ...............again??

The last Carolina HurSome people think that I do I come to your class for a nothing but play all day. If that ricanes College Night Congrats to Miss Erika...nice were the case, I’d be in a much is April 8. Lower level reason -- if I ask a question, ANnew rock! SWER IT! seats are $30! better mood.

If you put a poster in the hall with Papyrus or Comic Sans font, I will rip it down!!!!

Beware of ex-girlfriends: They are Facebook stalkers.

Benjamin Bratt - Hot Stuff coming through!

I swear Ross is the Congratulations to Peace College Head Softball Coach, raggidiest. Broke water Charlie Dobbins, on your 200th fountain, old furniture, crusty elevator, and BUGS! win!!

Please stop using big words until you learn what they mean and how to spell them. You are actually making yourself look worse.

I’m so ready for summer break.

The Peace Times April 1, 2010  

The Peace Times, Volume 14, Issue 7. April 1, 2010

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