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T HE PAPER July 18, 2012

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Tennant claims 2012 Wabash County Round Robin Showmanship

2012 ROUND ROBIN SHOWMANSHIP: Collin Tennant (center) was selected as the 2012 Round Robin Showmanship Champion during the annual showmanship competition held July 12. Pictured are: (from left) Sidney Reed, Swine; Bethany Azbell, Veal; Jackie McConnell, Goat; Collin Tennant, Sheep; Round Robin Judge Matt Tyner; Taylor Chamberlain, 2011 Round Robin Champion; Colton Dawes, Dairy; Marlee Stefanatos, Horse and Pony; and Cole Mize, Beef. (photo by Brent Swan) by Brent Swan After becoming the Sheep Department’s Round Robin Showmanship representative, Collin Tennant felt that particular species should be the least of his worries. That belief, however, proved to be

far from the truth. During the Round Robin competition, seven participants (one from each animal department at the fair) take a turn showing each of the seven different animals represented. No participant is allowed to

show their own animal and the order of the animals is kept from the showmen until the competition begins. Tennant, a fifthyear 4-H member, was this year’s Sheep Department representative. Having won

Senior Showmanship in a previous year, Tennant qualified for the Sheep Supreme Showman drive during the sheep show earlier in the week, which he ultimately won. Other representa(continued on page 6)

COLTON DAWES tries to lead his horse during the July 12 Round Robin Showmanship held at the fairgrounds. The annual competition pits the seven best showmen from seven species shown at the fair against each other in an effort to crown a Round Robin champion. (photo by Brent Swan)

City residents should see adjustment on July water bill

by Danielle Swan The July 9 meeting of Wabash City Council opened with the passing of General Ordinance #7 regarding open burning. Council Member Joan Haag asked how the proposed ordinance differs from the City’s existing burn ordinance. City Attorney Doug Lehman explained that the proposed ordinance includes an exception to allow the

City’s wastewater treatment plant to burn the reed bed, which extends the life of the reed bed and saves the City money in cleaning the reed bed. Mayor Robert Va n l a n d i n g h a m introduced the new addition to the Wabash City Fire Department, Jared Tackett. He also commended local fire departments, Roann, Noble, Lagro and

Wabash, for their exceptional teamwork at the recent brush refuse fire. In a related note, he thanked Wabash residents for keeping fireworks to a minimum over the dry Fourth of July holiday. W h e n Va n l a n d i n g h a m asked for questions from the audience, Paul Lewis posed a few questions regarding the status of the 2013 City Budget.

Lewis asked Council President Margaret “Boo” Salb if she feels the counsel has done everything they can to keep the budget low. “A lot of our departments turn money back in at the end of the year and we just continue to keep within the budget, so I feel we do a very good job with it,” she said. Local Landlord Darrell Benson was next to take the floor.

Index Classifieds ......................28-31 D&E ................................22-23

Weekly Reports................13-15

He expressed frustration at the City for notices he received regarding a tenant that failed to pay sewage fees on Benson’s rental property. The notices warned Mr. Benson that the City is required to file a lien against a property if sewage fees are not paid. Benson feels this is unfair because the tenant is the individual who incurred the debt.

“The rationale behind it is that your property is not a health hazard, backed up with sewage, because the City of Wabash takes your sewage away from it,” Lehman explained. In the past, the City has tried to recoup sewage fees from the actual tenant, but the State Board of Accounts now requires that the City file a lien against property. Council

In Memoriam Margaret Barton, 89 Joyce Butcher, 50 Aleea Brubaker, 2 Mary Lou Christman, 84

Ross Fisher, 93 Max Gray, 75 Lorna Mason, 84 Bob Owen, 75

Member Scott Long reminded Benson that his recourse is to file suit against the tenant in Small Claims Court, to which Benson responded that he has obtained judgment against former tenants in several cases, but still has been unable to collect money from them. After a lengthy discussion, Lehman informed Benson that if he disagrees with (continued on page 6)

Vol. 35, No. 18 Lawrence Pace Jr., 98 Johnie Shepherd, 88 Alice Wagmer, 72

PO Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992 (260) 563-8326


July 18, 2012

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Wabash High School announces honor roll for 4th Quarter Wabash High School announces the 4th quarter, 2nd semester Honor Roll for the 2011-2012 school year. 4th Quarter High Honor Roll Grade 9: Claire Cromer, Kevin Dong, Kaitlyn Drabenstot, Lindsey Fleshood, Emma-Leigh Flynn, Kristyn Ford, Brodie Hough, Kyle Kelsheimer, Abigail Stein, Shelby Stone Grade 10: Victoria Dolmanet, Miranda Garbaciak, Christian Gaston, Thomas Grier, Devin Hostetler, Jaclyn Lewis, Jordan Rauh, Lyndsie Thomas Grade 11: Stephen Eilts, Sydney Enyeart, Nathan Height, Caleb Hipskind, Michelle Homan-Church, Cutter Koehler, Nina Lake, Juliann Nelson, Charlianne Pardo, Prachi Patel, Katherine Smith, Hannah Strickler, Samuel Thomas, Sarah Williams Grade 12: Cody Beeks, Samantha Carmichael, Tylerr Fuller, Jesse Hamm, Jacob Hughes, Dustin Powers, Trevor Roe, Kelsey Walley

Regular Honor Roll Grade 9: Clinton Aldridge, Austin Boggs, Keaton Burns, Noah Cole, Destiney Collins, Breana Culver, Courtney Davis, Chase Dirig, Grant Dirig, Mason Diskey, Taylor Egts, Tosha Frank, Samuel Hall, Andrew Halverson, Amy Harden, Aaron Hartley, Anthony Hough, Paige Hyden, Payten Keffaber, Meijun Lu, Jessica Miller, Hailey Nance, Sidney Owens, Sabrina Pretorius, Kaylee Risher, Christian Rutz, Haley Sesco, Dakota Taylor, Morgen Wood Grade 10: Jade AlKhateeb, Kodi Clemons, Aaron FreyKeplinger, Catherine Galley, Jalen Grier, Hannah Hiner, Lacey Johnson, Michael Landis, Shai Parrett, Rahee Patel, Brandon Purdy, Jealousy Reza, Grant Sailors, Kaylee Slagal, Isaiah Smith, Kayla Sparling, Scott Switzer, Ryli VanScoy, Alishya Webb, Ashley Wold Grade 11: Tara Armstrong, Damion Atkins, Brittany Brewer, Santanna Cain, Sarah Castle, David Driscoll, Haley Emry, Kristen Garlits, Brittney Gibson, Braden Hall, Heather Hatfield, Shelby Hawkins, Elisabeth Hobson, Justin Holley, Matthew Jamerson, Halle King, Matthew Levine, Kayla Mann,

Kevin Martin, Joseph Merriman, Katelyn Middleton, Madison Miller, Chase Moore, Meagan Nelson, Faith Schoening, Jack Stein, Katelin Vogel, Christina Watson, Colby Wood, Paige Worrick Grade 12: Megan Bishop, Paige Burns, Kaylee Carpenter, Kelsey Cromer, Ryan Davenport, Jacob Ellis, Brandon France, Felicia Freeman, Billy Hawkins, Alex Honeycutt, Kayla Howard, Brandon Hunt, Koen Keith, S t e p h a n i e Linkenhoker, Matthew Martin, Thomas McHaney, Justin Middleton, Hannah Mullett, Kaylee Pace, Steven Penn, Nathan Price, Nathaniel Shiosee, Reanna Staats, Kelsie Thomas 2nd Semester High Honor Roll Grade 9: Claire Cromer, Kevin Dong, Emma-Leigh Flynn, Kristyn Ford, Kyle Kelsheimer, Shelby Stone Grade 10: Victoria Dolmanet, Miranda Garbaciak, Christian Gaston, Jalen Grier, Thomas Grier, Jordan Rauh Grade 11: Sydney Enyeart, Caleb Hipskind, Cutter Koehler, Juliann Nelson, Hannah Strickler, Samuel Thomas Grade 12: Samantha Carmichael, Jacob Ellis, Jesse Hamm, Jacob Hughes, Koen Keith, Dustin Powers,

1/0,&"' "#,& )"*12 !)*3& )&117 *3$)&. 2,".% /4#,& &%&23", "#,& )"*12 *22*/. "+ 5", .% "#,& /''&& .% "#,& )&117 .% "#,& "+ 41*/ "#*.&3 "1+ "+ .3&13"*.-&.3 /.2/,& *() &( &$,*.*.( &$,*.*.( *() &(

/'" /'" 6 /'" /'"

1/0 %/6. $/.2/,&

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808 Manchester Ave. • Wabash

Mon-Sat (8-5) • Walk-In or Make an Appointment

Kelsey Walley Regular Honor Roll Grade 9: Clinton Aldridge, Keaton Burns, Courtney Davis, Chase Dirig, Grant Dirig, Mason Diskey, Kaitlyn Drabenstot, Taylor Egts, Lindsey Fleshood, Samuel Hall, Andrew Halverson, Amy Harden, Aaron Hartley, Anthony Hough, Brodie Hough, Paige Hyden, Payten Keffaber, Meijun Lu, Jessica Miller, Hailey Nance, Sabrina Pretorius, Kaylee Risher, Christian Rutz, Haley Sesco, Abigail Stein, Morgen Wood Grade 10: Jade AlKhateeb, Catherine Galley, Hannah Hiner, Devin Hostetler, Lacey Johnson, Johnathon Landis, Jaclyn Lewis, Catina McCord, Shai Parrett, Brandon Purdy, Jealousy Reza, Grant Sailors, Isaiah Smith, Kayla Sparling, Lyndsie Thomas, Ryli VanScoy, Alishya Webb, Ashley Wold Grade 11: Sarah Castle, Stephen Eilts, Haley Emry, Brittney Gibson, Julie Gleason, Braden Hall, Shelby Hawkins, Iola Hayden, Nathan Height, Justin Holley, Michelle HomanChurch, Halle King, Nina Lake, Matthew Levine, Joseph M e r r i m a n , Madison Miller, Maegan Nelson, Charlianne Pardo, Prachi Patel, Faith Schoening, Justice Shreves, Katherine Smith, Jack Stein, Sarah Williams, Coldy Wood, Paige Worrick Grade 12: Derek Amann, Cody Beeks, Megan Bishop, Paige Burns, Kaylee Carpenter, Robert Chalfant, Ryan Davenport, Brandon France, Felicia Freeman, Tylerr Fuller, Billy Hawkins, Alex Honeycutt, Kayla Howard, Brandon Hunt, Stephanie L i n k e n h o k e r, Matthew Martin, Thomas McHaney, Justin Middleton, Kaylee Pace, Nathan Price, Trevor Roe, Nathaniel Shiosee, Reanna Staats, Brittany Stone, Katherine Sumpter, Kelsie Thomas

3 Samuel Truss honored during 4-H 10-year member cermony

July 18, 2012

Samuel Truss, a 10-year member of 4H, is the son of Samuel and Sherry Truss and attends Southwood High School. As a member of the Lucky Horseshoe and Rabbit Club, he has participated in arts and crafts, crops, floriculture, foods, food preservation, forestry, garden, Junior Leaders, weather and wildlife. He also shows beef, rabbits and swine. In his spare time, Truss is a member of the Apostolic Church Youth, FFA, Southwood Social Studies Club, band, PEP, student congress, Indian Junior S h o r t h o r n Association, and Indiana California Rabbit Association.

Truss has received numerous awards in all his projects, such as champions in the beef barn, Achievement Awards in almost all of his projects, 2010 FFA Chapter degree, 2009 Greenhand degree, 2009 Star Greenhand member, and many other awards in FFA. In the fall, he will continue his education at Southwood High School. “If it wasn’t for 4H, I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” he said. “Through my tenure, I have gained many life and leadership skills that will benefit me every day in my future endeavors. I believe that 4-H has helped me develop characteristics

Samuel Truss such as responsibility, dependability, and generosity that will help me be successful in any direction that God will lead me.”

American Red Cross blood drive approaches

The American Red Cross be will holding a summer blood drive at the North Manchester Church of the Brethren on July 19 from 12-6 p.m. The church is located at 1306 North Beckley Street in North Manchester, just off State Road 13. The need for blood never takes time for a vacation. Countless lives depend on blood donors to maintain blood supplies during the summer months as well as all year

long. Potential donors must be in general good health, weigh at least 110 pounds and have not given blood for 56 days to be eligible. Donors 17 and older must bring a donor card or another form of positive identification. Any 16-year old wishing to donate must have a written consent form signed by a parent of guardian. All presenting donors will receive a T-shirt.

81+2'3 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -- #-5 #3,'43 +/%-5&' &'3+)/#4'& 3#/&7+%* 2')5-#2 2'/%* 29 #/& .'&+5. &2+/, -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 0510/ /04 6#-+& 7+4* /#%, #, .'#-3 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43

81+2'3 0(( 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#5 2#/43 81+2'3

81+2'3 #3'& 0/ 152%*#3' #4 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43 81+2'3

SPECIALS OF THE WEEK FOR JULY 16TH- JULY 21ST Reg. English 5 Arm Roast ................ $ 19


81+2'3 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -- #-5 #3,'43 +/%-5&' &'3+)/#4'& 3#/&7+%* 2')5-#2 2'/%* 29 #/& .'&+5. &2+/, -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 0510/ /04 6#-+& 7+4* /#%, #, .'#-3 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43

81+2'3 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -- #-5 #3,'43 +/%-5&' &'3+)/#4'& 3#/&7+%* 2')5-#2 2'/%* 29 #/& .'&+5. &2+/, -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 0510/ /04 6#-+& 7+4* /#%, #, .'#-3 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43

81+2'3 #3'& 0/ 152%*#3' #4 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43 81+2'3

81+2'3 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -- #-5 #3,'43 +/%-5&' &'3+)/#4'& 3#/&7+%* 2')5-#2 2'/%* 29 #/& .'&+5. &2+/, -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 0510/ /04 6#-+& 7+4* /#%, #, .'#-3 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43

81+2'3 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -- #-5 #3,'43 +/%-5&' &'3+)/#4'& 3#/&7+%* 2')5-#2 2'/%* 29 #/& .'&+5. &2+/, -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 0510/ /04 6#-+& 7+4* /#%, #, .'#-3 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43

81+2'3 #3'& 0/ 152%*#3' #4 2')5-#2 .'/5 12+%' -'#3' /0 35$34+454+0/3 04 6#-+& 7+4* #/9 04*'2 0(('2 #-5' %'/4 +.+4 0/' %0510/ 1'2 1'230/ 1'2 6+3+4 #-+& 0/-9 #4 1#24+%+1#4+/) 5-6'2;3: 2'34#52#/43 81+2'3

Reg. Ground 3 Beef .......................... $ 69


Center Cut Bone-In Re g. 3 Pork Chops .................. $ 99


Country Style 3Reg. Ribs .............................. $ 89



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Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. 1333 N. St. Rd. 13 • Wabash, IN 46992 • 260-563-6700

#33 4 !#$ #3 *

" (0 --0 7 5 3 0 / # %' $0 0 , # / & 7 +4 4 ' 2 & 0 7/ - 0 #& 0 5 2 + * 0 / ' / & 20 + & # 1 1 # / & $ ' % 0 . ' # 5 - 6 ' 2 ;3 ' - 5 $ # / & ' 8 4 - 5 $ . ' . $ ' 2 # 4 % 5 - 6 ' 23 % 0 .


July 18, 2012

Purdue Extension starts website Manchester honors alumni leaders for information on drought in science, industry, and education

Purdue Extension has created a website that provides information and resources

to help homeowners, community leaders and farmers manage issues involving the

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Congratulations Wabash County 4-Hers’ WABASH REALTY, LLC ABASH


worsening drought in Indiana. The site, called IN Drought, is at http://www.purdue.e du/drought. It offers an array of information for anyone seeking guidance to help them through this period of extreme heat and dryness. In addition to the latest news on the drought, the site contains numerous links to Extension publications and other websites that offer tips to homeowners and other consumers on such topics as how to keep garden plants healthy, protect lawns, conserve water and avoid heat stress. Community leaders will have quick access to information on burn bans, including a map of Indiana showing the status of restrictions in each county and other information they can share in their communities, such as advice on fireworks safety. Farmers will see links to Purdue websites with resources they can use to help them in their operations affected by drought. The Indiana map of the latest U.S. Drought Monitor, showing the severity of dryness in each county, is displayed on the home page.

Molecular biologist, rubber and plastics industry executive, national education leader, internationally lauded solar energy scientist, and two whose enthusiastic service to their alma mater spans decades. All are the Manchester College’s latest Alumni Honor Award recipients: Jerry Brand of Austin, Texas, a groundbreaking molecular biologist and professor whose research in algae may lead to new biofuel discoveries Charles Chaffee of Churubusco, Ind., cofounder and CEO of a 500-employee automotive parts manufacturer and 2010 Rubber Industry Executive of the Year Ding-Jo Currie of Huntington Beach, Calif., one of the first

Asian-American women to lead a U.S. institution of higher education Sarah Kurtz of Golden, Colo., internationally honored for her research to reduce the cost of solar energy Ken Metzger of Auburn, Ind., who used his management skills to co-lead an annual Manchester golf outing that has raised more than $1 million for Spartan athletics Gary Montel of North Manchester, Ind., whose leadership of alumni and church relations and events for the College spans 24 years This spring, Manchester also presented its 2012 Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award to 35-year-old Dustin Brown ‘99, one of the youngest senior execu-

tives in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. As deputy assistant director for management, he works in the West Wing of the White House to improve conditions in low-income urban areas, lower the violent crime rate in Native American communities and increase renewable energy use in U.S. homes. Here’s more about the Alumni Honor Award recipients: Jerry Brand, 1963, is a professor of molecular cell and developmental biology for the University of Texas, where he has established the world’s largest and mostdiverse culture collection of algae. His research centers on finding algae that produce oil for processing into biofuel that, in

THE 120 YEAR OLD Victorian home and gardens of Kyle and Stacey Trick will be on display for the North Manchester “Welcome to My Garden Tour.” The lush gardens that set atop the banks of the Eel River are filled with colorful blooming shrubs and perennials, just a block from downtown. Tremendous care has been taken to restore the home to its original integrity. Garden tour participants will be able to tour the interior of the home the day of the garden walk. (photo provided)

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turn, might someday run engines for automobiles and other vehicles. Charles Chaffee, 1964, heads BRC Rubber & Plastics Inc., which designs, tests and manufactures rubber and plastic parts, mostly for the automobile industry, including General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. BRC has Indiana plants in Churubusco, Bluffton, Ligonier, Montpelier and Hartford City and a sales and engineering office near Detroit. Ding-Jo Hsia 1975 Currie retired last year as chancellor of the Coast Community College District in California, the nation’s seventh-largest community college. She is a nationally and internationally recognized leader of education and an advocate of global workforce, technology and leadership development, as well as women’s issues and international education. Sarah Kurtz, 1979, received the international 2007 Dan David Prize for her work with another researcher to help alleviate “the world’s impending energy crisis.” As a principal scientist for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Kurtz is working on a solar cell that has high solar energy conversion efficiency and greatly reduces the area needed for sunlight collection. Ken Metzger, 1967, is the retired president and co-owner of Herbert E. Orr Co., Inc., an automotive industry supplier in Paulding, Ohio. For more than 20 years, the four-term member of the Manchester Board of Trustees has coorganized the annual Friends of Manchester Golf Outing that has raised more than $1 million for Spartan athletics. Gary Montel, 1965, retires in mid-July as director of alumni and church relations, leading more than two decades of intergenerational connections for the College that is rooted in the Church of the Brethren. Montel’s team used campus reunions, gatherings, tours, e-newsletters, golf outings, social media and mailings to connect with 12,300 graduates.

July 18, 2012


Additional Pre-Fair Results from 4-H Fair CROPS – CORN

Champions Madalyn Dale Reserve Champions Drew Roser Blue Stars: McKenzie Baer, Keaton Boyer, Madalyn Dale, Quentin Dale, Bryce Hippensteel, Katlyn Hippensteel, Alyssa McKillip, Emily Murphy, Ethan Rice, Lindsay Rice, Corey Roser, Drew Roser, Will Schuler, Kandra Stout, Kearston Stout, Keaton Stout Blue Ribbons: Leah Blocher, Cody Chamberlain, C o u r t n e y Chamberlain, Addison Harner, Alexander Haupert, Collin Meggison, Cody Michel, Elizabeth Michel, Skyler Michel, Troy Michel, Heath Miller, Houston Miller, Cole Mize, Katie Mize, Joshua Montel, Matthew Montel, Kaitlyn Murphy, Kristen Murphy, Tyler Roser, Colton Shepler, Kyle Spark Red Ribbons: Jevon Rhoades, Jacob Watkins CROPS – HAY Grand Champion

Brandon Frank Champions Brandon Frank Shayleigh Moorman Blue Stars: Trent Bechtold, Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe, Jurgin Cripe, Colton Dawes, Makenna Dawes, Dillon Florek, Brandon Frank, Erica Guyer, Shayleigh Moorman Blue Ribbons: Megan Frank, Emily Murphy, Kaitlyn Murphy, Kristen Murphy, Drake Richter, Steven Summers, Samantha Summers, Austin Underwood, Neil Underwood CROPS – OATS Champion Ryan Donaldson Reserve Champion Kandra Stout Blue Stars: Ryan Donaldson CROPS - SOYBEANS Champions Kearston Stout Reserve Champion Lindsay Rice Blue Stars: Bryce Hippensteel, Alyssa McKillip, Cody Michel, Ethan Rice, Lindsay Rice, Tyler Roser, Kandra Stout, Kearston Stout,

Keaton Stout Blue Ribbons: Bethany Azbell, Leah Blocher, Cody Chamberlain, C o u r t n e y Chamberlain, Addison Harner, Katlyn Hippensteel, Collin Meggison, Elizabeth Michel, Skyler Michel, Heath Miller, Houston Miller, Cole Mize, Katie Mize, Joshua Montel, Matthew Montel, Emily Murphy, Kaitlyn Murphy, Kristen Murphy, Jared Peas, Corey Roser, Drew Roser, Kyle Sparks, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss, Jacob Watkins Red Ribbons: McKenzie Baer, Alexander Haupert, Troy Michel, Colton Shepler, Steven Summers, Samantha Summers, Riley Whitesel CROPS – WHEAT Champion Alyssa McKillip Reserve Champion Kearston Stout Blue Stars: Alyssa McKillip, Emily Murphy, Kristen Murphy, Kearston Stout Blue Ribbons: Kaitlyn Murphy, Kandra Stout, Keaton

Stout FLORICULTURE Champions Andrew Bolinger Elizabeth Collins Jessi Cox Janzin Cripe Jirni Cripe Addi Harden Sydney Helfin Luke Kirk Hunter Law Margaret Myers Kandra Stout Reserve Champion Ashton Bolinger Kearston Stout Blue Stars: Andrew Bolinger, Ashton Bolinger, Elizabeth Collins, Jessi Cox, Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe, Sydney Helfin, Luke Kirk, Hunter Law, Margaret Myers, Kandra Stout, Kearston Stout Blue Ribbons: Jurgin Cripe, Isabel Diaz, Addi Harden, Hilary Hickert, Alexandria Peterson, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss Red Ribbons: Kyrsten Eakright, Mary Guisewhite State Fair Entries: Andrew Bolinger, Elizabeth Collins, Jessi Cox, Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe,

Addi Harden, Sydney Helfin, Luke Kirk, Hunter Law, Margaret Myers, Kandra Stout State Fair Alternates: Ashton Bolinger, Kearston Stout GARDEN Grand Champion Wyatt Helfin Champions Ethan Agness Sydney Helfin Wyatt Helfin Grant Keaffaber Reserve Champions Adreanna Faine Alyssa McKillip Samuel Truss Blue Stars: Ethan Agness, Adreanna Faine, Christian Heagy, Sydney Helfin, Wyatt Helfin, Grant Keaffaber, Alyssa McKillip, Alyssa Richter, Drake Richter, Jacob Shoemaker, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss Blue Ribbons: Noah Shoemaker Red Ribbons: Brandon Wagoner

Crossroads Bank Offers Third Annual Confidential Document Destruction on July 18 Crossroads Bank will be hosting a free document destruction day on July 18th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Wabash location at 1205 N. Cass St. The document destruction day has been organized by Benjamin Crim, the summer Accounting Intern for Crossroads Bank. Bring your unwanted, sensitive documents to be confidentially destroyed

by Cintas, a nationally certified document destruction company. Cintas will shred the documents on site and provide peace of mind that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your confidential information. Only paper documents will be accepted. No binders, plastics or medicines, please. “Crossroads Bank is pleased to offer

this service to our community for the third year and to provide our intern the opportunity to be an integral part of the Bank’s commitment to community service,” said Emily Boardman, Chief Financial Officer of Crossroads Bank. Throughout the summer, Benjamin has been gaining experience in the A c c o u n t i n g D e p a r t m e n t .

SR 13 restricted The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) announced SR 13 in both directions will be intermittently restricted over the Laketon Refinery Railroad, between CR W 950N and CR E 950N, 2.5 miles south of SR

114, from July 12 through the first week of August, weather permitting. Flaggers will direct traffic as needed while the work is in progress. INDOT will be performing proactive bridge maintenance work as part of a

multi-location bridge maintenance contract, with work taking place in upcoming weeks throughout the INDOT Fort Wayne District. The contract was awarded to R. L. McCoy, based on the low bid of $680,000.

Benjamin is pursuing an Accounting major and plans to graduate in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree from M a n c h e s t e r University. Benjamin plays Viola in the orchestra at Manchester and is also Treasurer of the Mock Trial Team.


6451/(3 223(&,$5,10 $:

Triple LLL Truck Repair, Inc. $563'$: 6.:


/(3,&$0 6(:

5 #$%$4+ +10( $9

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July 18, 2012

Tennant claims 2012 Wabash County Round Robin... continued from front page tives in the Round Robin Showmanship included: Cole Mize, Beef; Sidney Reed,

Swine; Bethany Azbell, Veal; Colton Dawes, Dairy; Jackie McConnell, Goat;

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and Marlee Stefanatos, Horse and Pony. “Coming into the Round Robin, I was probably the most worried about the horses by far,” Tennant said. “But inside the ring, the sheep I drew gave me the most problems.” Having shown sheep throughout his 4-H career, Tennant knew he had a tough draw with the sheep he had to show in the Round Robin. “He kept jumping up into the air,” Tennant explained. “I thought I had lost the competition

right there. All you can do from then is just keep your cool and keep showing your animals, even if you think it’s over.” Having competed at a statewide level previously, Tennant said the key to the night was able to keep a cool head. “I’ve shown sheep on a circuit for a while now, and as of right now, I had the lead in showmanship points,” Tennant said. “Showing animals as much as we do really helps out at a show like this.” By the time the last group of ani-

mals came into the ring, however, Tennant began to think he had a shot at the title. “I felt like it was between me and a buddy of mine (Cole Mize) at the end,” Tennant explained. “I really thought he had beaten me.” After both had highly successful fair weeks, with both claiming at least some form of Grand Champion animal, Tennant said the competition between the two during the Round Robin competition was more laidback. “We don’t really

give each other too hard of a time,” Tennant said of the friendly rivalry. “He’s in a different barn than me, so we don’t have to show against each other much during the fair week.” As the judge announced the winner, Tennant said he was able to begin taking in the victory. “During the show, you have to block out everything that’s going on around you and try to concentrate on just the animal in front of you,” Tennant said. “The one thing I was most surprised by was the

amount of people in the crowd. Anytime you have to get in front of that many people, it’s something that gets to you a little bit.” Tennant was quick to thank all those who helped him prepare for the Round R o b i n Showmanship. “I have to thank my family first off, my mom and dad and little sister especially,” Tennant said. “To all the people that let me work with their animals, thank you.”

City residents should see adjustment... continued from front page the law, he should contact state legislators as this issue is governed by state statute. Lisa Carpenter then took the floor as a representative of her and approximately 70 others in her neighborhood, Ewing and Hanna’s Addition. She and her neighbors are concerned with a motor home, owned by the resident of 447 Stitt

Street, blocking the alley between Stitt and Ferry streets. She explained that this has been an ongoing issue for more than eight weeks. This problem had been reported, and Lehman answered that he has been researching the issue and has paperwork drafted to solve the problem, which he planned to file with the court the week of

July 9. M a y o r Va n l a n d i n g h a m announced that he has been receiving calls regarding high water bills during recent weeks. He wants to make Wabash City residents aware that they should expect to see a lower bill for July, August and September as the result of a sprinkler adjustment.

Prior to adjournment of the meeting, Council Member Bonnie Corn thanked Bill Konyha and the Wabash City Street Department for taking care of an overgrown yard that she had received complaints about. The next Wabash City Council meeting will be held on July 23, 6 p.m., at Wabash City Hall.

Pfaffenbach awarded scholarship at SDSU Andrea Pfaffenbach of Roann, was awarded the Howard Voelker Freshman Scholarship in Dairy Production for the

2012-2013 academic year at South Dakota State University. Pfaffenbach is an incoming freshman majoring in dairy

production at SDSU, the daughter of Andy and Renelle Pfaffenbach of Roann and is a 2012 graduate of the

North Miami High School, where she was active in FFA, 4H, Junior Leaders, piano and National Honor Society.

Do you have a story worth sharing? The Paper is always looking for story ideas from our readers. Do you know someone who has a unique hobby or an interesting story that should be shared with the entire county? If so, call Brent Swan, Shaun Tilghman, or Danielle Smith at 260-563-8326, or email

It Is A Crime 260-563-4407

stop Hands of Hope a division of Fa m i l y S e r v i c e S o c i e t y , I n c . 24-hour hotline, weekly support group and a safe place to stay.

July 18, 2012


Manchester Community Schools honors five alumni graduates at the MCS Distinguished Alumni Awards June 23

The Alumni Reunion of the M a n c h e s t e r Community Schools honored five graduates with the MCS Distinguished Alumni Awards at its annual banquet on June 23 in the MHS gymnasium. The five outstanding alumni were Janene Myers Dawes, Chester Class of 1957; Doug Frantz, Manchester Class of 1967; Nancy Reed, Manchester Class of 1962; John H. Warren, Chester Class of 1952; and Matt White, Manchester Class of 1985. Fellow classmates and community members nominated graduates from Chester High School, Laketon High School and Manchester High School for this distinction based on their outstanding careers and contributions to their communities and the world after graduation from the Manchester Community Schools. Janene Myers Dawes, Chester Class of 1957: After graduating from Chester in 1957, Janene went on to graduate from Warner Beauty College and to teach cosmetology at the Heartland Career Center for 30 years retiring in 1996. She was also the State Executive Director of the Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education for 12 years. Janene has been recognized as the Regional VICA Advisor of the Year and was presented numerous awards by the Indiana Department of Education State Superintendent and Vocational Education Association. She was honored as a Sagamore of the Wabash by Governor Frank O’Bannon. Upon her retirement, the Indiana State Association of Career and Technical Education named its outstanding service award, “The Janene Dawes Outstanding Service Award.” Janene and her husband, Wendel live in Urbana. John H. Warren, Chester Class of 1952: After attending Liberty Mills School

for the first six years and graduating from Chester High School, John went to Purdue and graduated with a BSME in mechanical engineering. In 1961, he was hired by B. F. Goodrich’s Aerospace Division in Troy, Ohio, working on aircraft wheels and brakes on such projects as the SR-71, Space Shuttle, and 757. He also served as Chairman of the Society of A u t o m o t i v e E n g i n e e r i n g Aerospace Standards Division committee on aircraft wheel and brake systems for several years until retirement. John and his wife, Norma, lives in Indian Lake, Ohio, and still proudly fly the Purdue flag during football season. Nancy Reed, Manchester Class of 1962: Nancy Reed has been a lifelong resident of North Manchester and was recognized by the selection committee as someone who truly represents dedicated service to the community of North Manchester. Nancy attended Thomas Marshall, Chester, Central and the new Manchester High School graduating in 1962. After high school, she attended

International Business College. Nancy then spent three years as the Deputy Town Clerk and then 27 years as the Town of North Manchester ClerkTreasurer. During this time, she helped to put together a continuing education program for all Indiana clerks, clerktreasurers and controllers. This program continues to certify and provide educational programs for town employees throughout the state of Indiana. After retirement, she turned her attention and dedication to the North Manchester Center for History where she serves as the volunteer director. As the Center’s director, she takes great pride in decorating the museum with artifacts that are meaningful to preserving our town’s history. Other achievements related to the town of North Manchester include serving as the cochair of the 1986 Sesquicentennial activities and as a founding board member of the North Manchester Strategic Planning Committee. Nancy has truly given her life’s work to the town of North Manchester and

serves as an example to all who love and give back to our community. Doug Frantz, Manchester Class of 1967: Doug graduated from Manchester High School in the Class of 1967 after participating in sports and various clubs and activities. After graduating from DePauw University in Greencastle, Doug began a distinguished career as an investigative journalist. He has been an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, a managing editor and investigative reporter for the LA Times and an editor and foreign correspondent for the New York Times. As a member of the New York Times investigative reporting team, Doug won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He is also a two-time Pulitzer finalist and he is the author or co-author of ten books, including two on nuclear proliferation and three NYT Notable Books of the Year. Recently, Doug has been the managing director of a Washington-based consulting firm. Prior to that, he was the chief investigator for

the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he investigated corruption and drug trafficking in Afghanistan and Pakistan and gun running operations between the US and Mexico. On June 11, Doug joined the Washington Post as its National Security Editor. Doug has certainly made a difference nationally and internationally as an investigative journalist for four of the most prestigious newspapers in our country and the other positions he has held. Matt White, Manchester Class of 1985: Matt was nominated by a classmate for “courage and perseverance beyond the measure of human

capability.” Matt is being recognized for his incredible 12th year battle to live with ALS and the work he has done to inform and make people aware of this disease. His cureALS foundation and website have provided other ALS sufferers and their families with information and hope. After graduating from Manchester High School, Matt White attended Butler University as a track and cross country runner to graduate in telecommunications with a bright future in the radio division of E m m i s Communications for the next 14 years. In January of 2000 at the peak of an outstanding career, Matt

was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gerig’s disease. Matt’s courageous battle with ALS is detailed on the website at Of note, Matt spoke to the Butler Bulldog basketball team as they prepared for the Final Four in Indianapolis. The text of his speech is on the website and is truly inspiring. Matt lives in Cape Haze, Fla., where his wife, parents and friends care for him. We congratulate these outstanding graduates of M a n c h e s t e r Community Schools for their contributions to their chosen careers and their communities.

+!&# )*%"# &%+,

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260-563-1046 or Toll Free 866-563-1046

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July 18, 2012

Past Unit Presidents of Indiana Social Services Agency launches Therapeutic Boarding School Laketon American Legion met Academy. “We are committed to maintaining our mission by helping youth in crisis throughout the country and from all walks of life,” said White’s Residential & Family Services/Compass Rose Academy CEO Dee Gibson. “Throughout the years, many people have come to us seeking assistance for a troubled teen. Through the Compass Rose Academy, we can now expand our services and accept teens who not only have different needs and backgrounds, but who are also located outside Indiana.” The Compass Rose Academy is quickly gaining traction on a national level. Recently, Dr. John Townsend, worldrenowned clinical psychologist, leadership consultant and best-selling author with more than 25 years of experience

Recently, White’s Residential and Family Services, one of Indiana’s largest and oldest nonprofit social services agencies, announced the formation of the Compass Rose Academy. Located on the White’s Wabash campus, but operating as a privately funded affiliate, the Compass Rose Academy includes both a therapeutic boarding school for youth in crisis suffering from problems with school, home or family and prevention services to help families remain intact. For more than 160 years, White’s has served families and children who are part of the Indiana juvenile justice system. In 2011, after recognizing the need to provide services to families and youth in crisis who have not yet entered the system, White’s developed the Compass Rose

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 *

helping individuals, families, leaders and organizations grow and exceed their goals, said this of the program: “The Compass Rose Academy is dedicated to providing a holistic and clinically professional approach to the restoration of youths and their families. I can think of no better program to help families in crisis succeed. As a leadership coach, psychologist and consultant, I believe Compass Rose provides sound guidance, builds firm character and helps to reestablish healthy family bonds. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for help to improve their family’s dynamic.” The Compass Rose Academy is currently accepting applications for its first therapeutic boarding school class. Managed by licensed profession-

als who provide students with counseling, teaching and other experiential learning activities involving leadership and teamwork, Gibson says the nine- to 12-month program is an opportunity to provide youth in crisis with guidance, structure and a more purposeful direction. Licensed as a residential child care facility by the Indiana Department of Child Services and accredited by the Council on Accreditation, the program is ideally suited for teenagers struggling with problems such as abuse recovery, depression, identity or body image issues, drug abuse, conflicts with peers or authority, social isolation or rejection, mild self-harm and school problems. Eight to 12 female students will start classes in August 2012.

pursue a career in the medical field. A report was made on the Rada Cutlery sales during April and May and a party is scheduled for June 30. There is hope to book some shows in the fall near the holidays. An updated inventory list was made available. Chairman Linda Torpy presented a home made gift to all and will serve as chairman of Past Presidents’ another year. Becky

Warmuth was ree l e c t e d Secretary/Treasurer . The next meeting is scheduled to be July 31, place to be announced. Also, unit members furnished lunch for 10 veterans, two VA hospital staff and some horseshoe pitchers at the horseshoe pitching barn located northeast of South Whitley. It was an enjoyable day and very much appreciated by the veterans.

Third bi-annual reunion for Chippewa, Linlawn, and Noble Township High Schools to be Aug. 4 The third bi-annual reunion for Chippewa, Linlawn, and Noble Township High Schools is planning to be held

on August 4, at the Honeywell Center. Reservations are requested, and are needed as soon as possible. If you

are planning to attend, please call Tom Ogan at 260563-4794 to request a reservation be sent to you.

Tiffany Roser and Rex Reimer to wed Sept. 22

+" * (!%*%*# !.$ %,..+) *+ '. %( (!..,!--!!)+,0 + ) !.&/-. (! ! -


+* *+* (! , * ! %.!)(! , * ! %.!)- -+( +* -$ +, ,! %. ,

HOURS: M&F 9:00-7:00 T-W-TH 9:00-5:30 SATURDAY 9:00-5:00

Past Unit Presidents’ of Laketon American Legion Auxiliary #402 met this month for dinner at Mann’s Restaurant near Silver Lake. Business included announcing the $300 scholarship recipient, Katie Watson. Watson is the daughter of Darrell and Judy Watson and was presented with a certificate during the Manchester High School Awards program. She plans to


FREE DELIVERY To Wabash and Surrounding Areas


Tony and Roxy Roser, Lagro, announce the wedding of their daughter, Tiffany Roser, and Rex Reimer. Tiffany graduated from Northfield High School in 2005. She graduated from Purdue University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision and a minor in Forensic Science. She is currently the office manager at Poole’s Meat Market. Rex is the son of Curtis and Diana Reimer, Seryia. He graduated from Manchester High School in 1999. In 2004, he graduated from Manchester College with a bachelor’s degree in Communication. He is currently employed by Wildman Business Group. The couple plans to wed on Sept. 22, 2012, at the Historic St. Patrick’s Church in Lagro.

July 18, 2012


Manchester looks to Do it Best’s Dave Haist for alumni relations leadership

A top official is leaving the international hardware cooperative Do it Best Corp. to serve as the next alumni relations leader of Manchester College. Dave Haist, a 1973 business and economics alumnus who has remained connected with his alma mater throughout his corporate and legal career, officially begins his new job on July 9. He succeeds 1965 graduate Gary Montel, who has directed alumni relations since 1991. Haist is retiring as executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Fort Wayne-based Do it Best cooperative of 4,000 hardware and building supply stores. He brings three decades of dynamic leadership not only with Do it Best and as

managing partner of a major Fort Wayne law firm, but also with Manchester, says College President Jo Young Switzer. “Dave Haist is a respected and well-informed leader who grows deep roots in the communities where he works. His knowledge of finance, the law and the complex world of global business is extraordinary.” Haist has chaired Manchester’s Board of Trustees and its committees, and is cochair with his wife, Sandy (a 1974 graduate), of the $100 million Students First! fund-raising campaign. The student dining Commons in The Union bears the family name. “In a sense, we never really left Manchester after graduation,” says

Haist as he grins widely about his new role as executive director of alumni relations. He also will teach a class, P r i n c i p l e d Leadership. “I get to do something entirely different with my career. It’s invigorating, personally satisfying. I couldn’t be more excited.” It’s the student experience at Manchester that inspires the corporate Haist to his new role in higher education. “Manchester does so much for its students,” he says with prideful awe. His passion stems from his own story as a “reluctant student” from Wabash, whose parents insisted he give college a try. “Manchester opened my mind. It prepared me for life, and introduced me to

the necessity of volunteer service and involvement,” he says, quickly adding that Manchester prepared him to succeed in law school and CPA certification, and for success in those professions. It is also where he met his wife, Sandy. He is inspired by “where Manchester is headed, what Manchester is doing,” with its new learning centers in North Manchester and Fort Wayne, a Pharmacy professional doctoral degree, increasing enrollment, a name change on July 1 to University, and the dedication to a Mission of learning, commitment and service. Haist was managing partner of Barnes & Thornburg’s Fort Wayne law office, before joining his

client in 1997 as general counsel and vice president of corporate affairs. Then he tackled Do it Best’s retail development, continuing to expand his leadership role as the 4,000-member cooperative grew to more than $2.4 billion in sales at hardware and building materials stores in all 50 states and more than 50 countries. Haist sees many parallels between Do it Best and Manchester, especially in the importance of well-served connections. “Do it Best is a membership organization that engages all of its members,” he says. “I’m a strong believer in teams, in groups: Engage folks, bring folks together. Connect people and allow people to be even more connect-

ve got Andrea Bonewitz and NEED PERSONALIZED STATIONARY? youWe’covered! Benjamin Eilts to wed THE PAPER

Andrea Bonewitz and Benjamin Eilts announce their engagement and upcoming wedding. Andrea is the daughter of Ben and Rachel Corn, as well as the late Michael Bonewitz. She is a 2004 Manchester High School graduate, as well as a 2009 Ivy Tech graduate with an AAS degree in business administration. She is currently employed at First Merchants Bank, Wabash. Benjamin is the son of Brad Eilts and Cathy Eilts. He is a 2000 graduate of Manchester High School and is a licensed graduate of Reppert’s Auction Schools. He is currently employed at New Market grocery store, North Manchester. The couple plans an Aug. 4 wedding at the Congregational Christian Church, North Manchester.



ed.” Haist also has many connections in northeast Indiana, with service on community boards that have included Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance, YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne, Honeywell Foundation,

Parkview Healt Systems. The Indian Academy inducted him for his service leader ship in 2008 an Manchester gave th couple its Alumn Honor Award in 2011. For more abou Manchester, vis www.manchester.ed <http://www.manches>.

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July 18, 2012

Drought has potential three-year Wabash County Hospital closes on purchase of land ‘tail’ on beef production Wabash County Hospital officials announced that they have closed on the 33 acres of land that had previously been identified as the site for a potential new facility. The land is situated on the south side of US 24, in an area between Alber and Wabash Streets. “Although it may seem to be a slow process, our building project continues to move forward,” WCH President and CEO Marilyn CusterMitchell said. “Closing on the land is another step toward

a new facility. With that said, there is still much to be determined.” Among those items to still be determined is financing. The hospital is in the final stages of gathering information to submit a USDA loan application. “We would expect to hear some kind of response to that within 60 days,” CusterMitchell explained. “That could be anything from questions about our application, to a request for more information or even approval.

Approval, of course, would be the best case scenario.” C u s t e r- M i t c h e l l also said that the building committee, physicians, and hospital leaders have all been looking at architectural plans over the last few months. Those plans have been updated and modified several times in an effort to create optimal efficiency and ease of use for patients and visitors. Wabash County Hospital is a not-forprofit, 25-bed critical access hospital.

Serving the community since 1919, WCH has an active medical staff of more than 25 highlyskilled physicians and more than 30 expert specialists who visit the Outpatient Clinic on a regular basis. Areas of service include General and Orthopedic Surgery, O n c o l o g y , Cardiology, Home Healthcare and Hospice, Sleep M e d i c i n e , Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and much more.

Livestock producers who fail to properly manage the drought could find themselves dealing with the consequences long after the rains return, says a Purdue Extension beef specialist. Exceptionally high temperatures and extremely low rainfall have combined to stress livestock and reduce their feed supplies. Producers can take steps to manage a situation that might cost some money now but could pay off in big

ways in the long run. “The tail on this can be pretty long if we don’t manage things right in a drought year,” Ron Lemenager said. “One thing that I think is really important for producers to consider this year is body condition. If you use condition scores of these cows as a barometer of where you’re at nutritionally, we can’t do much about the heat or drought, but we can make sure we don’t have any nutritional deficiencies.” In a drought year, forages are low in both quality and quantity, which can leave cows thin and under nourished. Less-than-optimal body conditions can have reproductive consequences not only this year, but next year as well. Heat stress coupled with poor nutrition can create a double whammy by lowering oocyte and sperm quality, as well as embryo survival if fertilization does occur, Lemenager said. “The environmental conditions we are experiencing have ratcheted stress forward into the heart of the breeding season for those that calve in the spring, meaning it’s very probable we’ll see more open cows than normal this fall,” he said. Lemenager said the likely increase in open cows this year means producers need to pregnancycheck cows to minimize the use of expensive feeds. When forages are in short supply, there is little reason for producers to feed nonproductive animals. Instead, they can consider marketing culled cows earlier than normal to take advantage of higher market prices. “If we’re short on forage we have the option of sliding by, but if cows are thin going into the fall, fewer will be bred, calves will be lighter at weaning time this year and fewer calves will be born next year,” Lemenager said. “Then, if cows are

thin heading into next breeding season, fewer cows will be bred and colostrum quality will be lower, meaning a lower calf survival rate which affects productivity in years two and three.” To avoid the threeyear “tail,” he said producers might need to pay the price now to supplement feed and make sure cows are healthy and in moderate body condition. Healthy cows will breed better and can shorten the time producers face fallout from the drought. In addition to monitoring body condition, Lemenager and Purdue Extension forage specialist Keith Johnson offered producers a list of steps they can take to manage drought and heat stress: Avoid overgrazing and employ rotational grazing Creep-feed calves to create near normal weaning weights Early-wean calves to take pressure off of both cows and pastures Identify and manage poisonous plants in pastures and hay fields Establish summer annuals to increase late-season forage production Pre gnancy-check and market cull cows earlier than normal to reduce feed needs Inventory hay and other feed resources Analyze feeds for nutrient profiles to help determine supplemental feed needs Use alternative feeds to supplement and stretch forage supplies Limit hay access time to stretch forage supplies Limit-feed a highconcentrate diet to stretch forage supplies Graze crop residues and stockpiled forages to reduce harvested feed needs Use drought-stressed corn for grazing, green chop or silage Make sure cattle have access to a clean, cool water supply Moisten the soil around ground rods of electric fences.

July 18, 2012


Judy Ward addresses the Honeywell House audience at the event Three Pianists. The performance featured favorite pieces of local pianists Emily France, Judy Ward, and Susan Vanlandingham. Each of the performers has extensive musical backgrounds and has been deeply involved in the musical training of area students for years. The event was made possible by corporate sponsor Edward Jones Investments, Amy Sullivan. (photo provided)

Hayley Wilcox and Christopher Hearn to wed Sep. 8

Amelia Nevarez and Todd Holmquist to wed

Hayley Wilcox and Christopher Hear would like to announce their engagement and upcoming wedding. Hayley Marie Wilcox, North Manchester, is the daughter of Scott and Kim Wilcox and Jared and Amy Robinson. She is a 2006 Manchester High School graduate, as well as an Indiana University of Kokomo graduate with a Bachelors of Science in nursing. She is currently employed at Kosciusko Community Hospital as a registered nurse. Christopher Bleakley Hearn, Wabash, is the son of Scott and Lisa Hearn. He is a graduate of Wabash High School. He also graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelors Degree of Urban Planning and Development. He is currently employed at Ironclad Excavating. The couple is planning a Sept. 8 wedding at Bachelor Creek Church of Christ.

Richard and Beverly Holmquist, Wabash, announce the engagement and upcoming wedding of their son Todd Holmquist, M.D., Rochester, N.Y., to Amelia Kathrine Nevarez of Rochester, N.Y., daughter of Juan and Kathrine Nevarez of Pittsford, N.Y. Amelia Nevarez is a graduate of Pittsford Sutherland High School, Pittsford,N.Y. She graduated from St. John Fisher College, Pittsford, N.Y, with a Bachelor of Arts and from State University of New York at Buffalo, with a Master of Social Work. She is employed as a social worker in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of

Rochester Medical Center. Todd Holmquist is a graduate of Richmond High School, Richmond. He also graduated from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, with a

Bachelor of Arts; from Purdue University, Fort Wayne, with a Master of Science; and Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, with a Doctor of Medicine. He is

employed as a vascular neurologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center. A September 2012 wedding is planned. The couple will reside in Rochester, N.Y.

Melissa Harrison and Justin Shelton wed April 14 The double wedding ring ceremony at the International Palms Resort, in Cocoa Beach, Fla., united Melissa and Justin in marriage on April 14. David Snyder, uncle of the groom, officiated the ceremony. Given in marriage by her brother, Dustin Harrison, Umitilla, Fla. Also in the ceremony was Jamie Goulet, Erie, Pa., maid of honor, Kelsey Rowles, Deltona, Fla., bridesmaid, Larry Schreiber, Deltona, Fla., best man, David Friedland, Jose Vargas, both of Deltona, Fla., were groomsmen. Rylee Harris, great niece of bride, Umitilla, Fla., was flower girl, and Brock Aaron Shelton, son of bride and groom, was ring bearer. A reception followed the ceremony on the deck of the resort, overlooking the ocean with music provided by a D.J. Justin is the son of the late Maurice “Moe” Shelton of Deltona, Fla., and Jean (Jeff) Whitmer, Wabash. Melissa is the daughter of the late Wendell Harrison, and Paula Harrison of Deltona, Fla. The couple will take their honeymoon in June, on a cruise to the Bahamas.

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July 18, 2012

Peabody Retirement Community Celebrates the Ageless Spirit

P e a b o d y R e t i r e m e n t Community continues to create opportunities for their residents, families, staff and their extended community to thrive and grow. The healthcare residents have been sailing through June with a multitude of outings and activities. The dry weather has not evaporated our

June 14, HCS went to the Ft. Wayne Children’s Zoo and on June 21 HCN went as well. Weather cooperated and was just right as they strolled through the areas enjoying all the different animals. Many Residents commented on the beautiful plants. In the month of June, Healthcare

enthusiasm as we’ve celebrated our boating theme of the month, says Martha Walther, Healthcare R e c r e a t i o n Coordinator On June 12, we visited the Boathouse in Winona Lake. Residents had a great view as they dined. Coconut shrimp and Tilapia were the favorite among most. On

‘the paper’ PETS OF THE WEEK Available For Adoption At The Wabash County Animal Shelter: 810 Manchester Ave. • 260-563-3511 Monday - Friday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Pitbull 5 months Male Very Playful 1 & Half Yr Old Female Friendly “Pet of the Week” photos are taken each Friday. If the pet featured has already been adopted, many others are still waiting for good homes!

J&K’s " ! Announcing Crystal Weider has joined our team of professional groomers. Crystal brings 10 years of professional grooming experience with dogs and cats.

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J&K’s • FUL L LI NE OF PET SUPP LI ES • • j kaquariums .co m •

WABAS H 1 42 5 N. Ca s s S t, W a ba s h Cr o s si n g • 26 0- 56 3- 03 52

also has started a new outing and began fishing every Wednesday morning. A group of gentleman and sometimes ladies join together as they sit back, relax, and whistle as they wait for a bite. This week, Chester Swinger caught a fish. “As we “sail” out of June, we’re exploding with new ideas and adventures for July. Stay posted for more exciting news from healthcare,” says Walther. “We provide innovative living for seniors at Peabody and are committed to the enrichment of life as we celebrate the ageless spirit,” says Sue Roesner, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Hunter DeKoninck Graduates from Wake Forest University Hunter DeKoninck from North Manchester received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wake Forest University during commencement exercises May 21. Charlie Ergen, the chairman of satellite

broadcaster DISH Network Corporation and EchoStar Communications Corporation gave the commencement address to over 1,700 graduates. A renowned businessman, leader and

entrepreneur, Ergen encouraged graduates to pause and reflect upon lessons they learned as children and embody those ideas as they enter the world as alumni.

Alyssa Adams on Indiana Wesleyan University’s Dean’s List Alyssa Nicole Adams has received recognition on the Indiana Wesleyan University Dean’s List for the spring semester of the 2012 academic year. To be named on this list, a student must obtain a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and carry at least 12 credit hours for the semester.


MR. AND MRS. ROBERT SUMMERS, Wabash, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a family celebration at Lake Manitou, Rochester. The couple will then take a trip west to the Grand Canyon, as well as other sites in the area of Las Vegas, and the Hoover Dam. Robert and Joyce (Dillon) were married on July 6, 1962 at the LaFontaine United Methodist Church, by Rev. Pete Mitchell. Bob Retired from Ford Meter Box in 2005, and Joyce retired fro working part-time at the Wabash County Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2010. The couple has two children, Brenda (Kevin) Prosser, Wabash and Terry (Amanda) Summers, Muncie; and four grandchildren, Kerri and Kraig Prosser, and Audrey and Ellie Summers. (photo provided)

July 18, 2012


Tractors • Trucks • Engines Equipment • Crafts Entertainment Friday Evening Only! 6:00pm Kiddie Tractor Pull 7:30pm Common Ground Band Food Vendor - Southern Fried Snack Shack Farm Equipment Demonstrations Daily

Funeral Homes

Wabash • LaFontaine

For more info: Frank Gotschall 765-384-4567 Sheila (Bubbles) Lynn 765-981-2905

Ross Fisher, 93 Member of First United Methodist Church May 5, 1919 – July 13, 2012 Ross H. Fisher, 93, formerly of Wabash, passed away at July 13, 9:45 a.m., at Peabody Healthcare Center, North Manchester. He was born to the late Omer P. and Leora (Helvey) Fisher on May 5, 1919 in Miami County. He was formerly married to Maxine Baldwin in 1940, she passed away in 1987; he then married Velma Benson in April of 1972, she passed away May 27, 2012. He was a 1939 graduate of Richard Township High School, Chili. Mr. Fisher was a member of First United Methodist Church, Wabash. He was a farmer for 40 years, then he was a tool salesman. He is survived by a son, Michael Fisher (Sharon) of Wabash; daughter, Mrs. Danny (Karen) Howell of Antwerp, Ohio; step daughter, Margaret Jo Wadkins, Wabash; eight grandchildren, Craig Fisher (Tammy), Silver Lake, LeAnn O’Bannon, Marion, Missy Scott (Donald), Claypool, Denitza Fisher, Warsaw, Nick Fisher, Roann, Tia Albea (Brian) of Marion, Chris Howell (Caryn) of Goshen, and Heidi Morris (Donald) of New Haven: and 18 great-grandchildren. He was also preceded in death by a son, Max Fisher (Becky), brother and sister, along with his parents and wives, Maxine and Velma. Funeral Services were held July 16 at McDonald Funeral Home, 231 Falls Avenue, Wabash, Indiana 46992. Officiating the service was Pastor Kurt Freeman. Burial followed in the Lagro Cemetery, Lagro. Preferred memorials are to the Wabash County Animal Shelter, 810 Manchester Avenue, Wabash, Indiana 46992. Online condolences may be sent to the family at

Mary Lou Christman, 84 Member of Faith Baptist Church Nov. 8, 1927 – July 15, 2012

Mary Lou Christman, 84, Wabash, died July 15, 6:10 a.m., at Autumn Ridge Healthcare Center, Wabash. She was born Nov. 8, 1927 in Wabash County, to George Elmer and Opal Harriett (Barnes) Millican. She married Willard “Bill” Christman in Amboy, on Oct. 17, 1970; he died Nov. 13, 1999. Mrs. Christman attended Wabash High School. She worked at Wabash Magnetics. She was a member of Faith Baptist Church, the V.F.W. Auxiliary, American Legion Auxiliary, and Women of the Moose, all of Wabash. She enjoyed collecting dolls, watching soap operas, playing bingo, and especially loved her grandchildren. She is survived by two children, Linda Brooks, and Bill (Brenda) Chaplin, both of Wabash; three grandchildren, Shawna (Steve) Bisson, Crestwood, Ky., Jamie (Kelly) Brooks, Cedar Lake, and Billy Chaplin, Wabash; and six great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her three sisters, Betty O’Brien, Jean Dyer, and Lenna Summers. Funeral services will be held at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave. Wabash on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 2 p.m. with Pastor Danny Boone officiating. Burial will be in Memorial Lawns Cemetery, Wabash. Friends may call 4-8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. The memorial guest book for Mrs. Christman may be signed at

Margaret Barton, 89 Member of Christian Fellowship Church July 6, 1923 – July 12, 2012

Margaret Barton, 89, North Manchester, died July 12, 3:25 p.m., at her residence. She was born July 6, 1923 in Kosciusko County, to Oscar S. and Florence M. (Helser) Barton. She was a member of Christian Fellowship Church, North Manchester. She retired from United Technologies, North Manchester. Ms. Barton is survived by three sisters, Joann Hensley, North Manchester, Evelyn Hensley, North Manchester, and Shirley Winkler, Las Vegas, Nev.; six brothers, Bob Barton, Max Barton, Ed Barton, Harold Barton, Ralph Barton, and Virgil Barton, an MIA from WWII; and three sisters, Betty Poe, Hazel Shelton and Dorothy England, are deceased. Services were held July 15 at Christian Fellowship Church. Pastor Eddie Akins officiated. Burial was in Oaklawn Cemetery, North Manchester. For those who wish to honor the memory of Margaret Barton, memorial contributions may be made to Christian Fellowship Church, PO Box 61, North Manchester, IN 46962.

Wabash Police Department Accidents July 6 At approximately 4:26 p.m., a vehicle driven by Michael Meredith, 32, Wabash, rear-ended a vehicle driven by James Sprunger, 53, Wabash, at a stoplight at the intersection of SR 15 and SR 13. July 7 At approximately 3:55 p.m., a vehicle driven by Amy Lauer, 75, Wabash, pulled out of the Cinergy parking lot on Market Street and struck a fire hydrant. July 8 At approximately 8:15 p.m., a vehicle driven by Erica Olinger, 19, Wabash, struck a vehicle parked on Vermont Street while backing out of Kelly’s Ice Cream. July 9 At approximately 11:27 a.m., a moped driven by Robert E.

Dillon, 67, Wabash, braked to avoid contact with a vehicle driven by Tina R. Burger, 50, Wabash, at the intersection of Hill Street and Allen Street. Although no contact was made, the moped went down. July 10 At approximately 6:50 a.m., a vehicle driven by Robert Chalfant, 18, Wabash, collided with a vehicle driven by James Starbuck, 70, Wabash, at the intersection on Market Street and Cass Street. July 12 At approximately 5:17 p.m., a vehicle driven by Amy J. Brown, 39, Wabash, collided with a vehicle driven by Eldon Templin, 86, while each vehicle was backing up from parking spaces on North Cass Street. July 13 At approximately 12:35 p.m., a vehicle owned by Jonathan Bentley, 35, Wabash,

Joyce Butcher, 50 Member of Christian Heritage Church Aug. 23, 1961 – July 14, 2012

rolled into Deborah M. Bentley, 56, Lagro while both vehicles were parked. July 15 At approximately 4:53 p.m., a vehicle driven by Brittany Mudd, 21, backed into the driver’s side of a Ford Crown Victoria while backing out of a parking space at the Honeywell Center. At approximately 10:20 p.m., a vehicle driven by Roscoe Black, 25, Wabash, struck a guardrail on Smith Street while falling asleep at the wheel. Citations July 6 Jasmine Dunn, 22, Fort Wayne, speeding. Katharine Norwalk, 62, Indianapolis, speeding. July 7 Allison Huff, 37, 2863S 700W, Wabash, expired license plate. Branden Miller, 25, 7432 W. River Rd, Roann, false and fictitious plates. July 8 Kristen Fawley, 19, Linton, operating

while never been licensed. July 9 Chirstopher A. Mollette, 27, Andrews, failure to appear for operating while never been licensed. Cooper Bostwick, 16, 1647 Hawthorne, speeding. July 12 Jule M. Haig, 32, Elwood, DLSS-prior. Nicolas Luttrell, 16, 1406 Adams Street, Wabash, battery. Margaret ThorpBrown, 40, 47 E. Sheridan, Wabash, warrant/probation. July 13 Darrin Martin, 31, 379 West Sinclair Street, Wabash, domestic battery. Levi Sutton, 17, 2560W 550S, Wabash, speeding. July 14 Lisa Gant, 30, 176 Manchester Avenue, Wabash, disorderly conduct. Jeremy Melton, 30, 176 Manchester Avenue, Wabash, disorderly conduct. July 15 (continued on page 14)

Aleea Brubaker North Manchester resident Nov. 14, 2009-July 8, 2012

Joyce Ann Butcher, 50, rural Wabash, died July 14, 5:34 p.m., at Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne. She was born August 23, 1961 in Wabash, to Charles E. Sr. and Ann (Branson) Osborne. Mrs. Butcher was a 1979 graduate of Wabash High School and was a homemaker. She was a member of the Christian Heritage Church in Wabash. She enjoyed working out at the YMCA, reading, listening to Christian music, going on cruises, and spending time with her family. She loved her dog, Sugar. She is survived by her husband, Jeffrey Butcher; two children, Trent R. Butcher and Kristie A. Butcher; her parents, Charles E. Sr. and Ann Osborne, all of Wabash; two brothers, Charles E. “Chuck” Osborne, Jr. of Wabash, and Donald (DeAnn) Osborne of Leesburg; and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held at GrandstaffHentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Avenue, Wabash, on Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 10:30 a.m., with Pastor Tim Prater officiating. Entombment will be in the Chapel of Remembrance Mausoleum at Memorial Lawns Cemetery in Wabash. Friends may call July 18, 4-8 p.m., at the funeral home. Preferred memorial is Christian Heritage Church or Church of God Worship Center.

Aleea Dawn Brubaker, 2, North Manchester, died July 8. She was born Nov. 14, 2009, in Warsaw to Brad A. and Trista D. (Helvey) Brubaker. They survive in North Manchester. Also surviving are two sisters, Addison Brubaker and Ainslee Brubaker. paternal grandparents Alan “Pete” and Monica Brubaker, North Manchester; maternal grandparents Dennis and Connie Helvey, South Whitley; paternal great grandparents Eloise Brubaker, North Manchester, and Eldon and Marianne Fruitt, North Manchester; maternal great grandmother Donabelle Hoffman, Akron. Services will be held Thursday, July 12 at 10 a.m. in First Brethren Church, 407 N. Sycamore Street, North Manchester. Friends and family may call on Wednesday, July 11 from 12-8 p.m. at McKee Mortuary, 1401 State Road 114 West, North Manchester. Pastor Kurt Stout will officiate services, and burial will follow at Fairview Cemetery, Servia. For those who wish the honor the memory of Aleea Dawn Brubaker, memorial contributions may be made to Riley Childrens Hospital, 30 W. Meridian St. Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46204. To send a private condolence to the Brubaker family, use the Condolence link at


Brandon Blevis, 34, 1009 Indian Hills Drive, failure to appear-theft. Wabash County Sheriff ’s Department Citations July 12

Tara L. CollinsDucey, 44, Fortville, speeding. Bradley E. Clayton, 26, Dunkirk, speeding. Kevin Buergelin, 35, Beech Grove, speeding. E l i z a b e t h Geiselmayr, Maretta, Ga., speeding.

Alice Wagmer Wabash County Hospital Nurse’s Aid Sept. 13, 1939-July 13, 2012 Catherine Alice Wagmer, 72, formerly of Wabash, died at 5:40 a.m. Friday, July 13, 2012 at Peabody Healthcare Center in North Manchester. She was born Sept. 13, 1939 in Wabash to William L. and Catherine (Murphy) Fleck. Catherine married James Wagmer in Wabash, on August 26, 1989. He died December 21, 1999. She was a nurse’s aide at the Wabash County Hospital and at Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne. She was also a former secretary at the Wabash Senior Center and a dog groomer. Catherine was a member of St. Bernards Catholic Church in Wabash and a past president of the Wabash V.F.W. Auxillary. She lived most of her life in Wabash moving to Silver Lake in 2000 and to the Peabody Retirement Community in 2006. She is survived by three children, Michael S. (Karla Hoskins) Doub, Silver Lake, Mary (Kathy Smart) Doub, Anna Maria Island, Fla., and Catherine “Kit” Bettencourt, Wabash; two step children, David A. (Jane) Wagmer, Wabash, and Deborah (Anthony) Allman of Aiken, S. C.; a brother, William (Mary Catherine) Fleck, Silver Lake; seven grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren, and a great-great granddaughter. She was also preceded in death by her parents and her brother, John Fleck. Funeral services will be held at St. Bernard Catholic Church, 188 W. Sinclair Street, Wabash, on Monday, July 16, 2012 at 10 a.m. with Father Sextus Don officiating. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, Tipton. Friends may call 2-5 p.m. Sunday at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Ave, with a rosary services at 5 p.m. The memorial guest book for Catherine may be signed at

July 18, 2012

July 13 Joshua Kline, 21, 5817 South America Road, Wabash, disregarding a

stop sign. Zachary Hollinger, 23, Warsaw, speeding. Elizabeth Lake, 41,

Lorna Mason

Fishers, speeding. Katie Mast, Goshen, speeding.


Jane Leming, 67, 1012 Sunset Drive, Wabash, speeding.

John S. Kincannon, 24, Indianapolis, speeding. (continued on page 15)

Johnie Shepherd, 88 U.S. Marine veteran

Member of Wabash Alliance Church

May 19, 1924 – July 6, 2012

Oct. 29, 1927-July 13, 2012

Johnie Shepherd, 88, Silver Lake, died July 6, 8:50 a.m., at Kosciusko Community Hospital, Warsaw. He was born May 19, 1924 in Magoffin, Ky., to Frank and Ella Mae (Wireman) Shepherd. On June 15, 1957, he married Jackelene Warrix. He worked at Da-Lite Screen, Warsaw, for 28 years, retiring in 1986. Mr. Sheperd served in the U.S. Marines in the South Pacific from 19431946. He was a member of Warsaw American Legion Post #49, a life member of the First Marine Division Association and attended Akron Church of God. He loved the outdoors, mushroom hunting, gardening and enjoyed small town festivals and Friday Night Jams at Akron. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Johnie Wayne (Sandra) Shepherd, Silver Lake, and James Cephus Shepherd, Warsaw; three brothers, Chester Shepherd, Silver Lake, Joe Shepherd, Silver Lake, and Jeff (Vicki) Shepherd, North Webster; four sisters, Mrs. Cecil (Ocie) Shumaker, Akron, Cynthia Harmon, Wabash, Mrs. Junior (Thelma) Jackson, North Manchester, and Mrs. Gary (Avenell) Smith, Akron; and four grandchildren. Four brothers and two sisters are deceased. Services were held July 9 at McKee Mortuary, 1401 State Road 114 W, North Manchester. Pastor Terry Canfield officiated. Burial was in Lakeview Cemetery, Silver Lake. For those who wish to honor the memory of Mr. Shepherd, memorial contributions may be made to Akron Church of God, 301 S. West Street, Akron, IN 46910. To send a private condolence to the Shepherd family, use the condolence link on the homepage.

Lorna M. Mason, 84, of Wabash, died at 4:30 p.m., Friday, July 13 at Visiting Nurse and Hospice Home in Fort Wayne. She was born October 29, 1927 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Pauline Marie (Prickett) Fogel and John Jack Freshour. She graduated from Lincolnville High School in 1945 and attended Ball State University. She married Lloyd E. Mason in Lincolnville on June 29, 1946. Lorna was a former member of Dora Christian Church and a present member of Wabash Alliance Church since 1958. She worked at General Electric in Fort Wayne, worked as a photo color artist for several photo studios in the area, was a Quality Control Analyst for General Tire in Wabash, retiring in 1977, was a realtor for Yohe Realty in Wabash, and was a self employed artist. She is survived by husband, Lloyd E. Mason of Wabash; three children, Linda (Ronald) Mears of Danville, Indiana, Diana (Daryl) King of Wheatfield, Indiana, and John Paul (Teresa) Mason of Wabash; two sisters, Floranna (John) Gillespie of Wabash, and Rhonda (David) Vanderpool of Somerset; her sister-in-law, Ethel Fogel of Wabash; five grandchildren, six great grandchildren, several nieces, nephews, and cousins. She was preceded in death by her parents; her brother, Paul Herman Fogel; her sister and brother-in-law, Udene and Amagene (Fogel) Pefley; her son-in-law, Donald Rumpf, her grandson, Bryce Adler Mason; and her grandparents, Cleve and Bertha Prickett. Funeral services will be held at Wabash Alliance Church, 1206 N. Cass Street, Wabash, on July 18 at 10 a.m. Burial will be in the Marion National Cemetery. Friends may call 48 p.m., July 17 at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Avenue, and one hour prior to the service on Wednesday at the church. Preferred memorial is Gideon’s International. The memorial guest book for Lorna may be signed at

Escaping Death Is Not An Option... But Planning For It Is!


1241 Manchester Ave. • Wabash (260) 563-1372


207 West Main St. • North Manchester (260) 982-4393


335 South Chippewa St. • Roann (765) 833-5591

Lawrence Pace, Jr., 98 Realtor April 20, 1914-July 2, 2012

Lawrence Pace, Jr., 98, formerly of Wabash, died at 1:05 a.m., Monday, July 2, 2012, at The Neighborhood of Tellico Village in Loudon, Tenn. He was born April 20, 1914 in Hartford City to Lawrence E. and Goldie (Kimmel) Pace. Lawrence was a 1932 graduate of Hartford City High School and a 1934 graduate of Indiana Business College in Muncie. He married Kathryn Jane Thompson on November 21, 1940 in Indianapolis. She preceded him in death on March 5, 2008. He, Kathryn, and son, Lawrence T. “Tom,” moved to Wabash in 1950. He managed the Smith Alsop Paint and Varnish Company store from 1950 to 1953. He and Kathryn owned and operated the Pace Paint and Wallpaper store in Wabash from 1953 to 1965. He was a realtor and operated Pace Realty from 1965 to 1980. He worked for Century 21 Realtors from 1981 to 1994 and for other realtors. He worked for Rural Loan and Savings in Hartford City; the State of Indiana in Indianapolis; National Cash Register in Indianapolis and Toledo, Ohio. He was a World War II Army Veteran. He was a 50-year-plus member of the Presbyterian Church in Wabash serving as a Deacon, Elder, Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent, and a member of the building committee for the Christian Education Building. Lawrence was a member of the Wabash American Legion. He was a life-member of the Wabash Elks Lodge #471, Wabash County YMCA and the Wabash Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was a former member of the Rotary, Masonic and the Fort Wayne Shriners. He and Kathryn volunteered for Meals on Wheels. He is survived by Son, Lawrence T. “Tom” (Suzanne) Pace of Loudon; four nieces, Susan (Richard) Girard of Hartford City, Sarah Kyle of Huntington, Indiana, Rebecca (Irwin) Rubin of San Antonio, Texas, and Nancy (Ron) Collins of Franklin, Indiana; three nephews, Kenneth McMillian of Hartford City, Norman Pace, Jr. of Boulder, Colorado, and Harold W. Copeland, Jr. of Sebastian, Florida. His daughter-in-law, Diana Pace, two brothers, Norman and Harry Pace, and two sisters, Helen Pace and Virginia McMillan, preceded him in death. Memorial services will be at 11 a.m. July 18 at Wabash Presbyterian Church, 123 W. Hill Street, Wabash, with Rev. Jonathan Cornell officiating. Friends may call 10-11 a.m. at the church. Burial will be in Falls Cemetery. Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service of Wabash is in charge of the arrangements. Preferred memorial is Wabash Presbyterian Church. The memorial guest book for Lawrence may be signed at

July 18, 2012


July 6 Derek Kaser, 20, 106 South Mill Street, North Manchester, domestic battery-misdemeanor. Jarrett Bradley, 34, 144 East Grafton Street, Laketon, dealing-felony. Brian Kinstler, 35, 378 Sherman Street, Wabash, operating while intoxicatedfelony. July 7 Jeremy Gilbert, 35, Galveston, operating while intoxicated-misdemeanor. Justin Parsons, 24, 4998E SR124, revocation of probation, possession of controlled substance-felony. Zachary Drudge, 20, 90263N 200W, North Manchester, batterymisdemeanor. Robert Lucas, 25, 196 East Main Street, Wabash, revocation of probation, theft. July 8 Allison Huff, 37, 2863 700N, Wabash, intimidation-misdemeanor, trespassing-misdemeanor. Justin Rostron, 21, 640 Washington Street, Lagro, no local charges. James Black, 47, South Whitley, failure to stop after accident resulting in non-vehicle damage-misdemeanor. Andrew Ferguson, 20, Kokomo, possession of controlled substancemisdemeanor. July 9 Christopher Mollette, 27, 400 South Lane Street, Andrews, failure to appear-operating while never licensedmisdemeanor. Megan Cavins, 33, 66 East Maple Street, revocation of probationfelony. Jennifer Gillum, 31, 748 Evans Street, Wabash, forgery (x3)felony-plus $500 cash bond. Keith Eakright, 29, 12600S SR 13, North Manchester, battery. Andrew West, 24, 302 East Main Street, Silver Lake, possession of meth, false reporting. July 10 Ezra Gahl, 56, 504 North Walnut Street, North Manchester, battery-misdemeanor. Jacob Anderson, 20, 2095E 1000N, North Manchester, failure to appear-minor possession/consumption of alcohol-misdemeanor. July 11 David Jivery, 63, 62 Oak Street, Somerset, child molestationfelony. William Meeks, 30, Decatur, failure to appear-child support. July 12 Chad Jackson, 25, 606 North Sycamore Street, North Manchester, domestic batter-misdemeanor, on probation,

batter-misdemeanor. Margaret Bowen, 40, 47 Sheridan Street, Wabash, revocation of probation-misdemeanor, visiting a common nuisance, possession of paraphernaliamisdemeanor. July 13 Paul Ruckman, 28,

Claypool, revocation of bond-felony, battery, residential entry. Randell Leibo, 25, 1474 Grand Street, Wabash, burglary, theft. Darrin Martin, 379 West Sinclair Street, Wabash, domestic battery. Jeremy Day, 40,

Bluffton, possession of marijuana. July 14 Lisa Gant, 30, 1420 Quaker Avenue, Wabash, disorderly conduct. John Greene, 38, 120 Stitt Street, Wabash, failure to appear-driving while suspended-misdemeanor.

Bob Owen Celetex retiree Feb. 11, 1937-July 10, 2012 Robert “Bob” M. Owen, 75, Lagro, passed away on Tuesday, July 10 at 4:01 a.m. at Parkview Regional Medical Center, Fort Wayne. He was born in Wabash on Feb. 11, 1937 to the late Richard Owen and Martha Messer Prater. He married Linda Shaffer on May 18, 1957. She survives. He attended Wabash Schools and worked at Celetex for 39 years, retiring in 1999. He was a member of the Church of God Worship Center on Mill Street in Wabash. He was also known as Dodo. Along with his wife, Linda, he is survived by two daughters, Cindy McNear, Lagro, and Martha (David) Clark, Columbia City; a brother, Spencer Owen of Corpus Christie, Texas; eight grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his parents and his daughter, Dorothy. There will be no services. Burial will be held at a later date. McDonald Funeral Home, 231 Falls Ave., handled the arrangements. Online Condolences may be made at

COLUMBIA CITY 119 Hoosier Drive 260-244-4111

Jeremy Melton, 30, disorderly conduct. July 15 Brooke Taylor, 27,

Cincinnati, Ohio, felony residential entry, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing.


Brandon Blevins, 34, 1009 Indian Hills Drive, Wabash, failure to appear/theft.

Max Gray, 75 Attended Lincolnville United Methodist Church July 24, 1936 – July 8, 2012

Max E. Gray, 75, Wabash, died July 8, 12:10 a.m., at Miller’s Merry Manor, Wabash. He was born July 24, 1936 in Huntington County, to Eugene and Edith (Castator) Gray. On June 29, 1968 he married Ceolia W. Carrouthers. She survives. Max was a 1954 graduate of Laketon High School and attended Lincolnville United Methodist Church. He is also survived by a son, R. Scott (Sheila) Gray, Mexico, Ind., and a daughter, Alice (Charles) Harrington, Angleton, Tex., five sisters, Winnifred Keefer, Calera, Okla.; Janet Tuvell, Syracuse; Joyce DeWitt, Pelion, S.C.; June Hubburd, Ozark, Ala.; and Betty Irland, Pelion, S.C. One grandchild, two step-grandchildren and one step great-grandchild. Also surviving is his faithful canine, Darbi. His parents, two brothers and two sisters are deceased. No calling or services are planned. Arrangements were entrusted to McKee Mortuary, 1401 State Road 114 West, North Manchester, IN. For those who wish to honor the memory of Max E. Gray, memorial contributions may be made to American Heart Association, 6100 W. 96th St. Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46278 or American Diabetes Association, 6415 Castleway W. Drive, Suite 114, Indianapolis, IN 46250 or Alzheimers Association, 50 E. 91st St. Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

WABASH 905 N. Cass St. 260-563-6333

HUNTINGTON 2808 Theater Ave., Suite B 260-356-2220


July 18, 2012

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Sandi Pence Sandiatthepaper

DOWNTOWN N O R T H MANCHESSTER MOBBED: Monday, July 9, two downtown businesses were mobbed by local community members. Andrew Duffy is the brains behind the idea of the community patronizing local merchants. One World Handcrafts and Mr. Daves were the chosen businesses and have reported a marked increase in business on the ninth. The goal is to monthly choose two local businesses and spend $20 at the two businesses. We have such a variety of businesses in North Manchester and it is a tribute to our town to be supportive of those businesses by frequenting them. I will keep you posted as to the next target of mobbing. THIRD ANNUAL TOWN WIDE GARAGE SALE: The third annual North Manchester Town Wide Garage Sale is being set for August 3 and 4. Apparently some 85 participated in the second annual garage sale and it is hopeful to increase participation this year. The goal of having a town wide garage sale is to bring in curious buyers from around and outside the community. Having the sale in August allows no competition with the earlier summer sales and possibly repeat sales. The Chamber is planning the event with assistance from the News Journal. The advertising of the sales will be printed in the News Journal and The Paper. The drop-off site will be downtown at the Journal for you to submit your sale information. Also, they will be printing a list of the locations for two days along with a detailed map highlighting each location. The Paper will also be printing the information in one issue. For more information please contact the Chamber at 260-982-7644. 4TH OF JULY


July 18, 2012

FIREWORKS: Over 1,500 people were in attendance of the 4th of July Fireworks display. The evening was filled with the music provided by the Manchester Civic Band. Refreshments were available to purchase while we enjoyed the show. I have to admit in the many years that I have been attending the fireworks show, this was my favorite. A special Thank You to the firemen who were diligently watering the area and also in attendance to monitor the need for their services. LifeMed was also on-site and available if needed. Many other volunteered their time to insure a safe and enjoyable time. RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE: July 19 from 12-6 p.m. at the North Manchester Church of the Brethren located at 1306 N. Beckley Street will be the location of the next summer blood drive. Often we don’t think about the need for blood or its supply until it hits ourselves or our family. However the short time it takes for one to attend a blood drive can and does save lives. Anyone over the age of 17 weighing at least 110 pounds is eligible to donate blood as long as they have not donated within the last 56 days. If you are 16 years old and wish to donate you can provide a written consent form signed by a parent or guardian to do so. All presenting donors will be receiving a tshirt for their time and gracious gift. If you have ever wanted to do something heroic in your life, this is a wonderful way to do it. Help save a life by giving a pint. THE PAPER DOES PRINTING: We are in the process of planning our daughter’s wedding and I was pleased as the prospect of having her print work done by The Paper. I was able to meet with the printing department representative, provide the information to be printed and an idea for the background. I was surprisingly pleased to receive an e-mail later that day of a rough draft of the invitations which were perfect. They took our idea and improved upon them. We received same day response and delivery in a matter of days.

They were able to do addressing on envelopes as well as RSVPs which help minimize the work we would be required to do ourselves. The pricing was below others we had checked into. I would recommend them again and again so if you have any printing needs check out what The Paper’s printing department can offer. TALK TO ME: Does your church group, club or other group have an event or something of inter-

est the rest of the community would be interested in hearing about? Let me know and I can pass it along. Do you have any questions about what’s happening in this town, if so, ask me and I will do my best to find the answer for you. DEADLINE for news is Wednesday by 5 p.m. for the following week’s edition. If you woul like to include yourself or a friend or neighbor in the birthday or anniversary list,

please let me know at my email address. I also have a Facebook page if you spend your time on there. If you don’t have access to a computer and would rather contact by phone, you can call 578-7319 and if I don’t answer please leave me your information. If you would rather a return call I will do so. This is your column and it is my desire to include the information you need and will enjoy reading so I’m waiting to hear from you.





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July 18, 2012

Elaine England laketontoday@ THE TOWN OF LAFONTAINE has lost two long-standing buildings in the last couple months. The LaFontaine Co-op

Elevator which had burned in the 1960s, and then it was rebuilt and was a working elevator until 2011. LaFontaine Christian Church building on Kendall Street is no longer there. This building was no longer needed because; they built a new church out at the edge of town, just off of Highway 15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark Bachman, Tina McKinley Reed, Lucille Highley, Rex Perlich,

July 19; Tyler Guenin, Lisa Enyeart, July 20; Larry Eib, Dusty, July 21; Earl Poe, Maxine Taylor, July 22; Greg Dawes, Robert Sherman, July 23; Kim Polk, Ellen Poe, Marilyn Speicher, July 24; Sue Barnhill July 25 H A P P Y ANNIVERSARY Steve and Carol Nose, July 20; Earl and Phyllis Poe, July 21; Brad and Connie Crump, July 25. PARENTS: This Summer Feed Program

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SCHOLARSHIPS WINNERS, starting left to right: Jacob Bunnell, Mr. Friermood excepting for his son Kevin (who had to work), Lion President Larry Eib and Bailey Whitton. Nicholas Striker was not available do to a family vacation. (photo provided) will end on July 27, so be sure and take your children to the Summer Feed Program at the LaFontaine School from 11 a.m. to noon Monday–Friday. All children 18 and younger eat free. Adults may eat for a very small charge. You go in at door number four, which is the far door on the north side and closest to the ball diamond. Be sure and take advantage of this program. L A F O N TA I N E METHODISTS FOOD PANTRY is open Monday– Thursday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. They can always use food and paper supplies. Please help those in need in our community by bringing items to the church. L A F O N TA I N E TOWN COUNCIL was called to order at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, July 9 in the Town Hall by Councilman Dan Guenin. Present was Councilmen: Dan Guenin, Gary Henderson, Jon Gillespie, Others: Danielle Stouffer, Paul Karst, Denny Jones, Jay Gillespie, Tom Simpson. Minutes were approved. Open Issues: Paul Karst reported that the consistent dog barking on East Kendall Street mentioned in the June minutes has improved. New Business: Ms. Carla Thurston requested an adjustment to her utility bill, because she had not received a trashcan from Wabash Valley Refuge after repeated calls. Board approved an adjustment for $11.72 on her bill. Town

of LaFontaine council approved raising Sanitation rates by $2 starting with August billing cycle. Town board discussed shutting half of the streetlights off to save on the town’s light bill. Clerk will check with Duke Energy to see how this could be done and if there will be a charge to shut them off. Police report was given. Utility report: Bill adjustments was requested by Jean Sneed due to water used up from 2,500 a month. to 36,000 a month. She stated that she has had water softener check, toilets checked and no problems were found. Mr. Jones checked the water meter while tenant was gone and the meter was moving while no one was home. No adjustment at this time due to lack of knowledge of where leak is or if it will continue. Ordinance Updates: The Town of LaFontaine needs to collect a deposit when people move in. Clerk will check with surrounding cities on what they collect as a deposit. Utility rates need adjusted and raised. Mr. Jones will call Steve Brock, who compiled the Water Rate Study, and see where we need to go from there. Water Operating Fund is very low at this time. Water leak on Kendall Street will be fixed by the town. Wastewater: Tow pumps were clogged on Friday by a hand towel. Rolling Meadows staff came and confirmed it was their towel that came from Rolling

$ $21,900 "







$ !




Meadows. Lift Station No. 3: Pump No. 1–replaced, Pumps No. 2 and No. 3 pulled Friday due to being clogged by a towel. Misc.: town Clean Up went well. New Utility Garage Update-At this time the board will hold off on purchasing a door opener at his time. Window: Board it up. Coolers and Shelving: Scrap shelving and coolers that do not work. Greg HouserElevator Property – He was not present to discuss this issue. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Next general meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 13th in the LaFontaine Town Hall. For a complete report, pick up a copy at the Town Hall. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Happiness lies ahead for those who cry; those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. “When you give up your own truth to win at someone else’s game everyone loses.” Stephen C. Paul PLEASE GET YOUR Hometown DVD at the LaFontaine Town Hall. This is the DVD that was made of the LaFontaine History on July 18, 2011 in the L a F o n t a i n e Community Building. The proceeds go towards the town festival. L A F O N TA I N E C H R I S T I A N CHURCH YOUTH GROUP will be going to Pine Lake and to a movie on July 23. Any question please call Youth Minister: Jared Kidwell at 765-618-0883 I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU to send your news and pictures to me by Thursday before the Tuesday, when The Paper comes out to or 2258 E 1050 S LaFontaine, IN, 46940. These can be any club news, family, birthdays, anniversaries, births or parties. I am looking forward to receiving your news items.



July 18, 2012

Elaine England laketontoday@ THE TOWN OF LAFONTAINE has lost two long-standing buildings in the last couple months. The LaFontaine Co-op

Elevator which had burned in the 1960s, and then it was rebuilt and was a working elevator until 2011. LaFontaine Christian Church building on Kendall Street is no longer there. This building was no longer needed because; they built a new church out at the edge of town, just off of Highway 15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark Bachman, Tina McKinley Reed, Lucille Highley, Rex Perlich,

July 19; Tyler Guenin, Lisa Enyeart, July 20; Larry Eib, Dusty, July 21; Earl Poe, Maxine Taylor, July 22; Greg Dawes, Robert Sherman, July 23; Kim Polk, Ellen Poe, Marilyn Speicher, July 24; Sue Barnhill July 25 H A P P Y ANNIVERSARY Steve and Carol Nose, July 20; Earl and Phyllis Poe, July 21; Brad and Connie Crump, July 25. PARENTS: This Summer Feed Program

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We are a debt relief agency and help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.

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SCHOLARSHIPS WINNERS, starting left to right: Jacob Bunnell, Mr. Friermood accepting for his son Kevin (who had to work), Lion President Larry Eib and Bailey Whitton. Nicholas Striker was not available due to a family vacation. (photo provided) will end on July 27, so be sure and take your children to the Summer Feed Program at the LaFontaine School from 11 a.m. to noon Monday–Friday. All children 18 and younger eat free. Adults may eat for a very small charge. You go in at door number four, which is the far door on the north side and closest to the ball diamond. Be sure and take advantage of this program. L A F O N TA I N E METHODISTS FOOD PANTRY is open Monday– Thursday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. They can always use food and paper supplies. Please help those in need in our community by bringing items to the church. L A F O N TA I N E TOWN COUNCIL was called to order at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, July 9 in the Town Hall by Councilman Dan Guenin. Present was Councilmen: Dan Guenin, Gary Henderson, Jon Gillespie, Others: Danielle Stouffer, Paul Karst, Denny Jones, Jay Gillespie, Tom Simpson. Minutes were approved. Open Issues: Paul Karst reported that the consistent dog barking on East Kendall Street mentioned in the June minutes has improved. New Business: Ms. Carla Thurston requested an adjustment to her utility bill, because she had not received a trashcan from Wabash Valley Refuge after repeated calls. Board approved an adjustment for $11.72 on her bill. Town

of LaFontaine council approved raising Sanitation rates by $2 starting with August billing cycle. Town board discussed shutting half of the streetlights off to save on the town’s light bill. Clerk will check with Duke Energy to see how this could be done and if there will be a charge to shut them off. Police report was given. Utility report: Bill adjustments was requested by Jean Sneed due to water used up from 2,500 a month. to 36,000 a month. She stated that she has had water softener check, toilets checked and no problems were found. Mr. Jones checked the water meter while tenant was gone and the meter was moving while no one was home. No adjustment at this time due to lack of knowledge of where leak is or if it will continue. Ordinance Updates: The Town of LaFontaine needs to collect a deposit when people move in. Clerk will check with surrounding cities on what they collect as a deposit. Utility rates need adjusted and raised. Mr. Jones will call Steve Brock, who compiled the Water Rate Study, and see where we need to go from there. Water Operating Fund is very low at this time. Water leak on Kendall Street will be fixed by the town. Wastewater: Tow pumps were clogged on Friday by a hand towel. Rolling Meadows staff came and confirmed it was their towel that came from Rolling

$ $21,900 "







$ !




Meadows. Lift Station No. 3: Pump No. 1–replaced, Pumps No. 2 and No. 3 pulled Friday due to being clogged by a towel. Misc.: town Clean Up went well. New Utility Garage Update-At this time the board will hold off on purchasing a door opener at his time. Window: Board it up. Coolers and Shelving: Scrap shelving and coolers that do not work. Greg HouserElevator Property – He was not present to discuss this issue. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Next general meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 13th in the LaFontaine Town Hall. For a complete report, pick up a copy at the Town Hall. WORDS OF WISDOM: “Happiness lies ahead for those who cry; those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. “When you give up your own truth to win at someone else’s game everyone loses.” Stephen C. Paul PLEASE GET YOUR Hometown DVD at the LaFontaine Town Hall. This is the DVD that was made of the LaFontaine History on July 18, 2011 in the L a F o n t a i n e Community Building. The proceeds go towards the town festival. L A F O N TA I N E C H R I S T I A N CHURCH YOUTH GROUP will be going to Pine Lake and to a movie on July 23. Any question please call Youth Minister: Jared Kidwell at 765-618-0883 I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU to send your news and pictures to me by Thursday before the Tuesday, when The Paper comes out to or 2258 E 1050 S LaFontaine, IN, 46940. These can be any club news, family, birthdays, anniversaries, births or parties. I am looking forward to receiving your news items.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


By Eric Christiansen Managing Editor Manchester High School baseball player Connor McLaughlin will extend his high school career by three more games July 1415 as a member of the North team in the 38th Annual Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association All-Star S e r i e s . Fifty players were selected between the North and the South team. The game will be played at Ruxer Field in Jasper, with a single game on July 14, and a doubleheader on July 15. McLaughlin is the second Squire in two years to represent Manchester High School in the all-star series. Scott Baker was named to the North team last year. McLaughlin found out he made the team when he was at the State Finals watching Northfield win the title. “I asked (MHS head coach) Jack Rupley if he

heard anything,” McLaughlin explained. “Once I found out, I was thrilled. I called my grandparents and my parents. It’s quite an honor.” In 2012, McLaughlin had a 5-4 record with one save in 68 1/3 innings pitched. He struck out 137 and walked 27 batters. He gave up 36 runs on 42 hits, with 18 of them earned, for a 1.84 ERA. The senior also threw a no-hitter. In his 4-year career, he pitched 225 innings with an overall record of 24-11 with two saves. He had 381 strikeouts and 94 walks, and gave up 116 runs on 175 hits, 66 of them earned for an ERA of 2.05. McLaughlin is second all-time in strike outs at Manchester High School with 381, third all time for strike outs in a season with 137, and tied for third all time for career wins with 24. McLaughlin has signed with Division I IPFW to play baseball.

Tractor pull results

On June 29 and 30, Lagro held a pair of tractor pulls. Brad Eads placed first in the lightweight division after his machine pulled 327 percent of its weight. Gene Miller (323 percent) and Troy Miller (284 percent) took second and third. Gene Miller (329 percent) won the heavyweight division. Andy Eads (327 percent) came in second and Kevin Baker (313 percent) came in third. Charlie Straw won the open class at 372 percent, Brad Eads came in second with 369 percent and Jessica Rodriguez came in third after she pulled 347 percent. The Eel River Tractor Pullers, sponsored by Pefley Implement, competed on June 30 with 60 entrants over three classes. Dale Norman took first in the lightweight category after hauling 362.23 percent of his tractor’s weight. Tony Bakertook placed third, pulling 342.91 percent, and Bill Kirkpatrick came in third with 338.77 percent. Tony Baker took fourth, Kirkpatrick came in fifth on a different tractor, Gene Miller came in sixth, and Brandt Schrader placed seventh. Randy Renbarger won the medium-weight division after his tractor towed 361.13 percent. Kirkpatrick took second (359.42 percent) and

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IHSAA Commissioner issues final report on basketball tournament formats

Following weeks of public town meetings and surveying the IHSAA member schools, Commissioner Bobby Cox has issued his final report on the study of the boys and girls basketball tournament formats. The study originated following an agreement between Cox and Indiana State Senator Mike Delph (R) of Carmel to remove language Delph had introduced as part of Senate Bill 236 during the 2012 Indiana General Assembly which would have made it illegal for any school corporation to compete in a multiple class basketball tournament. A series of 11 meetings, hosted by both individuals, were scheduled around the state allowing citizens to voice their opinions on the basketball tournament formats and also vote their preference by straw ballot. Of the 514 ballots cast during the 11 meetings, 68.09 percent favored a return to the single class tournament while 31.91 percent supported the current multiple class tournament. The IHSAA also electronically surveyed principals, athletic administrators, boys and girls basketball coaches, as well as boys and girls varsity basketball players at IHSAA member schools. Each of those groups showed strong support for the multiple class tournaments with a majority of principals (76.82 percent), athletic directors (79.29 percent), basketball coaches (54.97 percent) and student-athletes (72.16) voting in favor.

Following the findings of the study, the IHSAA is not formulating any adjustments to the current tournament formats. Any proposals that would alter the current structures and authored by the member schools or the administrative and coaches associations will continue to be accepted and studied by the IHSAA Executive Committee. CONNOR MCLAUGHLIN TOSSES a pitch plate-ward in a game during the 2012 baseball season. The left-hander was recently named to the North team in the 38th Annual Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association All-Star Series. McLaughlin recently graduated from Manchester High School and signed to play for IPFW. (photo by Eric Christiansen)

IHSAA approves sixth football class, tournament success factor

The IHSAA Executive Committee approved a portion of an Indiana Football Coaches Association (IFCA) proposal in adding a sixth classification to the football state tournament beginning in 2013-14. The Committee also voted in favor of a two-year tournament success factor in each team sport (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball volleyball), an accumulation of points by which any school would move up one class based on tournament series performance during that time. Those decisions along with another that will see the IHSAA Girls Basketball State Finals return to Terre Haute for a second consecutive year highlighted the committee’s final monthly meeting of the 2011-12 school year on Thursday. Members of the IFCA had presented a multiple-part proposal to the IHSAA Executive Committee at its February meeting with the Committee then opting to table the proposal for continued study during its March gathering. In brief, it included adding a sixth competition class, seeding the top two teams in each sectional and adding a four-year “tradition factor”. The Executive Committee voted to adopt the sixth class (13-5), but rejected seeding the sectionals (1-17) as well as the four-year tradition factor (0-18) in favor of a similar proposal written by IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox calling for a two-year tournament success factor in each team sport (16-2), not just football. On a sport-by-sport basis, schools will earn one point for a sectional champiTHE 9/10 WOODEN BAT TOURNEY championship team members include onship, two points for a regional champi(front row, from left) Braden Brooks, Trenton Daughtry, (middle row) Gabe onship, three points for a semi-state title Lloyd, Peyton Deeter, Clayton Tomlinson, Peyton Sodervick, Drew Cooper, and four points for a state title. The maxiDereck Vogel, Gage Watkins, Jared Holley, Joe Leland, Wyatt Davis, (back row) mum number of points a team can earn in Asstistant Coach Gary Cooper, Coach Matt Daughtry and Assistant Coach Greg a single year is four points. Should a school earn six points or more during a Tomlinson. (photo provided) specified two-year period - for instance two state championship game appearBob Smith placed third (358.79 per- 11th. cent). Kirkpatrick also placed sevKirkpatrick took the top three ances - that school would compete in the enth, eighth and 10th on different spots in the heavyweight division. next higher enrollment class for the ensutractors. His three tractors pulled 369.28 per- ing two seasons. Tournament success Troy Miller came in fourth, Charlie cent, 359.34 percent and 342.84 per- achieved during the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school years will be used to determine Straw took fifth, Randy Renbarger cent of their weights. classifications in 2013-14. placed sixth, Brad Eads came in Gene Miller came in fourth and With regard to the sixth class, the curninth and Jessica Rodriguez placed Tony Baker took fifth. (continued on page 29)

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July 18, 2012

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563-4155 LUTHERAN Living Faith Church, worship service this Sunday at Falls Chapel, 725 Falls Avenue begins at 10:00 am. Please join us for an uplifting worship service filled with contemporary and traditional music, prayer, and a Bible-based message. Bible study classes for all ages begin at 9:00 am with fellowship time after worship. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship, inspiration and fellowship. Our facility is handicap accessible. Zion Lutheran Church, (Missouri Synod), 173 Hale Drive, Wabash – (260) 563-1886; Sunday School 9:15a.m.; Morning worship 10:30a.m.; Sunday Service - July 22nd, Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, Rev. Jeremy Yeadon will conduct the Adult Sunday School Class and Worship Service, Elder is Gary Masterson, Usher is Steve Dyer, Organist is Susan Garrett and Acolyte is Hallie Zolman. Trinity Lutheran Church, (ELCA)1500 S. Wabash St., Wabash, IN 46992, 260.563.6626, We worship our Lord each Sunday at 9 a.m. with a Gospel-based message and Holy Communion. There is a time of fellowship and refreshments immediately following the service. We are handicap accessible and everyone is welcome at Trinity! CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Congregational Christian Church, 310 N. Walnut Street, North Manchester; Phone: 260-982-2882;; Sunday Praise & Worship Services - 8:30 & 11:00 AM. Sunday School for all ages: 10:00 AM. Celebrate Recovery to help overcome life’s hurts, habits & hangups Thursday - Worship at 7-7:40 PM; Gender-based small groups at 7:45-8:30 PM. Celebration Station for children 12 and under during the same time. Pastors JP Freeman and Sebrena Cline. WESLEYAN CHURCH Washington Street Wesleyan Church, 480 Washington Street, Wabash. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Morning worship 10:30 a.m.; Evening service 6:00 p.m.. Wednesday Service 7:00 p.m. Prayer and Praise. Pastor Rev. Steve Hudson. Home phone 260569-1121. Cell 260-571-3219 NON-DENOMINATIONAL Christian Fellowship Church, 1002 State Road 114 East N. Manchester, IN 46962; Service times: Sundays -- Sunday School, 9 AM; Worship and Kids Church, 10 AM; Evening Service, 7 PM; Birthday Dinner the first Sunday night of the month: 6 PM. Wednesday night: Adult Bible Study: 7 PM; Missionettes and Royal Rangers: 7 PM. Youth Group: Sunday Nights at 6 PM. Children's Choir: Wednesdays at 6 PM. Second Sunday of each month, 7 PM, Possibilities Support Group for parents of children with special needs. We specialize in ministering to people with special needs and welcome families of children with autism and developmental delays. Come as you are. We don't follow rules, we follow Jesus. Everyone is welcome no matter what walk of life you are from. Pastors Eddie and Karla Akins 260-578-0190. On the web: Dinner Table Ministries, 31 E. Market St. Wabash, IN. Phone: 260-571-7686 or 260-274-2145. Pastor Roxane Mann;; Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., Kids Church 12 p.m., wednesday 6 p.m.; Our focus is on a Verse by Verse style, to better know Christ and His word is to be transformed in His light of lasting truth. Feast from His Table of spiritual food.; Celebrating Life in Restoration; Friday 7:15 p.m. Support group of Restoration from addictions, and hang ups and habits. Men/Women. Wednesday noon women only.

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563-1173 Encouraging Truth Ministries, Nixon Room in the Honeywell Center; Pastor Jackie Weaver; phone 765833-4793. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Faith Harvest Fellowship Church, meets in the Bowen Center gymnasium at 255 N Miami St. Wabash, IN. Pastor Bruce Hostetler can be reached at 260-5710548 or 260-563-4282. The church office is located at 2609 S. 100 W. Wabash, IN. We focus on knowing Christ and making Christ known through personal and community transformation. Join us on Sunday at 10 a.m. for food and fellowship followed by our worship celebration and Children’s worship at 10:15 a.m. YOU are also invited to our Wednesday evening Going Deeper class from 6:30-8 p.m. New Foundations Ministries Freedom Center, 111 Falls Ave., Wabash; phone 260-569-0630; Pastor Rick Tolley. Sunday Adult Bible Study & Fellowship 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.; Tuesday 7pm Bible Study. Center for biblical council by appointment. St. Paul’s County Line Church, 3995N 1000W, Phone 786-3365. Non-Denominational. Pastor Conrad Thompson. Sunday School at 9:00 a.m. Worship at 10:00 a.m. Youth program 6-8 p.m. on Sunday. Wednesday night Bible Study at 7 p.m. Walk by Faith Community Church, corner of Chippewa & Beamer Sts. in Roann; phone (765) 833-9931; fax (765) 8336561 Sunday School: 9:00 a.m.; Worship: 10:00 a.m.; Children’s Worship: 10:00 a.m.; Pastor - Brad Eckerley; Youth Pastor - Jody Tyner; Pastoral Care Minister - Donna Stiver; Sunday, July 22, 2012; Our worship leader for this Sunday is Jeremy Sweeten. Our greeters for this Sunday will be Tami Johnson and Debbie White and Jeremy and Michelle Sweeten. Brad Eckerley will be sharing the message with us. We invite all to come and worship.; July 20 - Church Council meeting 7 p.m.; Men’s Bible Study meets Wednesday mornings at 6:30 a.m.; “The Source” Youth Ministry meets every Sunday at 6 p.m.; Small groups meet at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evenings. PRESBYTERIAN Presbyterian Church, 123 W. Hill St., Wabash; phone 260-563-8881; fax 260-563-8882; Minister Rev. Jonathan Cornell; Worship is at 9:30 AM, Junior church is offered to children Kindergarten through 4th grade. Coffee hour is at 10:30 AM.; Nursery Available; e-mail:; website:, handicap accessible sanctuary. UNITED METHODIST Christ United Methodist Church, intersections of Wabash, Stitt & Manchester Ave.; phone 563-3308. Phil Lake, pastor. Facilities & provisions for the physically handicapped, hearing & sight impaired. Air conditioned. Worship 8:00am & 10:00am. with kids message and wee-worship at 10am service, MultiMedia Worship W/Praise Team; Sunday School 9:00 a.m. First United Methodist Church, 110 N. Cass St. Wabash, IN; Senior Pastor Rev. Kurt Freeman, Minister of Family Life and Outreach Rev. Heather Olson-Bunnell; Sunday Schedule 8:00 & 10:00 a.m. Worship Service, 9:00 a.m. Teen & Adult Sunday School; Children’s Breakfast Club & Activities, 10:15 a.m. Sunday School for Pre-School thru 5th Grade following Children’s Message (except for 1st Sunday each month.), Kids First Child Care, Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Missie Edwards, Director LaFontaine United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 57 (Kendall & Main St.), LaFontaine; Phone: 765.981.4021; Email: Pastor Brad Garrett. Sunday School Adult & Teens: 9:00 a.m.; Children’s Breakfast Club & Activities: 9:00 a.m.; Worship & Children’s Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.; Nursery is provided; Men’s Fellowship is the 1st Sunday of each month 8:00 a.m.; Prayer and Share every Wednesday 5:45 p.m.; Bible Study every Thursday morning 10:00 a.m. North Manchester United Methodist Church, 306 East Second St., North Manchester; (260) 982-7537; Pastor Kevin G. Dekoninck. (260) 578-2160; Worship 8:15 a.m.; Coffee Fellowship Time 9:00 a.m.; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.


July 18, 2012

Amanda Lyons 260-782-0471 lagronewscolumn


LAGRO GOOD OLE DAYS FAIR COMMITTEE would like to thank all the people who helped after the storm came through on June 29. We had kids, adults the Lagro Volunteer Fire Department, different families come out and help put some of the vendors back in shape. They also picked up broken pieces and trash from all over. Also, we would like to thank Duke Energy, who came out and got the electricity back on. With everyone’s help we had the fair that night. L A G R O C O M M U N I T Y CHURCH: Pastor Joel Murray will deliver the sermon during the 10 a.m. worship

Joy Harber 765-833-5231 roannhappenings

THE ROANN LIONS Club joined the Urbana Lions Club at the Urbana Lions Club Building on July 5 to learn about operating machines to check peoples’ eyes for glaucoma during the Wabash County Fair. The Lions Clubs of the Wabash area had a booth in the merchant’s building. The screening was free to anyone would wanted their eyes checked. Each person will received a print out of the testing and if there was a problem, they need to see an eye doctor. There was also a screening machine for children 6 years and younger that runs through a com-

LAGRO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH youth Sunday School classes have done various activities during the Sunday School hour this summer. As a community service project one group spent time picking up trash around Lagro and at the baseball diamond. Pictured are: Delaney Truman, Jaidon Truman, Dylan Ross, Ashley Lyons, Jacob Truman, Jonah Truman, and Abbey Ross. (photo provided) service on Sunday, July 22. Tom Burnsworth will be the greeter. Don Campbell and Bill Burnsworth will be the ushers. Betty Murray will light the candles. Barbara Marshall, Loretta Dillon and Natasha Whitney will give the Christian Education message. Bonnie Meredith will announce the hymns, and Glynna Harmon will be the musician. Fellowship and refreshments will follow the service.

FOOD PANTRY: The food pantry at the Lagro Community Church will be open July 21 in the basement of the Lagro Community Church from 9 to 10 a.m. All Wabash county residents are welcome. For further information please call 260571-9064 or 260-7822481. Dora Christian Church: Pastor Mark Wisniewski will give the message “The Journey of Faith” during the worship services on July 22. It

will be Family Sunday. Kelly and Lynette will be the greeters. Chuck will assist with communion, and Gerald will assist with offering. LAGRO UNITED M E T H O D I S T CHURCH: Worship services for Sunday, July 22 will begin at 9 a.m. Rev. Rick Borgman will give the sermon titled “A Most Unforgettable Voyage.” Vicki Borgman will give the scripture reading from Mark 4:35-41. Deb Barth will pro-

puter and prints out the results for parents. Children’s eyes are fully developed by age 6, so it is important to get eyes checked early in life. The club then had their regular meeting. Russell Krom reported that the tractor pull on June 30 went well, especially considering the hot weather. He gave the date of Aug. 4 for the next tractor pull at the pull field and then on Friday

and Saturday of the Roann Festival. Vonell Krom reported that the Indiana Tugger Pullers will have a tractor pull on Aug. 25 at the pull field in Roann. Keith Ford worked on painting part the tin roof on the jail, but it needs some further repairs before finishing the painting, and cooler weather to complete the job. It was also discussed what would

be the easiest way to put the linseed oil on the outside of the log cabin. Donna Harman reported that the festival is coming together, but with the many new rules it is going to be a challenge for the small festival to survive. Members present were: Don Everest, Keith Ford, Roger and Donna Harman, Russell Krom, Vonell Krom and Dan (continued on page 24)

vide the music. Sunday School for all ages will follow at 10 a.m. ST. PAUL’S COUNTY LINE CHURCH will be hosting their annual Homemade Ice Cream Social on Saturday, July 28, 4:30–7:30 p.m. Ice cream will be available in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and the famous lemon. Come and cool off in the Family Life Center and enjoy grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, Spanish dogs, along with pies and cakes. The church is located at the corner of 400 N and the Wabash/Huntington County Line Road. PICTURES: If you have any pictures, old or new, of happenings around Lagro that could be used in this column please contact me. You can e-mail them to me as a .jpeg file or I will scan your original pictures and return them to you. If sending a picture for

me to scan, please include your name and return address. DEADLINE FOR NEWS is each Wednesday by noon. You can e-mail news and pictures to


lagronewscolumn@g, mail news to me at 425 S State Road 524 Lagro, IN 46941, or contact me by phone at (260) 7820471 between 9 a.m.–8 p.m.

Successful Succes ssful Ag Aging gt Senior ging g 7 7-month th educational d ti l seeries i hhosted t d by Timbercrest Ti b S i Living Li i What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

Come see what we have to offer at...




519 Bryan Ave., Wabash or call 260-563-8587 or TDD 1-800-743-3333 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

3UHVHQWHGE\/LYLQJ:HOOLQ:DEDVK&RXQW\\ Thursda hursda ay, JJuly 19 19 9:30 am Timbercrest Assembly Room 2201 East St.. N. N.. Manche Manchester esterr,, IN (260) 982-2118 www


July 18, 2012

Small Town, Kim Galligan to play concert at Historic Eagles Theatre by Danielle Swan Small Town is making their usual rounds this summer, appearing at most of the local fairs, festivals and events, but on July 24, a Tuesday evening, they will offer a different type of show. The Historic Eagles Theatre in Downtown Wabash will open its doors to welcome Small Town with special guest Kim Galligan for a concert from 7 to 9 p.m. “Since they redid the theatre I’ve just thought it would be a cool place to do a concert,” said Jake Bunnell, lead guitar and vocals for the band. “Ira Dean did his thing there and I just thought it would be a cool place to have a show in a concert setting.”

Small Town is accustomed to playing at festivals and charity events, and this will mark the first time that they are playing an actual concert where they are the main attraction. They are excited to see what kind of turnout they can get in the theatre, which has a capacity of 440 persons. Tickets will be available at the door. “We just would like to see everybody from the community that’s heard us or hasn’t heard us to come out and enjoy the evening,” Jake said. This spring marked the graduation of the two youngest members of the band, Jake Bunnell and Ryan Arwood. In the fall, Jake will attend Belmont University,

Nashville, Tenn., to major in commercial music with an emphasis on either business or performance. Arwood, who plays keyboard for the band, will attend Ball State, majoring in criminal justice. McKayla Hogge, lead vocals, will return to Indiana Wesleyan for her junior year, majoring in elementary education. Wayne Bunnell, bass guitar and vocals, will return to Purdue University for this third year majoring in civil engineering with a minor in land surveying. Small Town has welcomed a new drummer for their Summer 2012 shows, Tad Degunya of Wabash. While members of the band will scatter once school starts, they say, more than likely, they will be back next summer to play some shows. The rest of their 2012 schedule is as follows: July 20, 7-9 p.m., Johnson County Fair,

F.O.P #83



More than 50 bands will take the stage on Aug. 10-11 at H u n t i n g t o n University’s second annual Fandana Festival. All events will be on campus and the address for the campus is 2303 College Ave., Huntington. This two-day music, art and film festival will feature Chris Tomlin, Sidewalk Prophets, Sevenglory,

st at the

July 21 Field of Dreams 12:00 Start Time (Noon)

Only $1000

Per Player

$50.00 Per Five Person Team Help this fundraiser to support memberships in your local Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.)


$ !!

&'$ ) ' )

Bring your own pot or there will be pots available for purchase along with a full line of miniature and fairy garden decor! (dirt will be provided)

! $%

!& &!

"! )( ! ""

!& $

!&% ""$ #$ * % "&% " '! "$

'%& $ %& $ "$ %% ) ! "$ &&) &&) $ % "

Franklin July 24, 7-9 p.m., Eagles Theatre, with special guest Kim Galligan, Wabash Aug. 10, 7-10 p.m.,

Denver Days, Denver Aug. 11, 6-9 p.m., Manchester Fun Fest, North Manchester Oct. 13, 8-11:30 p.m.,

St. Bernard’s Ball and Auction, Honeywell Center Gym For more information about Small Town or the July 24



Manic Drive, Hyland, HU’s own Attaboy and Da Messenger on Friday, and Over The Rhine, Family Force 5, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Write This Down, Rocky Loves Emily, Jetty Rae, Red Umbrella, The Lost Colors and Lee Roessler on Saturday and many more. All schedules are subject to change. Superchick was

originally announced to play this year, but the band cancelled. New this year is the Fandana Film Festival featuring multiple feature-length films, including the 2012 Academy Award nominated animation “A Cat in Paris” and the comedy film “Not That Funny.” Both of these films will screen multiple times during the festival weekend along

with other festival submissions in the categories of narrative, documentary, animation and a special category for high school students. The film festival will also feature Q&A’s and film lectures. Films will be shown throughout the two-day festival, some multiple times. A 5K Fun Run and kid-friendly activities, including inflatables

%% From 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Bring this coupon for - FEATURING Fried Chicken, Oven Steak, BBQ Ribs, Dessert Table, Soup & Salad Bar & More!

Buy 1 at regular price get 50% OFF the second one!! Sunday Lunch Buffet

Must present coupon to get the discount. Limit one coupon per bill. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts. Expires 8/12/12


Eagles Theatre concert, find them on Facebook or visit

Huntington University to host second Fandana Festival

Must have five players for a team To register please contact Ryan Baker at (260) 563-8891 ext:251 or at PLEASE REGISTER BY MONDAY JULY 16


SMALL TOWN WITH SPECIAL GUEST KIM GALLIGAN will rock the Historic Eagles Theatre in Downtown Wabash on July 24, 7-9 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door. The band looks forward to the change of pace from their usual tour of the local fairs and festivals. (photo provided)

1950 S. Wabash Street Wabash, IN 563-9197 Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-9pm Sun 6am-3pm

and hot air balloon rides, provide fun for the whole family. The first ever Forester/FCA 5K will take place at 8 a.m. Aug. 11 during Fandana. Registration begins at 7 a.m. at the Merillat Physical Education and Recreation Complex (MPERC). The course will be throughout the HU campus and side streets of Huntington. Cost to participate is $20 if you register by Aug. 4 and $25 after Aug. 4. A $5 donation from each registration will be given to FCA. Participants will receive a free Tshirt. Register online a t athletics. Gates open at 11 a.m. Friday, Aug. 10 and at 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 11 For more information, visit for all of the details.

July 18, 2012

Colbie Callait and Gavin DeGraw bring summer tour to Wabash

The Honeywell Center in Wabash will be a tour stop for Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw when their co-headlining summer tour arrives on Sat., Aug. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The concert, sponsored by Wabash County Hospital, will be opened by singer Javier Colon, winner of NBC’s inaugural season of The Voice. Multi-platinum, two-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat and platinum artist Gavin DeGraw launch their summer tour on May 25 in South Carolina. Both artists will showcase their 2011 album releases while

on tour. Colbie Caillat’s set will include new songs plus material from all three of her albums: Coco, Beakthrough, and All of You, which features the hit tracks “I Do,” “Brighter Than the Sun,” and “Favorite Song.” Billboard named Caillat its “Breakthrough Artist of the Year,” when the hit “Bubbly,” from her 2007 debut album, became one of the best-selling digital tracks of all time. Her 2009 album Breakthrough earned her four Grammy nominations, of which she won two for her collaborations

with Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift. “Brighter Than the Sun,” the second hit from All of You, has been featured in more than 21 films, TV shows and commercials, making it the most licensed new song this decade. DeGraw’s set will include music from his third studio album, Sweeter, including his platinum selling hit single “Not Over You,” and his just-released new single “Sweeter.” DeGraw is no stranger to the top of the charts, he first broke through with the 2003 release of his debut album, Chariot, which sold over a mil-

lion copies, earned platinum certification, and yielded three hit singles: “I Don’t Want To Be,” “Follow Through,” and the title-track, “Chariot.” Tickets may be purchased at the box office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling (260) 563-1102 or by visiting A pre-show gathering will take place on the Honeywell Center plaza where food and beverages will be available for purchase from the Plaza Grille from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. This event is free and open to the public.

Honeywell House to honor Hoosier songwriters

The Honeywell House in Wabash will present its secondannual fundraising event, Jazz on the Lawn, featuring the I n d i a n a p o l i s Symphony Orchestra on Aug. 2. The “Back Home Again in Indiana” outdoor concert will feature a tribute honoring Indiana-born songwriters Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael. The event is presented by lead sponsors First Merchants Bank and Wabash Electric, along with associate sponsors Beacon Credit Union, Midwest Eye Consultants, Ladd Dental Group, and transportation sponsor J.M. Reynolds Oil Company. The Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra includes a 15-piece band and two vocalists. The group will showcase Porter and Carmichael’s greatest hits including “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “Georgia on My Mind,” “Night and Day,” “Heart and Soul,” “Begin the Beguine,” “Stardust,” and “I Get A Kick Out of You.” Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra performances have earned a reputation for being both entertaining as well as having outstanding general-audience appeal. Their concerts are crafted to create a special rapport

between the audience and the performers, resulting in a fun and intimate concert experience. Those attending are encouraged to bring a blanket or chairs and enjoy the shaded area along Charley Creek. Guests may purchase grilled summer favorites from the food tent or pre-purchase specialty dinners for two by calling the Honeywell House until July 25. In case of inclement weather, the concert will be held in the Honeywell Center’s Legacy Hall. Parking will be available at the Honeywell House, Christ United Methodist Church, Wabash High School, and the American Health Network parking lot. The Wabash County Transit will run from 4:30 p.m. to

9:30 p.m. between Wabash High School and the Honeywell House. The lawn opens at 5 p.m. and the performance begins at 7 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Honeywell House. Tickets may be pur-

chased by calling (260) 563-2326 ext. 21 or by visiting Tickets are also available at the Honeywell Center Box Office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or by calling (260) 563-1102.

Coroner to host second-annual Safety Helmet Awareness Wabash County Coroner Carol Whitesel recently announced the second-annual Safety Helmet Awareness Program will be held in front of Wal-Mart at 10 a.m. on July 21. There will be bicycle helmets given out for free and motorcycle helmets will be given out by a random drawing. “In 2010, we had four motorcycle accidents that accounted for five fatalities,” Whitesel said to The Paper. “I started this program with the hopes a child or an adult wearing a helmet would make a difference in saving a life.” Should the event be rained out, Whitesel said the rainout date will be on July 28.

July 21st, 4 - 6 p.m. Supper 5 p.m. Come for free food, fellowship & Fun


Spike and the Bulldogs return to Honeywell Mi Tunes 101.9 and 105.9 The Bash welcomes Spike and the Bulldogs to the Honeywell Center’s Legacy Hall on Fri., Aug. 3, 2012. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and the show begins at 8:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by First Merchants Bank. Spike & The Bulldogs are famous for their crowd appeal and classic 50s and 60s music. They have performed with artists such as The Beach Boys, Chubby Checker, Herman’s Hermits, and Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five. Those attending are encouraged to don their poodle skirts, leather jackets and pom-

padours, and join in the sock hop. Tickets may be purchased at the box office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday by calling (260) 563-1102 or by visiting

PG Showtimes: Starting Friday 7:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

HUNTINGTON 7 (260) 359-8463 Hauenstein Rd. West of Wal-Mart and on Facebook SHOWTIMES 7/18 - 7/19 TITLES AND TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE


ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (PG) 11:25, 1:45, 6:30 SAVAGES (R) 12:30, 3:20, 6:20, 9:20 KATY PERRY: PART OF ME (PG) WED 12:00, 2:15, 4:40, 6:55, 9:10 TH 12:00, 2:15 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) $2.50 PREMIUM PER 3D TICKET 3:15, 9:15 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) 12:15, 6:15 MAGIC MIKE (R) 11:30, 2:00, 4:30, 7:15, 9:50 TED (R) 11:20, 1:55, 4:25, 7:05, 9:30 BRAVE (PG) 11:45, 2:10, 4:35, 7:00, 9:25

13-24 DRIVE IN

Dark Knight Rises PG-13

Dark Shadows PG-13

Friday & Saturday Gates open at 8pm Movie starts at dusk approx 9:40pm

Adults $7, Kids 3-12 $4, Kids 2 & under are Free

890 N. St. Rd. 13 Wabash • 260.563.5745

No passes


Prime $2 s t c e p s Su

Long Necks

Classic Rock


July 18, 2012

Roann News...continued from page 21

T., WABASH S E R A W A L E D 6 4 4 1 Car Attached Garage, Updated Bath, Car Siding in Living Room, Three Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Located on Quiet Street - $59,90000 MLS #77073473

651 W. MAPLE ST., WABASH · 768 Sq Ft · Newer Roof · Newer Siding · 1 Car Detached Garage · Deck · Asphalt Drive MLS #77055026 $51,900

Text MRF4 To 96362

Text MRF10 To 96362

1517 HAWTHORNE, WABASH • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath • Corner Lot • 2 Car Detached Garage • Close To Schools MLS #77070705 $57,000 SALE PENDING

Text MRF9 To 96362

1136 HIAWATHA, WABASH · Great Location · 3 Bedroom/1.5 Baths · 1 Car Attached Gar · Updated bathroom MLS #77069380 $74,900

1535 GLENN AVE., WABASH · Many Updates · 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath · 1 Car Attached Garage · 2 Car Carport MLS #77069392 $64,900


210 N. BRIDGE ST. , WABASH 8803 W. 200 S., ANDREWS • Farm Home 4.581 Acres • 3 or 4 Bedrooms • New Roof, Paint, Flooring, • New Vinyl Windows C/A & More • Beautiful Natural Woodwork • Farm Barn & 2 Other & Hardwood Floors Buildings • Northfield Schools MLS #77073165 $94,900 MLS #77070796 $79,900


Shoemaker. (From the minutes of the Roann Lions Club) THE ROANN RENEGADES provide a family-friendly atmosphere and dance every other Saturday night at the Roann Community Building. The next dance is on July 23. Class is held at 6 p.m. and dancing begins at 7 p.m. Line dancing and couple’s partner dancing to country and non-country music. For more information, go to w w w. r o a n n r e n e FORT WAYNE TINCAPS mascot Johnny Tincap will visit the Roann Public Library on July 26, at 11 a.m. The public is invited. The Tincaps partnered with the library this year, providing free game tickets and other prizes to those in the summer reading program. Come and get your picture taken with Johnny Tincap. R O A N N LIBRARY NEWS: Summer reading ends on July 27, with the awards party to be held on July 28 at 10 a.m. in the Library meeting room. The We CAN Read food

YOUNG READERS ENJOY craft time at the Roann Public Library during last week’s story time. Stories were shared about caterpillars turning into butterflies, and then the children made butterflies and enjoyed their “caterpillar” cookies. (photo provided) drive program at the library continues through July 21. Food items will be collected and donated to the Roann Food Pantry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to: Carla Hall, Hayley Marie Shafer, Whitney Kerr, Donald Shafer, Annie Schuler, Kaylyn Jones, Barbie, McGuire, Sherry Draper, Christa Murray, Ronald Spencer, Kay Hapner, Dana Wright, Gina Cussen, Evelyn

• Rents Include A/C, Heat & Dishwasher • 1 Bedroom Units • Secure Building • W/D Facility – No Charge


Remodeled Move In Ready House for Sale in Wabash!


5123 N. ST RD 15, WABASH • 1 Acre Lot • Northfield • Updated Décor • New Vinyl Windows • Full Unfinished Basement W/Ever Dry Warranty. MLS #77072332 $129,900

513 OXFORD DR., WABASH • Deck • Privacy Fence • Hot Tub • Vinyl Windows • Finished Basement MLS #77070718 $164,900

4590 W. 500 N., WABASH 4854 WEST ST. RD. 16, ROANN • Reduced & Ready To Negotiate • Northfield Schools • 28.46 Acres Of Woods • 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath • Northfield Schools • 44x63 Pole Barn • Perk Test Approved • 7.92 Acres • Build Home Or • Newer Geothermal Hunting Ground MLS #77070486 $149,900 MLS #77068130 $129,900

3057 E. 800 SOUTH, WABASH • 11.54 Wooded Acres • 1,653 Sq. Ft. Living Area • Finished Family Rm Basement • New Roof • Deck In Back • Wood Stove MLS #77067158 $178,900

• Private Paradise WABASH 704 WATERWORKS, • 17.53 Acres • Completely Remodeled Farm Home • Close To City Limits MLS #77072651 $249,900


#& % #&

' ' '

#& % #&

1025 Falls Ave. $88,500 Call 765-833-2111

Mary Ann Mast 260-774-3432 1-800-886-3018

ST. PAUL’S COUNTY LINE CHURCH, at the corner of 400 N and the Wabash/Huntington

O P E N H O U S E S U N D AY J U LY 2 2 , 2 0 1 2 1 - 4 P. M . 708 E 7th St. N. Manchester - This 14 yr. old, well constructed home offers a spacious open floor plan with 3 bedrooms, 3&1/2 baths. The full basement is partially finished for added living space and wonderful storage. Very efficient electric heat pump. 2 car att. garage and 2 lots. The home is handicap accessible and has a lift chair to the basement. Great location close to Manchester College and across the street from the Town Life Center and playground. MLS #77066955, $139,900.

T Call 260-982-7235 123 115 N. Walnut Street N. Manchester, IN 46962

# " ' $$$ ! ! "# # ! !

3 bedroom ranch on full walk-out basement, brand new roof, furnace, electrical box, paint and flooring, nice eat-in kitchen, dining area w/built-in cabinetry, Central air, remodeled bath, large laundry room w/cabinets, Basement is finished for more living space, Low taxes and utilities, Nice quiet northside neighborhood. Priced for quick sale! Sorry No Contracts!

Irelan, Christine Chamberlain, and Aaron Flitcraft (from the Roann C o m m u n i t y Calendar). H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A RY this week to: Mr. and Mrs. Scott Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tomlinson, Mr. and Mrs. John Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Slee, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Maple, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cordes, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dyson, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Burrus,


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Carol Butler................260-578-8299 Jerry Johnson..............260-578-0422 Rebecca Chenoweth...574-527-6902

and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Betzner (from the Roann C o m m u n i t y Calendar). ROANN NEWS ITEMS may be sent to my e-mail address at, or you may call me at the phone number listed. The deadline for news to appear in the next week’s issue of the paper is Tuesday at noon. It would be best to submit timely news items two weeks in advance.

County Line, will be hosting their annual Homemade ice Cream Social on July 28 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Ice cream will be available in chocolate, vanilla and their “famous lemon.” They will also have grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, Spanish dogs, pies and cakes. This is an annual event in the St. Paul’s Family Life Center where friends and neighbors can come to enjoy good food and fellowship. URBANA CLASS OF 1962 held its 50th reunion on June 13 at the home of Jerry and Lana Long, Wabash. Out of the 21 graduates, 13 attended. Four class members are deceased-Fred Wilcox, Nancy (Lewis) Odle, Karen (Rogers) Hoover, and Dottie (Cripe) Hornug. Members of the class enjoyed sitting by Jerry and Lana’s pond, reminiscing about their memories of past years. A (continued on page 25)

July 18, 2012

Urbana News...continued catered dinner was enjoyed by all. Former teachers enjoying the day were Urbana’s band director, Ross Trump and his wife, Norma; business teacher, Virginia Bozarth and her husband, Herman; and Agriculture/Chemist ry Biology teacher, Larry Ray and his wife, Wilma. Class members celebrating the 50th reunion were: J. Lynn and Karen Amones, Plymouth; Beatrice (Bower) Reed, Kokomo; Robert and Ann Carroll, North Manchester; Sam Finnegan, Peru; Jim and Karen (Frieden) Wilson, Urbana; Robert and Lisa Haupert, North Manchester; Jerry and Lana Long, Wabash; Phil and Linda (Mattern) Hoy, Leesburg; Roger Pattee, Klamath Falls, Ore.; Don and Bev Radabaugh, Wabash; Ronnie Roth, Lafontaine; Rebecca (Wolf) Zolott, San Diego, California; and Ron and Shirley (Wright) Anderson, Urbana. Classmates unable to attend were: Duane K e a f f a b e r , Connersville; Gene Coonfare, Climax, Mich.; Evelyn Miller, Atlanta, Ga.; and Rev. William Plough, Catawba, N.C. NORTHFIELD 50YEAR REUNION AND TOUR: Northfield opened its doors in 1962. On Sept. 29, 2012, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Northfield will again open its doors to graduates of Northfield who would like to connect with classmates and tour the school. The time and date are the only things that have been decided for sure at this point. Other plans are being made, but input and help is needed. If any Northfield graduate would like to help make some decisions on what they would like to see happen or act as hosts/hostesses on that day, please let me know. Please keep checking the MSD of Wabash County website. Once there click on Northfield and then click on Alumni page. We are hoping to post further details on this page or set up a separate webpagebut Liz Wolf Krom and I need help from someone to get this

from page 24

CONGRATULATIONS Marcia Goff has been presented with the Top 10 in Total Units Award in the Northern Region in recognition of her contributions to both the Coldwell Banker brand and the real estate industry,” says Jim Gillespie, chief executive officer of Coldwell Baker Real Estate LLC. “Marcia is a trusted guide to her clients, ensuring they have the tools and expertise to make smart decisions as they realize their dream of homeownership”.

URBANA CLASS OF 1962, pictured in the back row left to right: J. Lynn Amones, Robert Carroll, Jerry Long, Linda (Mattern) Hoy, Herman Bozarth, and Ross Trump. Middle row are Robert Haupert, Becky (Wolf) Zolott, and Shirley (Wright) Anderson. Front row are: Don Radabaugh, Bea (Bower) Reed, Ginny Bozarth, Karen (Frieden) Wilson, Roger Pattee, and Norma Trump. Not present for the picture were Sam Finnegan and Ronnie Roth. (photo provided) done. Give me a call or an email if you would like to help. SARAH CARROTHERS sent a letter (July 10) to her mom via one of the Circle of Hope team members that was completing their time at Grace Center. In the letter, she explained their daily routine. She said the family gets up around 6 a.m. for breakfast. Then Austin, Jayden, and Allis head to the garden to work for a couple of hours while Sarah works around camp and Wyatt naps. The family goes to the orphanage for lunch to help and visit. Afternoons find Sara, Jayden, Allis, and Wyatt back at camp with their chores while Austin is out doing additional chores. Late afternoon they again go to the orphanage to visit and help. Supper is served around 6 p.m. and they are in bed by 7 or 8 p.m. The Grace Center has been very busy with mission teams coming and going. Sarah said “People are working on their projects and it’s neat to see how the Grace Center will benefit. The staff is in love with our kids and knows them by name and we are in love with the Timothy’s Home kids. They brighten our day.” The Circle of Hope (Facebook) website has been updated with some pictures of the Carrothers family. URBANA YOKE PARISH: Those serving during the 9:30 a.m. worship service in St. Peter’s church on July 22 are: W o r s h i p Leader–Brian Chamberlain; Liturgist–Carol Krom; Head Usher–John Eltzroth; Acolytes–Kassidy Shambaugh and

Kenzie Thornsbury; N u r s e r y Attendant–Stacey D e n t o n ; Greeters–Carol Krom and Aliya Krom; Organ–Janene Dawes; Piano–Nancy Miller. Don’t forget there are just two more Sundays to bring 18 ounce jars of peanut butter and 18 to 32 ounce jars of jelly for the Lighthouse Mission 5th Sunday collection. PRAYER CONCERNS: Please add former Urbana residents Naomi and L.D. Cunningham, who now live in Florida. Naomi was hospitalized on July 7. Also remember the family and friends of Sarah Fouts, Don McNabney’s sister from Hazlehurst, Georgia, who died on July 2. Continue to remember Orville Chamberlain, Jay Biehl, Alma Devore, Pastor Randy’s mother, Ardis Witkoske, Doug Rice and his

family and friends, Randell Webb, Deloris Greenlee, Mae Keller, Larry Harrington, Bob Frieden, and Herb Witkoske. BIRTHDAYS: July 19-Robert Beck. July 20-Larry Hoover, Kyle Sparks. July 21-Bryan Frehse, Todd Chamberlain, Rachell Webb, Dana Wright, Angel Shear. July 22C h r i s t i n e Chamberlain, Walter Case. July 23-Gary Koerner, Larry Meyer. July 24-Terry Faust. July 25-Lindsay Culver, Randy Raver. ANNIVERSARIES: July 23-Troy and Stacy Baer. July 24-Andy and Nicole Eltzroth, Sam and Katie Leland, Mark and Angela Miller. July 25-Scott and Kelly Schuler. BRUNCH BUNCH met on July 11 at Pam’s Café in Urbana with the following people present: John and Darla Eads, Phil and Jan Weck, Peggy and Chad Dilling, Donna Russell, Doris

Special of the Week

Mattern, Helen Dawes, Larry and Nancy Meyer, Marvin and Mary Ann Mast, and Don and Wanda Denney. NEWS ITEMS AND/OR PICTURES may be mailed to me at 1906 N 100 W, Wabash, or emailed to me at

Tracy Stapleton has recently completed her Real Estate Licensing Program in Indianapolis and has joined the Coldwell Banker Roth Wehrly Graber Team with her sister, Marcia Goff, at the Village Of Coventry office in Fort Wanye, IN.

We are proud of their success and glad they are a part of the Coldwell Banker Family.

28 E. Hill St., Wabash


; "06 8+-- 4#9 ! ! 8*'/ 906 4'' 5*+4 *0.' ; 05#--9 3'.0&'-'& +/4+&' 065 ; 3'#5 . 8 4,9-+)*54 %#5*'&3#- %'+-+/) ; !+-- .''5 1301'359 3'26+3'.'/54

235 Southwood Dr.

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+%' -#3)' %03/'3 -05 $'&3.:4 :4 '#65+(6- ,+5%*'/ +%' 9'#3 306/& 46/ 300.

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3'#5 0%#5+0/ 03 0.' / *0.' 64+/'44 $'&3.:4 6-- #4'.'/5 #35+#--9 +/+4*'& #3 '5 #3 -64 ) ((+%' *08300. 55 !03,4*01 #3 #9

MLS #77071498 • $129,900

MLS #77073225 • $144,900

1110 Crosspointe Ct.

1617 S Wabash Street

3'#5 0..'3%+#0%#5+0/ ; 50 '1#3#5' $-&)4 ; 306/& 42 (5 0( $-&)4 ; % -05 MLS #77058950 • $184,900

63 E. Hill Street • Wabash 260-563-8366 • 800-466-9643

; ; ; ;

07' +/ 3'#&9 +%,039 ,+5%*'/ +4-#/& 8 #11-+#/%'4 $'&3.:4 :4 6-- $#4'.'/5 55 %#3 )#3 ('/%'& 9#3& 08 #+/5'/#/%' 08 5+-+59

302 Colonial Lane, N. Manchester



; ;

MLS #77070585 • $99,900

1620 S Wabash Street

& " $


MLS #77072312 • $79,500

26#3' ''5 0/&0 ; $'&3.:4 :4 ; #4 -0) (+3'1-#%' $6+-5 +/ $00,4*'-7'4 MLS #77072347 • $139,900

" # $ $ " "! $ & $ $ %$ $' " " " $$ " ' " #


Phone 260-563-2812 or 260-563-2811 672 N Spring Street 1210 N Miami Street


850 Erie St. Wabash



0 800 W / US 24 ;

035*(+'-& %*00-4 ; %3'4 MLS #77073328 • $24,900

; 3'#5 -0%#5+0/ 42 (5 ; '#3-9 0( $6+-&+/) ; ) 803,4*01 8 # /& (-003 4503#)' -0(5 ; *08300. +/ (30/5 MLS #77059883 • $159,900


0 N Co Rd 700 West ;

035*(+'-& %*00-4 ; +%' $6+-&+/) 4+5' 054 0( 30#& (30/5#)' MLS #77070160 • $22,500

194 Walnut St ; +/+4*#$-' (6-- $#4'.'/5 ; +%,039 ,+5%*'/ +4-#/& #11-+#/%'4 ; 55#%*'& %#3 )#3#)' ; '/%'& 9#3& ; 08 #+/5'/#/%' 08 5+-+59

MLS #77069774 • $89,000 Principal Broker - Bob Lundquist #260-571-4653 Kristi Lundquist #260-571-4652 Lesley Downing #260-906-6303 Jody Lundquist #260-563-2811

Lynn Yohe #260-571-4722 Sharon Yohe #260-571-4723 Cory Smith #260-591-9595


July 18, 2012

Self Advocacy Group of Crime increases as heat and humidity bake Indiana Wabash County to hold open house on July 28

It’s hot outside. It’s humid, and it doesn’t take much to push people over the edge, says Jerry McKean, a Ball State University criminal justice professor. He believes there is a direct correlation between the increase in violent acts and

hot, oppressive weather. According to FBI crime statistics, more crimes are reported in July and August— the hottest months of the year. Crimes reach a low point in February when the temperatures drop. “It is called heat aggravation. When it

gets hot, people tend to lose their tempers a little bit more quickly.” He also points out that Americans are more active in summer and stay out later at parks, movies or shopping centers. Also, many people take their vacations

during July and August, leaving homes and businesses vulnerable. McKean says that teenagers are out of school during the summer months, and youths are more likely than persons in other age groups to be offenders or victims.

Lori Siders, Owner / Broker 5546 W. Old 24 • Wabash Cell 260.571.5568 Office 260.225.0432

The Self Advocacy Group of Wabash County will be holding an open house on July 28 from 1 until 3 p.m. in Wabash. The open house will take place at the Pathfinder Community Supports Wabash office located at 2049 South Wabash Street. “We would like the community to learn about our Self-Advocacy Group for adults with developmental disabilities,” stated Kim SeiboldQDDP for Pathfinder Community Supports in Wabash. “We do various things throughout the year and meet once a month to discuss self-advocacy issues, learn about rights as citizens, and enjoy fun activities and events,” Seibold concluded. The open house is a free event and open to the public. Snacks and small giveaways will be available for those in attendance. RSVP is not required, but recommended. For more information, contact Kim Seibold at 260-563-1144 ext. 3214 or 286 – 294 E. MAPLE ST., WABASH


Beautiful brick duplex - live on one side and pay your mortgage with the rent from the 2nd side. Both units have there own furnace & C/A units, new in 2006. On A/C unit has new compressor. Hardwood floors, several have been refinished. Beautiful staircases. Both units have Refrigerators & ranges included. Some new vinyl replacement windows. Both units are main level & 2nd level with private attic & basement space. Built has a true duplex. Great Opportunity. MLS #77073425 $79,000

Much larger than it appears with 1,592 sq feet with 3 bedrooms 1.5 baths. Laminate floors with open floor plan living room, dining room & kitchen. nice back yard w/patio & shed. Seller has relocated needs to sell. MLS #77067066 $44,900

1325 EDNA ST., WABASH PRICE REDUCED! Sold as is. Newer furnace, brand new flooring in kitchen and one bedroom. all new 100 amp breaker service. Den was a third bedroom. 1 car detached garage & nice back yard with large patio. Proof of funds and earnest money with offers. MLS #77073382 $20,000

5928 N. LAKESHORE DR., MACY 529 E. MAIN ST., PERU 1922 MCKIBBEN, WABASH LAKE PROPERTY - This property on Nyona Lake has had several updates including new furnace & central air. All new paint and flooring. Large finished screened in room on back of home, great for those cool evenings. Large storage shed. just a short walk east and you will find a 20 x 117 lake lot with pier that is all yours also. Proof of funds with all offers. Wells Fargo loan approval. MLS #77073423 $69,900

This home has been gutted down to the studs: Fully insulated, all new wiring & 200 amp box, new plumbing finished off with new drywall. New bath on lower level is not on assessor sheet, was a room addition. All new carpet and vinyl flooring throughout. New roof, vinyl windows & siding. Privacy fence back yard w/covered deck & large front porch. Move in ready. MLS #77073432 $49,500

Great home with many updates including a beautiful new master bath w/ceramic tile walk in shower. Large open kitchen & dining room. Family room w/electric fireplace. Ceramic Tile kitchen and entry ways. 14.5 x 19.5 deck in back w/covered front porch. Roof only 9 years old. You will want to take a look at this home located in a quiet neighborhood. MLS #77073380 $129,900

MARK METZGER, a North Manchester farmer and auctioneer who passed away on Nov. 30, 2011 at the age of 67, was honored prior to the start of the swine sales at the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Auction. Metzger’s children used funds from his memorial donations to donate the projectors that will now be used for the 4-H auctions. The 4-H council expressed thanks to Metzger’s children for their generosity. (photo by Brent Swan)

1045 CROSSPOINTE CT., WABASH 2559 S. OLD ST RD. 15, WABASH 638 CROWN HILL DR. W., WABASH Handicap accessible master bath w/wider door entry & safety bars. Great insulated w i n d o w / screened in front porch one of only couple units with this feature. Large kitchen open to living room & patio doors out to a very private patio, surrounded by trees. Home & carpets have been professionally cleaned ready for you to just move in. MLS #77073459 $124,900

Newer construction ranch home is open concept with cathedral ceilings. All freshly painted for you. Walk into the spacious entry to living room, large kitchen & dining room, family room w/patio doors to covered deck. Master suite also has patio doors out. Two large spare bedrooms. A lot of closets & storage in this home. 4.09 acres with scenic hill sides for privacy. Just a couple minutes to downtown but country living. MLS #77073460 $169,900

Updated ranch home in desirable neighborhood. Home has new carpet, lami n a t e flooring,kitchen counter tops, back splash, stove top & more, appliances stay. You will enjoy summer evenings in the large sunroom looking out to your private fenced in back yard. Extra large living rm open to dining room & kitchen. 3 bedrooms & 2 baths. Maintenance free vinyl replacement windows. MLS #77073436 $119,900

495 HALE DR., WABASH 6507 N. 800 WEST, ROANN 6507 N. 800 WEST, ROANN Wow, take a look at this brick ranch home, maintenance free exterior, all new vinyl replacement windows, all interior freshly painted, new vinyl flooring in kitchen, entry & utility room. Original hardwood floors. Family room, dine room & kitchen all open. Bonus room w/half bath could be office, beauty shop, craft room, workshop or mother in law space. MLS #77073384 $95,000

90 HIGHLAND, WABASH Great neighborhood with a corner lot. Home has new roof and vinyl siding only a couple years old. Brand new water heater & sump pump in crawl space. Utility room is also a sunroom w/ patio doors to the back. Home has a lot of storage space. 3 bedrooms 1.5 bath with a large living room open to dining area. MLS #77073401 $109,900

Stately home sits up top the hill looking down at the valley, woods & river near by. Features a full 3 floors of living space w/a full finished walkout basement. Basement has family rm,fireplace, half bath & a full antique set up kitchen w/7x13 cold storage pantry. Master suite w/walk in closet full of shelves & hanging space, master bath w/double sinks. 2nd fireplace in living room on main floor & the 3rd on the main level deck outside patio doors. 2+car att garage even has its own half bath, keep the mud outside. 6 stall horse barn, pasture,alfalfa fields, woods,fresh water spring. MLS #77073402 41.32 acres at $338,300 or MLS #77073403 5.97 acres at $196,900

Property would be split from the total of 41.32 acres. House & horse barn & fenced pasture are on the 5.97 acres that can also be purchased. Woods feature creek, 4 acres marshland for great hunting and a fresh water spring that runs 24/7/365 days a year. Tillable is done in alfalfa. Road frontage approx., will need surveyed. MLS #77073397

3229 W. AMELIA DR. , SILVER LAKE 10663 S. PLEASANT DR., SILVER LAKE Private view of the lake from your deck or master bedroom. Immaculate ranch home with 3 BR, 2 full baths, gas log fireplace, new shingles, leaf-free gutters, heated 2 car attached garage plus a car port, wooden privacy fence plus a chain link fence inside privacy fence, 10 x 12 yard shed. Warsaw Schools. Seller will help with closing cost. MLS #77071622 $115,000

506 E. GRANT, MARION Estate sale. Sold as is. 4 bedrooms with one on main floor, 3 bedrooms, landing and a full bath with utility on 2nd floor. 3/4 bath on main floor. Has some newer windows. Needs work. Large wrap around enclosed front porch. Large storage shed in back with chain link fenced yard. MLS #77073434 $15,900

Lakefront year round home with pier on quiet lake. 24 x 38 heated garage just built in 1991 has shop & floored loft for storage. Living room with large window views of the lake. Property has a extra large lot, with 2 additional lots available to purchase as package or by them selves. See MLS #77071261 and 77071262 at $10,000 each. Home and 2 lakefront lots. MLS #77071260 at $89,900

Call Lori Siders Cell 260.571.5568 Office 260.225.0432 to view any of these properties!

TOM AND DARLENE HUMMER will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on July 21 at the First Church of the Nazarene, 2734 S. Washington St., Kokomo, from 2–5 p.m. They were married July 21, 1962, in Wabash by Rev. Jesse Martin. Mr. Hummer is a retired program manager from the Automotive Industry and Darlene is retired. Tom is currently driving a school bus for the Northwestern School District in Kokomo. The celebration is hosted by their children and grandchildren, Lisa, and granddaughter Rachel, Kokomo; sons Thomas, Auburn, and Mark, New York, N.Y. The couple asks that gifts be omitted. (photo provided)


July 18, 2012


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July 18, 2012

‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

The Classifieds bring together buyers and sellers every day!





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Auctions SATURDAY JULY 21, 2012 9:00 A.M. Location: Grant. Co. Fairgrounds, Marion, IN, east of Marion on SR 18 westbound. Coming west, go east on SR 18 past Pennsylvania then turn north at Fairway Dr. to SR 18 west. Articles: Antiques, collectibles, household, furniture, misc., primitives & tools. Owner: Ruth Sellers Estate. Auctioneer: Price-Leffler.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4, 2012 10:00 A.M. Location: 3892 E 00NS, Kokomo, IN, Howard Co., east of Kokomo on SR 22 & 35, 3 3/4 miles to Kokomo Shrine Club. Articles: Over 400 pieces of farm toys, new & old. Owner: Private collection. Auctioneer: Otto’s Auction Service. , SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2012 10:00 A.M. Location: 1406 St. Rd 114 W (Wendell Decor Shoppe). Articles: Antiques, primitives, collectibles, furniture, appliances, misc. Owner: Pat Egolf & Agatha Hippensteel Estate. Auctioneer: Miller Auction Service.


Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 9:00 a.m

Moving? Downsizing? Or just need a few items removed? We are now taking consignments for our upcoming Consignment Auction. Consign your unwanted items and we will send you a check. It’s just that simple. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION AL UPDIKE TIM SCHEERER

260-358-6994 260-359-2472 AUCTIONEERS & REAL ESTATE, INC.





Wabash County MOVING SALE: Sat., July 21, 8-5, 1439E 200N, clothes, kitchen items, new set of pans, craft items, Christmas trees & decorations, roll away bed in excellent condition, games, Troy-Bilt snow blower (8.5hp.), Troy-Bilt tiller (6hp.), 25 gal. pull behind lawn sprayer, pull behind lawn sweeper, Roland keyboard, mattress & box springs & many other numerous items. HUGE GARAGE Sale: Multi-family, name brand clothing: men’s, women, boys & girls sizes 5-jr., home items & misc. Too much to list! 4086 W. Division Rd., Fri. 8a.m.6p.m. & Sat. 8a.m.-1p.m. GARAGE SALE: Fri. 8-4 & Sat. 8-1, 1260W 400S Lot 2 (Airport Rd., turn east off 15, second drive on left, past railroad tracks, second house, back drive), look for signs. Girl’s clothes 18mo.-3T, boy’s 4T-5T , name brands, some women’s clothes, men’s XXL, home decor, convertible crib w/changing table, twin headboard, outside toys, PS3 games & lots of misc.

Deadline for advertising is July 13 by 5 p.m. Call David Pefley Trucking available; call for rates and quotes.

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( ' "!

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! ") % #% !' ' % &" ' % & % ) - click on Auction Calendar - Sellers Auction

SAT., JULY, 21 - 9:00 A.M. GRANT CO. 4-H FAIRGROUNDS, MARION, IN East of Marion on SR 18 westbound. Coming from the west, go east on SR 18 past Pennsylvania Avenue then turn north at Fairway Drive to SR 18 West.

ANTIQUES - COLLECTIBLES Antique oak bed w/ornate head & foot boards, dresser w/tall mirror; curved leg table; large glass double door antique corner china cabinet; (6) antique Victorian Eastlake dining chairs; antique pie safe; antique Howe treadle sewing machine and cabinet; curved glass antique china oak cabinet; Windsor style wood chair with wicker seat; Eastlake wood chair with H back; Eastlake three drawer chest with marble top; oak drop leaf table; Edison Diamond Disc Re-Creation phonograph; antique Edison phonograph; five leg drop leaf table; cane back/cane bottom rocker; barrel top trunk; wood rocker with cane back/seat; four leg wood table w/casters; dark wood chair w/covered seat; wood candle stand, pineapple cut; small drop leaf table; Eastlake wood wall shelf; wood glass double door bookcase with open shelf book bottom; China face doll; Precious Moments doll collection; misc. doll collection; Precious Moments needle point wall hangings; Nativity scenes; biblical figurines (approx. 100); multi tier wood wall shelf; miniature lamps; thimble collection with wall cabinets; Precious Moments figurines, over 200 individual pieces and sets; several sets of 8 pc. settings or more china; pink, yellow & green glass and depression plates, cups, saucers, bowls, candles, cake plates, pitchers, misc.; Candlewick glasses and custards; Carnival bowls, plates, dishes, pitchers, misc; Opalescent vases; Fenton coin dot; Vaseline; Shirley Temple glass; over one hundred of pieces of press glass, clear glass, salts, S&P, C&S, pitchers, misc.; Occupied Japan; Germany; Bavaria; Meakin; Japan; Americana glass cake stands bowls, pitchers, misc.; St. Clair paper weights and other paper weights; cruet collection; Roseville; Weller; Hull; Steubenville Pottery pitcher; Pewter C&S; Approximately 100 miscellaneous collectible plates including advertisers; (6) oil lamps; early 1900’s Needlecraft and other magazines; metal bell collection; several collectible deep bowls; Jewel Tea; Jadeite; USA pottery; Oxford Stoneware; misc. bowls; View Masters; hundreds more items. HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE - MISCELLANEOUS Four pc. bedroom suite, bed w/pineapple posts, dresser w/mirror, chest, night stand; Duncan Phyfe drop front secretary; Duncan Phyfe triple pedestal dining table; Duncan Phyfe drum table; drop leaf table; dark wood six shelf with top spool bar and spool legs; dark wood lamp table; two drawer with door front and back panel; flip top secretary desk; Chippendale round wine table; love seat pewter color; love seat; wood end table with bottom shelf; rocker recliner; wood magazine rack; dark wood chair; (2) single drawer wood night stand; coffee table with matching end tables; coffee table; five drawer wood chest; upholstered wood frame chair; double glass door cabinet with drawer and bottom doors; (2) Mauve barrel back chairs w/ cane; two drawer night stand; swivel office chair with padded arm rests; gold sconce with mirror; console television; table lamps; floor lamps; Hitachi record player, cassette player, radio combo; Oreck upright sweeper; book case glass double door (biblical figurines stored); GE microwave; kitchenware; pots; pans; small appliances; misc.; sewing supplies and miscellaneous; twin size bed; linens and quilt squares; three leg wood stool; hundreds of items not mentioned. PRIMITIVES - TOOLS - MISCELLANEOUS 1896 Anchor Brand folding bench ringer; old sliding bar scales; wood clamps; draw knife; hand saws; hammers; hatchet, wrenches; misc. hand tools; bench grinders; portable air tank; bicycles; hundreds of miscellaneous items. Terms: Cash, check with picture ID, debit card, MasterCard, Visa, Discover. Not responsible for accidents - Lunch by Monroe’s - Running two rings!


Wabash City GARAGE SALE: Fri. 8-3 & Sat. 8-1, 65 Eldorado. Motor cross equipment, boys clothing, awning, baby swing, baby items, like new baby girl clothes size 0-24mo., treadmill, 55” TV, maternity clothes, household items, cabinet handles. YARD SALE: 464 Walnut St., Fri.-Sat., 8-5, clotheswomen’s & men’s, household items, elliptical, bikes & more.

GARAGE SALE: 470 Michigan St., Fri., July 20 & Sat., July 21, 9-3. Lots of kids & women’s clothes, home decor, riding lawn mower, Ty animals & more. LARGE GARAGE Sale: men’s & women’s clothing, Avon bottles, lots of stuffed animals & misc., Fri. & Sat. 7-4, 1505 N. Wabash St.

PURSE CLEARANCE Sale: Sat. 2-6p.m., Sun. 10a.m.-4p.m., July 21-22, 659 Pike St., ALL MUST GO!

at 260-782-2222 or e-mail


GARAGE SALE: July 19, 8a.m.-5p.m., 669 E. Baumbauer Rd. (2 1/4 miles east of Diehl’s, follow signs), dehumidifier, folding chairs, child’s kitchen, luggage, Christmas, some clothes & misc.

TERRY PRICE 765-674-0481 AU01049594


MERV LEFFLER 765-674-4818 AU01016000

MULTI-FAMILY CLEAN Sale: 643 Crown Hill Dr. W., down sized & cleaned out. Thurs., July 19, 3p.m.7p.m., Fri., July 20, 8a.m.4p.m., bouncy seat, exersaucer, car seat, car seat, baby gates, toys, coffee table, chairs, book shelf, lamps, chandoliers, bar stools, office chair, exercise equipment, antique buggy, antique cane bottom rocker, antique glassware, crocks, lawn furniture, toilet, kitchen items & small appliances, primitive & country, shelves & decor, shoes, purses, Longaberger, Vera Bradley, Christmas decorations, baby-plus size clothing for entire family, much misc. Great Sale! YARD SALE: Sat., July 21, 9a.m.-2p.m., 358 E. Maple St., tons of 3T/4T girls clothes, baby girl nb-3mo., bassinet, bouncy seat, space saver high chair & play mat (hardly used), massage chair, primitive decor, NEW Craftsman top-chest & more.

GARAGE SALE: Thurs., July 19, 8a.m.-4p.m., Fri. July 20, 8a.m.-4p.m. & Sat., July 21, 8a.m.-12 noon, 1205 N. Wabash St.

YARD SALE: N. Miami St., July 20, 8:30a.m.-5p.m. & July 21, 8:30a.m.-1p.m., love seat, recliner, dresser, baby bed, piano, file cabinet, OrbiTrek, shelving, end tables, household items, clothes, books, toys & much more. Proceeds will send children to youth camp.

MOVING SALE: Everything goes! 3 bedroom suites, gas stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer, 2 living room sets, a little bit of everything, some antiques. 264 Sherman St., Thurs. & Fri., 10-4. RUMMAGE SALE: 1250 Columbus St., Thurs. & Fri., 8-4, men’s 10 speed Schwinn bike, clothes, dolls, Beanies & misc.

July 18, 2012


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday MOVING SALE: July 20 & 21, Fri. 9a.m.-5p.m. & Sat. 9a.m.-3p.m., 686 Valley Brook Ln. Furniture: dining tables (2) & chairs (8), matching sofa & loveseat, game table (bumper pool/poker) w/4 chairs, billiard chairs (2), counter stools (2), computer desk, writing desk w/drawers, 2 office/desk chairs, wooden filing cabinets, white club chairs (2) w/matching ottoman, bedroom suite (queen bed), upright chest/dresser & mirror, 2 night stands, twin bed headboards & rails, recliner, oversized club chair w/ottoman, bookshelf, 2 end tables & coffee table, library table. Electronics: TV’s, stereo/speakers, radio, VCR/DVD. Kitchen: dish set, bakeware, canisters, etc. Tools: circular saw, miter saw, lots of hand tools & some tool boxes. Ladies clothing: size 12-16 pants suits, slacks, dresses, tops, jackets, etc.; shoes (7-7.5), purses, costume jewelry/jewelry boxes. Misc.: Panasonic exercise bike & exercise glider, lamps, linens. Yard Tractor: Husky, has dual grass/leaf catchers & snow blade (chains for tires). Located off of Falls Ave., just 3 streets south of 24.

North Manchester

Other Rummage

MOVING SALE: Fri.-Sat., July 20-21, 8-4, 1505 West Heckathorn Dr., tools, toys, couch, chair, bed, chest, sewing machine, microwave & misc.

BARN SALE: Mt. Etna Sawmill, Tues. & Wed., 117, Off 9, 1/2 mile down 124, Mt. Etna. CASH ONLY. Tools, freezer, riding mowers, compressors, pet cages, baby gates, chainsaws, dining tables & cedar chests, roll top desk.

603 W. 4th St., Sat., July 21, 9am-3pm. Bicycles, auto bike racks, 16x10 tent, portable gas grill, metal swing frame, Christmas and harvest lawn deco, canner, some canning jars, home interior, Pampered Chef, PS2 games, Xbox 360 games, karaoke machine and CD’s, arts and crafts items. Clothing: women’s lg-XL, men’s med-XXL. 2 restored mid 60s campers, 1979 Ford F-100 pick-up. YARD SALE July 20-21, 9?, 504 N Wayne Street, North Manchester. Something for everyone.

Lost & Found FOUND: NICE inside cat, gray, short haired, sleek coat, young adult cat w/yellow eyes. Found in May off Baumbauer road area, 260-563-4634.

Articles For Sale $125 QUEEN PILLOWTOP Mattress Set. NEW in Plastic, Can Deliver (260)493-0805


A BRAND NEW KING PILLOWTOP Mattress Set, $225, Still in Factory Plastic (260)493-0805.

GARAGE SALE: 301 S. Main, Sat., July 21, 8a.m.?, household, antiques & furniture.

$350 CHERRY Sleigh Bed, NEW, Solid Wood w/NEW PILLOWTOP Mattress Set, un-opened, (260)493-0805.

YARD SALE: Thurs.-Sat., July 19-21, 9a.m.-4p.m., Lots of nice things! 1210 N. Wabash St., next to north side fire station.

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, excellent condition; Singer Sewing Machine in cabinet; 3 sets of coffee & end tables & lots more, too much to list, for information call 260-563-7188. LOWRY GENIE 44 electric organ w/cassette player; 2 chest of drawers, for more info, call 260-416-2381. SECTIONAL SOFA, $300; dishwasher, $150; built in microwave, $50; Laz-y-boy recliner sofa, $600; recliner loveseat, $300, 260-3304798. SALE OR Trade: Air Conditioner, Lawn Boy mower, weedwhip, 14 & 15 inch tires, 120 pound air compressor, leaf blower, also want a 38 or 22 handgun, 260-563-3015. USED WINDOW air conditioner, 53,000 BTU, 14x21, remote control, $150, 260563-7121. FIREWOOD, $60 per truck load. 260-571-3842, call after 8:30 a.m.

$ $



$ $

This person is responsible for a variety of general accounting support tasks in the accounting cost center and purchasing cost center.

GOOD APPLIANCES: used washers, dryers, ranges & refrigerators. 30 day warranty! 35 E. Canal St., Wabash, 260-5630147.

Job requirements include proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, general accounting experience, accounts receivable and payable. Experience in Sage Mas 90 accounting software is a plus.

LEFT HANDED golf clubs, complete set, not well trained; misc. collection of golf balls, $50 for all 260563-4537., and or fill out application available at our location.

FOR SALE: Electric washer, gas dryer, $80/obo: tan carpet, 8x8, $15 & 12x20, $40, 260-571-6839. DELL COMPUTER, speakers, microphone, printer, $200. Looking for reasonably used car that I could make payments on. 260-330-1205, leave message.



$ $




Oji Intertech, in North Manchester has a current

Full-Time Opening for an Accounting Clerk.

Resume submission to:

46” FLOOR model GE TV, $150; 10 pc. dinning room set, light colored, very nice, $600, 260-782-0799.


# !

# "

Gauranteed Work, References, Free Estimates.

(317) 469-8300

YARD SALE: Household, exercise bike, clothing & lots of misc. Sat., July 21, 8a.m.-?, 1505 Pike St.

WANTED HOMES THAT NEED ROOFING! We are introducing and test marketing an exciting new roofing system to homeowners in the Greater Fort Wayne area. For a limited time only, we are offering homeowners the ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to have a Millennium Metal Roofing System installed on their home for up to a 25% discount if your home qualifies! A Millennium Metal Roofing System comes with a lifetime guarantee and will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. A Millennium Metal Roofing System will provide your home with unsurpassed “Beauty and Lasting Protection!” Don’t miss this opportunity to see the newest product on the market and save $$$$.

Call today to see if you qualify!

888-265-4604 Full Service Auction Company Mike Olinger Sales Representative

Cell 574-930-0534

Commercial – Farms – Estates Coins – Guns – Tools – Vehicles – Antiques Other Personal Property

begin in what is currently the sectional semifinal round. The remaining schools will be evenly distributed between Classes 4A, 3A, 2A and A and continue playing in a six-week tournament format. The new classifications will be announced next winter followed by the sectional assignments. “I am extremely encouraged by the vision and valor of our Executive Committee in making these progressive decisions on behalf

of student-athletes in the Hoosier state,” said Cox. “It is my belief that these changes significantly address competition issues in football and will prove to enhance the team sport experience across all other disciplines.” The Committee also voted (18-0) to return the girls basketball state finals and its four state championship games to Terre Haute’s Hulman Center for a second year. The oneyear contract calls for the games to be played Saturday,

Steve Rusnak @ 260-571-0258

IHSAA approves sixth football class...continued from page 19 next higher enrollment class for the ensuing two seasons. Tournament success achieved during the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school years will be used to determine classifications in 2013-14. With regard to the sixth class, the current Class 5A will be split in two with the largest 32 schools by enrollment making up Class 6A and schools ranking 33-64 in Class 5A. Each team in those classes would have a bye week to start state tournament play and

1 DAVENPORT, free; 2 queen bed frames w/box springs & mattress, $25ea.; 2 TV/music centers, $25ea.; 2 office chairs, $20ea.; 1 computer monitor & printer, $100. Yohe Realty, Elden Yohe, 63 E. Hill St., 260-8366 or 260-563-1976.

Foundations & Crawlspaces

EXTRA LARGE Garage Sale: 35 Chrysler Ave. (Southpointe Subdivision by Friends Church), Fri. July 20 8-4:30 & Sat., July 21, 8-3. Women’s clothes sizes sm.-plus size, big men’s clothes, DVD’s, holiday decor, household items, too many items to mention.

GARAGE SALE: 1540 Branch St. on south side off Pike. Sat., July 21, 8a.m.-2p.m., plus size clothing, Vera Bradley, dorm refrigerator, antique Coke coolers, patio table & chairs, high chair, leather Harley jacket, sleeping bags, antique linens, Gold’s Gym exercise bike, coffee table, Cherished Teddy collection & much more.

PAINT BOOTH, 27’ long, 14’ wide, 9’ high, like new, you take down & move, $5,900, 260-568-3301.

March 2, 2013 in the 10,200-seat venue. The multi-purpose facility has hosted many IHSAA and NCAA tournament events over the years and is the home of the Indiana State University basketball teams. Terre Haute also has hosted the IHSAA Cross Country Finals at the renowned LaVern G i b s o n Championship Cross Country Course since 2004. In addition to Terre Haute, the IHSAA received bids to host the games at Bankers

Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis along with the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, the host site for the 2010 and 2011 state finals. “The Association wishes to thank all three entities for their submissions of proposals to host our girls state basketball championships,” said Cox. “In the final analysis, the proposal from Terre Haute provided the best support and opportunities to the eight member schools that will arrive at the state finals along with

other considerations extended to the IHSAA. The entire Terre Haute community should be proud of their leadership in the creation and execution of this effort.” In addition, a third seat on the IHSAA Board of Directors became vacant to start 2012-13 as Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran principal John Marks resigned after recently announcing his retirement following a 42-year career, the last 29 at Concordia Lutheran. He has represented private schools on the

IHSAA Board since that seat was created in 2007. In April, Tri-West Hendricks principal Jim Diagostino resigned his District II, Class 2A seat after accepting a job in another district and Connersville athletic director Pam Noble, who held the seat reserved for a South District Female, announced her retirement after a 34year career, 33 at Connersville. Those vacant seats will be filled during the next Board of Directors election in December.


July 18, 2012

‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday 12 DOUBLE pane replaceEmployment Services • Mowing NTIQUES ANTED ment windows w/frames, • Landscaping $25ea., 765-981-2819. WANTED: HEATING/AIR BANKRUPTCY: Free iniASH OR • Property clean-up, Conditioning, Refrigeration tial client conference. Military Items Service Technician or Discharge all or most conBabysitting • Dry wall • Paint (esp WWII), Furniture, Installer. Residential, sumer debt. Chapter 7 & • Roofs • Siding Pottery, Vintage Clothing, Commercial and Light Chapter 13 relief availPaintings, Quilts, Coins, Industrial. Five (5) years • Plumbing & able...we can save your ENERGETIC 19 yr. old girl, Jewelry, Watches, Signs, experience is required. Full home. Zimmerman Law looking to babysit. Please Benefits. Call for appointLight Fixtures, Guns, LL DD OBS Office, PC, Attorney Alan ment 260-563-5772. call 260-578-7658. Knives, Musical J. Zimmerman, 81 E. Hill Instruments, Railroad & St., Wabash, 260-563Boy Scout Items 2178. We are a debt relief agency. We help people Call (Wabash) file for bankruptcy under (260) 569-1865 Leave Message the bankruptcy code. PERSONAL INJURY: Free BOZARTH MASONRY, st nd initial client conference, no Pets LLC., residential & comWanted recovery, no fee, continmercial brick & block work, gent fee agreement avail36 years experience, free able, over 20 years of LAB MIX puppies for sale, estimates, 765-981-4055. WANTED TO BUY!!! Gold experience. Zimmerman mother is Chocolate Lab, Jewelry: rings, bracelets, Law Office, PC, Attorney ready for new homes, $10 Alan J. Zimmerman, 81 E. necklaces, watches, etc., each, 260-563-5323. Hill St., Wabash, 260-563tie tacks, service pins, gold 2178. BEAUTIFUL BEAGLE coins & even gold teeth. # ! % ( Puppies, males & females, Silver: Pre-1965 US coins, $ #( " !% " " # " CKC registered, $100, flatware, teapots, etc. Playful Puppy ##% " !# $! " # 260-578-0075 or 260-982Wabash Valley % " !# & # !) # ! ! Pet Grooming 6479. Prospectors LLC, Tim Certified Groomer Ravenscroft, 260-571# ! $ "# % "" # " # # Farm Call Tiffany 5858. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION ! % ( today IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF & # !) # !# # 8 YR. Old pure-bred & WABASH COUNTY, INDIANA " # "#! # Arabian, gelding, 260-438set up an " !# 4480. Estate Number 85C01-1207-EU-74 '#



W F :



AUTOMATED EGG PRODUCERS HAS A POSITION ON: 1 & 2 Shift, in warehouse palletizing products. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.





(260) 750-2709


Apply at 7165 N. 500 E, North Manchester Mon. - Fri. - 8am - 2pm

(260) 982-8122

Notice is hereby given that DAN ROBERT SLAGLE was on July 9, 2012, appointed personal representative of the estate of NORMA JEAN SLAGLE, Deceased, who died on May 16, 2012.

All persons having claims against said estate, whether or not now due, must file the claim in the office of the clerk of this Court within three (3) months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or within nine (9) months after the decedent’s death, whichever is earlier, or said claim will be forever barred. Dated at Wabash, Indiana this July 11, 2012. Elaine J. Martin Clerk, Wabash Circuit Court


".*4.- +2-: >244 +. *,,.8;.- <6;24 #<.:-*? <4? #1. +2-: :17<4- +. 9.;<96.- ;7 7<9 7//2,. >2;1 ;1. >79-: @" & # !) # " A 76 ;1. 7<;:2-. 7/ ;1. .6=.478. 44 +2-: >244 +. 78.6.- 76 &.-6.: -*? <4? *; 85 *; 9.* 2=. 0.6,? *; "52;1 ";9..; 70*6:879; 9.* 2=. 9.:.9=.: ;1. 9201; ;7 9./<:. *6? *6- *44 +2-: 7;2/2 ,*;276 ;7 ;1. :<,,.::/<4 +2--.9 >244 +. 5*-. 26 >92;260 >1.6 >. 9.,.2=. ";*;. *8897=*4 #1*; 897,.:: ,7<4- ;*3. :.=.9*4 >..3: /975 9.,.28; 7/ ;1. +2-

Larry C. Thrush Thrush Law Office One North Wabash Wabash, Indiana 46992 260-563-8485 Attorney for the Estate


60'& -"-&.7 &%+&/%"4







,10&/ 2"(*"#*&



60'& -"-&.7 5

"#"/' 5

/) ,.

WET BASEMENTS, Cracked Foundations, Crawlspaces, Sagging Floor Leveled, All Problems, All Repairs, 38 yrs. experience, Free Estimates, 317-469-8300.

Full and Part Time positions available for immediate hire in the Manchester University Food Service.


1&/%"4 ,.

(260) 224-7065


Full time positions (August – May with possible summer employment) include insurance, 401K plan, vacation pay, sick pay, and holiday pay. Part-time positions available for morning, evening and weekends. Also positions available for on call catering that includes assorted hours and days. Perfect position for the person who wants to work but cannot commit to a strict schedule. Apply in person on Wednesday, July 18 at 6:00 pm. or Thursday, July 19 at 9:00 a.m. at Chartwells, the Food Service at Manchester University, Welcome Center Lecture Hall, East Street, North Manchester, Indiana. The hiring fair will last approximately one hour. Any questions, please call Diana at 260-982-5289.

THE FORD METER BOX COMPANY, INC. DATABASE PROGRAMMER (% .1$ %3%1 .7 . -# 666 &.1$,%3%1".7 #., )2 2%%*)-' !- %7/%1)%-#%$ ")+)38 3. 6.1* 6)3( 3(% #411%-3 )-$.62 $%2*3./ ./%1!3)-' 2823%,2 !-$ -%36.1* ./%1!3)-' 282 3%,2 /1.'1!,,)-' +!-'4!'%2 )24!+ !2)# !-$ )24!+ !2)# %3 42)-' )#1.2.&3 !3!"!2% )2 ! ,423 7/%1)%-#% 6)3( 2823%,2 6.4+$ "% ! /+42 ()2 )2 -.3 !- %-318 +%5%+ /.23).)- 1%+!3%$ #.,/43%1 &)%+$ &1., &.41 8%!1 #.++%'% .1 4-)5%12)38 !-$ !3 +%!23 36. 8%!12 6.1* %7/%1)%-#% $%2)1%$ .6%5%1 %04)5!+%-3 #.,") -!3).- .& %$4#!3).- 31!)-)-' !-$ %7/%1)%-#% 6)++ "% #.-2)$%1%$ .1$ %3%1 .7 )2 ! 8%!1 .+$ #.,/!-8 .&&%1)-' #.,/%3)3)5% 6!'%2 #.,/!-8 &4-$%$ 1%3)1%,%-3 /+!- %7#%++%-3 "%-%&)32 !-$ /1.&)3 2(!1)-' %24,%2 .1 6.1* ()23.1)%2 ,!8 "% 2%-3 5)! 3(% .23!+ 823%, .1 %+%#31.-)# ,!)+ -+8 3(.2% #!-$)$!3%2 4-$%1 #.-2)$%1!3).6)++ "% #.-3!#3%$ Mail Resumes to The Ford Meter Box Co., Inc. Attn: HR/Database Programmer P.O. Box 398 Wabash, IN 46992 or e-mail (as an MS Word document) to FORD METER BOX IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. APPLICANTS ARE CONSIDERED WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN, CITIZENSHIP, STATUS, AGE, DISABILITY, MILITARY STATUS, OR ANY OTHER BASIS PROHIBITED BY LAW FORD METER BOX COMPANY CONDUCTS DRUG SCREENS AS A PART OF THE RECRUITING PROCESS.


+ # ($% $!! & $& ! $ #' & % ) !&+ &' *%

$",' $ #' 16 YEAR old boy looking for odd jobs, very dependable. 260-377-9142. INSTANT CASH for doing odd jobs, 260-563-0107, leave message.

Recreational Vehicles

1994 SMOKER Craft 18’ pontoon w/Mariner 25HP outboard, no trailer, $1,500, 260-568-3301.

Real Estate

LIVE IN THE COUNTRY! Northfield schools, 3 bdrm, 2 bath on 1.10 acres, owner will consider land contract, $48,900, broker owned. Call Jody at 260466-2519, more information available at www.lundquistrealestate.c om.

RN’S/ LPN’S Apply in person, No Phone Calls Please. 1900 N. Alber St. Wabash follow us @MillersHealthSy

July 18, 2012


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

1987 DODGE Dakota, 211K miles, wood hauler, $450, 765-981-2311.

FOR SALE: 11 room farmhouse in Gilead. Master suite. Two baths. Big rooms. Almost 2 acres. 3 car garage. Remodeled. Extra land available. 260982-8542

$$$ Cash $$$ $$$ For Cars $$$

For Rent

Highest Prices Paid




for your Running or NonRunning Car, Truck, or Van (with or without titles)!

New Homes

Downtown Apartments All utilities & Cable Included



3 BDRM house in Wabash, $475/mo., $350 deposit, you pay utilities, 765-2020260. 2 BDRM, 1 bath, washer/dryer hook-up, $475/mo. plus deposit & utilities, 260-330-3729. DOWNTOWN APARTMENT for Rent: 2 bdrm, 1 bath, kitchen, living/dinning room, Beautiful apartment on Canal St., $400/mo. (includes water), call 260563-4780, leave message. 1 BDRM Rentals: small house or A-frame duplex, w/d hook-up, $400/mo. plus utilities, 260-5637743. 2 BDRM Rentals: Small house w/large garage, duplex w/C/A or large upstairs unit, 260-5637743. 1 BDRM Apartment, washer/dryer hook-up, $300/mo. plus utilities, deposit required, no pets, 260-8231035. 3 BDRM, 1 bath, washer/dryer hook-up, $450/mo., $450 deposit, no pets, 409 Congress St., 260-569-1303. 2 BDRM, 1 bath, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer hook-up, C/A, northside, $100 wk. plus deposit, 260-563-1556 or 765-8631453. 2 BDRM downstairs apt. off street parking, $125/wk., utilities included plus deposit, 260-7820004.


Mobile Homes

I Pick Up 7 Days a Week

Now on Display!

(260) 388-5335

Single & Sectional Homes New & Used

2005 BUICK Lesabre, excellent condition, $7,995/obo, 260-5718906.

3 Miles South of Wabash

260-563-8078 “Family Owned & Operated” Over 39 Years in Business



Buying Junk

CARS TRUCKS VANS and will haul away

# % &"




" #


It’s Quick! It’s Convenient! It’s Simple!


junk farm machinery.

Call Larry at

(260) 571-2801

‘10 MKZ

FOR SINGLES ONLY If you are single, lonely or just looking for someone new to talk with,you may place a For Singles Only ad by sending, in 55 words or less, a brief description of yourself and your interests and the type of person you are seeking for a companion to: For Singles Only, ‘the paper’, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992, or you may bring your ad into the office.

All Lincoln luxury standard features Plus: Leather, Moonroof, 17” 9 Spoke Chrome Wheels, 10,341 Miles, Smokestone Metallic, Light Camel Perforated Leather




assign your ad a file number and forward replies to you, or you may pick them up in the office. All ads and replies must conform to good taste. ‘the paper’ reserves the right to edit or reject any ad. Singles ads must be received in our office before noon on Friday the week before the first pub-

bounds of good taste, and BE HONEST!

I AM LOOKING FOR A CHRISTIAN MAN between the ages of 65-77 years old for companionship, spending time together and going to church. I am a nice lady & would like to hear from you if you are interested. Please send responses to Box 146 c/o the paper, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992.

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Harvey Industries, LLC, Wabash Operations, a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings for the automotive industry is currently recruiting for skilled multi-craft maintenance personnel. Applicants must be shift flexible, have experience and strong skills in troubleshooting and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, AC and DC electrical systems with 480vac distribution and motor controls, and 120vac relay logic systems. Experience with programming, robotics, CNC and servo systems is highly desired with the ability to read schematics. We offer competitive wage plan and benefit package including a 401K plan. Please send your resume with salary history to: Harvey Industries, LLC Wabash Operations Attn: HR Department 3837 W. Mill Street, Ext. Wabash, IN 46992 Or E-mail: A Drug-Free Equal Opportunity Employer

1 BDRM upstairs apt., stove, refrigerator, $90/wk., plus deposit, 260-5631556 or 765-863-1453.


WABASH COUNTY, INC. 260-563-8326

‘12 MKZ

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All Lincoln luxury standard features Plus: Leather, Navigation, Dual Moonroof, 20” Wheels, Tuxedo Black, Black Ultimate Leather


24,148 ‘10 MKS SEDAN

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All Lincoln luxury standard features Plus: Leather, 18” Chrome Clad Wheels, Ultimate package, 49,088 Miles, Cinnamon Clear Coat, Black Premium Leather

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LARGE 3 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath apartment in Wabash, stove & refrigerator furnished, dep. & ref. , $120/wk. plus utilities, 765506-6248.


All Lincoln luxury standard features Plus: Leather, Moonroof, 17” 9 Spoke Chrome Wheels, 1896 Miles, Red Candy Metallic, Dark Charcoal Leather

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CHRISTIAN FAMILY of 4 would like to rent, 3-4 bdrm home, Southwood schools/North Marion, 765661-4249.

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1 BDRM apartment, $100/wk., utilities paid, plus deposit, 260-7820004.

2 BDRM w/combined bathroom & utility room, totally electric, 1 car garage, Southwood Schools, must see to appreciate, no pets, $475/mo., $600 deposit. Call anytime after 8:30 a.m., 260-571-3842.


260-571-6637 • 7 & 10 Yd. Containers • Best Rates • Trash & Shingle Removal 4395

1430 N. Baldwin Ave. 765-662-2561 TOLL-FREE 1-888-824-3673


July 18, 2012

Shenefield apologizes to residents and expresses concern

' $

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$ (



" $ "

% $ # )# " " "$ " %#$ ## # & # # '$ " #! " " ' "# ' $ " $" $ ($ " ' $ " #! # "



afraid to ask for that help. I didn’t want my family and loved ones to know how bad the situation was. I was afraid that they would be mad or upset and abandon me. So do yourself a favor and just ask for help. I am now free from my addiction. I first want to thank God for giving me the strength to overcome such a powerful affliction. I would also like to thank my family for sticking by my side through all of this. Without building a relationship with Christ, my transformation would not have been possible. So, if you are struggling, get into church. Also, talk to your family about your addiction, they only want what is best for you. Do what you need to do to free yourself from that horrible lifestyle. Put that fear, doubt, and pride aside and get help. Trust me, this is not where you want to be. Take my advice and do not

Dear editor My name is Cory Shenefield, and I am 27 years old. I was born and raised in Wabash County. Unfortunately, right now I am currently at Westville Correctional Facility. I am writing this first and foremost to offer my apologies to all of you; I wronged our community not only by breaking the law, but also by not giving back to the community. Our county is full of generous and caring people that love nothing more than to help one another. All I have done for most of my life was take. I once again want to apologize for my actions. I want you all to know I will be giving back to the community upon my release. Secondly, I want to address all of the young men and women using and abusing drugs. I urge all of you to ask for help so you can break the chain of your addiction. For most of the time I was using, I knew I needed help, but I was too

be hard headed like I was. Look at how I had to learn this lesson. To the parents of those afflicted by drugs, it is unbelievably hard to quit using, but you can make it easier. Show love, compassion and tolerance, not anger. There are a few of us from Wabash in this prison because of substance abuse. We will all be coming home soon, but please don’t think that there will be a few more druggies coming back to town. What will be coming back are men of God who are going to do everything in their power (with God on our side) to stop others from making the same mistakes we did. For those that know me, don’t be ashamed that my name is on this, and be proud of how far I’ve came. Cory Shenefield Westville Correctional Facility Former Wabash County resident

" &#.# -'!#. +*3/ ./ +*% -" +*" 2 0(2 /&-+0%& /& /0-" 2 0(2 !

*/',0# #""'*%

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*# +$ '*" /#).


!!#..+-'#. *" '$/ /#). "

! -1#. 0-.#. / /'+* -2

' )+*" '*%.

-/ -'*/. -".


(# -'!#


*/',0# '*%.


( )


'$% &'$



# )

&$ !


* $

) #




1 ('#-#.

July 18, 2012  

The Paper of Wabash County

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