Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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As manager of the marketing and communications team, Santillana Berghell oversees the development and execution of every marketing, online media, and communications initiative. She is on the frontlines of brainstorming sessions to develop campaign taglines and key artwork. She oversees the creation of print and outdoor advertisements, press releases, digital marketing efforts, planning reports, and the staging of outreach events across campus. She is responsible for managing the creation and distribution of internal communications, such as briefs, bulletins, newsletters, and informational TV screens. Since joining the department only a few years ago, Santillana Berghell has introduced new business processes, greatly expanded the department’s creative services, and grown her team to include communications analysts, marketing and production coordinators, and graphic designers. Her team has a prominent role in advancing the department’s mission to reduce emissions from mobile sources, chiefly by promoting the department’s environmentally responsible commute options. At last report, 63 percent of commuters travel to campus by walking, bicycling, carpool, vanpool, or public transportation. When she started at

UCLA Transportation in 2016, the drive-alone rate for employees was 53 percent. It has dropped ever since and now stands stood at 48 percent in 2019. Bruins Who Rideshare led to an explosion of online growth. During the month-long campaign, @UCLACommute tweets earned 202,500 impressions, with the top tweet receiving over 12,000 impressions. New followers went up 20 percent, and retweets and favorites increased by over 60 percent. The UCLA Transportation Facebook page’s total reach, post reach, page post engagement, page impressions, and post impressions all increased by over 200 percent. On Instagram, @UCLACommute saw an increase of over 430 percent in likes, while website traffic increased by nearly 70 percent. A fully integrated marketing campaign launched Bruin ePermit, the new paperless parking permit system. The campaign included print and digital advertisements, website content, email campaigns, social media posts, videos, signage, T-shirts, promotional items, and outreach events. Within the first week of the rollout, 10,000 permits had been purchased, and the goal of 20,000 permits sold was soon met.




EasyPark Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Pablo Pascual’s primary focus is on safety and security at ­EasyPark’s physical assets in Vancouver, Canada. He works with four security companies to provide mobile, static, and K-9 security to more than 150 parking lots. He has also been the lead on over 30 new site startups in the past few years. Pascual’s extensive background in physical security, including several years as a K-9 handler and supervisor of various operational groups within security operations, has provided the basis for the success of the safety and security programs at EasyPark. His system is the only parking provider in Canada with a K-9 program. Pascual’s career in parking began in 2013, while he was a control center operator with EasyPark’s contract security provider. His career progression was closely tied to EasyPark, and soon he was certified as a K9 handler with his partner, Ares. He was later promoted to supervisor of the EasyPark Security program and then to operations manager, K9 security. Since joining EasyPark in 2017, he has revamped the safety and security program and overseen several initiatives, including the Annual Holiday Theft From Auto Awareness Campaign, which included undercover work and a partnership with the Vancouver Police Department. He expanded the K-9 security program to 24/7 coverage and achieved a reduction of thefts from autos by 39 percent, using various programs and

partnerships within the community. He initiated EasyPark’s quarterly “Leave Nothing in Your Car” campaign, which effectively uses social media, EasyPark’s security partners, and community outreach to educate and deter theft from auto while parked at EasyPark parking facilities. He holds monthly safety education lunch and learn sessions, which have focused on personal security and overall safety education, as well as best practices for active shooter scenarios, earthquake preparedness, and conflict management training. He expanded the partnership with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association to include graffiti removal, safe walks, and foot patrols of parking facilities that augmented EasyPark’s own security patrols. He also oversaw a critical incident in 2019, when one city site was deemed a safety hazard and all vehicles were ordered to evacuate immediately. He received kudos from all levels of the City of Vancouver senior management for his quick action and execution of the evacuation of all 300+ vehicles within three hours. He oversaw site security for the next two months as city engineers evaluated the structure. ◆ MELANIE PADGETT POWERS is a freelance writer and editor. She can be reached at