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Laketonian Days September 23-25

Commissioners make a deal to fix the clerk’s server by Craig Brosman CBrosman

The remnants of the old TV show, ‘Lets Make a Deal’, could be seen in the Sept. 19 meeting of the Wabash County Commissioners. After approving the addendum for the Perry Corp. contract 3-0 the Commissioners heard from Dallas Duggan, the chief probation officer for Wabash County. “The server in the Clerk’s office is dead,” Duggan said. “We all use the server and they do not have the money to fix it.” Before the Commissioners could make suggestions, Duggan informed the Commissioners of the wheeling and dealing they had made to make a deal in order to fix the server. “The prosecutor will pay $3,000, we will pay $3,000, the courts will pay $1,000 and the clerk will pay $2,000,” Duggan said. “The only prob(continued on page 6)

In Memoriam John Adkins, 71 Harold Bolinger, 85 Mae Clever, 92 Ronald Conover, 56 James Davenport, 61 Golden Hale, 90 Geneva Hamilton, 94 Mary Miller, 83 Ronald Pries, 56 Gregory Sellers, 57 Beatrice Smith, 84

Index Classifieds ........31-35 D & E ................20-21 Weekly Reports..12-14 Vol. 34, No. 27

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THE PAPER September 21, 2011

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Thermafiber lends a hand in rebuilding after 9/11 by Craig Brosman CBrosman

This will be the third building in the same complex that Thermafiber’s product has been used in, but more importantly they are helping to rebuild the confidence and swagger Americans had 10 years ago. M i c h a e l Williams, executive vice president of Thermafiber, is proud to say that his company is a part of the rebuilding process of the new World Trade Center complex. On Sept. 9, Ther mafiber announced that its mineral wool insulation and impasse curtain wall hanger system are being installed in the exterior curtain walls of the One World Trade Center building in New York City. “We have had our products in World Trade Center Seven, Four and we have the designs in on 2,” Williams said. “The product is designed to con-

tain the fire to the floor of origin. Most buildings are made from aluminum and the paneling is put between the building and the frame in order to protect the frame. Our product is resistance to 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit and aluminum melts at 1,000 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. ” Early on during the designing of the b u i l d i n g , Ther mafiber worked with the architecture firm, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLC, out of Chicago to ensure that the specifications needed could be produced. “The events of 9/11 are something that we will never forget. When we were asked to develop a customized perimeter fire containment system for the building’s exterior skin, we were extremely honored,” said Kim Shrive, director of technical services. “Very early in the design phase of the tower, we worked

with the building’s curtain wall supplier to develop a system to fit the buildings unique design while providing the necessary thermal insulation and fire rating.” The building will be 1,776 feet tall and, after its completion, will be the tallest building in North America and the third tallest building in the world. More importantly it will have a piece of Wabash inside of it, protecting all of those who do business there. Over the last 40 years, Thermafiber has been an industry leader in fire protection. They have worked on six of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world, including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Taipei 101 in Taiwan. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building standing at 2,717 feet tall. The company and its employees were taken aback when they were asked to work on such an important project. “We are extreme-

Keaffaber takes the helm at Northfield by Craig Brosman CBrosman

Before last week’s school board meeting, Dr. Sandra Weaver was hoping that they would approve her suggestion for the new principal at Northfield – not only did they approve the suggestion but they voted unanimously to move him to Northfield. Weaver, the superintendent for Metropolitan School District of Wabash County, suggested Mike Keaffaber, principal at Whites Jr./Sr. High School, to trans-

fer to Northfield Jr./Sr. High School. After the board voted, Weaver was extremely pleased with the move. “Mike is a Wabash guy,” Weaver said. “He went to Southwood High School, his wife is a Northfield graduate and his father was the band director at Southwood for 29 years before he passed. His wife even teaches in Wabash City School District.” Weaver is looking for a near seamless transition from former Principal David Hoffert to Keaffaber and she might just see

it. On the morning of Sept. 19, Keaffaber met with the staff at Northfield and he was excited to be there. He had not met the students yet, but if someone were to come observe the school they wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. After he was approved, he sent Weaver a bio of what his philosophy about education was. “He told me that his number one point was to work hard and be nice in everything they do,” Weaver said. “His philosophy goes for everything stu(continued on page 6)

THE NEW PROPOSED MANHATTAN SKYLINE after the World Trade Center is complete. One World Trade Center is pictured as the tallest building in the group. After its completion, the building will be the tallest building in North America. (photo courtesy of Silverstein Properties) ly humbled and honored to be a part of the project,” Williams said. “It was tragic that this happened there and to be a part of rebuilding that site is a great thing for a small company like ours.” The paneling within the One World Trade Center is made in Wabash and then shipped to the curtain supplier to be fabricated and

sent to New York City. Over the last several decades, Thermafiber has been a leading name in fire protection insulation. They pioneered mineral wool and have advanced knowledge of the product. “The story is that the wind blew molten material out of a volcano and it came out as fiber,” said Williams. “What we do is we

take blast slag, melt it along with other naturally occurring minerals. We pour it into strings and spin it around wheels where air is blown around it to form fiber.” Thermafiber plans to continue its work with the World Trade Center and work on the remaining buildings if they are invited to do so.

THERMAFIBER INSULATION is placed into the curtain wall that was installed in One World Trade Center. The insulation is used to contain fires to their level of origin. (photo provided)


September 21, 2011

Wabash man arrested on drug charges

On Sept. 12, a threeweek long illegal narcotics investigation by officers from the Indiana State Police and the Wabash County Sheriff ’s Department resulted in the arrest of Brian Brown, 37, Wabash. Brown faces class D felony charges for cul-

tivating marijuana and possession of marijuana over 30 grams. He also faces a misdemeanor charge for resisting law enforcement. He is currently in the Wabash County Jail with no bond. Wabash County Sheriff ’s Major

Randy Miller was conducting surveillance on a suspected illegal marijuana-g rowing plot, in a wooded area near CR 1000 S and CR 50 E. Miller observed two men exit a wood line, with one man carrying what appeared to be marijuana plants. Miller

identified himself as police officer and ordered the men to stop. Both men fled, one in a Ford Explorer and the other on foot into the woods. Police officers set up a perimeter and an Indiana State Police helicopter was called

in to assist with the s e a r c h . Approximately two and half hours into the search, Trooper Ron Fisher observed a Ford Explorer exit a wood line, approximately a half-mile from where the two men had originally fled. The vehicle matched the description of the Ford which fled from Major Miller. A traffic stop was made on the Ford. During the stop, officers allegedly found a misdemeanor amount of marijuana in the vehicle. Brown was the driver. He was

arrested and incarcerated in the Wabash County Jail. Further investigation led officers to obtain a search warrant for Brown’s home at 8462 S 50 E. During their search, officers allegedly found an active marijuana grow operation with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a rifle and a handgun. The investigation also allegedly connected Brown to the original illegal marijuana plot, where approximately 30 plants were growing.

Brian Brown The second suspect is still at large. If anyone has information about this case, they are asked to contact Trooper Ron Fisher at 800-382-0689 or Major Randy Miller at 260563-889.

Entertainment named for 70th Annual Chamber Dinner Meeting ''+ *'% & % 2!& + $ ,!'& ' '-* , +, * $!& * +,1$ + & ,-* + !& $- !& % ++ $ , * ! $ + & %'*


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Larry Hoover, chair of the Wabash County Chamber’s Annual Dinner Committee, is proud to announce that Paul Wyman of the Wyman Group will be the featured guest speaker the evening of the event in the Honeywell Center’s Ford Theater. Wyman’s motivational presence has impressed professionals, volunteers and business leaders for several years with his unique blend of wit, wisdom and engagement of audiences. Wyman is a United States Air Force veteran and currently fills a leadership role for several nonprofit organizations. He is the broker/owner of The Wyman Group Real Estate firm in Kokomo. Wyman engages communities as a professional speaker on such topics as corporate leadership, nonprofit leadership, team

building, motivations and real estate sales and business building. Wyman inspires and guides his audience through a wide range of emotions, and attendees will not only enjoy humor but also be challenged to enrich their lives through meaningful aspirations. The dinner will be held Oct. 13, 6:30 p.m., at the Honeywell Center in downtown Wabash. The Wabash County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting is one of the largest in the State. In addition to the entertainment, the meeting features the passing of the gavel to new leadership, recognition of Cinergy MetroNet as the Business of the Year and the announcement of the Distinguished Citizen. The evening will start with an excellent meal pre-

pared by Executive Chef Harry of the Honeywell Center. The meal includes a duet plate of baked steak, Monterey chicken, garlic red skin potatoes, green beans, tossed salad and assorted pies. Premier sponsor for this event is Beacon Credit Union. Supporting sponsors to-date are: Wabash County Hospital, Mutual Bank, Duke Energy, T h e r m a f i b e r, Quality Electric, Transmode, NIPSCO, Phone Line, Inc., Hagerman, Inc., Crossroads Bank, and QC C o m m u n i c a t i o n s, Inc. This premier event is open to the public. Reservations may be made by contacting the Chamber office at 260-563-1168, e m a i l i n g, or online at

Women of the Moose present check to Reed family Dear editor, I would like to thank Women of the Moose for all of their hard work and support for the Alex benefit. I would also like to thank our members, family and friends for their support, donations and baked goods. As you know, our Moose is for the kids,

and this family really needs our help. We are going to keep the jars out, so please give if you can. As we all know, a dollar adds up. We would also like to thank the following people in our community: True Value, Eagles, American Legion, McDonald’s and


The Women of the

Moose would like to

give a big thank you

to the best auction-

eer ever: Deb Corn,

and we would also

like to give a big

thank you to Jammie McCray.

Wabash Women

of the Moose

September 21, 2011


Hammons expresses political concerns Dear editor, “We” were under attack. “We” are going under. Who are we? Americans! Agree or disagree, red, white, black or blue we are Americans first. “We” need to remember that. No matter how misguided some may be, I’m worried for all Americans. So many started out with good intentions. Unions started out to protect workers and ensure good

pay. They pay dues to work, and are now being played so the feigned love and support of the President will keep their votes in 2012. Guess who’s going to be thrown under the bus after the election? After all, union workers will be the new rich with more money and better benefits. Beware of the thug train the union leaders and President want you on! Socialists and com-

rect? No, and I don’t plan on it either. The “politically incorrect” can now be reported for talking bad about the president. Are you kidding me? Everything he does, every appointment he makes is disastrous to our country. He demands “PASS THE BILL” and “let your voices be heard!” If the stimulus worked, they wouldn’t need another. I say

SR 15 and SR 13 road construction continues in Wabash The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Fort Wayne District announces that work on SR 15 and SR 13, from .08 mile south of SR 15 to the north junction of U.S. 24, continues. The following is an update, weather permitting. Approaches are being milled on SR 13, and will continue into week of Sept. 19. All curb ramps for SR 13 are complete, but bar-

rels remain until curb ramps are functional. Patching on SR 13 will occur the week of Sept. 19. Patching on SR 15 will occur the week of Sept. 26. Mainline milling for SR 13 and SR 15 should occur the week of Sept. 26. The project will be complete by mid-October 2011. The contract for the project was awarded to Phend & Brown based on the company’s low bid of $1.1 million.

impeach him before he completely destroys or “fundamentally changes” us. Turn that in! As Americans, our freedom of speech overrides political correctness. So if I write a letter to the editor, and sign my name assuming the risk for my opinions and words, should I be censored? I didn’t think so. Pat Hammons North Manchester







Starting Thursday, Sept. 22 nd and ends Saturday, Sept. 24 th


tutors will help students analyze questions and come up with solutions. Teachers may access lesson plans, articles, a summary of Indiana’s academic standards and other educational resources when visiting Thousands of Hoosier students took advantage of this educational resource during the 2010-2011 school year. The Homework Hotline answered 45,042 calls and conducted 2,934 online tutoring sessions last year. Locally, students from Grant, Huntington, Wabash and Whitley counties received assistance in finding the right solutions to 732 problems.

country for a year. Socialism doesn’t work, so bury the idea. Can we also bury another moronic idea? The world hates us for having slaves. The world hates us because we are free, capitalism has made us prosperous in comparison to them, and we cling to our God. Can you imagine God or the Bible being politically cor-


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology recently kicked off its 20th year of offering free tutoring to Hoosier students. Sunday through Thursday, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., they can call 1-877-ASKROSE and receive personal attention as they work through difficult problems. This is a great resource that provides students with additional tools to help them succeed academically. Students calling the hotline will need to provide their first name, their school’s name and be prepared with necessary materials: homework assignment, textbook, paper, pen or pencil and calculator. Homework questions can also be submitted online at w w w. A s k R o s e . o r g starting Sept. 26. Responses to online questions are given during the Homework Hotline’s hours of operation, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tutoring is provided by college students who were recommended by their professors. Tutors are chosen based on technical and communication skills. They are trained on how to best answer questions and explain difficult concepts to younger students. In order to provide help with questions, tutors are armed with copies of state-recommended textbooks and Internet access. While they are not to give students the answers to problems or assignments,

saying hate the rich while living in luxury off the backs of the people. Barry and Michelle are living quite the opulent lifestyle, with lavish vacations while telling us to hate the rich and we need shared sacrifice! I’m tired of going backwards! Those who suggest that socialism is the way to go, and that capitalism is dead, go live in a socialist


Homework Hotline is back in service

munists pretend to have compassion for the poor. History shows they promise elites will be destroyed to redistribute their wealth to the poor. Does history show the poor are then better off ? Nope. Governments do what they do best, absorb and spend the people’s money. They aren’t picky, they take from the rich and poor alike. They are the ones in office

Off ON



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September 21, 2011

Ponderosa Steakhouse named September Blue Ribbon Business

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Great Prices on Your Favorite Brands for the Family!

The Wabash County Chamber is proud to announce Ponderosa Steakhouse as the Blue Ribbon Business of the Month for S e p t e m b e r . Ponderosa’s general manager, Stephanie Ogan, sat down to talk about the restaurant. Growing up in Wabash County, she began working as a server in 2003 and worked her way up to her current position as general manager in 2009. Rob Salway is also a salaried manager with the Wabash Ponderosa. The business has been a member of the Chamber since 2001, when CMR Partners, LLP bought the restaurant. CMR Partners is located in Indianapolis and owned by Michael Rees and Brian Ripley. They currently own and operate eight P o n d e r o s a Steakhouses. Ponderosa is a fullservice restaurant that employs 43 workers. They offer cooked-to-order main courses at very reasonable prices. “We are not just a buffet restaurant, and as a meal or added to your main course, the buffet is an incredible value,” said Ogan. Ponderosa offers a hot buffet, cold salad bar, Bakers Nook Dessert Bar and soup station. Ponderosa can also cater events such as business meetings, graduation events and more. The staff enjoys the interaction with customers that come in to dine. P o n d e r o s a Steakhouse started in 1965 in Kokomo, and currently operates in 15 states and six other countries. Hours of operation for the Wabash Ponderosa Steakhouse are Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Ponderosa is located at 1319 N. Cass St., Wabash, and may be reached at 260-5634166 or

September 21, 2011


2011 Quit Now Indiana Miller’s Merry Manor to help with Helping Contest offers smokers Hands food and school supply drive incentives to quit Last month, health officials in partnership with MDwise Hoosier Alliance and ADVANTAGE Health Solutions launched the 2011 Quit Now I n d i a n a Contest. The statewide contest is designed to encourage Hoosiers using tobacco products to make an attempt to quit now by offering them a chance to win cash prizes up to $2,500 for remaining tobacco-free for 31 days. The promotional contest is a part of a larger statewide campaign known as Quit Now Indiana, linking tobacco users to cessation resources. To be eligible to win, contestants must be 18 years or older, a legal resident of Indiana, a current tobacco user and stay tobacco free from Oct. 1-31. The registration period is now until Sept. 30; all entries must be received by midnight on Sept. 30. Contest winners will be drawn at random and will be tested to make sure they are tobacco-free to be eligible to claim a prize. “Quitting smoking is one of the best ways to improve your health,” said Indiana State Health Commissioner Gregory Larkin, M.D. “We know there are a large number of Hoosiers who are ready to quit smoking and the Quit Now Indiana Contest is the perfect opportunity for many of them to make a serious quit attempt.” Last year’s contest received over 3,500 entries representing every county in Indiana. After remaining smokefree for 31 days, Steve Williams of Indianapolis was the $2,500 grand prize winner. The second place winner, Craig Watson of Elkhart, received $1,500 and $1,000 went to third place winner, Nikki Wall of Fort Wayne. Dan Gray, Wabash County Tobacco Free

Coalition coordinator, stated that a Wabash County resident was a grand prize winner in 2009. “The 2010 Quit Now Indiana Contest was a great success. Indiana is committed to helping anyone who is ready to quit. Tobacco use is an addiction that is complicated with habit-forming triggers. People are generally more successful if they seek help in quitting. The contest is a great way to prepare, set a quit date and break free from tobacco use,” said Karla Sneegas, assistant commissioner of Tobacco Prevention and Cessation at the State Health Department. For the second year in a row, Indiana’s adult smoking rate has declined. The Indiana adult smoking rate has dropped to an all-time low of 21.2 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and P r e v e n t i o n . Research indicates that 80 percent of Hoosier adults who smoke have the desire to quit. The 2011 Quit Now Indiana Contest is the perfect time for more Hoosiers to set a quit date. In addition to helping individual smokers quit, the State Health Department helps employers foster healthier environments through smoke-free workplaces. The Quit Now Preferred Employer Network currently

consists of more than 400 employers in Indiana committed to helping their employees quit tobacco use. Last year with the participation of the Preferred Network employers, the campaign reached more than 40,000 employees and students with this great incentive to quit tobacco. Eligible Hoosiers can register online a t a n d m. Register at participating employers or at various Quit Now Indiana sign-up boxes located at the YMCA, Wabash Library, Courthouse lobby and Wabash County Tobacco Free Coalition office, 41 W. Canal St. The entry deadline is Sept. 30. Employers interested in participating in the Preferred Employer Network can request contest materials at m or for additional information, call Dan at 260-274-2920. To learn more about the resources available to you to quit smoking today, please visit the Quit Now Indiana website a t www.QuitNowIndia There is also local help and cessation programs available to all Wabash County residents. Gray said all you have to do is call the Coalition office, 2742920, to get the needed information.

During the month of September, Miller’s Merry Manor in Wabash in conjunction with some local churches and schools will be conducting a food/school supply drive for Helping Hands of Wabash, Inc. Helping Hands Meals of Mercy and food pantry distributes food to families in need. The food supplies are donated or purchased from proceeds earned through merchandise sales from Helping Hands Thrift Store. Helping Hands Meals of Mercy are served the last two full weeks of the month. The meals are free and with good will donations being accepted but not expected. The food pantry is

open the first Monday of each month, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Sign-up forms are available in the Thrift Store. Items suggested for donation are: nonperishable food items, hygiene products and school supplies. School supplies will be distributed with the annual winter coats give away for children up to 12th grade in need. Helping Hands of Wabash County, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian not-for-profit organization 501 c-3 that functions strictly on a volunteer basis, including the management. Miller’s Merry Manor is the leading senior care provider in Wabash County, specializing in rehabilitation

and other senior care services. Anyone wishing to donate items can drop off items at ether Miller’s Merry Manor locations: Miller’s Merry Manor East 1900 N. Alber St. or West, 1720 N. Alber St., Wabash. For addi-

tional information, please contact Angela Selleck, RN, administrations director, at Miller’s Merry Manor East 260-563-7427. Miller’s will offer to pick up donations from businesses at the end of the month,

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808 Manchester Ave. • Wabash

Construction on Wabash railroad crossings began Sept. 20 The City of Wabash has been informed that construction on railroad crossings at Carroll, Fisher, Comstock and Thorne streets began Sept. 20, and these crossings will be closed. Rails will be laid Sept. 21. At least two crossings will reopen by the weekend of Sept. 23. The remaining two crossings will reopen the week of Sept. 26.

Public traffic will not be permitted through this area during the construction phase. For more information, please call City Hall with any questions at 260563-4171.

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I n ve s t m e n t A d v i s o r Re p r e s e n t a t i ve

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C a l l To d a y ! 260•982•1090 or 1•888•342•8918 United Financial Group P u t t i n g B a l a n c e I n Yo u r F u t u r e N o r t h M a n c h e s t e r, I N A d v i s o r y s e r v i c e s o f f e r e d t h r o u g h A m e r i c a n C a p i t a l M a n a g e m e n t , I n c. A Re g i s t e r e d I n ve s t m e n t A d v i s o r. U n i t e d F i n a n c i a l G r o u p a n d A m e r i c a n C a p i t a l M a n a g e m e n t , I n c . , a r e n o t a f f i l i a t e d .


September 21, 2011

Commissioners make a deal... continued from front page lem is that the courts do not have the money, so we will have to pay $5,000, the prosecutor $3,000

and the clerk $2,000 to fix the server” The money will come out of the Adult Probation

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funds that the probation department has. The question arose whether or not the server could last until the next meeting of the Wabash County Council. Jane Ridgeway, the Wabash County Auditor, noted that the County Council does not meet for more than a month and questioned if it could last that long. “Right now the

server is patched and it is unknown how long it will last,” Duggan said. Commissioner Barry Eppley asked if there was any way that they could do an emergency transfer and not have to wait for the County Council to approve it. Ridgeway fielded the question. “I think we could do that if we knew where the funds were coming from

for the prosecutor and the clerk’s office,” she said. “We know where the $5,000 is coming from, but the other $5,000 we do not so it is hard to approve without that knowledge. We might be able to get that information and approve the emergency transfer since the other offices will be in here later today.” Eppley had another idea in order to possibly resolve the

issue without wasting anymore time. “Maybe if we approve the $5,000 that will be enough of a down payment for a business to start working on the issue,” he said. T h e Commissioners decided to approve the plan to pay for the server unanimously, but they continued to look into the emergency transfer of funds to pay for the project.

After the meeting

was finished Duggan came back to go over the



Ridgeway in more

detail. Duggan and

Ridgeway came to an agreement that the

funds would come

out of the Title IV-D

funds and that there would be an emer-

gency transfer draft-

ed and presented to

counsel immediately in case the server was to go down.

Keaffaber takes the helm... continued from front page Call today to schedule your beautiful smile 7207 Engle Road New FREE consultation. $300 Off Fort Wayne atient


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dents and faculty do, from academics to athletics to teaching and reaching students.” After he was offered the position, Weaver said he was a little surprised and took a few days to

Parkview Huntington Hospital presents

å Bone density å Hearing å Vision å Body fat analysis å Breathing assessment

Glucose/sugar, lipid profile, cholesterol, etc. Eight- to twelve-hour fast. No food, drink (including coffee and soda), mints, gum, etc.

think about it. “He came in wearing a Northfield blue shirt to tell me yes,” Weaver said. She is extremely confident that he will be able to move Northfield forward. “He is very involved in strategies to improve instruction and learning,” Weaver said. “He will work on the new Common Core Standards, which will be different for us. Most of all though he wants to uplift our profession through professional learning communities and better practices.” Keaffaber has moved from a small high school to a larger school, but still brings with him the experience to make a difference. He does not plan on changing

everything the school is about, quite the opposite, he wants to continue the great traditions of Northfield. “I look forward to the opportunity to continue the great things happening at Northfield right now,” Keaffaber said. “Work with the students to make it the best possible.” Since he is a Wabash County guy, he is familiar with a lot of traditions and people at Northfield. He is looking forward to one special occasion though. “ I know a lot of families here so that makes it easier when I know some of my students,” Keaffaber said. “I am looking forward to my first graduation.” His number one goal is to improve

academics and create relationships with students, parents and faculty. “When you create relationships, that is how you are able to improve,” Keaffaber said. “They have said the door to learning is emotion, but the foundation is relationships.” Although leaving his post at White’s mid-year was a surprise, he has embraced the opportunity and looks forward to his time at Northfield. “Leaving White’s was not in my plan for this year,” Keaffaber said. “I am overwhelmed to change, but excited about the opportunity I have here. I will work as hard as I can to help others be successful and I’ll be nice doing it.”

Water is allowed. Diabetics should continue their normal therapy schedule.

å Digital mammography å HeartSmart CT scan å Sleep disorders Digital mammography and HeartSmart CT scans will be scheduled during the health fair. Appointments are required. Call (877) 225-5747. Flu ($25) and pneumonia vaccinations ($35) will be provided. If participating in Medicare Part B or a Medicare HMO, there is no out-of-pocket expense. However, member card must be presented to receive the vaccines. If other or no insurance, payment is expected at time of service.

Detects early heart disease Anemia/iron screen Prostate screen Thyroid screen

Following lab tests, breakfast will be available for purchase in the HOSPITALity Cafe, 7 – 10 a.m. Test results will be returned by mail.

NEW PRINCIPAL MIKE KEAFFABER sits at his desk on the afternoon of Sept. 19 at Northfield Jr./Sr. High School. This was the first day for Keaffaber at Northfield, he plans to use his philosophy of ‘work hard and be nice’ to continue the traditions of Northfield. (photo by Craig Brosman)

September 21, 2011


Bells to share about mission work

JENNIFER AND DAVE BELL will share stories of their mission work in Kenya, Africa, on Sept. 22 at Living Faith Lutheran Church. (photo provided)

Dave and Jennifer Bell will be sharing about their mission work in Kenya, Africa, at Living Faith Lutheran Church on Sept. 22, 6:30 p.m. The Bells’ home base is Kitengela, a town close to Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission work includes ministry to HIV positive and atrisk orphans, clean water projects, education, well repair and digging, building greenhouses,

nutrition education and evangelism through relationship building. Their latest undertaking is the start of an infant rescue program, Mahali pa Maisha. This program is designed to rescue children that have essentially been “thrown away”. The Bells work through CSI ministries, which are based in Muncie. The presentation is open to all who

might be interested in mission evangelism. Living Faith Church is currently meeting in the new chapel in Falls Cemetery, 745 Falls Ave., Wabash. Light refreshments will be served at 6:30 p.m. with the Bells sharing beginning at approximately 7 p.m. Questions about this event may be directed to Bill Neale, 260-7743111.

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104 E. Center St., Warsaw

267-5451 Monday-Thursday 9:00-5:30; Friday 9:00-6:00; Saturday 9:00-3:00

Sto Re p In gis To Di 1/3 ter A am c No on t. Pu d No rcha Ri t B se e P Nec ng re es sen sa t T ry, N oW e in ed


September 21, 2011

Descendants of George A. Freeman to hold reunion The descendants of George A. Freeman will hold a family reunion on Sept. 24 at the North Manchester Congregational Christian Church fellowship hall located at 310 N. Walnut St., North Manchester. The event will begin

with a lunch and social time with dinner beginning at 4:30 p.m. A special historic presentation by noted Wabash County Historian Ron Woodward will be one of the featured events. All are also invited to attend Sunday servic-

Bryant, IN 47326

Bryant, IN 47326 260-760-5431 Eddie Rabon 260-760-5431

Amish Built POLE BARNS

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on September 13th

Nancy Jones We Love You! Mom, Dad, Jerry, Karen & Sandy

es at the church. The pastor of the church is Rev. J. P. Freeman, who is himself is a direct descendant of George A. Freeman. George A. Freeman and his family arrived in Wabash County in 1846 and lived on land north of the city of Wabash, near Urbana. Amber, Freeman, Gray, Guynn, Hiner, Long, Parks and Stewart are among the many family names in Wabash County that are included in the Freeman family genealogy, along with many other families in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Arkansas and Kansas. If you are a descendant of George A. Freeman and are interested in attending the reunion, please contact either J.P. Freeman, 260-9822882, or online at pastor@brightlightccc.or g or Ann Bailey, 270453-4639, or online at for details and further information.

SHERRY AND CORBIN LUCAS (center) were recently presented with the keys to their new home on South Vernon St. by local Habitat for Humanity president Roger Tate (far right). The Lucas home, a 1,120 sq. ft. open concept style, became the 15th project Habitat for Humanity has completed in Wabash County. (photo by Brent Swan)

The Access to host Live Music Party on Sept. 24 On Sept. 24, The Access Youth Center (AYC) will be hosting a Live Music Party featuring the Christian Rock Band, No Longer Us. Isn’t that a great name for a band? It serves as an incredible reminder of what happens when we ask God to be in our life; we are no longer us.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” Notice it doesn’t say that we become like someone else either, a completely new life begins. There have been times when I have heard people say they are afraid to have a relationship with God because they don’t want to act like (Insert name of hypocrite

here). God doesn’t want you to become like anyone else, God created you to be unique and gave you a personality and talents like no one else. You won’t lose your individuality in a relationship with God; you will just get to use it in a completely new way. AYC Live Music Party will be Sept. 24 at 6 p.m. for ages 8-18. Parents are always welcome. The Access Youth Center, 74 W. Canal St., Wabash, 260-563-

2070, is open MonFri., 3:30-4:30 p.m., for ages 8-18; Wednesday Teen Church, 4:45-6 p.m., for ages 12-18; Wednesday Young Adult Bible Study, 67:30 p.m., for ages 18-25; open nights for ages 12-18, Friday, 4:30-8 p.m., and Saturday, 6-9 p.m. Friend us on Facebook.

Community breakfast to be held Oct. 1 A community breakfast will be held Oct. 1, 7:30 to 10 a.m., at the Wabash First United Methodist Church. Proceeds will go towards “Trunk or Treat” community outreach during Halloween.

Schmidt joins Sigma Alpha Lambda Sigma Alpha Lambda is proud to announce that Bryan D. Schmidt, Somerset, has recently become recognized as a member of Sigma Alpha

Lambda, National Leadership and Honors Organization at the Purdue University. Sigma Alpha Lambda is a national leadership

and honors organization dedicated to promoting the rewarding academic achievement and providing members with opportunities for community service, personal development and lifelong professional fulfillment.

~ QUALITY FABRICS ~ Specializing in cottons for quilting 1604 S. Wabash St. • Wabash 260-563-3505

Bryan D. Schmidt

September 21, 2011


Timbercrest to hold benefit dinner and auction

Timbercrest Senior Living will hold a Fall Fellowship benefit dinner and auction on Sept. 24 at the Timbercrest Campus. The event will be hosted by Friends of Timbercrest, and proceeds will benefit the current Friends of Timbercrest project. Dinner service will begin at 4 p.m. and will continue until the tenderloins are gone. The menu will include grilled tenderloin sandwiches

prepared by the North Manchester Fire Department, cheesy potatoes, Main View coleslaw and a variety of pies baked by Nordmann’s Nook. Meals can be eaten at Timbercrest, or carry out meals will be available as well. Tickets can be purchased the day of the event. Advance tickets can also be purchased at Timbercrest or by calling Susan Frantz at 260-982-3946. The auction will be

held in the Timbercrest assembly room and will begin at 6 p.m. The auction will feature an Amazon Kindle donated by Advantage Billing and Consultants and two Indianapolis Colts tickets donated by Carey Construction. There will also be several home décor items including a picture and lamp donated by Wabash Electric, a handmade knotted comforter and an

aquarium donated by Aquatic Design Services. Manchester Therapeutic Massage provided two massages and Weckmuller Fine Chocolates gave chocolates for the auction. Many other items will also be available for auction; for a full list, visit Timbercrest’s Facebook page and see the “Auction Items” photo album. Guests can enter the Activity Hub

entrance for both the dinner and auction. The entrance is located off of Timbercrest Drive, and there will also be parking available here. All proceeds from the dinner and auction will be put into Friends of Timbercrest’s current project, which is to install automatic doors throughout the main Timbercrest campus. This project will greatly improve quality of life for all

residents. Automatic doors will replace all traditional doors on the exterior of the building to facilitate residents who use wheelchairs, motorized scooters or walkers. This will also make it safer and eas-

ier for residents or families to enter the door while carrying things. Plan to attend Fall Fellowship and support a worthwhile cause for Timbercrest residents on Sept. 24 beginning at 4 p.m.

) * &+!& ,+ # ) ',+ '') & )+ + )*2

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') + . '$ %!$0 +' &"'0 )!& 0',) '.& * +!&

' ) $$'.* !( %!$ * ',+ '& +


) (+ )# (()'/







- !$

(% + $

" "



75 % OFF MOOSE LODGE MAKES DONATION: The Women of the Wabash Moose Lodge recently held a benefit to raise funds for eight-year-old Alex Reed who has undergone a bone marrow transplant in his battle with cancer. On Sept. 17, the Women of the Moose presented the Reeds with a check for $2,500 to help offset incurred medical expenses. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Reed family can do so at anytime by contacting the local Moose lodge at 260-563-3017. (photo by Brent Swan)

Community Foundation looking for new leadership

The Community Foundation of Wabash County is looking for new administrative leadership. Sally Benson, executive director of the Foundation, resigned on Sept. 16 to return to her hometown of Crown Point. Benson held the position for a year and a half. Among her contributions to the work of the Foundation, Benson oversaw the implementation of a new accounting system and revived the tradition of holding an annual membership meeting. “The search will begin immediately for an executive director. In the meantime, the board is pleased to announce that Patty Grant will assume the role of interim ED.

Patty Grant is a current board member and a former executive director of the Foundation,” stated Bonnie Ingraham, board president of CFWC. The Community Foundation is a publicly supported philanthropic institution.

Established in 1954, it serves Wabash County residents by implementing the charitable goals of citizens by making grants, investing and safeguarding charitable assets, and linking resources to address community needs. The Community


Foundation of Wabash County is located at 218 E. Main St., North Manchester. More

information about the Foundation is available at

Printer Cartridges, Copy Paper, Envelopes, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Gifts, Fixtures, Greeting Cards, Etc.

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OPEN HOUSE Saturday, Sept. 24 • 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 25 • 12 Noon-6 p.m. CELEBRATE AUTUMN AT DOUD’S

Birthday Charles Chambers! Sept. 22nd!

Love your Family!

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September 21, 2011

by entering

Football Contest Rules

‘the paper’ Football Contest


1. In our $500 JACKPOT FOOTBALL CONTEST, ‘the paper’ offers a $500 award for a perfect entry for the football games listed in our weekly football contest. If no one has a perfect entry, ‘the paper’ will award $25 to the person having the most correct, and $10 to the second best entry. 2. In order to facilitate judging, contestants may use either the official contest entry blank printed in this ad or a reasonable facsimile. Mechanical reproductions will not be accepted. 3. To enter ‘the paper’ football contest, write in the name of the team you think will win in each game. Tie games may be forecast by checking the box on the entry blank. Games may be found in each ad on these pages. 4. TIE BREAKER: Contestants must accurately pick the score of the tie breaker to receive the $500 jackpot prize. The tie breaker will also be used to determine the weekly prize. If two or more persons have a perfect entry, the jackpot will be divided equally.

*See Contest Rules Week 4 Winners-

1st Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

Steve Conner

1. Northfield vs. Whitko

5. Be sure to list the winners in numerical order as shown in sponsors’ ads on this page. Game No. 1 winner opposite 1 in the entry blank, etc. 6. Deadline for entries is 5 p.m. each Friday. Entries mailed to ‘the paper’ must be postmarked by 5 p.m. Friday. Decision of the judges is final. 7. No person may submit more than one entry, nor may be submitted with the name of a person who could not personally have submitted an entry. ‘the paper’ employees and families are not eligible. 8. Winners of the weekly prize money must pick up the cash at ‘the paper’ office. We would also like to run a picture of the weekly winners. We will NOT mail the checks. 9. Mail entries to: FOOTBALL CONTEST, ‘the paper’, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. 10. Must be 18 years old to enter.

Only One Entry Per Envelope

Ron Burdine

1st Place Winner

2nd Place Winner 3. Southwood vs. North Miami

52 W. Canal, Wabash • 563-4400

LA DIES NIGHT S e p t e m b e r 2 3 rd , 2 0 1 1 B lo oey’ s P r e se nt s. . . .

Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 11-2 Dinner: Tues., Wed. & Thurs. 5-9:30 • Fri. & Sat. 5-10:30

“ C h i -T o w n B a d B o y s� $


M ale Revue 9: 00p.m . TICKETS IN ADVANCE

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4. Manchester vs. Rochester


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6. Central Michigan Vs. Michigan State

5. Florida Vs. Kentucky


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7. San Diego State Vs. Michigan

9. Notre Dame Vs. Pittsburgh A



Salad Bar

Carryouts Welcome!

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North Manchester Office: 106 West Street 260.982.6200

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8. Colorado Vs. Ohio State

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September Beer Special 99¢ Coors Light draft Beer 1.00 Mic Ultra (Bottle) Corner of Hwy 13 & 24 • 260-569-9697 Carry-Out Available

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10. Arkansas Vs. Alabama

Independent Agency Since 1928

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650 Manchester Ave Wabash

11. Army Vs. Ball State


KBytes PC Repair “An idle brain is a broken computer.�

13. Indiana Vs. North Texas

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September 21, 2011




NAME _________________________________________ ADDRESS _________________________________

First Prize $25 Second Prize $10

CITY ___________________________________________ PHONE ___________________________________ WINNING TEAMS:



1. ____________________________0 2. ____________________________0 3. ____________________________0 4. ____________________________0 5. ____________________________0 6. ____________________________0 7. ____________________________0 8. ____________________________0 9. ____________________________0 10. ___________________________0 11. ___________________________0

12. ___________________________0 13. ___________________________0 14. ___________________________0 15. ___________________________0 16. ___________________________0 17. ___________________________0 18. ___________________________0 19. ___________________________0 20. ___________________________0 21. ___________________________0 22. ___________________________0

23. ___________________________0 24. ___________________________0 25. ___________________________0 26. ___________________________0 27. ___________________________0 28. ___________________________0 29. ___________________________0 30. ___________________________0 Tie Breaker Total Points Scored________ September2, 21,2008 2011 September

State Road 15 North 1307 Wabash Ave.

17. Jacksonville Vs. Carolina

Marion, Indiana


18. San Francisco Vs. Cincinnati

16. New England Vs. Buffalo



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E &T HEARING HEALTH CARE CENTER Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday, Evenings and In-Home Appointments Available.

150 W. Harrison Ave., Wabash Ed and Teresa Gullett, H.I.S. 25. NY Jets Vs. Oakland 260-274-2147

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27. Arizona Vs. Seattle

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28. Atlanta Vs. Tampa Bay


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September 21, 2011

We’ve been asked.......

“What if I prefunded elsewhere and wish to use your funeral home?” Where you prearrange shouldn’t be a barrier to choosing a funeral home. In the best interest of community service, we’ll honor prearrangements made anywhere. Feel free to call us with any questions about transferring your advance funeral plans. 260-563-3755 or 765-981-4141 Ronald Conover, 56 U.S. Army Veteran May 11, 1955 – Sept. 15, 2011 Ronald L. Conover, 56, North Manchester, passed away on Sept. 15, 10:10 p.m., at Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne. He was born May 11, 1955, in Hunterdon, N.J., to Harold E. and Philomena M. (Clements) Conover. Mr. Conover graduated from South Hunterdon Regional High School in 1973. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He was a federal wildlife officer with Federal Migratory Bird Rehabilitation for seven years. He was also an author of children’s books, which include “Little Charlie Bass”, “Mystical Monkey” and “B Pelican”. He is survived by a son, Jeremy L. (Brittany) Conover of North Manchester; a daughter, Donna M. Conover of Denton, Texas; four sisters, Phyllis Carver, Carolyn Tsardoulias, Nancy Furler and Marie Conover, all of Lambertsville, N.J.; and six grandchildren. He is preceded in death by a brother, John Conover. Funeral services were held Sept. 19 at Congregational Christian Church, 310 N. Walnut St., North Manchester. Pastor J.P. Freeman officiated. Preferred memorial contributions are to the family c/o McKee Mortuary, 1401 SR 114 W, North Manchester, IN 46962. Condolences for the family of Mr. Conover may be sent at

Harold Bolinger, 85 Member Church of the Brethren Feb. 23, 1926 – Sept. 17, 2011 Harold H. A. Bolinger, 85, North Manchester, passed away on Sept. 17, 5:20 p.m., at Wabash County Hospital. He was born February 23, 1926, in Kosciusko County, to Alvin A. and Orpha A. (Weller) Bolinger. He married Rosemary Brubaker on June 4, 1950; she survives. Mr. Bolinger graduated in 1944 from Chester High School where he was a charter member of Future Farmers of America (FFA). He raised registered shorthorn cattle, cheviot sheep and several purebred breeds of rabbits. He was a Sunday school teacher and deacon at West Manchester Church of the Brethren and Eel River Community Church of the Brethren. He was a 50-year member of Gideons International. He and his wife often sang together for numerous occasions, and Mr. Bolinger sang with the Chain-O-Lakes Barber Shop Chorus for 40 years and sang with the River City Gospel Choir. He was an avid nature lover and enjoyed collecting Indian arrowheads and artifacts. He was a very studious Bible reader. Mr. Bolinger worked with his father at the Bolinger Farm Implement Store in North Manchester. He also farmed with his father for several years. He was the owner of Bolinger Furniture Store at North Manchester for 30 years. Along with his wife, he is survived by two sons, Jeffrey L. (Judy) Bolinger of Thorntown and Jerry K. (Mary) Bolinger of North Manchester; a daughter, Cheryl D. (Kevin) McKirnan of Celina, Ohio; a brother, Ralph (Gloria) Bolinger of North Manchester; a sister, Phyllis (Earl) Montel of North Manchester; four grandchildren, Jeni (Matt) Slaven of Balwin, Mo., Jeremy (Allison) Bolinger of League City, Texas, and Andrew and Ashton Bolinger of North Manchester; and two greatgrandchildren, Colton and Sydney Slaven of Balwin, Mo. Along with his parents, he is preceded in death by a brother. Funeral services will be held Sept. 21, 10 a.m., at Eel River Community Church of the Brethren, 2507 E. SR 14, Silver Lake. Rev. Paul Tinkel and Rev. Jack Carey will officiate. Burial will follow in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, North Manchester. Friends may call on Sept. 20, 4-8 p.m., at McKee Mortuary, 1401 SR 114 W, North Manchester, and one hour prior to services at the church. Preferred memorial contributions are to Gideons International, P. O. Box 140800, Nashville, TN 37214, or The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 941 East 86th. St., Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Condolences for the family of Mr. Bolinger may be sent at

Wabash City Police Department Accidents Sept. 14 At 7:51 p.m., a vehicle driven by Harold McCord Jr., 22, 43 E. Main St., Wabash, struck the house located at 1399 Adams St., Wabash. Sept. 13 At 3:37 p.m., vehicles driven by Donald Spangler, 82, 235 Southwood Dr., Wabash, and Donald Stout, 59, 669 Centennial St., Wabash, collided on Carroll Street near Main Street. Sept. 10 At 8 p.m., vehicles driven by Bradley Davis, 48, 565 N. Spring St., Wabash, and James Odell, 59, 233 Shady Lane Dr., Wabash, collided on Smith Street near

Carroll Street. At 11:32 a.m., a vehicle driven by Jack Davidson, 64, 2215 N 400 E, Lagro, struck a sign pole at 1601 N. Cass St., Wabash. Citations Sept. 14 Harold McCord Jr., 22, 43 E. Main St., Wabash, speed too fast for weather conditions Sept. 13 Ronnie Daugherty Jr., 25, 1492 Columbus St, Wabash, expired plates Sept. 12 Monica Schneider, 20, 4775 Old 15, Wabash, motorcycle learner’s permit violation Jesse Scott, 29, 1469 Vernon St., Wabash, failure to exercise due care Sept. 11 April Pattee, 29, 1291 Middle St., Wabash, driving while suspended

Mae Clever, 92 Former Wabash County Resident Aug. 24, 1918 – March 14, 2011 Mae Hopkins Flack Clever, 92, formerly of Laketon and North Manchester, passed away on March 14 at Palm Terrace Rehab Center, Lakeland, Fla. She was born on Aug. 24, 1918, in Mogoffin County, Ky., to Ramey and Lillie (Salyer) Wireman. She first married John W. Hopkins; he died in 1942. Her second marriage was to Edward L. Flack; he died in 1975. She then married William Clever; he survives. She lived in Lakeland, Fla., since 1983. She was a cook at Laketon High School, Manchester College and Timbercrest Retirement Community. Along with her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Sandra L. (Robert) McNary of Syracuse; a daughter-in-law, Gloria Hopkins of Laketon; a son-in-law, John Mahlan of Decatur; nine grandchildren, Toni Frisinger and Kevin (Cheryl) Mahlan, both of Decatur, Chris (Robin) Mahlan of Hoagland, David (Nancy) Mahlan of Decatur, Mike Wakeland of Austin, Texas, Michelle (Jamie) Bevins of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Melinda (Steve) Kincade of Indianapolis, and Rhonda Hopkins and Randall Hopkins, both of Laketon; 20 great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren; three step-great-grandchildren; and five step-greatgreat grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her son, Ronald E. Hopkins, who died in 1999; and her daughter, Phyllis Mahlan, who died in 2002. Graveside services and burial were held at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, North Manchester, on Sept. 18. Steve Kincade officiated. The memorial guestbook for Mrs. Clever may be signed at

Funeral Home, Inc.

Wabash • LaFontaine – infraction Allisandra Gates, 21, 26 W. Maple St. #3, Wabash, false or fictitious registration Sept. 9 Jason Howard, 29, 740 Evans Blvd., Wabash, driving while suspended – infraction, expired plates Sept. 6 William Rudy, 38, Peru, no motorcycle endorsement Arrests Sept. 14 Andrew Penn, 22, 1020 Indian Hills Dr., Wabash, warrant – dealing a narcotic drug Sept. 13 Thomas Combs, 30, Marion, driving while suspended – prior Sept 12 Jammy Johnson, 43, 312 Alena St., Wabash, warrant – failure to register as a sex offender Larry Cravens Jr., 29, 162 Manchester Ave., Wabash, warrant – domestic battery Sept. 11 Shawn Anderson, 34, 414 S. Miami St., Wabash, warrant – criminal confinement and

battery resulting in bodily injury Ryan Castle, 27, 278 N. Thorne St., Wabash, possession of marijuana North Manchester Police Department

Accidents Sept. 10 At 9:02 a.m., vehicles driven by Tyler Singleton, 17, North Manchester, and Angela B. Carrothers, 48, North Manchester, collided on SR 114 E near Mill Street. Citations Sept. 11 Shelby Morphew, 18, Brownsburg, speeding Sept. 9 David Dillon, 26, North Manchester, driving while suspended – infraction Arrests Sept. 10 Brandon Reiff, 23, Pierceton, warrant – failure to appear for driving while suspended Sept. 9 Michael Howard, 31, North Manchester, operating a vehicle as a (continued on page 13)

John Adkins, 71 Former Somerset Resident Oct. 10, 1939 – Sept. 10, 2011

John A. “Ames” Adkins, 71, passed away on Sept. 10 at Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne. He was born on Oct. 10, 1939, in Marion, and later moved with his family to Somerset where he spent most of his formative years. He married Kim G. Conard on Sept. 17, 1981; she survives. Mr. Adkins was a 1957 graduate of Somerset High School. Never liking the formal name of farrier, he called himself a horse-shoer, and for over 60 years dedicated his life to the care of standardbred horses. As an avid horseman, he owned and trained many horses throughout his life. He was a member of United States Trotting Association, he enjoyed raccoon hunting and spoiling his granddaughters. Along with his wife, he is survived by a son, John S. (Jamie L.) Adkins of Roann; two brothers, Aden (Helen) Adkins of Somerset and Charles Eldom (Aida) Adkins of El Paso, Texas; a sister, Vivian (Richard) Good of North Manchester; two granddaughters, Miranda Renee Adkins and Rebecca Renee Roberts; and many nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by Basil Adkins and Dorothy (Prickett) Felabom. Funeral services were held on Sept. 15 in Owen-Weilert-Duncan Funeral Home, Larrison-Martin Chapel, 308 E. Marion St., Converse. Pastor Jim Miller officiated. Burial followed in Mississinewa Cemetery, Wabash. Preferred memorial contributions are to the family. Condolences for the family of Mr. Adkins may be made at

September 21, 2011

Weekly Reports...

continued from page 12 habitual traffic violator, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, resisting law enforcement and operating while intoxicated Wabash County Sheriff ’s Department

Accidents Sept. 13 At 6:20 p.m., vehicles driven by Justin Rostron, 20, Huntington, and Rick Harrison, 52, 807 Linlawn Dr., Wabash, collided at America Road and Dora Road. Sept. 12 At 4:56 p.m., vehicles driven by Mary Ann Daymude, 75, PO Box 724, Wabash, and Christopher Peek, 21, Peru, collided on U.S. 24 near CR 500 E. At 7:22 a.m., a vehicle driven by Sherry Truss, 47, struck a deer on CR 400 W south of CR 850 S. At 6:24 a.m., a vehicle

driven by Charles Todd, Lagro, struck a deer near 2783 E. Old 24. Sept. 11 At 1:29 p.m., vehicles driven by Benjamin Barker, 32, 313 Bond St., North Manchester, and Todd Miller, 53, 5788 N 300 E, Urbana, collided on SR 16 near CR 200 W. Sept. 10 At 3:49 a.m., a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Rittenhouse, 53, Huntington, struck a tree near 1100 N. Singer Rd., North Manchester. Sept. 9 At 5:09 p.m., vehicles driven by Lindsay Rutledge, 19, 4586 E. Blue Star Hwy., Lagro, and Jeffrey Royer, 21, Columbia City, collided on CR 300 E near U.S. 24. At 12:49 p.m., vehicles driven by Matthew Mettler, 19, 65 Ross Ave., Wabash, and Michelle Spears, 34, 513 S. Carroll St., Wabash, collided near 3929 S. SR 15,

Wabash. At 6:47 a.m., a vehicle driven by Marla Rowland, 47, 2529 E 250 S, Wabash, struck a cow on CR 250 S west of CR 75 E. Citations Sept. 10 Christopher Lesner, 19, Winfield, Ill., speeding Zachary Durnell, 23, Fort Wayne, speeding Sept. 8 Jennifer Wehr, 44, Huntington, speeding Sept. 4 Austin Young, 18, 471 Manchester Ave., Wabash, seatbelt violation Aug. 30 Brandi Good, 25, Warsaw, no operator’s license in possession Aug. 29 The following received citations for speeding: Harold McCord, 44, Peru Zachary Ovedka, 26,

Golden Hale, 90 Member St. Matthews United Church of Christ Oct. 10, 1920 – Sept. 14, 2011

Golden R. Hale, 90, Brevard, N.C., formerly of Wabash, passed away on Sept. 14, 11:35 p.m., at her home. She was born on Oct. 10, 1920, in Huntington County, to Ernest and Virginia (Fluke) Reed. She first married Willard A. Hale, in Huntington, on Dec. 25, 1941; he died April 28, 1982. She then married Robert E. Fox, in Wabash, on Jan. 3, 1987; he died in 2000. She worked for General Tire, Wabash, for 30 years before retiring in 1979. She was a member of St. Matthews United Church of Christ, Wabash. She enjoyed walking, gardening, crocheting and quilting. She lived at 930 Erie St., Wabash, 65 years, before moving to Brevard, N.C. She is survived by her son, Willard A. (Rosalie) Hale of Pisgah Forest, N.C.; a brother, Maurice (Marjorie) Reed of Huntington; a sister, Velma Willour of Huntington; five grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by three brothers and two sisters. Funeral services and burial will be held at Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Marion, on Sept. 21 at 10:30 a.m. Dr. Kent Young will officiate. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 20 at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash. Preferred memorial contributions are to St. Matthews United Church of Christ. The memorial guestbook for Mr. Hale may be signed at

James Davenport, 61 Wabash resident Oct. 3, 1949 – Sept. 13, 2011 James David Davenport, 61, Wabash, passed away on Sept. 13, 2:02 p.m., at Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne. He was born Oct. 3, 1949, in Wabash, to James Max Davenport and Patricia (Harvey) Warren. Mr. Davenport retired from Celotex, Lagro, after more than 20 years. He was a member of Wabash Moose Lodge for 30 years. He enjoyed bowling and bowled in several bowling leagues. He also enjoyed fishing and camping. He is survived by his fiancee, Marla Manns of Wabash; daughter, Jessica Abshire of Wabash; sister, Lucinda “Cindi” Warren of Wabash; brother, John (Ann) Long of Georgia; seven grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother, Roy Warren. Funeral services were held at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash, on Sept. 17. Pastor Robb Rensberger officiated. Burial will follow in Falls Cemetery, Wabash, at a later date. Preferred memorial contributions are to the family to offset expenses. The memorial guestbook for Mr. Davenport may be signed at

Peru Jacob Surface, 20, Noblesville Arrests Sept. 12 Amy Turbeville, 23, Peru, operating while intoxicated Brian Johnson, 33, Muncie, theft and corrupt business influence Sept. 11 Kylee Lafferty, 21, 460 N. Fisher St., Wabash, operating while intoxicated Sept 10 Michael Howard, 31, 307 S. Maple St., North Manchester, habitual traffic violator, operating while intoxicated refusal, resisting law

enforcement with a vehicle and resisting law enforcement on foot Jose HernandezPadilla, 35, 18 Wren Rd., North Manchester, operating while intoxicated Jordan Knudson, 23, Indianapolis, operating while intoxicated Sept. 9 Tiffiney Martin, 27, 311 E. Emmitt St., Urbana, writ of attachment Kenneth Craig, 54, 256 E. Maple St., Wabash, drug court violation Thomas See, 24, Wabash, driving while suspended - prior Sept. 7 Paul Schmidt, 25, Fort

Geneva Hamilton, 94 Wabash Resident Feb. 4, 1917 – Sept. 14, 2011 Geneva Hamilton, 94, Wabash, passed away on Sept. 14, 8:58 a.m., at Wabash County Hospital. She was born in Terre Haute on Feb. 4, 1917, to Estil and Anna (Kroft) Sriver. She married Fred Hamilton on Oct. 17, 1934; he died Aug. 9, 1971. She was a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Wabash County Hospital for 10 years. She was an amazing cook and caregiver. She also enjoyed playing the guitar and singing. She is survived by four children, Bonnie (Glenn) Reed of Wabash, Ted (Ruth) Hamilton of Orange City, Fla., Nancy Wasylenko and Tom Hamilton, both of Wabash; 13 grandchildren; 38 great-grandchildren; 35 great-great-grandchildren; a brother, Jim (Marga) Sriver of Akron; and a sister, Mary Grant of Denver. She was preceded in death by her parents; her daughter, Pat Cordill; her brother, John Sriver; and her granddaughter, Luann Reed. Funeral services were held at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash, on Sept. 19. Rev. Rick Tolley officiated. Burial followed in Friends Cemetery, Wabash. Preferred memorial contributions are to Wabash-Miami Home Healthcare and Hospice. The memorial guestbook for Mrs. Hamilton may be signed at

Wayne, revocation of probation – tattooing a minor Sept. 6 Leila Knoblock, 47, 9581 N. SR 15, Roann, operating while intoxicated Bret Eckman, 44, 4675 S 600 E, Wabash, failure to stop after an accident and operating a vehicle


with a motorized bicycle restricted license Genna Wilcox-Garcia, 30, 42 Nickel St., Wabash, trespassing, revocation of probation – dealing cocaine Marriage Applications (continued on page 14)

Mary Miller, 83 Member Wabash Presbyterian Church Dec. 22, 1927 – Sept. 17, 2011

Mary Alice “Weedum” Miller, 83, Wabash, passed away on Sept. 17, 10:16 a.m., at Autumn Ridge Healthcare Center, Wabash. She was born Dec. 22, 1927, in Wabash, to Sherman and Alice M. (Brett) Goodlander. She married John W. “Jack” Miller at the Wabash Methodist Church on Aug. 12, 1950. Rev. Wallace Deyo officiated. Mrs. Miller was a 1945 graduate of Wabash High School and a 1948 graduate of the Ball Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. She was a member of the Wabash Presbyterian Church. She worked six months as a nurse on the Navajo Indian Reservation at Fort Defiance, Ariz., and later at the Wabash County Hospital. She was also a surgical nurse for the late Dr. Arthur P. Rhamy, and worked a year and a half at the Purdue University Healthcare Center. She was a former member of Tri Kappa Sorority and was active in the campaign to move and preserve the Dora Covered Bridge. She is survived by her husband, John W. “Jack” Miller; four children, John W. (Diane) Miller Jr., Susie (Peter) Swanson, Annie Adams and Charles (Linda) Miller, all of Wabash; five grandchildren, John W. (Andrea) Miller III, and Laura E. Miller, both of Chicago, Ill., Andrew Swanson of Austin, Texas, Mollie Swanson of Bloomington and Chloe Miller of Fort Wayne. She was preceded in death by two brothers, Oliver and Charles Goodlander; two sisters, Margaret Mylin and Martha Lippold; and a granddaughter, Ellie Schlemmer. Funeral services will be held at Wabash Presbyterian Church, 123 W. Hill Street, Wabash, on Sept. 21 at 2 p.m. Pastors Michael Dunkelberger and Laura Helm will officiate. Burial will be in Falls Cemetery, Wabash. Friends may call on Sept. 20, 3-7 p.m., at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Wabash-Miami Home Health Care and Hospice or the Wabash Presbyterian Church. The memorial guestbook for Mrs. Miller may be signed at

Escaping Death Is Not An Option... But Planning For It Is!


1241 Manchester Ave. • Wabash (260) 563-1372


207 West Main St. • North Manchester (260) 982-4393


335 South Chippewa St. • Roann (765) 833-5591


September 21, 2011

Weekly Reports...

continued from page 13 Michael Alan Tule, 27, to Amber Renee Haney, 25 Christian Michael Brown, 35, to Jessica Lynn Rupchock, 28 Zachary Adam Kirtlan, 26, to Misty Dawn Boggs, 29 Adam Lee Etheridge, 26, to Dawn Lee Stevens, 46 Devan Ray Dotson, 32, to Kandy Ellen

Eakright, 27 Larry Gene Honeycutt, 32, to June Rachelle Floyd, 28 Land Transfers Richard J. Guenin to Kenneth Rapp and Angela Rapp, Quitclaim Deed, Logans J M Addition, LaFontaine, Lot: Pt. 5 Jerry L. Snyder and

Mary R. Snyder to Bradley A. Harris and Carrie L. Harris, Warranty Deed, Multiple Subdivision Lots Daniel L. Tester and Amy L. Tester to First United Methodist Church of Wabash Indiana Inc., Warranty Deed, 24-28-6 Linda Lou Burns Alexander to Terry Lee

Beatrice Smith, 84 Member North Wesleyan Church Jan. 14, 1927 – Sept. 13, 2011 Beatrice F. “Peggy” Smith, 84, Wabash, passed away Sept. 13, 2:45 p.m., at Visiting Nurse and Hospice Home, Fort Wayne. She was born on Jan. 14, 1927, in England, to William and Beatrice (Morris) Lowbridge. She married Deward Smith on Aug. 4, 1944, in Netley Abby Hants, England; he died Feb. 11, 2006. She retired from Kroger Egg Exchange, Wabash, after 30 years. She was a member of Wabash North Wesleyan Church, and was a former secretary/treasurer and Sunday school teacher. She enjoyed knitting, reading and working in her garden. She is survived by two children, Terence “Terry” Smith of Wabash and Linda (Don) Kissinger of North Manchester; three granddaughters, Jennifer Rhoades of South Whitley, Pauletta (Kevin) Runkel of Fort Wayne and Sherry Frey of North Manchester; three great-grandchildren, Jevon Rhoades and Jacey Rhoades, both of North Manchester, and Wyatt Couch of Huntington; two step-grandchildren, Tina (Joe) Carroll of South Whitley and Cam (Alycee) Kissinger of North Manchester; three step-great-grandchildren; two brothers, Mick (Audrey) Lowbridge and William “Bill” Lowbridge, both of England; and a sister, Joy (Gerry) Wilson of England. She was preceded in death by two brothers, John and Maurie Lowbridge, and two grandsons, Gary and Scott Frey. Funeral services were held at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash, on Sept. 16. Burial followed in Memorial Lawns Cemetery, Wabash. Preferred memorial contributions are to Visiting Nurse & Hospice Home or Wabash Carnegie Public Library. The memorial guestbook for Mrs. Smith may be signed at

Ronald Pries, 56 Member Church of Christ at Treaty Nov. 16, 1954 – Sept. 15, 2011 Ronald Lee Pries, 56, rural Wabash, passed away on Sept. 15, 1:04 p.m., at Wabash County Hospital. He was born on Nov. 16, 1954, in Wabash, to Richard Pries and Carlene (Elser) Bland. He married Sandy Jo Wrisk, in Somerset, on Oct. 10, 1992. Mr. Pries was a 1972 Southwood High School graduate, and attended Lincoln Tech School. He was the owner of Pries Inc., Wabash, since 1974, and he also owned Pries Oil Company, Wabash, for several years. He was a certified state applicator of fertilizers and pesticides. He was an IHSAA and YMCA football referee, and he also coached several youth sports teams. Mr. Pries was a member of the Church of Christ at Treaty and the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.). He is survived by his wife, Sandy Jo Pries; father, Richard (Edna Whitton) Pries; mother, Carlene Bland; five children, Casey (Gabi) Pries, Lee Ann (David) Pefley, Jesse Pries, Kyle Pries and Dustin Pries, all of Wabash; six grandchildren, Kathryn Pefley, Dayne Pefley, Coy Pefley and Rhett Pefley, all of Wabash, Razvan Carnu of Romania and Zaria Pries of Wabash; two brothers, Fred (Cynthia) Pries of Winchester and Michael (April) Pries of Berne. He was preceded in death by his brother, David Pries, who died March 26, 2009. Funeral services were held at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash, on Sept. 19. Doug Oakes officiated. Burial was in Mississinewa Memorial Cemetery, Somerset. Preferred memorial contributions are to YMCA Youth Sports. The memorial guestbook for Mr. Pries may be signed at

Burns, Quitclaim Deed, Eastern Addition, Wabash, Lot: 41 Todd A. Dale to Todd A. Dale and Angela K. Dale, Quitclaim Deed, Original Plat, LaFontaine FKA Ashland, Lot: 1 Block: 1 Bidwell Family Trust, Trustee Karl R. Bidwell and Trustee Lola J. Bidwell to Bowman Agri-Corp, Trust Deed, 2-26-7, Multiple Parcels Dorothy J. Bumbaugh and Deceased Barney M. Bumbaugh to Dorothy J. Bumbaugh, Quitclaim Deed, Maryland Acres, North Manchester, Lot: 9 William L. Maurer to Matthew M. Miller and Latisha L. Miller, Warranty Deed, Speichers 3rd Addition, Urbana, Multiple Lots / Blocks Norma D. Westendorf to Tracey R. Harper, Warranty Deed,

27-26-6 Julie A. Shoemaker to Kyle M. Shoemaker, Quitclaim Deed, 13-27-6 William E. Montgomery and Sharon K. Montgomery to Cory J. Montgomery, Kent J. Montgomery and Chad E. Montgomery, Quitclaim Deed, Indian Hills Subdivision, Wabash, Lot: 17 Kathryn E. Williams to David E. Williams, Quitclaim Deed, 11-29-5 First Merchants Bank NA to Timothy R. Little and Amanda E. Little, Warranty Deed, 27-29-7 Michael Elward Trust, Trustee Michael W. Elward, Trustee Sherri L. Elward and Sherri Elward Trust to Ryan M. Elward, Quitclaim Deed, 11-29-5 Ryan M. Elward to Michael Elward Trust, Sherri Elward Trust, Trustee Sherri L. Elward and Trustee Michael W. Elward, Quitclaim Deed, 11-29-5

Rev. Durwood Shepherd, 79 U.S. Air Force Veteran Sept. 16, 1932 – Sept. 17, 2011 Rev. Durwood “Derby” Shepherd, 79, North Manchester, passed away on Sept. 17, 10:37 a.m., at St. Joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne. He was born Sept. 16, 1932, in Floyd County, Ky., to Lonnie and Savage Shepherd. He married Patricia Denny on Aug. 24, 1951. Rev. Shepherd was a 1950 gradutae of Sidney High School. He operated his own auto body repair business in North Manchester and was a minister in the Pentecostal Church of God for 42 years. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a member of Wabash Chapel Church of God. He also served as a Sunday school teacher at Wabash Chapel Church of God. Along with his wife, he is survived by seven sons, Terry (Caroline) Shepherd of Fort Wayne, Larry (Bonnie) Shepherd of North Manchester, Jerry (Teresa) Shepherd of Lafayette, Perry (Robin) Shepherd of North Manchester, Jeff (Tracey) Shepherd of Orlando, Fla., Ed (Charlotte) Shepherd of North Manchester and David (Teri Scott) Shepherd of Ft. Wayne; two daughters, Kim (Tim) Lynn of Fort Wayne and Nikki (Shawn) Johnson of North Manchester; a sister, Jean Gamble of North Manchester; 25 grandchildren; and 28 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Sept. 21, 11 a.m., at Sweetwater Assembly of God Church, 2551 SR 114 E, North Manchester. Rev. Tom Branham will officiate. Burial will be in Covington Memorial Gardens, Fort Wayne. Friends may call on Sept. 20, 2-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m., and one hour prior to services at the church. Preferred memorial contributions are to Wabash Chapel Church of God – Mission Projects, 1463 Middle St., Wabash, IN 46992, or Disabled American Veterans, PO Box 14301, Cincinnati, OH 45250. Condolences for the family of Rev. Shepherd may be sent at

Deceased Betty J. Oyler and Ronnie W. Oyler to Darrell Lee Jolly, Warranty Deed, 1827-6 Jim R. Speicher to Billy Joe Winger, Warranty Deed, 18-29-7, Multiple Parcels James E. Haughn and Bonnie M. Haughn to Donn P. Alspaugh and Kathleen D. Alspaugh, Warranty Deed, Siveys Addition, Wabash, Multiple Lots / Blocks Brian L. Schilling to Brian L. Schilling and Heather A. Schilling, Quitclaim Deed, 29-29-8 Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land, Defendant Christopher D. Sarll and Defendant Brittany L. Sarll to Federal National Mortgage Association FKA Fannie Mae, Sheriffs Deed, Coble & Jones Subdivision of Original Plat, South Wabash, Lot: 14 Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land, Defendant Karl E. Cline and Defendant Melissa L. Cline to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Sheriffs Deed, Western Addition, Wabash, Lot: 49

Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land and Defendant Faye E. Gray to Federal National Mortgage Association FKA Fannie Mae, Sheriffs Deed, Speichers 2nd Addition, Urbana, Multiple Lots / Blocks Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land and Defendant Sylvia Banister to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Sheriffs Deed, Murphys Addition, Wabash, Lot: Pt. 11 Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land and Defendant Dennis L. Poole to Crossroads Bank – Wabash, Sheriffs Deed, Corys M C Sub of Northern Addition, Wabash, Lot: 2 Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land, Defendant Tomothy Y. Yohe and Defendant Deborah L. Yohe to Crossroads Bank – Wabash, Sheriffs Deed, 16-27-7 Wabash County Sheriff Robert Land, Defendant Joshua D. Dillon and Defendant Faith C. Dillon to Crossroads Bank – Wabash, Sheriffs Deed, Multiple Legals: See Record

Gregory Sellers, 57 U.S. Army Veteran June 27, 1954 – Sept. 9, 2011

Gregory Duane Sellers, 57, rural Wabash, passed away on Sept. 9, 3:59 p.m., at Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne. He was born June 27, 1954, in Wabash, to Larry D. and Judith (Stouffer) Sellers. He married Linda Fraustein in El Paso, Texas, on Oct. 14, 1988. Mr. Sellers was a 1973 Wabash High School graduate. He retired in 1993, after 20 years, from the U.S. Army as a staff sergeant. He served in the South Pacific, Germany, and in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He was currently working as a set carpenter at Honeywell Center, Wabash, and as a driver for American Health Network, Marion. He was a member of the Wabash American Legion Post #15, the Wabash VFW Post #286 and the National Rifle Association. He enjoyed fishing and being outdoors. He also loved sitting by the fire pit at his home, which he built. He is survived by his wife, Linda Sellers of Wabash; his mother, Judith Sellers of Wabash; two brothers, Mark Sellers of Wabash, and Scott (Brenda) Sellers of Urbana; a niece, Amy (Luke) Randazzo of Converse, Texas; and two nephews, Jeff Sellers of Decatur and Dirk Sellers of California. He was preceded in death by his father, Larry D. Sellers. Funeral services will be held at GrandstaffHentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave., Wabash, on Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. Rich Davis will officiate. Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 13 at the funeral home. Preferred memorial contributions are to the Animal Shelter of Wabash County. The memorial guestbook for Mr. Sellers may be signed at

September 21, 2011


Indiana Miami to be subject of History Hunter event

Dr. Stewart Rafert will speak at the Wabash County Historical Museum on Sept. 22 at noon. Dr. Rafert studied the Indiana Miami tribe for his doctoral degree and teaches history at the University of Delaware. From 1982 to 1992, he was employed by the tribe

in its efforts to regain treaty rights and federal recognition, a struggle that continues. His publications include The Miami Indians of Indiana (1996) and, most recently, The Native Americans. Rafert grew up in central Indiana. For his research on the Miami, he returned to

Indiana and worked extensively in county court records in Wabash, Peru and Marion. Many Miami people assisted his research with interviews and field trips to Miami cemeteries and other local Miami sites. In addition, he did extensive research on the Miami at the National

Archives in Washington, D.C. In 1996, Rafert was asked to assist the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis to create an exhibit on the Indiana Miami. He led a film crew to the Wabash-Peru-Marion area to record Miami

people speaking of their history. The film, “Being Miami�, will be shown at his presentation. History Hunters events are approximately 40 minutes long, with a question and answer session afterwards. They are

scheduled around the lunch hour and participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch. To accommodate work schedules, participants should feel comfortable leaving when required. The event will take place in the Museum’s

multi-purpose room. History Hunters events, sponsored by Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, Inc., are free for members or with a paid daily admission. To reserve your spot or for more information, call 260563-9070.

Annual plow day to help pay medical bills roast with trimmings, visit or ride in a horse drawn wagon to the fields to watch antique tractors and horses plow 150 acres. They may also enjoy apple butter, apple cider making, cream separating, craft demonstrations and great kettle corn. There will also be an Amish bake sale. The

children may enjoy games and pony rides. Plowing begins at 9 a.m.; lunch is at 11 a.m. Everyone is welcome, bring your tractor and plow or come and enjoy a relaxing day in the country. Donations will be used to help someone in the community with their medical bills.

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On Sept. 24, the sixth annual South Whitley Community Plow Day and Benefit will be held, rain or shine. The event will take place four miles south of South Whitley on SR 105. The Willie and Susie Hilty family will be the hosts. Attendees may come to enjoy the hog




2010 Day of Healing



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563 N. Cass Street • Wabash 260-274-2371


September 21, 2011

Teel family welcomes daughter Sorority Home Tour to Andrew and Kara Teel, Wabash, are the parents of a daughter born Aug. 25 at 8:10 a.m.

take place Sept. 24-25

The Sorority Home Avery Lynn Teel weighed 9 pounds, 2 Tour, sponsored by ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. She Tri Kappa and Sigma Phi Gamma, will take joins a sister, Sadie Elizabeth Teel, 3. place Sept. 24 and 25, Her mother is the former Kara King. noon to 4 p.m. All proGrandparents are Mark and Lisa King, ceeds from the tour will be used for chariWabash, and Della Teel of New Castle. table activities in the Shaylan King of Wabash is an aunt. community. Four homes will be included on the tour. Kale and Emily Sparling’s home is located at 120 E. Main St., Wabash. Take SR 13 (Wabash Street) north through Wabash. Turn east on East Main Street to BUT YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR DECISIONS. the address. The home is located just a Sometimes the market reacts poorly to world events, but little over one block just because the market reacts doesn’t mean you should. east of Wabash Street Still, if current events are making you feel uncertain on East Main Street about your finances, you should schedule a complimenon the north side tary portfolio review. That way, you can make sure (left). you’re in control of where you want to go and how you Charles William get there. Reed’s home is located at 16 Golf Course Dr., Call or visit your local financial advisor today. Wabash. Take SR 15 + , #) + , ' (()"#* ' ) +$#'*(' #' ' # % ,#*() Sandra Atkinson, AAMS® Steve AAMS® #' ' # % ,#*() #' ' # % Weir, ,#*() north to Division ' " *+ ) , #%% + Advisor Financial Financial Advisor *" Road and turn west *" ' " *+ ) 615 Manchester Ave 1604 State Road 114 W on Division Road. Wabash, IN 46992 North Manchester, IN 46962 260-563-5951 260-982-8650 Turn right at the Member SIPC entrance to the golf Steve Van Voorhis, course subdivision &- ' (()"#* -' '! ) AAMS® #' ' # % ,#*() #' ' # % ,#*() and follow to 16 Golf Financial Advisor#%% #%% *" Course Dr. The home *" 58 E Hill Street Wabash, IN 46992 is located at the end of 260-563-8428 the cul-de-sac.



Hal and Rosemary Job’s home is located at 19 Golf Course Dr., Wabash. Take SR 15 north to Division Road and turn west on Division Road. Turn right at the entrance to the golf course subdivision and follow to 19 Golf Course Dr. Jerry and Jo Ellen Nelson’s home is located at 125 S. Arnold St., Roann. Take SR 15 north to SR 16. Turn west on SR 16 to the address

on Arnold Street in Roann. The home is located on the east side of Arnold Street. Advance tickets may be purchased at Get Nailed, Kitchens Plus, The Love Bug Floral Boutique, The D Shoppe, Wabash Realty and the Wabash County Convention and Visitors Bureau, all in Wabash; Cornerstone Vet Clinic, Urbana; Hier’s, North Manchester; or by





Jerry & Jo Ellen Nelson

If they had a warm home heated with North Central Co-op’s LP gas, they wouldn’t be outside and I wouldn’t be trudging through this snow with a cold bit in my mouth! Hal & Rosemary Job



Charles William Reed

(260) 563-9541 or (800) 720-0550 Kale & Emily Sparling

contacting a sorority member or calling 260-571-2485. The sorority would like to express their appreciation to the homeowners who have made this home tour possible. Thanks to artist Terry Pulley for the home sketches for the brochure, Wildman Uniform of Warsaw for their donation of walk-off mats and to all area businesses that sold tickets.

September 21, 2011

Square dance lessons to E &T H C be held in Scout Hall



Western style square dance lessons will take place on Sept. 25, Oct. 2 and Oct. 9 in North Manchester. The sessions will be held weekly at the Scout Hall in Warvel Park, 7th and Market streets from 6 to 8 p.m. The first lesson is free-of-charge and lessons will be closed to newcomers after Oct. 9. Members of the Belles and Beaus

Square Dance Club are sponsoring the lessons and will serve as “angels” in the teaching process. Jerry Davidson will be the instructor for the series of lessons, which are open to everyone. Square dancing is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages in many countries around the world. Not only is it great exercise but it also is a way to make new

The College Corner Brethren Church of Wabash will host Timothy Mark on Sept. 25. As a singer, songwriter, author and conference speaker, Timothy has ministered across the United States since 1988. He has been involved in ministry on five continents and enjoys an outstanding reputation for ministry. The live event at 10:15 a.m. and 6 p.m.

will feature a number of new songs from his new album, ‘What I Believe.’ There will be something for everyone. Plan now to attend this special event. Admission is free. For more information, call 260-5633910.

Thurs., Sept. 22 from 5-7pm

Meyer, 260-982-2442,

friendships. There are several square dance clubs in this area, which hold dances monthly and also state, national and singles square dance conventions are held yearly. Ron and Pauline

Timothy Mark to perform this weekend

treasurers Belles





Square Dance Club, will






about the upcoming square





Ed and Teresa Gullett Hearing Instrument Specialists

Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm; Sat., evenings and in-home appts. available.

150 W. Harrison Ave., Wabash • 260-274-2147








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Local, One Owner, Heated Seats, Great Go-To-College Car!!

Great Truck that We Sold New! Lots of Extras

Heated Leather Seats, Local, One Owner with Only 18,000 Miles

Low Miles, This Baby is Ready to Pull or Haul!

Local Trade, Leather Seats, Power Sunroof




ONLY 19,988



Spaghetti Dinner

Join us at the Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre on Thursday, September 22 for a Spaghetti Dinner. Dinner includes spaghetti, salad, breadsticks and a drink. We will also be holding a rummage sale with proceeds WREHQHÀWWKH$O]KHLPHU·V     Association.






3/4 Ton, Power Windows and Locks, Ready to Work, Only 43,000 Miles!

Local Trade, Heated Leather Seats, Chrome Wheels and Very Low Miles!!

Local Trade, Great Van for the Family! Hurry On This One!

Local, One Owner Trade, Heated Leather Seats, Running Boards & Chrome Wheels!

Automatic, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise and More!




SAVE NOW AT $ 14,988






Local Trade, V-6, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise and Air!! Only 71,000 Miles!

2 To Choose From, GM Certified! Miles as low as 22,000!

Local Trade, Stow-N-Go Seating, CD Player and More!

Local Trade, Low Miles!! DVD Player, Hurry On This!

Longbed Gasser!! Local Trade and Only 55,000 Miles!



CMG 112128

CHEVROLET www 6622

ONLY$ 5,388


ONLY 15,988


ONLY 15,988


St. Rd. 114 W • North Manchester 260-982-8527 • 1-800-660-2139 Mon., Wed., Fri. 8-6 • Tues. & Thurs. 8-7 • Sat. 8-2


%'' /


$*)" *-

123 T 1623 N Wabash St.



8/)+* !@9

7;/)1 9'2+ @9 +: '8'-+ 8/<')? +4)+ )8+




404 E Harrison Ave. NEW LISTING!



! @9 +:

! 53+ +'8 +/-.(589 >:8' '8-+

':/5 3

/:? 5:




8+': ! 53+ '9 5: &':+8 +': A "7 : ;4,/4 ::/) A +4)+ ".+* 3


8199 S 390 E


A %+8? 4/)+ $6*':+* A !@9 @9 A +5:.+83 "52'8 &':+8 :8 A )8+9 '84






A "+)2;*+* )8+9 '9:+8 ! A 8- ! ': /4 /:



1882 Stitt Street

1271 E St. Rd. 124


*-+ 5, :5=4 =55*+* </+= 8+': 2'4*9)'6/4- !@9 @9 A =+953+ 1/:).+4 4+=+8 '662/'4)+9 A 8+': !553 :5 ,+4)+* ?'8* )5< +)1



6+4* 2+ ' :'1/4/*9 :5 9).552 ):/</:/+9 /<+ 0;9: ?8*9 '='? 853 "5;:.=55* A !@9 - !@9 6




Appliances Remain!


'8-+ +*85539 != ='21/4 259+: :: A '8-+ '8'-+ +':+* A 2* '-85 3



-)*'! / * )) *8 (':.9 > +: '8 '8-+ ! =/:. -'9 6


David Scott Ledman, both of Lafayette, in marriage was held

July 16 at The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate

C o n c e p t i o n , Lafayette. Father Eric Underwood officiated. The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Kevin Ogan. Kerri Hartigan of Indianapolis and Shannon Roherty of Fort Wayne were the maids of honor. Bridesmaids were Melanie Rosswurm of Carmel and Erin Combs Wagner of Elkhart. Bo Ledman was the best man. Groomsmen were Ryan Ledman, Andrew Ledman and Brian Rose. Randy and Diana Showalter, Roann, were the readers. A reception was held at the Lafayette Theater. Amy is the daughter of Dennis and Deb McKinney Norris, Wabash. David is the son of Doug and Valerie Ledman, Connersville.


111 '0)!,0%./-" '"./ /" *( -%) %+'" -*&"-

The wedding ceremony that united Amy Lee Ogan and

356 E Hill St. 53+


-%./% 0)!,0%./ ".'"2 *1)%)# *$) 0)!,0%./

Amy Ogan and David Ledman wed July 16

*!2 0)!,0%./ 2)) *$" $ -*) *$"


Caitlyn Schaeffer and Riley Powell to wed June 16, 2012

The Wabash Herb Shop 909 N Cass St • Wabash , Indiana 46992 (260) 563-8206

Monday – Friday 9 to 5 • Saturday 9 to noon Closed Sunday

30 th Birthday!

Open House! September 26 – October 8 th

We Offer:



• Iridology • Iridology Computer • Ion Cleansing • Compass Bio Feedback • Acupressure Massage and...600 Nature’s Sunshine Products



Thank you for being a client and member of our Herb Shop family of helping people to a happier healthier life!

Caitlyn Schaeffer and Riley Powell, both of Wabash, announce their engagement. Caitlyn is the daughter of Dan and Mary Schaeffer, Wabash. She is a 2008 graduate of Northfield High School, and she will receive a BSN from Ball State University in May 2012. She is currently employed at Wabash County Hospital. Riley is the son of Lee and Nancy Powell, Wabash. He is a 2007 graduate of Southwood High School, and he is studying youth ministry at Huntington University with an intended graduation date of May 2013. He is employed at Wabash County Hospital. The couple plans to wed June 16, 2012, at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ.

September 21, 2011


Northfield Norsemen fall to Tippecanoe Valley The cliché, “It was closer than the score,” held true Sept. 16 at Wilbur Dawes Field as the N o r t h f i e l d Norsemen took on the Tippecanoe Valley Vikings The Norsemen entered the contest as big underdogs yet

again. The two teams battled back and forth throughout the first quarter, as both defensive units dominated the play and held each other scoreless. At the end of the first quarter, the Vikings and Norse were still tied at zero.

In the second quarter, Valley broke the scoring stalemate with 8:19 to play. Up 7-0, the Vikings did not see the end zone again until 2:40 left in the half, when they connected on a 54-yard pass to lead just 13-0 at the half. During the second

quarter, the Norse had a chance to cut into the lead. Austin Curless scrambled 25 yards to the Valley 49-yard line before hitting Joe Freiden on a pass taking the Norse to the Valley 9yard line. Ultimately, the Norse could not

SCOREBOARD HIGH SCHOOLS Varsity Volleyball Sept. 17

Leo Tournament WEST NOBLE DEF. MANCHESTER 25-21, 2025, 25-19 NEW HAVEN DEF. MANCHESTER 25-23, 2125, 26-24 LEO DEF. MANCHESTER 25-20, 19-25, 2517 Manchester (18-7): Kills; Clark 43, Cain 17. Digs; Kennedy 80.

Sept. 15

SOUTHWOOD DEF. WHITKO 25-15, 25-16, 25-17 Southwood (12-3): Service Points; K. Murphy 9, Harness 9, Rhamy 7, Stout 7. Kills; E. Murphy 6, Rhamy 6, K. Murphy 11. Digs; Rhamy 14, Stout 23. Assists; Bowman 30. NORTHFIELD DEF. ROCHESTER 27-25, 1725, 25-23, 25-21 Northfield (11-5): Service Points; Digs; Kline 24, Reed 26. Kills; Echard 17, Walchle 16. Assists; Birk 45.

Sept. 13

WABASH DEF. MARION 25-10, 25-11, 2522 Wabash (9-2): Service Points; Hill 16, L. Thomas 9. Kills; Cromer 11. Digs; Cromer 11, Sparling 9. Assists; L. Thomas 9. MANCHESTER DEF. CANTERBURY 25-15, 25-21, 25-16 Manchester: Digs; Clark 10, Kennedy 28, Cain 8, Watson 14. Kills; Clark 12, Snep 5, Brunn 5. Assists; Bedke 23. Service points; Cain 12, Clark 10. NORTHFIELD DEF. HUNT. NORTH 25-27, 20-25, 25-23, 25-21, 15-5 Northfield (10-5): Kills; Echard 16, Snyder 13, Walchle 13. Assists; Birk 48. Service points; Shafer 11. Digs; Kline 26, Shafer 13.

Boys Varsity Tennis Sept. 17

Knox Invite WABASH 43, FREMONT 39, GRIFFITH, HOBART, KNOX, NORTHWESTERN, TIPP VALLEY, WHITKO Wabash: Singles: #1 - Middleton (W) def. Tipp Valley 6-0, 6-0. Middleton def. Hobart 6-0, 6-0. Middleton def. Northwestern 6-7 (5), 6-4, (10-4). #2 - Driscoll (W) def. Knox 7-5, 6-0. Driscoll def. Northwestern 6-0, 6-1. Driscoll def. Fremont 6-1, 6-2. #3 - Dillard (W) def. Whitko 6-1, 6-0. Dillard def. Tipp Valley 6-0, 6-0. Dillard def. Fremont 6-4, 6-3. Doubles: #1 - Griffith def. Eilts and Boone (W) 60, 6-0. Eilts and Boone def. Tipp Valley 8-6. Northwestern def. Eilts and Blair (W) 8-5. #2 Fremont def. Stein and Nealis (W) 6-2, 6-1. Stein and Nealis def. Whitko 8-2. Stein and Nealis def. Hobart 8-5.

Sept. 13

WABASH 4, MANCHESTER 1 Singles: #1 - Middleton (W) def. Eichenauer, 6-0,

6-0. #2 - Driscoll (W) def. Fenz 6-0, 6-0. #3 Dillard (W) def. Johnson 6-2, 6-1. Doubles: #1 - Christiansen and McLaughlin (M) def. Eilts and Boone 6-0, 6-3. #2 - Stein and Nealis (W) def. Woods and Day 6-2, 6-1.

Boys Varsity Cross County Sept. 17

Culver Academy Invite Northfield (8th): Augustus 16:27 (5th), Tracy 16:57 (19th), Barlow 18:14 (68th), Meyer 18:18 (72nd), Shannon 18:20 (77th), Burcroff 18:23 (79th), Zumbaugh 18:48 (96th).

Sept. 13

SOUTHWOOD 34, MISSISSINEWA 43, WABASH 57, MADISON GRANT 99 Wabash: Powers 18:44 (3rd), Hall 19:56 (10th), Kelsheimer 20:03 (11th), Hough 20:37 (13th), Hostetler 22:19 (21st), Johnson 23:15 (24th), Evans 24:26 (29th), Morris 25:43 (30th), Whitehead 27:26 (31st).

Sept. 10

Tipp Valley Invitational WHITKO 34, NORTHFIELD 54, ROCHESTER 84, COLUMBIA CITY 86, JOHN GLENN 152, BREMEN 164, TRITON 192, CASS 267, CASTON 270, TIPP VALLEY 281 Northfield: Augustus 16:01 (1st), Tracy 17:00 (9th), Burcroff 17:46 (16th), Meyer 17:48 (18th), Shannon 17:51 (20th), Frye 18:05 (25th), Eads 19:13 (43rd). Blackford Invitational EASTBROOK 43, OAK HILL 130, FRANKTON 132, ADAMS CENTRAL 184, HAGERSTOWN 209, CANTERBURY 219, BLUE RIVER VALLEY 219, WINCHESTER 232, MISSISSINEWA 258, WABASH 264... Wabash: Powers 17:50 (10th), Hall 18:49 (37th), Kelsheimer 19:02 (42nd), Hough 20:34 (83rd), Hostetler 20:57 (92nd), Morris 23:10 (121st), Whitehead 26:20 (138th).

Boys Varsity Soccer Sept. 15

Northfield: Frischman 56, Pinkleton 60, King 62, Frank 69.

Girls Varsity Cross Country Sept. 17

West Noble Invite Northfield (11th): Halderman 19:54 (6th), Singer 22:19 (70th), Sloan 22:40 (79th), C. Eltzroth 23:08 (87th), S. Eltzroth 23:16 (88th), Frank 23:30 (92nd), Cole 24:04 (105th).

Sept. 13

SOUTHWOOD 28, MADISON GRANT 46, WABASH 46, MISSISSINEWA Wabash: Vogel 23:33 (4th), Conliff 26:00 (6th), Carpenter 28:38 (11th), Enyeart 28:53 (13th), Galley 30:02 (15th).

Blackford Invite Wabash: Vogel 21:52 (17th), Conliff 24:40 (72nd), Galley 27:07 (98th).

Girls JV Volleyball Sept. 15

SOUTHWOOD DEF. WHITKO 25-16, 25-14 Southwood (7-4): Kills; Stouffer 6, K. Murphy 4, White 3. Service points; Vielee 6, Stouffer 5, K. Murphy 5, White 5. Digs; White 7, K. Murphy 6. Assists; White 10.

Sept. 13

WABASH DEF. MARION 25-15, 25-18 Wabash: Kills; Puckett 9, Stone 5. Digs; Puckett 6, Stone 7. Assists; Cromer 15.

Girls Varsity Golf Sept. 17

Girls JV Cross Country Sept. 17


West Noble Invitational Northfield (6th): Stephan 23:11 (11th), Randel 27:40 (55th), Francis 27:40 (56th), Summers 27:58 (58th), Cole 28:53 (59th).

Sept. 13

WHITKO 24, WABASH 6 Wabash (2-2): Vest, 1 rush td.; Gullett, 1 forced fumble, 2 recoveries.

MARION 172, MANCHESTER 176, NORTHFIELD 247 Manchester: Budnik 42, Little 43, Durden 45, Whitaker 46, Lochner 49, Price 55, Barnett 62, Working 85.

the Vikings crossed into the end zone one more time with 2:54 to play for the final 34-0 score. Curless led the Norse rushing attack with 45 yards. Andy Roser and Hunter Wells each chipped in 23 yards. Joe Freiden had one catch for 32 yards. Jared Kirtlan had 3 catches for 21 yards. Wells and Roser each chipped in a reception of their own as well. The Norse (2-3) return to the field Sept. 23 at Whitko before traveling to Wabash Sept. 30.

Sept. 10

HUNT. NORTH DEF. NORTHFIELD 25-7, 2514 Northfield: Kills; Miller 2. Digs; Gribben 9, Dyson 6.

Sept. 12

drive behind Andy Roser and Hunter Wells, moving the ball to the Tipp Valley 3-yard line before the third quarter drew to a close. Northfield again could not penetrate the formidable Valley defense, turning the ball over on downs on the Tipp Valley 4-yard line. Valley would counter by mounting a long drive, milking 6 minutes from the clock, before scoring on a 19-yard pass to lead 27-0 with 4:54 to play in the game. After holding the Norse offense again,

Tipp Valley Invitational Northfield (3rd): Halderman 20:05 (1st - school record), Singer 21:58 (17th), Sloan 22:33 (26th), Cole 22:55 (32nd), C. Eltzroth 22:58 (33rd), Frank 23:00 (34th), S. Eltzroth 23:07 (37th), Stephan 23:09 (39th), Summers 26:11 (60th), WatsonDunn 26:16 (61st), Randel 26:57 (64th), Cole 28:51 (73rd).

MANCHESTER 5, WHITKO 2 Manchester (10-0): Goals; McNeeley 2, GodoyForester, Self, Simon.

MANCHESTER 191, TRITON 240 Manchester: Little 45, Budnik 46, Durden 50, Whitaker 50, Lochner 51.

punch it in and settled for a field goal attempt, which was blocked by a Viking defender Northfield started the third quarter by recovering a surprise onside kick. One play later, Curless was intercepted, negating any momentum the Norse had swung in their favor. Valley took advantage of the turnover, capping off a 67-yard drive with a 16-yard touchdown run with 9:54 left in the third, making it 20-0 in favor of the Vikings. Northfield would then mount another

Boys JV Football Sept. 15

Boys JV Cross Country Sept. 17

West Noble Invitational Northfield (7th): Eads 18:26 (19th), Frye 19:32 (51st), Andrews 20:01 (75th), Keffaber 20:42 (95th), Leming 21:10 (112th), Bever 21:33 (112th), Coe 22:00 (133rd).

NORTHFIELD’S AUSTIN CURLESS (7) hits Hunter Wells on a toss during the Sept. 16 contest against Tippecanoe Valley. The Norse fell to the Vikings 35-0 after several Norse drives fell short against the Valley defense. (photo courtesy of



!# !' # #

"% !&% (!!

$% #

) #


$ !# % $

! #&



September 21, 2011

Honeywell Center seeking photographers for annual photo show The Honeywell Center will accept entries for the 2011 Photography Show on Oct. 10 and 11. Photographers may submit entries between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in the Honeywell Center Skating Rink. The show, sponsored by Borders and Beyond Gallery & Framing with additional funding from the Wabash County Arts Council, will be on display Oct. 13 through Nov. 13. The photography show features three categories: altered image, color and

black & white (including sepia t o n e s ) . Photographers can enter into all categories, but can only enter a maximum of three total pieces. Each piece must be at least 5” x 7” and have a frame and hanging device. Amateur and professional photographers may enter the competition. Work previously entered in a Honeywell Center competition may not be reentered. Subject matter of entries needs to be appropriate for all ages.

HUNTINGTON 7 (260) 359-8463 Hauenstein Rd. West of Wal-Mart

The entry fee is a flat fee regardless of the number of pieces entered. Entry forms and guidelines are available at the Honeywell Center box office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., MondayFriday, or online at On Nov. 13 at 6 p.m., an award reception will be held for the participating artists. This event is free and open to the public. The judge(s) will be on hand to present awards to winning photographers. Questions may be directed to or by calling 260-563-1102. and on Facebook




D A I LY 4 : 0 0 - 6 : 0 0 P M





Box Office Opens at 7:00 p.m. 1st Show at Dusk

Final Weekend of the Season

DRIVE (R) 11:50, 2:15, 4:40, 7:05, 9:30 3D LION KING (G) $2.50 PREMIUM PER 3D TICKET 2:20, 4:35, 6:55, 9:05 LION KING (G) 12:05 PM STRAW DOGS (R) 11:15, 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 CONTAGION (PG-13) 11:20, 1:50, 4:20, 6:50, 9:20 APOLLO 18 (PG-13) 4:50, 7:10 DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (R) 12:00, 2:30, 9:25 OUR IDIOT BROTHER (R) 12:20, 2:35, 9:40 THE HELP (PG-13) 12:10, 3:15, 6:30, 9:35 RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PG-13) 4:55, 7:15

Pork Chop Dinner

Playing Fri. 9/23 & Sat. 9/24

Mr. Poppers Penguins PG Rise of the Planet of the Apes PG-13 Playing Fri. 9/23 & Sat. 9/24

Columbian PG-13 Drive R

The General Tire Retiree Ladies’ Breakfast will be held Oct 1, 9 a.m., at Ugalde’s. To make a reservation, call Carolyn Divine at 260563-1512.

Churches to hold yard sale and bake sale A yard sale and bake sale will be held by six United Methodist churches on Oct. 1 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The yard sale will be held at Center United Methodist Church, which is located one mile north of Silver Lake on SR 15. Yard sale purchases may be made by freewill donation. Proceeds will go to the Silver Lake Food Pantry and to REACH Services in North Manchester.

Friday, September 23, 2011 4:30-7:00pm



477 N. Wabash Street, Wabash, Indiana 46992


WINNERS OF THE CHAIR AFFAIR event, held Aug. 20 at Paradise Spring, Wabash, have been announced. Pictured are: (from left) Monica Sparling, first place and Queen’s Choice; Pat Lynn/Animal Shelter, second place; and Mary Jo Miley, third place. (photo provided)

Do you have a story worth sharing? The Paper is always looking for story ideas from our readers. Do you know someone who has a unique hobby or an interesting story that should be shared with the entire county? If so, call Brent Swan or Danielle Smith at 260-563-8326, or email

All You Can Eat

T E N D E R LOI N DINNER Saturday, October 1st 3:00 - 7:00 PM


CHRIST UNITED METHODIST MEN Pork Chop Dinner includes Baked Potato, Apple Sauce, Roll and Beverage Dessert available for free will donation. Carry-outs available.

General Tire Retiree Ladies’ Breakfast to be held Oct. 1


College Corner Brethren Church

8996 S. 500 W. • Wabash

Showtimes: Starting Friday 7:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

! !! "

Adults - $8.00 Children 12 and under - $6.00

(Take 13 south from Wabash. Turn west (right) onto 124, go 3 miles to 500 W and turn left (south). Go 3 miles to the church.)

Tenderloins prepared by the

Richvalley Lions Club ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT

3rd Annual Lagro Legion


Proceeds to Benefit Our Homeless and Disabled Veterans

Meal includes cole slaw, baked beans, applesauce and beverage. Desserts available for a free will donation.

Saturday, September 24 4pm-7pm


LaFontaine Community Building 11 and Older : $8.00 • Preschool to 10 Years: $4.00 Preschool: FREE Desserts Free Will Donation

Saturday October 1st

Menu Tenderloins, Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Applesauce and Drink


Proceeds will go towards Community Projects and Building which is a United Fund Agency.

Tasting Starts at 12:00pm 5.00 per person Still looking for Entrants Entry Forms can be picked up at Lagro American Legion Or call 260-782-2575 for more information. $


Adults $8.00 Children 5-12 $3.00 Children Under 5 FREE (Proceeds go to the Church building Fund.)


September 21, 2011

Paw Paw pie contest raises more than $2,000

Dear editor, Congratulations to all of us in the Paw Paw United Methodist church and surrounding community. We had a successful fundraising event for Miami County Helping Hands. Our third annual “So You Think You Can Make A Pie?” contest was Aug. 27. It was a very good day and fun for all – over 100 people. The grand total for the event was $2,012.15. I’m thinking that’s a lot of money for 36 pies. All money collected was given to Miami County Helping Hands. Revenue was generated from a pie auction, the Kuhn Family Singers and Friends and from the samplers for the People’s Choice Awards. As a sampler, you purchase a vote ticket for $1. You get to sample five pies of your choice. There is no limit on votes purchased. The blue ribbon winners were: Kathy Kenworthy’s cherry pie, Connie Payne’s chocolate pecan pie, Mary Floyd’s key lime pie and Mary Floyd’s apple pear cranberry pie. The second place winners were: Tammy Hileman’s apple pie, Alex Kuhn’s double chocolate cheesecake, Yvonne Bertke’s black bottom pie and Lori Foust’s rhubarb cream. The third place winners were: Roy Szostak’s strawberry rhubarb pie, Yvonne Bertke’s pinto pie, Darlene Farrell’s banana split pie and Allyssa Kuhn’s raspberry crème pie. The grand prize winner was Mary Floyd’s apple pear cranberry pie. The People’s Choice winners were: Ray Szostak’s strawberry rhubarb pie, first place; Kirstin Jacobs’ apple pie, second place; and Alyssa Kuhn’s raspberry crème pie, third place. Special thanks to the judges: Roberta Struck, Emmanuel United Methodist Church; Carol Long, Roann; Jan Sawyer, Rochester; Todd Leininger, Peru; Tommy Shupe, South Whitley; and Pauline

Rhine, Bunker Hill. Also thanks to the Kuhn Family Singers and the auctioneers: Arnold VanLou, Emmanuel United Methodist Church, and Scott Apple, Erie United Methodist Church. Thanks to all the Cluster Methodist Churches who participated in our project: Erie, New Life, Pleasant Hill, Deedsville, Ebenezer, Emmanuel, Denver and Chili, as well as Roann United Methodist Church. Also a heartfelt thanks to all the helpers. It wouldn’t have worked without you. Other contestants were: Millie Madden (butternut squash), Kary Kuhn (mixed berry chocolate truffle), Andrea Moss (mock apple and pecan), Roberta Struck (Pecan), Janet Vincent (blueberry), Debbie Foust (butterscotch meringue), Jane Gray (pumpkin), Amanda Carmichael (sugar Cream), Tanya Cummings (faux peanut butter and chocolate Oreo), Kami Stroud (zucchini crème), Lana Kuhn (blueberry), Shalane Holmes (peanut butter pie), Carolyn Cook (strawberry rhubarb), Kathy Kentworthy (blueberry), Dick Reese (peanut butter), Ray Szostak (peaches and crème and peanut butter meringue), Olivia Kuhn (Mississippi mud), Tammy Hileman (blackberry) and Macy litters (strawberry, peach clafie and pecan). Thanks to all our pie bakers and to our pie buyers, the pie auction raised $1,430. Top pies sold were: $120 for Andrea




Fast Turnaround, Competitive Pricing, State of the Art Printing Equipment




7 p.m. Nightly - Sun. Service 10:30 a.m. Only

Bible Way Ministries 687 Brentwood Drive Akron, IN 46910 Pastor Ezzie Harrison Deland, Florida

WINNERS OF THE PAW PAW UNITED METHODIST CHURCH’S “So You Think You Can Make A Pie?” contest were: Kirstin Jacobs, Yvonne Bertke, Kathy Kenworthy, Ray Szostak, Darlene Farrell, Connie Payne, Tammy Hileman, Lori Foust, Mary Floyd, Alyssa Kuhn and Alex Kuhn. (photo provided) Maus’s pecan pie, $100 for Mary Floyd’s apple pear cranberry pie, $95 for Darlene Farrell’s banana split, $55 for Macy Littrel’s pecan pie, $55 for Carolyn Cook’s strawberry rhubarb, $50 for

Kary Kuhn’s mixed berry chocolate truffle, $50 for Amanda Carmichael’s sugar cream and $50 for Ray Szostak’s peanut butter meringue. Paw Paw United Methodist Church

and surrounding community

Evangelist Leon Batchelor Tyler, Texas

Here you will find an environment of Christian fellowship, prayer, anointed singing and preaching.

“This Is The Time. This Is The Place. We Are The People!”


buck up for breakfast

Wants to invite you to a free dinner Sunday, Sept. 25th at 774 Pike St. from 12-4 Beans, Fried Potatoes, Corn Bread, Drinks & Desserts

at breakfast

All are welcome!

will be PREACHING at

Rev. John White

Grand Street Baptist Church

From LaPorte, IN

Sunday, Sept. 25th 11:00 AM Service

Hash Browns

Any Size Sausage McMuffin®

Premium Roast Coffee

1655 Grand St. Wabash


Sausage Biscuit Breakfast Burrito

Private Parties Welcome, Reservations Recommended

Mums Shop in the Craft Barn • Fall Sc

ented • Floral Arra Candles • Honey, Pumpngements kin tter & Apple ButteBu r • Pumpkin De • Fall appliqued cor sweatshirts

CORN MAZE (Admission char ged)

Snack Bar Open Daily Hayride on Weekends Located .7 Miles East Of St. Rd. 15 On 400 S. or 1.25 Miles East Of St. Rd. 13 On 400 S. in Wabash Co.

ph: 563-1010 • 758 W. 400 S. Wabash




Prices and participation may vary. Limited time only. Price of single item posted on menu board. ©2010 McDonald’s.



Mary Ann Mast 260-774-3432 1-800-886-3018


AND TRICIA (SWAN) ANDERSON, Greenfield, on the birth of their son, Brock Howard Anderson, who was born on Sept. 15. He weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and was 20 inches long. Brock has a two-year old sister, Amelia. Grandparents are Bobby and Missy Swan, Lagro, and Bill and Chris A n d e r s o n ,

Senior Specialist....Specializing in Service


('+ "' . # $"% - !& "% (&

If you have questions about the following subjects, may we help you? . #() " % '*,) ' . " '*,) ' . ('! )& ) '*,) ' . '',"+" *

September 21, 2011

Indianapolis. Local great grandparents are Clara and Bob Swan, and Shirley and Cloyd Mast. THANKS TO URBANA LION IKE BINKERD for his work in front of the Urbana C o m m u n i t y Building. The poles have been repainted and new wheelchair parking signs are in place. URBANA LIONS CLUB had a cook out at the Urbana Lions’ Park Pavilion on Sept. 12 for their first meeting of the year. After a welcome by Lions President Luke Hunt and the meal, a program/demonstration on leader dogs was given by Bud and Joyce Walker, Andrews, with the assistance of their dog, “Aspen.” To read the complete story of Aspen, go to w w w. h u n t i n g t o n Those present were given a list of Urbana Lions Club activities. Thanks to Michael and Bonita Snell and Ronnie Anderson for prepar-

ing the meal. Those attending were: Lowell and Marilyn Karns, Martha Jane and Eldon Biehl, Luke and Darlene Hunt, Gene and Julie Miller, Bud and Joyce Walker, Joe and Barb Adams, Robert and Christie Kisner, Martha and O r v i l l e Chamberlain, Bob and Mary Wendel, Ike and Gloria Binkerd, Dennis and Barb Biehl, Chrystal and Collin Biehl, Max and Nancy Chamberlain, Jim Cameron, Valerie Altman, Jim and Karen Wilson, Dean and Lois Haupert, Ron and Shirley Anderson, Ed Howard, Larry Eads, Chrissy and Monte Chamberlain, Cody, Clayton, Courtney, and Carston Chamberlain, Michael and Bonita Snell, Latisha Snell, Estela Bradley, and Haley Campbell. A short business meeting for Lions members followed the program. The Club’s next meeting is Sept. 26 at the Urbana C o m m u n i t y Building.

ST. PETER’S WOMEN’S GUILD met on Sept. 12 at the home of Janet Warnock with Esther Wagner as cohostess. Roll call was answered by members telling about their lunches at school. Since all ages were represented, there were stories of packing lunches, lunches prepared by parents, to school lunches as we know them today. President Kitty Baer opened the meeting with a devotional reading from the book, “Quiet Time Moments for Women.” During the business meeting the sale of Guild’s laundry detergent, “Heaven Sent”, was discussed. If anyone would like more information or would like to purchase the detergent, call 260-774-3011 or 260-774-3462. A motion was made to give a donation to the Madeline Dazey fundraiser at Northfield on Sept. 16. Janet Warnock gave devotions and the lesson. She began telling about the life of George Beverly Shea, the gospel singer and hymn composer who celebrated his 102nd birthday on Feb. 1. She also shared some thoughts from Max Lucado’s book, “The Power of Prayer”, and talked about the heroes of 9/11 and then the heroes in our own community and how they have gotten through the tough times in their lives. The next meeting will be at the home of Mary Ann Mast on Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. Those present were Kitty Baer, Nancy Anderson, Helen Dawes, Alma DeVore, Lois

Mini Straw Bales and Fall Decor Variety of Apples Available from Kerry Slater’s Orchard

ASPEN, a chocolate Labrador retriever leader dog, leads Bud Walker down Walker’s driveway in Andrews. Walker got Aspen three years ago through the Leader Dogs for the Blind program. (photo provided) Haupert, Doris Mattern, Lillian Maurer, Beverly Schnepp, Hilda Wilcox, Jane Winebrenner, Donna Yentes, Cyndi Veverka and Linda Newcomb. SHARP CREEK DATES: Sept. 29 – PTO meeting. (fourth grade students will share at this meeting). PTO officers for this school year are: president – Amy Kissel; vice president – Lee Ann Pefley; secretary – Amy Rosen; treasurer – Cathy Montel. Oct. 3-7 – Book Fair in the Library; Oct. 4 – School Picture Day; Oct. 10 – World’s Finest Chocolate Sale Kickoff; Oct. 12 – end of first nine week grading period. SHARP CREEK WILDCAT PRIDE WINNERS drawn on

Fall Mums Stan Ide’s Honey 6940

SLATER’S FRUIT MARKET St. Rd. 13 • Sidney, IN • 260-839-2755 Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-5; Sundays 11-4

Sept. 16 were Sidney Prater who picked some things up off the floor for her teacher; Kevin Reed, who ran and retrieved a ball that had gotten away from another student; and Mallory Grizzle who found a science tool on the floor of the classroom and returned it to her teacher. All three were turned in by Mr. Mills. Madison Snyder did well on her math quiz. Her name was turned in by Mr. Cussen. Students received Sharp Creek Elementary drawstring backpacks and free ice cream courtesy of The Works. URBANA YOKE PARISH: Those serving during the 9:30 a.m. worship service on Sept. 25 are: Liturgist – Carol Krom; Head Usher – Jerry Warnock; Acolytes – Kyle and Christie Sparks; Nursery Attendant – Connie Winters; Greeters – Ruth and Glen Summers; Altar flowers – Lori Siders; organ – Janene Dawes; piano – Nancy Miller. Morning worship services for the Urbana Yoke Parish will move to the Grace Church Oct. 2 for the next six months. PRAYER CONCERNS: Madeline Dazey’s 12 hour surgery on Sept. 13 suc(continued on page 23)



September 21, 2011

Elaine England laketontoday@

BE SURE TO VISIT LAKETON on Sept. 23-25 for the Laketonian Days Festival. WHERE DID THAT BUTTER COME FROM? Sunrise Dairies was started in Laketon on the same location where some years before a tannery was located on the southeast corner of the lot. In 1928, Sunrise Dairies was started on the back porch of the home. It was started by Mr. Clarence Goehler. The first day’s work netted him between 125-150 pounds of butter. This was much less than what could be produced with their churn just before closing down. This dairy consisted of the Goehler family, Clarence, Mrs. Goehler, and their two daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Goehler would rise at 6 a.m. The day would be a very long one. Many times butter would be ready to wrap when the girls would just get home from school. The family would gather around a big table, mold,

wrap and pack the pound packages of butter in the cartons. The girls were between the ages of seven and 10, Elouise was small so would have to stand on a box in order to be able to do her part. Clarence got his first taste of the creamery business as a young man in the former Eel River Creamery. He was not only a butter maker, but a superintendent of plants in three states. including Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. Mr. Goehler attended Purdue University and Iowa State College, taking short courses in the creamery field. On starting his business, Mr. Goehler offered to buy butterfat at $1 for the first pound and $.34 for the rest of the amount brought in, but this did not get him one customer. Bruce Henry, then a storeowner, bought the first pound of butter and on the other end, Pete Schwank and Everett Baker brought in the first raw materials. The creamery would open at 6 a.m. and not close until midnight. This was for six days a week and many times the family would work until the wee hours of Sunday morning if they intended on going to church as there was no way to keep the raw material fresh. It had to be processed the day it was brought in.

Butter was delivered to independent groceries and Mr. Goehler made his deliveries in a Model “T”, Diamond “T” and later a Dodge. In 1946, Mr. Goehler retired and sold out to his sons-in-law, Bob Ohmart and Frank Ireland. They had been employed in the creamery for a number of years. In 1965, this business was in a partnership, but in 1966 Frank Ireland left and Mr. Ohmart incorporated the business. There were only two individually-owned creameries in the state. Sugar Creek Dairies near Indianapolis, which closed its doors in 1967. In 1968, the same happened to the Sunrise Dairies. This was a big loss to many people for their butter was the best for miles around. For a while after the dairy closed Mr. Ohmart still owned the building, and rented the house to different families. In 1974 it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brubaker, and their son Evert lived there. “STEPPING BACK IN TIME”, Laketonian Days, celebrating 175 years: Bring the family and enjoy the events: corn hole tournament, evolution wrestling, liars contest, music, tractor pull, petting zoo, horseshoe pitch, cutie king & queen, pulled pork hog roast, hot dog eating contest, parade, square dancers, car

SUNRISE DAIRIES began in Laketon in 1928 on the back porch of a home. The business remained open until 1968, when it became the final individually owned creamery in Indiana to close it doors. (photo provided)

show, an old time saloon, and much more. Visit Downtown for fun for all. For more festival information, contact Miriam Linkenhoker at 260982-1746 or Evelyn Dingess at 260-9824663. THANK YOU goes to everyone who has helped to spruce up the town for the Laketonian Festival by mowing grass, planting flowers, painting signs, picking up trash and everything else. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all who had or has a birthday in September THE LAKETON LIONS CLUB would like to thank all volunteers who helped with the Sept 15 fish fry at Warvel Park, and another thank you to all who came to eat fish and make it a success. REMEMBER if you have any news you want to share with us call me at 260-225-5731 or email me at by Thursday the week before to be included.

Urbana News... continued from page 22 cessfully removed the rest of the tumor on her brain. At the time of this writing she is doing great and anticipating coming home. Continue to remember Muriel Tyson, Ardis and Herb Witkoske, and Kerry Schannep. BRUNCH BUNCH met at 8 a.m. at Pam’s Café on Sept. 14 with the following local people present: Marvin and Mary Ann Mast, Peggy and Chad Dilling, Donna Russell, Helen Dawes, Doris Mattern, Jan Weck, Jim and Anne Bell. Others present were Phil Goebel and his wife Diana, Novato, Calif., and Karen Goebel, Madison, Wis. BIRTHDAYS: Sept. 22 – Matthew and Zachary Campbell, May Snyder. Sept. 23 – Deloris Benson, Adriane Leland, Kaylee Carpenter, Lowell Karns, Torina Runkel. Sept. 24 – D. J. Nice, Harold Christie, Eileen Biehl, Ian Fitch.

Sept. 25 – Donna Yentes, Karla Eltzroth, Todd Keffaber. Sept. 26 – Wanda Haupert, Allison DeVore, John Wilcox. Sept. 28 – Marvin Miller, Kimberly Dale, Doris Eads, Terry Hoover ANNIVERSARIES: Sept. 21 – Jim and

Carol Krom. Sept. 27 – David and Betty Nice. Sept. 28 - Jerry and Janet Warnock. NEWS ITEMS may be mailed to me at 1906 N 100 W, Wabash, IN 46992, emailed to me at, or phoned in to 1-800-886-3018.

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519 Bryan Ave., Wabash or call 260-563-8587 or TDD 1-800-743-3333 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer


September 21, 2011


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Round Barn Metal Works, Inc John Mugford, Jr. Owner, Fabricator

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Jennie Terrell, Owner/Broker ..............260-571-1246 Steve Peebles, Broker ........................260-571-7332 Jan Bailey, Broker ................................260-571-0890 Ray Bland, Broker................................260-563-3839 Kay Eads, Sales Associate..................260-571-3376 Phil Eakright, Sales Associate............260-377-9330 Cody Lambert, sales Associate. ........260-330-3420 Jeremy Steele, Sales Associate..........260-330-3413 Pam Simons, Broker ...........................260-571-4414 Katy Stewart, Sales Associate ............260-330-1929


Ethel Eib 765-981-4054 eleib

JOIN LINDA KUESTER at a Wabash County Historical Museum Fundraiser on Sept. 29 at noon for lunch in the “Fred Harvey” lunch room and hear the story of the Harvey Girls and her mother’s experience of working as a Harvey Girl at the grand resort LaPosada, in Winslow, Ariz. Reservations may be made by calling the Museum at 260-5639070. Come support the Historical Museum of Wabash County and enjoy a fun afternoon. LAFONTAINE’S 9-BALL TEAM traveled to Las Vegas. Twelve Indiana APA 9-ball teams, including Any Pocket Available out of Side Kicks Bar in LaFontaine, won a trip to Las Vegas to participate in the APA National Team Championships. The LaFontaine team came in 65th out of 422 teams. This being their first trip to nationals, they were very pleased with their placing. In addition to the teams from the United States, there were also a few teams from Japan and several from Canada. Any Pocket Available team members are: Ron Brummett (Captain), Josh Cochran, Josh Petro, Heather Reider, Amber Simpson, Mike (Skippy) Smalley and Mike (Smitty) Smith. Also traveling with the team were Elaine Cochran, Amanda Duval and Marcie T a y l o r . Congratulations on a job well done. FLU SHOTS will be available on Oct.


September 21, 2011

5, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., at LaFontaine United Methodist Church. Cost is free to Medicare recipients. If you do have Medicare, please remember to bring your card. Please wear a shirt that enables easy access to the upper arm. Also, during the flu shot clinic, LaFontaine United Methodist Church will be collecting canned goods to stock the food pantry that assists families in our community. Any donation would be appreciated, but not necessary to receive the flu shot. If you have questions please contact the church office at 981-4012. THE LIBERTY BELLS EXTENSION CLUB met at the home of Mary Ruth Mendenhall with Marguerite Guenin as co-hostess. Salutes to the flags led by Ileen Silvers. Inspirations, led by Marguerite, were “Say something nice about the person on your left.” The song of the month was “I’ve been working on the Railroad”, led by Jane Ford. Roll call was answered by 20 members with “Who was your first grade t e a c h e r ? ” . Secretaries and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. Discussion on having pecans for sale another year was approved. Thank you to Jane Ford for furnishing cookies for Red Cross. Wabash County Extension Craft Bazaar will be held at REMC

Building on Oct. 2, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. A sign-up sheet will be taken at our October meeting. The health safety lesson, by Phyllis Paehler, was “Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation”? Jean Gilbert reported on a luncheon being held at Wabash County Museum as a fundraiser on Sept. 29, reservations needed. The program was on “Harvey Girls”. The next meeting will be on Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. at the home of Connie McMinn, Reba Jacobs will be cohostess. The meeting closed with “Church Bulletin Bloopers”, led by Phyllis Poehler. TROYER MEMORIAL LIBRARY held Summer Reading Program for children four years through sixth-grade each Friday during June and July. Children attended each Friday morning participating in reading stories, games and crafts. The “Camping for Reading” theme was led by Mrs. Chris Hawkins and Mrs. Mindy Manning. The last Friday in July was a special program led by Brad and Teresa Rody from the DNR and children also received prizes and certificates that day. A total of 23 children completed the program. SEE YOU AT THE POLE AND PREPOLE RALLY: The rally will be held Sept. 27, 7-8 p.m., at the Honeywell Center. See You At The Pole will be

Sept. 28, 7 a.m., at Southwood High School. LaFontaine Christian Church youth groups take place on Wednesdays. Junior high meets from 5:306:45 p.m.; high school is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Don’t forget to check LCC Youth Group on Facebook. Any questions, contact Jared Kidwell, youth minister, at 765-618-0883. L A F O N TA I N E LITERARY CLUB met on Sept. 8 with Barbara Swain as hostess at the LaFontaine Library. The meeting was opened by President Carolyn Royce and she installed the new officers for 2011-2012. They are: president, Jean Gilbert; vice president, Patricia Walters; secretary, Beth Loschiavo; and treasurer, Bertha Huffschmidt. President Jean took over the meeting with the club members saying the pledge, then reading The American Creed by William Tyler. Minutes and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. Sixteen members answered roll call with “what is your favorite tea“. It was decided that the members would donate items or money to the United Methodist Church food pantry each month. The business meeting was closed with reading the Club Collect by Mary Stewart. Carolyn gave a very interesting program on Princess Diana. She and her daughter visited the traveling display in Michigan

this past February. Mary Brane brought her doll of Princess Diana in her wedding dress for the club members to see. Carolyn had brought two items she had bought when she went to the show. The next meeting will be Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. with Carol Snyder hostess and a program by Patricia Walters. L A F O N TA I N E LIONS met on Sept. 8 at 7 p.m. in the Lion room at the C o m m u n i t y Building with Lion Chuck Himelick as host. Lion President Larry Eib opened the meeting. Lion Juanita Rapp gave the prayer. Lion Duane Davis led the pledge. A reminder was given to bring 10 pounds of washed potatoes for the Richvalley Lions Tenderloin Fry, which is to be held Sept. 24, 4-7 p.m., at the LaFontaine C o m m u n i t y Building. They dis-

cussed seeing if the Southwood Jazz Band would perform at the Lions Soup Supper in February, and if the Heritage Girls would come and serve the desserts at the tenderloin fry. The next meeting will be Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Lions room at C o m m u n i t y Building with Lion Brad Rody as host. HOME TOWN DVD’S are available at the LaFontaine Town Hall. R I C H VA L L E Y LIONS tenderloins

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‘the paper’ PETS OF THE WEEK Available For Adoption At The Wabash County Animal Shelter: 810 Manchester Ave. • 260-563-3511 Monday - Friday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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“Pet of the Week” photos are taken each Friday. If the pet featured has already been adopted, many others are still waiting for good homes!


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will be at the L a F o n t a i n e C o m m u n i t y Building on Sept. 24, 4-7 p.m. BIRTHDAYS: 9/23 Sandra Weaver, 9/24 Connie Crump, Lois Templeton, 9/25 Merle Ellis, Rick Treber, 9/27 Lori Brane PLEASE YOU’RE YOUR NEWS and pictures to me by Thursday at or 2258 E 1050 S, LaFontaine IN 46940. I am looking forward to receiving your news items.

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THE STOCKDALE MILL Foundation wishes to thank those who sponsored a duck for the Great Eel River Duck Race. The donation will be used for the upkeep and restoration of the historic Stockdale Mill. Winners were: first place, Sara Van Buskirk; second place, Braydon Zink; and third place, Pat Mouser. WINNERS of R o a n n ’ s C o m m u n i t y Heritage’s Cake Walk were: Paige Holley, Jim Arwood, Cameron Huffman, M a d a l i n e Woodward, Jessica Gahl, Ann Scanlon,

CARLEE LEFEBVRE, a seventh-grade North Miami cross country runner, recently participated at the Blueberry Stomp (5k) in Plymouth. Carlee ran the race in 22:25, putting her in first place in her age group. Overall, Carlee placed eighth out of all the female runners and 55th out of nearly 600 participants. Congratulations to Carlee! (photo provided) Dave Leffel, Ruth Ann Dyson, Vonell Krom, Kim Rife, Mary Dingess, Mia Miller and Graham, Doug Pettit, and Liam Kreps-Miller. WINNERS for the bike rodeo were: Training wheels first place, Declan Chenault; girls ages 3-6 – first place, Kierra Wilson, second place, Reagan Copeland; girls ages 7-10 – first place, Alyssa McKillip, second place, Matti Brower, third place, Breanna Wittner; boys ages 3-6 – first place, Kolton Wilson, second place, Turner Stephens, third place, Nathan Brower; boys ages 710 – first place, Jonah Laycock, second place, Jarrett Wilson, third place, Stan Summers; boys ages 11-14 – first place, Clayton Bowling. second place, Caleb Eckert, third place, Gage Miller. Winner of the boys’ new bike was Jasper Donaldson. Winner of the girls’ new bike was Madalyn Woodward. F O U RT E E N MEMBERS were present when the


of Wabash County Inc.

Perry Do-Rite Home Extension Club met at the home of Liz Flaherty. Bobette Miller was the cohostess. The meeting was opened by the president, Judy Satrom. Devotions were given by Liz F l a h e r t y . Community concerns were expressed. Roma VanLue game a Family Life lesson. During the business session, a report was given on the recent District Meeting at Frankfort. The upcoming noodle making and what we were to furnish when the Nite Time Neighbors had their chicken-noodle supper coming up was talked about. We are to remember National Extension Homemakers week in October by putting something blue and gold on our mailboxes. A Personal Safety Seminar is coming soon for everyone especially new drivers. We decided to have our Christmas party at the Kountry Kitchen in Akron. Happy Birthday was sung to Roberta Struck

PO Box 603 606 N State Rd 13 Wabash, IN 46992

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“Printed Weekly, Read Daily!” 260.563.8326

and Happy Anniversary to Tami Keaffaber and Donna Christenson. The Lucky Lady was Kathy Jacobsen. The next meeting will be at the home of Miriam Musselman on Oct. 11. (From the minutes of the Perry DoRite Extension Club) HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to: Haiden McWhirt, Luke Hemingway, Amy Powell, Kathie Grandstaff, Richie Skeels, Daniele Rogers, Austin Barker, Dustin Ross, Amy Hoppes, Brett Williams, Carrie James, Tonya Hoppes, John I. Schuler, Mike Pell and Lori Schultz. (From the Roann C o m m u n i t y Calendar) H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A RY this week to: Mr. and Mrs Dan Hileman, Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Krom, and Mr. and Mrs. John Livengood. (From the Roann C o m m u n i t y Calendar) ROANN NEWS ITEMS may be sent to my e-mail address at, or you may call me at the phone number listed. The deadline for news to appear in the next week’s issue of The Paper is Tuesday at noon. It would be best to submit timely news items two weeks in advance.

September 21, 2011

Crawfordsville woman arrested for stealing more than $39,000

On Sept. 13, a sevenmonth long criminal investigation by Indiana State Police Detective Jim Cody resulted in the arrest of Lindsey D. Fullenwider, 28, Crawfordsville. Cody served Fullenwider a M o n t g o m e r y Superior Court I arrest warrant alleging three class D felony charges for theft, and an additional class D felony charge for official m i s c o n d u c t . Fullenwider was arrested at her home and incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail. Detective Cody started his investigation at the request of the Crawfordsville Police Department. The Crawfordsville Police Department learned that an Indiana State Board of Accounts audit allegedly revealed money was missing from accounts held by the Montgomery County Department of Health (MCDH). Detective Cody’s investigation revealed that Fullenwider was an office employee with the MCDH. When consumers would pay cash, to Fullenwider, for MCDH services or documents, she would allegedly keep the cash for personal use. She purportedly altered computer records to try and make the transactions appear as if they had been paid for by check or money order. Starting in 2005 until February 2011, Fullenwider allegedly stole $39,026. Most of the cash was stolen during the purchases of birth certificates. Fullenwider is no longer employed at the MCDH. Detective Cody was assisted in this investigation by accountants from the Indiana State Board of Accounts and employees of the MCDH.

Esther Lawson and Derek Stout wed May 14

The wedding ceremony that united Esther Lawson and Derek Stout in marriage was held May 14 at the home of the bride’s mother and stepfather, Bonnie and Bill Lohrman, in southern Marion County. Pastor Kelly Dittman officiated. The bride was given in marriage by her father, Chet Lawson. Erin Clemons, friend of the bride, was the matron of honor. Dustin Stout, brother of the groom, was the best man. Flower girls were Caydence Stout, daughter of the bride and groom, Haley Stout, niece of the groom, and Rachel Lawson, niece of the bride. Brandon Lawson, nephew of the bride, was the ring bearer. Photography was provided by Winter Lawson, sister-in-law of the bride, Four Seasons Photography. An outdoor reception was held immediately following the ceremony. Esther is the daughter of Bonnie (Lantz) and Bill Lohrman, Indianapolis, and Chet and Cindy Lawson, Wabash. She is employed at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Derek is the son of Deanna Stout of Daleville and Kent Stout of Florida. He is employed by Noble Industries. The couple resides in Indianapolis.


Troopers find six pounds of marijuana On Sept. 10, a traffic stop and subsequent vehicle search on I-65 by Indiana State Police Trooper Michael Krueger led to the arrest of Lennie E. Washington, 30, Jonesboro, Ga. Washington was incarcerated in the Tippecanoe County Jail on three class D felony charges for possession of marijuana over 30 grams, maintaining a common nuisance and possession of marijuana with intent to deal. At approximately 12:26 p.m., Trooper Krueger stopped a 2011 Dodge Caravan, driven by Washington, for allegedly speeding on I-65 near the 173mile marker. During the course



Kosciusko Medical Group

of the traffic stop, Krueger detected what he believed was the odor of raw marijuana emitting from the Dodge. He requested the assistance of a narcotics detecting police dog. Trooper Jon Eads, and his police dog, Nico, answered the call for assistance. Eads walked Nico around the Dodge for an openair sniff of the vehicle. Nico indicated

to Eads the possible presence



cotics in the van.

During a search of the



found approximate-

ly six pounds of suspected marijuana. Hoosiers


encouraged report



illegal drug activity by



anonymous Indiana State


Marijuana Tip line at 1-888-873-1694.

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September 21, 2011

ISP makes 363 DUI arrests in statewide campaign On Sept. 9 and 10, between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., the Indiana State Police conducted a statewide driving under the influence enforce-

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5572 W. 200 S., WABASH · Family room w/gas fireplace · 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths · Open concept · HOA owns 90 acres & pond for your enjoyment. · Northfield schools MLS #77068229 $124,900

87 N. DELAWARE, SOMERSET · 1,872 sq ft living area · Full Walk-Out basement · Updated Inside & out · 3 bedrooms, 2 baths · Back deck · 2 car attached garage MLS #77065102 $129,900

921 SUNSET DRIVE, WABASH · Great Neighborhood · 2,012 Sq. Ft. · Motivated Sellers · All New Baths · Patio & Large Yard MLS #77068746 $125,000

1657 ALBER STREET WABASH - This totally redone - remodeled and upgraded home in a prime northside location is a must see! ! All appliances will remain and they are only 1 year old - all new cabinets in kitchen -double ovens - regularmicrowave- & convection -replacement windows - bathrooms upgraded - 2 car attached garage - large well landscaped yard - close to schools, pool and shopping. Also room for RV parking --Call Jan today to see $167,900 MLS No. 77068489

9933 S. AMERICA ROAD, LAFONTAINE · 2,048 sq. ft. of living area · 3 bedrooms, 3 baths · Solid hardwood floors · Corian Countertops · 4 acres · Attach & detached garages MLS #77063434 $235,900

3057 E. 800 SOUTH, WABASH · 11.54 Wooded Acres · 1,653 Sq ft Living area · Finished Family rm Basement · New Roof · Deck in back · Wood Stove MLS #77067158 $184,900

4675 W 895 NORTH, ROANN · 4.05 Acre wooded lot with pond · Finished Walk Out Basement · GeoThermal · Gourmet Kitchen · 2nd Kitchen in Basement MLS #77068550 $250,000

9199 S. AMERICA ROAD, LAFONTAINE · 4 BR, 3 BA, 3,019 Sq Ft · Country living at its best · 3.51 acre yard · Dream home · 2 car attached garage plus



136 E SINCLAIR WABASH - This immaculate 2-story home with large kitchen including center island and appliances. Large family room. 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Open stairway. Gorgeous backyard landscaping with privacy fence. Huge 4+ car garage with work area. Schedule your showing today!! $116,900 MLS No: 77066932 NEW LISTING

a detached garage

MLS #77067829

4013 S MILL CREEK EST WABASH - This 4 bedroom 3 bath home in Southwood School District has a GREAT floor plan. Open concept living room, den and kitchen!! Master bedroom with skylights and master bath. This home is tastefully decorated and ready to move in. Geothermal heat, newer roof and brick exterior make this home easy to maintain. $189,000 MLS No. 77068383


802 LINLAWN DR. WABASH 3 bedroom with 2 full baths, nice fenced-in back yard, 24 X 28 garage, heated work shop. Not far from W.C. Mills school. Kitchen and dining rooms on upper level. $55,000 MLS No. 77068490 4854 WEST ST. RD. 16, ROANN · 28.46 acres of woods · Northfield Schools · Perk Test approved · Build home or Hunting Ground MLS #77068130 $129,900

drivers. Impaired driving remains one of America’s deadliest problems. According to the National Highway Traffic S a f e t y Administration, in 2009, 33,808 people were killed nationally in motor vehicle crashes. That same year, 10,839 people were killed in crashes that involved a driver or motorcyclist with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. That means every 48 minutes someone died in a crash involving an impaired driver. In Indiana, in 2009, there were a total of 189,676 crashes, 8,855 of them were alcohol related, resulting in 168 deaths. The purpose of the two-day enforcement campaign was to remove impaired drivers from Indiana roadways before they caused needless pain, suffering and death to innocent victims. The Indiana State Police is committed to reducing the number of


11779 SOUTH 100 WEST, LAFTONTAINE · GEO Thermal Heat/Air · Electric Average $160, no gas · 2,799 sq feet · 4 to 5 bdrms & 2.5 baths · Custom Kitchen w/Stainless Steel appl · 7.43 acres MLS #77062493 $259,900

40 E. Hill St., Wabash • 260-563-6469 Greg Metz - 260-563-6469 • Lori Siders - 260-571-5568 • Marie Lloyd - 260-571-4161 • Elise Metz - 260-377-9651 •

204 ELM STREET WABASH - Recently updated as well as cute & cozy - very roomy - nice yard partially fenced - plus extra storage building - describes this 3 bedroom - 1 bath home with an oversized living room - plus dining room, kitchen & separate utility room and a new central air unit - beautiful wrap around porch for your enjoyment -- located on a corner lot on the northside of Wabash - Call Jan today to see. $67,500 MLS No. 77068534

T 123 532 N. CASS ST., WABASH, IN 46992 260-563-7478 or • 1-800-523-0477

237 E HILL WABASH - Large 2 unit investment property. 1 side currently rented for $100/week w/tenants paying all utilities. Other unit needs some work. priced low for quick sale. $14,000 MLS No. 77068592 Jennie Terrell, Owner, Broker ............260-571-1246 Steve Peebles, Broker ....................260-571-7332 Kay Eads, Sales Associate ............260-571-3376 Ray Bland, Broker ..........................260-563-3839 Pam Simons, Broker ......................260-571-4414 Phil Eakright, Sales Associate .... 260-377-9330 Jan Bailey, Broker .......................... 260-571-0890 Jeremy Steele, Sales Associate ....260-330-3413 Cody Lambert, Sales Associate ....260-330-3420 Katy Stewart, Sales Associate ......260-330-1929

impaired driving crashes. As of Aug. 1, the Indiana State Police has made 5,364 impaired driving arrests. In 2010, troopers arrested 9,528 impaired drivers, which were 133 more arrests than in 2009. Statewide, the twoday enforcement campaign resulted in 363 impaired driving arrests. Troopers also issued 3,330 traffic citations and 6,518 warnings. Officers also made 447 arrests for various criminal violations. In the Indiana State Police Peru District there were 23 impaired driving arrests made. Officers issued 197 traffic citations and 687 written warnings. Troopers also made 13 arrests for various criminal violations. Motorists are encouraged to report suspected impaired drivers by calling 911. Give a vehicle description, location, and direction of travel. Never follow an impaired driver.

Sheriff’s Department releases August report

The Wabash County Sheriff ’s Department recently released their monthly statistics for August 2011. They reported 105 traffic citations, 173 traffic warnings, four arrests for driving under the influence and three other alcohol-related arrests. There were 33 individuals arrests, which included 17 felony counts and 39 misdemeanor counts. There were six total drug arrests, which included three felony counts and six misdemeanor counts. They reported 39 criminal cases worked, 37 crashes worked, 44 transports, 619 civil process papers served, 25 warrants served and 28 public appearances. This comes to 992 total calls for service.

September 21, 2011




1100 N. Cass St. Wabash, IN

563-1046 HOURS: M & F 9 a.m.-7 p.m. T-W-Th 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

ASSEMBLY OF GOD Gospel Light Assembly of God, 347 Southwood Dr.; Neil Jeffrey, pastor. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. (all ages); Morning 10:30; Evening Service 6:00 p.m., Kids’ Korral Wednesday Midweek Service 7:00 p.m., Youth Meeting 7:00 p.m. Calvary Chapel Worship Center, north of corner of U.S. 24 & S.R. 13 (619 N. S.R. 13) in Wabash; phone 563-7849; Don Cogar, Senior Pastor. Sunday Bible Classes at 9:00 a.m.; Morning Worship, 10:00 a.m.; Evening Praise & Worship, 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Prayer, 7:00 p.m.; Shockwave Youth Meeting Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Handicapped Accessible. Sweetwater Assembly of God, 2551 State Road 114 East, North Manchester, IN; phone 260-982-6179; Pastor Chad McAtee. Prayer Service at 9a.m.; Worship Service at 10a.m..; Wednesday Evening Discipleship at 6:30 p.m. Adult Bible Study/Elevate Youth Discipleship/KidzZone “LIVE”. BAPTIST Calvary Baptist Church - GARBC, 1399 Falls Ave., Wabash. 9:30 a.m. Sunday School classes for all ages. 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning worship 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening service and T.O.C. (teens). Pastor Matt Haynes. Awana meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. for children ages 3 to 12. Nurseries are provided. Phone 260563-3837. Wheelchair accessible. Emmanuel Free Will Baptist, 129 Southwood Dr., Wabash; Rev. Scott Real pastor. Phone 563-3009. Worship 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.; Sunday Evening Service 6 p.m.; Wednesday Morning Prayer Service 11 a.m.; Wednesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 7 p.m.; Bus transportation available, call 563-3009. Erie Street Free Will Baptist Church, 1056 Erie Street, Wabash; phone 563-8616; Hobert Meek, pastor, 563-8616. Sunday School, 10:00 a.m.; Worship Service, 11:00 a.m.; Youth Service, 5:00 p.m.; Sunday Evening Service, 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Prayer Service, 6:00 p.m. Transportation and nursery available. Sunday morning radio broadcast from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. Sundays mornings on Oldies 106. Grand Street Baptist Church, 1655 Grand Street, Wabash; John Denniston, pastor, phone 765-981-2868; church phone: 5638409. Sunday School 10:00 a.m.; Morning Service 11:00 a.m.; Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening 6:30 p.m. BRETHREN CHURCH Liberty Mills Church of the Brethren, 103 North Third St., Liberty Mills, IN; Church Phone: (260) 982-6169. Pastor: Kelly Beutler; Associate Pastor: Erin Huiras. Sunday Schedule: Traditional Worship: 8:30 a.m.; Sunday School All Ages: 9:45 a.m.; Fellowship Time: 10:30 a.m.; Contemporary Worship: 11:00 a.m. Roann Church of the Brethren, corner of Chippewa & Beamer Sts. in Roann; phone (765) 833-9931; fax (765) 833-6561 Sunday school: 9:00 a.m.; Worship: 10:00 a.m.; Children’s Worship: 10:00 a.m.; Pastor - Brad Eckerley; Youth Pastor - Jody Tyner; Pastoral Care Minister - Donna Stiver; Sunday, September 25, 2011 Our worship leader for this Sunday will be Greg Montel. Our greeters for this Sunday will be Pete and Marianne McHenry and Mike and Peggy White. Pastor Brad Eckerley will be sharing the message with us. We invite all to come and worship.; September 26 - Evangelism & Outreach 7 p.m.; September 28 Deacon’s meeting 7 p.m.; Men’s Bible Study meets Wednesday mornings at 6:30 a.m.; “The Source” Youth Ministry meets every Sunday at 6 p.m.; Small groups meet at 6 p.m. on Sunday evenings. Wabash Church of the Brethren, Wabash Church of the Brethren. 645 Bond Street ( off Falls Avenue) 260-5635291. Kay Gaier, Pastor. Wherever you are on life’s journey, come join us as we continue the work of Jesus, Peacefully, Simply, Together. Worship 10 a.m. No Sunday School during summer months. Children’s church available during worship. Handicap accessible. CATHOLIC

Your Ad Here! Call ‘the paper’ at 260-563-8326

Call ‘the paper’ at 260-563-8326

St. Bernard Catholic, Corner of Cass & Sinclair Sts.; Fr. Sextus Don, Pastor. Parish Office and Rectory: 207 N. Cass St., phone 563-4750. Saturday Evening Mass 5:30 p.m.; Sunday Masses: 8:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. (Sept. thru May); 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. (June thru August); CCD 9:30 a.m. each Sunday during school year. Weekday Masses: Mon., Wed., Fri., 5:30 p.m.; Tues. & Thurs. 8 a.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation 4:15 -5:15 p.m. Saturday or anytime by appointment. St. Patrick Catholic, Lagro, Mass at 12:30 p.m. first Sunday of each month. CHARISMATIC Victory Christian Fellowship, Discover abundant life and victorious Christian living! Worship services: Sunday 10:00 a.m.; Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. Christian Bookstore: Tuesday through Friday 9:30-5:30, also before and after all services. All at 112 W. Main St. Church: 260-982-8357; Bookstore: 260-982-8317. Pastor Tim Morbitzer. God bless you! Come as you are! CHRISTIAN Dora Christian Church, located 1 1/2 miles South of Salamonie Dam, Lagro; phone 260-782-2006. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Early Service 8:15 a.m.; Church Service 10:30 a.m. Minister: Steven L. Witt. LaFontaine Christian Church, 202 Bruner Pike, LaFontaine; Phone 765-981-2101; Pastor Rick Smalling; Youth Pastor Jared Kidwell. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Worship 10:00 am. Nursery Available. Wabash Christian Church, 110 W. Hill St., Wabash; phone 260-563-4179; Rev. Melinda Kammerer, Pastor; Worship Service 9:30 a.m.; Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Nursery provided. CHRISTIAN HERITAGE CHURCH Christian Heritage Church, 2776 River Rd.; Tim Prater, pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Worship Service 10:30 a.m.; Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Bible Study, 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.; Radio Ministry 8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Sunday WKUZ 95.9 FM. CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Wabash Alliance Church, 1200 N. Cass St., 563-8503; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. (Kidz Worship, ages 4 through Grade 3); Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening Family Night: activities include AWANA (6:30 p.m.); Alliance Allies (Teens) 7:00 p.m.; Adult Bible Study & Prayer 7:00 p.m. Nursery provided. Handicap Accessible. CHURCH OF CHRIST Bachelor Creek Church of Christ, 4 miles north of Wabash on St. Rd. 15; phone 563-4109; website:; Solomon David, Senior Minister; Michael Eaton, Worship Minister; Cheryl Eaton, Director Of Music & Arts; David Lloyd, Children’s Minister; Linda Mirante, Associate Ministries; Aaron McClary, Minister of Connections; Kathy Henderson, Director of “Happy Days” Preschool. Dual Bible School & Worship, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. Boundary Line Church of Christ, 1 1/2 mile North of LaFontaine, Corner Roads 390E & 900S; NonInstrumental; phone (765) 981-2056 or 981-2728. Bible Study Sunday Morning 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.; Sunday Evening Worship 4:00 p.m.; Handicap Accessible. Church of Christ at Treaty, 5 Miles South of Wabash on St. Rd. 15 to 50 E, (N about 1000 feet); Doug Oakes, minister; Artie Weisenbarger, youth minister. Church phone (765) 981-4345. Bible School 9:00 a.m.; Morning Worship 10:00 a.m.; Sunday Evening Services 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study 10:00 a.m. Wednesday evening meal at 5:45 p.m. Adult study & youth activity for all ages begins at 6:30 p.m. Church of Christ at Wabash, 1904 N. Wabash St., Wabash (corner of N. Wabash St. & State Route 24); Evangelist Guy G. Provance Jr.; office phone 563-8234. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Worship Hour 10:00 a.m.; Evening Worship Hour 6:30 p.m.; Mid-Week Bible Study & Youth J.A.M. Program on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Classes & activities for all ages. CHURCH OF GOD (ANDERSON) First Church of God, 525 N. Miami St., Wabash; church 563-5346; Robert Rensberger, pastor. Sunday School at 9:15 a.m. for all ages; Continental Breakfast at 10:00 a.m., Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m. Nursery care is available during worship service. Stair lift available. COMMUNITY CHURCH

DAYWALT Pharmacy 948 N. Cass St. Wabash, IN



Your Ad Here! 532 N. CASS ST., WABASH, IN 46992 T 260-563-7478 123 1-800-523-0477

Grace Fellowship Church, 4652 S. 100 W., Wabash; phone 260-563-8263; Pastor Bill Bowling. Sunday Morning: Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Service 10:30 a.m. Sunday Evening Service: Faith In Action 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening: Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 6:00 p.m. FRIENDS CHURCH Wabash Friends Church, 3563 S. St. Rd. 13, Wabash; phone 563-8452;; email:; Alex Falder, lead pastor; Scott Makin, Director of Counseling; Rich Davis, Adult Fellowship and Outreach Co-Pastor; Sandy Davis, Adult Fellowship and Outreach Co-Pastor; Patrick Byers, Director of Youth and Contemporary Worship; Wes Ball, Worship Pastor/Choir Director; Kathy Jaderholm, Children’s Pastor. David Phillips, Pastoral Care. First Service 8:00 a.m.; Second Service 10:30 a.m.; Third Service 10:35 a.m.; Sunday School 9:15 a.m.; Youth Group 6:30 p.m. Handicap Accessible. LUTHERAN Zion Lutheran Church, (Missouri Synod), 173 Hale Drive, Wabash – (260) 563-1886; The Rev. Jeremy Yeadon will preach and serve Holy Communion during the 10:30 a.m. service. Elder for the service is Jim Nicely and Marty Winkelman will be communion assistant. Usher is Roger Panning, Tyler Robison will be acolyte and April Nicely will be nursery attendant. Greeters are Steve and Paula Dyer. Sunday school and adult Bible classes are at 9:15 a.m. Living Faith Church, worship service this Sunday at Falls Chapel, 725 Falls Avenue begins at 10:00 am. Please join us for an uplifting worship service filled with contemporary and traditional music, prayer, and a Bible-based message. A children's message is part of every worship service. Bible study classes for all ages begin at 9:00 am with fellowship time after worship. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship, inspiration and fellowship. Our facility is handicap accessible. Trinity Lutheran Church, (ELCA)1500 S. Wabash St., Wabash, IN 46992, 260.563.6626, We worship our Lord each Sunday at 9 a.m. with a Gospel-based message and Holy Communion. There is a time of fellowship and refreshments immediately following the service. We are handicap accessible and everyone is welcome at Trinity! CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Congregational Christian Church, 310 N. Walnut Street, North Manchester; Phone: 260-982-2882; Pastors JP Freeman & Sebrena Cline; Sunday Services: 8:30Traditional; 9:30-Contemporary; 11:00-Blended; 11:00 Small Groups for Children, Teens & Adults; Wednesday at 7-8:30 pm - LIFE by LIGHT - Worship & Discussion gathering for Adults to work through life's hurts, habits & hang-ups; Handicapped accessible.; On the web at w w w . b r i g h t l i g h t c c c . o r g ; E m a i l : WESLEYAN CHURCH Washington Street Wesleyan Church, 480 Washington Street, Wabash. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Morning worship 10:30 a.m.; Evening service 6:00 p.m.. Wednesday Service 7:00 p.m. Prayer and Praise. Pastor Rev. Steve Hudson. Home phone 260-569-1121. Cell 260-571-3219 NON-DENOMINATIONAL Encouraging Truth Ministries, Nixon Room in the Honeywell Center; Pastor Jackie Weaver; phone 765-8334793. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Faith Harvest Fellowship Church, meets in the Bowen Center gymnasium at 255 N Miami St. Wabash, IN. Pastor Bruce Hostetler can be reached at 260-571-0548 or 260-563-4282. The church office is located at 2609 S. 100 W. Wabash, IN. We focus on knowing Christ and making Christ known through personal and community transformation. Join us on Sunday at 10 a.m. for food and fellowship followed by our worship celebration and Children’s worship at 10:15 a.m. YOU are also invited to our Wednesday evening Going Deeper class from 6:30-8 p.m.

Your Ad Here! Call ‘the paper’ at 260-563-8326

Bulk Foods 13653 N. 500 E. Roann, IN 46974


New Foundations Ministries Freedom Center, 111 Falls Ave., Wabash; phone 260-569-0630; Pastor Rick Tolley. Sunday Adult Bible Study & Fellowship 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.; Tuesday 7pm Bible Study. Center for biblical council by appointment. Niconza Christian Fellowship Church, 4 Mile North of Rt. 16, 3 Mile South of Disco,Miami/Wabash County Line Road 13718N 700E, Roann, Indiana 46974. Sunday Praise & Worship Service begins at 9:00 AM. The youth will join with the adults for Praise and Worship in the sanctuary, and then move to the west rooms for Children’s Church. Special music will be presented during the service. Pastor Phil is bringing a series of messages on the book of Acts in the morning services. Everyone is welcome! We are a Full Gospel Community Church where Spiritual gifts and talents operate. There is always an opportunity for one on one ministry for your special needs. You are invited to join us Sunday as we worship and hear from God through the preaching of His Word and the moving of the Holy Spirit! Get your prayer request to the prayer group by calling the church office at (260)-306-2030; by sending them E-Mail to (; or by sending them regular mail to Niconza Christian Fellowship Ministries, 300 W 4th Street, North Manchester, Indiana 46962 St. Paul’s County Line Church, 3995N 1000W, Phone 7863365. Non-Denominational. Pastor Conrad Thompson. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Worship at 10:30 a.m. Youth program 6-8 p.m. on Sunday. Wednesday night Bible Study at 7 p.m. PRESBYTERIAN Presbyterian Church, 123 W. Hill St., Wabash; phone 260563-8881; fax 260-563-8882; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.. Worship 10:30 a.m. Coffee house & fellowship 11:30 a.m.; e-mail:; website:, handicap accessible sanctuary. UNITED METHODIST Christ United Methodist Church, intersections of Wabash, Stitt & Manchester Ave.; phone 563-3308. Phil Lake, pastor. Facilities & provisions for the physically handicapped, hearing & sight impaired. Air conditioned. Chapel Worship 8:00 a.m.; Sanctuary Worship 10:00 a.m. with pre-school childcare, Multi-Media Worship W/Praise Team & Band; Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Sunday Services 02 / 27 / 11 Scripture: Book of John, Sermon: “Did you hear the snow?” By Rev. Philip Lake, Pastor. 8:00am service Greeter: Laura Thomas, Usher: Frank Nordman. 10:00am service Liturgist: Mary Ellen Clark, Greeters: Judy Decker, Tom & Janet Ross, Ushers: Lalon Allen, Ike Binkerd, J.P. Mattern, Rollin McCoart First United Methodist Church, 110 N. Cass St. (corner of Cass & Sinclair Sts.) in Wabash; phone 260-563-3108; fax 260-563-3109. Pastor Sr. Pastor Kurt Freeman, 9:00 a.m. Worship service; 10:30 a.m. Sunday School for all ages. Music ministries share each week in variety of choirs and instrumental talents. Jr. Church & nursery provided. Totally handicap accessible. Everyone welcome. KIDS FIRST REGISTERED CHILD CARE MINISTRY is a weekday program available for infants 4 weeks to 5 yrs. Accepting children full or part time. Pre-School Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m. Call 260-563-7665. LaFontaine United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 57 (Kendall & Main St.), LaFontaine; Phone: 765.981.4021; Email: Pastor Brad Garrett. Sunday School 9:15 – 10:00 a.m.; Worship 10:15 a.m. Nursery is provided; Men’s Fellowship is the 1st Sunday of each month 8:00 a.m.; Prayer and Share every Wednesday 5:45 p.m.; Bible Study every Thursday morning 10:00 a.m. North Manchester United Methodist Church, 306 East Second St., North Manchester; (260) 982-7537; Pastor Kevin G. Dekoninck. (260) 578-2160; Worship 8:15 a.m.; Coffee Fellowship Time 9:00 a.m.; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.

Allen Insurance 85 Manchester Ave. Wabash, IN 260-563-3600

Kirtlan Automotive Machine & Repair Service Steve Kirtlan, Owner & Staff 750 S. Cass St. Wabash, IN 46992



September 21, 2011




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Jeff Laycock Home Phone: 765-475-0725 Lic. #AUO1043695

K&L Construction




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• Roofing • Remodeling • Siding • Room Additions • Windows • Doors • Decks

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Concrete Work, Block Work, Additions, Decks, Doors, Siding and Remodeling 260.568.1167 or 260.571.3151

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Your ! % #! perfect )! " !& ! ! wedding starts * ) "!"( & ! % # ! * ") ! with invita* '% $ $ ! "( * )! !%& & "! !"( & "! tions. $( ! "' ! Come in and Green Way Metal Recycling let us show & " " $ $ " $ you ! invitations, % !! % # announce% ! $ % ! #! % ! ments % % napkins, " $ $ bridal books & R&W accessories CONSTRUCTION

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Ron: 260.571.9636

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September 21, 2011


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $7.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

North Manchester church organizes Bible drive

Do you know many people do not have a Bible to read? Because of floods, storms, fires and damage to homes and churches, Bibles are lost. We cannot replace the notes written on the pages of family Bibles, but we can donate new or gently used Bibles to be placed in homes and on altars. The Missions Committee of the North Manchester United Methodist Church is coordinating a Bible drive and would love to have you join them in this endeavor. They have asked all Wabash County churches to collect Bibles, but want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to help. Look around your home. Do you have a Bible you could donate? If you attend a church, take your extra Bible to your church and encourage others to do the same. If you are not attending church but would like to donate, take the Bible to a church near you and ask them to include it with the ones they are collecting. They will be collecting Bibles during the month of September and will then combine the donations from all our county churches. The Bibles will be delivered to the Methodist Midwest Distribution Center in Chatham, Ill., for delivery to those in need. For more information, please contact the North Manchester United Methodist Church office at 260982-7537. Monday through Friday office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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765-628-2960 765-437-8694 Cell AUO#1052757


765-432-6848 AUO #10200145

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September 21, 2011

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the paperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $7.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

Part-Time Stringer Needed /'(( (# !-#. +$ /&# $+-)#- #(#*# 0..#2 $ -) '* +1*.&', 0*/'*%/+* +0*/2 1'(( # .+(" 2 /&# ./ /# +$$'!# +$ # *#2 -/ 0-% +/& --+// --#* 0*/'*%/+* +* -'" 2 #,/#) #/

2*# / /&# /-##/ ,)

Locally owned newspaper is looking for a part-time stringer to cover various local events. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to cover sports and/or local government.

Apply in person Bring resumĂŠ and writing samples:

The real estate is located near the intersection of Indiana State Road105 and Huntington County Road 1000 South and is configured as shown on the Surveyorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s drawing below.

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the paperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;of Wabash County


Junction 13 & U.S. 24 Wabash, IN

0D D 2C8 C 88>= >= 

!,3+ ,+ ! 5 ,# / )" 3&0% ) + " 0 ),/&+$ "))". 3&)) - 5 ." ) "/0 0" 0 4"/ !1" &+ +! #1.+&/% 0&0)" &+/1. + " ,)! /1 '" 0 0, "+ +06/ .&$%0/ "))". /% )) ." "&2" 0%" ."* &+&+$ /% # .* ."+0 ) - 5*"+0/ #,. 0%" .,- 5" . 0 0"*"+0/ * !" ! 5 ,# / )" 0 (" -." "!"+ " ,2". +5 -.&+0"! ,. -.&,. ,. ) /0 0"*"+0/ "))". ."/".2"/ 0%" .&$%0 0, ."'" 0 +5 1+ "-0 )" &!/ /0 0" ,. &+!


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00,.+"5 #,. 0%"

Consignment Auction Cloanne Snyder & Others We will offer for sale the following consigned personal property located at Wabah County Fair grounds. Take St. Rd. 13 south of Pierceton, 1/2 mile past St. Rd. 24 or from Warsaw lake St. Rd. 15 S. to St. Rd. 24 turn left - go to St. Rd. 13 turn right - approx. 1/2 mile. Watch for signs.

Saturday, September 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. 1998 Chevy Astro Vortex LS Van, V6, 129K Selling at noon

Many Antiques, Smalls and Unusual Collectables including: Early Alumiunm BB hand gun in excellent shape (may be a very rare prototype), Sterling Silver items including Lg. bowl, several copper Weather Vanes including Rooster & Cow, Old toys including, dolls, Disney, Sears All star Tin Service Center in original box, Cigarette Lighters, Tins, Games, Antique US Mailbox, Crescent Cast Iron Sample stove, small upholstered Doll Chair & Olloman, Political Buttons & Kelloggâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pep buttons, 1962 Ponytll Barble case w/dolls & clothes, 4â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x2 1/2â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Iron Cross (1700â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s), McCoy-Roseville & US Pottery, supermatic Cigarette Machine, (5) 1¢ Cigarette Sale Punch Boards, Cast iron Bull dog, many 1950 Cole Brothers Circus Tickets, character Lunch Boxes, vintage Leather bomber jackets, Old Baseballs, Gloves & Catcherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mask, black GI Joe in original case & training manuel, Old Indian Pictures, very large Leaded Glass Lamp Shades, Walnut Drop leaf Table, old books including 1870 Edition Horace Greeley, 2 Saddles, 1950 Glass Cocktail Shaker, Carnival, Germany and Bavaria glass, Old Metal Parcel Pick Up Sign, Many tools and other items of importance- (15) Indian Head Pennies (all 1800s), 1897 O Barber Half Dollar, 1914 D Barber Dime, maple china hutch, (8) matching walnut cane bottom chairs w/one captain (excellent condition), sewing machine, countertop oven, Winchester colt gun case, new electric fireplace, lots of costume Jewelry, several antique Oak Dressers, Oak Library Table, antique Desk, assorted 5x6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tables, Table saw, & Stand, Twin Beds that make a Queen w/separate controls, (3) Electric Scooters for kids, Post-Hole Auger w/3Pt. Hitch, Paddle boat (needs rudder), 2 yr. old Airless Paint Sprayer, Mighty Mac front line tiller, various weight machines, exhaust fans, Scroll saw, Belt Sander, Battery Charger, Throwing Knives, Air compressor, Electrical Wire, Wire Fencing, Orchard Sprayer, 22â&#x20AC;? Lawn Mower, Auto body Tools, Torch cart, Log Chains. Many other collectable and useful items. Terms: Cash or Check w/proper IDs. Not responsible for accidents or merchandise after sold. Statements made day of sale take precedence over printed material, Lunch available. Auctioneer note: Cloanne Snyder was a well known antique dealer in the area for many years before retiring due to health reasons. Many boxes still unopened at ad time. Come spend the day with us.

Shepherd Auction & Certified Appraisal Service, LLC Est. 1984 Email: Website: AU01050747


Manchester College looks to alumnus Adam Hohman for its admissions director

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AUCTIONEER: AU A UC TIONEER: R M MARK AR RK M METZGER, ETZ ZGER, R IN A Auc Auct. uct . L Li Lic. ic. # #AU01015313 AU010153 31 13

Online Bidding is Available

PUBLIC AUCTION Mary C. Parson Estate Laketon, Indiana The following described personal property of the Estate of Mary C. Parson will be sold at public auction at 10 North Mallard Lane, (Laketon-Sandy Beach Estates) North Manchester, In. Driving directions: State Road 114, 3 miles West of North Manchester or 2 miles East of SR 15 to road 300 W, south to road 275 W, south to Skyline, east to auction site. Thompson Auction Signs will be posted. Select items may be viewed at search zip code 46975

Saturday, September 24, 2011 â&#x20AC;˘ 10:00 AM FARNALL SUPER H AND FORD 8 N TRACTORS â&#x20AC;&#x201C; LAWN AND SHOP EQUIPMENT IH Farmall Super H with 3 point hitch (ready for the field or show), Ford 8N tractor (good project tractor ready for restoration), King Kutter 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; blade with 3 pt hitch, TSC 58â&#x20AC;? 3 pt hitch tiller, TroyBilt Trail Blazer sickle bar mower, Cub Cadet TM 6 walk behind trimmer/mower, Troy-Bilt Chipper/Vac, Yard Estates 2 row lawn rake, Finco pull type lawn sprayer, 25 gal. pull sprayer with 3 hp motor, Craftsman 10 hp 4500 watt generator, Sears cement/utility mixer, Snapper 8 hp 24â&#x20AC;? snow blower with electric start, air compressors (2), air hose, orchard heater, salamander heater, battery charger, McCullough gas blower, small tiller, old rear tine tiller (as-is), Guardian 12 speed bench drill press, Craftsman table saw and 10â&#x20AC;? radial arm saw, B&D Versa (cordless saw and drill), bench grinder, portable air tank, router, router table, 12 ton hydraulic jack, screw jack, appliance cart, Honey Separator, (2) trailer hitch carriers, bench vise, anvil, 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; step ladder & 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; aluminum extension ladder, log roller & chains, rope, bolt cutters, lawn carts and wagons, bushel & pickle baskets, egg basket, bird houses and feeders, half barrel, 1 row pull type plow, hand cy, fence stretcher, cross cut saw, broad axe, buzz saw blade, steel wheel, tap & die set, L. S. Starrette depth gauge, conduit bender, animal cage, numerous and assorted lawn and hand tools, wood and lumber and hardware, roll 3â&#x20AC;&#x2122; wire fence, wood porch swing, old metal ice box, rolls of plastic, vinyl & aluminum siding. 2000 ECONOLINE CONVERSION VAN â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1992 CHEVROLET VAN WITH CHAIR LIFT NEW ITEMS STILL IN BOX 2000 Ford Econoline E-150 Van with Gulf and Stream Conversion, TV stereo, vinyl seats, 88,000 miles, very nice van, 1992 Chevrolet van with new Recon wheel chair lift, some rust, 107,000 miles, runs good, New Items Still in Box: 1000 lb pick-up truck crane (bolts to bed), 1000 watt portable generator, ATV 1500lb jack, power washer, Craftsman grass catcher/bagger, LP heater, B&D 3/8â&#x20AC;? drill press, B&D sander/polisher, fold-up work bench, magic hand tiller, (3) bug lights, Wagoner power painter, trim roller, 1200/1500 heater. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is the first of 2 auctions for the Estate of Mary Parson, the 2nd on October 8th will consist of antiques, collectibles and household items. Terms: Cash or check with proper ID Concessions and port-a-pot will be available Not responsible for accidents or items after sold 584

Adam Hohman

Adam Hohman, whose admissions savvy and leadership support has played a key role in a four-year, 27 percent enrollment increase at Manchester College, is the new director of admissions. He leads a 14-member staff and a College-wide ethos of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everybodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a Recruiterâ&#x20AC;? that engages students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends. Hohman was associate director of admissions, with acumen in data management and admissions communications. He earned his bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in biologychemistry, with a minor in environmental studies from Manchester in 2001 and served three years as a residential hall director for the College. With more than 1,300 students, the College offers more than 55 areas of study, two masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degrees and preparation for a range of graduate programs, including the Manchester College School of Pharmacy, which plans to enroll its first students in fall 2012.



574-835-0206 â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ 574-223-3554

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September 21, 2011


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $7.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

Letters to the editor policy The editorial staff of The Paper invites readers to submit letters to the editor on timely issues. To ensure fairness to everyone, we have established the following guidelines: Mailed and faxed letters must be signed. All submissions, including by email, must include an address and daytime telephone number for verification. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for length, content and readability. Also, per the editor’s judgment, personal attacks, inflammatory statements and legally objectionable material will not be printed. The editor must also limit readers to submitting a maximum of two letters per month, regardless of whether previous letters have been published, due to space allotments in each weekly issue. Please limit all letters to 500 words or less. FOR SINGLES ONLY If you are single, lonely or just looking for someone new to talk with,you may place a For Singles Only ad by sending, in 55 words or less, a brief description of yourself and your interests and the type of person you are seeking for a companion to: For Singles Only, ‘the paper’, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992, or you may bring your ad into the office. Enclose $7 for 2 weeks, plus your name, phone number and full address for our records. No names should appear in the copy of your ad. We will assign your ad a file number and forward replies to you, or you may pick them up in the office. All ads and replies must conform to good taste. ‘the paper’ reserves the right to edit or reject any ad. Singles ads must be received in our office before noon on Friday the week before the first publication. Interested parties may answer For Singles Only ads by writing ‘the paper’, P.O. Box 603,Wabash, IN 46992. Please keep replies within the bounds of good taste, and BE HONEST!

LOOKING FOR a lady between the ages of 65-75 to go to church with, go dancing & on vacations. Please respond to Box 126, c/o the paper, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992.

Auctions SATURDAY OCTOBER 15, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: 6 miles south of Akron on SR19 (or north of Peru on SR19) to Miami Co. Rd. 1300N, go east for 2 1/2 miles. Articles: Older farm equipment & misc. Owner: Arnold & Roma Van Lue. Auctioneer: Van Lue TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2011 4:00 P.M. Location: South of Wabash on SR 15 to 400S, east to Bailey Rd. Articles: Tractors & farm equipment, livestock equipment & misc. tools, antiques & furniture, household goods & misc. Owner: Barbara Simmons. Auctioneer: Mark Metzger Auctioneering. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: Kos. Co. Fairgrounds, Warsaw. Articles: Antiques & collectibles, glassw2are, household goods, lawn mower & tools, stamps & coins. Owner: Thelma Wooley & others. Auctioneer: Mark Metzger Auctioneering. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: North of Kokomo on US 31 to SR 18 E, 4 miles east to Strawtown Pike then left or North to Miami Co. 1150S then right or east 1 1/2 mile to farm. Articles: I.H. tractor, fishing equipment, luers, poles, J.D. mower, antiques, collectibles, household, shop tools. Owner: Roscoe Shaklelford. Auctioneer: Lester Miller.

MONDAY OCTOBER 10, 2011 6:00 P.M. OPEN HOUSE: SUN., SEPT. 11, 1-2:30 & TUES., SEPT. 13, 4:30-6P.M. Location: Pierceton American Legion, 104 N 1st St., Pierceton on SR 13 (1st St.), in downtown Pierceton. Articles: Property 7975 S 700E, Pierceton, 4.5 miles south of Pierceton on SR 13 to CR 650S, turn east 2 miles to CR 700E, then turn south 1.5 miles to property. Offered in 4 tracts. Owner: Doug & Nikki Lemon & Tom & Jo Lemon. Auctioneer: Schrader Real Estate & Auction. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: 12257S 300E Miami Co., or north of Kokomo on SR 31 to SR 18, then east to 300E, then north 3/4 mile to auction. Articles: Tractors, farm equipment, shop tools, household items. Owner: Paul W. Lavengood. Auctioneer: Otto’s Auction Service. MONDAY OCTOBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: Kos. Co. Fairgrounds, Warsaw, 1400 Smith St. Articles: Antiques, toys, guns, glassware, household goods & misc., garden tractor & tools. Owner: Multiple Estate Auction. Auctioneer: Mark Metzger Auctioneering. SATURDAY OCTOBER 8, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: Claypool Lions Club. Articles: Antiques & collectibles, books, glassware & furniture. Owner: Billie Cochern estate. Auctioneer: Mark Metzger Auctioneering.

FISH DAY! NOW IS THE TIME FOR STOCKING! Channel Catfish • Largemouth Bass • Redear • Bluegill (Bream) • Minnows • Black Crappie (if available) • Koi

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2011 From 1:00-2:30 pm Allen’s Feeds, Inc. in Wabash, IN

From 3:30-5:00 pm Allen’s Feeds, Inc. in N. Manchester, IN

*PRE-ORDER IS REQUIRED ON THE TRIPLOID GRASS CARP. NO EXCEPTIONS! We can only take a limited number of orders for Triploid Grass Carp per store.



SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: 7502 W 250 S, Huntington. Articles: Grasshopper 52” Duramax lawn mower, antiques, collectibles, modern furniture, appliances, large selection of shop tools & mechanics tools, Christmas items, electronics, household items, lawn & garden, Indian design decor & much more. Owner: Jena E. & James F, Karst. Auctioneer: Ellenberger Brothers Inc. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: 10 N. Mallard Ln. (Laketon-Sandy Beach Estates) North Manchester. SR114 3 miles west of N. Manchester ot 2 miles east of SR15 to road 300W, south to road 275W, south to skyline, east to auction site. Articles: Farnall Super H & Ford 8 N tractors, lawn & shop equipment, 2000 Econoline conversion van, 1992 Chevrolet van w/chair lift, new items still in box. Owner: Mary C. Parson estate. Auctioneer: Thompson Auctions.

Wabash County HONEYWELL GARDENS Community, off Division Rd., Huge Multi-Family Garage Sale: Thurs. evening, Sept. 22, 4p.m.8p.m. & Fri., 23rd 8a.m.5p.m. & Sat. 24th, 8a.m.noon. Lighting fixtures, foyer furniture/mirror, household goods, men & women’s clothing, dishes, misc. & lots more. 1848S 75E off Dora Rd., Fri., Sept. 23 4-8p.m. & Sat., Sept. 24, 8a.m.5p.m., Columbia, utility cart, new gas logs for fire place, tools, metal gun safe, 14 gun cabinet, knives, guns, bow, antiques, weed eater, Case riding lawn mower, sprayer, Roto tiller, lawn mowers, park bench, glider, wheel barrows, coats, shoes, Fenton 12” Cat-other pcs., candlewick, fishing poles, aluminum extension ladder & misc.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 10:00 A.M. Location: 204 N 300 W, Wabash. No parking on SR 15. Articles: Many portable cabinets, computer equipment, storage containers, microwaves, VCR players, tables, TV, mirrors, Homelite leaf blower, floor sealer & wax, football & basketball scoreboard, other misc. & much, much more. Owner: MSD of Wabash Co. Auctioneer: Coppler Auction Service.

September 23rd & 24th


! #! %($') !$ % % $$ %$ + # !" $! %$* #&$ %#

! 23"3& 4-#&1 /3*$& *2 )&1&#7 (*5&. 3)"3 6"2 /. &03&-#&1 3) "00/*.3&% 0&12/.", 1&01&2&.3"3*5& /' 3)& &23"3& /' &$&"2&% 6)/ %*&% /. &03&-#&1 23 ,, 0&12/.2 )"5*.( $,"*-2 "("*.23 2"*% &23"3& 6)&3)&1 /1 ./3 ./6 %4& -423 '*,& 3)& $,"*- *. 3)& /''*$& /' 3)& $,&1+ /' 3)*2 /413 6*3)*. 3)1&& -/.3)2 '1/- 3)& %"3& /' 3)& '*123 04#,*$"3*/. /' 3)*2 ./3*$& /1 6*3)*. .*.& -/.3)2 "'3&1 3)& %&$&%&.382 %&"3) 6)*$)&5&1 *2 &"1,*&1 /1 2"*% $,"*-2 6*,, #& '/1&5&1 #"11&% "3&% "3 "#"2) .%*"." 3)*2 &03&-#&1 3) ,&1+

! )142) "6 ''*$& .& /13) "#"2) "#"2) .%*"."

GARAGE SALE: Fri., Sept. 23, 9a.m.-5p.m. & Sat., Sept 24, 9a.m.-3p.m., no early sales. Must see! too many items to list. St. Rd. 13 corner of 850N, 3 miles south of N. Manchester.

YARD SALE: 568 Superior St., Thurs.& Fri., 8-?. Amish quilt, bird houses, vibrator sander, 1/2” drill, Japan pitchers, food mags & misc.

HUGE MULTI-FAMILY Sale: 1170 Middle St., Thurs. & Fri., 9-2 & Sat. 8noon. Boys 4T-12 Husky, girl’s 6mo.-4T, girl’s juniors, women’s, exercise equipment, appliances & lots of misc. Rain or shine.

6 FAMILY Rummage Sale: Fri. & Sat., 9-5, 5135W 100S. Lots of everything! Collectibles, electric Club Car golf cart (new batteries), 75 Ford Hi-Boy truck, Eden Pure

GARAGE SALE: 39 Broadmoor Dr. (in back), some furniture, little girl’s clothes & toys, lots of misc. Fri. 8-4 & Sat. 8-?.

Wabash City WABASH LIGHTHOUSE Mission Thrift Store. WELCOME TO FALL Storewide 1/2 price sale, includes decorations & costumes. 806 N. Cass, Thurs.-Sat., Sept. 22-24, 94.

MOVING SALE: 223 Ross Ave., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 8-4. Rain or shine.

ANTIQUES & RUMMAGE Sale: 414 Superior St., Sept. 23 & 24, Fri. 8-5, Sat. 8-?. Dresser w/mirrors & without trunks, commodes, small tables, baby furniture, old toys, hall tree, medicine cabinet, oak wall telephone, some pictures on canvas; oil painting by Daniel, year 1831 picture was book; Currier & Ives pictures, sleigh bells (Guitar-Zither 1894), Sears fishing motor poster board 4’X6’ red, green, blue fiddle seeder from Wabash & Urbana, dishes, Mejolica bowl w/sunflowers on it, clothes, books, bikes & lots of other things to enjoy.

GARAGE SALE Fri., Sept. 23, 8-4 & Sat., Sept. 24, 81, 222 Elm St. Cleaning out the shed, over 3 years of baby & children toys, clothes, high chairs, crib, walker, bassinet, strollers & much more, men’s clothes & lots of misc. YARD SALE Sat., Sept.24, 8 a.m. - noon, 71 S Spring St., right off Main St. Lots of housewares, clothing & misc. items! LARGE INDOOR Rummage Sale: Woman’s Club House, 770 W. Hill St., Fri., Sept. 23, 9-4 & Sat., Sept 24, 8-12. Members donations. Electric lawn mower, electric heater, too many items to list.

INDOOR RUMMAGE Sale: 646 Vaughn St., Fri. & Sat. 8-2, knick-knacks, new crochet items, books & fishing equipment.

Must be 18 years of age. CDL license preferred, but not required. Must have a clean driving record. Please call 1-800-686-3324 or 260-774-3324 between 8:00am - 4:30 pm weekdays.


,"*.& "13*. "#"2) *1$4*3 /413

33/1.&7 '/1 3)& 23"3&

)! &+%*. ( ( (

Your Ad Here! Call ‘the paper’ at 260-563-8326


!% ! !

) "" ! ) & ! ) %# ) ! "($ ) ""#$ ) ! ) ""# ! #' !

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( ))", # )' ()&%

)* ) # ) -' (" % ' % "#"*. *& &( ) # $&*", * &$ (*")*" % "#"*" ) ,

()&% #"*. %"/ % ( 1 2 '(&$&*"&% # (. ! #' +#

0 - ## %* ( "%"% 0 - ## %* 0 &, , ( % &$


THE PAPER of Wabash County Inc. “Sales Representative” PO Box 603 Wabash, IN 46992


September 21, 2011

‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $7.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday CANDLELITE FALL GARAGE SALE: Sept. 24, 8-5. New lap quilts & baby quilts, chest of drawers, oak desk, antique wash stand & pitcher, bassinet, baby crib & mattress, stroller, girl’s infant & toddler clothes, boys & teen clothes, fishing gear, ferret cage, 36” reptile aquarium. GARAGE SALE: 1220 Colerain St., Fri. 9-3 & Sat. 9-2 rain or shine, clothing size baby-XXLG, microwave, household items, books & lots of misc.

5 FAMILY, 249 Ericson St. (across from YMCA), Thurs.-Sat. 8-5. Name brand clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, infant car seat, baby swing, odd-n-end stamps, troll dolls, little boys bicycle-like new. GARAGE SALE: 496 Anna St., Sat. Sept. 24, 7a.m.-3p.m., furniture, dishes, clothes, home health equipment, collectibles & canning supplies. !


34#4' 5.$'2 04+%' +3 *'2'$8 )+6'/ 4*#4 0)'2 *#/&-'2 #/& 2'/&# *#/&-'2 7'2' 0/ '14'.$'2 #110+/4'& '230/#- '12' 3'/4#4+6'3 0( 4*' '34#4' 0( " " &' %'#3'& 7*0 &+'& 0/ 5)534 -- 1'230/3 *#6+/) %-#+.3 #)#+/34 3#+& '34#4' 7*'4*'2 02 /04 /07 &5' .534 (+-' 4*' %-#+. +/ 4*' 0((+%' 0( 4*' %-'2, 0( 4*+3 %0524 7+4*+/ 4*2'' .0/4*3 (20. 4*' &#4' 0( 4*' (+234 15$-+%#4+0/ 0( 4*+3 /04+%' 02 7+4*+/ /+/' .0/4*3 #(4'2 4*' &'%'&'/493 &'#4* 7*+%*'6'2 +3 '#2 -+'2 02 3#+& %-#+.3 7+-- $' (02'6'2 $#22'& #4'& #4 !#$#3* /&+#/# 4*+3 '14'.$'2 -#+/' #24+/ -'2, !#$#3* +2%5+4 0524

" *253* #7 ((+%' /' 024* !#$#3* !#$#3* /&+#/#

GARAGE SALE: 105 Sheridan St., Sat. Sept. 24, 8-2. Lots of women’s size M-XL & 8-16, girl’s NB24mo., boys NB-4T, men’s XXl-all name brand, crib & changing table, bar stools, shelves & lots of misc. Just moved & have lots to get rid of! GARAGE SALES: 21 & 28 Broadmoor Dr., Sept. 22 & 23, 8-5 & Sept. 24, ?, household & kitchen items, much misc., purses, men& women’s clothing, bedding, old 78 records, Avon, Eureka bagless vacuum sweeper, oak rocking chair, floor lamps, microwave & humidifier. CRAFT BUSINESS Liquidation Sale: Baskets, flowers, fabric, vases, cups & saucers, table top Christmas trees, primitives, home decor. Lots of items from Coca Cola collection (ornaments, glassware, musicals, cars) and much, much more! Everything Must Go! Sat. 8-2, 225 Columbus St. “Raven’s Nest” YARD SALE Sat., Sept. 24, 8-3 p.m., 513 Oxford.

4402/'8 (02 4*' 34#4'

Immediate Opening in Wabash Full or Part-time 3rd Shift Available WE OFFER • Weekly Competitive Pay • Flexible Schedule • Insurance • Friendly Office Staff At Advantage, you can make a difference. Experience home care like never before, where the ratio is one to one and your licensed safety is always our number one concern. Come and make a difference in someone’s life. Apply today! 6930

!! !%#

!" !

Other Rummage

4 FAMILY garage sale Sat., Sept. 24 only, 7 a.m. 12, 23 Lakeside, Sandy Beach Estates. TV’s, tools, archery equip., 08 scooter, much more.

BARN SALE: Mt. Etna Sawmill, Tues. & Wed., 116. Off 9 1/2 mile down 124, Mt. Etna. Cash Only. Tools, saws, welders, air compressors, axes, pet cages, baby beds, gates, strollers, high chairs, electric cars, pots & pans, pressure cookers, dressers & hunting clothes

ONE DAY ONLY, Sat., Sept. 24, 7a.m.-6p.m., 2 lawn trailers, Xbox, pallet jack, clothes-various sizes, 2 leaf blowers, round bales horse hay. lots of variety. Beckley St. Ext. 3 miles north to 1200S (Kosciusko Co.) turn right, first lane on right, follow signs.

PORCH SALE: 11465S 100E, Claypool (4 miles east of Silver Lake, south of SR14), primitive type decor, tables, machinist tools, golf cart. Sept. 23 83 & Sept. 24 8-noon.

HUGE MOVING Sale: Fri., Sept. 23 & Sat., Sept. 24, 9-4 both days. Lots of household items, tools, fabric, sewing machine, some furniture, floor jack & stands, small utility trailer & way too many other items to mention. 210 N. Main St., Laketon.

Articles For Sale

Somerset Indiana Yearbooks 1959, 1960 & 1961

GARAGE & YARD Sale: Fri. & Sat. 8-4. Old dresser, large mirror, old desk, 2 electric tread mills, work out bike, twin bed, King bed complete, very nice dinning room table large w/4 chairs; washer & dryer, 1 yr. old, front load, both, metal desk w/drawer-very nice, lots of misc., lots of nice winter clothes, T.V. stand, 10619 Ogden Rd.

T/C TRIUMPH Bone Collector 50 cal. muzzle loader, new in box, $500. 260-571-6087.



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


4 DRAWER filing cabinet, $30, Canal House Antiques, 260-786-3178. COACH AUTHENTIC flip flop sandals, brand new, black, all sizes, $50, 260563-1826.

YARD SALE: Sept. 23, 4p.m.-7p.m. & Sept. 24 8a.m.-3p.m., 13N to 1150S in Kosciusko Co. (road before 13 & 14 intersection), turn east (right) go to stop sign, first little white house on the corner of 1150S & 600E. Girl’s clothes 0-4 yrs., boys clothes 0-8 yrs., books, toys, Vera Bradley, Disney collectibles, Boyd Bears, Craftsman garden tractor, dog house, DS & Wii games, kids bouncy horse, #mirror & lots of misc.

FIREWOOD FOR sale, $50 a load, you pick up; call anytime after 9a.m., 260-571-3842. FOR SALE: 3 HP Evinrude light twin boat motor, $150; 5 HP Briggs & Stratton w/forward & reverse, $450. Call 260-563-4707 between 4p.m.& 10p.m. GE FRONT load washer & dryer, 3.5 cu.ft. capacity, white w/pedestals, 3 yrs. old, $700, 260-571-1046.

PRIMITIVE DECORATION items, Longaberger baskets, Henn Workshop pottery, older La-Z-Boy sleeper sofa, 5 ft. Bush Hog & much more. Take Beckley St. Ext. across SR13, go 3 miles, turn right 1200S, first house on the left. Sat., Sept 24, 7-4.


7 444 &-,#64#**!#,1#/ -/%

WHITE ELECTRIC selfcleaning range, $130; new men’s Dexter golf shoes size 11D, $30. Call 260563-7291 after 4:30. LOW PRICES on new GPS units. Wabash Two Way Radio, 235 Southwood Dr., 260-5635564.

CLARK 3000 lb. rated forklift LP model #CFY30, high-low forward & reverse, pneumatic tires, $2,600/obo, 260-7503796, Urbana area. SEVERAL LARGE Boston ferns for sale, very nice, $5 each. May be seen at “the paper”, jct. 13 & 24, Wabash, Mon.-Fri., 8-5.

GOOD APPLIANCES: used washers, dryers, ranges & refrigerators. 30 day warranty! 35 E. Canal St., Wabash, 260-5630147.

A BRAND NEW KING PILLOWTOP Mattress Set, $225, Still in Factory Plastic (260)493-0805.

Sales ! ' # ' '






!# &

# %

# "# !#" # ! # " $! " $" ' " $! "

&( "%!&($ *"&% '# ) ##




''#" *"&% 6787





FAST BREAK now hiring part-time help, 1313 N Cass St. Apply 7 a.m. - 10 a.m., Mon. - Friday. 260563-8600.

NEEDED: LIVE-IN care giver for handicap male, salary plus room & board, references required. 765453-1286.

Babysitting 3 OPENINGS in my home for babysitting, affordable rates, smoke free environment, references available. North of Wabash off St. Rd. 15, close to Metro North School. Call 765-4911756. CHILDCARE AVAILABLE ages 2 & up. All meals & activities included. Call Debbi, 260-225-0427. CHILDCARE OPENINGS: experienced, reasonable, reliable. Voucher accepted, 260-563-5122.


LPN/CAREGIVER available for private in-home care, 13 yrs. experience, honest Christian nurse looking for clients in Wabash or surrounding area. References available, 574-355-9158.

$125 QUEEN PILLOWTOP Mattress Set. NEW in Plastic, Can Deliver (260)493-0805




LIKE NEW Fisher Paycal stainless tub washer & dryer, $395 for pair; 2Whirlpool gas dryers, $95$195, 765-833-4411.


" !-3#/ *#11#/ /#02+# ," 0 * /6 &'01-/6 6 #.1 1-,#64#** #,1#/ 11, 2+ , #0-2/!#0 /)#1 1 7 0&

SLATE TOP POOL Table , $450; homemade yard shed, $50; Simplicity mower 52” 12.5HP, $200/obo; picnic table, $85; 4 Michelin 18”, $40; 2 Goodyear 17”, $40, 260563-5002.

NEW CLEAN plush mattress, $75, can deliver. 260-749-6100.


2 +'1

MOVING SALE: countrystyle 2 pc. hutch & 2’X2’ wall cabinet, 32” HD TV (video jack inoperable), wooden DVD/video storage unit, 2 bedside tables, computer desk, oak microwave/storage unit, oak bookcase (3’HX4’W), hall tree. Call 260-9824747 after 3:30p.m. or em a i l dee.karnes\@> to inquire.

CLEAN SEASONED hardwood by pick-up load. $80U haul; $100-I haul, $120-I haul & stack. Call Jim at 260-609-0396.

" ! # $%# ! $%

GARAGE SALE: Fri. 23 95 & Sat. 24, 9-1, 805 Thorn St. Behind Doughnut shop. Lots of quarter items, clothes & Christmas stuff!



North Manchester



" &'

$350 CHERRY Sleigh Bed, NEW, Solid Wood w/NEW PILLOWTOP Mattress Set, un-opened, (260)493-0805.

BANKRUPTCY: Free initial client conference. Discharge all or most consumer debt. Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 relief available...we can save your home. Zimmerman Law Office, PC, Attorney Alan J. Zimmerman, 81 E. Hill St., Wabash, 260-5632178.

PERSONAL INJURY: Free initail client conference, no recovery, no fee, contingent fee agreement available, over 20 years of experience. Zimmerman Law Office, PC, Attorney Alan J. Zimmerman, 81 E. Hill St., Wabash, 260-5632178.

NOW GROOMING week nights & weekends, visit or call 765-506-4750 for an appointment.

September 21, 2011


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $7.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday WABASH 2-WAY Radio: police scanners, CB’s, base station, repeaters, GPS systems & repair. Computer Repair. Also buying laptops, computer towers, i-pods & other electronic devices, 235 Southwood Dr., 260-5635564.

Pets 2 YEAR old black & tan male coon hound, 260571-3842.

BEEF CALVES, Angus & Cross, $1.40 lb., can help deliver. From 275lb.500lbs.? Feed out your own beef. Call 260-3076060.

Wanted ANTIQUES WANTED: Coins, Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Military (espically WWII), Rail Road, Boy Scout, Native Americanh Items, Quilts, Pottery, Old Lights, Guns, Knives, Signs, Paintings & Pre1970 Clothing. Call 260569-1865. I MAY PAY MORE!

FULL BLOODED ShihTzu puppies, 6 wks. old, $200, 260-571-4743. FREE KITTENS: 2 calico, 1 black & gray, 260-5636785 or 650 Wilson St.

Lost & Found



+ # ($% $!! & $& ! $ #' & % ) !&+ &' *%

$",' $ #' WANTED: LIVE-IN housekeeper needed. Send resumes to box 127, c/o the paper, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992.

LARGE ROUND or small square bales of clean grass hay or straw 260563-2978 or 260-4384480.

$("!'(%!'))# Farm FOR SALE: young hens & roosters, 260-571-1843.

Mobile Homes

Lakeview Mobile Home Park " "

Recreational Vehicles 1999 COACHMAN Catalina 24’ 5th wheel camper/slide out, excellent condition, $6,800/obo, 765-833-5524.

Real Estate HOUSE FOR Sale, 13.9 acres, Lagro, 260-7822042. 6 YR. old custom designed home on 1 acre city lot, country atmosphere in excellent location. 1660 sq. ft., 2-3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, loaded w/extras & upgrades, too much to list! 1849 N. Wabash St., call for information, 260-5699494. FOR SALE by owner: 2 bdrm house, 975 Stitt St. Can move in right after closing. 260-563-2044.


# 6934

VERY NICE 14X70, 2 bdrm, 2 baths garden tub, A/C, washer & dryer, carport, storage shed & covered patio. Set up in quiet park, Wabash, close to Walmart. Rent or contract, 574-612-2019 or 574-6121814.

14X20 Mobile Home in Hamlet Village in Manchester. 3 bdrm, kitchen, bath w/walk-in shower, $15,000/obo., 260-982-1113.

555 W. Maple, 1 bdrm house, all appliances included: stove, refrigerator, W/D, partial furnished, $375/mo., $300 deposit, 260-571-6868.

1999 Sectional Home

28x60, 1456 s.f., Great Room, 3 BR, 2 BA, $37,900 Set up in park near Wabash.

260-571-4042 or 260-377-9265

NICE CLEAN 1 bdrm apt. for rent, stove & refrigerator provided, rent paid by the month or week & deposit, references required. Call 260-5711892.

For Rent


FOR RENT: 2 bdrm 2 story in the city, nice neighborhood, 260-563-1542.

1984 DODGE Ram truck w/topper, runs, make offer, 260-782-1114.

1 BDRM A-frame duplex $400/mo. plus utilities southside, 260-563-7743.

1988 CADILLAC Deville Coupe, good condition, 64,400 miles, $5,000/obo, 260-782-2042.

LARGE 2 bdrm apt., appliances furnished, $95/wk. plus gas & electric, deposit required, 260-571-0799 leave message.

Downtown Apartments Single & Sectional Homes New & Used 3 Miles South of Wabash

260-563-8078 “Family Owned & Operated” Over 38 Years in Business


All utilities & Cable Included

WANTED! CARS TRUCKS VANS and will haul away Call Larry at

(260) 571-2801


$ '# # ""


( $

# ""$!

( $!

( " "# (

( ! # ( &

" "

& )# % ( $ $ ! # ( $# $# # & ! # !


( "# ("


“Published Weekly Read Daily”

Buying Junk

junk farm machinery.


1999 CHEVY 2500 pickup, V8, AT, AC, PS, CC, 121K miles, A.R.E topper, bed liner, reese hitch, always garaged, very clean, $5,900, Located in Wabash, 765-618-9184.

1993 DODGE Dakota pick up, runs good, 154K miles, $650/obo, 260-225-0216.

Electrical • Plumbing General Contracting Decks • Fences

JANEWAY’S HANDYMAN SERVICE Home: 765-833-2025 Cell: 765-226-0661 DUMP TRUCK SERVICE Haul It In or Away


2008 Buick Lacrosse CX Stock #6925




September 21, 2011

2008 Cadillac CTS Stock #7849




2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LT

Stock #7087

Stock #7205




Stock #8013




2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Club Cab Std. Bed 4x4 1500 LS Reg Cab Long Bed

Stock #6459

Stock #7359



2010 Chevrolet Impala LS 2010 Chevrolet Impala LT 2008 Chevrolet Malibu LT 2008 Saturn Vue XR 4x4





2010 Dodge Charger SXT 2007 Dodge Caravan 4dr 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SXT 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Wgn SE *Ltd Avail* Quad Cab Short Bed 4x4 Stock #7915 Mega Cab Short Bed 4x4 Stock #7670




2008 Ford Edge SE Stock #7129


2010 Ford Escape XLT 4x4 Stock #7957




2009 Mercury Mariner Convenience Stock #7168







2008 Mercury Mariner Premier 4x4






2008 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4

2008 Chrysler 300 Touring Stock #7283


2010 Mitsubishi Galant FE Stock #7656

2009 Chrysler Sebring 4dr Sdn Limited




2010 Ford Focus SE Stock #7388




2008 Ford Fusion SE Stock #7417




2004 GMC Envoy 4x4 Stock #7689




2010 Hyundai Elantra GLS Stock #7340




2008 Jeep Commander Sport 4x4







2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid








2007 Pontiac Torrent AWD Stock #7767

Stock #7652




Stock #6932





Stock #7932

Stock #6945

Stock #6594



Stock #7544

Stock #7805





Stock #7812




Stock #7494




Sept. 21, 2011  

Issue of The Paper of Wabash