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MAY 20112012


Northside High School is very proud of its Page One Nominees for the 2011-2012 school year. In order to get to know them better, the Newspaper staff asked them a few questions about the area they were nominated in and their future plans after they bid goodbye to Northside. By: Jessica Shadix and Kaysee Cross Kevin Johnston – Drama 1. I first became interested in acting after I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas in 2000. 2. Jim Carrey inspired me with his physical comedy and his voice is amazing, and he is very entertaining. 3. I make faces in the mirror. 4. I am going to attend American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles to major in film acting and directing. Jonathan Rodriguez – Foreign Language 1. I first became interested in learning Spanish three years ago, during my freshman year. 2. My family is Puerto Rican, so I wanted to be able to speak the language with them. 3. Communication with my family in Spanish allows me to practice and become better at speaking the language. 4. I am going to attend college to major in general business and one day own my own local business. Kayla Parsons – English 1. My interest in English began at the start of my junior year. 2. Coach Cobis, who was my AP Language teacher, inspired me to become a better writer. I never really had an interest in the subject, but he believed in me and helped me improve. 3. There is always room to improve! 4. I have a running scholarship to Columbus State University, and I intend to major in pre-engineering and then transfer to Georgia Tech to complete my degree.


Questions: 1. How long have you been interested in your area? 2. Who got you interested in your area? 3. What is the best advice you have received to help you in your area? 4. What are your plans after high school? Tyler Parker – Science 1. I became interested in science during my freshman year. 2. My interest in the subject spiked when I joined Science Olympiad. 3. The Nike motto – “just do it.” I hear it from many people. 4. I will be attending West Point to become an Airborne Ranger and join the Corps of Engineers and major in civil engineering. Daylen Stone – Career & Technical 1. I have been interested in my area for two years. 2. Mr. Jeffcoat got me interested in the career and technical field. 3. My parents once gave me really good advice: “Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t do. Show them what you can do.” 4. I plan on attending Columbus State University for two years and then transfer to Georgia Tech to earn either a master’s or doctoral degree in civil engineering. Emily Fitts – Journalism 1. My interest in journalism began at the beginning of junior year. 2. Mrs. Powell’s journalism class helped my interest in the subject. I also attended a conference at UGA which allowed me to talk to journalism majors there, which really got me interested. 3. “Fill your writings with the breathing of your heart.” 4. I am going to the University of Georgia to major in journalism.