Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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2021 JULY 6, 8, 13 AND 15 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual/Sold Out) Parksmart Advisor Training

JULY 13 Free Frontline Training (Virtual) Demystifying the Parking Audit: The Important Role You Play

JULY 14 Webinar

The Parking Study is Done. Now What?

JULY 27 Free Frontline Training (Virtual)

Cultivating the Seeds of Support within Your Organization

AUGUST 3 Free Frontline Shoptalk (Virtual)

Addressing Customer Expectations in an Ever-changing Landscape

AUGUST 11 Webinar

Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers: Improve Your RFP Procurement Process to Receive Quality Proposals

AUGUST 17 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual) Cybersecurity

AUGUST 24 Free Frontline Training (Virtual)

Find Your Potential, Develop Your Path

SEPTEMBER 1 Free Industry Shoptalk (Virtual)

Hospital/Medical Center Parking and Mobility: Unique Challenges and Solutions

SEPTEMBER 14 Free Frontline Training (Virtual)

Life at Work is Like a Legos Set: All the Blocks are Necessary to Achieve the Bigger Picture

SEPTEMBER 15 Webinar

Collecting Lost Revenue: The Payment Behind the Parking Payment

SEPTEMBER 21 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual) Disaster Recovery

SEPTEMBER 28 Free Frontline Training (Virtual) Managing Customers in a Remote Environment

SEPTEMBER 28 AND 30 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual) APO Site Reviewer Training

OCTOBER 19 Free Frontline Training (Virtual) The Undercover Consultant

OCTOBER 20 Webinar

How U.S. Cities can Learn from Smart City Innovations in Europe

OCTOBER 19 AND 21 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual) Wicked Problem Solving

OCTOBER 27 Free Learning Lab (Virtual) NOVEMBER 2 Free Frontline Training (Virtual)

Refocused and Refreshed: Experiential Customer Service


NOVEMBER 3 Free Industry Shoptalk (Virtual) Diversity: Rising Through the Ranks

NOVEMBER 4 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual)

Accredited Parking Organization Site Reviewer Renewal

NOVEMBER 4-5 Mid-Atlantic Parking Association Annual Conference Baltimore, Md.

NOVEMBER 10 Webinar

The Truth Behind Common Parking Myths

NOVEMBER 16 Free Frontline Training (Virtual) Situational Awareness

NOVEMBER 29-DECEMBER 2 2021 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo, Tampa, Fla. DECEMBER 7, 9, 14 AND 16 Online, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual) Parksmart Advisor Training

DECEMBER 8 Free Industry Shoptalk (Virtual) The Year Ahead

DECEMBER 15 Webinar

Getting Smart: Strategies to Get Started Creating Smart Communities