Parking & Mobility, July 2021

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LOT of innovation from AIMS we have implemented strategies such as demand-based curb pricing, experimented with dynamic curb management technology, and have been repurposing the curb for transit priority lanes, cycletracks, as well as pick-up/drop-off zones (PUDOs). Near term efforts take such evaluation into residential areas of the District, where vehicle storage is the predominant curb use, yet there is an intensifying need to meet accessible and equitable people and goods pickup/drop-off movement from residential land uses, neighborhood retail, as well as community uses (i.e. schools and libraries).

Any advice for other municipalities as they tackle similar challenges?


First, take a breath. You are not alone with your curb challenges. Second, take some time to understand your challenges. Some challenges have multiple perspectives to them, and to understand them, you will have to look beyond your own lens and reach out to community stakeholders for their feedback and ideas. Third, don’t try to recreate the wheel. Ask your peers, ask the industry on their ideas of tools and practice. Also be willing to share, for again, you are not alone. Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail and iterate. The District has spent time piloting solutions, with some being successful, and others not so much. But we share such experiences, so others can grow from it, or rethink the problem and approach from a different lens.

Brandy Stanley, CAPP Parking Services Manager, City of Las Vegas

How are the demands at the curb affecting your current operations? We are losing on-street parking spaces and revenue in favor of pickup and

dropoff, delivery and outdoor eating needs; there is no reason to believe that trend will do anything but accelerate. But enforcement of these short-term parking sessions is such a problem, we are frantically searching for technology and policy that is effective. We are making extensive use of public-private partnerships to try to find programs that will effectively manage the curb and reduce congestion. Providing TNC staging areas in unused parking garages at night is one program and another is the use of space sensors, cameras and kiosks to monitor pickup and drop-off zones for TNCs and taxis. The system also sends alerts to enforcement when there are violations and gives us usage information we need to make decisions. Both programs are public private partnerships with multiple technology and support companies. Figuring out how to enforce the regulations we apply to make the curb function and longer term beginning to recover some of that lost revenue.

Any advice for other municipalities as they tackle similar challenges? Leverage the creativity of technology providers—but you have to blend that creativity with a realistic sense of what will actually work and be effective. For example, the idea of requiring everyone to download an app to charge for picking up and dropping off a passenger is really a non-starter right now. It may well be the longer-term solution but it’s not feasible today as a standalone solution. This is an exciting time for our industry—frustrations abound, but so does opportunity and the collaboration we are experiencing with technology providers is truly exciting.

Evolving to virtual?

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