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A recent white paper produced by the consulting firm Deloitte highlighted the important role that technology already plays in the parking industry, and how these technologies will continue to become more important, particularly to owners and operators, in the coming years. For instance, as automakers move to make their fleets entirely electric over the next decade, adding recharging capabilities throughout the facility, not just in a handful of spaces, will provide significant revenue enhancement capabilities, not to mention a competitive advantage over other local garages that can’t offer electric infrastructure. The Deloitte paper also touts the benefits of dynamic pricing. When owners and operators are able to implement market-based pricing, they can maximize revenues. This is no small consideration

after a year of pandemic-induced shutdowns that saw parking demand plummet. The technology to implement dynamic pricing already exists via advanced PARCS and parking guidance technology. And as previously stated, the utilization data that is collected by all of these technologies is invaluable. When owners and operators know how their facilities are being utilized—and when—they can make more informed operational choices for both short- and long-term administration of their parking assets. These decisions should lead to healthier bottom lines, fewer administrative efficiencies, and better-run parking facilities.

Parking in the Post-COVID World The post-COVID world has already begun to look very different in many ways. Be-

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fore the pandemic, who could have imagined city streets lined with pedestrians wearing masks? Or restaurants and bars with partitions keeping patrons away from each other? That’s our reality today and may be for a while yet. Similarly, transportation, parking, and mobility have been transformed, at least for the foreseeable future, and perhaps for years to come. Many of the things that we took for granted in our mobility strategies no longer apply. Fortunately, technologies that are already in wide use, particularly mobile technologies, will allow us to adjust to this new reality and manage the curb more safely, efficiently and effectively. ◆ ROAMY VALERA, CAPP, is CEO, North America for PayByPhone. He can be reached at