Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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Melonie Curry, MBA Staff Analyst ParkHouston Break out of the 9-5 box. How convenient is it to force our customers to conduct business from 9-5? Prepare your team to embrace a digital workflow. Look for ways you can reduce or eliminate paper flow and hard copies and go paperless. Be sure to offer training opportunities for your staff so they feel comfortable and competent in using the technology platforms. You will not only improve your efficiency but you will also improve your customer experience.

Mark Lyons, CAPP Division Manager, Parking and Mobility City of Sarasota, Fla. If this is new to your organization, have a good plan and structure for progress and review with employees.

Brett Wood, CAPP, PE

Larry J. Cohen, CAPP

President Wood Solutions Group

Executive Director Lancaster Parking Authority

Follow the data-driven principles we’ve defined as an industry. Use your revenue and transaction data to determine the new pattern of parking behavior—how often they park, when they park, volumes of activity. The next few months will be critical in defining what the return to normalcy looks like and if you are in tune with the trends and ready to proactively adapt, you have a better shot of marketing new flexible options and attracting new customers.

Our “new normal” customers may not be as robust as pre-pandemic, so we need to provide more flexibility in parking options tailored to the hybrid work environment, such as increased use of a variety of debit options in place of monthly parking permits.

Kathryn Hebert President and CEO TPMConnect The old organizational structures and ways are not coming back. The return to work is not the end but the beginning. Reorganize for a broader/ wider distributed, agile hybrid workforce. Transition and engage around collaboration, flexibility, inclusion, and accountability. Encourage partnerships instead of individual siloed vertical decisions and implementations. Stay positive and keep smiling.

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