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Why do People fart so much in Bihar ?

Feb.15-25, 2011

School Students ignite biggest protest movement

The Patna Post M ag a z i n e o n N e t

O ptical illusion!? Nitish pushes hard on corrpution........

Feb.15-25, 2011

F ro m th e E d ito r’ s D esk

Why One must be wondering what was the need of launching yet another

news web portal amidst thousands of them googling around across the worldwideweb. And, that too from a place which has nothing to showcase, except its archaeology and scatology!

We, at thepatnapost too mulled over it for months, set off long debate, dialogue and discussion to reach the conclusion that in a changing world and wordage of journalism there is a space. When the mainstream media has not only lost its teeth and spine but also become a government mouthpiece there is a space; when the shoutlines merged with support lines there is a space; when people puke at what every morning the paperwalla push daily inside your door there is a space and in time when media meets Radia there is definitely a space.


We thought over it again—how to be different and how to be indifferent; what to follow and what not to follow. We’re sure we do not claim to practice journalism of courage, to bring out paper with passion where truth must prevail. In the age of new journalism we decided to come out with a short, sharp, snappy and smart magazine exclusively on net every ten days which will not only break your mid-week monotony but also serve you what you actually want to be served and savor and, all at your finger tip. Frankly, following the footsteps of Hunter Thompson thepatnapost will practice gonzo journalism. It will be personal, political yet provocative; a freewheeling, unstructured naxalite narrative; an art straight from the heart; Foster’s trophy of mind over matter and Kafka’s axe to the frozen sea.A pro bono publica. With an amalgamation of excellent reports, essays, poetry, literature, humour, quiz, photo synthesis, photo essays, fashion, food and column of our own agony aunt thepatnapost, we believe, will be a complete visual delight for you all informed citizens. Beware, it will not only amuse and bemuse you but seduce you also and, finally make you an addict.

Read it to believe it. The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

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Optical Illusion... Nitish pushes hard on corrpution



Why do people fart so much in Bihar.....



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The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

C o ver S to ry

Pushes Hard ? Nitish Corruption aka

Well in saddle, when the Bihar


chief minister Nitish Kumar, fondly called Shushan Babu, was undertaking one of his many Yatras before the state assembly poll last year to weigh the mood of the people for his second inning in power, he didn’t have an inkling how much the janata under his regime were feeling asphyxiated by his corrupt babus. Nitish Kumar was apparently numbed with the revelation of magnanimity of anger and rues of the people everywhere he went. His methodical mind got the point and by the time the state assembly came he was convinced it’s “corruption” which would got him back to power again, very much like the issue of “law and order” in November 2005. When the poll campaign set off Nitish Kumar went full-throttle on corruption amidst voters and declared that he would launch crackdown on corruption like he had done on “crime and criminals” in first part of his regime. At each of his nearly three hundred poll eve public meetings he reiterated his claim with much vigour and vim. His sharp political cells and sense knew it was going to pay him off massive electoral mandate. De-

The Patna Post


spite the Opposition and Congress leaders whirlwind campaign blitz on him, Nitish Kumar remained glued to his focus area. Though, earlier he had set up Special Vigilance Unit [SVU] to nail the corrupt babus but somehow it failed to make a spectacular show and couldn’t make inroads in people’s heart and mind. Except two, other caught in SVU net were either the small or lower rung officials. He then introduced Bihar Special Court Bill 2009 which to his annoyance was kept in abeyance for over a year in Parliament.

“This time no one will be spared and I’ll wage a war on corruption to root it out from the state”, declared Nitish Kumar and the people cheered and clapped. He followed people’s mood and made up his mind. Then came the poll and people of the state reposed their faith in what he had promised to deliver. The rest was the history as Nitish Kumar and his team got what has never been happened in the political history of the state. Out of total 243 NDA got 206. It was even unbelievable figure for the man of the moment himself, Nitish

Feb.15-25, 2011


h O t O S


R AS h ANt



Kumar. The Opposition led by once erstwhile Raja of Bihar Lalu Prasad was completely wiped out and Congress reduced to become a party fit to be accommodated in a Nano car with just four seats. Expectedly, Nitish Kumar came to power again but he knew the burden was heavy this time as he has to fight with his own babus and bureaucrats on the burning issue of corruption. He did not celebrate his victory and even cautioned his partymen to do so. Remember his yeh Bihar ki janata ki jeet hai discourse on the result day amidst media glare. The people of the state were watching him more keenly and Nitish Kumar was well aware of being watched from close quarter.

Then came his first salvo. The

properties of the corrupt officials will be confiscated and the government schools will be opened in the seized houses, he announced. “For me that will be the greatest day of my life when the first government school will be opened in a seized house of a corrupt babu”, said Nitish Kumar and the local media made it banner headlines. People of the state rejoiced. It appeared the Bihar chief minister has decided to crush corruption to its mouth and will be able to score his point again. By then the Bihar Special Court

Kunwar’s house where Nitish wants to open Govt School

Rules 2010 came into effect and facilitated the state government to confiscate properties of public servants found guilty of amassing wealth disproportionate to their known sources of income. Works set in motion, steps taken to nail a corrupt official and seize his property to open a government school. All eyes were up that who will be the first babu to be bambooed. Soon one, a motor vehicle inspector of Aurangabad district, Raghuvansh Kunwar was picked up and the state human resources development minister announced that government was going to open its first school in Kunwar’s three-story house located in Kankerbagh area of the state capital. “I have lived in this house for 20 years with my wife, children and

The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

three brothers and suddenly I was being told to hand over my house”, Kunwar wondered and went to Patna High Court where the case kept in pending. For the record, the SVU has total 18 such cases to seize the properties valued at Rs 21 crore and 87 cases for possible confiscation of assets.

Nitish Kumar then took his next


step. No consensus was sought, no discussion or debate was followed only the order came. He abolished the decade old provision of Rs 1 crore Local Area Development Fund [LAD Fund] for all 318 [242 of state assembly, 75 of state council] of legislators saying “it’s

inviting bad name for legislators in

The Patna Post

the name of bribe and corruption”. Soon after, the Bihar chief minister lobbed another salvo asking all ministers of his cabinet to declare their assets every year for transparency. He set the deadline of December 31 and made it mandatory. Lo and behold, no one rued and everyone with their asset details was there on the government website well within the deadline. Nitish himself followed even with his son’s asset details. However, party MP Upendra Kushwaha, who of late has fallen out from Nitish Kumar, has asked the ministers to declare their source of assets like he did recently, and not merely declare it for public consumption. Next, however, was the number of babus and bureaucrats, except grade IV employees to declare their assets, properties of their kin and sources of income. First, the deadline was set to January 31 but it was extended later for a month to the end of February. It too was mandatory and they even were threatened that their salaries will be discontinued failing to abide by the government directive. Two of District Magistrates of Saran and Siwan set precedent and posted their asset details on district web-

Feb.15-25, 2011

sites within days of order came. The rest, as reports has come in, are busy these days making plus and minuses in their declaration sheet. Many are aggrieved, while some have no problem. By now the message has gone out and loud that Nitish Kumar has launched full assault with all his turbo power to weed out corruption from Bihar. Subsequently, corruption became the national issue with the 2G spectrum and National Common Wealth games scams and the Bihar chief minister had lot in his bag to show the country how he was cracking down on the menace in his state. He not only got appreciations but national headlines more than any other of his country counterparts. Yet, another trophy for him in pipeline, many believed!

Of late, he came out with an-

other novel idea to make Bihar a corruption free state. At an interaction session with NDA workers held recently at his official residence he declared that the ruling alliance would identify 100 dedicated party workers---at least two for each of the 38 districts--- to train them how to spy on corrupt officials, collect pertinent evidences and to apprise the government. The workers could also be equipped with spy cameras to

record corrupt dealings of officials to substantiate the government's case against the latter. “Complaints against corrupt offiDM’s meeting with Chief Minister

cials should be supported by concrete proofs so that the perpetrators are ensured jail sentences,” declared Nitish Kumar. He further exhorted the workers to support the government in its “war on corruption”.

In Bihar where corruption has not only got its epidemic proportion but an accepted fact of daily chores which lubricants the wheels of their life cycle. Only time will tell how-hard-and-how-far Nitish Kumar has pushed on corruption. Will he come out successfully or will it be merely an optical illusion? People, meanwhile, are watching with their fingers crossed and legs lumbered.

The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

Republic Of Scams

Total Scam Money (approx) Since 1992:

` 73000000000000 Cr. (73 Lakh Crore)

Greed, graft, politics, bribery, dirty money. Just another day in the life of a nation still rated among the most corrupt in the world. Scan the scams that have grabbed headlines, destroyed reputations and left many people poorer. 1992 Harshad Mehta securities scam ` 5,000 cr


1994 Sugar import scam `650 cr 1995 Preferential alloment scam ` 5,000 cr Yugoslav Dinar scam ` 400 cr Meghalaya Forest scam ` 300 cr 1996 Fertiliser import scam `1300 cr Urea scam ` 133 cr Bihar fodder scam ` 950 cr 1997 Sukh Ram telecom scam `1500 cr SNC Lavalin power project scam ` 374 cr Bihar land scandal ` 400 cr C.R. Bhansali stock scam `1200 cr 1998 Teak plantation swindle ` 8000 cr 2001 UTI scam Rs 4,800 cr Dinesh Dalmia stock scam ` 595 cr Ketan Parekh securities scam ` 1,250 cr 2002 Sanjay Agarwal Home Trade scam ` 600 cr 2003 Telgi stamp paper scam ` 172 cr

The Patna Post

2005 IPO-Demat scam ` 146 cr Bihar flood relief scam ` 17 cr Scorpene submarine scam ` 18,978 cr 2006 Punjab's City Centre project scam ` 1,500 cr, Taj Corridor scam ` 175 cr 2008 Pune billionaire Hassan Ali Khan tax default ` 50,000 cr The Satyam scam ` 10,000 cr Army ration pilferage scam ` 5,000 cr State Bank of Saurashtra scam ` 95 cr Illegal monies in Swiss banks, as estimated in 2008 ` 71,00,000 cr 2009 The Jharkhand medical equipment scam ` 130 cr Rice export scam ` 2,500 cr Orissa mine scam ` 7,000 cr Madhu Koda mining scam ` 4000 cr 2010 2G Spectrum scam wirth ` 1.73 lakh cr. CWG scam ` 60,000 cr.

Feb.15-25, 2011

h u mo u r


Why do people fart so much in Bihar?

Sanjay Kumar

We, the citizens of Republic of Bihar, are generally obsessed with farting. Leave alone relentlessly drilled acceptable social manners into our psyche, each of us loves farting or at the very least, has grudging admiration for the process of farting. So releasing, so relaxing. Ahhhhhhhhhh!, we say at ease. It takes a part of us away leaving us light, cool and enlightened. Of all attributes the nature or the almighty has bestowed upon us it is possibly the most imaginatively envisaged, creatively packaged and blissfully granted.

T he idea of farting is intimately linked with the idea of gasbags. Our tribes of equivocating politicians, know – all literati, noisy chatterati arrogating to themselves arrogance of changing the world to usher in a better, beautiful world fart around loud and no holds barred.

Power – packed, punchy, sermonising, farting incessantly with arrogant infallibility, absolute hubris, patronizing prattling and prescriptive panaceas arrogating to themselves a vanguard role out on the mission to make India a beautiful place to live in, We can defend or devastate anything according to our convenient morality. Any other morality or the aggregation of all moralities must subsume to our absolute morality. Our absolute sense of morality and absolute lack of humility makes us absolutely dangerous farters. We’re beautiful people of a beautiful world writing beautiful prose replete with beautiful ideas about making the world a beautiful place to live in. We come out with earth- shattering titles like Phalana Babu-Dekhna Babu, Phalana SinghDekhna Sharma; [did] this-[did] that; mere chacha-mere bhaiya ka saala – arrogating ourselves a shining halo of absolute self – righteousness.

The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

We’re, or so to say, the most dangerous farters. Our farting is not of our own – it is controlled, regulated, guided, pressed when needed and suppressed when necessary. Our farting, needless to say, comes for a price.


On the other hand the top down farting, seemingly mundane, is connected with complex notions of hierarchy, power, rebelliousness, leisure, ideology and so on. Some of us have the divine right to fart but others have the divine duty to be farted to and into. If we can fart without caring for the world around, we’re arriviste; if people seem appreciative, we have arrived. It is a class thing to do. The overlapping of the feudal status – the nouveau rich status – carefree farting is the ultimate in our upward mobility.

Farting as rebelliousness needs to be seriously explored. It is the final resort, the ultimate recourse of a potentially rebellious but helpless against an enemy that is oversized and overwhelming. Fart of a David against a Goliath is a great signifier – defiance of dictates, polluter of a sacred space, heralder of non-submission, a statement of hostility against a world that has outlived its utility and that is threatening to turn topsy – turvy.

The Patna Post

It is also an ultimate leisurely activity. A farter is at peace with himself and with the world. Farting carelessly is an autonomous, languid, leisurely, intermittent, pleasure – giving, relaxing activity of release from fetters and shackles of existence. For us, farting ideologically is neutral as it can be adapted to serve different ideologies with similar efficacy. Farting with effrontery is feudalism; farting with panache is liberalism; farting competitively is capitalism; Farting with irreverence is atheism; farting with vindictiveness is tribalism; farting with rebelliousness is anarchism; farting relaxingly is consumerism; farting with indifference is socialism; farting with nothing else to do is communism and farting to create gas chambers is Fascism. People in Bihar fart for different reasons. They fart because farting primarily, is not dangerous to health, society or State; because farting gives meaning to a solitary, meaningless existence; because either you fart or you are farted around; because it is replete with possibilities - If the farter is boss, the meeting is likely to be shortened; in case the farter is a subordinate, the boss will lose focus and he will end the meeting fumingly; because otherwise life is

Feb.15-25, 2011

a zero sum game; because farting is one thing no one can take away – unlike life and liberty; because farting releases bottled up and life threatening frustrations; because it makes a nasty, brutish, short life tolerable if not lovable; because it is a signifier of inverse snobbery and because inverse snobbery is so cool, such a great leveler; because if one does not fart, it might be potentially catastrophic. We fart for all the right reasons and all the wrong compositions. We fart as we’re ideologically eclectic; ‘cause we want to change and still wish to remain the same; ‘cause we’re torn between nostalgia and utopia; ‘cause we’re overwhelmed by rhetoric and underwhelmed by reality; ‘cause we’re caught between resurgence and insurgence. Bewildered, Bemused, Confused, Waylaid, Disoriented, Tragicomic, Pessoptimistic, farting, above all, is what we know best and what we are best at doing!


Let us fart and freak out. Isn’t Bihar gung-ho these days .

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every ten days.... The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

P h o to S to ry


The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

School Students ignite biggest protest movement


Text & Photo/

The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

For the first time school students have ignited a protest movement in such a way that has stormed the socio political landscape of Bihar. In Marwan, Muzaffarpur they begin their day with protest march and educating the villagers about the killer dust of white asbestos for which a proposed factory is being setup at Bishunpur- Chainpur Village by Kolkata based Balmukund Cement. & Roofing Limited.


The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011


The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

Arc h ive

The Quila House campus, on the Bank of River Ganges, was the old site of the “Patna Fort” built by Sher Shah in 1541AD, though its antiquity can be traced to 5th century BC. The raised campus protrudes inside the Ganges, forcing the holy river to move northwards and meander. It, consequently, had one of the most strategic locations from the military point of view as, by standing on it on the river bank, one had an unhindered view on three sides for miles!


The Quila had been the residential complex of provincial governors/Deputy Governors of Bihar for two hundred years from 1541 to 1748 AD. Previously, Quila was having much bigger area as its eastern portion was later bought by the Nepal Government and later acquired by Sikh community and there now stands ‘Guru Govind Singh College’. In the western side of the Quila, there exists ‘Madarsa Mosque’. In the west of the Mosque (in the Present Chimney Ghat), Azim-us-Shan (1704-11) built the forty pillared Hall, Chehel-Satoon as Durbar Hall, which was further renovated by Haibat Jung. The Madarsa Mosque and Chehel - Satoon became extension of Quila proper as the Mosque became the common passage for movement of Governors between the Quila House and Chehel Satoon. After the Battle of Plassey and later after the battle of Buxar, the East India company officers also made it their residence but later the Quila remained as ‘Victory Trophy’.

Quila house

, in the early 20th century, belonged to Nawab of Gaya. Diwan Bahadur Radha Krishna Jalan bought it from him in 1919. The Quila house today has a large collection of Antiques. Here one can find Mughal glassware, Dresden Chinaware, Porcelain Chinaware of Ming dynasty, manuscripts of rare Tibetan and Indian scriptures. The Palanquin of Tipu Sultan, Swords of Humayun and Akbar, Bed of Napoleon III.

The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

tendaysyoutrundledpast His name is Shushil My name is Modi Modi and he holds the Politicians hardly die with their post of state’s Deputy chief minister. He is also habits, they just live the face of BJP in Bihar and has been the most on with them. In today’s Bihar visible face in media during Lalu-Rabri regime under Nitish Kumar where bugle of as an Opposition leader. But, ever since Modi good governance and improved law became the junior of Bihar chief minister Nitish and order situation has been globKumar, he lost touch—with people, partymen ally acknowledged [??!!], there is an and press, for which he was earlier famously MLA from none other Nitish Kumar’s known for. Of late, Modi comes in news more for own party JD-U who once again has wrong reasons and occasions. come out from his boozing stupor to bother to poke fun at his worldly First, his name was allegedly dragged into conclaims. Less than two months after troversy by one of her cousin sisters Rekha Modi the controversial MLA Sunil Pandey in a house grabbing scandal of which the climax brought embarrassment for Kumar was broadcast on local news channels one cool by allegedly demanding Rs 1 crore night. Then came the party MLA from Purnia Raj as extortion money from a construcKishore Kehsari’s murder by a woman teacher tion company head, he now has alwho claimed to be sexually exploited by the MLA legedly captured house of a widow and his men for a long time. Modi again found from Dehri-on-Sone, Ranjita Devi. himself in soup when he jumped on conclusion just within two hours of the murder that the The woman in her mid-30s told lady was blackmailing the MLA and she was not Bihar chief minister at his weekly of sound mind. The women’s group and the civil Janata Durbar that Pandey not only society charged Modi for his “prompt statement got her husband, Dharmendra to influence the probe”. Keshari was Modi’s proKumar, killed but had captured her tégé. house through his men. Rendered

Old habits die hard

homeless the young widow with her five year old child is scurrying for home and life. However, as expected, Nitish Kumar ordered probe and the matter was off.

While, on the other hand, the bahubali MLA told mediapersons that Ranjita Devi’s husband was criminal and was killed in criminal activities. “I’ve all the valid documents and papers of the house with me. The lady is lying under a conspiracy to defame me”, said Sunil Pandey against whom number of criminal cases was pending in different courts. It would now be interesting to see what and how our own Shusashan Babu get justice to the peeved widow.

The latest bug bitten the bearded Modi bitterly is his name, once again allegedly, dragged into a house grabbing controversy and that too, not far from his home in Rajendra Nagar. A kin of renowned poet known as Bihar’s pride Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ has charged Modi of shielding his cousin brother Mahesh Modi in grabbing the Dinkar house owned by the family of the revered Hindi poet. The late poet’s daughter-inlaw, Hemant Devi, met the chief minister at his janata durbar last week but returned dissatisfied as the CM did not get him any concrete assurance. Modi, meanwhile, has refuted the allegation and said that he was nowhere in the picture but being a deputy of Nitish Kumar he also did nor assure the lady to get her justice and take his name out from the controversy. Shall he say My name is Modi and ‘am always in controversy!

The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

B o o ks



NoveLS tHat thepatnapost reCommeNdS you to read & reLiSH iN 2011

The CuRFeW by JESSY BAll








The Patna Post



The MOunTaIn ShadOW by GReGORy daVId ROBeRT


Feb.15-25, 2011

P o etry

enemy We oppose


Sanjay Kumar






The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

Y o ur’s o wn A g ony A unt dr.Binda Singh,

Clinical Psychologist

Q : I am 24-year old eng. student in a committed relationship with my classmate since last three years, I was shocked after knowing that he married owing to parents pressure and confesses that he still loves me. I’m confused and depressed. Should I believe him?

Ans: Its really a pity on you but dear, you have your own answers. Just end your relationship once and for all. Let the whole college know about your relationship with a guy who does not have enough courage to accept you or rather double crossing you and his wife. As far as love is concerned it will take time to heal and who knows 20 somebody better must be awaiting for you, dump him from your life and say hello to a new life. Q :I am a working professional and with a two year daughter and I live in a joint family. My problem is I have to shuttle between home and work. I hardly get time for myself and to top it all sometimes I get irritated by my family members for their negative attitude although I make it a point to keep everyone happy. But, at the end of the day ‘ am totally frustrated and depressed. Its affecting my health too. Pls advice.

Ans: In a joint family always remember that you’re first married

The Patna Post

to the family then to the man. Convince your husband that you care for his family, but that you will need him to be your anchor and support you. Maintain a family routine and request others to synchronize with it. Be tolerant when you assert your self; don’t let it be an aggressive, dominating or sulky approach. Your expectations should be less and remember they are taking care of your child when you are away. So, have family discussions to sort things out and don’t blurt out hurtful stuff. Learn to have discussions when things are cooler. Remember you will have to find time for yourself and sooner you accept your situation better it will be for you. Celebrate with the family and be positive, it works. Q : I am really worried about my brother. He constantly hears different kind of voices although they do not exist. He is loosing interest in everything and has become reclusive. I don’t know if he is doing it deliberately to avoid study. please help. Ans: Your brother is probably suffering from a mental illness called schizophrenia. It is high time you should consult a psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist. He needs psychiatric medicines as well as psychotherapy. Apart from that, family support and understanding is very vital.

Feb.15-25, 2011

F ash io n / L if estyle


Clogs : Women's shoe trend

but not as you imagine

Imagine clogs and, if you're anything like me, the accompanying mental image contains not just clogs but the odd windmill. Rest assured though, if traditional Dutch footwear isn't your thing it's also not the style of clogs that are on trend. Instead we need to look to other parts of Europe to draw inspiration.

Swedish clogs, with their wooden sole and leather upper, have had the largest style impact on the trend. And it's such a combination of materials that you want to be wearing should you invest in a pair of clogs.

Of course, the upper doesn't have to be leather; the pair of Chanel clogs featured above combine a wooden heel and sole with a studded, linen upper.

Clog styles to wear Clogs are unlikely to be in short supply, but along with the good there'll be plenty of bad. Some advice, if I may: Clogs with heels only. And not just any heel, but one of good proportion. Simple really. But let me illustrate. Here's another pair of Chanel clogs, this time with a calfskin and wooden heel combination. Visually appealing.

The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

t est yo u r Q u est

Quizzically on by


dr Manish Kumar

1. Which was the first English newspaper published from Bihar?


2. Who started the publication of Bihar Times? 3. Which was the first Hindi newspaper published from Bihar? 4. Name the newspaper started by Sachchidanand Sinha? 5. Which was the first political organization of Bihar? 6. Which nationalist leader of Bihar started the publication of the news paper “Mother land�? 7. Which later Mughal emperor was corronated at Patna? 8. Who was the first Bihari graduated from prestigious National School of Drama?

22 9. What was the name given to the area inhabited by Santhal tribes around Rajmahal Hills in 1855-56?

10.What is common to novelist Vikram Seth, sociologist Andre Beteille and cricketer Syed Saba Karim ? Answers Next issue....

for bihar centric glocal photographs log on to The Patna Post

Feb.15-25, 2011

C h alc h itra

Patiala House is already in the news these days, multi starrer and multi billion budget film is based on cricket, Akshay Kumar lead from from front and this time accompanying him is the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi famous Anushka Sharma. The film is directed Nikhal Advani.

The cricket based script has already done wonders for the film maker in the bollywood cinema history, so Patiala House is a film based on lad living in Southhall UK and want to play cricket for the sake of his talent but family restrictions hold him back to achieve his goals in the respective field.

The cast of Patiala House is filled with power pack performances from 70`s heart throb couple RIshi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia and as the film revolves around Punjabi families, Hard Kaur, who is famous for her singing skills, will be seen first time performing in a Bollywood Film.

Film was in the news as Nikhal

Advani want to give real life look to the script by showing glimpse of real life cricket celebrities like Nassir Hussain, Brendon McCullun,

Herschelle Gibbs, Kieron Pollard, Andrews Symonds, Kamran Akmal, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Graham Gooch, Wasim Akram and Mathew Hayden are part of the cricket matches that feature Akshay Kumar. Film got into contraversoy when Nikhal Advani want to feature Pakistani player, Kamran Akmal into the film. Film is completely Akshay Kumar`s based film, how one young lad keen to play cricket, left everything on his father call for the sake of his reputation and when he met a girl, who revolutionized his life by her thoughts and emotions and forced Akshay to reassemble himself, pull up his socks and try hard on the field to achieve his dreams


is already on the top of many chart busters, the music is given by the deadly combo Shanakar- Ehsan –Loy , the song Kyun Main Jaagoon is on everyones lips these days, vocals by our very own Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, the second song which got huge publicity on these music channel is Laungda Lashkara, which features Jasbir Jassi and Hard Kaur as a background vocalist.

Chalchitra Desk

The Patna Post


Feb.15-25, 2011

O p en S p ac e

Know this Man 

Sachchidanand Sinha,81, born in 1929 at Parsawani village in Muzaffarpur,Bihar in a family with considerable political background. He is known as last man of free thinkers of the country. A prolific writer, socialist, Social activist and a recluse he has written over two dozen books which included the widely debated “The Internal Colony”, “Socialism and Power”, “Chaos and Creations” and “The Bitter Harvest”. Today in oblivion at his thatched cottage at Manika in Muzaffarpur this Spartan thinker is a true GANDHIAN. Nitish Ji, he is also hurt and pained with the proposed Asbestos Factory at Marwan, Muzafarpur. The Patna Post


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