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Parkdale Roadrunners aim to raise $10,000 for St. Joe’s



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Staff photo/DAN PEARCE

Environment Day: Chandrika Patel fills up bags of compost during Councillor Gord Perks’ Ward 14 Environment Day Saturday at Sorauren Park.

The West End Food Co-op holds first AGM The West End Food Co-op (WEFC) held its first annual general meeting (AGM) since the opening of its Food Hub store last October. The AGM, held Monday, April 8 at the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre, brought together all co-op stakeholder groups including producers, workers and partner organizations.

It has been eight years since the idea of a non-profit multiple stakeholder co-op first came about in the Parkdale area and since then The WEFC launched a successful farmers’ market in Sorauren Park, various programming such as a community cannery and workshops and finally the Food Hub at Queen Street West and Dufferin Avenue that combines a community

Chander Chaddah *As recognized by the Superior Court of Ontario

kitchen, educational food programming and a grocery store. Members heard the farmers’ market continues to be successful and the sales at the Food Hub have been steadily increasing since its opening. The store is now open six days a week and the record day for sales was Saturday, March 30. According to board member


Gwen Yorston, challenges for the WEFC going forward will be creating a well-functioning governance structure and drafting bylaws that reflect the values and structure of the co-op. “We have started, but it will be an ongoing process,” Yorston said. “We had hoped to have them done by now, but are now aiming for November or December.”

It started as a joke. In 2010 friends, Steven Artemiw and Mike Krupica began running together and had two t-shirts made that said, ‘I’d Rather Be Smoking’ on the front and ‘The Mascot Running Club’ on the back. Some people thought it was funny, others didn’t and some people wanted to join the club, even though one didn’t really exist. “People kept asking us, when is the running club?” Artemiw said. “We said ‘anytime, come run with us.’” Since then the Mascot Running Club has evolved into a regular running club with about 30 regular runners ranging in age from their 20s through 40s. They include mothers, a core group of nurses, restaurant owners and advertising representatives. They meet every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Mascot, a café and art space where Krupica is a co-owner. The Mascot Running Club spawned a race group about eight months ago called the Parkdale Roadrunners who are poised to run the Ragnar Relay, >>>KICK-OFF, page 6

416-410-CHAD (2423) SUT TON GROUP-ASSOCIATES RE ALT Y INC. BROKERAGE Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale.


THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |



Photographer’s exhibition spotlights derelict urban buildings ERIN HATFIELD Just add zombies and the scenes depicted in Mark Bovey’s upcoming photography exhibition could pass as sets for the popular television show The Walking Dead. The abandoned spaces and redundant places the Parkdale resident’s photos capture are almost post-apocalyptic in nature, he said, despite often being found in urban centres. Bovey is an artist, photographer and an urban explorer, which is the act of exploring and sometimes photographing, often abandoned or decaying, man-made structures. “You basically wander around derelict buildings that have been left behind,” said the Parkdale resident. “I

got into it accidently because I love photography and I love architecture. “I just kind of did it for a new experience and it was completely interesting; I can’t explain the silence of these places that were once filled with thousands of people or a business or corporation.” The 39 year old has worked in advertising for the past 20 years, and the work he does is constantly in the public view. But his series of photos called Defensible Space, on display at The Mascot in Parkdale, will be the first time he will put his personal art out for the world to see. The name of the show is taken from the title of a book written in 1972. The defensible space theory by the late Oscar Newman, an architect and


At left, urban explorers Jamie Mageau (left) and Mark Bovey. At right, an example of Bovey’s work which will be featured in his ‘Defensible Space’ exhibit opening today at The Mascot in Parkdale and running until mid-May.

city planner, encompasses ideas about crime prevention and neighbourhood safety. “When an area of land gets left behind, what happens to it,” Bovey said. “One broken window leads to two and how this escalates

until a building eventually succumbs to arson and is laid down.” Bovey said he is interested in looking at how areas of the city are reborn and the photos offer an inside look at the remains of once thriving

corporate and social architecture. “Like Parkdale,” which Bovey said had experienced a decline, artists moved in, the area became more desirable and gentrification began. The prints are large scale,

which Bovey said, is meant to impress on people the impact of actually being in these spaces. Mark Bovey’s ‘Defensible Space’ exhibit launches today, 7 to 11 p.m. at The Mascot, 1267 Queen St. W.


New birdhouse ready for Purple Martins return to High Park LISA RAINFORD


orth America’s largest swallow, the Purple Martin, has a new High Park home because of the talents of a few Bishop Marrocco/ Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School students. Grade 11 students Victor Lopes, Joseph Scamolla and Frank Coelho, under the direction of construction technology teacher J.P. Cromien, can take credit for building the birds their new house. Yet, with space for as many as 12 different families – or broods, according to the High Park Natural Environment Committee’s Michael White – it could be described as a bird condo. “Wow,” exclaimed White as he walked into the Bloor Street West and Dundas

Street West-area high school’s shop class and saw the newly constructed birdhouse for the first time last Friday, with its shiny green roof. For the last three years, White, along with committee member Ray Bielaskie, has been responsible for looking after the birdhouse, taking it down in the fall and putting it back up in the spring for the migrating Purple Martins who return to High Park after wintering in South America. It is situated along the bike path at the south end of Grenadier Pond near The Queensway. Last year, high winds knocked the house off its perch and into bulrushes nearby. “It had seen better days,” Bielaskie said of the old house, first erected in 2007. The nesting house was part of a Toronto and

Region Conservation shoreline restoration project. Historically Purple Martins nested in cavities created by woodpeckers, but now they rely mainly on housing created by people. “Ray came to me and asked if we could fix it or rebuild it,” said Cromien, who was only too happy to oblige. “We like to help out the community.” The shop class is a project-based, hands-on learning course, Cromien explained, so a project like the birdhouse was a good fit. The majority of students are working on building Muskoka chairs and dog houses. Bielaskie was impressed. “It looks fantastic,” he said as Cromien described the modifications his students made. The new version is “much more robust,”

said Cromien as he slid the sides out demonstrating how this will make the house easier to clean. The students did not have any drawings to build from, instead relying on the old house for guidance. “It was a great project for the skill development aspect and the mechanical skills, planning and design process,” said Cromien. The teens modestly called the project “easy,” at least once they got the measuring finished, said Scamolla, an aspiring electrician. “I love what they’ve done,” said Bielaskie. He and White will install the new birdhouse in the next few weeks, to coincide with the Purple Martins’ return to High Park.


Check out the new birdhouse near the bike path at the south end of Grenadier Pond.

Staff photo/IAN KELSO

Students at Bishop Marrocco / Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School took on the project of building a new Purple Martin birdhouse for High Park. From left to right, Ray Bielaskie and Michael White from the High Park Natural Environment Committee, students Joseph Scamolla, Frank Coelha and Victor Lopes and teacher J.P. Cromien.

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| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013


THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |



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Casino: Care and foresight needed

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hether Toronto councillors vote for a downtown casino or not, it’s critical they make that decision with accurate information and understanding of the long-term implications. The report released Monday by Toronto city manager Joe Pennachetti lays out some of the terms Toronto councillors must demand if we are to enter into such an agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. What the report does not do is come out for or against a Toronto casino. It leaves that decision to our elected councillors. What the report does do is give all involved some facts to work with. Pennachetti said the report paid particular attention to economic development associated with a casino. For instance, a casino downtown along with expanded gaming at Woodbine in Etobicoke would provide our view construction investment of $3.3 to $3.6 billion and create more Casino not than 11,000 construction jobs and some 12,000 casino-related an economic jobs once the facilities are built cure-all to their full capacity. The report also sets terms for the city to negotiate hosting fees from OLG. Given the desirability of a downtown location, Toronto should not settle for less than between $111 to $148 million annually, the report says. Property taxes from a new downtown casino and an expanded Woodbine are also estimated at $19 million a year, according to the report. Those are big numbers, but we urge care and foresight before going all in. A downtown casino is not the cure-all for all of Toronto’s financial woes, as some seem to believe. Linking city infrastructure projects to casino revenues is a dangerous game as that money cannot be guaranteed to flow endlessly and generously. Look at Windsor, which for years made big money from its casino but is now seeing its facility downsized as competition from Michigan keeps American gamblers and their money at home. There is only so much money available to be circulated and we need to be aware that money being spent in a casino, is money not being spent elsewhere in our economy. Yes, there is a lot of money to come the city’s way if we agree to a downtown casino. What we must be careful of is unrealistic expectations and linking that money to city-building projects that will end in failure if the casino tap starts running dry.

The Parkdale Villager welcomes letters of 400 words or less. All submissions must include name, address and a daytime telephone number for verification purposes. We reserve the right to edit, condense or reject letters. Copyright in letters remains with the author but the publisher and affiliates may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms. Letters can be sent to, or mailed to The Parkdale Villager, 175 Gordon Baker Rd. Toronto, ON, M2H 0A2.


Future of casino in hands of councillors They asked for a report on casinos. What Mayor Rob Ford and council got was a Rorschach blot. On Monday, the mayor’s executive committee will be starting what could be a two-day marathon to consider the long-awaited report from Toronto city manager Joe Pennachetti, setting out “the facts” on the prospect of allowing a casino downtown. The report is a curious beast. It lays out many benefits to approving a casino – it would kickstart 10,000 jobs in construction, another 10,000 long-term jobs and let Toronto hit the magic million-square-foot mark for convention space, which would help the city attract the biggest conventions and trade shows that apparently elude them now. The report makes mention of the potential downside, and also notes that Torontonians who participated in the public consultation this winter were dramatically opposed to the idea, and those who

david nickle the city responded to a poll were more marginally so. But it does not recommend any course of action. What it does do is set out conditions for approval that on the face of it would make it nearly impossible for a casino to happen. Toronto would need to receive an unprecedented hosting fee – effectively splitting the fee the province would receive 50-50, with a guaranteed minimum of $100 million a year. The private-sector operator, meanwhile, would be responsible for any infrastructure improvements, including public transit improvements it might desire. Premier Kathleen Wynne has made it clear Toronto won’t get a special deal. The only way that Toronto could see the kinds of hosting fees is if the Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Corporation offers the same deal to other municipalities hosting casinos. That seems like a long shot, which makes it easy for councillors who are uneasy about placing a casino in downtown to support casinos, conditional on Toronto receiving everything recommended. Before the report came out, Ford released a pitch in favour of the casino. He will almost certainly be able to get the report through his executive committee, but whether he can get the report through council is another question. Pro-casino lobbyists have been trying to drum up support, but grassroots community members have been urging the opposite. Councillors who were hoping for some guidance from the city manager will only be frustrated. As before, the future of gambling in Toronto will be councillors to call.


David Nickle is The Villager’s city hall reporter. His column runs every Thursday.


No money, no subways Yes, subways are a good way to move lots of people without interfering with surface traffic. But if funds are limited (and they always seem to be), then surface rapid transit is better than no rapid transit. And subways not only cost more to build, they cost more to operate and are cost effective only if use is high enough. Shortly after the Sheppard subway opened, there was talk of shutting it down because of the higher operating costs. That didn’t happen, and taxpayers continued to subsidize its operation (more than the cost of operating buses on the route). That may have changed since then, but it is an issue when planning other rapid transit lines. P Reid

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looking ahead

w Thursday, April 11

Dance the night away for the World Transplant Games 2013! WHEN: 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. WHERE: Palais Royale Ballroom, 1601 Lake Shore Blvd. CONTACT: Stephanie Fitch, 416-4259143 COST: $60 The Canadian Transplant Association is hosting an exclusive fundraising event to help raise money and send the Canadian Junior Transplant Team to the World Transplant Games in South Africa. The Games celebrate the triumph of human spirit and hope that is behind every transplant.

w Saturday, April 13

Environment Day at Trinity Bellwoods Park WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. WHERE: Trinity Bellwoods Park, 1053 Dundas St. W. The annual Environment Day comes to Trinity Bellwoods Park. Friends of the park will serve hot dogs for free. Donations accepted. Fieldhouse painting prep day WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. WHERE: Sorauren Fieldhouse, 50 Wabash Ave. CONTACT: Susan, COST: Free Join the volunteers painting the interior ground floor of the Sorauren Fieldhouse. Contact to sign up. All supplies provided including coffee,

w Saturday, April 20

Great High Park litter cleanup WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. WHERE: Bloor Street and High Park Avenue and Parkside and High Park Boulevard entrances to High Park CONTACT: Rod Muir, rodmuir@ sierraclub Join family, friends and neighbours to clean up High Park.

Check out our complete online community calendar by visiting Read weeks of listings from your neighbourhood as well as events from across Toronto. snacks, lunch and tunes. Volunteer for prep day, April 13, and painting day, April 20, or just one day, or just one hour, everything helps. All ages. The event goes from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

w Sunday, April 14

Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Open House WHEN: 1 to 4 p.m. WHERE: Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, 1391 Lake Shore Blvd. W. CONTACT: tscc.membership@gmail. com COST: Free Racing, cruising, sailing instruction, canoes, dragon boats kayaks, outriggers, regattas, Wayfarers and Olympic classes. Come visit us and see all that this historical club has to offer.

w Wednesday, April 17

Parkdale inbrief

Parkdale happening in

It’s happening

Sorauren Town Square consultation WHEN: 7 to 8:30 p.m. WHERE: Parkdale Community centre, 75 Lansdowne Ave. See the new, revised plans for the Town Square from The Planning Partnership, the design consultancy hired by the city. Add your input before construction starts.

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Arts Market, April 13 wIndie Featuring more than 50 independent art, crafts, food, fashion, small press and music vendors, the Toronto Indie Arts Market takes over the main floor of the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. W., Saturday, April 13. Visitors can expect cookies, soap, corsets, comics, scarves, purses, colouring books, pottery and CDs. Two dollars from each $5 admission will be donated to food advocacy organization FoodShare, which will be on hand with more information about its programs and to sell copies of its cookbook. The market runs from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. For details, visit www. torontoindieartsmarket. com MacIntyre reads wLinden

On Thursday, April 18, Giller Prize Winner and host of CBC News: The

Fifth Estate, Linden MacIntyre, will read from his latest best-selling novel, Why Men Lie. The reading takes place at and is in support of the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement at 6 Noble St. The Pia Bouman school is a not-for-profit dance school in Parkdale. For ticket and event information, visit www. or call 416-533-3706. Pride submissions wMad

Do you want to host an event, performance, talk, presentation, film or panel discussion at Mad Pride Toronto 2013? Submissions for the annual arts, culture and heritage festival, created by psychiatric survivors, consumers and mad people, are due by April 16. The festival runs from July 8 to 14. Check out for details on joining the Mad Pride Toronto 2013.

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| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013


6 THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |


Kick-off fundraising event April 12 at The Mascot

‘Like’ our Facebook page for local stories and photos from your neighbourhood at

>>>from page 1 a 311-kilometre relay style run along the Waterfront Trail from Cobourg to Niagara. Ragnar Relay is a non-stop race where teams of 12 trade off, each completing three legs of approximately eight to 15-kms along the way. These relays have been happening for 20 years in the United States, but this is the first time one will be held in Canada. “I think it is going to be really fun. It is kind of a road trip/adventure/run to test your boundaries, test your limits,” explained Juliette McGovern, the member of the Parkdale Roadrunners who brought the idea of participating in the Ragnar to the group. McGovern said she expects it will take the group 24 to 26 hours to complete. The Parkdale Roadrunners are aiming to raise $11,000 in advance of the race, which takes place June 14 and 15. A thousand dollars will cover Ragnar Relay expenses and $10,000 will be donated to the Children and Mental Health Unit at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. “We were looking for a way to support our community through this crazy stunt and St. Joe’s is an

The Parkdale Roadrunners pose moments after committing to run the 2013 Ontario Ragnar Relay. Steven Artemiw (cofounder), left, Barb Deck, Mike Krupica (co-founder), Kate Evans, James Koka, Miguel Jette, Adrian Ravinsky, Julietta McGovern (team captain), Melanie Liaw, Meddy Andrews, missing Nandito Noor, Gillian Erickson. Photo/COURTESY

anchor in this community,” said McGovern, who was actually born in the South Parkdale hospital. “It felt like a good way to give back to the community because everyone may at some point need it.” To kick off the fundraising effort, there will be a celebration and silent auction at The Mascot, 1267 Queen St. W., on April 12 at 7:30 p.m. They have a list of silent auction

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items donated by area business Shop Girls, Stussy and This End Up as well as corporate sponsors Nike Canada, Reunion Island Coffee and Fred Perry. They even have Big Brother Canada finale tickets on the auction block. All of the items can be previewed at parkdaleroadrunners The group will be selling t-shirts that say ‘I’d Rather Be Supporting’,


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which they hope people will wear and come out to the lake shore on June 14 and cheer as the runners pass through south Parkdale. For more information on The Mascot Running Club and The Parkdale Road Runners visit

• 2001 Audio Video • Best Buy • Canadian Tire • Freshco • Future Shop • Home Depot • Home Hardware • Humber River Hospital • Leon’s Furniture • Lowes


For more information on the Ontario Ragnar Relay visit

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The Babiak Team Sells The West End!

OPEN HOUSE SAT & SUN 2-4 PM Prime Junction. 2 ½ storey Victorian steps to TTC and all the amenities. Lovely high ceilings, bright and spacious, updated kitchen & bathrooms, master bedroom with walkout to balcony, main floor family room/den, loft with skylight, private and charming backyard. Come take a will not be disappointed. $499,900


$899,000 76 Woodside Avenue New Listing! Massive 2,770’ 10 rm 3 storey with original details intact. A reno project with fantastic upside. Wide mutual drive, double garage, nr Runnymede PS and subway. OH Sat 2-4.

Move in ready and charming brick bungalow sitting on a 33’ x 125’ lot with private driveway for plenty of parking. Steps to TTC and the Lakefront. Decorator decor throughout with WOW kitchen, updated bathroom and hardwood. Don’t wait and call us today for your personal viewing. $439,900

$579,000 21 Bradley Avenue 1st Ad! Semi-detached 2br w/updated eat-in kitchen, new main bath, finished bsmt, private drive & steps to TTC. Call Markian Silecky, Broker 647-282-7653. OH Sat/Sun 2-4.


Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

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1300 Islington Ave, #2504 Open House Saturday and Sunday 2-4 pm

The Abbey Lofts. Simply Divine. Rare 1,860 s.f., 3 bedrm loft in historic church. Stunning details.Limestonewalls,vaulted SALES REPRESENTATIVE ceilings, stained glass, wood flrs. As featured in Toronto Life 2011. Steps to Howard Park Public school. French Immers. 97% walking score! One of a for Sutton Group Bloor West Village office. kind. 384 Sunnyside Ave. Unit 202. New Price! $929K Residential sales.


2001-2012 From Value

233-6276 606-1581

32 Gothic Avenue #4. Unique Opportunity to reside in Historic Gothic Estates Mansion *Exquisite Restoration w/ Creme de la Creme Finishes & Superlative Attention to Detail *Soaring Ceiling Heights, Unbelievable Natural Light *Beautiful Orig. Stained Glass Windows *2 Generous Bdrms w/ Spa-Like Ensuites *Gas F/P *Stunning H/W Floors Throughout *Exceptional Location... 2 mins to Subway, BWV, High Park *Fabulous Conversion w/ only 7 Suites *This is truly a rare & special space... you will love it! Offered at $719,000




Royal LePage R.E. Services Ltd., Brokerage


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2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, bright and spacious condo. Lots of windows with southern exposure and a view of St. George’s Golf Course. Close to the subway and all Bloor St amenities. Underground parking included.


21 EDGECROFT RD. Det. 2 bed/2 bath bung. hosts a harvest of features. Attractive curb appeal, fully equipped, high end custom kit, open concept living/dining rm for entertaining & spacious, warm & inviting lower level family rm with gas f/p. New Roof, Eavestroughs, Windows, Doors, Deck & Upgraded Sewer Lines. Large 41ft. x 133 ft lot with det. garage & private drive (pkg for 4) Prime Etobicoke Location! Walk to established schools, 24 hr. transit, shopping, restaurants, parks & Cineplex. Minutes to Lake, City & Airport! $549,900


Parkdale ~ Stunning Grand Dame In Historic Parkdale. 3 Storey, 6 Bedroom Home Loaded With Charm, Character & Original Period Pieces Including High Baseboards, Crown, Wood Trim, Stained Glass & Soaring Ceilings. Private Backyard. Detached 1 Car Garage. Private Drive With Room For Two Cars. 151 Dowling Avenue ~ $899,900

Tracey Logan

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OFFICE: 416 DIRECT: 416 5110 Dundas St. W.


Making it possible.

Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

visit for photos, floor plans, feature sheets & home inspections

NUTAN BROWN Sales Representative

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Theodore Babiak Broker

David Bailey

Lucy Sanford



Parkdale ~ Beautiful Legal Triplex In Trendy Neighbourhood. Live In & Collect Rent Or Utilize Strictly As Income - Great Numbers. Call For Details.

High Park ~ Beautifully Renovated 2.5 Storey 4 Bedroom Home With Two Car Garage. Basement Income Potential & Short Walk to Subway.

Sales Representative Sales Representative Sales Representative


Toronto’sfirstres.geothermal condo. Very bright S.E.. facing 688 s.f. 1 bedrm with balcony & gas bbq h/u. 1 car parking & locker. Wall of windows. Great location. 437 Roncesvalles Ave. Unit 204. $389K

Independently Owned and Operated

phone (416) 769-1616 fax (416) 769-1524 email 5 plex with 6 hydro meters. Huge lot in Longbranch. Great for tear down or just keep as investment. 2 car garage. Lot 50 x 110. 4.3% cap rate with rents below market. $575k. Wont last. 78 Laburnham


2.5 storey with huge lot 32 x 126 south facing. 2 GARAGES!! FORMER 5 BED RM NOW 4. 3 PORCHES! Absolute great value. 91 Humberside Ave. $899K


Specializing in Parkdale, Roncesvalles and High Park




Your Toronto Home Resource tel 416-530-1100 cell 416-788-1823

NEW LISTING 3 Bedrooms 32 Old Mill Terrace 3 Bathroom $679,000 South facing private yard Executive 3-storey Public Open House Sat townhouse and Sun 2-4pm! Please visit

| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013

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THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |


Frank Leo



Incredible Royal York/Edenbridge 5bdrm 2 storey at beautifully landscaped 100’ x 210’ ravine lot. Resort-like terraced back garden, waterfall pond, gazebo and in-ground pool. Gorgeous 2 storey foyer, fabulous gourmet kitchen, main floor billiard room w/English style bar, Stunning 2 storey family rm with huge custom library wall and ladder rail. Spacious large lower level rec. rm with w/o absolutely a must see $2,599,900!!

Prestigious executive 5+2 bdrm 2 storey, gorgeous stone & brick exterior, professionally landscaped lot, backing onto Conservation lands, absolutely a must see, beautifully finished thru-out, Jatoba hardwood & granite flrs, custom kitchen inground pool, & much more for $1,990,000!!

ASHBURY VICTORIA Custom built Classic Victorian inspired all brick 4 bdrm homes in south Etobicoke. Incredible imported high end finishes thru-out, state of the art automation system. Definitely a must see located just minutes to the airport or downtown Toronto from $868,000.

Gorgeous Aspen Ridge Baltic Model. 4 bdrm Brick & Stone exterior interlock driveway, thousands spent on upgrades, cathedral ceiling, gleaming hardwood flrs, gas fireplace, main floor den, wrought iron railing, upgraded s/s appliances, master bdrm retreat, 5 pce ensuite, professionally landscaped, inground sprinklers, fabulous curb appeal only $827,900!!



Gorgeous Property 90’ x 143’ lot backing onto the Humber River & situated on quiet dead end street. Custom built 2 storey with addition & walkout bsmnt. Fabulous layout, granite countertop & floors, 5+1 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, finished basement with second kitchen ideal for entertaining or nanny suite, w/o to professionally landscaped lot with inground salt water pool, patio, deck, & spectacular ravine views. Meticulously well maintained property offered at only $1,699,900!!


Spectacular totally renovated 2 storey! Modern kitchen with granite counter top, gleaming hardwood floors, gorgeous bathrooms, finished basement. New roof, windows & deck, 2 car Carport parking, stone & brick exterior, high demand Trinity Bellwoods area, walk to shops, restaurants, 24 hrs street car and much more only $799,900!!

BROKER Sponsor of

Children’s Miracle Network & Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

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Large detached 4 bdrm 2 storey, finished basement, huge 50’ x 199’ lot! Located close to all conveniences, quick access to Hwys, many upgrades thru-out, Well maintained home Must be seen for $799,900!!

Stunning Heathwood built 4 bdrm 2 storey, huge principal rooms, Impressive family size kitchen, granite countertops, under cabinet lighting, s.s appl. double oven, main flrs. den, family room, & laundry rm, spacious Living & dining room master suite with 2 large w/i closets, 5 pc. ensuite, garage access door, the list goes on and on for this Milton Beauty! Only $799,900!!

Spectacular custom executive 3+1bdrm 2 storey, brick & stone exterior, opulent open concept layout, high coffered ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors, magnificent gourmet kitchen, stainless steel appliances, marble countertop, breakfast bar, & fireplace. Magnificent master bdrm, ensuite w/ soaker tub, glass shower + spa, W/I closet, & sitting area, Sept. entrance to finished bsmnt in-law suite must be seen for $749,900!!

ISLINGTON/ LANGSTAFF 276’ FRONTAGE!! Detached bungalow on approx. 1 acre lot, backing onto the Humber River, fabulous opportunity, Unique property, great location, close to all conveniences, super value for only $699,900!!

Rare 5 bdrm 2 storey on a beautiful lot. Just steps to Gametwood Park along the Etobicoke boarder. Gorgeous family rm with w/o to private fenced lot 20’x40’, inground pool. Huge bedrooms and principal rooms, renovated baths, fabulous country kitchen with s.s appliances and breakfast area, large finished basement 2nd kitchen & 2 bedrooms, gleaming hardwood flrs. and much more. $699,000


DUFFERIN & STEELES!! Spacious 4bdrm 2 storey, well layed out, upgraded kitchen, granite countertop, 4 bathroom, finished basement with 2nd kitchen, large lot, professionally landscaped, interlock drive, great location for only $689,900!!

THE VICTORIAN! 2790 sq ft classic custom built 2 storey all brick semi detached luxury homes. Located in the Long Branch area, Newly built, select your luxurious finishes PreConstruction price $698,000 Detached Luxury homes Pre Construction prices $798,000

WEST REALTY INC., Brokerage Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated


Incredible luxury condo, great location close to Vaughan Mills shopping centre, Canada’s Wonderland, restaurants, and all conveniences. Fabulous gated community, 24hr concierge, Fantastic facilities, spacious 2 bdrm condo, stainless steel appl. Granite countertop, gleaming ceramic & hardwood flrs thru-out. A must see for $619,900!! Also available 1 + 1 bedroom $349,900 call for details!


Attention builders, rarely offered 53’x 100’ building lot in Long Branch south of Lakeshore Blvd, lot value only, sold as is, build your dream home, great location close to all conveniences just minutes to downtown Toronto for only $598,000!!


Wonderful fully renovated 3+1bdrm 2 Storey, large private fenced lot, fabulous south Eotobicoke location next to Sherway Gardens. Gourmet kitchen, marble floors, s.s. appliances, separate entrance to finished basement, great potential for in-law suite, large double drive with detached garage, crown moulding, skylight, pot lights, any many extras for only $539,000!!

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Impressive 3bdrm home situated on a quiet street, in prime Markland Wood area. Thousands spent on upgrades, updated roof & windows, renovated kitchen, granite countertop, Separate side entrance to finished basement. Ideal for entertaining or for in-law suite, large rec room, 2nd kitchen and many extras included. Great location close to all conveniences for $524,900!!

DUFFERIN & EGLINTON!! Impressive renovated 2+1bdrm bungalow with separate entrance to finished basement, great potential for in-law suite, gleaming hardwood floors, new appliances and many extras included, great central location for only $444,900!!


Situated on a premium 52’ lot, double door entry, hardwood floor, 2 skylights, w/o to deck & patio, separate side entrance to finished basement ideal for entertaining or in-law suite, renovated gorgeous bathrooms, Jacuzzi soaker tub, separate shower, double garage & drive, walk to William Osler Hospital & Humber College only $519,900!!


Prime South Etobicoke opportunity, great land value for 25’ x 133’ lot, build your dream home, great location, close to all conveniences, just minutes to downtown Toronto for only $438,000!!


Beautifully renovated from top to bottom 3+1bdrm detached 2 storey! Separate entrance to in-law suite, large principal rms, gleaming laminate floors, huge private backyard with 12’ x 12’ deck, parking for 2 cars, great central location, close to TTC, schools, park, Go station, just minutes to downtown Toronto for only $499,900!!


Great potential to build your dream home near the Lake, fabulous south Etobicoke location, close to all conveniences, view of the lake at the end of the street, long 132’lot, Super Value, located close to all conveniences for $428,000!!


Detached brick & stone bungalow situated on a premium 50’ lot, originally a 4bdrm, converted to a 3bdrm with large master and full ensuite, modern family size kitchen with walkout, open concept living & dining rm, huge picture window, stone fireplace, separate entrance to basement, large rec. rm, garage, long private drive, and many extras, great location close to all conveniences only $499,900!!


Excellent location near Airport Rd. and William Parkway, close to all major Hwys, 900 sq ft of office space & 2300+ sq ft of Industrial space, previously used for garment manufacturing, zoning allows for mixed use, clean office area with reception and board room, must be seen $415,000!!


Large 4+1bdrm 2 storey in Sandlewood / Richvale area! Family size kitchen, marble floors & counter tops, centre island, combined living and dining room, family room with fireplace, laminate floors, large master bedroom, 4 pc ensuite & w/o closet, finished basement rec. room, located close to all conveniences for $469,000!!


Backing onto ravine, gorgeous décor, formal dining room, open concept living room, family size kitchen s.s. appliances walkout to deck overlooking ravine large patio, magnificent master with full ensuite soaker Jacuzzi tub, plus fabulous finished basement only $359,900!!


Gorgeous Maple Condo completely upgraded through out, fabulous gourmet kitchen with granite countertop, top of the line s. s. appliances, spacious living and dining rm, gleaming hardwood floors, large master bedroom with ensuite and W/I closet, ensuite laundry, great amenities and many extras included, located close to all conveniences for only $309,900!!


Prime Kingsway / Edenbridge neighbourhood. Fabulous layout, 1+1 bedroom suite, open concept living and dining rm, w/o to private balcony / terrace, thousands spent on upgrades, granite countertop, breakfast bar, high ceilings, steps to transit, Humbertown Plaza, & amenities only $308,900!!



Amazing Toronto opportunity! 3 bedroom 1 ½ storey with private drive, and garage. Located close to all conveniences, steps to transit (new transit corridor), St Clair and Caledonia shops, restaurants, schools parks and much more, incredible opportunity!! SOLD IN ONE WEEK FOR 110% OF ASKING!!

Renovated 3bdrm 2stry freehold co-op, open concept living and dining room, gleaming hardwood floors, beautiful modern kitchen, finished basement, two full baths, great location close to all conveniences for only $299,900!!

MILLGATE MANOR CONDO!! Fantastic 2+1 corner unit in high demand Burnhamthorpe & Mill Rd. area, large combined living & dining rm, w/o to balcony, 2wshrms, den, ensuite laundry, central air conditioning, and many extras, well managed building, & amenities for only $269,000!!

Gorgeous 1+1bdrm condo, thousands spent on upgrades. Modern kitchen with tumbled stone backsplash, and sparkling marble floor. Spacious combined living and dining room, gleaming plank hardwood flrs, crown moulding, and polished porcelain in foyer. Large master bedroom overlooking ravine, and many extras included, located close to all conveniences for only $149,900!!


Soaring 17’ ceilings & windows, unobstructed sunny west views, custom blinds, fabulous master bedroom retreat combined with den overlooking 1st floor, open concept main level, Herringbone hardwood, kitchen island, fireplace, amazing suite, incredible value, rooftop terrace, fabulous facilities located minutes to downtown Toronto for $289,900!!


Immaculate 3bdrm 2stry, corner townhouse unit, with 2 balconies. Fabulous layout with large living area, updated kitchen and baths, stainless steel appliances, spacious master bedroom with walkout to balcony. Gleaming hardwood floors, plus many extras, parking, huge storage, ensuite laundry and much more for only $288,000!!


Impressive 2 bdrm condo townhouse, absolutely immaculate home, nicely renovated. Large Bleached Oak kitchen, spacious open concept living and dining room, with w/o to large balcony, great lower level suite!! Sold for Top $$$!!









Ultra luxury living, the Prestigious Shangri-La offers Toronto’s highest standards in condo /hotel living, 1100 sq ft plus large 261 sq ft balcony, fabulous west views, from 34th floor, gourmet kitchen, open concept layout, incredible amenities include valet parking, indoor pool, spa, fitness room, concierge and much more for $3750/mth!



SEE MORE PHOTOS : w w w. G e t L e o . c o m Not intended to solicit persons under contract. *Certain Conditions May Apply. ReMax West Realty Inc. does not guarantee the sale of your home. Exclusively offered by Frank Leo.

Copyright© 2009 Frank Leo

| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013



Real estate

THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |


Key factors affect insurance rate

Sales drop while prices rise GTA realtors release March housing figures Greater Toronto Area realtors reported 7,765 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in March 2013 – down 17 per cent compared to 9,385 transactions in March 2012. While the year-over-year dip in March sales followed the trend that has unfolded since mid-way through 2012, it is also important to note that the Good Friday holiday was in March this year versus April in 2012. Generally speaking, there are fewer sales reported on statutory holidays and weekends.

In the first quarter of 2013, sales amounted to 17,678 – down by 14 per cent compared to Q1 2012. "Home ownership remains affordable for a household earning the average income in the Greater Toronto Area. There are many willing buyers in the marketplace today,” says Toronto Real Estate Board President Ann Hannah. “While some households have put their decision to purchase on hold as a result of stricter lending guidelines or the additional Land Transfer Tax in the City of Toronto, other households simply haven’t been able to find the right house due to a shortage of listings in some market segments.”

The average selling price in March was $519,879 – up by 3.8 per cent compared to March 2012. The average price in Q1 2013 was $508,066 – up by 3.2 per cent compared to the first quarter of 2012. "The average selling price and the MLS Home Price Index Composite Benchmark was up on a year-over-year basis across most home types, especially in the low-rise market segments where supply remains an issue. TREB's average price forecast for 2013 remains at $515,000, representing a 3.5 per cent annual rate of growth," says Jason Mercer, TREB's Senior Manager of Market Analysis. –TREB


Shopping for a home can be a fun experience, but with the numerous associated expenses it can be stressful as well. One item that homebuyers rarely consider is the cost to insure the potential new home. “Things like having to replace some flooring or kitchen cabinets may sway a homebuyer's decision, but the cost of insuring the home is rarely considered,” says Wayne Ross from Aviva Canada. “What many homebuyers don't realize is that by considering a couple of additional factors in their buying decision, they can easily save a few hundred dollars on their insurance costs every year.” Ross suggests looking into a few key factors before making the big purchase: • Location – If you live in a low-crime area you'll pay a lower premium. • Proximity to fire protection – Homeowners who live close to a fire hydrant or fire station will pay lower premiums as a


result of decreased fire risk. • Heating – Do you use oil, gas or electric? If you heat with oil, or own a wood stove, you'll likely also burn more money on your insurance premium. • Wiring – Do you have breakers or fuses? Old wiring? Low electricity flow coming into the house? Answers to these questions will affect your insurance costs and eligibility for insurance. Your insurer might require upgrades. • Roof – If your roof hasn’t been



416 588-5784

Independently Owned and Operated


Custom 3 storey family home on 32 foot wide lot in an exceptional Bloor West Village location! Complete 2013 reno combines attention to detail, design & eco-friendly systems. WOW!

7 Weatherell Street

Fantastic investment opportunity in High Park! Three turnkey units & a high, unfinished basement with separate entrance for potential income. Main floor 2 bedrooms with walk-out to back yard; 2nd floor 1+1 bedrooms with updated kitchen & deck; 3rd floor 1 bedroom with newer bath & private deck. 200 AMP service, newer windows and updated electrical wiring. Two parking spots at rear of home. Won’t last! For more info, visit


Sparkling Victorian in hip location - walk to Ossington strip & Queen West. Soaring ceilings, stained glass, reno’d kit & spa bath, 2nd floor laundry. Private English garden.

26 Afton Ave




updated in the last 20 years, you might not qualify for insurance until it’s re-shingled. • Other factors like the existence of a monitored security and fire alarm system or a swimming pool will also factor into your insurance costs. Before you make the final decision on the purchase of a new home, talk to your insurance broker or company to determine insurance costs. –


416-762-8255 Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

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Stately & Elegant ‘Baby Point Community’

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24 Baby Point Cres. ~ $1,679,000. Prime ‘Baby Point’ 4 Bdrm ~ 4 1/2 Bath ~ Sun-Filled Centre Hall Plan Impressive Principal Rms ~ Vibrant Family Focused Community Centre Private Landscaped Treed Lot ~ View More Photos On Website



The Community Police L i a i s o n Co m m i t t e e (CPLC) is made up of representatives from the community, business, youth and police. The Committee usually meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Here’s what happened at the last meeting, held April 2. POLICE TAKE TO TWEETING Supt. Peter Lennox made it his New Year’s resolution to become a better tweeter and so far, so good, he said. In fact, Lennox said, Twitter is an excellent way to connect with the police in 11 Division. “Where we do our best at getting the most timely information out is on Twitter,” Lennox said. Lennox encouraged residents to follow tweeters from 11 Division who send out a number of notices daily regarding missing persons, road closures, safety tips and general interest items. Who to follow : @ PCMcCarthy_8677, @ CrimeD11, @MASON8556 and @SuptLennoxat11

THEFT FROM VEHICLES DOWN Theft from vehicles has long been an issue in 11 Division, but so far this year this type of crime is down 50 per cent from last year. From Feb. 26 to March 26 there were just 21 incidents across the division. “Whatever we are doing about thefts from autos we are doing it

events to come. Police Week, observed in May for the past 30 years, is an annual event dedicated to promoting crime prevention, recognition and awareness of police services across Canada. right,” Const. Robert Tajti said. However, Superintendent Peter Lennox reminded residents that as the weather gets warmer, they need to be more vigilant about not keeping valuables in their cars, particularly in the parking areas along the lake shore and in High Park. “L i k e t h e y d o a t Christmas, people will watch you put things in your trunk before you head out on your walk and they know you will be gone for a while,” Lennox said. “Leave your valuables at home or put them in your trunk before you get there.” WEEK KICKS OFF MAY 10 ◗POLICE

This year, the official kickoff of Police Week will be held at the 11 Division Police Station at 2054 Davenport Rd. “They wanted to bring this event out into the community and I am delighted it is going to be here,” Superintendent Peter Lennox said. The official kick-off to Police Week is scheduled for May 10. On May 11, the division will hold their own open house from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. More details on these two Police Week


Young rockers are gearing up for their final MUSIC! Not Mischief concert this month. MUSIC! Not Mischief is a Toronto and surrounding GTA police-led youth outreach program partnering police officers with high school students. Through music and guitars, police officers have regular group interaction with youth to share a supportive message about pursuing positive and creative ventures, such as music and academic excellence. The program, which started in Parkdale and is now five years old, includes 16 schools from four regions including Toronto. The final MUSIC! Not Mischief concert will take place April 24 at 8 p.m. at the Mod Club on College Street. Follow @TPScopsrock for updates. The next meeting of the 11 Division CPLC is at 7 p.m. on April 23. This meeting will be held at the Toronto Police Headquarters at 40 College St. - Erin Hatfield

Police host mobile blood clinic ANDREW PALAMARCHUK

Const. Cam Forrest’s partner at 12 Division died of bone cancer at age 31 three years ago. The partner, Const. Stephen Pittman, required numerous blood transfusions during his treatment. Now Forrest is a regular blood donor and encourages others to do the same. Forrest, a school resource officer at Weston Collegiate, helped students overcome the fear of the needle and understand the benefits of blood donation before Monday’s mobile blood clinic at 12 Division. “Some had some fears about the amount of blood given and they were scared of needles,” Forrest said. “They didn’t know that it was a pretty painless process.” Grade 12 students from four police divisions – Nos. 11, 12, 13 and 14 – took part in the April 8 blood drive. The event was organized by

Toronto police Const. Cam Forrest lost his work partner to bone cancer in February 2010.

12 Division administrative coordinator Sandra McQuade, a longtime blood donor. “It’s an opportunity for students in our surrounding area to join the police and save lives together,” she said. “They’re coming here for a positive reason, so it’s not because of a bad interaction with the police, it’s because of a good thing.” McQuade began organizing

blood drives with the service after her friend’s 15-year-old nephew was diagnosed with a brain tumor 15 years ago. “That scared us into realizing how important blood donations are, watching him go through the process of chemotherapy and worried whether he was going to live. He’s now almost 30 years old, so he’s a success story,” McQuade said. “Unless you’re in it in some way, you don’t realize that every day people are waiting for blood donations and platelet donations.” Stephany Ramirez, 17, gave blood for the first time Monday. “It’s important because traumatic events can happen to people at any time and blood is needed on hand at all times,” she said. Roop Sidhu of Canadian Blood Services said the agency is trying to attract 80,000 to 90,000 new blood donors each year.


For more on Canadian Blood Services, and how to donate visit

Student scholarship launched at 11 Division LISA RAINFORD The 11 Division Community Police Liaison Committee ( C P LC ) w i l l a w a rd i t s first Community Safety Scholarship in recognition of high school students’ efforts to make their neighbourhood a safe place to live. The scholarship is unique for its recognition of community and civic engagement and promotion of safer communities.

Currently, the CPLC is looking for donors to help fund the scholarship. While it is the first for 11 Division, scholarships have been presented across several Toronto Police Services divisions for years, said Linda Martin, local CPLC co-chair. Those who are eligible are students who are working hard to give back to their community, Martin said. “We really want to recognize kids who are establish-

ing a balance with regards to academics, but support their community, too,” she said. “We’re working with our school resource officers because they know the students who stand out.” The CPLC would like the opportunity to help marginalized students. The goal is to help one or more students pursue a postsecondary education.


For more on the scholarship, visit or call 416-808-1100.

| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013


THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |

city hall

Ford makes case for casino, Premier insists no special deal for city DAVID NICKLE To r o n t o c i t y m a n a g e r J o e Pennachetti’s long-awaited report on Toronto’s terms for hosting a casino has laid out a long list of requirements in order for council to approve the deal – including a guarantee of at least $100 million in hosting fees, and a requirement that any casino developer also pay the cost of transportation infrastructure improvements. The report, which landed on councillors’ desks Monday morning, says despite widespread public opposition, a large casino could be a good thing for Toronto. But only if the deal with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is significantly sweetened from what’s been offered so far. According to the report going to Toronto’s executive committee April 15 and 16, council should settle for nothing less than half of the total hosting fee going to Toronto – and no less than $100 million in hosting fees coming to the city regardless. As well, the casino should be a maximum of 175,000 square feet. And the casino proponents will not only need to comply with the

city’s zoning process, but also pay for any transportation infrastructure improvements required for the site. The report also eliminates the port lands as one of the possible downtown sites. Now, the only sites Toronto is considering are downtown on Front Street, and at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. Pennachetti wouldn’t, however, go so far as to recommend to council whether to approve or reject a casino in the city. “It’s very divisive, and it’s a very emotional issue,” said Pennachetti. “I thought seriously about making hard recommendations and at the end of the day I felt given the poll results and consultation results I wanted to make sure that council had all the facts. Now, it’s up to council.” Prior to the report’s release, Mayor Rob Ford released a written statement trumpeting his support for a casino. “I believe we should say yes to a new casino – on the condition that it will help Toronto move forward and achieve our goals,” he wrote. “This opportunity shouldn’t be


Staff photo/DAVID NICKLE

At a news conference Monday, Mayor Rob Ford hammered home his support for building a casino.

judged on emotional or partisan rhetoric, but on facts.” Ford argued a casino would bring jobs to Toronto, millions of dollars in hosting fees and aid the city in establishing new convention space: all things the city manager’s report cited. In a news conference Monday afternoon, Ford hammered that point home. In particular, Ford said Toronto needs more convention



dog walker’s


mortgage rate

space – and the only way to achieve that is to allow a casino. “You need one,” he said. “People go to a convention – you want to have the restaurants, want to have something to do after your convention with your spouse or your business partners. You don’t just go to a convention and then go back to your hotel room. You could do it but that’s not the type of city you want.” Ford also dismissed the possibility the province simply wouldn’t allow the special deal for Toronto. “It’s important that we get a fair share in the deal – and after talking to Premier Kathleen Wynne, I’m sure it’ll be in and around that number,” he said. But other councillors pointed out the conditional approval was based on little or no indication the provincial government might greenlight a special deal for Toronto. Currently, the Woodbine Slots pay about $15 million a year. Pennachetti’s report indicates hopes for as much as $150 million a year from a successful, 175,000 square foot casino – significantly smaller than casino sizes suggested by OLG. Trinity-Spadina Councillor Mike

Layton said the conditions in the report effectively kills the possibility of a casino in Toronto. “Essentially we have a report here that says no to a casino,” he said. “We’ve had eight months of debate and what we got was a report with fictitious numbers. But Premier Kathleen Wynne has already told the OLG that there’s no special deal for Toronto, yet this presumes a number of special deals with Toronto.” On Monday, Premier Wynne said a special deal for Toronto wasn’t on the table. “Let me be very clear,” she said at a Toronto Region Board of Trade luncheon. “There needs to be one formula across the province, no special deals, and the municipalities need to decide on that basis whether they want to host a casino.” Mayor Ford said the executive committee meeting will likely be filled with deputations the first day, while the second day will be devoted to debate of the issue. “Hopefully before it gets to council we’ll have the numbers we’re looking for,” said Ford. -with files from Rahul Gupta


For more news and views from City Hall visit us online at

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Free estimate James Chen

647-519-9506 Handy Person


Basements, kitchens, bathrooms. Small repairs. Drywall. Hardwood/laminate flooring. Tiles. Painting. Plumbing. Electrical. Quality work. Please call George 416-906-0623

853 1765


Masonry & Concrete BRICK, BLOCK & NATURAL STONEWORK Chimneys, Tuck Pointing, Brick, Concrete Windowsills and Much More! For Free Estimate Call Peter: 647-333-0384 www. stardustconstruction .com

Painting & Decorating A HIGH quality professional painter. Plaster, repair, wallpapering and carpentry. 25 years experience. Free estimates, reasonable rates, references. David 416-732-6951

Moving & Storage XPRESS MOVERS$45/hr. 2, 3, or 4 men available with any size truck. Short notice ok. Free storage available. 416-845-4279

Flooring & Carpeting MAINLY FLOORS Carpet, hardwood, tile from $1.39/sq.ft. installed. Free estimate in GTA. Spring deals!Call 416-873-8043 E: NESO FLOORING Carpet installation starting from $1.29/ sq.ft. Hardwood, laminate at low prices. 26 yrs experience. Free Estimates. Best Price! 647-400-8198

Furniture Repair ANTIQUE FURNITURE Repair. Make the old look like new. Call John: 416-906-5601

Appliance Repairs/ Installation Professional Repairs of all brands of: Refrigeration, Stoves, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Air Conditioning, & Heating. Free Estimates. Warranty, Credit cards accepted. Seniors discount. 416-616-0388

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ALL-SEASONS Home Improvements

• • • • • • • •

Waterproofing Chimneys Concrete Roofing Bathrooms Drywall Basements Garages

• • • • • • • •

2009 Winner

Foundations Brickwork Stonework Siding Kitchens Painting Electrical Permits

Fast – Efficient Service – Guaranteed Seniors 416 B-12561





• licensed • honest • reliable • local • experienced • insured • quality workmanship • seniors discount • references

P 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE e 416-997-3063 t e Financing Available r: (Met Lic #P20579)


· 24 Hour Emergency Service · Plugged Drain Repair •Backflow Prevention · Service Specialist · Flat Rates · Fully Insured · No Extra Charge for Evening & Weekends

Master Lic.# 20557 SASHA 416-371-7137 ALI 416-828-6611

GARAGE LEANING? Ready to fall over?

Garages rebuilt at substantial savings over replacement (single/double) No Permit Required • No Tax Reassesment • No Set Back Issues Just a nice garage at the fraction of the cost of replacement. Of course we also do General Home Renovations

Call Peter: 416-554-3517


• Complete renovations • Decks, Fences, Garages • Finish Carpentry • Painting • Interior/Exterior I m p r o v e m e n t s • Basements/Bathrooms


References upon request.

Office: 416.320.1897 or 416.259.8305


Bricks & Chimneys





Tuckpointing Chris Jemmett Masonry 416-686-8095 Jacob Tree Service


Burton Electric Inc. 416 419-1772

Knob and tube replacement LED Lighting Aluminum wire reconditioning Permits and inspections

Pot lights Service upgrades Breakers/Panels FREE ESTIMATES

Master Electrician * License # 7001220 * Insured

Landscape Design • FREE ESTIMATES 24hr Emergency Service

(416) 417-TREE (8733)

EAVESTROUGHS 416-878-4731 EAVESTROUGH BY DESIGN We Accept Intallment Payments Professional Installation Seniors Discount EAVESTROUGH • SIDING

Master Electrician

Specializing in removal of Knob & Tube & Electrical upgrades.

ECRA/ESA Lic.#7006706

est. 1997

• Tree & Shrub Removals • Pruning • Planting

(416) 723-1169


Fully Licensed & Insured



House-front, pillars, bricks repaired or replaced


Call (416)



• Shingles • Flat Roofs • Skylights • Chimneys • Eavestroughs • Repairs • Free Estimates

Save UP TO 15% OFF Lic. # B21358

Repaired and rebuilt Bricks + mortar colour match





| THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013

THE PARKDALE-LIBERTY VILLAGER | Thursday, April 11, 2013 |



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BI-WEEKLY FOR 72 MONTHS* Limited time lease offers available from Toyota Financial Services on approved credit. *All-in price of a new 2013 COROLLA CE 5-Sp Manual w/Convenience Package and APX 00 is $19,968 plus license. All-in price includes freight and fees (PDE, EHF, OMVIC fee and air condition tax, where applicable). HST, licensing, registration and insurance are extra. 0% APR finance rate on a new 2013 COROLLA CE 5-Spd Manual w/Convenience Package over a 72 month term equals a bi-weekly payment monthly payment of $128 with $0 down payment OAC. Offer ends April 31, 2013. Call 416 703 7700 or visit Toyota On Front for complete details.

524 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario 416 703 7700






PER MONTH FOR 48 MONTHS PLUS HST WITH $0 DOWN *Leasing offers available O.A.C. from Infiniti Financial Services based on a new 2013 Infiniti G37x AWD (G4XG73 /AA00/Luxury A7) with an annual lease rate of 1.9%. Monthly lease of $489 for a 48 month term. Down payment of $0 and first monthly payment required. Buy back is $18,898.50 at end of term. Total lease obligation is $23,585.56 plus HST. Cost to finance over term is $2,238.32. Model shown may be different from actual lease vehicle. Lease offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,995. Applicable license fees, insurance registration, PPSA and taxes are excluded. $0 security deposit required. 16,000 km per year allowance applies. Additional charge of $0.15/km applies after 16,000 km. Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until April 31st, 2013. Call 416 975 2623 or visit Infiniti Downtown for complete details

549 King Street East Toronto, Ontario 416 975 2623





PER MONTH FOR 60 MONTHS PLUS HST WITH $0 DOWN. FREIGHT AND FEES INCLUDED. *Lease offer available on new 2013 Sentra 1.8 S (C4LG53 AA00), manual transmission. 0.9% lease APR for a 60 month term. Monthly payment is $179 with $0 down payment or equivalent trade-in and includes freight and fees ($1,567) and no Security Deposit required. Lease based on a maximum of 20,000 km per year with excess charged at $0.10/km. Total lease obligation is $10,730. Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until between April 2 - April 31st, 2013. Call 416 975 3800 or visit Nissan Downtown for complete details


508 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario 416 975 3800









The Hyundai names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. †Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2013 Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto with an annual finance rate of 1.99% for 84 months. Bi-weekly payments are $168. No down payment required. Cost of Borrowing is $2,048. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of 1,760 fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST). Fuel consumption for Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto (HWY 6.7L/100KM, City 10.1L/100KM) is based on Energuide. Actual fuel efficiency may vary. ♦ Price for 2013 Santa Fe 2.0T Limited AWD model shown is $40,395. Prices include Delivery and Destination charges of $1,760, fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST). Prices exclude registration, insurance, PPSA and license fees. *Purchase, finance or lease an in-stock 2013 Santa Fe Sport/Santa Fe XL during the Double Savings Event and you will receive one $0.99 per litre Esso Price Privileges Fuel Card (including applicable taxes). Lengthy terms and conditions do apply. Dealership has details. †_*♦ All offers available for a limited time and subject to change or cancellation without notice. Call Downtown Hyundai at 416 465 9000 for complete details.


21 Broadview Ave. Toronto, Ontario 416 465 9000

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