Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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/ Quercus Technologies Launched Outdoor Parking Guidance System QUERCUS TECHNOLOGIES’ comprehensive global parking solution now features a new outdoor parking guidance system, SC Outdoor, capable of detecting available spaces in outdoor and rooftop parking facilities, and designed to facilitate parking mobility. Quercus’s smart parking guidance system achieves over 99 percent accuracy in vehicle detection, as confirmed by comparison with actual images. Outdoor smart parking facility control is key. The system markedly increases user mobility, as it directs customers to areas with available spaces via communication between SC Outdoor and information displays. SC Outdoor enables comprehensive analysis of the situation in a smart parking facility, and detection of stay times for

each vehicle through a platform characterized by its easy use, access and integration. With this system, up to 100 parking spaces are analyzed by camera, with adaptation to the needs of each parking facility and type when it comes to installation and maintenance, and very low infrastructure costs. SC Outdoor operates with the BirdWatch parking management system,

Quercus Technologies’ unique, comprehensive parking system software. BirdWatch centralizes and interconnects the information gathered by all the products that make up the comprehensive parking solution. Real-time information on parking space occupancy can be shown on the LED displays that help guide drivers, with the goal of providing a higher-quality user experience.

SP Plus Corporation Adds Touchless Mobility, Parking & Commerce Services at Charles M. Schulz—Sonoma County Airport SP PLUS Corporation (SP+) announced the addition of touchless reservation and commerce options to its services at Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) in Santa Rosa, Calif. SP+ manages the three parking facilities located near the airport terminal and is rolling out key components to the overall improvement and modernization plan by STS to provide an enhanced, safer and touchless parking experience. Through Sphere™, SP+’s industry-leading suite of technology solutions, a new pay-by-phone option conveniently removes the need to obtain and redeem a parking ticket at long term lots A and B. Each entry and exit lane has signage to instruct parkers on how to use the pay-by-phone option, along with a Sphere Remote Management System intercom to provide in-lane, 24/7 support from a centrally-located command center. “It’s exciting to see the new parking commerce system and the other plans we have with SP+ to come to fruition as part of our overall commitment to safely and efficiently transport our 52 PARKING & MOBILITY / JULY 2021 / PARKING-MOBILITY.ORG

travellers from the beginning to the end of their trip,” says Jon Stout, airport manager for STS. The pay-by-phone option complements the airport’s new touchless reservation system, which allows customers to prebook and pay for their parking stay online, with the ability to reserve a space close to the terminal. To encourage visitors to explore everything the Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport has to offer, parking customers who pre-book a spot via the new reservation system may receive valuable discounts to onsite restaurants or other promotions. SP+ is also helping the airport build a commerce site for purchasing popular branded merchandise, which has traditionally only been available for in-store purchases. An online commerce site is expected to launch later this year. “SP+ is able to offer STS a full suite of technologies to help them fulfil their modernization plan and meet the new demands of today’s travellers,” says Jason Finch, senior vice president, West Airports, for SP+.