Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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and intricacies of the parking systems to support their success. Wilson’s team focused on the overall operations of parking and transportation at the airport, supporting the other teams with analytics and process improvements needed. Sometimes other teams can be guarded when another team reviews their processes and provides suggestions. This has put the management team in an uncomfortable position at times, as they are asked to help develop and report metrics and measures. Wilson is a reassuring voice, letting other managers know that his department is there to help and support them. He and his team make sure to recognize other departments’ efforts and ability to manage their operation. He also supports his own team’s creativity and talents by giving them the ability to share their own ideas and solutions during working sessions and fostering a crossfunctional team. Wilson also manages the service agreements with off-airport parking and valet, which can require difficult renegotiations. Wilson took the time to call each company personally to let them know what to expect, instead of just mailing new agreements.


Customer Service

Elizabeth Gallerizzo Hartsgrove

Gallerizzo Hartsgrove evaluated past practices, comparing them with expected delivery of service vision, and identified mismatched gaps. She formulated a customer-centric, service-oriented operational standard and leadership training blueprint that aligned parking team objectives and efforts with the organizational mission, vision, and community values. The training stresses the importance and need for courteous and respectful “people specialists.” The program showcases the creative vitality and economic-driving positive force that the department must have to efficiently and effectively support the public and businesses. Unequivocally dedicated to the organization and community, Gallerizzo Hartsgrove and the department are examples of how a parking management team can collectively and successfully pivot direction positively to focus on building strong community and trusting relationships.




City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Los Angeles, Calif.


Town of Barnstable, Mass. Elizabeth Gallerizzo Hartsgrove has nearly 20 years of professional experience in various managerial capacities for municipalities on Cape Cod, Mass. As the Town of Barnstable’s assistant director of planning and development, she oversees parking, visitor services, special events, and is actively engaged with correlated departmental programs, including economic development and arts and culture. Gallerizzo Hartsgrove has been recognized through the expansion of her service strategies throughout the town, through presenting at international and regional conferences and institutes, and providing training assistance to regional stakeholders. She has worked tirelessly to build trusting relationships within the Barnstable Parking Management Team and community, emphasizing that the department and the town are in the business of creating “service experiences.”

Ken Husting oversees five divisions in the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) Bureau of Parking Management. A licensed civil engineer, Husting has over 20 years of experience with the department. He led the implementation and expansion of LA Express Park, the nation’s most advanced congestion management program. The award-winning program uses the latest parking technology to increase the availability of limited parking spaces, reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation. Originally introduced in Downtown L.A., the program recently expanded to Venice and Hollywood. Husting transformed the City of Los Angeles parking citations processing program and focused its resources toward adopting socially oriented parking policies and creative payment relief options. His bureau offers a Community Assistance Parking Program (CAPP), which allows motorists who are experiencing homelessness to settle unpaid parking citations through community service or to receive social services. The program works with PARKING-MOBILITY.ORG / JULY 2021 / PARKING & MOBILITY 29