Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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EXPERTS With more employers staying permanently workfrom-home or embracing hybrid work models, what advice do you have for the parking organizations that serve them going forward?

Allen Corry, CAPP

Katherine Beaty

Brian Shaw, CAPP

Tiffany R. Peebles

Mary Smith

Assistant Vice President, Parking Business Unit DFW Airport

VP of Implementation Tez Technology

Executive Director, Transportation Stanford University

Director Parking Authority of River City, Ky.

Senior Vice President Walker Consultants

Parking operators will need to provide options for daily commuter parking in addition to monthly or annual permits. Payroll integrations will need to be able to handle multiple transactions each month vs. the usual monthly deduction. Moving away from access control based on monthly permits will also need to considered as folks may not come in as frequently.

I recommend offering a hybrid of parking options, including working with your parking control software provider, to develop a one-day or multiple-day parking pass that mirrors the teleworking culture and needs. It is necessary for parking professionals to meet the parking needs to gain and retain their business.

The hybrid work model should provide flexibility while creating a safer work environment. which should include opportunities for increasing social distancing by installing plexiglass around individual work station, etc. This should allow employees whose work can be accomplished virtually to blend work locations between the office and remote. Guidelines should be developed for employees who are able to work up to two days remotely per week or longer. Leadership should be responsible for ensuring appropriate coverage to support the operation/business.

Stay nimble. We all must adapt to different circumstances that are going to continue to change as we work through this new reality and discover what is and is not working for ourselves and our customers/clients/ stakeholders. Look for technology, programs, and products that help you adapt. Look for nontraditional marketing campaigns such as products that offer some type of advertising banner option that can be used for recruiting and public messaging ads for you or your customers.


As has been discussed in many forums, parking operations need to add a prepaid option in the access card system that declinates for daily fees. The fee can be preset below the fee that would accrue at the visitor rates. This supports not only telework but TDM and should be in every parking manager’s arsenal.