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By Elizab

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elle McD


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” —ALBERT EINSTEIN



performance in a parking garage in Chicago? Safe curbside food pickups from your favorite restaurant? Repurposed parking lots into pop-up kitchens supporting local restaurants and delivery services? Huge surges in contactless payment options? New digitized curbsides and mapping technology? It is clear to see how innovative and adaptive thinkers are revolutionizing the parking and mobility space. This way of thinking goes hand in hand with why thinking like a startup is so important. Several years ago, one of this article’s authors (Elizabeth) was fortunate to grow a career working in the state and federal government in Australia. This meant driving large-scale mobility and transportation initiatives in the customer experience space, to improve a more seamless journey for millions of daily commuters in the Greater Sydney region.

It wasn’t until 2016, after seeing a gap in the market for the need to digitize curbsides, parking garages, lots, and university campuses that she decided to trade the corporate life and founded a startup, Spot Parking. Being one of a scarce number of CEOs who doesn’t own a car yet runs a technology parking company translates into never a dull moment working in this ever-changing industry. During the past 5 years, she has seen firsthand the benefits of being agile, innovative, and swift moving to work on collaboration projects with organizations. Let’s unpack this some more: why is thinking like a startup is so important? Here are some key reflections and observations after moving from working in government to startups. ■  Experiments can reduce, not increase risk. ■  Get out of the building. ■  Move faster. ■  Create proof-of-value opportunities. ■  Procure for outcome not process.



Profile for International Parking & Mobility Institute

Parking & Mobility, May 2021  

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