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February 2012

Oregon Newspaper Foundation supports Patrick Henry

It has always been difficult to print the paper. Recently, however, The Patrick Henry received news that would help the newspaper for the rest of the school year. The Oregon Newspapers Foundation found out about our difficulties of printing the paper and donated $600 to use for printing costs. It is thanks to them that The Patrick Henry was able to print this edition of the newspaper. Nicole Shaddy Editor-In-Chief The past couple of years have been a trying time for the newspaper and its staff. In 2009, The Patrick Henry welcomed a new advisor and a new staff of eager workers. It was the first time many had been on a newspaper staff. Although the staff was dedicated to producing the newspaper, it was always a struggle to find enough advertising to pay to actually print it. The following year it was even more of a challenge; and this year the newspaper hasn’t had the means to print the paper yet, even though the school year is almost half over. Many don’t realize how expensive it truly is to print a newspaper. The printing costs can run upwards of $300, and that’s even with a generous discount from our printing company, Community Newspapers, and only in black and white. For a color paper it’s even more expensive. The newspaper staff is extremely thankful for the donation from the Oregon Newspapers Foundation. Producing the paper has been more difficult than expected these past few years due to financial concerns, but now the newspaper staff doesn’t have to worry about that. Thanks to the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, they now get to focus on what truly matters: becoming talented writers and representing the student body. Thank you, Oregon Newspapers Foundation.

The Oregon Newspapers Foundation found out that The Patrick Henry was struggling financially despite advertising attempts. The foundation sent this letter to the staff to share the news of their donation.

Police train to keep schools and students safe Nicole Shaddy Editor-In-Chief While they may seem vacant, you never really know what’s happening inside your school during your time away. Over winter break, the schools were emptied, the heating system was turned off, and students were snuggled up in their beds well past noon. While the school district took a break, the law enforcement officers of Washington County did not. In fact, over the break Stoller Middle School was a scene of chaos as police were training to keep schools safe. During the two weeks off, police officers from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office were training for an “active threat.” An active threat is another name anything that can and will endanger citizens if not controlled. In this case, officers were trained on how to handle a school shooting. They participated in an active threat class, and then they went through several role-playing scenarios. Average citizens were asked to volunteer their time during the week to role play in the scenarios. This was to help simulate the pandemonium of an actual shooting. Participants were given ear plugs and eye protection, because the “bad guys” were shooting off blank rounds, which sound and give off powder like real bullets. Participants were also safety checked to make sure they weren’t bringing in

any weapons. The role players were then given general directions for their assignments in the scenarios. Basically, their main job was to provide distractions to the police officers; anything that may occur in an actual active threat situation. For example, some role players were assigned to call out for help or pretend they were injured. Others had to run through the hallway. Still others had to pretend to be hostages in the classrooms where the “shooter” was. During each scenario a siren would go off to make noise. Everything was made as authentic as possible to better equip officers for real situations. Of course this can never be truly simulated, but the class was intended to help officers learn to ignore distractions and focus on the real threat, the shooter. The officers were assembled into groups with whom they went through each scenario. Each scenario was different, and each group was different in the way they handled the “hostages.” Some groups treated them warily, like they could also be a threat. Others tried to “calm down” the hostages by giving them menial tasks, like checking on the others. It was about how each group perceived what was best for the safety of all. Above all, the officers were training to keep everyone safe in a very real, very scary circumstance. Crime and justice never take a break. While

students were resting at home, police officers were training to keep the entire community safe. This is an annual event and Washington County is always looking for role players, so keep an eye out and try to volunteer for next year’s active threat scenarios. You can help by giving back to the community that is keeping you safe.

Photo courtesy of During winter break, police officers went through scenarios like the one above to train and hone their abilities to dispel any potentially harmful situation.


February 2012

Page 2 The Patrick Henry

Welcome, new staff

Ms. O’Renick

Ms. Buchanan

Mrs. Toth

Ms. Kim

What subject(s) do you teach? I teach 9th grade English/Language Arts. Why did you become a teacher? I taught a HS advanced essay writing class for Upward Bound when I was in college and fell in love with it! I was an English major, so after I finished my bachelor’s degree, I went back for a master’s in education. Why did you choose the subject that you teach? I was an English major and am a major English nerd. I love reading, writing, and discussing big ideas. What is your favorite memory teaching? There are so many, but I really remember the kids who start out having a tough time, and find a way to be amazingly successful. I love helping with that process and watching students discover their own value and capabilities! What is your favorite song and why? “If I Only Had a Brain” from Wizard of Oz. It makes me smile, and there is a whistling verse, which almost never happens in life.

Could you please tell us a little about yourself? I have been teaching for 8 years and am an artist outside of school. What subject(s) do you teach? Ceramics and Art 2. Why did you become a teacher? I got my art degree in 2003 and was trying to figure out what to do with it when a professor walked by me and asked me what I was going to do after school. I told her I didn’t know and she told me I should teach. I had the teaching application in my car. And, I absolutely love art and I love teaching art and talking about ideas with art. What is your favorite memory teaching? I have a studio in Hillsboro and many times past students come by and see me. What is your favorite song and why? Damien Jurado is my favorite singer and I don’t have a favorite song.

What subject(s) do you teach? Chemistry and Senior Inquiry. What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? I enjoy my daily interactions with students. Most of all, I am delighted to attend their college graduation and invite them into my classroom to share their wisdom with my current students. Why did you choose the subject that you teach? I was inspired by my high school chemistry teacher ….loved math, physics and chemistry as I went through high school. What is your favorite memory teaching? Students of the 2004 Liberty graduating class playing soccer with left over dry ice in the upper hallway after the AP Chemistry exam. Are you involved in any activities here are LHS? If so, what? Not this year. I am going to try to be in many places as an administrator in practicum at LHS. I’d love to be a principal soon.

Could you please tell us a little about yourself? I am married, I have a wonderful cat named Max, I enjoy playing and watching basketball. I enjoy very much hanging out with family, and traveling. Why did you become a teacher? I became a counselor because I love working with students. I like being there for students and being able to help when needed. What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? The students, they make my job fun and exciting. What is your favorite fruit? Apples. Are you involved in any activities here are LHS? If so, what? Not Yet. What is your favorite song and why? Show Me What your Looking For by Carolina Liar.

Photos by Danielle Cheney

New coaches bring variety to sports

Otis Gulley

Perry Beeler

Otis Gulley, known around school as the People and Politics teacher, is moving up to head basketball coach. Gulley has had years of experience in basketball. “I have been around it for as long as I can remember.” He said “I played all through high school and college.” Coach Gulley said that he has had a lot of experience in coaching also. He spent college summers traveling around the country coaching; after he left college

he coached football for four years and five years of basketball at Reynolds High School. After joining Liberty’s staff Gulley coached one year of football and three years of basketball. Some new strategies he will try this year for basketball are to focus on building up the defensive player. Also he is going to make sure offensive players have high stamina and take the easiest shot possible without making it a bad one.

Perry Beeler will be Liberty’s head track coach. As a young man, Mr. Beeler ran track and cross country in the 400, 800, 1500, and 3000 yard dashes. However, his main thing was the 4 by 400 hundred relay team. This will be his ninth year coaching track but his first year as head coach. He has also spent eight years as the jumping coach. As for any new strategies he doesn’t think there will be any but, he does want the players to keep up energy and be able to run 400’s. When asked who his star players were, he said, “With the boys it’s hard to know. A lot of the boys last year would be on the edge of ex-

ploding but I can’t wait to actually see who will this year. “As far as the girls, I’m excited to see Hannah Leangbehn (junior) and Aysia Edmiston (senior). Both have been to state. Leangbehn got ninth place in long jump as a freshman and went to the state again as a sophomore. Edmiston made third as a sophomore at the 100 yard hurtles. An injury prevented her from going to state her junior year. “I am excited to see them go to state again.” Beeler also went on to say he is very excited to work with a bunch of great kids and coaches. They are a very close knit team and he is looking forward to a great season.

Lindsey Bingham The girls who play soccer also have a new head coach. Lindsey Bingham, math teacher, is very excited for the new season. With many years of experience with soccer in her high school years and at the University of Oregon, she is very well equipped to be the new head soccer coach. She’s had more than four years in coaching experience at various schools; also she coached at a club. “We want to work hard in practice so in games we can keep up a high level; also we want to build team unity.” She is very excited and looks forward to the new season coming up.

Photos by Lupe Avila


February 2012

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The fall of the Discovery Channel

Gareth Orrick Staff Reporter Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you have most likely heard of the Discovery Channel. This educational channel has recently taken a turn for the worse, as television shows such as “Sons of Guns”, and “Deadliest Catch”, have begun to take priority over quality programming such documentaries or actually informative films. This new surge of reality documentaries is quite frankly an insult to educational television everywhere, and this steady stream of filth is becoming more and more

intolerable by the day. For instance, if you follow the show “Deadliest Catch”, which is a prime example of recent television shows that operate under this false guise of educational television, and if you spend five minutes of watching, you would know what I am talking about. In this particular show, a camera crew follows and documents the operations of a crabbing boat in Alaska. Contrary to what most would think on first impression, the show is just as much about fishing as hell’s kitchen is about cooking. When the focus shifts from educating the viewers about the subject, to the lives and drama of the crew itself, it becomes more of a reality television show than one that could be considered remotely educational. This show is not the only one though; many other shows of this category have begun to take over the previously educational channel, Discovery. For instance, the weekly schedule for this week consists of only one actual documentary, with

most if not all other shows being under this category, such as “Sons of Guns”, or “American Chopper Jr. vs. Sr.” the title of the second show is a great example of what I’m talking about, with half of it being about a conflict of people rather than being informative. Once more, this focus on drama between people rather than being informative is a disgrace to otherwise enriching material.

After considering this new uprising of filth on our treasured educational channels, one would wonder what can be done about it. The answer to this question is; simply don’t watch it. Depriving this garbage of attention is the quick and simple solution to the problem, which seems fairly easy considering I don’t know anyone who wants to watch another four hour block of “Auction Kings”.

Image courtesy of Gareth Orrick. Shows such as “Ghost Lab” and “American Chopper” have changed America’s definition of educational television.

What is the ‘Occupy’ movement really about? Emily Keene Staff Reporter Swelling in the heart of the city a movement is forming known as Occupy Portland. As many as 10,000 people have been filling the streets and are now camping in the south park blocks of Portland. The protesters have many different motivations for being there, but the emotion behind it is frustration. Some are there because they can’t find jobs, or can’t afford housing on low wage jobs. Many are outraged by corporate greed and the government’s willingness to oblige it. Tents fill the park blocks, creative structures made from tarps and ropes are made to serve purposes such as makeshift kitchens and covered pathways. Hand painted signs and random decorations are hung and strewn about. Lively music with strange, often homemade, instruments fill the air. It’s a little city all to itself, made by the people in a very artistic way. The mood is light, but the message is not. According the event organizers,

the protest was formed because of frustrations with “corporate greed and a lack of government accountability.” On Friday I went down to the protest and interviewed a few of the people in the crowd. Here is what they had to say: “This is something that I feel very strongly about.” Said event volunteer Gavan. When asked what the main goal of the event was, he replied with, “I think that’s something you will hear a lot of different answers about. It’s about putting the power back in the hands of the people.” He said that right now, he is hoping awareness will come from the movement. He said that he thinks “People are very aware of what’s going on, but they feel alone, or like there isn’t even anything they could do. But this is something that they can do.” We asked him why he personally decided to get involved and he said “I have had a lot of experience with the homeless in my life and all throughout I’ve seen nothing but jobs getting fewer and fewer, and more and more kids end up on the street. Something

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EDITOR IN CHIEF Nicole Shaddy EDITORS Lanie Martin HEAD OF LAYOUT Killian Abshere

needs to be done about it because it’s not getting better on its own, so we need to do something about it. Now.” We interviewed another woman who said that she had a job and was a homeowner. She made it very clear that despite the growing stigma about the protesters, many other people there are average Americans with jobs and are very hard working. She said “Every year I am getting poorer and poorer. There is something wrong with this country when you do everything ‘right’ and can’t afford to live the American dream. I hear a lot of people say just get a job, I have one. And I am frustrated with how the government is handling the situation.” When we asked her what she hoped would come from the occupy movement, she said, “I don’t know, I really don’t know. I would like to see some Wall Street reform.” The movement all started on Wall Street in New York. It was first proposed by the anti-consumerist magazine, Adbusters. Anonymous, an activist group, also


STAFF REPORTERS Allison Farrell Emily Keene Jared Struck Naomi Taub Jin Lee ADVISOR Alisa Eich

encouraged its members to join the protest. Before long, a plan was set in motion. September 17th was day it went live, with over 1,000 people showing up on Wall St. On October 1st, the 15th day of the protest, over 5,000 people marched on to the Brooklyn Bridge, but police quickly broke up the march; over 700 arrests were made. By day 19, over 15,000 people took place in another march. On the 20th day of protesting, Portland Oregon began its first march in the movement, with many other cities such LA, San Francisco, Tampa Florida, and Houston & Austin Texas. Portland has been involved in the movement ever since. Occupy Portland continues its protests and encampments. It is unclear what will come from the movement, but the dedication of the people involved in the movement is to be admired. It will be interesting to see what events and changes develop in the coming months because of the movement.

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February 2012


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Seniors step up in the spirit department Nicole Shaddy Editor-In-Chief It’s difficult to believe that this is the same Class of 2012 Liberty has seen grow up these past three years. During the first assembly of the year on September 9th, the senior class stomped their feet and cheered along to a loud rendition of the “Senior Power” cheer. And again, during the first pep assembly on September 16th, the seniors roared, acting as if they had been doing it their entire lives. But it hasn’t always been like this. For three years, the senior class has been waiting silently, showing about as much school spirit as a toothbrush. Senior Reed Emerson says her class’ school spirit has been, “pretty poor in the past few years.”

At assemblies, only a few brave members of the class would cheer whole-heartedly. The rest would only give a lackadaisical cheer or wouldn’t say anything at all. Suffice it to say, their attendance at sporting events and school functions was also meager at best. It just wasn’t something they devoted their time to or cared about enough. Or they thought they were “above” all of it. So what has sparked this dramatic transformation? Senior Abby Akin says that her freshman year, “we got to experience pretty good spirit, but the last two years it’s been lacking. We want to bring that back and make it a great year for everyone.” There could also be the fact that they don’t want to be that class. “The class” that everyone remembers as having been lame, believing They were too cool for everything, especially school spirit. They

Grading system is problematic

Jared Struck Staff Reporter

The Hillsboro education system has made some changes in the past year that are supposedly helping to make school fair. These changes are directly affecting students negativety and the we will to be judged as we enter college. The first issue is the idea of a balanced grading system; the second is the neglect of a weighted grade point average. A balanced grading system sounds great to the students, because it means they don’t have to work as hard to obtain the grade they are hoping for. the new system actually hurts students who are trying to achieve greatness in school, because the B students are now receiving A’s, which means they are no longer in the exclusive club of hard working students. When it comes to college applications, 98 percent will have the exact same letter grade as an 80 percent. This change means that each grade will have equal percentage breaks, but the change fails to acknowledge the hard working students who take the time to go beyond the standards. This balancing is creating more valedictorians, which is creating the illusion that our school is smarter than other schools. There were 11 valedictorians and salutatorians at Liberty last year, compared to 6 in 2006. With the difference of five between the two classes, this

may also feel that it is their job, even their duty, to assume their positions as the leaders of this school. And that one of their chief responsibilities is to show the other classes how important school spirit is. When a person knows that they have the full support of a large group of people, it makes them want to achieve greatness so that they may not let their peers down. In this, school spirit can make an athlete play better and a musician perform better. The senior class feels it is their obligation to show the younger students the power that school spirit contains. However, the number one reason that this class’ spirit differs is that they just get it. They have finally come to the realization that they only have one short year left in this place we call Liberty High School, and that it should be the best that they can make it. They have real-

ized that they should leave these hallowed halls with no regrets, no reason to make them say, “Man, I really wish I would’ve done that.” While it may seem strange that the Class of 2012 has made a complete 360 degrees, realize that they have they have achieved what all students originally come here to do: learn. They have gained knowledge not only in the academic sense of the word, but in that they have learned the art of enjoying something while they still have it. To the seniors reading this; take a deep breath and enjoy every precious minute you have left. And to every other student reading this; keep these words in the back of your mind until the moment when you need them most: the first day of your last year here in the Falcon’s Nest.

Cheaters will never prosper

Jin Lee Staff Reporter

cialite approaches me seeking answers, I do as my teachers ask and tell them that they’re on their own. I embody a number of features The overachievers are perhaps the that make a person appear smart. I most fascinating out of all the prewear tops that are both modest and viously mentioned cheaters. They’re shows the regression as every collared, as well as glasses. I own more than capable of A-grade work student is being brought to the a number of argyle sweaters that and are overly productive—occasame level. I wear under the straps of my fully sionally going out of their way to The difference is not that packed bag. do more on an assignment that’s alstudents are getting smarter, As a result of these features, I’ve ready plenty difficult. So why would but rather the grading system had numerous encounters where my these able students need to steal is changing to give the illusion unprepared classmates concluded glances at someone else’s paper? of excellence that is not presthat I was trustworthy, and proceedBecause these cheaters also have ent. This illusion helps students ed to take many quick a weakness: perfecfeel they are at the top of the glances at my tests and “the three most tion. These well-roundclass when they have taken papers. Through my common cheaters ed students seem imevery physical education class well-seasoned knowlpotent in grasping the in school rather than rigorous found in school setconcept that mistakes classes, such as AP Language or edge on forgery, I’ve compiled a list of what I are a thing of natings: the morons, AP United States History. consider to be the three Overly obsessed Our school, along with oththe socialites, and ture. most common cheaters with obtaining good ers around Hillsboro, needs to the overachievers” found in school setgrades, they make the adopt a weighted GPA, because tings: the morons, the poor choice of doublestudents who take the rigorous socialites, and the overachievers. checking their answers with somecourses will be able to get a The moron’s reason for cheating one else’s paper, cheating in the end. grade point average higher than is simple: they yearn for a decent From a broader aspect, cheaters those who take easy classes. score, but they can’t go about and eventually swindle themselves out The change would make an earn that grade themselves. They of everything theyhoped to pursue AP A worth five points, rather were discouraged by past events, through forgery. Fundamental tests than a normal A, which is four and eventually lost all faith in them- are arranged so that you can’t cheat, points. This helps to separate selves to produce acceptable work. andrequire test taking competence students based on the rigor of They rely on others to provide their to pass. If you’ve cheated your way their classes. The extra point answers, and lose their composure out of regular school tests, how helps to persuade students to focus on core classes rather than when they can’t see their class- could you expect to do well on more on their electives. This prepares mate’s test, proved by their blank difficult ones that impact your life papers. These psychologically dam- immensely? students for college because it aged moochers are by far the most The three types of cheaters would will give them a feel for college tolerable of the cheaters. The social- fail; the dumb-dumb would have level classes. no self-faith and stall; the socialite The grading changes have hurt ites are by far the least. Socialites approach you with a would be placed under heavy watch some students in their ability to feigned smile set across their face. and be prevented from hustling separate themselves from one They speak to you as if they were for answers; and the overachiever another and demonstrate acayour closest friend, though the rela- would steal themselves out of time demic excellence. The change towards a balanced system goes tionship that you actually share with with every question, nervous that against the prior traditional grad- them can be compared to that of the they’re answers may be incorrect. I relationship that a parasite shares suppose in essence, what I’m trying ing scale that has worked for with an animal, the socialite being to prove by this list, is that cheaters centuries. the parasite. They suck out your re- never prevail. So why do we need the sources and leave you feeling empty, change now? bitter, and used. I can proudly say that when a so-

February 2012


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Equestrians are athletes

Emily Keene Staff Reporter Imagine the sweat, work, and tears you pour into your passion, just to have it shot down by the people around you. Imagine the weight of them thinking that what you do is a waste of time; practicing for hours every day and not even earning a small slot in the year book, as though all the work your team has put into their sport never even existed. These are the challenges equestrians face on a daily basis. People say we aren’t real athletes and that what we do is a waste of time, and we should join a real sport. They say it takes no skill, we just sit there. But I ask them, have they ever fallen from five feet up, going thirty five miles per hour, brushed yourself off, and finished the course? Have you ever danced with an animal up to fifteen times your size that doesn’t even speak your language? Have you ever gone full speed on a horse to dash in between poles, trusting him not to lose control? Have you ever had to communicate with another creature with the exact precision it takes to do any of these events? If that is not a real sport, I don’t know what is. They say it’s effortless, that it takes no work when in fact this could not be farther from the truth. Studies have shown that going through each of the horse’s gaits raises heart rates up to the equivalent as if the rider was doing them. Walking raises the heart rate to

the same as if the rider was walking. Trotting beyond that of anything like tennis, track, or is the equivalent to jogging, cantering is the football. Falling from a galloping horse goequivalent to running, and galloping is the ing thirty five to forty five miles per hour will equivalent to sprinting. Riders who do gaming cause a lot more damage than just a human will often gallop their horses could ever do. We ask them to around barrels for an hour or “We have a bond with do things that are instinctually more each night, conditioning a creature that our against their nature, like charge a both the equine and themcow. Tragically, last year a life depends upon. horned selves, physically and mentalgirl in Washington was sent into a The fragile link of coma because her horse jumped ly. This would be like sprinting around a track for an hour. trust we share is the over a cow and fell down. She Effortless? I think not. only thing that keeps was trampled by the cows and The dedication of the had to be taken to the hospital by us from injury or helicopter. With risks like these, sport is enormous. People death.” might think that horseback the danger is real. A strong bond riding is something you with your horse is essential to the can just forget about and pick up before the safety of all involved. We have a bond with a meets. But in reality, most of the girls at OHcreature that our life depends upon. The fragSET (Oregon High School Equestrian Teams, ile link of trust we share is the only thing that the organization our school competes through) keeps us from injury or death. practice every night, working through emotionSo before you decide we don’t deserve al and physical challenges presented to horse to be up there with the spring sports at the and rider. Mussels have to be conditioned for recognition assembly, think about just how difriding which works everything from calves to ficult it is to do what we do. Take a moment to core muscles to arms. It can be exhausting consider the special bond between horse and perfecting a maneuver, or figuring out why a rider. Consider how physically demanding the horse has trouble performing a movement. sport is, and the dangers involved in trusting And it’s not just riding and caring for our a 2,000 pound animal. Ask yourselves if you horses we pour the effort into. Horses are could do what we do before deciding we aren’t extremely expensive to have, so many of us a sport. have jobs or work at our stables in order to ride. I personally work at my stables after school, trading my time for the ability to ride my horse. While this is extremely challenging and often hard on me and my family, the benefits of connecting with my horse are the most rewarding thing in the world. Not only do we match the physical challenges of other sports, the danger level is far

This is exchange student Jinho Cho’s artistic intepretation of a Liberty volleyball game. She depicted Liberty’s play-in game win against Franklin High School back in November.

February 2012


Page 6 The Patrick Henry

Living With POTS

Naomi Taub Staff Reporter

no answers, my dad had me conduct a test: I had to lie down and relax for five minutes to find out what my resting heart rate was. Then I had Around three and to get up and stand still for another five mina half years ago, my utes, noting my heart rate. Then I laid down for father was diagnosed an additional minute, to see what my heart rate with a form of dysaudid. The tests were conclusive. My heart rate was tonomia that crippled around 65 when lying down and jumped to 110his life. Postural Or120 when standing. It went down to around 65 thostatic Tachycardia when I laid back down. The basic diagnosis of Syndrome (POTS) POTS is an increase in beats per minute of 30 or didn’t take away parts more. I had POTS. of his body or shorten At first, I was a bit careless. I didn’t feel that his life span. It severely limited the use of his bad physically; I didn’t notice that my heart rate body. was faster than normal. But, if you’re not careWhen my family found out he had it, I was ful, POTS gets worse. I kept overexerting myself, worried for his health. I noticed that he couldn’t which led to the problem getting worse. stand without excessively sweating and becomNow, my heart rate goes into the 190s when ing exhausted. He started to get headaches and walking at a normal pace. Twenty more bpm and stomach cramps that didn’t seem to go away I’m at a dangerously high risk for a heart attack. unless he was lying down. He had to quit his I’m now on medication which lowers my heart job as an alarm technician and was forced to the rate by squeezing my blood vessels, which in couch every day, sick with headaches, nausea, turn increases my blood pressure, leading to a and chronic fatigue. lower heart rate because more blood is getting to The blood vessels in his legs and abdomen my heart more easily. I am also doing over 200 didn’t squeeze to push blood to the upper por- crunches a day, which is strengthening my abdotions of his body, which made his heart work men. Having a stronger abdomen prevents large double time to make sure he got blood to his amounts of blood from settling there. brain. (When the heart is at the “I cannot run, I canBut even with that, I cannot rate of a runner doing a marathon run, I cannot dance, I cannot all day, the person gets really tired.) not dance, I cannot carry weight of any kind, and Blood pooled in his legs and abdo- carry weight of any stairs are my worst enemy. The men, making him dizzy and giving kind, and stairs are smallest things increase my him stomach cramps and nausea. my worst enemy. The heart rate to dangerous levels, I love my dad, and I took on the and my life can get really difresponsibility of taking care of him smallest things in- ficult. whenever I was with him. I would crease my heart rate My sister Sarah has it also. push his wheelchair, I would make to dangerous levels, She developed POTS about a sure that he had everything he after me. Luckily, she’s and my life can get month needed and helped him in any way not as bad as I am, and I’m not really difficult. ” possible, such as helping him up the nearly as bad as my dad. But stairs. she is slowly getting worse like Because of his POTS, we couldn’t go to the I am. She goes through the same struggles, and park to throw Frisbee or rides our bikes on a nice both of our lives have been limited by POTS. summer day like we used to. Our new version of Statistics show that one out of 100 teenagers spending time together was sitting on the couch has POTS. The most common form of POTS dewatching TV all day. I felt terrible for my dad; I velops at age 14 and gets worse and more promcould see how much pain he was in because he inent at age 16. There is an 80 percent recovery couldn’t be the dad he wanted to be anymore. rate for teens that have this form of POTS, but it But I adjusted to that new life with him, and takes years to get rid of it with helpful exercises things were gradually getting better. and medications. Four months ago, I began to feel extremely POTS has affected and limited my dad’s daily exhausted after going up the stairs. I preferred life, my daily life, and my sister’s daily life. It also to lie down rather than be active. I loved salty really worries my mother. It’s a strange kind of foods. I tended to have a high heart rate. But I handicap and not something to be taken lightly. never thought for a second that I had POTS. I But fortunately, it’s not something considered fathought I was just out of shape and simply lazy. tal all the time. As long as I continue to take Eventually, I started to feel my heart doing my medications and do my physical exercises, I’ll weird things, such as flutters or weird heart protect myself from physical stress and hopefully pumps. I went to the doctor to find out what get rid of POTS. was happening, and I was given a heart monitor. A few days after the visit to the doctor with

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome is a condition that many people suffer from that might not even know about. No one knows everything about it and everything that comes with it, but we do know enough to be able to diagnose someone who has it. To qualify for POTS, you first must have a heart rate that exceeds a 30 bpm increase in heart rate when you simply stand up from lying horizontally down. To give yourself a test to see whether or not that happens with you, here’s the procedure: 1. Put on a heart monitor to view your heart rate or have someone readily able to take your pulse accurately. Make sure that you write down your heart rates when you take them, so you don’t forget them. 2. Lie down flat on the ground for five minutes. You must stay still without talking, laughing, or anything that can raise your heart rate. 3. At the end of the five minutes, while still lying down, take your heart rate. 4. After taking your heart rate, stand straight up. Do not slouch or lean on anything, and do not talk or laugh as this can raise your heart rate. Immediately after standing up, take your heart rate. Stand like this for five minutes 5. At the end of those five minutes, take your heart rate. 6. Once again, lie back down for an additional minute, and record your heart rate at the end of that minute. If your heart rate exceeded an increase of 30 beats per minute upon standing up, you may quite possibly have POTS. Other symptoms to be aware of are: -Excessive sweating -Constant fatigue -Stairs wear you out -Brain fog -Stomach cramps -Headaches -Dizziness -Fast heart rate -Legs and feet turn red in the shower


February 2012

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Portland hosts annual

Patrick Price Staff Reporter

‘Eurydice’ going to State Allison Farrell Staff Reporter Liberty’s theatre class went further than they’ve ever gone before with the fall play, “Eurydice” (you-RID-uh-see). “Eurydice” had never been performed by an Oregon high school before, but Liberty accepted the challenge and more. Not only did they produce this play, but they also competed in the State Showcase in front of three professional judges. Their performance was critically examined and graded on the key parts of theatre (character, movement, voice, presentation, ensemble, technical elements and quality of presentation). Many across the state of Oregon competed but only two move on to the State Thespian Festival in April, this year located in downtown Salem. “Eurydice” is one of them. “Eurydice” tells the tragic tale of Orpheus’ attempt to bring his late beloved wife, Eurydice, back from the underworld after she

dies. Told from her point of view, this play is considered complex and difficult to perform but very entertaining. It was selected by Van Wess because it’s a “terrific story, told in an unusual way with something in it for everyone who sees it.” Only the school’s most ambitious actors and actresses portrayed the deep characters of this play. The heroine, Eurydice, was depicted by Samantha Newcomb. Her heartbroken lover, Orpheus, was played by Lucien Gratteri. Michael Procassini portrayed two characters, both the Lord of the Underworld and the Nasty Interesting Man, while Maren Batemen, Victoria Duras, and Breanna Greenlee made up the Stones, this play’s equivalent to a Greek chorus. These actors formed the backbone of this production, but were conducted by Assistant Director Allie Teegarden.

Rock Fest

Rock Fest, which was hosted by PDX, is a concert of about 10 different bands that are different almost every year. A bunch of fans of metal music come together and have a great time listening to the music that connects them. It is an all day concert that starts at 12 and ends around nine. The band list set-up in not based on popularity, they have the 3 unpublished bands play first and then the order is random from then on. Unfortunately this might be the last year that Rock Fest is going to be done because 101.1 KUFO has been removed from the radio and replaced by talk radio. Some of the bands at Rock Fest this year were Hinder, Chevelle, and Queensryche, and many more. During Rock Fest they had food and refreshments but they were at a higher price than they should have. Rock Fest also had the Monster energy drink truck there handing out Monster and offering a place to stop and rest for a while away from the heat of the day while enjoying time with your friends. The big 3 bands that were there where All That Remains, Five Finger Death Punch, and Korn. All three bands played some of their more popular songs. Rock Fest had music playing between each band so you could listen to music while you waited for the next band to play. They had an

Photo courtesy of Rock fans from around the state and the country swarmed to Portland to attend its annual Rock Fest. Many different bands attended, including All That Remains, Korn, and more.

Same-Sex marriage legalized in Washington State

Jin Lee Staff Reporter Raucous applause flooded the reception room of the Olympia statehouse on Monday, February 12, when Governor Christine Gregoire signed a measure that would make Washington state the seventh in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage. Despite strong protests from gay right opponents, Gregoire signed the legislation, later stating that she felt better about her home state after the measure passed than ever before. The measure passed the Senate on February 1st by a narrow margin of 28-21; the following week it passed through the state House by a vote of 55-43.

Drop off used electronics in Room 240 (Ms. Eich’s room)

area where people mosh and listen to the music near the front of the crowd. Of course you could crowd surf (which is where you have people push you across the top of the crowd to get to the front of a crowd.) And if you didn’t want to be in the crowd you could just walk around and sit somewhere. All around Rock Fest was a great experience for any rock music lover. It had everything that it needed. It had 10 great bands playing very enjoyable music. It had areas to jam to the music and just let the inner no one would judge you. Rock Fest was a great time and hopefully they have Rock Fest for years to come.

Though the bill meets all the requirements to become a law, it won't take effect until early June due to the state's 90-day enactment period. During that time, opponents of gay rights have vowed to put the law on hold until a ballot measure in November. In order to accomplish this, gay opponents must collect a total of 120, 577 signatures by June 6. In spite of these anti-gay endeavors to prevent gay marriage in the state of Washington, same-sex supporters maintain their faith. Senator Ed Murray remarked: "My friends welcome to the other side of the rainbow. No matter what the future holds, nothing will take this moment away from us."

Right: Washington state governor Christine Gregoire signs a measure that legalizes same-sex marriage in the state. The bill officially becomes a law in early June.

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February 2012


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The struggles of a working class Jin Lee Staff Reporter

they primarily taste curry or in the worker’s case, feel fear. As a result of fear being a dominant emotion, the working class cannot feel In today’s economy, living in poverty is not complete happiness. an uncommon occurrence. The working class A byproduct of low wage is that blue-collar is overburdened with apathetic regulations that workers are often forced to pay extra money fail to recognize their problems, while their for necessary musts, such as food and shelter. empty pockets prevent them from purchasing The low wage that supports many blue-collar essential needs that are required for leading a workers cannot also cover the amount of money stable life. Although workers should be able to needed to make the down payment required to maintain an acceptable standard of living on a rent an apartment. Needing a form of shelter, low wage salary, it has become improbable, if many turn to motels that offer more expensive not impossible to do so. They cannot properly rooms and require little or no down payment. support themselves and thus they lead insufFrom a monthly perspective, apartments ficient and often hapless lives are generally cheaper than moMany people argue that money “Although workers tels, and the difference between does not affect a person’s overthe amount charged at the two should be able to all emotion, and that people who places would eventually add up lead lives of poverty are capable maintain an acceptable to surpass the amount of the of being indefinitely happy. Some standard of living on a down payment needed to rent an validation could be given to the low-wage salary, it has apartment. argument, however, the belief is become improbable, if The lower class then basically amiss. When financial security is pays more for a home that many absent from peoples’ lives, they not impossible, to do people would describe unsuitso.” have no choice but to feel afraid. able. Furthermore, lower class Fear is a powerful emotion that workers who cannot afford to can prevent a person from feeling any other have their own kitchens are limited to purchasthing. ing foods that are not only more expensive, but Imagine yourself preparing curry. You add unhealthy as well. Minimum wage earners canwater, vegetables, meat, and seasoning to your not escape their hand-to-mouth lifestyles, bepot. You add a curry mixture last. You complete cause they are overburdened by the types of your curry by stirring your mixture with a wood- policies and regulations mentioned above. en mixing spoon. Members of the lower class cannot graduate The relationship of fear to the other emotions to new financial conditions, as the reasons that can be compared to the relationship that curry created poverty still persist. The reasons, that shares with the ingredients in a curry dish. The go hand-in-hand, halt financial as well as social vegetables and meats represent happy emo- progress. The low wages of the working class is tions, while the seasonings represent remorse. the primary problem. These wages that deprive The curry represents fear. You notice that de- lower class workers compel them to spend more spite the other seasonings and vegetables pres- money to acquire these necessities. The hardent in your meal, you only taste the curry. The ships of the lower class are too commonly overother ingredients contribute to the dish, but looked. The suffering of the lower class could through texture alone and not taste. be averted if people tended to their problems The lower class workers feel all other emo- properly. tions, just like all ingredients are present in a I don’t claim to know everything about povcurry meal. When they take a bite, however, erty. I don’t even claim to know anything. But

from the research that I’ve completed over a lengthy period of time, I can say without hesitation that when the problems of the working class are resolved, the world would be an immensely better place.

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Lewis Hine’s 1920 ‘Power house mechanic working on steam pump’.

Economy Threatens Postal Service Terrence Andrews-Ramsey Staff Reporter On Sept.15 a 17 year Veteran at the U.S Postal Service answered a few questions for the Patrick Henry. Specifically, the conversation covered the challenges facing the post office in the current economic climate and his feelings about the job he has held for so many years.

Image courtesy of Here, U.S. Postal Service workers rally for support. Many are trying to save what they feel is the dying Post Office industry. Thousands would lose their jobs if the government stopped the funding of the mail service.

Q: How do you feel about the possibility of the mail being stopped? A: If the mail was stopped, a lot of people would be out of a job including me. There are American citizens who do not have access to a cell phone or the Internet, and this is their only source for correspondence, so for them mail and the Postal Service play a big role. With other businesses like UPS,

you might be overcharged and your mail or other things will just be tossed at your front door where anyone can come and pick it up. They “UPS” even go through the postal service because their company sometimes only goes so far out of the city, but the postal business goes everywhere. People think that the post office is supported only by the taxpayers money, but they are not; they are a self-supported business. Their revenue covers their bills. Q: What would be the fallout of the post office closing? A: Without the requirements of the federal government, the people handling your mail could have undesirable backgrounds, and they’d be delivering your mail right to your doorstep. Would you want your mail to be

in the hands of a criminal, who would know where you lived? Q: What issues are causing the post office to these financial problems? A: Even if we are self-supported, we do not always own the buildings we work in. For example, there is still a lease on the old postal building across from the Liberty high that is in place for another seven years. Five hundred thousand every year for a empty building! Just think how many others might be like that. The business is being broke down from the inside by the upper management in the company. I bet Congress doesn’t even know how much money will be lost if the post office disappears.

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