Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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on which those businesses rely, that must be considered when developing a curb management program. True curb equity will address not only the vehicular traffic at the curb but also include the economic and social results of the policy decisions. How will the installation of a parklet affect the neighboring businesses? Does the removal of on-street inventory place undue economic hardship on some drivers? By taking a holistic approach, regulations can be developed that respect all of the parties access to the curbside ecosystem.

Equal Access to all Motorists Often, the influences driving curbside decisions negatively affect citizens with lower disposable incomes. These results, while not intentional, do come at a cost for some. When a citizen with less disposable income contemplates a

When we speak about curb equity, we are referring to equitable access to the curb within an ecosystem that is aware and considers the various people, business, and vehicles that utilize the curb. downtown trip, cost becomes a major factor. Eliminating dedicated curbside parking reduces economical parking options for this demographic. While off-street parking options can replace some parking availability, it comes at a cost premium. The difference between a couple of dollars and upwards of $10 or $20 can be the determining factor in making this trip. Therefore, continued elimination of curb side parking may be a deterrent for some. Regularly overlooked in the curb programming discussion is the access challenge faced by the ADA community.

Many citizens with ADA needs can only have their needs addressed with curbside accommodations. As on-street parking is removed, so is ADA access for citizens, making it challenging for the demographic to frequent areas that don’t support access. When cities grapple with curb management, lost in the discussion of commercial traffic, transportation and mobility is access for the ADA community. In these three scenarios, equity access can be negatively impacted when the only focus is access to emerging transportation, mobility, and commercial delivery platforms.