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WEDNESDAY, September 8, 2010


The Final Curtain Call: Remembering Christopher Thomas ALI SILVER News Editor Many mourn the loss of one of Pace University’s finest; Professor Christopher Thomas. From 1974 until his retirement in 2009, Prof. Thomas dedicated his 35 years to Pace’s Performing Arts Department, improving its theatrical programs. Prof. Thomas created the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs in Music and Theatre and, along with the Actor’s Studio Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. He was also the force behind a Dance and Technical Theatre program which is currently in the works. Christopher Thomas taught a variety of theatrical classes including ones in Scenic and Lighting Design and Stage Management. However, his skills were displayed outside the classroom as well. Prof. Thomas


directed 14 Pace productions and was a well known professional scenic designer. His set design for his production of Native Son was nominated for an AUDELCO Award for Excellence in Black Theater. He received an award for Best Set for his production of The Lady from the Sea, and was acknowledged for his design for

the production The Prince of Homburg. Memorial services for Professor Christopher Thomas are to take place during the Fall 2010 semester; details to be announced.

Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero; Students Divided GABRIELLE SAULSBERY PAW PRINT INTERN The proposition of a mosque near Ground Zero, the site of the Sept 11attacks on the World Trade Center, has met both opposition and support across the nation. Pace students represent both sides of the fence. The mosque is a facet of the planned Islamic community center at the corner of Park Place and Broadway, two blocks from the corner of the Ground Zero site. The community center, originally called the Cordoba House but now dubbed Park51, will include recreation spaces, fitness facilities, an auditorium, a restaurant and culinary school, a library, art studios, childcare services, and a Sept. 11 memorial along with the mosque. According to its website, to realize its mission as a “community center for all,” Park51 will: uphold respect for

her political advocacy, and has attended and presented at health care and leadership conferences worldwide. It is under Feldman’s leadership that Lienhard received millions in both funds and scholarships. Taking over as Interim Dean for Lienhard will be Geraldine R. Colombaro. Another addition to Pace’s staff is Neil Braun, who will be the new Dean of the Lubin School of Business. Braun has over 30 years in managerial positions; including holding the title of CEO of Viacom Entertainment and President of the NBC Television Network. He has substantial business credentials as well. He is the CEO of The Carbon Neutral Company, which helps companies analyze and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The new Dean of the School of Education is Andrea M. Spencer. She was the former Associate Dean for Academic Af-



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What’s Making News beyond Campus?

New Academic Leadership at Pace This summer Pace has undergone many changes. Some of which will be evident while walking on campus in the fall semester, and other changes involve our academic leaders. After a 20-year-run, Provost Geoffrey L. Brackett has left his position at Pace to become Vice President at Marist College. During his time at Pace, Brackett established the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, created a partnership with Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, a partnership with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, hired several new staff members, and boosted national recognition for Pace. Replacing Brackett will be Harriet R. Feldman as Interim Provost, who previously served as the Dean of the Lienhard School of Nursing and Interim Dean of the School of Education. Feldman has written over 100 editorials and scholarly articles; she has been honored for

the diversity of expression and ideas between all people; cultivate and embrace neighborly relations between all New Yorkers, fostering a spirit of civic participation and an awareness of com-

fairs at Bank Street College and has done case studies relating to teachers and their ability to spot a child’s struggle in the classroom. Spencer is very excited to be working at the University’s School of Education and intrigued by the many programs offered, including working with Pace High School located in China Town. The final addition to Pace’s staff is Sheying Chen, who will be the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. Chen is the former Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Indiana University Southeast. At Pace, he will be responsible for institutional research, faculty development, instructional resources, and educational technology. Chen will also oversee the University Library, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, the Office of Planning and Institutional Research, and the Pforzheimer Center for Faculty Development.


WASHINGTON D.C. - Hopes of peace in the Middle East have increased as the leaders of Israel and Palestine met for the latest round of peace talks. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton hosted the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas. The two leaders have agreed to have more joint meetings every two weeks. President Obama has previously stated that a two-state solution can bring an end to tension. MARYLAND - A gunman was shot dead by police at the headquarters of the Discovery Channel after holding three people hostage. The incident on Sept 1 could have ended worse as the gunman, revealed as James Jae Lee, was reported to have homemade bombs with him. None of the hostages or the 1,900 workers at Discovery were physically hurt. Lee isn't a stranger to the headquarters as he has held protest in

Arts & Entertainment........4-5


regards to their programming in the past. GULF OF MEXICO - An oil rig exploded off the Louisiana coast with over a dozen people on board on Sept 2, making it the second such disaster to hit the Gulf of Mexico within five months. Unlike the first oil rig explosion late in April, there were neither fatalities nor an oil leak. The cause of the explosion is currently unknown. HAITI - Musician Wyclef Jean lost his bid to become president of Haiti as the Haitian Electoral Commission found the former Fugees rapper ineligible to run. The Electoral Commission states that a presidential candidate must live in Haiti for five years, a requirement Jean did not meet. Jean accepted the committee's decision but during an interview with MSNBC in late August stated members in the commission were corrupted by opposition candidates.




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Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero; Students Divided


EDITORIAL STAFF CHRIS GAUR Business Manager DAN CASSIDY Advertising ROSEMARIE LIRIANO Web Editor STEPHANIE MOODY Distribution MICHAEL OLEAGA S.A. Senator FEATURED WRITERS James Conrad Erika Bellido PAW PRINT INTERNS Gabrielle Saulsbery Melissa Recine Ashley Bressingham PROF. ROBERT KLAEGER Faculty Advisor

(Continued from page 1...) mon needs and opportunities; encourage open discussion and dialogue on issues of relevance to New Yorkers, Americans and the international reality of our interconnected planet; and pursue the development of American Muslim identities, engaging New York’s many and diverse Muslim communities and promoting empowerment and compassion for all,” among other things. A recent CBS news poll recorded that 71-percent of Americans believe it is inappropriate to build a mosque near Ground Zero, while 22-percent say it is appropriate, and 11-percent were undecided. Sophomore nursing major Lizzie Saraceno, believes that not building Park51 is neighborly and respectful. “It's not about what the law allows us to do because we all know that these Muslims have every right to put their mosque there, but this is about being a decent human being and respecting all the soldiers, police officers, firemen, victims in the buildings, planes, and all of their families who lost their lives because of a certain group who did this for their religion. To some people ground zero is a grave where people should respect the lives that were lost.” Senior psychology major Aarti Vasan, shares Saraceno’s sentiments. “The pro-mosque groups need to realize that it’s a bigger picture than them…there were tons more lost, therefore it should be decided [by the group of victims’ families and survivors]. If the group says no, then put the mosque somewhere else,” Vasan says. “They are just trying to make a statement—the wrong

Written and edited by students of Pace University, The Paw Print is published weekly during the academic year. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of administration, faculty, and The Paw Print staff. The Paw Print encourages responses to the opinions expressed herein, and welcomes letters and comments. The Paw Print does cannot guarantee publication of letters to the editor or unsolicited manuscripts, and reserves the right to edit or comment editorially on them. Appearance of an advertisemt in The Paw Print does not imply endorsements by the members of the editorial board, the advisor, or Pace University of the products or services advertised. All photos and copyrights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Subscription and advertising rates available upon request. The Paw Print, Pace University 861 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570 Phone No. (914) 773-3401 * Fax (914) 773-3402 *

statement.” Sophomore biology major Kristen McDonald, was personally affected by 9/11 because her father was a FDNY fire fighter. Her father survived, but many of his coworkers perished. “I’m not against a mosque in NYC but I don’t think it needs to go there. I think it’ll make their grieving process even harder [for victim’s families and survivors] and I think that we should respect that and not go through with it.” McDonald also brought up a secondary reason why people are against the mosque: funding. “There are people that think that the way they’re getting this money to build this mosque is from terrorist backing.” The imam in charge of the Park51 project, Feisal Abdul Rauf, has been scrutinized by the American public for his refusal to acknowledge Hamas as a terrorist organization. In a radio interview with WABC New York in June 2010, he refused to tout Hamas as a terrorist organization saying, “Look, I'm not a politician. The issue of terrorism is a very complex question... I am a peace builder. I will not allow anybody to put me in a position where I am seen by any party in the world as an adversary or as an enemy.” Senior environmental studies major Charlie Bachelder is against the proposed mosque but sees both sides of the fence. “It’s a really complicated issue with valid arguments for both sides. We should not cave in and use appeasement, nor should we cluster all Muslims into the same group as the radical terrorists that were responsible, not only for 9/11 but also terrible acts in Muslim nations as well.”

On the opposite side of the fence, students such as senior history major Vinnie Birkenmeyer believe that Park51 should be allowed construction. “I don’t understand why there would be an issue—individuals filled with hatred attacked America, not the entire Islamic faith. We cannot blame an entire religious group for the actions of 19 terrorists.” Junior literature major Anne Vaccari cites the current closeness of Islamic religious processions to sites affected by 9/11 as her reason for supporting Park51. “There's already a mosque that has been around the World Trade Center (WTC) for decades and there's even one inside the Pentagon, which was also attacked on 9/11. Just because the people who attacked the WTC were Muslim does not mean all Muslims are terrorists. We need to remember to blame the individual and not the religion.” Sophomore communications major Cara Thompson sees the Park51 debate as a race issue for the opposition. “It appears to me (I could be wrong) that most people are just being anti-Islamic, showing this immense hatred towards Muslims.” Junior political science and international relations major Taylor Vogt approached the issue similarly to his peers. “Until the First Amendment right to religious freedom is repealed, any religious group can worship anywhere in the United States,” Vogt says. “That tolerance is what they hate. It's why they're angry at us. We have to be better than them. Be nice to your fellow American, or better yethuman. That's how we win.”

Pace’s Hotel Situation is no Vacation

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Due to an overabundance of housing requests, Pace’s department of Residential Life resorted to hotel lodging. About 35 students are currently residing in The Extended Stay America Hotel, which includes single and double rooms. The Department of Residential Life contacted students on the waiting list and offered them this temporary residence. A resident assistant will be available for the students as well. The building is newly renovated with a kitchen including a microwave, refrigerator and stove top with on site laundry. The rooms are cleaned at least once a week and include sheets and pillows. In addition, there is also a fitness center, pool, hot tubs and in-room wireless internet ac-

cess. As far as transportation goes, there is a bus running back and forth at least every hour so students will be able to get to their classes on time. Junior Caesar Reyes is set to reside at the hotel but hasn’t moved in yet stated, “I haven’t

moved in yet but I’ve heard it is nice and better than being on campus and from what I’ve seen, it looks nice.” Moving from the hotel might be a hassle when a housing spot opens up at Pace’s main residential dorms.


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Quick Career Tip


CO-OP and Career Services

What Courses Are You Taking?

by Carolyn Kleiman


Welcome back students! The fall semester is a busy and exciting time for all of us. While you are getting settled into your rooms and classes, don’t forget to visit Career Services! Did you know… • Our main office building is located in Gannett House at the “top of the hill”, and we are there Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 • Career Services has a second, “Satellite Office” located in the Kessel Student Center, Upper Level, Room 211, is open Mondays 12:30-5, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00-5:00. We have “walk in” hours at this location from 12:30-2:00 Monday-Thursday too! • According to, Pace ranks in the top 20% of starting median salaries as listed on their “Best Northeastern Colleges in the US By Salary Potential” • Interview skills and internships are among the top criteria that employers look for when hiring entry level candidates. Career services offers interview workshops regularly. Check our calendar of events for specific dates and times. • Career services posts internships exclusively for students registered with our office! Make an appointment with a counselor to get started! (914-773-3415) • More than 2,000 employers posted over 5,000 full-time employment and internship opportunities for Pace students. • 93% of Co-op students would recommend their internship to other students. • 43% of graduating students who held a co-op internship while at Pace reported offers of full-time employment from their employers. 87% accepted those offers.

The Must Knows of Dorm Life

Some are old, some are new…could they be for you? Are you thinking of dropping a class and looking for a fun replacement? A few particular courses may be of interest. Journalism 296N Topic: From Cronkite to Couric A former anchor, Professor Brigitte (Quinn) Gouchoe, who has anchored on Fox News Channel, MSNBC and a CBS radio show teaches this course. This course includes students learning to read from a teleprompter, how to make contact with the camera and how to successfully deliver copy they’ve written. The class will have a large workshop component and will also include reviews and critiques of famous anchor people. Marketing 356 International Marketing Field Study This is a study abroad course toLondon and Brussels that will take place Jan 3-13 2011. This class will meet a

few times a semester to familiarize themselves with the material. This course can teach students a unique opportunity to learn about business customs and meet with foreign business managers, educators and government officials. Students will also study the cultural values and norms of the country being visited and participate in many cultural activities and events. Health and Wellness 105 Yoga Though this course counts only as one credit, it will fulfill the CORE requirement that you need and it is well worth it. This class will practice the postures, movements, deep breathing, meditation and visualization for complete mental and physical relaxation. So for anyone that would like to practice yoga seriously or lightly, this class will attain that purpose. Seek guidance from you advisers for more information about these and other unique courses.

autumn and was booking a lot of shows I decided it was time to start looking for a position around or in New York. In fact, it was my New Year's resolution to move to the east coast this year! I didn't really expect to find anything, but at least I was updating my resume and interview skills. However, once I found Pace and explored the website I was quite impressed by their level of student commitment, student programming, academic opportunities, and interesting characteristics like the three campuses, the Environmental Center, I also wanted to play a larger role in an Orientation program again. I had directed Orientation in a previous position, but really have focused the last three years on student organization events, leadership development, Greek Life, and volunteer services. This position would allow me to work within all those areas plus Orientation. When I interviewed on campus, I felt an instant connection to the staff and faculty on the search committee - I could easily imagine myself working with all the people in the room on various projects. After the interview and meeting with students I began to feel as if I could leave my alma mater for a university such as Pace. Pace was the only university that gave me that feeling.

on new programs and encouraging students to follow through on their ideas for new events. After looking through all the programs already planned and discussing new ideas this past summer, I cannot wait to start seeing all the events take place. Students have such great energy that you cannot help but get swept away with it. This energy is what keeps Student Affairs professionals dedicated to higher education.


All moved in? Check. Packed your bag for class? Check. Ready to start your college career? Check? There are some items that have proven essential to the college experience. First on the list of necessities is a planner or datebook. No matter how much students believe they’ll remember everything, there’s always going to be that deadline, essay, paper or assignment that slips the mind. Another is paper towels, because let’s be serious, someone is bound to spill something. Right behind the paper towels is an air freshener -to cover the smelly mess that you made and to keep your room smelling pleasant. Power strips are also lifesavers. Pace residence halls never have enough outlets per student. Just check with your resident assistant to make sure you purchase the type allowed in

PHOTO- the residence halls. Storage baskets might be good idea because the room may also be smaller than you think. Lastly, pictures of friends and family will provide a home-like atmosphere. You may become homesick so it’ll be nice to look back on those memories. If you’re hungry and don’t feel like spending money to order, have no fear. Whether you’re living in the Townhouses where you can use your own personal


As the school year begins, so does a new journey for one of Pace University’s core offices. Rachel Carpenter starts out her first year at Pace University as director for Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA), a liaison between students and organizations on campus. She became familiar with the campus and various faculty members while working with the summer

orientation programs. Yeerang: To start off, where are you from? Rachel: I grew up in a military family, so home was always where the Navy sent us. I have lived in several states on the east coast and west coast, Hawaii, Japan, and England. If I had to choose which place felt the most like home I would be torn between Japan and Hawaii as I spent the most amount of time in

kitchen, or you’re using any of the public kitchens in any of the residence halls, be sure to have these handy ingredients with you when hunger takes over. 1. Instant noodles – these tiny things are surprisingly filling. 2. Cereal and milk –late night breakfast is always fun. 3. Anything microwaveable –even if you don’t have a microfridge, there is a microwave in the common kitchens.

those two places. YJ: Wow, that is really interesting. What was your major in school? RC: As for my educational background, I majored in International Studies for my undergraduate degree. I obtained a graduate degree in Public Services Administration. YJ: And why did you decide to apply to Pace University? RC: My fiancé has been working on the east coast in technical theatre for the past three years. When he moved to New York last

YJ: So what are you most excited about for the upcoming year? RC: I am most excited about working with a full staff in SDCA with people from all backgrounds and experiences to help shape the student experience at Pace. We’re already working on new collaborations in other Student Life offices and with faculty members. I also love working with students

YJ: So, on a more casual note, what do you like to do when you’re not working? RC: I enjoy the outdoors as long as it is not hot, so I like to go camping, bike riding, and spending time outdoors. I love animals since I was a vet tech for a summer in college and I’m a big fan of karaoke. For some quiet time I listen to music, play a few instruments, read, write, and watch movies. Travel is also a huge obsession for me, so I take any chance I can to go on a trip whether it is domestic or international. Rachel Carpenter hopes that students will be able to view her as a confidant and resource. She wants to help students make all their ideas happen and support their efforts. So when you see this busy director, don’t be shy to give her a smile or a wave because she surely will give you a cheerful one right back.


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2010 Video Music Award Predictions It’s Gaga vs. Eminem for Top Prize


Only at MTV’s Video Music Awards will you find memorable moments in pop-culture, such as Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift to Madonna locking lips with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. So why would this year be different from any other? It is pretty safe to assume that the 2010 VMA’s, airing Sept 12 on MTV, will continue to shock and entertain all of us with its classic performances and acceptance speeches, in which anything can happen. But to whom will the awards be given? This year’s Best New Artist category is pretty much a sealed deal with baby-faced Justin Bieber leading the pack. The only other person who could possibly pull an upset is the glitterloving Ke$ha. But with millions of Bieber fever tween fans behind him, Justin is a safe bet. Other nominees include Jason Derulo, Broken Bells, and Nicki Minaj. While Best New Artist is easy to call, it is difficult to declare winners in other categories, such as Best Collaboration, because of such prominent nominees. Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” premiered at last year’s VMA’s and has since become a phenomenon, which is why Jay-Z and Alicia Keys could easily take home the award. “Airplanes” by B.o.B.

feat. Hayley Williams, another nominee, could win because of its catchy chorus, as opposed to the music video itself. Lady Gaga and Beyonce are nominated twice in this category for both of their collaborations. The more well-known song and video is Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” featuring Beyonce, which is a nine-and-a-half minute mini-movie, while Beyonce’s “Video Phone,” featuring Lady Gaga, will get you dancing. The winner should be “Telephone” because of the huge splash it made in pop culture. Where else can you see Lady Gaga dance around in prison and in a diner after she and Beyonce have just poisoned all of the customers? “My First Kiss” by 3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha finishes off the nominees in this category. Best Dance Video is full of popular artists and their highoctane hits. While Cascada’s “Evacuate the Dance Floor,” David Guetta feat. Akon’s “Sexy Chick,” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” are memorable dance anthems, the top contenders are “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull and “OMG” byUsher feat. MTV could be partial to “I Like It” because it features the cast of Jersey Shore fistpumping in a club with Enrique. The likely winner of this category will be Usher, who previously won in this category in 2004 for his hit “Yeah!” Of all the videos nominated in the Best Female Video

category, Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” takes the cake for being the most zany. It is in this category that she will most likely be honored for turning people’s attention to the West Coast, just as Jay-Z highlighted the “concrete jungle” of New York in “Empire State of Mind.” Nobody can overlook a candy-covered Perry encountering a vulgar gummy bear in candy land. Other nominees include Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Beyonce’s “Video Phone,” “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, and Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen”. With nominees like B.oB.’s “Airplanes,” Usher’s “OMG,” Drake’s “Find Your Love,” Eminem’s “Not Afraid,” and “In My Head” by Jason Derulo, the Best Male Video is tough to call. The VMA’s typically spread the wealth amongst winners, so with “OMG” being the stand-out for Best Dance Video, it is out of the running. The best chance for “Airplanes” to win anything is in Best Collaboration. While Drake has a decent chance at nabbing the award, Eminem is an unstoppable foe for any nominee, including Jason Derulo, who doesn’t stand a chance. History proves that Eminem is VMA king, having won both Male Video and Video of the Year in both 2000, for “The Real Slim Shady” and in 2002 for “Without Me.” It is safe to say that Eminem will not go home empty handed on September 12. Eminem could go even

2010 Primetime Emmy Recap ‘Lost’ goes home empty handed; ‘Modern Family’ wins big

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards pulled in 13.5 million viewers on Sun., Aug. 29, for an underwhelming ceremony. Host Jimmy Fallon began the show with a fun-filled Emmy version of Glee, in which stars from the most popular shows came together to perform “Born to Run,” including the cast of Glee, Tina Fey, Joel McHale, Jon Hamm, Betty White, Jorge Garcia, and Kate Gosselin. Unfortunately, the energetic and very funny opening was one of the only highlights from the show.

Lost did not win a single award. A distasteful and comedic musical tribute was not sufficient acknowledgment for a series that provided six seasons of mindblowing entertainment, rather, awards were given to Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama for the third consecutive year, over the very much deserving Matthew Fox from Lost. Other fan-favorite nominees in this category included Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, House M.D.’s Hugh Laurie, and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Breaking Bad also pulled an upset for Supporting Actor in a Drama category. Aaron Paul took home the statue over Fallon later came out for other prominent nominees, ina musical tribute to several series cluding Lost stars’ Michael Emthat had ended this year, such as erson and Terry O’Quinn and 24, Law & Order, and Lost. While Mad Men’s John Slattery. his original lyrics were amusing, Mad Men also received the way in which he performed its third consecutive win in the as Elton John, Boyz II Men, and Outstanding Drama Series catGreen Day made it more of a Falegory. The top prize should have lon impersonation comedy roubeen bestowed upon Lost, which tine than an actual tribute such was only ever nominated and highbrow series deserve. won in this category in 2005 for The drama series portion its first season. Other nominees of the ceremony continued to disincluded True Blood, Dexter, The appoint because of its undeservGood Wife, and Breaking Bad. ing winners. First and foremost, Emmy voters seemed to it is most important to note that hand out a conciliatory award to further and take Video of the Year as well, but he will have to battle it out with the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga, who is known for visually stunning and memorable music videos. Hence, she has broken the record for most nominations for an artist in a single year with 13 nods. Eminem is in second place this year with eight. While this may be a comeback year for the rapper, whose video for “Not Afraid” is powerfully emotional, Gaga has two nominations in this category for “Bad Romance” and “Telephone.” Gaga was also nominated last year for “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi.” She has dominated the music industry for the past two years, although she has won Best New Artist and two awards in the creative categories at the

2009 VMA’s, she is overdue for some serious recognition. Therefore, Lady Gaga is to be the expected winner for her solo video “Bad Romance,” because the spotlight is only big enough for one megastar. “Kings and Queens” by 30 Seconds to Mars, “Airplanes,” and Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” complete the nominees for Video of the Year. To see if your favorites win, tune into MTV at 9 p.m. for the 2010 Video Music Awards. With performances by Usher, Florence + the Machine, and Eminem, it is sure to be an unforgettable night.

MARK ROBERTSON ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Kyra Sedgwick for TNT’s The Closer in the Lead Actress in a Drama category, as opposed to going with the odds-on favorite Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife. Sedgwick had been nominated four consecutive years prior to her first victory. CBS’ new series The Good Wife did receive praise in unexpected places. Archie Panjabi won Supporting Actress in a Drama for the series. While the nominees in this category were less than impressive, a win for television veteran Sharon Gless for USA’s Burn Notice would have been appropriate, as opposed to giving an award to an unidentifiable newcomer. While previously honored Emmy favorites and dark horse newbies walked away with awards in drama, winners in the comedy portion of the show were given to fan favorites. Actress Jane Lynch, who gained popularity by playing the cruel cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Fox’s Glee, earned Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Unfortunately, Glee’s success lasted for just two awards, with Outstanding Direction for a Comedy Series being its only other win.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory rejoiced as Jim Parsons won Lead Actor in a Comedy. His role as a geeky, yet brilliant physicist beat out strong competition including Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock and Steve Carell for The Office. The surprising winner of the night was ABC’s highly rated comedy, Modern Family, which nabbed the Outstanding Comedy Series right from under Glee. Before the announcement, both series had won two awards. Modern Family received Best Supporting Actor for Eric Stonestreet and Writing for a Comedy. Glee’s recent win at the Golden Globe Awards and its immense popularity made it seem as though it would have cleaned house. But in true Emmy fashion, voters leaned towards the more low-key, yet still popular comedy. Between Jimmy Fallon’s decent gig as host and wrongfully-awarded winners, it was a night to be forgotten. Maybe someone will dethrone Bryan Cranston and Mad Men of their thrones next year. Hopefully, they will realize their mistakes and give Lost some retroactive Emmy’s.

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Three Ways to Improve Your Happiness (And Keep You Healthy) MELISSA RECINE FEATURED REPORTER Ever notice that when you are sad or upset you feel not only emotionally sick, but physically sick as well? When you have a fight with your parents before you walk out the door, does your stomach seem to hurt for the whole day? Our bodies are amazing in that everything within is connected somehow. This goes for our emotions, too. Many people agree that when they are emotionally stressed their physical health takes a turn for the worst. Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine?” Well there is some truth to this. Keeping your happiness up will keep your health problems to a minimum. There are so many ways to make a person happy and everyone has his or her own ways, but these ways are pretty universal. 1. Exercise Any form of daily exercise will essentially keep you happy, but depending on what you like to do will determine what type of exercise will make you happiest. Scientifically, exercising burns cortisol and releases endorphins. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone because the body releases it when it’s undergoing stress. Cortisol receptors are located in the stomach, which is a reason we

gain weight when we are under chronic stress. Exercising burns cortisol, which ultimately results in a happier, healthier you. In addition to burning cortisol, the body releases endorphins. Endorphins latch on to neurons in the brain that usually send out pain-signaling molecules. Blocking this receptor means no pain signals being sent out, which means no pain. Endorphins make us happy; happier than any prescription drug can. On a non-scientific perspective, exercise gives us the sense of accomplishment. After completing a tough workout, we feel like we have overcome a great obstacle. Each time we work out, we can conquer more of the strenuous exercises. In the end, this makes us feel good inside about ourselves. After long-term exercise, however, we also look better. So now that our bodies are in better shape, we feel better about the way we look, which boosts our self-esteem. High self-esteem results in a higher happiness rate. Overall exercise makes us feel better about ourselves, inside and out. Writer’s Advice: Kickboxing. It is a great way to get out any anger while releasing endorphins, not hurting anyone else, and making your body look great! 2. Being Around Positive People Nothing is worse than the friend that only comes around

to complain. Of course, everyone needs to vent, but having a “Debbie Downer” in your life will make it hard for you to feel happy even if your life is going great. Negative people bring their negative energy and dump in on anyone who will listen. As they say, “misery loves company.” Negative people have a tendency to put other people down, especially people with a high confidence level. This makes them feel better because they do not want to be the only ones with low self-esteem. Their hurtful comments towards you really show they have a problem with themselves. Being around these types of people will only add more emotional stress to your own life. Positive people, however, do the same thing as negative people, but they benefit your wellbeing. When a person is happy and smile a lot, they tend to make other people smile too. People are drawn to positive, happy people, so if you are confident and always looking for the good in others, these types of people will waltz into your life to return the favor. Plus, having more friends means more socializing and every hour spent socializing can increase happiness by about five percent. Writer’s Advice: Make sure you are not the one bringing everyone down. There are always times when you need to cry to someone about something that has happened, but don’t make a habit of

Ever Wonder: What are Antioxidants? ERIKA BELLIDO FEATURED REPORTER Have you ever seen the word “antioxidants” on the bottle of a food product or a skin care product? Have you ever wondered what is so important about antioxidants that they need to be placed in these products? If it weren’t for antioxidants, many health problems would not be treated. Antioxidants are nutrients that can prevent or slow down damage to the body caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals are organic molecules that are responsible for aging, tissue damage, heart disease, diabetes and can lead to cancer, says Vitamins A, C and E, lycopene, and beta- carotene are a few examples of antioxidants. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, milk, egg yolks and mozzarella cheese. Vitamin C can be found in many fruits and vegetables as well as cereal, beef, poultry and fish, according to the National Cancer Institute website. Foods such as mangos, nuts and broccoli contain Vitamin E. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruit while beta- carotene is found in spinach, collard greens and squash. Five servings of fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of stroke

by 25 percent. Fruits and vegetables are not the only products that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants can also be consumed by taking dietary supplements such as GNC Men’s Mega Men Energy and GNC’s Hair, Skin and Nails Formula. These dietary supplements can help if you are not eating foods that contain a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial to your skin, too, because they help protect and repair skin tissue. Sun exposure, air pollution, alcohol and cigarette smoke all produce free radicals that can damage your skin and restrict blood flow. There are many skin care products that contain antioxidants, but research has shown that some products contain artificial antioxidants -which will cause more harm than help, says If you read the label

on a skin care product and see the words “avocado oil”, “nano- lipobelle”, and “grape seed oil”, then you have found natural antioxidants that are great for your skin. These products can reverse sun damage, heal scars, reduce age spots and lock in moisture to your skin. Anti-aging, wrinkle creams and lip balms with antioxidants are commonly used. Skin care brands that are popular are Olay, Garnier Nutritioniste, Dove and Olay. Antioxidants are great for your body and skin. With five servings of fruits and vegetables and skin care products with natural antioxidants, you will feel healthy with glowing skin. Now you don’t ever have to wonder what antioxidants are and why they are so important.

PHOTO- doing it to everyone every day. 3. Listen to Music Everyone likes to listen to music that corresponds with each mood. This, however, is not always the greatest idea. When you are sad, nothing will make you more upset than listening to a sappy song about all the horrible things that went wrong in this musician’s life. In fact, do the opposite. When you are really upset about something, listen to an upbeat song that will make you

want to get up and dance. And then actually get up and dance!

In Cosmopolitan’s Sept.2010 issue they list 10 songs that are scientifically proven to make you happy. The University of Toronto study named in this magazine claims these songs “have a fast tempo and consist mainly of major keys.” The songs include: “If

We Ever Meet Again” by Timbaland featuring Katy Perry, “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz and Ludacris, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by the cast of Glee, “Baby” by Justin Beiber, “You and Your Heart” by Jack Johnson, “Giddy On Up” by Laura Bell Bundy, “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift, “Your Love is My Drug” by Ke$ha, “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, and “Knockout” by Lil Wayne. Replace the sad playlist that we all know everyone has on their iPod’s with these hit singles and you will be feeling back to your normal self in no time! To learn more about ways to increase your happiness read The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky or grab the September issue of Cosmopolitan, they have about three pages on happiness and pleasure. Plus, learning new things also increases happiness!

The Big C

A promising new Showtime series MARK ROBERTSON ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Hopes were high for Showtime’s new series, The Big C, and luckily, it didn’t disappoint. Three-time Academy Award nominee Laura Linney headlines the show as Cathy, a woman who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. With approximately a year left to live, Cathy begins to leave her boring life behind to find joy and happiness. Linney is a phenomenal actress, which is why she fits right into the role. Scripted television is the perfect outlet for her to showcase her talent, and she will undoubtedly be able to maintain a series on her own. Golden Globe and Emmy nominations are certainly in store for her. The cast also includes Oliver Platt as Cathy’s husband, Paul, who is big kid from whom she is distancing herself in order to keep her cancer a secret. Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe, known for her role in Precious, joins the cast as a special guest star, playing one of Cathy’s rebellious summer school students. The scenes between the two women are the best of the show. Cathy’s brother Sean, played by John Benjamin Hickey, is an ecofriendly homeless man, which makes for an interesting and amusing character. Fortunately for The Big C, many Showtime series that feature strong actresses do extremely well. Weeds, starring Mary-Louise Parker; United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette; and Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco have gone on to receive critical praise and win awards. The Big C’s Aug 16 premiere has definitely set up the entire cast of unique characters well enough for them to have interesting storylines throughout the season. New episodes of The Big C air on Mondays at 10:30 p.m. on Showtime.



PAGE 6, The Paw Print

I Know What You Did Last Summer You Were an Intern

KELLY POVERO OPINION EDITOR Many students find solace when the month of May rolls around and classes are finished for the semester. The threemonth break is sometimes never long enough. It’s filled with family vacations, trips to the beach, and relaxing with friends on a daily basis. Some may choose the lazy path with intentions of lying on the couch and watching favorite reruns and others might decide that they want to spend their summer partying it up before they have to head back to class. Yet there are still others who choose a different path altogether. The idea of a summer internship is nothing new to Pace students -where students have access to all different kinds of resources within the Career Services department. A summer internship allows you to gain hands-on experience while working within your chosen career setting. If you think you want to be a lawyer, what could be better than trying it out? An internship would give you the chance to throw yourself headfirst into the office building setting with all of

the work that comes with the job description. Many students even decide against going into that specific field based on their internship experience. If you don’t like it, then at least you can say you gave it a shot and move on to something new. Others, however, may find that their internship is exactly what they hoped it would be. Tomas Pimentel is a junior business management major who spent his summer working at the Ford Foundation. “My chief responsibilities were geared towards disbursements. I was responsible for a computer system called JD Edwards. This system was used by the Accounting Department to keep records of payments to vendors and also to use as reference to make projections for budget allocations for the next fiscal year.” Pimentel says that one of the most important things he learned during his internship was “how to adapt to different responsibilities and to pay strict attention to detail, while still delivering quality work and being as efficient and as effective as I could possibly be.” Alejandra Sotomayor is a senior and a public accounting

and management major. She also interned at The Ford Foundation in the Office of Financial Services. Her responsibilities included preparing financial statements and comprehensive expense analysis reports for the senior management. The job helped to improve her Excel skills and gave her a very hands-on experience in her desired field. It’s very important that when you’re looking for an internship, you try to find one that suits your needs. Most students apply at locations where their major is accepted. There are some places, however, that allow applicants of all majors in hopes that they might find something new that interests them. Carla Gross, a junior business economics major spent her summer interning at STAFF USA. It is an international company that acts as a liaison between the United States and Europe in the selling of four major clothing designers: Dsquared, Viktor and Rolf, Marc Jacobs, and Maison Martin Margiela. “STAFF USA is a subsidiary company of DIESEL USA. I worked in the Retail Operations department managing the budgets for each collection - specifically for the Maison Martin Margiela stores. There were both wholesale and retail

Welcome to the Mosque-Erade

Thoughts on the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Controversy


I bring your attention to the media circus that’s taking place in lower Manhattan, for the site that once held the World Trade Center (WTC) will have a new neighbor, and by neighbor I mean two blocks away. However, with how the media and protestors are portraying this issue, one would think the Mosque will be constructed literally on Ground Zero. For those unaware of the story, plans are being made to replace an abandoned Burlington Coat Factory with a 13-story community center and Mosque. The site is two and a half blocks away from Ground Zero, but the idea of having a mosque nearby has brought heavy opposition. Much of the opposition states that a mosque too close to where the Twin Towers once stood is an insult to those affected back in 2001. Several demonstrators question the location. Is it meant to mock the unfortunate events of September 11? Some people believe


Numerous people in opposition go as far to state that the Mosque will be used to plan

another attack and that it’ll be run by Islamic extremists, which seems to be an unjust comment to make. Do we see people protest new Christian Churches being built even though fundamentalist Christians attack or even bomb abortion clinics? Are Synagogues challenged based on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians? I don’t see it, and it should never take place. Many say that having fundamentalist views can be dangerous, and at times it can be, but to rush a judgment to justify why a place of faith should not be around is disgusting. It may be necessary for people to retake a history course on one main reason why people sailed their way to America hundreds of years ago -for religious freedom, no matter when and where. Supporters for the Mosque quote the United States Constitution which recognizes the right for people to profess their faith. President Barack Obama has supported this fact during a ceremony observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which drew criticism leading to the White House, announcing that it will no longer comment on the issue. It’s good to know that Obama’s quest for ‘Hope’ didn’t come with a side of courage.

In fact, St. Paul’s Chapel is located on the east side of the World Trade Center, as is a synagogue which at the moment is awaiting approval to be renovated after damage from Sept. 11. If a Christian and Jewish center of prayer can be around Ground Zero, then it is only fair that construction for a nearby Mosque is permitted as well. Many Muslims perished as well on Sept. 11 - it wasn’t as if they all made sure to stay clear that morning. Intolerance towards Muslims has increased since the Mosque controversy made international headlines. For instance, there are plans to burn the Qur’an, the religious text of Islam, on the ninth anniversary of Sept. 11. Also, in late August, a Muslim cab driver in Manhattan was attacked with a knife, and a man was caught urinating at a Mosque in Queens. If the location of the Mosque is the real issue, then

budgets that needed to be met for the buying of each collection. The calculations were complex. I used a lot of Excel and also a computer program called RetailPro to determine and balance the budgets for all the stores,” Gross explains. Having a summer internship is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s a great way to build knowledge and gain experience by working directly with people in that specific field. Gross adds some advice for students who are interested in internship opportunities, “Be conscious of what you’re getting yourself into, but don’t be too picky. Any experience is good experience.” There are internships available for all different types of career paths. Ellen Conaghan is a senior in the nursing program and she interned at the Stony Brook University Medical Center where she shadowed a nurse. She was given the opportunity to utilize the skills she acquired in courses at Pace with a few exceptions, such as drawing blood and giving out medication. “I was able to focus on my direct patient and family care. This really helped to improve my therapeutic communication skills and bedside care.”

Conaghan recommends that students begin their search as early as they can. The deadline comes too quickly and she suggests making sure that everything is already taken care of when summer rolls around again. This includes making sure that you have a solid resume, a cover letter, references, a transcript, and any other information that might be requested of you. Conaghan’s final piece of advice remains: “Don’t be afraid of rejection! Apply to as many places as you can and always remember to keep an open mind.” So was it worth the time? It seems that the general consensus is yes. Having a summer internship may be difficult and it may take up a lot of your time. There might be people you don’t get along with and many obstacles you have to overcome, but it will overall be an experience that will have taught you about life outside of college. For more information on summer and semester internships, you can visit Career Services on the Pace website, or email the office at careers@pace. edu.

Why single out The Bronx? Particularly the ‘South’ Bronx? Why not mention Brooklyn or the forgotten borough of Staten Island? As a resident from the South Bronx, I found Gingrich’s comments a bit of a put down as many portray The Bronx as the ghetto or the most violent of the five boroughs which is the complete opposite of lower Manhattan with its marvelous structures and rich fashion. The former Speaker of the House’s quote can imply that Mosques should be in dangerous and in low income areas. Frankly, I’d like to place a bet on the last time Newt stepped into The Bronx or when he even plans to visit. Therefore, how far is far enough?

A few hundred miles away in small towns in Tennessee and Michigan are protests as well, once again with many citing they don’t want a Mosque in their neighborhoods. If people think having a Mosque near Ground Zero is an insult or an insensitive act, then why not protest about the strip club that is also a few blocks away. If construction plans were more open to the public, maybe then the protestors can be aware that nothing ‘extreme’ will come out of it. Maybe this will ease the tension. What if that doesn’t ease tension? This Catholic believes that if the Mosque isn’t built we will remain living in a society where ignorance runs wild.

how far is far enough? Former Speaker of the

House Newt Gingrich stated in an interview on Fox News, “[…] there are over a hundred mosques in New York City. So people have the right to free religion, if they want it. I’ve said it openly, if they want to build this mosque in the South Bronx, I’m all for it.”


PAGE 7, The Paw Print



Paving the Way to his Own Future in Sports AMANDA SHINN SPORTS EDITOR The name of the game is entrepreneurism and you can find it at Pace Setters Sports Network (PSSN.) The player? J.J. Conrad, Pace University senior. The slogan-“All Setters, all the time.” Conrad, former Setter baseball player whose sports eligibility is up, took notice of the lack of Setter sports information available online to the public and chose to be pro-active about it. In August of 2009, he started his own blog through his experience and knowledge of Wordpress and sports. Though it is considered a blog, his professional use of journalism brings credibility through truth on the site. He is forcing his way to making a name for himself in the school, sports community and internet world. “Last summer I started PSSN and started writing football previews,” Conrad said. “Then a soccer preview and then a volleyball preview. After getting like 1,000 hits in the first day last year, I realized people liked what I was doing. I kept it going for several months, until school became too overwhelming, then I had to shut it down. I re-launched about a month ago, and think it has improved a lot from last year. Now, I'm hoping the web site helps me

find a career in the sports media industry as I put it on my resumes and introduce the site to people who have interviewed me for possible jobs. For the most part I have received very positive reviews.” Conrad, who will graduate after this semester with a Media and Communications degree, was a three-sport athlete growing up and has been exposed to sports his whole life including having worked at several newspapers sports writing. “I think I know and understand sports as well as anyone,” said Conrad. “I covered high school sports such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, field hockey and volleyball; so I have previous experience.” Visiting the site, someone might think it is Pace’s actual sports website due to the professional and strategic set-up and format. Even non-sports fans surfing through to see articles about their son, neighbor or coworker can find it easy to operate through its flawless format. The site, updated frequently, covers all the bases in Pace sports with all of them listed across the top of the page. The reader has the option to scroll through all articles of all teams

on the homepage or the option to hone in on one particular sport and venture as far back as the articles will go. The last tab on the top is a forum center where visitors can go to comment on articles or the site. Everything else is laid out in columns on the sides. On the left you will find links to other relevant sites and ‘most popular categories’ including, but not limited to, game and athlete of the week, game recaps and power rankings. Archives are also in this section, dating back to the beginning of the site. On the right side of the site recent news is posted, along with team schedules and interactive polls. Full of pictures, PSSN uses different techniques to grab and keep the reader. “The goal of the site is to get Pace athletes better recognition for what they do on the field with interesting story lines, quotes, photos, etc rather than get some bland story recap with nothing but stat lines,” Conrad said. Conrad is open to other students writing for the site as well, capitalizing on the fact that it provides a good learning experience. Rich Bonhomme, one voluntary writer and former Pace football player, is a Communica- tions major and has wrote and reported on a local radio station in NJ where he had a sports segment. “He contacted me about two weeks ago asking if there was anything he could do to help and I had no problem with it,” said Conrad. “I'm always looking for people who want to help out, because a site with variety is good.” “When I played, we all used to compare sites to see what they said about us,” said Bonhomme. “I used to read [Conrad’s] and he tells it like it is. That’s journalism. You have to call it how you see it and that’s how I like to do things.” “I plan on contributing at least once or twice a week with feature stories including opinion segments and player profiles,” said Bonhomme. “I will try to collaborate my Pace radio show “The 10 Spot,” with [Conrad, PSSN] and have sports segments

on there so we can pretty much tackle all the media outlets for the Pace audience.” Conrad’s style of writing will gain the site its much deserved respect as he covers the facts rather than posting information that exploits any Pace players, teams or coaches. “Personally, I'm sure there's people who hate the site, but I try to remain as objective as possible, no matter what sport I cover,” said Conrad. After 1,000 hits the first day, and averaging 500 hits a day, PSSN is up to about 27,000 hits. It is a game of numbers. The more eyes that view this craft, the more successful Conrad will be in pursuing his career in sports. By creating opportunities and providing people with information that wasn't previously provided, he is strategically building a big stepping stone to his future.

Ten Names You Need to Know

A look at ten football players who could make a name for themselves in 2010

JAMES CONRAD Featured Reporter

Everyone knows the household names. You’ve got Joe Romanick the up-and-coming quarterback. You’ve got Eric Ortega, the sure-handed and reliable wide receiver. On defense, there’s the tackle machine Jonfrey Sanchez and sack master Pat Finnegan. But with camp beginning to heat up as these household names are preparing for the 2010 season, we’re going to take a look at ten names you might want to know before heading to a game. Jurrell Hawkins, Sophomore Running Back: Can he fill the void left by Nathaniel Ford? Only time will tell for sure, but as of right now it looks like

Hawkins is the lead candidate for the job. Hawkins was recruited by Pace two years ago but left during training camp. He came back a year ago and redshirted. This year, the talk around the team is he came into training camp expected to be the starting running back, but is getting pushed hard by junior Jason Washington. Joe Garcia, Senior Cornerback: With a secondary that got hit hard by graduation, Garcia should slide in nicely into the starting lineup. After starting for Iona two years ago, he was one of the many to make the transfer to Pace after the Gaels dropped their football program. Garcia missed all of 2009 due to injury, but he will be welcomed back with open arms after Pace lost four defensive backs from 2009. In 11 games in 2008, Garcia racked up 51 tackles, one INT, forced and recovered one fumble and broke up nine passes. The question is: Can he make people forget about ball-hawk Marvin Taylor?

DJ Henry, Senior Cornerback/Wide Receiver: Yet another Iona transfer, Henry could be a duel threat for the Setters in 2010 after missing all of 2009 with injury. Described as “fast and athletic,” Henry has the ability to line up at CB or WR. At 6’1, 195 pounds, he has ideal size for either position. Prior to Iona, Henry was an All-State wide receiver at Oliver Ames High School is Massachusetts. Duval Zimmerman, senior Strong Safety: You might recognize the name, as Duval is the younger brother of last year’s Tyrell, one of Pace’s top defensive linemen. Like his brother from a year ago, Duval will be expected to play a big role in the Setters defense in ’10, especially with loss of All-Conference safety Greg Brain. Zimmerman has been described as a hard hitting safety who has a terrific work ethic. Paul Mohan, senior

Linebacker: We might have the second coming of Andrew Lipski here. After playing in four games for Iona in 2008 lining up alongside Lipski, Mohan averaged over 10 tackles a game. This is unconfirmed, but it looks as if Mohan was hurt in Week 4 of 2008 vs. (ironically) Pace. He did not play in 2009, but has one year left of eligibility as a graduate student. One Pace player described Mohan as “a work-a-holic, just like Lipski.” Keep an eye out for Mohan this season. Ali Mourtada, junior Kicker/Punter: Mourtada might be the savior for the Pace special teams unit in 2010 after a disastrous 2009 season. As a true freshman in ’08, Mourtada made the Northeast 10 All-Rookie team after connecting on 6-of-11 field goals and 24-of-27 extra points. Last year, Mourtada played in the first two games of the year before getting injured, connected on the Setters only field goal of the year (a 37-yarder in Southern Con-

necticut) and made all four extra point attempts. After a brief cameo against Assumption in Week 5 (only kicking an XP), Mourtada was shut down for the remainder of the year. Jake Parrott, junior Tight End: Parrott will have some big shoes to fill replacing AllConference TE Andrew Kulak. At 6’2, 220 pounds, Parrott could be a nice target for QB Joe Romanick this season. Also be on the lookout for sophomore Elliott Johnson, who could also emerge as a pass catching threat from the tight end position with his size (6’3, 230 pounds) and athleticism (two-sport athlete at Pace). Tito Javier, junior Fullback: A good fullback can’t be underestimated and the word out of camp right now is that Javier is doing a good job of opening up holes in the running game. He’s in a battle with Eddie Santos for the starting fullback position.

PAGE 8, The Paw Print





The Paw Print sits down with senior Eric Ortega to preview his role for Pace U football and to get personal. PP: Hey Eric. Thanks for taking time out to talk. There has been a lot of buzz about the role you will take this year having been a reliable receiving outlet for Pace football for a couple years now. How is this pressure affecting you, your outlook on the season or do you even feel the pressure at all? EO: I don’t feel any pressure at all it’s a team game and I’m just looking to play my part. PP: In regards to your opening game, how are you going into it and do you think that this one game, against East Stroudsburg, will set the tone of what is to come the rest of the season? EO: Very confident. I trust my teammates. We’ve been playing together for a while, had a good camp and just have to put it all together. The season has a lot of ups and downs but I do believe this will be the best test for us for the upcoming season. PP: Training camp started a couple weeks ago, did you approach it any different this year considering it will be your last? EO: I’m definitely a lot more focused knowing it’s my last year my last shot at a successful season. PP: Did you train at all over the summer? EO: Yes. For the first half I trained following lifting added mixed martial arts 3-4 week and for the rest I ran with my high school team at St. Peters Boys High School. PP: Do you have goals set to obtain for this football season?

EO: Yes I do watch it. No I haven’t, but I’m about to. We will definitely this year. PP: Which do you like better, Briarcliff or Pleasantville and why? EO: Pleasantville, because I live in a townhouse with other players and most of events happen on this campus-it’s more live. PP: Who has been your favorite professor here? EO: Professor Weigold (history). PP: What has been your most memorable experience in college-off the field? EO: Townhouse day of this past spring because it was just a lot of fun. PP: Who is your favorite NFL team/player? EO: Player-Wes Welker. Team- Giants. PP: How is that possible? Giants don’t like Patriots.

EO: To play my part in what the coaches want me to do and do my best at it. Where my hard work takes me that’s where it will take me.

EO: Because Wes Welker is a small wide receiver; one of the more relatable for me and I always have to be a NY fan and grew up a Giants fan.

PP: Name three people on Setter football-1. That makes you laugh the most. 2. That you are closest/most relatable with and 3. You would vote off the island if Survivor were the name of the game?

PP: I can see it. Okay, if you could switch lives for a day with anyone-living, dead, famous or not-who would it be?

EO: 1. Jake parrot, 2. Tito Javier 3. Tito Javier PP: Alright, I want to know a little bit more about off-the-field Eric. What is your major and what do you plan to do with it? EO: I am a History major, Sociology minor. I am looking to go to grad school for education. I would like to end up teaching and coaching football on the high school level.

EO: Adam Vurchio PP: Were you hazed as a freshman coming in? Have or will you make this incoming freshman group put their “time” in? EO: No we weren’t hazed at all but every freshman has their duties like cleaning up the field; putting equipment away, etc. PP: Any shout-outs you would like to give?

PP: Where are you from?

EO: Townhouse 32

EO: Staten Island

PP: Thank you Eric-good luck with your season and senior yearlooking forward to the games.

PP: Do you watch Jersey Shore? Do you pump your fist and/or partake in the shirt before the shirt activity?

The Paw Print  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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