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EXPERTS How can the parking and mobility industry and its professionals embrace and grow diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout their organizations?

Brian D. Shaw, CAPP

Melonie Curry, MBA

Executive Director Stanford Transportation

Staff Analyst ParkHouston

The key factor is in hiring and promoting folks into your organization. Ensuring a diverse candidate pool and a diverse hiring committee for every new hire will help, over time, create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive working group. Encouraging folks from underrepresented groups to apply for promotions is also a key action to diversify leadership. Bottom line, it is up to those of us who hire and lead to include diversity, equity and inclusion in these critical processes.

Look within your organization. Do you have reliable, dedicated employees who have demonstrated a strong work ethic? They would be great candidates for a promotion to upper management. Offer them continuing education, mentoring, and software training and prepare them for career growth. They have demonstrated their commitment to the organization and this is a great opportunity for your organization to demonstrate its commitment to its employees.

Tiffany Peebles Director Parking Authority of River City, Ky. Growth in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion can only be achieved through intentionality. A commitment to making a change in both words and actions with a focus on every action of the organization being directed towards an impactful difference throughout the organization. Intentionality in improving things that have previously been overlooked and have not taken diversity, equity, and inclusion into consideration.

Casey Jones, CAPP Director, Customer Success FLASH Diversity, equity, and inclusion will be earnestly pursued at all levels of an organization when the organization’s leaders view the pursuit of these ideals as a business imperative. Leaders must communicate the importance to their organizations at all levels and establish actionable goals and strategies, along with a system of accountability using performance measures.

Ben Wesley, CAPP Market President, Nashville Premium Parking For many organizations, the first step would be to simply draft a policy commitment. From there, work could be done via HR and marketing to promote core values with inward and outward messaging that promotes values of respect.

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