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EXPERTS How can parking and mobility organizations encourage customers to consider traveling and commuting in ways other than single-occupant vehicles for every trip?

Melonie Curry, MBA

Erik Nelson, PCIP

Staff Analyst ParkHouston

Director, Operations and Technology Consulting Walker Consultants

The proper pricing strategy can motivate drivers to consider alternative methods of transportation like transit or a TNC if an area is in high demand and there is traffic congestion or mobility issues. Establish rates that encourage turnover during the nonpeak hours and raise prices during peak times that make it less convenient to drive SOV.

Any parking constituent group is going to have different reasons for choosing that singleoccupancy vehicle trip. The key is to figure out what that is, why it is, and what can be done to ameliorate the single-occupancy vehicle usage. It could be something as simple as ensuring parking is priced at market rate. It could be something as complex as recording mode utilization and offering individual rewards for various goals.

Casey Jones, CAPP, PMP Director, Customer Success FLASH Parking We must use technology to provide flexibility to our parking patrons who may not want to drive every day and for every trip. Shifting our focus from parking garages to mobility hubs and facilitating first- and last-mile connections will not only decrease parking demand, but improve customer satisfaction and likely financial performance.

Kathryn Hebert, PhD

Katherine Beaty

President and CEO TPM Connect

VP, Implementation TEZ Technology

Changing people’s travel behavior requires a coordinated, collaborative approach to intuitively connect people to places, work, home, school, and entertainment. Programming needs to be safe, equitable, convenient, accessible, and affordable. Most important is communication and messaging to all customers. Examples include free bus service on weekends and restaurant discounts; on-demand shuttles for first- and last-mile, commuters, and paratransit service; strategically placed bike lockers and protected bike lanes; and urban tree canopy cover to encourage walking.

Our company offered an Apple watch as an incentive. You get the watch upfront and you then bike or walk to work, restaurants, etc. and earn money to pay off the watch. I have enjoyed watching my team come in and showing me their dollars earned—it started a competition to be the first to pay it off and win a $100 Amazon card.

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