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Extend Your Autumn Garden and entire outdoors for months to come. Pop open a bottle of Sparkling Poire Granit from France, Grab your Loved ones, some cozy blankets and gather near the outdoor fire and make some memories.

Autumn Gardening Donʼt Throw in the ʻTrowelʼ Just Yet

As the long hot days of Summer come to an end we may find ourselves grabbing a cozy sweater and a hot cup of tea as we head out to see the last of our gardenʼs bounty. By this time many Gardeners are usually tired after a long season digging in the dirt and battling Mother Nature and may feel it is time to throw in the ʻtrowelʼ and call it a day until Spring comes around once again. But as a lifelong Gardener I have found this time of the year to be one of the most joyous and colorful times in our gardens

Photo by Sam Rosenthal

After all it is much cooler, making our time spent working in the garden that much easier and enjoyable. Not to mention the delicious aroma of homemade pies, warm cider donuts, fruit ripe on the trees and hot mulled drinks just makes me want to throw open the French doors grab some wool blankets, light an outdoor fire, and spend time in the garden sipping Sparkling Poire Granit all evening with family and friends. All the more reason to keep your garden growing and going strong and beautiful until the first hard frost hits and the Winter garden takes shape.

Depending on what zone you live in, will determine what you can grow during the Autumn months as a zone 6 gardener here in the Northeast, I was accustomed to mums and pumpkins being the main 驶stars始 of the Autumn garden. Over the years I have discovered so many more fall treasures to add, many of which are hardy perennials that have come back each year. I love to walk out in my garden and gather vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs to create enchanting Autumn centerpieces for both indoors and out.

Here are some of my favorites Autumn Flowers Chrysanthemums- They come in a wide variety of colors to compliment all gardens. Asters- I just adore these hardy flowers, especially in purple hues. Pumpkins, Jack -Be -Littles and Gourds- I adore all varieties, especially the fairytalelike Cinderella pumpkin. You can go to your craft store and make a flower wreath to circle around these enchanting pumpkins for a look straight out of a storybook. This fun craft can be done with your children for only a few dollars.

Sunflowers- Always a great late Summer early Fall flower. Hydrangeas- We grow hundreds of them on our property and let them dry to use in our arrangements. Sanguisorba Obtusa, La Pimprenelle- These are the loveliest flowering 驶Plumes始 or feathers that look so pretty tucked into your arrangements. The shades vary as the mature on the stem.

Japanese Anemones- Lovely pink shades mingling amongst purple Asters in the garden and in arrangements. Beautiful. Physalis Franchetti- Orange Japanese Lanterns, You can pick them up at your local Garden Center and Farmers Market either to plant or already dried. Absolutely charming little plants. Bittersweet Vine- Perfect in arrangements and easy to find growing wild in the woods. Sweet Autumn Clematis- These lovely white softly sweet scented flowers bloom from late Summer into early Fall. Bulbs- Don始t forget now is the time to plant bulbs for Spring ( this is according to where you live)

Give some of these a try, pop open a bottle of Sparkling wine, gather some cheese crackers and Autumn Foods, head into the garden for a cocktail party or picnic fireside, and enjoy your garden. After all it can be a very long Winter.

I Love to visit the Local Craft Store and make a

Fairy Tale wreath for my Cinderella Pumpkin For more crafts, visit “Sheʼs Crafty”

Visit our Fall Gardening Video here for great Autumn Ideas

Wrapping Gifts is one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax. I find it incredibly relaxing. Visit She始s Crafty for more ideas

Make an Entrance

Bring in a Pumpkin from the Garden and set a little fireside table.

Using a Mix of Dried, Fresh and Faux Flowers we are able to create unique and beautiful arrangements.

Sources: Visit to view Bunny始s Garden and our video on The Fall Garden.

Casual Dining at the Spring House

Make our Pumpkin Cheese Ball and Our Buried Witch Cake and Scare up some Halloween Fun for all.

How to make a buried Witch Cake using Marzipan step by step guide.

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter three 8 inch round layer cake pans. Line bottom with parchment paper. Butter the paper evenly, dust with flower, tap out excess flour. Set aside. ** 2) You can make your icing and cake mix from scratch or use something from a box (you can even ask your local grocery store bakery to make you 3 plain chocolate cakes. Do what ever you have time for and what makes you happy... 3) Once you have your three cakes baked and cooled according to your directions. I almost always use a boxed cake mix and cans of chocolate icing for this. Then it leave me a lot more free time to get creative with my children and make the Marzipan decorations!! 4)

Assemble your cakes. Place one cake on a decorative cake plate and spread with 3/4 cup of the icing. Top with a second cake and frost mounding the icing unevenly disguising the round shape of the cake the best you can...see photo as your guide.


Crumble the remaining layer of cake in a bowl and sprinkle on top of the iced cake to resemble ʻdirtʼ.

6) Place Witch's hat, legs, arms and shoes on cake and use a new ʻcleanʼ toy shovel to serve up this fantastic ʻBuried Witch Cakeʼ ***See below for tutorial on how to make the Marzipan decorations.

Marzipan Decorations * *

One sugar ice cream cone for the Witch始s Hat * Marzipan can be found in the baking isle at the grocery, craft store or cake supply store Using our pictures as your guide form the tinted with food coloring Marzipan into legs, hands and boots. You will need to have these food colors on hand. Roll flat 9 with a rolling pin, a piece of the black marzipan to form around an ice cream cone, pinch to seal the seam. Form a Floppy brim out of the black clay/ marzipan for the hat. *** This is a fun project. The food coloring does stain your hands and clothes so be careful. I have been making this Buried Witch Cake for almost a decade and my family just loves it and we think you will too! Happy Halloween

Give Ina Garten始s Apple Pie recipe a try!

Farm Animal Cutting Boards are available here.

Make this delicious Grape Sorbet and add some bubbly to it! We love to use these Rose Papers. Our boutique also offers them in Hydrangea, leaves and more designs.

We Have Been Making These Floating Monster Faces and Spooky Hands out of Ice

for Years. They are super easy and are equally fun in your childʼs Halloween Punch as they are in the Champagne Grape Sorbet Punch featured above Just fill non toxic rubber gloves with water and tie shut then put in freezer over night. For the face, I tape all openings of the mouth, nose and eyes shut and fill with water and freeze over night. Thaw a little before you are ready to use and then place in your punch bowl. It is Super Creepy!!!!

Donʼt forget to add our ʻBoozy Concord Grapesʼ to this punch for an added elegance


and flavor

“Our Wooden Stands can be found in our Boutique. We are filling our with cheese, dried fruits, nuts and spooky

Cocktails this Halloween.....

Making Homemade Cannoli s are super easy when using store bought shells. You can make them or buy them at your local Italian Gourmet shop.

“Set Up a Gorgeous yet simple display. Put out some nuts in these French dishes. Add some cheese and crackers on wooden farm animal cutting boards, pop open a bottle of


bubbly and let the party begin

My Company Loves to have Irish Coffee served down by the fire on a chilly Autumn Evening.

Homemade Bailey Irish Whiskey Espresso Coffee Ice Cream, topped with hot Espresso and whipped Cream. This is a delicious after dinner drink, after dinner espresso and dessert all in one. It is perfect for St Patrick’s Day served fireside after dinner while enjoying one of the season’s last cozy fires before Spring arrives. It is very easy to prepare and looks elegant served in cut crystal Irish coffee mugs with a long spoon so you don't miss one delicious drop. I found the beautiful Waterford crystal mugs at Blarney Castle in Ireland a few years ago and had them shipped home. They take this lovely drink to the next level by making it every bit as beautiful as it is delicious. When I drink this I can close my eyes and dream of the charming thatched cottages in the Irish countryside, smell the fresh green grass that goes on forever, hear the lovely accents and kindness in the voices of all the people I met in Ireland. This is truly a time of the year when everyone is a wee bit Irish. BAILEYS IRISH ESPRESSO COFFEE ICE CREAM 1 1/2 cups of whole milk 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream 1 cup of brewed espresso coffee, chilled- I used Medaglia D'oro 2 Tablespoons of Baileys Irish Cream 2 Tablespoons of Irish Whiskey- I used Kilbeggan that I found in Ireland and still have sent to me. can find online 1 teaspoon of good quality vanilla 1/2 cup plus 1 Tablespoon of sugar pinch of salt mix the first 6 (wet) ingredients together in a bowl. add the sugar and salt together in a separate bowl, mix and then add to bowl with milk and stir until sugar is dissolved. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours and then pour the mixture into an ice-cream maker and freeze according to the maker's instructions. This took me about one hour in the machine. Then transfer to a freezer safe container and freeze over night or until firm, at least 3 hours. serve a few scoops of ice cream in a glass coffee mug, top with hot espresso and some whipped cream and serve with a spoon.

Apple Cider Ginger Martinis Posted on 7:41pm October 26th, 2008 by you

 Hi, give this fabulous Martini a try4 shots of ice cold great Vodka 2-4 shots of Ginger Brandy 4 ounces of Apple Cider a couple pieces of fresh Ginger shake in Martini shaker over ice and serve in cold martini glasses, makes 2-3 delicious drinks cheers

An easy delicious Butternut Squash Pizza with Fontina Cheese and Hazelnut Crust. **** I added Parmesan and Fontina Cheese to this pizza and the added brush/drizzle of olive oil made it much more flavorful. I think A Blue Cheese would be wonderful too!!

Mushroom Pecorino Tarts feel so Earthy and decadent in the Fall. I love them paired with either a red or crisp white wine.

A Delicious Salad with Cranberries, Gorgonzola, Bacon and nuts served with a hot bubbly cheesy Baked Lasagna makes for another easy Autumn meal.

Autumn is THE time for Tailgate parties. Whether elaborate Catered Affairs at The Steeplechase or Casual backyard get togethers at your home. You can click here and visit for incredible and easy tailgate recipes. I can始t wait to give Emeril始s Nachos a try! They sounds delicious.

“Boozy Concord Grapes” Are an easy ʻFood Craft Projectʼ that makes a perfect Hostess Gift!


Boozy Concord Grapes Time: 5 minutes, plus at least one month to macerate.

Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Concord grapes and brandy.

1 quart (about 1 1/4 pounds) Concord grapes, washed, stems removed and deseeded (optional) 1 cup sugar 2 to 3 cups brandy.

1. Place grapes inside a large jar and, using a wooden spoon, break the skins. Stir in the sugar. 2. Pour brandy over the grapes to cover by an inch. Cover and store in a dark, cool place (but not the refrigerator) for at least one month. Yield: 1 quart.

Our Simple yet elegant Autumn Mantel at The Paris House Designs , yes that is a real bird perched on top of the topiary.


A Tiffany & Co. Inspired Photo Shoot Featuring ʻThe Earth Mother Ring”

“Trick or Treat My Pretties. She looks so lovely wearing our ʻEarth Mother Ringʼ Tiffanyʼs give us a call we would love to

style your window !!

Cocktail Time My Pretties. Divine Cocktail Glasses in our Boutique

Sneaky Witches who wear black hats and Gazing Balls with creepy Spiders and Bats Don始t Forget the Gory Gummy Worms for young and old like a good Fright

Do You See the Ghost sitting in the Cozy Chair?! I Do....BOO! Make it fun, Make it Memorable, Make it Delicious

A Little Painting by The Paris House

Bringing all the amazing ʻGoodiesʼ home from the Farmers Market

“Home Sweet Home”

“Our Favorite Pumpkin, So Enchanting”

Our online Autumn Workbook is filled with information we use when teaching our Vermont and Autumn Entertaining Classes. Click Here to read Our 13 page Vermont online class. It covers where to travel, eat, shop, visit, sight-see, antique and much much more. We want to make our classes easy to download for all of you that are unable to attend them. If you are in the area our classes are taught out of our 200 year old historic farmhouse and they are filled with food, cocktails, gorgeously decorated tables, Chic design ideas, cocktail recipes, special guest speakers, craft classes, goody bags, makeup samples, information, fun conversation and much more! Sign up on our website via email or phone. Stay tuned for more information on our very Chic MOR cosmetic party.


is the loveliest area to visit during Fall Foliage.

You will meet the kindest people, find artisan crafts and home furnishings not to mention delicious baked goods and maple syrup. There are wonderful bed and breakfasts to stay in.

We teach many classes on Vermont and you can read a few of our posts and articles here

This is a very old picture of my now nearly 17 year old son, Sam. Sam is the talent behind many of the inspiration and computer ʻthingsʼ I have learned.

Visit Bennington, Arlington, Manchester, Burlington, Shelburne, Danby,and so many more places for shopping, antiquing, dining, sight seeing and much much more!

A quaint little ice cream shack. Now this is my idea of going out for ice cream!

There are so many farm markets and goodies to bring home.

I love this picture of my Grandmother that I took many years ago. I go to this special spot in Vermont which is very close to my parents home, each time I visit Vermont. I always feel that she is there and this photo feels very 驶Ghost-like始 yet incredibly peaceful. Where is your special place?

We love MOR products for keeping our skin silky soft all year long, their divine scents and gorgeous packaging. Find them in our boutique both in our ʻValentineʼ section and ʻBeautyʼ. We also special order any MOR products you may be interested in.

We are currently working on a MOR cosmetic cocktail/appetizer event that will be hosted by The Paris House Designs. Come and do your holiday shopping with our Chic gorgeous Beauty and Cosmetic products packaged in the most glamorous boxes. We will also have an online MOR store in our boutique and will donate 10% of all sales through the Month of December to St. Judeʼs Hospital

Get The Look

Zara Chocolate Brown boots with faux fur Red Plaid Hunt Jacket Anthropologie Green leather Exhibitor bag Jcrew Leopard Scarf Tory Burch Booties Ann Taylor Divine necklace Tory Burch Blue Dress Tory Burch MOR Cosmetics and Beauty Treatments- The Paris House Boutique White fitted Fisherman Sweater Dusty Pink zip front sleeveless blouse Jcrew Plaid Asymmetrical skirt Anthropologie

We Love this Chic Dress by Ann Taylor. They have Fantastic sales and have really Updated their designs. Check them out. (pair this dress with a blazer for the Office and remove it at night while Enjoying cocktails with that certain Mr. Sexy!!

This gorgeous mini skirt is by the one and only icon Diane Von Furstenberg I love it paired with the black tights and the turtleneck. Sexy yet very stylish. Cocktail hour Here I come!!!

This is the LBD of the Season! Perfect soft leather, timeless, gorgeous and oh so sexy. Paired with leggings is adorable, OR bare legs is super sexy! You choose.....Dress Diane Von Furstenburg..

This sweater Dress is the perfect Autumn Dress and one that I have been searching to find for about 8 years since I cut it out of my old Victoria Magazine. It was in a photo shoot that took place in Nova Scotia. The color is just gorgeous. It inspired our family trip there!! One day I hope to find something very similar. What do you dream of wearing this Autumn????

A few things I am reading in both book/magazine format and on my iPad. I adore the fabulous designer 驶Bunny Williams始 and her new book Scrapbook始 is wonderful. Vogue is my favorite Fashion Magazine, I don始t miss a day reading the New York Times on my iPad and I completely enjoy everything related to Nigella Lawson. I have her App and all her cookbooks. More reads next month.

This gorgeous sweater is the perfect Autumn Find for tailgating in all season long. And for $99 We will be wearing ours for years and years to come. Don始t worry if these Burberry boots are out of your price range. Pick up an equally stylish pair at Zara. Everyone we showed this Exhibitor bag to from Jcrew is in love with its rich green soft leather and great size. Another classic that you will be using for years to come. All you need left is to find a great fitting pair of jeans in your closet and the look is complete.

“Just so sweet. I would be over the moon with joy wearing these outfits this Fall� All shades of pink are my favorite

Tory Burch You continue to Dazzle us with gorgeous Affordable Designs Season After Season. This look is Divine. Perfect for work, lunch with friends, a day at The Met or dinner with your Sweetheart in the evening. ** If you want that dress act quickly it took a long search for them to find my size they are selling fast. Also to find this boot for less try Ann Taylor and Nine West.

Dinner in The Springhouse

We hosted a wonderful Shakespeare Renaissance party in our Springhouse. Everyone came in costume and we served food on the bone and much of it could be eaten with your hands, very rustic. I was a beer Wench. Find a little spot in your home or outdoors and think of a great theme and throw a party for friends and family!

The 200 year old Springhouse locating on our property. Off to the side is a very old fireplace that we make s始mores on in the middle of the Winter when the boys are home from school. It is a fun snow day activity.

Bake up some delicious Gingersnap Cookies and serve them outdoors near a warm fire with some hot mulled Cider If you don始t have a favorite family recipe for your gingersnap cookies try Ina Garten始s Barefoot Contessa recipe.

Pop it open and lets get the party started

We have been serving Poire Granit from Fance to our family and friends for years. We love pairing it with our rustic pear maple syrup tart.

Don始t forget to stay fit, get plenty of sleep and eat well so you can have a healthy happy Autumn season! The Paris House Designs You can also subscribe to our Free Newsletter on our website, Ask any question on our Ask Bunny Forum, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, in Our Boutique, blog and in our Free Monthly Workshop Magazine online that coordinates with our workshop classes.

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