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The University of Florida Montgomery’s love for green and connected design can also be seen on college campuses. The University of Florida is planning to close off the center of campus to create a “connected” environment. One location named Innovation Square will serve as a pivotal location for the campus and city of Gainesville by “connect[ing] people to Tumblin Creek Park while also reinforcing the east/west movement between the campus and downtown via a green corridor with active ground floor uses and a pedestrian- and bike-friendly streetscape.” The site is intended to be mixed use with large research and office buildings sharing land with proposed residential buildings fronting 4th Avenue that step down in height as they approach 6th Avenue, as well as border neighborhoods that will keep the area active at night. On another section of campus, where University Avenue is the primary urban corridor connecting downtown Gainesville to the University of Florida, a new mixed-use project with four to five stories atop retail and restaurants fronting tree-lined side-

walks could attract a wide range of visitors. According to the university, it will offer “a more continuous and generous street front with fewer curb cuts that will promote an attractive and safe pedestrian experience.” Montgomery states that, “The well-designed city offers a thrilling new freedom to choose how to move and how to live. It manifests that ineffable, but undeniably good, feeling we all get when we know we are most truly alive.” As an urban planner, I am truly excited about examples of this being replicated in other municipalities and universities. I know there are more of these initiatives across the country at this very moment, and I am eager to learn about more. My Happy City awaits! ◆ SAM VERALDI, CAPP, is senior strategic policy strategics with TransLoc and a member of IPMI’s Sustainability Committee. He can be reached at sam.

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