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July 11, 2012

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Anna Marie Farlow crowned 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Queen

ANNA MARIE FARLOW receives the 2012 Wabash County 4-H crown from 2011 Fair Queen Lauren Wagoner during the July 8 Queen Coronation. (photo by Danielle Swan) 2012 WABASH COUNTY 4-H FAIR QUEEN’S COURT members include: (from left) Kelli Siepker, Miss Congeniality; Kylie Echard, Second Runner-up; Anna Marie Farlow, Queen; Jenna Schmidt, First Runnerup; and Megan Frank, Third Runner-up. (photo by Danielle Swan)

by Danielle Swan Anna Marie Farlow’s reign as 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Queen began July 8 when the crown was passed to her by 2011 Queen Lauren Wagoner. Farlow, a senior at Southwood Jr./Sr. High School and one of 26 contestants in the pageant, decided to participate in the Queen Pageant after watching her older sister serve on the Queen’s Court in previous years. “She always had the best time so I just wanted to have that opportunity,” Farlow said. During her nine years in 4-H, Farlow’s projects have included sewing, Fashion Revue, general crafts, needle crafts, foods, food preservation, scrapbooking and collections. Farlow says she looks forward to attending the livestock shows as part of her duties as Queen. “I usually don’t take animals so I didn’t ever get to be a part of that and now I get to be a part of it in a different way,” she said. She also looks forward to spending time with her court, which consists of: Miss Congeniality Kelli Siepker, graduate of Southwood, entering her freshman year at Ball State University; Third Runner-up Megan Frank, graduate of Northfield, entering her freshman year at Purdue University; Second Runner-up Kylie Echard, a junior at Northfield; and First-Runner-up Jenna Schmidt, graduate of Southwood, entering her freshman year at Purdue University. At Southwood, Farlow plays basketball and golf. She is a member of Student Congress, Crossroads Bank Junior Board of Directors and PEP. She is a member of history club and National Honor Society, and a company member at Wabash Valley Dance Theater. Following high school,

she plans to pursue a career in the medical field. Farlow was surprised when she was announced as the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Queen. “I didn’t really expect anything this year, I was hoping for third runner-up. I was so shocked,” she said. Farlow’s prize package included: a tiara, an embroidered garment bag and an engraved pendant necklace from pageant sponsors; a handmade sash from Ciara and Lisa Keffaber; a bouquet from Manchester Green House; a rhinestone tiara pin from Bobbi Bates and Susi Stephan; a setting and 8x10 portrait from Werking Studio; an engraved 8x10 picture frame from Andrea Greer of Manchester Realty; Also, a $25 gift certificate from The Studio; a manicure gift certificate form Aimee Emrick of Get Nailed; a $32 gift certificate from Friermood Tire & Alignment; thank you cards and envelopes from Silver Creek Printing & Office Supply; a $50 gift certificate from Uptown Style; an engraved pen from Wabash Engraving; a watch from Myers & Son Jewelers; an embroidered tote bag from Key’s Embroidery; Also, Mary Kay samples from Serena (Thrush) Acker; a blanket from Beacon Credit Union; a gift bag from Crossroads Bank; a fleece jacket from First Farmers Bank and Trust; a t-shirt, thermal cup and beach towel from Wells Fargo Bank; a $10 gift certificate from Main View Inn; a clock from Miller Furniture; a parking pass from the Wabash County Fair Association; a CD from Joy Christian Bookstore; and a scholarship from the Former Queen’s Scholarship Contributors. Another highlight of the Queen Pageant was the presentation of a plaque of recognition to a 50-year 4-H volunteer, Duane Truss. Truss has served three generations of 4-Hers in various leadership capacities since 1962. “It has been really rewarding to see these kids grow up and become leaders in the community,” Truss said as he accepted the plaque. Attendees also heard from the 2012 Indiana State Fair Queen Erika Burghardt, who let them in on what would be happening at the State Fair this year, the Year of Dairy Cows. She announced that a shuttle service will transport State Fair attendees between the fairgrounds and Bankers Life Fieldhouse, where the headline concerts will take place. The 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Queen Pageant Committee consisted of Susi Stephan, Caley Fitch, Andrea Greer, Lisa Keffaber and Lauren Wagoner. Judges

ANNA MARIE FARLOW, 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Queen, receives a hug from her sister, Mary Farlow, following the Queen Coronation July 8. (photo by Danielle Swan)

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In Memoriam Toni Boyd, 51 Myrna Cornett, 73 Agnes Deardorff, 90 Sue Decker, 68

Sarah Fouts, 73 Mary Harner, 89 Etta Hunnicutt, 81 Rev. Guy Mowery, 98

Vol. 35, No. 17 Jerry Oldenkamp, 79 Johnie Shepherd, 88 Marcia Steele, 80 Ada Stoner, 85

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2 Remember Safety Tips While Visiting County Fairs

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) and Indiana State Police

(ISP) remind all Hoosiers to remember basic safety tips to ensure that everyone enjoys their time at the county fair and other local festivals

July 11, 2012

and carnivals that are part of Indiana’s summertime tradition. General Safety Tips Pay attention to weather forecasts and

Whatever W hatever it takes takes..

4070 W W.. 50 N. W Wabash, abash, IN 46992 Toll www T oll free: (888)563-3163

prepare appropriately. Be aware of your surroundings and know where you will go if you need to seek shelter from an unexpected thunderstorm. Be sure to use sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Remember, even on overcast days UV rays are still powerful enough to burn skin so use sunscreen. On hot days, make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Wear closed toe

shoes like tennis shoes, not flip-flops or sandals, to protect your feet. Remember, if you see something, say something. If you see people or activities that seem suspicious, report your observations to the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center at 877-226-1026. If you believe danger is imminent, contact local security or call 911. Safety Tips for Kids and Caregivers Teach kids to stay calm and stay put if they become separated from parents or other caregivers. Knowing what to do in this scary situation will help prevent a lost child from panicking, and help safety officials locate them faster. Keep a watchful eye on children. It’s easy for children and caregivers to become separated in large crowds. Have an established family meeting location where you will reconnect if separated. Check with county fair organizers and ask for ‘missing parent’ contact tags your children can wear with your name and cell phone number in case your child becomes separated. If you do become separated from your child, notify local security immediately. Animal Safety Tips Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer

Look What

$ 00


after touching animals, and don’t consume any food inside of the barns. Watch out for animal feces on barn floors and aisle ways when walking or using strollers. Animals at the fair are in a noisy, crowded and unfamiliar environment, and may easily become dangerous if they are spooked or scared. Avoid running, yelling, talking loudly or making loud noises while in the animal barns. Never attempt to pet any animal at the fair without receiving explicit permission from the animal’s owner. Fire Safety Tips Be aware of Burn Bans. Dry weather makes it easier for fires to start so make sure all fires are extinguished and discigarettes pose of properly. Ensure all wires being used for fair exhibits are away from flammable materials such as cloth or hay. If camping, be aware of burn bans that may be in your county and what you are allowed/not allowed to burn. If parking on grass lots while attending the fair, avoid parking on tall dry grass. Park on mowed grass whenever possible. Use caution refilling generators. Exhaust can be very hot. Make sure the

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exhaust vent is pointing up in the air and not down at the ground, where it could catch dry grass or other flammables on fire. To find the current list of Burn Bans, v i s i t s/files/burn-ban/. Amusement Ride Safety Tips Don’t board a ride if you see broken parts, signs of improper maintenance, or an inattentive operator. Report your observations to the ride operator or call IDHS amusement ride hotline at 1-888-203-5020. Every ride should have a prominently displayed, current permit issued by IDHS. If the ride has no such permit, call the amusement ride hotline at 1-888-2035020. Read all posted rules and listen to instructions given by ride operators. Watch the ride with your child before boarding. Point out the operator and the entrance and exit locations prior to riding. Make sure they understand the instructions and warnings fully. Obey minimum height, age, and weight restrictions. Never sneak children onto rides if they are too small or too young. A smaller/younger child may not be physically or developmentally able to stay safely seated. If you can’t count on your child to stay seated with hands and feet inside, don’t let them ride. Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) inside the ride at all times. If you have long hair, keep it pulled up with a hat or hair tie. Always use the safety equipment provided (seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar, etc.). Remain in the ride until it comes to a complete stop at the unloading point. If a ride stops temporarily due to mechanical failure or other reasons, stay seated and wait for an operator to give you further instructions. Know your physical conditions and limitations. If you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reason, or that you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, do not ride. Additional ride safety tips are available at

July 11, 2012


Purdue survey: Farmland purchases expected to continue

Many farmland investors in Indiana and surrounding Corn Belt states plan to continue buying despite some concerns that the market might not be able to sustain recent, rapid price increases, according to a Purdue University agricultural economics study. Farmland values have risen considerably in the past decade nationwide, especially throughout the Corn Belt, including Indiana. The most productive farmland in Indiana doubled from 2004 to 2011, increasing from an average of $3,278 per acre to $6,521. From 2010 to 2011 alone, Indiana farmland values jumped by 22.8 percent. “The rapid increases have led some people to speculate that the farmland market is in a bubble,” says Brent Gloy, professor of agricultural economics and director of Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture, which conducted the survey designed to gauge atti-

tudes, beliefs and expectations of buyers. “Without knowing what investors really think of the market environment, we cannot adequately respond to that speculation. This study helps us answer questions about what’s driving farmland prices.” Nearly 250 farmers, farmland investors, agricultural lenders and agribusinesses responded to the survey, conducted in late February. Nearly half of the respondents said their operation was primarily in Indiana, with most of the remaining respondents owning farmland in surrounding Corn Belt states. Their median farmland ownership was 500 acres. Fifty-four percent of the respondents said they believed that the farmland market is in a bubble, although farmers with larger operations and more experience were less likely to be concerned about that than those with fewer acres and less

experience. Still, 74 percent said they planned to buy additional land in the next five years. Asked to consider an 80-acre tract of farmland with a normal production capacity of 165 bushels of corn per acre, what respondents estimated they would pay for it varied widely, with the average at $6,179 per acre. “Some people are very positive about future values, and some have concerns,” Gloy said. “Their wide range of possible prices is consistent with the current uncertainty surrounding the ultimate value of the farm. This variability of opinion creates the potential for large changes in farmland prices.” Sixty-five percent of the respondents felt that someone else would pay more for the farmland than what the respondents themselves felt it was worth. Nearly all of the respondents believed that the amount of farmland

for sale was less than normal or about the same as usual. Gloy said the findings indicate that the market is “still searching for equilibrium prices” after the dramatic crop price increases over the last decade. The limited amount of farmland for sale further complicates the situation. Market and economic conditions will determine where farmland values go in the future, but a key driver of current

farmland prices is the purchasing capacity of the people willing to pay the most for land, according to Gloy. “Until the supply of land offered to the market increases, it is likely that the people at the upper end of the demand curve with more optimistic views of farmland value will continue to push prices higher,” Gloy said. “How long this lasts will depend upon how these individuals’ expectations

Swango, Tristan Vigar, Bailey Yoakum 7th Grade 2nd Semester High Honor Roll Isaiah Hipskind, Kaleb Kelsheimer, Cheyenne King 7th Grade 2nd Semester Regular Honor Roll Nicole Adams,

nological topics, such as managing risk, increasing workforce productivity and developing an onfarm research program. A complete agenda is available at http://www.agecon.p pfarmer.html.

FREE PARKING PASS During the week of the 4-H Fair!


-H Wabash 4 tail Lot Dyson DeJuly 9th - 14th

Office: 260.569.9299

Wabash Middle School Honor Roll

6th Grade 2nd Semester High Honor Roll Cody Beeks, Kathryn Brown, Alexis Hartley, Kaitlyn Hashbarger, Isabel Hughes, Ayden Kocher. Alexsandra Luckenbill, Gage Miller, Morgan Owens, Alicyn Sheets, Austin Vinopal 6th Grade 2nd Semester Regular Honor Roll Aidan Benysh, Kennedy Brackett, Jacob Bruss, Kassandra Burchett, Chaney Byers, Shyanna Cavins, Ashley Crist, Ryan Davis, Zoe Denney, Braxton Dewey, Mackenzie Easterday, Tristian Erikson, Courtney Eshelman, Madison Gatchel, Kamryn Grier, Cassie Hawkins, Olivia Hipskind, Breanna Hurt, Erica King, Robert Kin, Jade Kline, Alexandria Koch, Kaed Koehler, Lucas Mattern, Abony Petty, Bailey Pinkleton, Kaylee Prater, Evangelia Reed, Christian Simpson, John Stewart, Allison Strickler, Michael

evolve.” Gloy will present more detailed study results July 11 at the 45th annual Top Farmer Crop Workshop in West Lafayette. The twoand-a-half day workshop will include experts addressing a variety of economic, agronomic and tech-

808 Manchester Ave. • Wabash Mon-Sat (8-5) • Walk-In or Make an Appointment

4-H Auction

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Motorcycle & ATV Races 7:30 p.m. Outdoor Arena


July 11, 2012

Wabash Middle School Honor Roll... continued from page 3 Rachel Adams, Taylor Cain, Brienna Culver, Kaitlyn Dowdal, Kaitlyn Fierstos, Hannah Fisher, Katie Ford, Jaci Gahl, Alec G a r b a c i a k , Anastasia Gaston, R o b e r t Hashbarger,Austin Hiatt, Chloe Hipskind, Richard Hipskind, Shane King, Makayla Landis, Taylor Middleton, Gabriel Mota, Caitlyn Mullen, Jaycee Parrett, Zoe Payne, Kennedy Prater, Lukas Proctor, Nicholas Rhoads, Dakota Roe, Cal Ston, Hunter Tucker, Sabrina Wagner, Brianna Walters,

Taylor Whitaker, Terissa Williams, Katelyn Wood, Natalie Zenil. 8th Grade 2nd Semester High Honor Roll Zachary Brown, Madison Decker, Adam Driscoll, Skyler Hall, Maggie Walley. 8th Grade 2nd Semester Regular Honor Roll Cailey Beauchamp, Alexis Castro, Gabrielle Cavins, AC Chanthachak, Kiersten Cole, Kristin Cromer, Angela Davis, Gabrielle Denham, Ben Dillon, Treavor Floor, Carli Henderson, Elizabeth

Hendricks, Kalana Hueston, Sarina Jamerson, Bobby Jones, Alexandra Judy, Mikayla Marz, Katherine McCauley, Reece McDonald, Sydni Mullett, Paige Nelson, Zachary Newman, Samuel O’Connell, Taylor Robbins, Kia Smith, Skyler Smith, Franchescia Wiser. 6th Grade 4th Nine Weeks High Honor Roll Isabel Hughes, Alexsandra Luckenbill, Austin Vinopal. 6th Grade 4th Nine Weeks Regular Honor Roll Cody Beeks, Paige Beeks, Aidan Benysh, Kennedy

Brackett, Kathryn Brown, Jacob Bruss, Kassandra Burchett, Chaney Byers, Shyanna Cavins, Ashley Crist, Ryan Davis, Zoe Denney, Braxton Dewey, Tristian Erikson, Courtney Eshelman, Madison Gatchel, Trace Goodwin, Kamryn Grier, Alexis Hartley, Kaitlyn Hashbarger, Cassie Hawkins, Olivia Hipskind, Carol-Jane Holley, Erica King, Robert King, Ayden Kocher, Kaed Koehler, Brayden Lutz, Lucas Mattern, Gage Miller, Morgan Owens, Bailey Pinkleton, Evangelia Reed, Alicyn Sheets, Christian Simpson,

Michael Swango, Tristan Vigar, Magnolia Way, Bailey Yoakum, Mckinzie Young. 7th Grade 4th Nine Weeks High Honor Roll Taylor Cain, Kaleb K e l s h e i m e r, Cheyenne King, Zoe Payne. 7th Grade 4th Nine Weeks Regular Honor Roll Nicole Adams, Chelsea Archer, Helena Atkins, Kelsey Burns, Katilyn Dowdal, Katie Ford, Jaci Gahl, Alec Garbaciak, Robert Hashbarger, Austin Hiatt, Chloe Hipskind, Richard Hipskind, Randi

Jones, Shane King, Gabriel Mota, Caitlyn Mullen, Jaycee Parrett, Kennedy Prater, Lukas Proctor, Nicholas Rhoads, Dakota Roe, Morgan Sprague, Cal Stone, Hunter Tucker, Sabrina Wagner, Brianna Walters, Katelyn Wood. 8th Grade 4th Nine Weeks High Honor Roll Adam Driscoll, Skyler Hall, K a t h e r i n e McCauley, Kia Smith, Skyler Maggie Smith, Walley. 8th Grade 4th Nine Weeks Regular Honor

Roll C a i l e y B e a u c h a m p , Zachary Brown, Alexis Castro, Gabrielle Cavins, AC Chanthachak, Kiersten Cole, Kristin Cromer, Angela Davis, Madison Decker, Gabrielle Denham, Ben Dillon, Treavor Floor, Carli Henderson, Elizabeth Hendricks, Kalana Hueston, Sarina Jamerson, Bobby Jones, Alexandra Judy, Mikayla Marz, Reece McDonald, Sydni Mullett, Paige Nelson, Zachary Newman, Samuel Taylor O’Connell, Robbins, Megan Shidler, Franchescia Wiser.

Ivy Tech to receive a program funding grant from the Pauline Barker Education Trust

Ivy Tech Community College Wabash recent-



ly received a $22,083 grant from the Pauline


# "

Barker Education Trust. The grant will enable the college to fund various programs at the Wabash County campus. These programs will help students be more successful and achieve their higher education goals. The funds from this grant will provide support to the following: S t u d e n t Ambassadors-$5,084 Transportation Vouchers-$1,000 Ivy Track Scholarships-$5,000 Study Tables-$6,286 C l a s s r o o m Computer Upgrades$4,713 Wabash Campus Executive Director, Pam Guthrie, touched upon the significance of a few of the areas that will receive fund-

MEMBERS OF FIRST MERCHANTS BANK met with members of Ivy Tech Community College, and the Learn More Center today to award checks to be used toward bettering the education of adults. Pictured are from the left: Tony Millspaugh, vice president, First Merchants; Aaron Campbell, relationship manager, First Merchants; Cynthia Johnson, director of education, Learn More Center; Hal Job, member, trust committee, First Merchants Bank; Sally Krouse, president, Learn More Center board of directors; Pam Guthrie, executive director, Ivy Tech Wabash Campus; Laura Moorman, member, trust committee, First Merchants Bank; Kelly Karickhoff, executive director, resource development, Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region. (photo by Karlee Marshall) ing. “This is the second the Wabash campus has provided many ers provide much needyear for the ambassa- significantly. We are local residents with the ed help for adult studor program, and last also grateful for the skills and certifica- dents who have to supyear the four students funds to expand our tions they need to get port themselves and who served as ambas- networking lab. Our jobs in information their families while sadors were able to computer information technology in our local working to gain educational credentials and help other students at technology program community.” Guthrie also com- take a step up economimented on the Ivy cally.” Track scholarships, The legacy resulting which go to students from Pauline Barker’s who have worked with decision to form a trust The Learn More for adult students in Center to improve Wabash County is helptheir math, reading ing the community and writing skills so reach that important that they are college national goal of 60 perready. “The Ivy Track cent of residents with scholarships and the some kind of higher transportation vouch- education credential.








$ "

! " !#


# !


& #




July 11, 2012


Camron Dawes achieves Dean’s List for Indiana Wesleyan University

532 N. CASS ST., WABASH Phone: 260-563-7478 Toll Free: 1-800-523-0477 Fax: 260-563-2144


vitis us online at


Camron Scott Dawes has received recognition on the Indiana Wesleyan University Dean’s List for the Spring Semester of the 2012 academic year. To be named on this list, a student must obtain a 3.50 grade point average on a 4.00 scale and carry at least 12.0 credit hours for the semester.

Weekly seminar support group “DivorceCare” meets every Tuesday night at Wabash Friends Church Counseling Center

DivorceCare, a 13week DVD series that features some of the nation’s foremost Christian experts on topics concerning divorce and recovery, meets from 6:30 to 8 p.m. every Tuesday, at the Wabash Friends Church Counseling Center, 3563 S. State Rd. 13, Wabash, in the conference room. DivorceCare is a special weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. The DivorceCare group is a place where members can be around people who understood the pain of divorce and receive valuable information about ways to heal from the hurt of divorce. The DivorceCare group leaders and some members of the group meet for dinner at 5:30 p.m. at Ugalde’s Restaurant, 1950 State Highway 15 S, Wabash.

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CLARENCE (SONNY) JONES JR. AND VIRGINA (PARRETT) JONES celebrated 63 years of marriage this week. The couple was married June 19, 1949 at First United Methodist Church, in Wabash. The couple has three children: Clarence (Sandy) Jones, Leesburg, Karen Jones, Palm Desert, Calif., and Nancy Jones, Wabash. Cards for the couple may be sent to 4199 S. Old SR 15, Wabash. (picture provided)


Power Recliners


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$ "

1100 NORTH CASS ST. • WABASH 260-563-1046 or Toll Free 866-563-1046



July 11, 2012

ve got NEED BROCHURES PRINTED? youWe’covered!



4-H recognizes 10-year members


Friends & Family Day SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2012

Huntington Plaza

Catch the Summer Savings!







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‘the paper’ PETS OF THE WEEK

Available For Adoption At The Wabash County Animal Shelter: 810 Manchester Ave. • 260-563-3511 Monday - Friday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

D a rk C h o c o l a te P i t 6 M o n th s O l d Ma l e He el e r /Sh et i e 5 M o n th s O l d Fe m a l e “Pet of the Week” photos are taken each Friday. If the pet featured has already been adopted, many others are still waiting for good homes!


Frequent Feeder Program

Alyson Adams Alyson Adams is the daughter of Tim and Laura Adams. She is a graduate of Southwood High School. As a member of the Crimson Clovers and Junior Leaders, she showed ducks and sheep, and also took sewing geology and entomology projects. In school, she participated in tennis, PEP, and student congress. Her future plans are to attend Southeast Missouri State to study premedicine. In the future, she would like to become a doctor specializing in Cerebral Palsy. Adams summarizes her 4-H career by saying, “I had a great time meeting people and getting to know them. I have made some terrific friends.”

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WABAS H 1 42 5 N. Ca s s S t, W a ba s h Cr o s si n g • 26 0- 56 3- 03 52

Emily Airgood Emily Airgood is the daughter of Randy and Teresa Airgood. She is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Crimson Clovers, she


has shown goats and pigs. She has also taken photography projects. Airgood is involved in her church youth group, as well as golf and tennis. In the fall, she will be attending IPFW to study nursing. Airgood summarizes her 10 years of 4H by saying, “It was a fun experience and it made me work harder at things.”

Bethany Azbell Bethany Azbell is the daughter of Scott and Tracy Azbell. She is a Northfield Junior/Senior High School graduate. As a member of the Eel River Senior 4-H group, as well as the Tractor Maintenance group, she has shown veal, goats, dairy, and beef. She has also taken projects in foods, food preservation, crops, tractor maintenance, and small pets. Azbell’s extracurricular activities include volleyball, and softball, while also being a Bachelor Creek Church of Christ Sunday school teacher. During her 10 years of 4-H, Azbell has received numerous awards including the Overall Ag Award, Tractor Maintenance Achievement award, Foods, Veal, and Small Pets Achievement, along with a medal for Crops and Goats. In the fall she plans to attend Purdue University, and her future plans are to work with children to help them better themselves for the future. Azbell sums up her tenure of 4-H by saying, “I have enjoyed my success in all of my projects. I have made a lot of friends and memories because of my 4-H experience.” Tanner Chamberlain T a n n e r Chamberlain is the son of Brian and Janet Chamberlain. He is a graduate of

N o r t h f i e l d Junior/Senior High School. As a member of the Urbana Ribbon Reapers, he has shown beef, sheep, swine, turkeys, and goats during his 10 years. While at Northfield, Chamberlain was involved in crosscountry, wrestling, and baseball. During his 4-H career, Chamberlain was awarded Champion Hereford barrow at the Indiana State Fair. In the fall, he plans to attend Purdue University to major in E l e m e n t a r y Education. Chamberlain summarizes his experience by saying “4-H has been fun, with countless memories made.”

Elizabeth Collins Elizabeth Collins is the daughter of Michael and Kathy Collins. She is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Future Farmers and Junior Leaders clubs, she has participated in child development, crafts, floriculture, foods, food preservation, genealogy, Junior Leaders, photography, scrapbooking, sewing wearable and non-wearable. Outside of 4-H, Collins is involved in class cabinet, FFA, junior board of directors at Crossroads Bank, NHS, PEP, school columnist, student congress, and tennis. During her 10 years, she has received numerous awards including, the “I Dare You” Award, Junior Leaders Achievement award, as well as medals and plaques in child development, genealogy, arts and crafts, and photography. In the fall, Collins pans to attend Indiana Wesleyan University to major in Christian Education and Leadership. Collins sums up her 10 years by saying,

“My 10 years in 4-H have given me 10 years of success, perseverance, determination, faith, great friends, countless unforgettable memories and lots of moments to be proud of. I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity and will carry what I have gained from this program with me wherever I go.”

Codi Cox Codi Cox is the son of Laci Haney and Bryan Cox. He graduated from Southwood High School. As a member of the Lucky Stars club, he has taken photography, geology, forestry, woodworking, arts and crafts, and small pets. He has also been a member of Dog Club. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, boating, camping, and hanging with his friends. Cox summarizes his 10 years of 4-H by saying, “I had fun and made new friends.”

Cedric Diefenbaugh Cedric Diefenbaugh is the son of Lee and Julie Diefenbaugh. He graduated from Manchester High School. As a member of the Chester Champs, he has shown goats, as well as taken photography and rockets while in 4-H. During his 10 years, he was awarded the Furel R. Burns Business Scholarship, as well as qualified for the Indiana State Fair for model rockets. In the fall, Diefenbaugh plans to attend Hanover College, to major in (continued on page 7)

July 11, 2012


Good Luck at the Fair!

4-H recognizes 10-year members... continued from page 6 international business. In the future he plans to travel to many different places around the world. He sums up his experience by saying, “[4-H] is a fun and enjoyable experience that has taught me how to work with animals and make model rockets, as well as take a good picture.”

Sarrah Dierks Sarrah Dierks is the daughter of Todd and Melissa Dierks. She is a graduate of Manchester High School. As a member of the Chester Champs, she showed pigs, and cows, while also participating in photography, foods, food preservation, and cake decorating. Outside of 4-H, Dierks enjoys dance, piano, cross-country, track, and FFA. In the fall she plans to attend Ivy Tech to study social work. “4-H is a great experience with amazing people,” she said.

Shannah Driscoll Shannah Driscoll is the daughter of Matt and Angie Driscoll. She is a Northfield High School graduate. As a member of the Ribbon Reapers, Driscoll has showed swine and goats, while also taking sewing wearables and non-wearables, fashion revue, foods, food preservation, and photography. While at Northfield, she participated in track, basketball, cross-country, student council, FFA, and FCA. She has received several awards while in 4-H, including several champions in sewing. She also has earned Reserve

Grand Champion Goat. In the fall, she plans to attend Purdue University. When asked to summarize her 4-H career, Driscoll responded, “It takes hard work, responsibility, and time management, rolled in with good friends and great times.”

V e t e r i n a r y Technology, after she’s done with college she plans to come back to Wabash County. Enyeart says this about her 10 years in 4-H, “It is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. I have learned a lot and have become a better person because of my 4-H experience.”

University toPurdue study attend V e t e r i n a r y University. Her Technology, after future plans include she’s done with colbecoming a to speech lege she plans come back to Wabash pathologist. County . To summarize her Enyeart says this 4-H tenure, Frank about her 10 years in said“Itshe “learned 4-H, is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. life lessons through Itaking have learned lot care of aaniand have become a mals” and “it was a better person because fun ride.” of my 4-H experience.”

6 - 12 oz. cans

• Jim Beam 1.75 Liters





• Smirnoff • Early Times



$ ! !% '% ! %% "$ & "! %& & % $'%&% %& & % ' $ % # "#& "!% '##"$& %%"' & "! '%&" ) % & & "! ( & & "! ! "!&$ &% % %





1.75 Liters

Kevin Friermood Kevin Friermood is the son of Greg and Jody Friermood. He is a graduate of Southwood High School. As a member of the Crimson Clovers, Rabbit Club, and Junior Leaders, he has showed rabbits and goats, all while taking foods, photography, woodworking, electric, wildlife, and crafts.


• Hamm’s • Boxer

750 ML

Megan Frank Allie Enyeart is the MeganofFrank is daughter Jerry and the Enyeart. daughter Lisa She isof a Southwood Bryan and High Kim School graduate. Frank. She is a 2012 As a member of the graduate of Future Farmers N o r t hshe f i e has l d group, showed dairy cows. Junior/Senior High Beef feeder calves, School. goats, swine, and been a member of a As member of Dog the Horse and Pony Club. She also takes personality scrapClub, as and well as booking. Ribbon Reapers, she Enyeart is involved participated in in many different horse, swine, sheep, activities in the community, suchpreservaas Relay foods, food for Life, Operation tion, hay, and arts Share, cadet teaching, and crafts. congress, student Heras extra-curricuFCA, well as softball, and lar basketball, activities volleyball. include: golf, dance She has received team, wrestling numerous awards manager, while in 4-H,softball, including: Grand track,ReserveWabash Champion Dairy Cow, Valley Dance as well as Reserve Theater, NHS, Grand Champion Spanish Club, Boar Doe, while stualso dent council, and achieving numerous showmanship awards Key Club. in the dairy barn. During her 4-H Enyeart has earned tenure, Frank the Mental Attitude received Grand Award in Dog Club, as well as many class Champion Gelding winners throughout at the Indiana State the livestock breeds. Fair. In the fall she plans the fall, she will to In attend Purdue

594 S. Miami St. Wabash, IN

(continued on page 14)

• Crown Royal

Allie Enyeart Allie Enyeart is the daughter of Jerry and Lisa Enyeart. She is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Future Farmers group, she has showed dairy cows. Beef feeder calves, goats, swine, and been a member of Dog Club. She also takes personality and scrapbooking. Enyeart is involved in many different activities in the community, such as Relay for Life, Operation Share, cadet teaching, student congress, FCA, as well as softball, basketball, and volleyball. She has received numerous awards while in 4-H, including: Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Cow, as well as Reserve Grand Champion Boar Doe, while also achieving numerous showmanship awards in the dairy barn. Enyeart has earned the Mental Attitude Award in Dog Club, as well as many class winners throughout the livestock breeds. In the fall she plans to attend Purdue University to study

Kevin Leming

While at Southwood, he participated in FFA, where he was elected District 6 Secretary, band, PEP, and foot

1699 • C.C. • Svedka Vodka 1.75 Liters

17 99

369 • Keystone 6 - 16 oz. cans



• Bud • Bud Light • Lite • Coors 12 - 16 oz. cans


750 ML


16 oz. bag

1599 6 oz. bag

599 • Largo Tobacco

24 - 12 oz. cans/bottles

12 oz. bag



1 - 18 oz. bottle

00 1 • Natural • Icehouse • Keystone 30 - 12 oz. cans

• Taaka Vodka • Canadian Supreme

ROLL-UR-OWN • 4 Aces Tobacco

1499 • Busch • High Life 30 - 12 oz. cans


5 oz. bag

499 • Joker Rolling Papers

79¢ • Zig-Zag Papers




July 11, 2012

Steve Brandt Memorial Chili for Charity announces non-profits to receive funding Golf Scramble Set

The Waldo Golf Course will be hosting the third annual Steve Brandt Memorial Golf Scramble on July 25 at 12 p.m. The proceeds of the event will benefit The Youth Service Bureau of Wabash County. Costs, which include green fees, cart and 18 holes of golf, are $60 per person each for a fourperson team. Lunch will be provided and there is a cash bar available. Prizes will be given

out to first, second and third place finishing teams. Other prizes and events include golfer giveaways, raffle and a 50/50 drawing. There will also be prizes for a hole in one, which include a chances to win a 2011 H a rl e y - D av i d s o n Motorcycle, tworound trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S., five-day/four-night cruise for two in the Bahamas, and an electronics package.

There will also be a skins game. To sign up, call The Youth Service Bureau of Wabash County at 260-563-7727 or stop by on 111 South Wabash Street. Individuals and businesses may sponsor a hole on the course for $100 or sponsor the scoreboard for $50. A business card will be needed to make a sponsorship sign (all checks should be made payable to Youth Service Bureau)

abash Cannonball Chili for Charity has announced the names of the non-profit organizations that will receive funding from this year’s chili for charity cookoff. Out of the 38 applica-

tions submitted for consideration, 16 were selected. The Learn More Center, Teen Serve Work-Camp 2012, Wabash County Cancer Society, The American Red Cross

of Wabash County, 85 Hope, The Access, VPA/FAME, Lagro Library, Wabash County Historical Museum, Honeywell Center Educational Outreach Program, Arc of Wabash



RAY AND CAROLYN WEAVER will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, July 15 from 3-5 p.m., at Calvary Baptist Church, Kokomo. Ray and Carolyn were married by Rev. Don Shanks, July 4, 1987 at Faith Church of Christ, Burlington. Ray is currently a Senior Test Engineer at Trialon Corporation, Kokomo, and Carolyn is currently a records clerk at Ivy Tech Community College, Kokomo. The celebration is hosted by their children, Mindi Weaver, Dean Weaver, and Amanda Lane, all of Kokomo. (picture provided)

Have a Great Time At The Fair!

County, Youth Service Bureau, Manchester Early Learning Center, Dallas L. Winchester Senior Center, Wabash County YMCA and the Lighthouse Mission will all benefit from the one-day fundraising event. “The selection process is the most difficult,” said Bill Gerding, co-founder of the event. “There are many qualified organizations serving the community that need funding. It is a tough decision every year.” Since the cookoff ’s inception, more than $250,000 has been granted to non-profit organizations serving Wabash County. This year will mark the 10th Anniversary of the event, which will be held on Oct. 20 at Paradise Spring Historical Park with gates opening at noon. Admission is $5 for adults and free to children ages 12 and u n d e r . Commemorative tshirts are currently available for purchase exclusively at Kitchens Plus and commemorative cups will be available the day of the event. All proceeds are earmarked for distribution to the 16 charities selected as benefactors from this year’s chili cookoff.

Partenheimers wed June 16

Good Luck Wabash County 4-H’ers! At Dorais, Everyone is a Winner! ' -+,(& * ,#+! ,#(' (* #+ " ./ (&

% +


# &# , 0

(' *#


+" 0

. (* #+ * &#," (+" , %

) *,& ', #$ (%% ' #& %% ("' *(!!#,,

(* ))(#',& ', '/,#&


Pamela (Roseberry) Partenheimer and Daniel Partenheimer wed on June 16. Pamela and Daniel Partenheimer would like to announce their wedding on June 16, at Church of God Worship Center, Wabash. Her father, John Powell, gave the bride away. The best man was Ed Gullett, and the groomsman was Don Partenheimer. The maid of honor was Judy Morgan, with Amanda Powell being a bridesmaid. Rev. Marshall Staten married the couple.

July 11, 2012

Learn More Center receives matching challenge grant of $30,000

The Learn More Center is thrilled to announce a $30,000 matching challenge grant offer for 2012 by an anonymous donor. This grant will be awarded on a dollarfor-dollar matching basis through Dec. 31, 2012, and will help raise funds to operate Learn More Center, which provides literacy and adult basic education in Wabash County. “We are honored to receive this challenge grant for a fifth year, and are very appreciative to the anonymous donor who supports the work of the Learn More Center,” said Learn More Center President Sally Krouse. “This year’s grant is a little different,” says Director of Education Cynthia Johnson. “The anonymous donor has asked that a certain portion of the grant be from

brand new donors. “We are asking individuals who appreciate the Learn More Center to show their support by donating for the first time this year.” The US Census Bureau conducted a survey in 2010 that showed Wabash County losing more than 2,000 unskilled jobs, which leaves one in three residents not earning enough to be self-sufficient. Poverty has increased in the county by 30 percent since 2007, and over one fifth of our children live in households below the poverty line. “That’s why the work of the Learn More Center is necessary,” says Johnson. The Center, founded under the Lilly E n d o w m e n t Community Alliance to Promote Education (CAPE), is nationally accredited by

ProLiteracy and provides free, confidential adult literacy programs and services. This is including PreGED and GED instruction, adult basic education, computer literacy, English as a Second Language and post-secondary transitioning. In 2011 alone, the Learn More Center saw over 320 students, logged 11,000 hours of assisted learning, and celebrated 37 students who reached their education goal of obtaining a GED. Contributions that qualify for the match are those received for the operation of the center, without restrictions, and shall be exclusively from individuals, families, businesses, private foundations and trusts, and service and sectarian organizations. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to send or

deliver donations to the Learn More Center 603 Bond Street, P.O. Box 272, North Manchester, IN, 46962 to be included in the matching grant option, or to donate online by visiting www.lear The Learn More Center is a 501(c)(3) corporation; contributions are tax deductible to the maximum amount allowed by law. For additional information, please call 260982-6138. The Learn More Center is located at the Town Life Center in North Manchester and at the Wabash Alliance Church in Wabash. For hours and more information, call 982-6138 or visit Services are confidential and are no cost to students.

Good Luck, Wabash County 4-H Participants!






• Checking and Savings • Home Loans • Home Equity Loans • Commerrcial cial Loans • Equipment Eq Financing e. . . • Leasing and much morre. e


L D C la y p o o l

P ro udly U si n g A m e r ica n S oy b e a n s t o F u el t h e W or l d Louis Dreyfus Claypool Biodiesel and Soybean Processing Plant


July 11, 2012

Youth Service Bureau of Wabash County, Inc. offers assistance to families to support youth by Danielle Swan Since 1965, there has been an organization in Wabash County that helps meet the needs of youth and families. What began as a Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization in 1965 has changed and expanded into what is now today known as Youth Service Bureau of Wabash County (YSB), an organization serving thousands of individuals. Donna Bogert has been at the helm of the organization for many years. “I started as a 20 hour per week employee for Big Brothers/Big Sisters when we had seven kids in the agency,” Bogert said. Now as executive director,

Bogert reports that the agency serves thousands of children through a variety of programming. YSB administers Wabash County’s Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA). CASA, under the direction of Mary Ellen Clark, provides volunteer advocates for children who are abused, neglected or involved in custody disputes. CASA volunteers, who are appointed by the Wabash court system, investigate the situation then offer an objective recommendation to the court of what would be in the best interest of the child. YSB also facilitates a Community

Assistance Program (CAP). This program offers financial assistance to community members in need. This financial assistance can be used to help with rent, prescriptions, essential utilities and more. “Anything that is going to enhance the family and prevent them from being evicted or having utilities shut off,” Bogert said. “Our whole objective is to strengthen the family unit, which in turn will strengthen the child. You can serve kids, but how else can you help a child if they are on the streets?” CAP works with several other programs including NIPSCO Gift of Warmth,

NIPSCO Winter Warmth, Energy Assistance, Wabash Area Ministry Association and others. The past few years, they have been the recipients of Chili for Charity grants, which they apply toward the NIPSCO programs to assist families with gas bills. Any funds applied to these programs are matched by NIPSCO, so CAP is able to make the Chili for Charity grant go even further. YSB also serves to coordinate the community service aspect of Day Reporting, which is a program that students who are suspended from school are required to attend. Suspended students spend most of the day performing schoolwork in Day Reporting, but the also learn something about community involvement for a portion of the day. “We wanted the kids to learn something from it other than the schoolwork they are doing. In order to do that, they have to do two hours of community service. They go to Lighthouse Mission and sort clothes, they go to Vernon Manor and take the patients up and down the hallway or help with an activity, they go to Miller’s and help clean up from lunch. They are giving back to the nonprofits and learning ‘Wait a minute, there’s a big community out here

and I’ve really messed up,” Bogert said. She went on to say that some of the Day Reporting attendees have even gotten jobs from doing community service. YSB also offers a food pantry Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and L.I.F.T. (Learning is Fun Too), which provides free school supplies to children in need. L.I.F.T., which serves 300-400 children, has two big distribution days on the Monday and Tuesday before school starts, but many aren’t aware that they offer free supplies all year long. In conjunction with Operation Elf, the students receive replenished school supplies at Christmas. YSB also serves as the Wabash County arm of Salvation Army. All YSB assistance programs are provided to anyone who seeks help, no questions asked. “The hardest thing somebody has to do as a parent or a grandparent is to ask for help and I would rather over-serve somebody than not serve somebody who needed it. Some people wouldn’t come in if they had to provide all kinds of information. We don’t ask any questions,” Bogert said. As previously mentioned, YSB began as an affiliate of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. In fact, YSB was the oldest Big Brothers/Big

Sisters organization in Indiana. They chose to drop their affiliation with Big Brothers/Big Sisters when new regulations for the national organization would have cost approximately $25,000. However, they still offer a mentoring program that is exactly the same as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, minus the name. Bogert told The Paper that she could recite all of the national statistics that support the theory that mentoring is helpful to youth, but she prefers to share her personal experiences gleaned after more than 20 years of serving with a mentoring program. One specific experience was Bogert’s own daughter’s experience as a mentor. Her daughter began mentoring Flo at four years old. “Flo is the only one of her siblings to graduate from high school and to not have a child before she was married,” Bogert said. She attributes the success of mentoring to support. “Most of us have a family member we rely on. If we think back on our lives, there has always been that one person that was there for us, and you knew, no matter what, that they were going to be there. That’s what a mentor is to these kids.” YSB’s mentoring program has expanded to include proba-

Wa s h e r B y W h i r l p o o l

SALE = " " ! !$ # ! $ = -)') /26,)5 28)4 +-6%624 34)'./) %5.)6 = !)03)4%674) )/)'6-215 /)%', -53)15)4 = #%6)4 )8)/5 3))( 20&-1%6-215 -0)15-215 #: : -0)15-215 5,291 %4) +)1)4%/ -1 1%674) 24 53)'-*-' 5-<-1+ 5)) -156%//%6-21 -15647'6-215 3%'.)( 9-6, 342(7'6

29 1/;

)/-8)4; 8%-/%&/) M al lo w App li an ce, In c. S • A • L • E • S


S • E • R • V • I • C • E

5 3 E . 5 T H S T. • P E R U • 7 6 5 . 4 7 3 . 4 9 8 0 F O R A L L YO U R A P P L I A N C E N E E D S • LO C A L LY O W N E D. “EARNING YOUR TRUST FOR OVER 30 YEARS”

tion mentoring, which is where troubled youth are courtordered into mentoring. “We’re really excited about probation mentoring because it is a way to reach kids before they become a resident of 79 West Main Street. We don’t want that. These are our kids and we want to let them know that Wabash County cares for them,” Bogert said. YSB is also proud to offer several other programs including Operation Elf, which provides Christmas gifts for more than 1,700 children; Parents as Teachers (PAT), which is a support program for families with children from birth until five years old; and a new home-based program which helps families work on issues to help prevent child abuse and neglect. “All of our programs are very preventative, that’s the whole objective behind what we do. We want to prevent juvenile delinquency, we want community referrals to be able to tell families where to turn and what to do and we want to give them the skills to be able to do that if they get into a stressful situation again,” Bogert said. YSB, a nonprofit organization, is funded in part by grants and the United Fund. They also have an ongoing fundraiser called Happy Confections where they sell sweets. They make chocolate bouquets, shower favors chocolates for any occasion and fudge. All of the candy is made right at the YSB office in Wabash. If you are in need of services or if you would like to support YSB by volunteering or donating, visit their office at 111 S. Wabash St., Wabash, or call 260-563-7727 or 260-563-5153. “I have been so blessed in this agency. It’s the community that has really pulled together to make this happen. I’ve seen the outpouring of help when someone needs it and it is there. It’s amazing how much people want to help because the money stays here and who knows who the next family in need will be,” Bogert conclud-

July 11, 2012


Wabash County club participates in Rotary International cultural exchange

The Wabash Rotary Club welcomed Rotary representatives from Bulgaria to Wabash this week. The Group Study Exchange (GSE) team from District 2482 in Bulgaria was spending the week in Wabash as part of a Rotary International cultural exchange. During its visit to Wabash, it toured the city, visiting locations including the Honeywell Center, Modoc’s Market, the Dr James Ford Historic Home, the Wabash County Courthouse, the Wabash County Historical Museum and the Charley Creek Inn. Wabash Rotary Foundation Chair, Dave Mann, coordinated these activities as well as a trip to Indianapolis to see the Indianapolis 500 Museum and other Indiana sites. The team started its week by attending the Wabash Rotary Club’s meeting. The members shared information about their country and each other. During the meeting,

Mayor Bob Vanlandingham presented an official welcome to the City of Wabash and the team members received a Wabash Rotary Club flag that had been signed by each member of the club. During the week, the group spent a day with the North Manchester Rotary Club and the Huntington Rotary Club. A farewell dinner for Rotary District 6540 members and the team will be held at the Honeywell House on Thursday evening. The members of the group are Ivan Hadjiev, Daniela Gradinarska, Nikolay Yordanov and Dr. Polina Marinova. Hadjiev is the team leader and has been a Rotarian for more than 10 years. He holds a Masters of B u s i n e s s Administration and currently owns his own business. Gradinarska has a Masters in Globalistics and is presently employed as a Project Coordinator

Pictured (from left to right) Foundation Chair David Mann, GSE Team Leader Ivan Hadjiev, GSE Team Members Nikolay Yordanov, Daniela Gradinarska, and Dr. Polina Marinova, Wabash Rotarian and former GSE team member Jessica Brown, Rotarian and host family member Jim Reynolds, and Rotary President Ron Kerby .(photo submitted) at Europroject Consulting House in Sofia, Bulgaria. Yordanov uses his Masters degree in International Business & Management in his role as Professor at Tsenov Academy of Economics. Dr. Marinova is a medical doctor and surgeon who also holds a PhD in Medicine.

Small Business Counseling Available at “Funding Options & Financial Literacy for Small Business” Workshop The Chamber will host a representative from the Fort Wayne Small B u s i n e s s Development Center on July 11 and 18. Free personal appointments with the counselor must be scheduled through the Chamber office. Whether you are starting a new business or needing assists with your current company SBDC has the resources to help. SBDC offers assistance with marketing demographics, funding options, business and succession planning, growing ideas, setting goals, identifying resources, pur-

suing opportunities, and overcoming challenges in your business. Starting a new business or refining an existing business takes knowledge, commitment, and persistence. This business counseling can help you in developing a plan to set your ideas in motion. It also opens the door to many other experienced professionals who are able to answer more technical questions in the operation of a small business. These sessions will be located at, and sponsored by, the Wabash County Chamber of

The Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange program provides unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunities for business people and professionals between the ages of 25-40. Teams travel for four to six weeks in their host country, visiting businesses, cultural events and institu-

tions to observe how their vocations are practiced abroad as well as to share cultural and community experiences. The Bulgarian team arrived in Indiana on May 19 and return home June 16.




Commerce, 210 South Wabash St. Appointments may be made by calling 260-563-1168.

PER YEAR Call 260-563-8828



#% &%

* -

% "!)*!(

, (# , $ *+( , $ '$







July 11, 2012

July 12, 2012

Ryan Keaffaber


Jenny Bentley

Player of the Year

Player of the Year

l l a b Soft

Tony Uggen

Coach of the Year

l l a b e Bas Coach of the Year Tony Uggen

Northfield 29-5-1 record, 7-0 TRC, 2A state title

Mike Holley

Coach of the Year

m a e T t s r i F ughlin

aber Ryan Keaff

Conner McLa

ior rthfield jun , 111 Ks, Pitcher, No 39 hits, 7 ER , IP 3 / 2 8 6 9-0. RA 15 BB, .71 E

ior nchester sen Pitcher, Ma 2 H, 2 52 1/3 IP, 4-3, 1 Save, RA E , 17 BB, .54 4 ER, 105 K

lls Hunter Whfieeld senior

n Logan Brun

Player of the Year Ryan Keaffaber

Northfield junior 16-0, 15 GS, 12 CG, 108 2/3 IP, 66 H, 23 R, 19 ER, 30 BB, 162 K, 1.22 ERA

Offensive Player of the Year Ryan Keaffaber Northfield junior .426 BA (49-for-115), 18 R, 45 RBI, 12 2B, 3 3B, 3 HR

Defensive Player of the Year Andy Roser

Northfield junior 183 PO, 36 A, 6 E, 97.33 Fielding Percentage

Newcomer of the Year Adam Roser

Northfield freshman .374 BA (43-for-115), 42 R, 21 RBI, 11 2B, 1 3B


Nort Outfielder, R, 8 RBI 9 , A .328 B

junior Manchester r, e ld ie tf u O B R, 9 RBI, 2 S .348 BA, 9

hamp c u a e B a e h S junior

Andy Roseeldrsenior

abash Infielder, W 5 HR, 32 RBI, 7 SB R, 5 2 .432 BA,

rthfi Catcher, No RBI, R, 3 HR, 34 .441 BA, 29 14 SB

le Landon Cshojunior

r Adam Roesldefreshman rthfi Catcher, No r-115), 42 R, -fo 3 .374 BA (4 , 1 3B B 2 21 RBI, 11

aba Infielder, W 2 HR, 17 RBI, 8 SB R, .385 BA, 36


Pitcher nior Wabash, Se



Outfielder nior Wabash, Se


Infielder, N ort .387 BA, 35 hfield freshman R, 14 RBI, 2 1 SB

Katelyn Sh


Pitcher, No rth 8-8, 1 Save, field junior 10 89 K, 27 BB 3 1/3 IP, 100 H, 33 ER , , 2.24 ERA


Josie Grossnic


Outfielder Southwood , Se


Jackson Bla

Outfielder , Sophomore Southwood


Infielder Southwood , Ju


Nina Smith

Catcher Manchester, S


Northfield 13-13 record, 3-4 Three Rivers Conference

Player of the Year Jenny Bentley

Southwood sophomore 13-9, 132 2/3 IP, 136 H, 100 R, 66 ER, 199 K, 3.48 ERA

Offensive Player of the Year Jenny Bentley


Courtney Sim

Infielder , Freshman Southwood

Thomas McH

Caitlin Eltz

Callie Mon



Catcher nior Wabash, Se


Outfielder, N .242 BA, 15 orthfield junior R, 7 RBI, 1 S B


Infielder Southwood ,S

Robbie Col

Nate Price


Infielder, M an .439 BA, 2 chester senior 8 R, 1 HR, 2 1 RBI, 18 SB

Logan Hens

Pitcher Wabash

Infielder Junior Northfield,

Hannah Lit


r Jordan Floo

es Collin Daw


Outfield Southwood , Se

epherd Andrew Sh

Infielder Junior Manchester,

Allie Enyea

Catcher, So uthwood se nio .304 BA, 9 runs, 14 RBIs r , 1 SB

Hailee Pari

Outfielder phomore Wabash, So

e Jurgin Crip


Meika Ken

Outfielder, M .221 BA, 14 anchester senior R, 2 3B,10 R BI, 6 SB


Roger Davi

Infielder Senior Manchester,

Jessica Fole

Infielder, So uthwood freshman .327 BA, 18 R, 2 RBI, 2 S B

First Team

Infielder, M an .429 BA, 3 chester junior 3 R, 10 RBI, 31 SB

Northfield Outfielder, 11 SB 0 R, 11 RBI, .325 BA, 3

Payton Sorg


Pitcher, Sou th sophomore wood 12-8, 116 IP . 12 186 K, 37 B 2 H, 60 ER, B, 3.62 ERA

Kalene Fres

berlain m a h C r e n Tan senior

m a e T d n o c e S

Jenny Bent

Coach of the Year Mike Holley

Second Tea m Kristiana G


Outfielder Manchester, S


Karissa Jim

Pitcher Manchester,



Sydney Jor

Pitcher Manchester,



Arie Kenne


Infielder Northfield, Fre


Emily Shafe

Infielder Northfield, Ju



Southwood sophomore .506 BA (43-for-85), 30 R, 8 2B, 3 3B, 10 HR, 37 RBI, 5 K, 15 BB, 1 SB

Defensive Player of the Year Meika Kennedy Manchester senior 7 PO, 4 A, 0 E, 100 Fielding Percentage

Newcomer of the Year Caitlin Eltzroth Northfield freshman .387 BA (29-of-75), 35 R, 5 2B, 2 3B, 14 RBI, 11 K, 13 BB, 21 SB


July 11, 2012

4-H recognizes 10-year members... continued from page 7

ball. In the fall, Friermood plans to attend Manchester University to major in history education, and would like to teach high school history in the future. When asked to summarize his 4-H experience, Friermood said, “It is fun and rewarding. 4-H has taught me responsibility, and the importance of meeting deadlines.”

Nicole Gable Nicole Gable is the daughter of Jeff and Teresa Gable. She is a graduate of Manchester High School. As a member of the Laketon Cloverleaves, she showed beef, dairy, rabbits, poultry, feeder steers, and swine, along with participating in collections, gift wrapping, and photography. While at Manchester, Gable participated in dance, softball, FFA, and NHS. She received the Beauchamp McSpadden SelfReliance award, a state FFA degree, and the FFA Eagle Award. In the fall, she plans to attend the University of Indianapolis to major in occupational therapy. Gable summarizes her 4-H tenure by saying, “My 10 years of 4H have been a learning experience; I have learned a lot about agriculture, livestock, responsibility, and myself. 4-H has been one of the greatest organizations I have been in and through all the struggles and accomplishments I have enjoyed being a 4H member and I am truly thankful.”

Ryan Givens Ryan Givens is the son of Scott and Beth Givens. He is a graduate of Northfield High School. During his 4-H

career, Givens has showed swine and taken woodworking. In his free time, he enjoys basketball, and was also a member of the Key Club and student council. His future plans are to attend Ball State University, and work in the family business. His words about his experience are, “I enjoyed making lifelong friends and memories.”

Brayton Hensley Brayton Hensley is the son of Larry and Tracie Hensley. He is a graduate of Southwood High School. As a member of the Lucky Stars, he participated in photography, collections, models, and foods. He achieved County Champion in collections during his 10 years. Outside of 4-H, Hensley enjoys playing football. In the fall, he plans to go to college and get involved with the DNR and wildlife preservations. To summarize his 4H experience, he says, “It has been long and hard, but well worth it in the end.”

Taylor Jaynes Taylor Jaynes is the daughter of Lisa and Dennis Jaynes. She is a Northfield High School graduate. As a member of the Ribbon Reapers club, she has participated in photography, foods, arts and crafts, cake decorating, personality, scrapbooking, and forestry. At Northfield, Jaynes was a member of the tennis team. In the fall she plans to go to college to be a pediatric nurse. Jaynes summarizes her 4-H career by saying, “It was an amazing experience to meet new people, and it’s something to look forward to every summer.”

lifeguard at the YMCA. In the fall, she will be attending IUPUI to study accounting. Keith summarizes her experience by saying, “My 10 years in 4-H have been an exciting 10 years. I have made a lot of new friends and we have made some great memories together. These memories will last forever.” Grant Keaffaber Grant Keaffaber is the son of Mike and Susan Keaffaber. He is a graduate of Southwood High School. As a member of the Crimson Clovers, he participated in garden, arts and crafts, models, small pets, foods, forestry, and Junior Leaders. Outside of 4-H, Keaffaber was a member of track, basketball, crosscountry, soccer, student congress, NHS, PEP, and church youth group. He has many achievements including the Three Rivers Conference First Team all Academic for crosscountry. He achieved the Mental Attitude winner for cross country and basketball, and the TRC Mental Attitude award winner for track and field. In the fall he plans to attend Indiana State University to major in aviation technology, and in the future plans to pursue a career as a professional pilot. When asked to summarize his 4-H career, Keaffaber says, “It was great working in the community with friends. Working on my projects helped me become a hard worker and to be determined to do my best.”

Allison Keith Allison Keith is the daughter of Don and Jane Keith. She is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Crimson Clovers, Keith participated in foods, food preservation, collections, and gift-wrapping. In her spare time, she enjoyed soccer, track, dance, and was a

Hannah Lochner Hannah Lochner is the daughter of Kevin and Barb Lochner. She is a graduate of Manchester High School. As a member of the Laketon Cloverleaves, she showed goats, rabbits, and ducks, and took personality, scrapbooking, and fine arts as projects also. At Manchester, she was a member of the girl’s golf team, key club, NHS, and danced at Terri Eckert School of Dance. Lochner also participated in the science Olympiad, as well as took piano lessons. She achieved the Rotary Mental Attitude Awards, as well as the Squire Award. This fall she plans to attend Huntington University. Lochner summarizes her experience saying, “I’ve learned a lot about responsibility, and making improvements. I wouldn’t change anything about my 10 years experience in 4H.”

Houston Miller Houston Miller is the son of Steve and Roberta Miller. He is a Northfield High School graduate. As a member of the Ribbon Reapers club, he showed pigs, and participated in electric and crops and projects. He is also involved in soccer, basketball, and track, in school. Miller achieved an award of merit in division II for his electric

project, and was a Norse Scholar Award winner. In the fall he plans to go to IUPUI and study exercise science. Miller summarizes his 4-H experience as “a fun learning experience.”

Jared Monce Jared Monce is the son of Kenny and Sandy Monce. He is a graduate of Manchester High School. As a member of the Chester Champs club, he participated in woodworking, models, photography, fine arts, general crafts, and gardening. In school, Monce was a member of FFA, where he served as chapter president, as well as District 6 vice president. He was also a member of the soccer team, and track team, NHS, and student athletic leadership council. Monce achieved Highest Honor Roll, and was the 2011-2012 Valedictorian at Manchester High School. In 4-H he achieved a woodworking and models achievement plaque. In the fall, he plans to study architecture at Ball State University. In the future Monce hopes to graduate and become a licensed architect. When asked to summarize his 4-H experience, Monce said, “I attempted many projects over the course of the past 10 years, and discovered that I enjoyed woodworking, photography, and models the most. I really enjoy working on my projects and spending each fair week at the fairgrounds.”

Kristen Murphy Kristen Murphy is the daughter of Todd and Tammy Murphy. She is a Southwood High School graduate.

As a member of the Clover Crew, she showed swine, beef, and participated in crops. Outside of 4-H, Murphy was involved in volleyball, dance, and open swine and cattle shows. She achieved first team all state in volleyball. In 4-H she has achieved numerous class winners and champions in both beef and swine. In the fall she plans to attend Vincennes University to study chemistry and animal science, while hoping to be a member of the volleyball team. In the future she hopes to work with animal embryology. Murphy summarizes her experience in 4-H by saying, “It was a great thing that every kid needs to be a part of. It teaches great responsibility, and teaches you to show pride in your work. I’ve learned things in 4-H that will help me throughout my entire life.”

Cody Palmer Cody Palmer is the son of Donna and Richard Palmer. He is a graduate of Southwood High School. As a member of the Clover Crew, he showed swine, goats, chickens, rabbits, and feeder calves, as well as arts and shooting sports. In his free time, he enjoys playing football and golf. Palmer also likes having bonfires and pool parties, and hanging out with friends. His future plans in the fall are to attend IU Kokomo, and take their paramedic program. Palmer summarizes his 4-H experience saying, “It’s very rewarding, and teaches you a lot. 4-H has given me a good base, which will help me in the future.”

Preston Penrod Preston Penrod is the son of Galen and Renee Penrod. He is a graduate of Manchester High School. As a member of the Chester Champs club, he showed dairy, dairy beef, feeder calves, and poultry. In school, Penrod is active in football, track, wresting, and FFA. His achievements in 4-H, as well as outside of 4-H have been numerous. In football he was named First Team All-Conference and All-County, AllState honorable mention, and Wabash County Player of the Year. In 4-H, he has achieved dairy champion and reserve champion, feeder calf champion and reserve, and a dairy achievement plaque. In the fall, Penrod plans to attend Trine University to play football and major in sport management. Penrod summarizes his experience by saying, “Being in 4-H for 10 years has taught me a lot about hard work and organization. I have also made many friends from participating in 4-H.”

Ashley Pratt Ashley Pratt is the daughter of Kim and Marcy Pratt. She is a Manchester High School graduate As a member of the Chester Champs, and Horse and Pony club, she has shown horses, swine, ducks, and chickens, as well as taken photography. Outside of 4-H, she participates in track and cheerleading. She has received many awards, and has been able to take her horses to the Indiana State Fair. She has also achieved Grand and Reserve Champions for her ducks and chickens. In the fall, she plans on attending college for pre-veterinary medicine. Pratt says this about her 4-H experience, “These 10 years of 4-H have been amazing! 4-H teaches life lessons that you cannot learn anywhere else. 4-H has been my passion and it is so sad to see it come to an end.” (continued on page 20)

July 11, 2012



Senior Grades 10 and up Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude, Josephine Draper, Taylor Penrod, Josephine Draper (4) Grades 8 and 9 Blue ribbons: Adrian Evans, Jackie McConnell

Junior Grades 3, 4, and 5 Blue ribbons: Seth Teague, Mason Roberts, Dannae Shaw, Madison Wright, Amber Evans, Alexis Evans

Cassie Kinzie, Audrey Wilcox, Heidi Jones Basic Test 1 Blue ribbons: Josephine Draper (2) POLE BENDING

DRESSAGE Intro Level Test A Blue ribbons: Summer Thomlison,

MARLEE STEFANATOS (left) was named the 2012 Wabash County Horse and Pony Supreme Showman, while Michelle Hendricks (right) was selected as the Reserve Champion.

Senior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude, Josephine Draper (2), Adrian Evans Over 56” Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude (2), Zach Reed, Adrian Evans, Josephine Draper (2), Mary Willcox, Ellie Labonte, Bradon Keppel Junior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Amber Evans, Alexis Evans, Hally Sweet Over 56” Blue ribbons: Julie Chesterton (2), Sarah Hines, Dannae Shaw, Mason Roberts, Madison Wright, Hally Sweet, Paul Labonte Champion Pole Bending Coleman Rude Reserve Champion Pole Bending

Coleman Rude BARREL RACING 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude, Josephine Draper (2), Adrian Evans, Jackie McConnell Over 56” Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude (2), Jackie McConnell (2), Bradon Keppel, Zach Reed, Adrian Evans, Josephine Draper (2), Ellie Labonte, Taylor Penrod, Mary Willcox Junior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Amber Evans, Hally Sweet, Alexis Evans Over 56” Blue ribbons: Julie Chesterton (2), Mason Roberts, Hally Sweet, Madison Wright, Paul Labonte, Sarah Hines, Dannae Shaw Champion Barrels Coleman Rude Reserve Champion Barrels Coleman Rude FLAG RACE

Senior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude, Josephine Draper (2), Jackie McConnell Over 56” Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude (2), Zach Reed (2), Adrian Evans, Bradon Keppel, Josephine Draper (2), Jackie McConnell, Ellie Labonte, Taylor Penrod, Jackie McConnell Junior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Hally Sweet, Amber Evans, Seth Teague Over 56” Blue ribbons: Mason Roberts, Sarah Hines, Julie Chesterton, Hally Sweet, Madison Wright, Paul Labonte Champion Flags Coleman Rude Reserve Champion Flags Coleman Rude KEYHOLE RACE Senior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Adrian Evans, Coleman Rude, Josephine Draper (2), Mary Willcox Over 56” Blue ribbons: Zach Reed, Bradon Keppel, Taylor Penrod, Coleman Rude (2), Jackie McConnell (2), Mary Willcox, Josephine Draper (2), Ellie Labonte, Adrian

Evans Junior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Hally Sweet, Amber Evans, Alexis Evans Over 56” Blue ribbons: Madison Wright, Sarah Hines, Mason Roberts, Paul Labonte, Dannae Shaw, Julie Chesterton (2), Hally Sweet Champion Keyhole Zach Reed Reserve Champion Keyhole Adrian Evans SPEED ‘N ACTION Senior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude, Josephine Draper (2), Mary Willcox, Adrian Evans, Jackie McConnell Over 56” Blue ribbons: Coleman Rude (2), Zach Reed (2). Josephine Draper (2), Taylor Penrod, Mary Willcox, Bradon Keppel, Jackie McConnell, Adrian Evans Junior 56” and Under Blue ribbons: Hally Sweet, Amber Evans, Alexis Evans Over 56” Blue ribbons: Mason Roberts, Madison Wright, Dannae Shaw, Sarah Hines, Julie

Chesterton Champion Coleman Rude Reserve Champion Coleman Rude WEANLING AND YEARLING FILLIES Blue ribbon: Sarah Hines STOCK TYPE MARES 56” and Under, 2 yrs. and over Blue ribbons: Seth Teague, Josephine Draper, Coleman Rude Over 56”, 2-4 yrs. old Blue ribbon: Seth Teague Over 56”, 5 yrs. and over Blue ribbons: Michelle Hendricks, Aaliyah Douglass, Taylor Penrod, Coleman Rude, Baylee Swain, Mason Roberts, Sarah Hines HUNTER/SADDLE TYPE MARES 56” and Under, 2 yrs. and over Blue ribbon: Jackie McConnell Over 56”, 2 yrs. and over Blue ribbon: Audrey Wilcox Grand Champion Pony Mare Seth Teague

MEGAN FRANK showed the Grand Champion Gelding during the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Show.

GRAND CHAMPION MARE: Michelle Hendricks showed the Grand Champion Mare during the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Horse and Pony Show.

ABBY LYBARGER earned Reserve Grand Champion Gelding honors at the Wabash County 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Show on July 7.

RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION MARE: Audrey Wilcox showed the Reserve Grand Champion Mare during the July 7 Wabash County 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Show.


July 11, 2012

HORSE JUDGING Reserve Grand Champion Pony Mare Jackie McConnell Grand Champion Mare Michelle Hendricks Reserve Grand Champion Mare Audrey Wilcox STOCK TYPE GELDINGS

56” and Under, 2 yrs. and over Blue ribbons: Hally Sweet, Alexis Evans, Amber Evans, Adrian Evans Over 56”, 2,3,and 4 yrs. old Blue ribbons: Abby Lybarger, Jackie McConnell Over 56”, 5 yrs. and older Blue ribbons: Megan Frank, Marlee Stefanatos, Coleman

Rude, Adrian Evans, Julie Chesterton



Senior Grades 10 and up Blue ribbons: Michelle Hendricks, Megan Frank, Abby Lybarger, Ashley Pratt, Josephine Draper, Zach Reed, Mary Willcox, Taylor Penrod, Coleman Rude Grades 8 and 9 Blue ribbons: Marlee Stefanatos, Jackie McConnell, Adrian Evans, Ellie Labonte, Heidi Jones, Brandon Keppel Junior Grades 6 and 7 Blue ribbons: Sarah Hines, Julie Chesterton Grades 3,4, and 5 Blue ribbons: Mason Roberts, Madison Wright, Aaliyah Douglass, D’Anna

56” and under, 2 yrs. and over Blue ribbon: Cassie Kinzie Over 56”, 2 yrs. and over Blue ribbon: Summer Thomlison Grand Champion Pony Gelding Cassie Kinzie Reserve Grand Champion Pony Gelding Hally Sweet Grand Champion Gelding Megan Frank Reserve Grand Champion Gelding Abby Lybarger

Willcox, Hally Sweet, Amber Evans, Alexis Evans, Seth Teague, Baylee Swain, Dannae Shaw ENGLISH SHOWMANSHIP Senior Blue ribbon: Jackie McConnell Junior Blue ribbons: Cassie Kinzie, Summer Thomlison, Audrey Wilcox

Senior Blue ribbon: Josephine Draper Junior Blue ribbons: Audrey Wilcox, Summer Thomlison, Baylee Swain

Senior Blue ribbon: Josephine Draper Junior Blue ribbon: Cassie Kinzie

Champion Marlee Stefanatos Reserve Champion Michelle Hendricks ENGLISH WALK-TROT

ENGLISH EQUITATION Senior All Sizes Blue ribbon: Josephine Draper Junior All Sizes Blue ribbons: Cassie Kinzie, Audrey Wilcox, Summer Thomlison

EQUITATION OVER CROSS RAILS Blue ribbons: Josephine Draper, Audrey Wilcox, Summer Thomlison HUNTER EQUITATION Senior Blue ribbon: Josephine Draper Junior Blue ribbon: Cassie Kinzie WESTERN WALK-TROT Novice Blue ribbon: Aubree Lambert Senior Blue ribbons: Marlee Stefanatos, Josephine Draper, Taylor Penrod

GAITED PLEASURE Blue ribbons: Zach Reed, Taylor Penrod, Sarah Hines WESTERN PLEASURE

Senior Over 56” Blue ribbons: Michelle Hendricks, Josephine Draper Junior Over 56” Blue ribbons: Baylee Swain, Julie Chesterton, Madison Wright, Dannae Shaw, Hally Sweet, Paul Labonte 56” and Under – All Ages Blue ribbons: Josephine Draper, Seth Teague, Hally Sweet, Adrian Evans, Amber Evans, Alexis Evans NOVICE WALK-TROT Horsemanship Blue ribbon: Marlee Stefanatos WESTERN HORSEMANSHIP Senior Blue ribbons: Michelle Hendricks, Josephine Draper Junior Blue ribbons: Madison Wright, Seth Teague WESTERN RIDING

CASSIE KINZIE won Grand Champion Pony Gelding honors with her pony, Donegal, during the Horse and Pony Show July 7.

SETH TEAGUE earned Grand Champion Pony Mare honors at the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair Horse and Pony Show held July 7 in the Outdoor Arena.

Junior Blue ribbons: Madison Wright, Baylee Swain, Seth Teague, Sarah Hines, Dannae Shaw

ENGLISH PLEASURE Senior Over 56” Blue ribbon: Josephine Draper Junior Over 56’ Blue ribbons: Audrey Wilcox, Summer Thomlison, Baylee Swain 56” and Under – All ages Blue ribbon: Cassie Kinzie



Senior Blue ribbons: Josephine Draper (2) Junior Blue ribbons: Julie Chesterton REINING PATTERN

HALLY SWEET earned Reserve Grand Champion Pony Gelding honors at the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair.

Senior Blue ribbons: Josephine Draper (2)

JACKIE MCCONNELL received Reserve Grand Champion Pony Mare honors at the 2012 Wabash County 4-H Fair with her pony, Tinkerbell.

July 11, 2012


PRE-FAIR JUDGING AEROSPACE Champions Robert Ford, Devin Good Reserve Champions Kiowa Harrell Blue Stars: Robert Ford, Devin Good, Kiowa Harrell Blue Ribbons: Alex Good Red Ribbons: Matthew Klinger, Adam Spaulding State Fair Entries: Robert Ford, Devin Good State Fair Alternates: Kiowa Harrell ARTS & CRAFTS – FINE ARTS Champions Devin Good, Jared Monce Reserve Champions Brad Bever, Natasha Davis Blue Stars: Andrea Alexander, Elizabeth Anguilm, Brad Bever, Janzin Cripe, Isabel David, Natasha Davis, Allyson Dillon, Conner Farr, Devin Good, Emily Lehner, Elizabeth Michel, Evan Milam, Makayla Mobley, Mariah Mobley, Jared Monce, Cody Palmer, Alexandria Peterson, Darien Rodriguez, Ellie Schuler, Zachary Shenefield, Hannah Spaulding, Abigail Stein, Devin Tracy Blue Ribbons: Kassidy Atwood, Kendra Auler, Alexis Bever, Matti Brower, Grace Bryant, Megan Fran, Evelynn Gray, Cylie-Ann Harlan, Vivian LeMaster, Skyler Michel, Elizabeth Petty, Mckenzie Roth, Hallie Schuler, Eden Shoemaker, Caleb Stout, Brittany Strickler, Alexis Wagoner, Emma Wynn, Jensen Zumbaugh State Fair Entries: Devin Good, Jared Monce State Fair Alternates: Brad Bever, Natasha Davis ARTS & CRAFTS – GENERAL

Champions Madalyn Dale, Paul Farlow, Baylee Shoemaker, Caitlynn Strobel, Samuel Truss, Kayla Unger Reserve Champion Adreanna Faine, Addi Harden Blue Star: Ashton Bolinger, Samuel Burcroff, Janzin Cripe, Madalyn Dale, Lindsey Dierks, Adreanna Faine, Paul Farlow, Conner Farr, Braylen Fleck, Devin Good, Evelynn Gray, Mary Guisewhite, Addi Harden, Taylor Jaynes, Collin Meggison, Skyler Michel, Mariah Mobley, Ashley Pratt, Connor Ringel, Clarissa Rose, Baylee Shoemaker, James Sklar, Danielle Sparling, Jonah Stouffer, Caleb Stout, Caitlynn Strobel, Asher Teague, Catherine Tracy, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss, Kayla Unger, Blake Wynn Blue Ribbons: Elizabeth Anguilm, Madison Ayala, Katie Barker, Devin

Bechtold, Makayla Bechtold, Cara Blocher, Andrew Bolinger, Matti Brower, Joseph Burcroff, Jessi Cox, Grant Dale, Quentin Dale, Austin Davis, Isabel Diaz, Robert Ford, Jonah France, Megan Frank, Hannah Gish, Alex Good, Heather Griffith, Chase Guenin, Whitney Heagy, Clay Herring, Trinity Johnson, Abby Keaffaber, Ally Keaffaber, Carson Kelley, Kaetlyn Kirtlan, Mariah Kirtlan, Phil Klinger, Jensen Lassiter, Vivian LeMaster, Carina Mason, Ellie Milam, Maxwell Miller, Cole Mize, Emily Mize, Gavin Mize, Katie Mize, Krisandra Mize, Joshua Montel, Wilson Nettleton, Jacob Parker, Elizabeth Petty, Nicholas Rhoads, Ethan Rice, Lindsay Rice, Kailynn Richardson, Christie Sparks, Matthew Stein, Brittany Strickler, Seth Teague, Noah Terrill, Mackenzie Thornsbury, Kendall Tomlinson, Jasper Walter, Grant Warmuth, Alexis Wright, Madison Wright, Parker York Red Ribbons: Jordan Ringel, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer, Mariah Titus State Fair Entries: Madalyn Dale, Paul Farlow, Baylee Shoemaker, Caitlynn Strobel, Samuel Truss, Kayla Unger State Fair Alternates: Adreanna Faine, Addi Harden ARTS & CRAFTS – MODELS Champions Brayden Lassiter, Brandon Manawat Reserve Champion Aaron Parson, Reid Votaw Blue Stars: Natasha Davis, Conner Farr, Mike Klinger, Brayden Lassiter, Brandon Manawat, Jared Monce, Aaron Parson, Reid Votaw Blue Ribbons: Ethan Agness, Toby Baer, Timothy Charles, Issiac HowardMitchell, Austin Kirtlan, Harrison Nettleton, Elliot Shaum, Asher Teague, Jacob Terrell, Grant Warmuth Red Ribbons: Kade Kennedy, Brenton Yarger State Fair Entries: Brayden Lassiter, Brandon Manawat State Fair Alternates: Aaron Parson, Reid Votaw ARTS & CRAFTS NEEDLE Champions Alexandria Peterson, Grace Whitham Reserve Champions Matti Brower, Makayla Mobley Blue Star: Matti Brower, Makayla Mobley, Alexandria Peterson, Beletu Stout, Grace Whitham Blue Ribbons: Isabel David, Eden Shoemaker,

Madison Wright State Fair Entries: Alexandria Peterson, Grace Whitham State Fair Alternates: Matti Brower, Makayla Mobley BEEKEEPING Champions Kevin Clupper, Wyatt Helfin, Danielle Sparling Blue Stars: Kevin Clupper, Wyatt Helfin, Danielle Sparling State Fair Entries: Kevin Clupper, Wyatt Helfin, Danielle Sparling CAKE DECORATING Champions Autumn Johnson, Alyssa McKillip, Elizabeth Michel Reserve Champions Gracen Kelley, Alexandria Webb Blue Stars: Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray, Lydia Greer, Addi Harden, Sydney Helfin, Autumn Johnson, Gracen Kelley, Alyssa McKillip, Collin Meggison, Elizabeth Michel, Kathryn Pefley, Sarah Pyle, Zakariah Sarll, Madison Shrider, Jaelyn Webb, Alexandria Webb Blue Ribbons: Maggie Ball, Makayla Bechtold, Shelby David, Elise Gottschalk, Emma Hoover, Arie Kennedy, Kyra Kennedy, Alayna Miller, Karlie Poland, Codie Sarll, Elaine Shock, Avery Snyder, Gabrielle Wagoner Red Ribbons: Alexis Bever, Regan Hathaway, Carsyn Howard, Brisa Jones, Alexys Martin, Abby Schuler, Mariah Titus, Jensen Zumbaugh State Fair Entries: Autumn Johnson, Alyssa McKillip, Elizabeth Michel State Fair Alternates: Gracen Kelley, Alexandria Webb CHILD DEVELOPMENT Champions Elizabeth Collins,Lauren Rich, Ashlyn Rody, Danielle Sparling Reserve Champions Cheyenne Bishop, Erica Guyer, Kelsey Niccum Blue Stars: Cheyenne Bishop, Elizabeth Collins, Jessika Krom, Kelsey Niccum, Lauren Rich, Ashlyn Rody, Clarissa Rose, Danielle Sparling Blue Ribbons: Erica Guyer, Martina Meyer, Brittany Strickler, Mariah Titus Red Ribbons: Samantha Summers, Madison Wright State Fair Entries: Elizabeth Collins, Lauren Rich, Ashlyn Rody, Danielle Sparling State Fair Alternates: Cheyenne Bishop, Erica Guyer, Kelsey Niccum COLLECTIONS Champions

Kayla Harrell, Ally Keaffaber, Danielle Perlich Reserve Champions Drew Clark, Allison Keith, Peighton King Blue Stars: Drew Clark, Kayla Harrell, Whitney Heagy, Luke Hunsberger, Abby Keaffaber, Ally Keaffaber, Allison Keith, Peighton King, Ben Kissel, Joshua, Matthew Montel, Danielle Perlich, Ethan Rice, Lindsay Rice, Kayla Unger Blue Ribbons: Austin Barker, Katie Barker, Dean Blocher, Emma Burlingame, Isabel David, Shelby David, Heather Griffith, Mike Klinger, Phil Klinger, Jensen Lassiter, Bailey Lundmark, Gavin Mize, Harrison Nettleton, Preston Ritzema, Jacob Shoemaker, Noah Shoemaker, Ty Stefanatos, Alexis Wright, Emma Wynn Red Ribbons: Mariah Titus CONSUMER MEATS – BEEF Champions Rebekah Pyle Blue Stars: Rebekah Pyle ELECTRIC Champions Nicholas Cole, Cory Donaldson, Matthew Klinger, Jordan Ringel, Baylee Shoemaker, Carter Wilcox Reserve Champions Heath Dierks, Parker Mays, Kennedy Rife, Jacob Shoemaker, Raleigh Whitham Blue Stars: Nicholas Cole, Matthew Klinger, Kennedy Rife, Raleigh Whitham Blue Ribbons: Travis Corn, Heath Dierks, Cory Donaldson, Parker Mays, Jordan Ringel, Baylee Shoemaker, Jacob Shoemaker, Grant Strobel, Grant Whitham, Carter Wilcox, Blake Wynn Red Ribbons: Drew Clark, Korbin Hensley, Kody Shoemaker State Fair Entries: Nicholas Cole, Cory Donaldson, Matthew Klinger, Jordan Ringel, Baylee Shoemaker, Carter Wilcox State Fair Alternates: Heath Dierks, Parker Mays, Kennedy Rife, Jacob Shoemaker, Raleigh Whitham ENTOMOLOGY Champions Jessi Cox, Jackson Miller, Carson Rody Reserve Champions Lexus Biehl, Isabel David Blue Stars: Jessi Cox, Jackson Miller, Carson Rody Blue Ribbons: Lexus Biehl, Isabel David, Sydney Helfin, Clay Herring, Cassandra Kinzie, Kennedy Rife, Jared Vigar Red Ribbons: Carina Mason

State Fair Entries: Jessi Cox, Jackson Miller, Carson Rody State Fair Alternates: Lexus Biehl, Isabel David FOOD PRESERVATION Champions Leah Blocher, Jirni Cripe, Lindsey Dierks, Braylen Fleck, Mary Guisewhite, Joshua Maggart, Lindsay Rice, Corey Roser, Natalie Schuler, Samuel Truss, Meghan Binkerd Reserve Champions William Anguilm,Joseph Burcroff, Kyrsten Eakright, Adreanna Faine, Ella Faine, Anna Marie Farlow, Katie Mize, Kelli Siepker, Seth Truss Blue Stars: Elizabeth Anguilm, William Anguilm, Madison Ayala, Leah Blocher, Joseph Burcroff, Samuel Burcroff, Elizabeth Collins, Jirni Cripe, Lindsey Dierks, Sarrah Dierks, Kyrsten Eakright, Kylie Echard, Adreanna Faine, Ella Faine, Anna Marie Farlow, Braylen Fleck, Tori Givens, Mary Guisewhite, Alison Herren, Joshua Maggart, Jacquelynn McConnell, Katie Mize, Lindsay Rice, Drake Richter, Emily Rose, Corey Roser, Natalie Schuler, Kelli Siepker, Caitlynn Strobel, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss Blue Ribbons: Bethany Azbell, Matti Brower, Megan Frank, Allison Keith, Alyssa Richter, Stephanie Rohrer, Clarissa Rose State Fair Entries: Leah Blocher, Jirni Cripe, Lindsey Dierks, Braylen Fleck, Mary Guisewhite, Joshua Maggart, Lindsay Rice, Corey Roser, Natalie Schuler, Samuel Truss State Fair Alternates: William Anguilm, Joseph Burcroff, Kyrsten Eakright, Adreanna Faine, Ella Faine, Anna Marie Farlow, Katie Mize, Kelli Siepker, Seth Truss FOODS Champions Cara Blocher, Kylie Echard, Kayla Flack, Tori Givens, Alison Herren, Allison Keith, Kayla Mays, Kelsey Niccum, Alexandria Peterson, Hannah Spaulding Reserve Champions Joseph Burcroff, Samuel Burcroff, Braylen Fleck, Lydia Greer, Jacquelynn McConnell, Katie Mize, Lillian Myers, Natalie Schuler, Caitlynn Strobel, Kayla Unger Blue Stars: Elizabeth Anguilm, Madison Ayala, Bethany Azbell, McKenzie Baer, Makayla Bechtold, Leanne Beck, Cara Blocher, Amy Bowman, Matti Brower, Joseph Burcroff, Samuel Burcroff, Paige Cole, Jessi Cox, Jirni Cripe, Austin Davis, Kylie Echard, Kayla Flack, Braylen Fleck, Megan

Frank, Kevin Friermood, Tori Givens, Hayden Good, Lydia Greer, Alison Herren, Mersadez Highley, Emma Hoover, Emily Howenstine, Trinity Johnson, Allison Keith, Taylor Kelley, Mike Klinger, Phil Klinger, Abbigail Lybarger, Elizabeth Maggart, Kayla Mays, Jacquelynn McConnell, Katie Mize, Lillian Myers, Hannah Newell, Kelsey Niccum, Alexandria Peterson, Rebekah Pyle, Ethan Rice, Lindsay Rice, Natalie Schuler, India Shear, Jeniffer Smith, Hannah Spaulding, Kiera Stacy, Abigail Stein, Caitlynn Strobel, Kayla Unger, Alexis Wagoner Blue Ribbons: William Anguilm, Katie Barker, Kennedy Chamberlain, Kaylee Cornett, Shelby David, Lindsey Dierks, Sarrah Dierks, Sarah Driscoll, Nathanael Fadil, Adreanna Faine, Ella Faine, Anna Marie Farlow, Cassandra French, Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray, Mary Guisewhite, Erica Guyer, Bailey Hanes, Addi Harden, Kylie Hensley, Samuel Hunter, Daisy Kelley, Peighton King, Jenna Krom, Jessika Krom, Aubree Lambert, Joshua Maggart, Taylor Middleton, Haylie Miller, Lilly Myers, Danielle Perlich, Audrie Randel, Alexis Rohrer, Emily Rose, Hallie Schuler, Sarah Shoue, Matthew Stein, Rachel Stout, Grant Strobel, Seth Truss Red Ribbons: Cheyenne Bishop, Leah Blocher, Hannah Cole, Alyssa Richter, Drake Richter, Stephanie Rohrer, Mariah Titus, Samuel Truss White Ribbons: Saebre Barker, Courtney Stapleton State Fair Entries: Cara Blocher, Kylie Echard, Kayla Flack, Tori Givens, Alison Herren, Allison Keith, Kayla Mays, Kelsey Niccum, Alexandria Peterson, Hannah Spaulding State Fair Alternates: Joseph Burcroff, Samuel Burcroff, Braylen Fleck, Lydia Greer, Jacquelynn McConnell, Katie Mize, Lillian Myers, Natalie Schuler, Caitlynn Strobel, Kayla Unger FORESTRY Champions Luke Kirk, Carson Rody, Stephanie Rohrer, Samuel Truss Reserve Champions Andrew Bolinger, Daisy Sparks, Seth Truss Blue Stars: Andrew Bolinger, Nicholas Cole, Luke Kirk, Carson Rody, Daisy Sparks, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss Blue Ribbons: Ashton Bolinger, Paul Farlow, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer State Fair Entries: Luke

Kirk, Carson Rody, Stephanie Rohrer, Samuel Truss State Fair Alternates: Andrew Bolinger, Daisy Sparks, Seth Truss GENEOLOGY Champions Leigha Carey, Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray Blue Stars: Leigha Carey, Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray Blue Ribbons: Matthew Knee, Ashlyn Rody State Fair Entries: Leigha Carey, Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray GEOLOGY Champions Ben Kissel, Ethan Rice, Stephanie Rohrer Reserve Champions Alexis Rohrer Blue Stars: Ben Kissel, Ethan Rice, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer State Fair Entries: Ben Kissel, Ethan Rice, Stephanie Rohrer State Fair Alternates: Alexis Rohrer GIFT WRAPPING Champion Courtney Chamberlain, Janzin Cripe, Bailey Lundmark, Alayna Miller, Baylee Shoemaker Reserve Champions McKenzie Baer, Jessica Bott, Krisandra Mize, Ashley Parson Blue Stars: McKenzie Baer, Jessica Bott, Courtney Chamberlain, Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe, Bailey Lundmark, Ellie Milam, Alayna Miller, Krisandra Mize, Ashley Parson, Baylee Shoemaker, Eden Shoemaker, Mary Willcox Blue Ribbons: Addi Harden, Elizabeth Haupert, Gracen Kelley, Brittany Strickler, D’Anna Willcox Red Ribbons: Cassandra French, Whitney Heagy, Kelly Schmidt, Abby Schuler, Madison Shrider, Mariah Titus HEALTH Champions Lindsey Dierks, Emily Ogden, Danielle Sparling Reserve Champions Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe, Brittany Ogden Blue Stars: Leah Betzner, Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe, Lindsey Dierks, Brittany Ogden, Emily Ogden, Katelyn Shafer, Danielle Sparling Blue Ribbons: Thomas Charles, Alison Herren, Brittany Strickler State Fair Entries: Lindsey Dierks, Emily Ogden, Danielle Sparling State Fair Alternates: Janzin Cripe, Jirni Cripe, Brittany Ogden (continued on page 18)


July 11, 2012


Champions Alexis Rohrer, Abigail Stein Reserve Champions Stephanie Rohrer Blue Stars: Stephanie Rohrer, Baylee Shoemaker, Abigail Stein Blue Ribbons: Alexis Rohrer HOME ENVIRONMENT

Champions Abby Keaffaber, Ally Keaffaber, Clarissa Rose Reserve Champions Ryan Keaffaber, Luke Kirk Blue Stars: Ashley Gray, Abby Keaffaber, Ally Keaffaber, Ryan Keaffaber, Luke Kirk, Clarissa Rose Blue Ribbons: Courtney Gray, Alison Herren State Fair Entries: Abby Keaffaber, Ally Keaffaber, Ryan Keaffaber, Luke Kirk, Clarissa Rose State Fair Alternates: Ashley Gray HORSE MANAGEMENT

Champions Andrea Alexander Blue Stars: Andrea Alexander Blue Ribbons: Josephine Draper, Madison Wright MAKE IT WITH A MIX

Champions Greta Auler, Cheyenne Bishop, Maddie Clark, Isabel Diaz, Braylen Fleck, Emily Gwillim, Baylee Shoemaker, Abigail Stein Reserve Champions Cassandra French, Emily Mize, Ashlyn Rody, Emily Rose, Zachary Shorter, Jeniffer Smith, Caitlynn Strobel, Catherine Tracy Blue Stars: Greta Auler, Cheyenne Bishop, Maddie Clark, Jessi Cox, Isabel Diaz, Braylen Fleck, Cassandra French, Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray, Emily Gwillim, Emily Mize, Alexandria Peterson, Ashlyn Rody, Emily Rose, Baylee Shoemaker, Zachary Shorter, Jeniffer Smith, Abigail Stein, Caitlynn Strobel, Catherine Tracy Blue Ribbons: Cara Blocher, Sarah Pyle, Red Ribbons: Leah Blocher MICROWAVE

Champions Courtney Chamberlain, Baylee Shoemaker, Caitlynn Strobel Reserve Champions Cheyenne Bishop, Makenna Proffitt Blue Stars: Madison Ayala, Cheyenne Bishop, Cara Blocher, Leah Blocher, Courtney Chamberlain, Makenna Proffitt, Baylee Shoemaker, Caitlynn Strobel, Catherine Tracy PERSONALITY

Champions Lindsay Rice, Brittany Strickler Reserve Champions Jirni Cripe Blue Stars: Hayley Bland, Jirni Cripe, Lindsay Rice, Brittany Strickler Blue Ribbons: Cayden Prickett, Mariah Titus State Fair Entries: Lindsay Rice, Brittany Strickler State Fair Alternates: Jirni Cripe PHOTOGRAPHY – BLACK & WHITE PRINT Champions Jonathan Collins, Baylee Shoemaker, Erin Whetstone Reserve Champions Eden Shoemaker Blue Stars: Jonathan Collins, Luke Kirk, Krisandra Mize, Alexandria Peterson, Makayla Proffitt, Baylee Shoemaker, Eden Shoemaker, Haley Walchle, Jessica Weekley, Erin Whetstone Blue Ribbons: Anastasia Bennett, Leah Betzner, Matthew Carey, Trisha Charles, Elise Gottschalk, Carson Kelley, Daisy Kelley, Gracen Kelley, Matthew Knee, Brittany Light, Emily Mize, Makayla Mobley, Kathryn Pefley, Elizabeth Petty, Kailynn Richardson, Makayla Ridgeway, Jordan Ringel, Noah Shoemaker, Danielle Sparling, Caleb Stout, Kendall Tomlinson, Madison Wright Red Ribbons: Stephanie Rohrer State Fair Entries: Jonathan Collins, Baylee Shoemaker, Erin Whetstone State Fair Alternates: Eden Shoemaker PHOTOGRAPHY – BLACK & WHITE SALON Champions Kody Shoemaker, Mackenzie Thornsbury Reserve Champions Devin Tracy, Victor Treska Blue Stars: Kendra Auler, Kevin Friermood, Kiowa Harrell, Samuel Hunter, Elizabeth Maggart, Audrie Randel, Connor Ringel, Clarissa Rose, Natalie Schuler, Kody Shoemaker, Mackenzie Thornsbury, Devin Tracy, Victor Treska, Amanda Underwood, Kayla Unger, Jared Vigar, Jensen Zumbaugh Blue Ribbons: Erin Chamberlain, Isabel Diaz, Sarrah Dierks, Shannah Driscoll, Kylie Echard, Ella Faine, Nicole Gable, Mary Guisewhite, Erica Guyer, Addi Harden, Brayton Hensley, Hilary Hickert, Abbigail Hilton, Taylor Kelley, Matthew Knee, Hunter Law, Bailey Lundmark, Martina Meyer, Jared Monce, Courtney Palmer, Brooke Pratt, Alexi Randel, Makayla Ridgeway,

Stephanie Rohrer, Payton Thomson, Catherine Tracy, Shane Vigar, Alexis Wagoner Red Ribbons: Jessi Cox, Madalyn Dale, Heath Dierks, Anna Driscoll, Michelle Hendricks, Logan Hensley, Emily Lehner State Fair Entries: Kody Shoemaker, Mackenzie Thornsbury State Fair Alternates: Devin Tracy, Victor Treska PHOTOGRAPHY – COLOR PRINT Champions Ella Faine, Makenna Proffitt, Lindsay Rice Reserve Champions Robert Ford Blue Stars: Elizabeth Collins, Morgan Dale, Ella Faine, Robert Ford, Elizabeth Haupert, Carly Hawkins, Sydney Helfin, Carsyn Howard, Issiac Howard-Mitchell, Hunter Miller, Katie Peden, Makenna Proffitt, Ethan Rice, Lindsay Rice, Clarissa Rose, Emily Rose, Torina Runkel, Baylee Shoemaker, Jasper Walter, Riley Whitesel, Jensen Zumbaugh Blue Ribbons: Cherish Allen, Greta Auler, Shelby David, Sydney Diefenbaugh, Alexander Farr, Alexis Finney, Jonah France, Tori Givens, Alec Guenin, Bailey Hanes, Whitney Heagy, Logan Hensley, Alison Herren, Mersadez Highley, Trinity Johnson, Aubree Lambert, Erin Lehner, Carina Mason, Morgan Meyer, Dominic Morris, Lauren Myers, Wilson Nettleton, Elizabeth Petty, Karlie Poland, Alexis Rohrer, Attie Schuler, Karla Singer, Emma Sklar, Christie Sparks, Noah Stafford, Beletu Stout, Isaac Stout, Kelcie Thomson, Kendall Tomlinson, Stevie Walker Red Ribbons: Heidi France, Martina Meyer, Ava Smith State Fair Entries: Ella Faine, Makenna Proffitt, Lindsay Rice State Fair Alternates: Robert Ford PHOTOGRAPHY – COLOR SALON Champions Justin Frank Reserve Champions Jensen Lassiter Blue Stars: Paige Cole, Elizabeth Collins, Hunter Cox, Shannah Driscoll, Courtney Frank, Justin Frank, Wyatt Helfin, Taylor Jaynes, Jensen Lassiter, Hunter Law, Jacquelynn McConnell, Connor Ringel, Jenna Schmidt, Jacob Shoemaker, Kayla Unger Blue Ribbons: Cheyenne Bishop, Hayley Bland, Samuel Burcroff, Erin Chamberlain, Codi Cox, Cedric Diefenbaugh, Sarrah Dierks, Sarah Driscoll, Kylie

Echard, Kevin Friermood, Nicole Gable, Addi Harden, Kiowa Harrell, Whitney Heagy, Abbigail Hilton, Jared Monce, Katie Peden, Alexandria Peterson, Kelly Schmidt, Elliot Shaum, Elaina Terrell, Amanda Underwood Red Ribbons: Kennedy Chamberlain, Hannah Cole, Jessi Cox, Adreanna Faine, Emily Gwillim, Michelle Hendricks, Hilary Hickert, Connor Keffaber, Courtney Palmer, Kody Shoemaker, Rachel Stout, Brittany Strickler, Mackenzie Thornsbury State Fair Entries: Justin Frank State Fair Alternates: Jensen Lassiter PHOTOGRAPHY – CREATIVE SALON Champions Krisandra Mize Blue Stars: Samuel Hunter, Krisandra Mize, Alexi Randel, Brittany Strickler Blue Ribbons: Nicholas Rhoads, Natalie Schuler Red Ribbons: Codi Cox State Fair Entries: Krisandra Mize POULTRY POSTERS Champions Leah Blocher, Baylee Shoemaker Reserve Champions Brittany Strickler Blue Stars: Leah Blocher, Baylee Shoemaker, Brittany Strickler Blue Ribbons: Nathan Ozenbaugh, Karlie Poland, Mariah Titus State Fair Entries: Leah Blocher, Baylee Shoemaker State Fair Alternates: Brittany Strickler RECYCLING Champions Madison Ayala, Nicholas Rhoads, Baylee Shoemaker Reserve Champions Krisandra Mize, Ashlyn Rody, Mackenzie Thornsbury Blue Stars: Madison Ayala, Krisandra Mize, Nicholas Rhoads, Baylee Shoemaker, Mackenzie Thornsbury Blue Ribbons: Elizabeth Anguilm, William Anguilm, Ella Gatchel, Alex Good, Gavin Mize, Ashlyn Rody, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer, Brittany Strickler SCRAPBOOKING Champions Grace Bryant, Elizabeth Howenstine, Danielle Sparling Reserve Champions Addi Harden, Avery Snyder, Courtney Stapleton Blue Stars: Maggie Ball, Jessica Bott, Grace Bryant, Leigha Carey, Rebecca Carey, Anna Marie Farlow, Braylen Fleck, Ella Gatchel,

Addi Harden, Kayla Harrell, Alison Herren, Emma Hoover, Elizabeth Howenstine, Kaitlyn Jones, Bailey Lundmark, Katie Mize, Krisandra Mize, Elizabeth Petty, Sidney Reed, Avery Snyder, Daisy Sparks, Danielle Sparling, Courtney Stapleton, Elaina Terrell, Madison Wright, Emma Wynn, Jensen Zumbaugh Blue Ribbons: Zachary Brane, Shelby David, Emily Howenstine, Sydney McLaughlin, Emily Mize, Kelsey Niccum, Linsey Trail Red Ribbons: Meghan Brane, Hannah Cole, Sarah Driscoll, Alexys Martin, Hannah Newell, Lauren Rich, Makayla Ridgeway, Mariah Titus, Alexis Wright SEWING – WEARABLE Champions Adreanna Faine, Haylie Miller, Hannah Newell, Sarah Pyle, Abigayle Ross Reserve Champions Tori Givens, Ally Keaffaber, Sydney McLaughlin, Rebekah Pyle, Lindsay Rice Blue Stars: Alyson Adams, Amy Bowman, Paige Cole, Lindsey Dierks, Shannah Driscoll, Kylie Echard, Adreanna Faine, Courtney Frank, Tori Givens, Regan Hathaway, Ally Keaffaber, Jenna Krom, Jessika Krom, Sydney McLaughlin, Haylie Miller, Katie Mize, Hannah Newell, Rebekah Pyle, Sarah Pyle, Lindsay Rice, Alyssa Richter, Abigayle Ross, Jenna Schmidt Blue Ribbons: Makayla Bechtold, Sydney Diefenbaugh, Sarah Driscoll, Anna Marie Farlow, Courtney Gray, Kathryn Pefley, Ellie Schuler, Kelli Siepker, Alexis Wright Red Ribbons: Morgan Farr State Fair Entries: Adreanna Faine, Haylie Miller, Hannah Newell, Sarah Pyle, Abigayle Ross State Fair Alternates: Tori Givens, Ally Keaffaber, Sydney McLaughlin, Rebekah Pyle, Lindsay Rice SEWING – NON-WEARABLE Champions Adreanna Faine, Emma Hoover, Sidney Prater, Tyler Roser, India Shear, Alyson Adams Reserve Champions Jenna Krom, Taylor Middleton, Ashlyn Rody Mackenzie Thornsbury Blue Stars: Alyson Adams, Elizabeth Anguilm, William Anguilm, Jessi Cox, Lindsey Dierks, Anna Driscoll, Hannah Fadil, Adreanna Faine, Emma Hoover, Abby Keaffaber, Jenna Krom, Jessika Krom, Kayla Mays, Taylor Middleton, Emily Mize, Sidney Prater, Alyssa

Richter, Ashlyn Rody, Corey Roser, Tyler Roser, India Shear, Jeniffer Smith, Mackenzie Thornsbury Blue Ribbons: Cylie-Ann Harlan, Danielle Sparling, Hannah Stafford State Fair Entries: Adreanna Faine, Emma Hoover, Sidney Prater, Tyler Roser, India Shear State Fair Alternates: Jenna Krom, Taylor Middleton, Ashlyn Rody, Mackenzie Thornsbury

Blue Ribbons: Anastasia Bennett, Renae Blocher, Peighton King, Lilly Myers, Karlie Poland, Makayla Ridgeway, Darien Rodriguez, Jessica Weekley, Madison Wright Red Ribbons: Hilary Hickert, Amira Siddiqui State Fair Entries: Alyssa Richter, Alexis Rohrer, Audrey Wilcox State Fair Alternates: Leigha Carey, Isabel David WEATHER

SHOOTING SPORTS Champions Sarah Pyle, Ashlyn Rody, Caitlynn Strobel Reserve Champion Vivian LeMaster, Carson Rody Blue Stars: Anna Driscoll, Cody Gaylourd, Matthew Klinger, Vivian LeMaster, Hunter Miller, James Myers, Rebekah Pyle, Sarah Pyle, Jacob Richards, Ashlyn Rody, Carson Rody, Jacob Shoemaker, Noah Shoemaker, Adam Spaulding, Caitlynn Strobel, Grant Strobel, Braden Sweet, Jessica Weekley Blue Ribbons: Cavin Beavers, Phil Klinger, Parker Mays, Erin McGouldrick, Brayden Murphy, Lilly Myers, Colton St.Clair, Kyle Thomas State Fair Entries: Sarah Pyle, Ashlyn Rody, Caitlynn Strobel State Fair Alternates: Vivian LeMaster, Carson Rody SMALL PETS Champions Alayna Miller, Ethan Rice, Baylee Shoemaker Reserve Champions Bethany Azbell, Elijah Burlingame, Taylor Middleton Blue Stars: Bethany Azbell, Elijah Burlingame, Aubree Lambert, Taylor Middleton, Alayna Miller, Haylie Miller, Alexandria Peterson, Karlie Poland, Ethan Rice, Alexis Rohrer, Baylee Shoemaker, Hannah Stafford Blue Ribbons: Anastasia Bennett, Josephine Draper, Hayden Good, Sydney Helfin, Korbin Hensley, Hilary Hickert, Wilson Nettleton, Darien Rodriguez, Stephanie Rohrer, Elliot Shaum, Elaine Shock, Mariah Titus VETERINARY SCIENCE Champions Alyssa Richter, Alexis Rohrer, Audrey Wilcox Reserve Champions Leigha Carey, Isabel David Blue Stars: Trent Bechtold, Renae Blocher, Andrew Bolinger, Leigha Carey, Isabel David, Abbigail Lybarger, Alyssa Richter, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer, Corey Roser, Audrey Wilcox

Champions Samuel Trussm, Seth Truss Blue Stars: Samuel Truss, Seth Truss State Fair Entries: Samuel Truss, Seth Truss WILDLIFE Champions Andrew Bolinger, Carson Rody, Seth Truss Reserve Champions Ashton Bolinger, Ethan Rice, Jacob Richards Blue Stars: Andrew Bolinger, Ashton Bolinger, Ethan Rice, Jacob Richards, Carson Rody, India Shear, Samuel Truss, Seth Truss Blue Ribbons: Katie Barker, Mariah Titus State Fair Entries: Andrew Bolinger, Carson Rody, Seth Truss State Fair Alternates: Ashton Bolinger, Ethan Rice, Jacob Richards WOODWORKING

Champions Andrew Bolinger, Nathanael Fadil, Chase Guenin, Hunter Miller Reserve Champions Ashton Bolinger, Mike Klinger, Dominic Morris, Kelsey Niccum Blue Stars: Andrew Bolinger, Ashton Bolinger, Logan Cox, Nathanael Fadil, Chase Guenin, Micah Higgins, Taylor Kelley, Mike Klinger, Hunter Law, Hunter Miller, Jared Monce, Dominic Morris, Kelsey Niccum, Grant Whitham, Brenton Yarger Blue Ribbons: Jordan Boyer, Keaton Boyer, Chance Enyeart, Alec Guenin, Christian Heagy, Issiac Howard-Mitchell, Gracen Kelley, Luke Kirk, Kayla Mays, Parker Mays, Harrison Nettleton, Nicholas Rhoads, Jordan Ringel, Zachary Shorter, Isaac Stout, Keaton Stout, Stan Summers, Dereck Vogel, Grant Warmuth, Xzavier Whitaker, Riley Whitesel Red Ribbons: Keenan Diaz, Ashley Gray, Courtney Gray, Alexis Rohrer, Stephanie Rohrer State Fair Entries: Andrew Bolinger, Nathanael Fadil, Chase Guenin, Hunter Miller State Fair Alternates: Ashton Bolinger, Mike Klinger, Dominic Morris, Kelsey Niccum

July 11, 2012


Brittany Crockett and Joshua Neal married June 12 Manchester Intermediate School announces Honor Roll Brittany Crockett and Joshua Neal, North Manchester, wish to announce their wedding and upcoming reception. The couple was married June 12 at Sandals Grande Antigua in Saint John’s, Antigua. Jeffery Crockett and Robbie Lauderback gave the bride away. The maid of honor was Heather Crockett and the best man was Austin Crockett. They would like to announce that a small ceremony and reception will be given in North Manchester, on July 7, for those of their friends and family who were unable to attend the wedding in Antigua.

Comcast Awards $50,000 in Scholarships to Indiana High School Seniors

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program Recognizes Indiana Students for their A c a d e m i c Achievement and Community Service The Comcast Foundation, founded in 1999 to provide charitable support to its local communities and to empower and enrich lives is awarding 50 Indiana high school seniors scholarships through its annual Leaders and A c h i e v e r s Scholarship Program. The program, one of the Comcast Foundation’s signature community investment programs, recognizes students’ leadership skills, academic achievement and commitment to community service. “Each year, we are excited to provide scholarships for these talented students,” said Charisse R. Lillie, President of the Comcast Foundation and Vice P r e s i d e n t , C o m m u n i t y Investment of Comcast Corp. “Comcast seeks students who demonstrate leadership abilities in school activities and who reflect a strong commitment to community service.

These students are our future leaders, and we hope these scholarships will help to power their dreams for success.” “Comcast has a vested interest in providing our youth with opportunities to excel and succeed in a highly competitive higher education landscape and job market,” said Tim Collins, Senior Vice President for Comcast’s Heartland Region, which includes Indiana. “We commend these students for their outstanding achievements, and wish them the best of luck in

their future endeavors.” The Comcast Leaders and A c h i e v e r s ® Scholarship Program provides one-time $1,000 scholarships to students who strive to achieve their potential, who are catalysts for positive change in their communities, who are involved in their schools, and who serve as models for their fellow students. The philosophy behind the program is to give young people every opportunity to be prepared for the future, to engage youth in their com-

munities, and to demonstrate the importance of civic involvement, and the value placed on civic involvement by the business community. To date, Comcast has awarded more than $17 million to more than 17,000 Leaders and A c h i e v e r s Scholarship winners. This year’s Comcast Leaders and A c h i e v e r s Scholarship recipient for Wabash County was Grant Keaffaber, Southwood High School

M a n c h e s t e r Intermediate School recently released their honor roll for term 2 of the 2011/2012 school year. 5th Grade- Keauna Allen, Katie Barker, Cora Barnett, Preston Blocher, Konrad Borgmann, Dylan Brubaker, Jadah Brubaker, Emma Burlingame, Brayden Casper, Kasi Casper, Madison Cook, Jirni Cripe, Ethan Davis, Isaiah Davis, Kelsey Eichenauer, Kennedy Fierstos, Kaleb Fluke, Brodie Fratus, Alexia Gilbert, Alex Good, Uria Hein, Janet Hernandez, Carsyn Howard, Logan Isbell, Morgyn Jimenez, Avery Johnson, Lexus Justice, Naomi Justice, Brylee Kerr, Kennidy Lauer, Kamdyn Lester, Tiara Lincoln, Ashlyn Longanecker, Cohen Marvel, Andrew McAtee, Mathias

McLaughlin, Hunter Miller, Wilson Nettleton, Emily Ogden, Logan Parrett, Brice Patrick, Gavin Ream, Jennifer Robles, Sarah Rohr, Frances Schannep, Jacob Slavkin, Briley Spann, Grant Strobel, Morgan Stroud, Spence Trick, Teraka Tully, Madyson Ulrey, Brandon Wagoner, Halie Wampler, Jaelyn Webb, Emma West, Mason Westafer, and Michael Wirsing. 6th Grade- Kaidyn Alexander, Noah Beck, Lance Bennett, Metzger Blake, Kaitlyn Blum, Garrett Boggs, Metzger Breanna, Ethan Brewer, Todd Brovont, Tasha Brubaker, Emma Casper, Caleb Copley, Esperanza Daugherty, Grayson Denton, Madison Dockter, Lindsay Egner, Bryenna Elliott, Alicia Fields, Skye

Fierstos, Kayla Garcia, Chancynn Giddens, Hannah Gish, Fermin G u e r r e r o - D av i l a , Kyler Harting, Kennedy Haviland, Jordan Hicks, Trevor Hoerdt, Brooke Isley, Erika Kendall, Chloe Leckrone, Gabrielle Lewis, Lora Lewis, Jonathan Maser, Mattie McKee, Trey McNall, Emily Mize, Kaitlyn Mize, Nathan Ozenbaugh, Ricki Parson, Montgomery Pattison, Sarah Pyle, Maria Ramos, B e n j a m i n Reichenbach, Lindsay Rice, Thomas Rohr, Kennedy Rosen, Nathan Self, Jonah Shenefield, Joshua Shepherd, Madison Sorg, Austin Spangle, Kiera Stacy, Hayes Sturtsman, Alexis Tharp, Remington Trick, Paige Wagoner, Parker Wagoner, Audrey Weimann, and Alyssa West.

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July 11, 2012

4-H recognizes 10-year members... continued from page 14 I’ve learned so many lessons, made new friends, and created life-long memories. I will forever be thankful for everything 4-H has taught me.”

Patrick Rosenbarger Patrick Rosenbarger is the son of Terry and Cindy Rosenbarger. He is a graduate of Warsaw High School. A Chester Champs member, Rosenbarger has showed rabbits and ducks, and taken the rockets project. Outside of 4-H, he is involved in football and wrestling. Rosenbarger has achieved grand champion duck and champion 4-class meat pen in poultry. In the fall, he plans to attend Indiana State to major in aviation flight. His future plans are to fly for the Air Force. Rosenbarger sums up his experience by saying it was “lots of fun, and I made great friends.”

##& %

Corey Roser Corey Roser is the son of Terry and Cheryl Roser. He is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Clover Crew, Roser showed goats, and participated in crops, sewing, foods, food preservation, fine arts, vet science, dog club, woodworking, and Junior Leaders. His extra-curricular activities include: being an athletic trainers assistant, volleyball manager, PEP, and FFA. In the fall Roser plans to attend Purdue University to major in animal science. He would like to become a large animal veterinarian. He sums up his 10 years by saying, “My many years in 4-H taught me many things, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to not be afraid to fail.

%!#"* ( %' '

Drew Roser Drew Roser is the son of Terry and Cheryl Roser. He is a graduate of Southwood High School. As a member of the Clover Crew, Roser showed goats, and swine, and participated crops, sewing, and woodworking. While at Southwood, Roser participated in football, golf, FFA, PEP, and student congress. In 4-H, he received awards such as Champion Berkshire Gilt, and Grand Champion Soybeans. In the fall, he plans to attend Ancilla College to play golf. Roser concluded by summarizing his 4-H experience: “It was

quick, but a lot of fun, and a lot of good times. Also, good experiences and many life lessons learned.”

Coleman Rude Coleman Rude is the son of Thomas and Kathy Rude. He is a Manchester High School graduate. As a member of the Horse and Pony Club he participated in horse and pony, as well as shooting sports. In his spare time, he is a member of the Indiana High School Rodeo Association. He has received many awards, such as FFA Star Chapter, in agribusiness, multiple contesting awards, twotime state champion bull rider, and multiple winnings with his horses. In the fall, Rude plans to attend Missouri Valley College, to compete in the rodeo team, while




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studying environmental science. Rude sums up his experience by saying, “4-H has been a learning experience that has taught me hard work and dedication. You must work hard to reach the goals you set yourself so you can achieve them. I have also met many life-long friends through 4-H, and have memories that I will never forget.”

Kody Shoemaker Kody Shoemaker is the daughter of Tim and Katrina Shoemaker. She is a graduate of Northfield High School. Shoemaker belongs to the Eel River Sr., 4-H club, the Wabash County Electric Club, and Wabash County Rabbit Club. She showed rabbits and poultry, while also participating in collections, fine arts, flowers, gift-wrapping, photography, sewing, and small pets. In her free time, she enjoys the girl scouts, serving as a football manager, student advisory board, yearbook editor, and choir. Shoemaker has received achievement plaques in rabbits, electric, and poultry, while also earning the Outstanding Senior Award, and the Citizenship Award. This fall she plans on working; she is undecided about her future but wants to enjoy just being out of school. Shoemaker sums up her 4-H years by saying, “It has been fun and very rewarding, everything I have experienced and learned has made me a better person.”

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Allison Siders Allison Siders is the daughter of Scott and Tammy Siders. She is a Northfield High School graduate. As a member of the Lagro Speedy Clovers club, she has shown swine and cows while in 4-H. Her awards include champions in both pigs and cows, and reserve champions in the swine barn. This fall she plans on attending Huntington University for nursing, and would like to become a pediatric nurse. Siders sums up her experience by saying, “It was fun, amazing, there was never a dull moment. I recommend everyone to do it and get involved.”

Kelli Siepker Kelli Siepker is the daughter of Alan and Denise Siepker. She is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Crimson Clovers, she showed swine and goats, while also being involved in sewing, fashion revue, arts and crafts, foods, and food preservation. In her free time, she was involved in PEP, FCA, choir, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track. Siepker was 2011 Homecoming Queen, as well as earned top 15 for the Indiana State Fair Fashion Revue. She also received medals for swine, sewing, and fashion revue.

Good Luck to all of Wabash County 4-H’ers!

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In the fall, she plans on attending Ball State to major in nursing. She sums up her years by saying, “Growing up, fair week has always been my favorite week of the year. I have learned how to take on responsibilities, and to complete my projects on time. I’ve met many people through our fair and state fair that will be life long friends.”

Ethan Stouffer Ethan Stouffer is the son of Alan and Karla Stouffer. He is a Northfield High School graduate. As a member of the Eel River club, he has showed pigs, rabbits, and goats. In his spare time, he works and enjoys playing baseball. Stouffer has achieved perfect attendance while in school, and received the Career Excellence Award, from Heartland Career Center, and also the Bill Rogge Sportsmanship Award. His plan for the fall is to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio to become a diesel mechanic. “It’s been a great learning experience or me and a maturity tool.” Lille Terrill Lille Terrill is the daughter of Janet and Kent Terrill. She is a graduate of Manchester High School. As a member of the Laketon Cloverleaves, she has shown swine, cattle, and horses, while also participating in sewing, photography, and foods. In her spare time, Terrill enjoys soccer, track, and swimming. She was involved in student council, NHS, and Key Club while in high school. Terrill was student body president, and also received the Mental Attitude Award, as well as art awards. In the fall she plans to attend Manchester University to study psychology. In the future she would like to travel to another country and work with children. She sums up her years in 4-H by saying, “It was a really good (continued on page 26)

July 11, 2012


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Wabash Police Department Accidents July 3 At approximately 5:25 p.m. vehicles driven by William Scott, 82, Silver Lake and Renee Chenault, 64, Roann, collided on North Cass St. July 5 At approximately 7:54 a.m. vehicles driven by Alina Perkins, 29, Wabash, and Shelly Potts, 40, Wabash, collided on McCarty St., near Stitt St. Citations July 1 R o x a n n e Daugherty, 22, 91 S. East Street, Wabash, disorderly conduct, battery on an officer. July 4 Brian Kinstler, 35, 378 Sherman St., Wabash, operating while intoxicated.

Wabash County Sheriff ’s Department Accidents June 29 At approximately 3:07 p.m. vehicles driven by Valerie Eiler, Wabash, and Andrea Hill, Peru, collided at SR15 and 900N. June 30 At approximately 12:04 p.m. Tabetha Brubaker, Wabash, was struck by a black SUV which left the scene, at US24 near Lagro. July 1 At approximately 3:01 a.m., a motorcycle driven by Austin Foustnight, Wabash, wrecked on US124 and 700E. At approximately 10:01 p.m., Richard Vitkus, Naples Fla., struck a deer on 400E and US24. July 3 At approximately 2:08 a.m., a vehicle

driven by Caityn Peyton, Huntington, swerved to miss an animal and went off the roadway on Blue Star Hwy, and US24. At approximately 7:38 a.m., Jerry Neata, Leesburg, and Kayla Welker, Muncie, collided at SR13, south of 800N. At approximately 6:01 p.m. Alyssa Richter, Wabash, and Justin Parker, Wabash, collided on 300N and 200W. June 4 At approximately 4:35 a.m., a vehicle driven by Scott Siders, Wabash collided on 500 Harriet St., Lagro. Bookings July 2 Seth Dillon, 24, 1048 Coble St., Wabash, theft, possessing/con-

suming alcohol. Lorne Coers, 32, 32 Lakeview Dr., North Manchester, violation of a no contact order. July 3 Forrest Blackman, 20, 229 Euclid St., Peru, minor consuming. Mitchell Hendrix, 18, 204 Van Buren Ave., Peru, minor consuming. Dylan Gordam, 18, 372 Blv., Peru, minor consuming. Daniel Griffith, 42, 525 E. Pike St., Roann, domestic batter, while in presence of a minor. Elizabeth Griffith, 33, 525 E. Pike Street, Roann, domestic battery, while in presence of a minor. Keegan Keppler, 20, 203 First St., North Manchester, possession of marijuana. Ronald Muston, 36, (continued on page 22)

Toni Boyd

Former Wabash County resident Nov. 21, 1921 – July 2, 2012

Agnes Fern Deardorff, 90, Macy, passed away July 2, 7 p.m., at Miller’s Merry Manor, Peru. Mrs. Deardorff was born November 21, 1921 in Kokomo, she was the daughter of William and Ruth Gilbert Markley. On January 28, 1939 in Kokomo, she was married to Ralph Richard Deardorff, and he preceded in death on November 8, 1988. She was a member of the Mexico First Brethren Church. She loved spending time outside in her garden. Survivors include four sons, John Ebert Deardorff and his wife Kathy, Macy; Kerry Ralph Deardorff and his wife Vicky, Mexico; Emerson Galen Deardorff, Macy; and Michael Wayne Deardorff and wife Renee, Lafayette; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by two sons, Kenneth Eugene and Richard Keith Deardorff; and one daughter, Janet Sue Layton. Funeral services were held on July 6 at McClain Funeral Home. Pastor Bill Cook officiated. Burial was in Mast Cemetery, Howard County.

Member of the Roann Matrons Club Jan. 15, 1932 - July 7, 2012

Marcia Joan Steele, 80, Wabash, died at 2:04 a.m. Saturday, July 7, at Miller’s Merry Manor East in Wabash. She was born Jan. 15, 1932, in Denver to Dwight and Mae (Leedy) Shoemaker. Marcia was a 1949 graduate of Jefferson Township High School in Mexico. She was a homemaker and the Roann correspondent for The Paper of Wabash County since 1994. She married Raymond E. Steele in Denver on Dec. 6, 1951. She attended the Roann United Methodist Church and was a former member of the Roann Matrons Club. She lived in Wabash the past 13 years, coming from Roann, where she lived 37 years. She enjoyed scrapbooking, card-making, and reading. She also had pen pals all over North America and enjoyed family activities. She is survived by husband, Raymond Steele of Wabash; six children, Kevin (Debbie) Steele of Hollywood, Florida, Kim (Kathleen) Steele of Leesburg, Indiana, Kerry (Linda) Steele and Kathy Steele, both of Wabash, Karla (Alan) Stouffer of Roann, and Kyle (Mindy) Steele, of Wabash. two sisters, Gwendolyn Maus and Connie Hunt, both of Peru. 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her brother Malcolm Shoemaker. Funeral services will be held at Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, 1241 Manchester Avenue on Wednesday, July 11 at 2 p.m. with Pastor Dan Binkley officiating. Burial will be in Memorial Lawns Cemetery. Friends may call 2-8 p.m. on Tuesday at the funeral home. Preferred memorial is Wabash County Cancer Society. The memorial guest book for Marcia may be signed at

Restaurant Service Manager March 19, 1961 - July 5, 2012

Agnes Deardorff, 90

Marcia Steele

Toni L. Boyd, 51, Naples, Fla., died Thursday, July 5, 2012 in NCH North Naples Hospital, Naples, Fla. She was born March 19, 1961 in Wabash to Lawrence G. and Carolyn M. (Stucker) Howard. She graduated from Manchester High School in 1978 and Brown-Mackie College, Fort Wayne, where she received an Associate Degree in Nursing. On May 27, 2002, she married Thomas A. Boyd. She was a Mary Kay consultant when she lived in the North Manchester area and a restaurant service manager in Naples, Fla. She loved spending time with her family and home decorating. She is survived by her husband, Thomas A. Boyd, Naples, FL; one son, Bradly W. Morris, Warsaw; her father, Lawrence G. Howard, North Manchester; one brother, Todd L. Howard, Huntington; one sister, Tina (David) Parker, North Manchester; four grandchildren, Kendra, Madison, Camron and Legend Morris, all of Warsaw. Family and friends may call Monday, July 9 from 2-8 p.m. at McKee Mortuary, 1401 State Road 114 W, North Manchester. Services will be Tuesday, July 10 at 10 a.m. at McKee Mortuary. Pastor J. P. Freeman will officiate. Burial in Fairview Cemetery, Servia. To send a private condolence to the Boyd family, use the Condolence link at

Reverend Guy Mowery Ordained pastor November 28, 1913 - July 5, 2012

Reverend Guy D. Mowery, 98, Frankfort, went to be with the lord at 10:40 p.m. on July 5 at Clinton House Health and Rehabilitation Center, surrounded by his family. Mowery was born Nov. 28, 1913, at Green County to parents Jesse Cephors and Mary Fledith (Phipps) Mowery. He married Sparkle Lorena Hulen in Vincennes. She preceded him in death on Nov. 8, 2010. Rev. Mowery attended high school in Freelandsville and finished high school and college at Frankfort Pilgrim College. He was ordained as a minister in 1943. A Pastor for 37 years, he traveled, doing evangelistic work for over 12 years. Rev. Mowery was an assistant general superintendent in the Bible Holiness Church and the first pastor in the Bible Holiness on West Barner Sreet. He lived in Wabash for 21 years and also was a pastor in Delaware, Ohio, Monon, Forest and Jonesboro, as well as Frankfort. He was a member of the Frankfort Bible Holiness Church and was the oldest living graduate of the Frankfort Pilgrim College. His family included three sons, Rex Rex Eugene (Viola) Mowery, Wabash; Charles Delbert (Linda) Mowery, Wabash; Rev. L. Mark (Becky) Mowery, Frankfort; one daughter Betty Lou (Willis) Creasey, Frankfort; nine grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and 12 great-great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, a great granddaughter, four brothers and six sisters. Services will be 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 11 at the Bible Holiness Church, 1947 W. Barner St., Frankfort. Rev. Billy Watts, Rev. Mark Mowery and Rev. Travis Johnson will officiate. Visitation will be Tuesday, July 10 from 4-8 p.m. at Goodwin Funeral Home, and one hour prior to the service at the church. Burial will be in Bunnell Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the Bible Holiness Church. Online condolences may be made at


July 11, 2012

Weekly Reports... continued from page 21

Johnie Shepherd, 88 U.S. Marine veteran May 19, 1924 – July 6, 2012

1257 Blaine Ave., Indianapolis, failure to pay child support. Jonathan Stephens, 27, 1965 N 175 E, Peru,

criminal confinement, two charges of domestic battery, battery, July 5

Ada Stoner, 85 Co-founder of Stoner Equipment Nov. 17, 1926 — June 29, 2012 Ada Charlene Stoner, age 85, formerly of Chili, passed away Friday, June 29 at Peabody R e t i r e m e n t Community, North Manchester. Born Nov. 17, 1926, in Wabash, she was the daughter of Josiah and Leora Ward Poor. On March 20, 1946, she was married to Merrill F. Stoner, and he preceded her in death in 2007. She was an active member of the Chili Methodist Church and the Eastern Star. Along with her husband, she was co-founder of Stoner Equipment near Wabash. Survivors include one son, James Greg Stoner and his fiancé Susan Gamester, Peru; four grandchildren, Sean Stoner and wife Cindy, Macy; Shannon See and husband Zac, Denver; Kris Stoner, Denver; and Kelli Stoner, Plymouth; six great grandchildren, Jon Bailey Stoner, Peyton Noah Stoner, Zion Alan See, and Zola Anne See; and Jackson and Lainey Stoner; and two daughters-in-law Dianne Stoner Gustin, Denver and Susan D. Stoner, Denver. She was preceded in death by one son, Jon Alan Stoner, and three brothers, Ward, Ronnie, and Jim Poor. Private services were held July 2 and she was laid to rest at Chili Community Cemetery. Funeral arrangements were entrusted to McClain Funeral Home, Denver.

Sarah Fouts, 73 Member of First United Methodist Church July 2, 2012

Sarah Catherine Fouts, 73, Hazlehurst Ga., died July 2. Mrs. Fouts was born in Hammond to Otto McNabney and Grace (Frantz) McNabney. She wasa born in Indiana, but later moved to Hazelhurst Ga., for a number of years. She was a retired educator with the Jeff Davis County School System where she was employed for 18 years. Mrs. Fouts was a member of the retired educators association. She was employed with the Jeff Davis County Public Library, and vice president of Friends of the library. Mrs. Fouts loved to travel and attended the First United Methodist Church. Survivors include; husband, Billy Fouts of Hazelhurst, Ga; one son, Jeffery (Teresa) Quillen, Hazelhurst, Ga; one daughter, Katherine (Greg) Cole, Fort Bragg, Nc; two sisters, Ellen Hisey, Hazelhurst, Ga, Rebecca Knock, North Manchester; three brothers, Donald McNabney, Urbana, Dan McNabney, Peru, and Ted McNabney of Argentina; three grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, four nieces and five nephews. She was preceded in death by two brothers; John and Kenneth McNabney. Services for Mrs. Fouts were held July 6, at The Chapel of Miles Funeral Home, Hazelhurst, Ga. Bro. Jeffery Spell officiated the service.

Nicholas Clifton, 31, 720 Linlawn Dr., operating while intoxicated.

arrested on a warrant for possession of marijuana. Land Transfers

North Manchester Police Department Arrests July 3 At approximately 11:02 a.m., Keegan A. Kepler, 20, North Manchester, was

First Merchants Bank to Jeffery Vanhoose, Warranty Deed, Bent and Hutchens Addition, Wabash, lot:5. Frank Elshire, (deceased), Geraldine

Elshire (deceased), and Leo Elshire, Personal Rep, to Denny Elshire and Beverly Elshire, Personal Rep Deed, S:23, T:26, R:6. Jackie Dingess, and Cora Dingess (deceased), to Jake and Virgie Shepherd, Warranty Deed, S:20, T:29, R:7. (continued on page 23)

Mary Harner, 89 Wabash County resident Dec. 18, 1922 – July 1, 2012 Mary Madeline Harner, 89, of Wabash, died July 1, at 10:14 p.m., at Miller’s Merry Manor East in Wabash. Mrs. Harner was born December 18, 1922 in Wabash, to Eli Elwood and Grace (Bannister) Jones. She married Leo Louis Harner in Wabash, on April 29, 1943; he died February 25, 2003. She was a graduate of the Masonic Home High School in Franklin, Indiana. She was a member of St. Bernard Catholic Church in Wabash. She was the payroll administrator at Wabash Alloys 18 years until she retired in December of 1988. She loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mrs. Harner is survived by four children, Michael Stephen “Steve” (Cheryl) Harner, Joseph A. (Diane) Harner, Ann (Mike) Pretorius, all of Wabash, and Cynthia (Loren) Graves of West Frankfort, Ill.; her brother, Earl (Alice) Jones of Carmel; her sister, Lois Dugan of Franklin; brother-in-law, Lowell (Marcia) Harner of Wabash; seven grandchildren, Lynn (Bing) Simmers of Warsaw, Amy Michelle Harner of Carbondale, Ill., Sean Harner of Wabash, Kelly (Nichole) Harner of Lagro, Jeff (Kandi) Pretorius of Yorktown, Indiana, Jay (B.J.) Harner of Wabash, and Joe (Andrea) Pretorius of Fort Wayne; nine great grandchildren, Parker Harner, Thaylor Harner, Jared Harner, all of Wabash; Zack Pretorius and Cade Pretorius, both of Yorktown, Hadley Simmers of Warsaw, Blake Harner, Grayson Harner both of Lagro, and Addison Harner of Wabash; special great grandchildren, Valerie Martin of Michigan, and Riley McKillip of Wabash. She was preceded in death by her grandson, Scott Harner; three half-brothers, and five half-sisters. Funeral services were held at St. Bernard Catholic Church on July 5 with Father Sextus Don officiating. Burial was in Falls Cemetery, Wabash. The memorial guest book for Mrs. Harner may be signed at

Myrna Cornett, 73 Member of Somerset Church of Christ Nov. 18, 1938 – July 3, 2012 Myrna Rae Cornett, 73, of rural Denver, died July 3, 3:41 p.m., at her home. Mrs. Cornett was born November 18, 1938 in Le Mars, Iowa to Milton Russell and Ethel Frances (Nall) Lackey. She later married Floyd Cornett in Peru, on November 14, 1970. She was a self-employed accountant, and owned Granny’s Closet in Peru and Santa Fe. She was a member of the Somerset Church of Christ and attended the Denver Baptist Church. She was involved with the Peru First Baptist Clown Ministries and was known as “Clowy the Clown”. Myrna enjoyed painting, was an author, and wrote poetry and documentary books. She also was a columnist for the Oak Hill Times. Mrs. Cornett is survived by her husband; seven children, Arlo Cornett of Wabash, Richard Cornett of Muncie, Todd (Melissa) Cornett of Denver, Steven Cornett of Wabash, James (Janice) Tubbs and Danny (Linda) Tubbs, both of Lincoln, Neb., and Cheryl (Tony) Janeway of Roann; sister, Lana Manzanita of California; brother, David (Teresa) VerMaas of Logansport; 25 grandchildren, and 20 great grandchildren. One sister preceded her in death. There will be no services. Preferred memorial is American Kidney Fund. The memorial guest book for Myrna may be signed at

Johnie Shepherd, 88, Silver Lake, died July 6, 8:50 a.m., at Kosciusko Community Hospital, Warsaw. He was born May 19, 1924 in Magoffin, Ky., to Frank and Ella Mae (Wireman) Shepherd. On June 15, 1957, he married Jackelene Warrix. He worked at Da-Lite Screen, Warsaw, for 28 years, retiring in 1986. Mr. Sheperd served in the U.S. Marines in the South Pacific from 1943-1946. He was a member of Warsaw American Legion Post #49, a life member of the First Marine Division Association and attended Akron Church of God. He loved the outdoors, mushroom hunting, gardening and enjoyed small town festivals and Friday Night Jams at Akron. He is survived by his wife, two sons, Johnie Wayne (Sandra) Shepherd, Silver Lake, and James Cephus Shepherd, Warsaw; three brothers, Chester Shepherd, Silver Lake, Joe Shepherd, Silver Lake, and Jeff (Vicki) Shepherd, North Webster; four sisters, Mrs. Cecil (Ocie) Shumaker, Akron, Cynthia Harmon, Wabash, Mrs. Junior (Thelma) Jackson, North Manchester, and Mrs. Gary (Avenell) Smith, Akron; and four grandchildren. Four brothers and two sisters are deceased. Services were held July 9 at McKee Mortuary, 1401 State Road 114 W, North Manchester. Pastor Terry Canfield officiated. Burial was in Lakeview Cemetery, Silver Lake. For those who wish to honor the memory of Mr. Shepherd, memorial contributions may be made to Akron Church of God, 301 S. West Street, Akron, IN 46910. To send a private condolence to the Shepherd family, use the condolence link on the homepage.

Sue Decker, 68 Member of Wabash Presbyterian Church April 15, 1944 – July 3, 2012

Sue “Karen” Decker, 68, of Wabash, died July 3, 3:33 a.m at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. Mrs. Decker was born April 15, 1944 in Peru, to Ernest P. and Marguerite L. (Crum) Malott. She later married Henry Decker, in Wabash on Oct. 20, 1962. She was a Peru High School graduate. Mrs. Decker was the clerk at the Wabash County Health Dept., and was the secretary at the Wabash Church of the Brethren several years. She was a member of the Wabash Presbyterian Church where she sang in the choir, was a member of the Women’s Association, and served as an elder. Mrs. Decker was the clerk of the session since 1985, and the kitchen manager. She lived in Wabash since 1962. She enjoyed cooking, and she also enjoyed genealogy. Along with her husband, she is survived by; two children, Lori (Steven) Foust of Roann, and Dallas (Rebel Ann) Decker of Wabash; three step children, Lisa Decker and Henry Decker, Jr., both of Peru, and James Decker of Sarasota, Fla.; five grandchildren, and one great grandchild; a sister, Shirley (Cud) Willis of Peru; and a brother, Charles (Bonnie) Malott of Peru. She was preceded in death by her stillborn daughter, two brothers, and one sister. Funeral services were held at Wabash Presbyterian Church, Wabash on July 7. Rev. Jonathan Cornell officiated the service. Burial was in Falls Cemetery, Wabash. Preferred memorial is Wabash Presbyterian Church. The memorial guest book for Mrs. Decker may be signed at

July 11, 2012

Weekly Reports... continued from page 22


Larry Fordyce, Linda Lambert, and Robert Fordyce to Kenneth and Christina Benson, Warranty Deed, Malott’s Addition Wabash, Lot:5. Robert and Patricia Meager to Brad and April Eberly, Warranty Deed, Multiple Subdivision Lots. Robert Bulman, to Michael and Anita Gloyeski, Warranty Deed, Haldermans Jane Addition, North Manchester, multiple lots/blocks. McKillip Seeds Inc., to Ken McKillip. Corporate Deed, S:6 T:27 R:6. Danny Cole, to Mark Riffle and Amy Ritchie, Warranty Deed, Charley Falls Addition, Wabash, multiple lots/blocks. Paul Caldwell to Json Fusek, Warranty Deed, Petersons George R Rolling Hills Sub Cont, Wabash, multiple blocks/lots.

Steven Lambert to Steven Lambert and Linda Lambert, Quitclaim Deed,

Original Plat, North Manchester, Lot Pt:123. Town of North

Manchester, to Mitchell and Penny Schutz, Easement, Multiple section

Jerry Oldenkamp, 79 Former Wabash County resident Sept. 21, 1932 – June 12, 2012 Jerry Oldenkamp, 79, Monticello, died June 12, at Monticello Healthcare. Mr. Oldenkamp was born Sept. 21, 1932 to Mary and John Oldenkamp, in Detroit, Mich. He married Judy Good on Oct. 18, 1952; she survives. After graduating from Wabash High School in 1950, Mr. Oldenkamp served in the United States Navy for four years. He was also the former manager of Meadowbrook Apartment Complex. Along with his wife, he is survived by two sons, Dan (Julie) and Rick Oldenkamp, both of Monticello; a daughter Julie (Bob) Reakard, Wabash; two brothers Tom (Sue) Oldenkamp, and John Oldenkamp both of San Diego, Cali; a sister Nancy; eight grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. Mr. Oldenkamp donated his body to the Anatomical Education Program, at Indiana University. Memorial services will be held at a later date. Memorials may be sent to the Veteran’s House, 2669 Cold Springs Rd., Indianapolis, or the American Cancer Society.




Etta Hunnicutt, 81 Member of St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church July 7, 1930 – July 1, 2012

Etta Pearl Hunnicutt, 81, of Huntington, passed away at 8:55 p.m. on July 1, at Peabody Retirement Community in North Manchester. Mrs. Hunnicutt was born on July 7, 1930 in Andrews, the daughter of Laban D. and Hildred L. (Bitzel) Finton. Her first marriage was to Marvin C. Altman and she later married Wayne E. Hunnicutt. She had worked as an inspector at Memcor for 20 years, retiring in 1986. She was a member of the St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church Mrs. Hunnicutt is survived by three sons: Martin (Cindy) Altman of Huntington; David (Anita) Altman of Roanoke; Jim (Therese) Altman of Monroeville; a brother: Jesse Finton of South Bend; six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by two brothers: Clarence E. Finton and Elmer S. Finton. Visitation was held July 6, at the Myers Funeral Home Huntington Chapel, Huntington. Funeral service was held July 6, with Father Ron Rieder officiating. Interment was at the Riverside Cemetery in Andrews. Memorials may be made out to National Multiple Sclerosis Society or to Alzheimer’s Association in care of Myers Funeral Home, 2901 Guilford Street, Huntington. To sign Mrs. Hunnicutt’s on-line guest registry visit

Letters to the editor policy The editorial staff of The Paper invites readers to submit letters to the editor on timely issues. To ensure fairness to everyone, we have established the following guidelines: Mailed and faxed letters must be signed. All submissions, including by email, must include an address and daytime telephone number for verification. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for length, content and readability. Also, per the editor’s judgment, personal attacks, inflammatory statements and legally objectionable material will not be printed. The editor must also limit readers to submitting a maximum of two letters per month, regardless of whether previous letters have been published, due to space allotments in each weekly issue. Please limit all letters to 500 words or less.

COLUMBIA CITY 119 Hoosier Drive 260-244-4111

WABASH 905 N. Cass St. 260-563-6333

HUNTINGTON 2808 Theater Ave., Suite B 260-356-2220


July 11, 2012

The Classifieds bring together buyers and sellers every day! OF





JUST ONE “SMART” REASON TO CALL NOW: Standard Pricing. Know the price before we start. No surprises, just honesty – the way it should be. Bob Zahm


Heating & Cooling Systems Since 1904

356-0186 or 1-877-218-8526

Joy Harber 765-833-5231 roannhappenings

THE HAPPY HOMEMAKERS met on the patio of Ellie Draper for their June meeting. Discussion was had surrounding the club’s participation at the 4-H Fair. The Club provided cookies for the auction night and two gift baskets for

the silent auction. The Extension Office asked for members to confirm how long they had been club members. Members were also asked to sign up for next year if they wished to host a meeting. The club would like to consider Gerry Eberly an associate member. Connie Slagle gave a lesson on Foods and Nutrition; Taking Control of What You Eat. Be sure to read labels, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat whole grains, drink low-fat milk, and watch portion sizes. Also, avoid soda, white chocolate and espresso. Devotions for this meeting were given by Mary Wendel on The Advantages of Living in a Small Town. The July 25 meeting will be held at the Café in Roann at 9 A.M. (From the minutes of the Happy Homemakers) FORT WAYNE TINCAPS Mascot,

Johnny Tincap will visit the Roann Public Library on July 26 at 11 a.m. The public is invited. The Tincaps partnered with the library this year, providing free game tickets and other prizes to those in the summer reading program. Come and get your picture taken with Johnny Tincap. ROANN LIBRARY NEWS: Summer reading ends on July 27 and the awards party will be held on July 28 at 10 a.m. in the library meeting room. The We CAN Read food drive program at the library continues through July 21. Food items will be collected and donated to the Roann Food Pantry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to Braydon Sewell, Jennifer Donaldson, Larry Hosier, Beverly Richardson, Jaima Vigar, Bruce McGuire III, Lorin Haupert, Jennifer Lyn, Kalie Smalley, Alexis Gates, Dewayne Krom,

Nancy Powell, Peggy Morris, Andrew Thompson, Jim Krom, Delinda Brower, Steve Doud, Rev. Lowell Burrus, Keegan Knepp, and Hilary Evans (from the Roann C o m m u n i t y Calendar). H A P P Y ANNIVERSARY this week to Mr. and Mrs. Chad McWhirt, Mr. and Mrs. William Powell, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Russell Krom, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hammock, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Holmes (from the Roann Community Calendar). ROANN NEWS ITEMS may be sent to my e-mail address at roannhappenings@ya, or you may call me at the phone number listed. The deadline for news to appear in the next week’s issue of the paper is Tuesday at noon. It would be best to submit timely news items two weeks in advance.




7 2 5 0 5 260-22 Family Dentistry




Serving the dental needs of all ages and so much more!

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July 11, 2012


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July 11, 2012

4-H recognizes 10-year members... continued from page 20 experience, it showed me how important leadership, hard work, and responsibility really are.”

Linsey Trail Linsey Trail is the

daughter of Jim and Valerie Trail. She is a Southwood High School graduate. As a member of the Richvalley Pioneers, the Vet Science, and Junior Leaders clubs, she participated in scrapbooking, foods, vet science, wildlife, small pets, needlecraft, food preservation, while also showing beef. Trail has received medals in arts and crafts, scrapbooking, and health and safety. She sums up her 4-H experience by saying, “I have had a lot of fun. I have learned the value of

time and planning, as well as leadership and organizational skills. I have had many experiences and found new friends and new talents.”

OPEN HOUSE Saturday July 14th 12-4pm Wabash Chapel Church of God 1463 Middle Street, Wabash, IN 46992 Please join me at my open house to see the products and different organization tips we have to offer.

I will also have some cash and carry items. There will be giveaways & a grand prize drawing!

If you have any questions, please contact me Tara Smith 260-571-4499

Samuel Truss Samuel Truss is the son of Samuel and Sherry Truss. He attends Southwood High School. As a member of the Lucky Horseshoe, and Rabbit Club, he has participated in, arts and crafts, crops, floriculture, foods, food preservation, forestry, garden, Junior Leaders, weather, and wildlife, while also showing beef, rabbits, and swine. In his spare time, Truss is a member of the Apostolic Church Youth, FFA, Southwood Social Studies Club, band, PEP, student congress, Indian Junior Shorthorn Association, and Indiana California Rabbit Association. Truss has received numerous awards in all his projects, such as champions in the beef barn. Achievement Awards in almost all of his projects. 2010 FFA Chapter degree, 2009 Greenhand degree, 2009 Star Greenhand member, and many other awards in FFA. In the fall, he will continue his education at Southwood High

School. “If it wasn’t for 4-H, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through my tenure, I have gained many life and leadership skills that will benefit me every day in my future endeavors. I believe that 4-H has helped me develop characteristics such as responsibility, dependability, and generosity that will help me be successful in any direction that God will lead me.”

Kayla Unger Kayla Unger is the daughter of Steve and Jennifer Unger. She is a Northfield High School graduate. As a member of the Lucky Stars, she showed cows, pigs, goats, and chickens, as

well as participated in arts and crafts, photography, foods, and collections. In her spare time, she enjoys softball, and was football manager in the fall. Her achievements have been two varsity awards for softball, three varsity awards for football manager, and one varsity award for athletic trainer. She has received achievement plaques for goats, and chickens, and has received grand champion goat at the Indiana State Fair, as well as numerous county grand champions. In the fall, she plans on attending Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne to study business and graphic design. She remarks on her 4-H years by saying, “I would have to say it was full of fun and great experiences. All of these years have taught me something new.”

Haley Walchle Haley Walchle is the daughter of Tim and Amy Quinn. She is a graduate of Northfield High School. As a member of the Speedy Clovers, she showed beef and swine, and also took photography. In her spare time she participated in volleyball, and was a wrestling manager. She has received the rate of gain award, as well as showmanship, and breed champions. In the fall she plans on going to Defiance College to play volleyball and major in psychology and nutrition. Walchle summarized her 10 years by saying, “Its only as much fun as you make it, and I’ve made it pretty fun. The 10 years flew past but they always say, time flies when you’re having fun.”

July 11, 2012


Wabash County Farm Bureau, Inc to present scholarships

The Wabash County Farm Bureau, Inc. has announced the winners of ten $600 scholarships awarded to Wabash County youth. Receiving scholarships this year are: Allie Enyeart, daughter of Jerry and Lisa Enyeart, Majoring in Vet Technology at Purdue University; Cory Metzger, son of Dan and Deb Dale, majoring in Accounting at Purdue University; Austin Flack, son of Stephen Flack, majoring in Agricultural Sales and Marketing at Purdue University; Hunter Wells, son of Marcus C Wells,

majoring in PreVeterinary Medicine at Purdue University; Michael Coburn, son of Fred and Melanie Hoover, majoring in Recreational Therapy at Indiana University; Spencer Krhin, grandson of Idris Krhin, majoring in Pre-Medicine at Bethel College; Alyson Adams, daughter of Timothy Adams, majoring in Biomedical Sciences at Southeast Missouri State; Corey Roser, son of Terry and Cheryl Roser, majoring in Animal Science at Purdue University; Jared Monce, son of Kenny and Sandy

Huntington University recognizes local Dean’s List recipients

H u n t i n g t o n University has announced the students that were named to the Dean’s List for the spring semester of the 201112 school year. The Dean’s List is published two times per year at H u n t i n g t o n University. The honor recognizes students for outstanding academic achievement during the previous semester. Honorees must be classified as regular students, be enrolled full-time with a load of 12 hours or more in graded courses, and must achieve a semester grade point average of at least 3.50 on a four-point scale. The following are students area were recognized: Karyssa Boyd, of Urbana, was a senior Nursing major during

the spring semester. Jordan Fox, of Wabash, was a junior Nursing major during the spring semester. A n d r e w Frischman, of Wabash, was a sophomore History major during the spring semester. Kristen Lahman, of North Manchester, was a senior E l e m e n t a r y Education major during the spring semester. Tara Lynn, of Wabash, was a senior Elementary & Special Education major during the spring semester. Megan See, of Wabash, was a junior History major during the spring semester. Erin Strange, of Lagro, was a sophomore Elementary Education-Social Studies major during the spring semester.

Monce, majoring in Architecture at Ball State University; Halley Williams, daughter of Jeff and



majoring in General Health



Purdue University.

k e e W e h t f o e r u t - Fea

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“Providing a Professional and Personal Touch for Buyers and Sellers”


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1517 HAWTHORNE, WABASH • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath 17 BRANSON, LAFONTAINE • Corner Lot • 1,592 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Detached Garage • 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath • Close To Schools • Small Town Living MLS #77070705 $57,000 MLS #77067066 $44,900

1535 GLENN AVE., WABASH · Many Updates · 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath · 1 Car Attached Garage · 2 Car Carport MLS #77069392 $64,900 RF8 Text M6362 To 9

201 N SYCAMORE STREET • 4 BR, 1 ½ story • LR, DR, and FR • Replacement windows MLS #77073144 $59,000 START OR RETIRE

1005 CHARLIE STREET • 3 BR, 1 ½ bath • Galley kitchen opened to FR, LR • Utility w/half bath • 3 seasons room • Deck and screened garage MLS #77073171 $98,900 4H OR HOBBY FARM

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1136 HIAWATHA, WABASH · Great Location · 3 Bedroom/1.5 Baths · 1 Car Attached Gar · Updated bathroom MLS #77069380 $74,900

90 HIGHLAND, WABASH • Great Neighborhood • 3 Bedroom 1.5 Bath • 1,500 Sq. Ft. • 1 Car Attached Garage • Hardwood Floors MLS #77072139 $109,900

3229 W. AMELIA DR., SILVER LAKE • Lake Property • 2,046 Square Feet • Privacy Fence • 2 Car Attached Garage & 2 Car Carport. MLS #77071622 $115,000

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638 CROWN HILL WEST, WABASH • Updated Ranch • Desirable Neighborhood • Great Sunroom • All Appliances • 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath MLS #77072404 $119,900

5123 N. ST RD 15, WABASH • 1 Acre Lot • Northfield • Updated Décor • New Vinyl Windows • Full Unfinished Basement W/Ever Dry Warranty. MLS #77072332 $129,900

173 SHADY LANE, WABASH • Superior Kitchen, Granite Counters • Stainless Steel Appliances • Remodeled • New GFA & C/A • Over Half Acre Lot MLS #77069182 $139,000


7631 N 650 EAST • 3 BR, 2 story • Spacious w/large rooms • Dining/kitchen combined • Original chair rail, woodwork, and doors • Recently remodeled and tasteful décor • Newer siding, windows, roof • Bank barn and detached garage MLS #77073284 $159,900

4590 W. 500 N., WABASH • Reduced & Ready To Negotiate • Northfield Schools • 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath • 44x63 Pole Barn • 7.92 Acres • Newer Geothermal MLS #77070486 $149,900

513 OXFORD DR., WABASH • Deck • Privacy Fence • Hot Tub • Vinyl Windows • Finished Basement MLS #77070718 $164,900

2559 S OLD ST RD 15, WABASH • Cathedral Ceilings • Open concept • Master suite w/doors to patio • Private wooded 4 acre • Just minutes to downtown • Southwood schools MLS #77069680 $169,900

3057 E. 800 SOUTH, WABASH • 11.54 Wooded Acres • 1,653 Sq. Ft. Living Area • Finished Family Rm Basement • New Roof • Deck In Back • Wood Stove MLS #77067158 $178,900

6507 N 800 W, WABASH • 3 Floors Of Living Space 2,964 SF • 3 Full, 2 Half Baths • Horse Stables/Pasture • 5.97 Acre MLS #77072819 $196,900 or MLS #77072820 41.32 acres $338,300

• Private Paradise WABASH 704 WATERWORKS, • 17.53 Acres • Completely Remodeled Farm Home • Close To City Limits MLS #77072651 $249,900


3 bedroom ranch on full walk-out basement, brand new roof, furnace, electrical box, paint and flooring, nice eat-in kitchen, dining area w/built-in cabinetry, Central air, remodeled bath, large laundry room w/cabinets, Basement is finished for more living space, Low taxes and utilities, Nice quiet northside neighborhood. Priced for quick sale! Sorry No Contracts!

1025 Falls Ave. $95,000 Call 765-833-2111

1902 N SR 13 • 3 BR • Newer kitchen and bath • Wood floors & tasteful décor • Full basement • 4 car attached garage • Great location MLS #77073286 $97,000 812 West Main St. • N. Manchester 260-982-6168 or 260-982-8537 Visit our Website: 123 Kathy Parrett 765-792-0341 Andrea Greer 260-571-3778 Erica Garber 260-578-3009 Julia Felgar 260-982-8075 Amy O’Donnell 260-568-4386 Ray Felgar 260-982-8075 Steve Briner 260-352-0606

# " ' $$$ ! ! "# # ! ! "

#& % #&

' ' '

#& % #&

!! "# # !! "# # !! "# #

1100 NORTH CASS ST. • STATE ROAD 15 WABASH, INDIANA HOURS:M&F 9:00-7:00; T-W-TH 9:00-5:30; SATURDAY 9:00-5:00 260-563-1046 or Toll Free 866-563-1046

Mayor Robert Vanlandingham

i a r



664 N SPRING WABASH *Great location! *Newer carpet, paint, windows, siding, plumbing, wiring and roof! *Fenced back yard *I'm bigger than I look too! Come see me! MLS #77073312, $64,900.

160 E MARKET WABASH 3 Bedroom, 1 bath handyman special. Located close to downtown and Paradise springs it is within walking distance to many of the city's amenities. The house does need quite a bit of work so if you're looking for a project for your own home or an investment this could be the one. Large enclosed back porch offers space for a utility room and other uses. Has a high efficiency gas furnace and central air. Call us to have a look if you are in search of a project. MLS #77073232, $19,900.


1025 CAMBRIDGE DRIVE WABASH *BRAND NEW PRICE & SUPER nice ranch, over 1500 sq ft! *Family Rm openS to kitchen/dining area *Formal LR *3 bdrms, 1.5 baths (updated full bath) *New windows, newer roof, new detailed crown molding, great patio and yard in back is private *Attached 2C garage, added storage shed *Total Elec w/central air *Excellent location in quiet area, CHECK OUT THIS ONE TODAY AND SIT BACK AND RELAX/ENJOY! MLS #77071005, $149,000.

273 N COMSTOCK STREET WABASH *Open Oak Stairway, built ins, hardwood floors *3 Bdrms, 1.5 Ba *Formal LR, DR, Kitchen and nice Breezeway *Attached garage, 12 x 24 *Fenced back yard *Priced to move, very nice, off street parking MLS #77071151, $36,900.



Good Luck to All Wabash County 4-H’ers! Have Fun at the Fair!

Amanda Lyons 260-782-0471 lagronewscolumn

FOOD PANTRY: The food pantry at the Lagro C o m m u n i t y Church will be open July 21 in the basement of the Lagro C o m m u n i t y Church from 9 to 10 a.m. All Wabash county residents are welcome. For further informa-

643 PIKE STREET WABASH *GREAT COTTAGE STYLE HOME, UNIQUE THROUGHOUT! *OPEN FRONT PORCH invites guests in *Updated throughout w/3 bdrms, 2 baths *Hardwood floors, ceramic tile *Shaded lot w/partial fenced back yard *2+C garage and plenty off street parking *COME CHECK IT OUT - I AM READY FOR NEW OWNER! MLS #77072875, $64,000.


3556 N 400 E LAGRO *BRAND NEW PRICE! MUST SEE! * Over 2.3AC, 1920 sq ft home, farm barn, pole barn, great space for storage, 4H animals, etc. * Open concept LR, DR, opens to kitchen w/some new cabinets, new countertops, appliances stay * 2 Bdrms(other options), 2 full baths * Huge 2+C attached garage, nice entry area * Newer geo thermal unit, nice yard MLS #77072362, $105,000.



Christy Kisner, Broker/Owner Ph: 260.563.4962, Cell: 260.571.2485 Marilyn Boardman, Sales Associate • 260.312.2094/ Sue Dickos, Sales Associate • 260.571.5639 Athelia Chain, Sales Associate • 260-568-1215 Donna Siders, Sales Associate • 260-571-1892 Scott Bowman, Sales Associate • 260-403-2379 Ed Gilbert, Sales Associate • 260-560-0253 • Beth Miller, Sales Associate • 260-568-1128

July 11, 2012

tion, please call 260571-9064 or 260-7822481. D O R A C H R I S T I A N CHURCH: Pastor Mark Wisniewski will give the message “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” during the worship services on July 15. Holli and Lisa will be the greeters. Sharon and Chelsea will lead Children’s Church. Brad will assist with communion and Bill will assist with offering. The Birthday Breakfast will be held Monday, July 16 at Ugalde’s at 9:30 a.m. Diane will give the devotions. LAGRO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: Worship services for Sunday, July 15 will begin at 9 a.m. Rev. Rick Borgman will give the sermon titled “Redeemed from Rebellion.” The scripture reading will be from Isaiah 65:1-16. Jason Kissel will provide the music. Sunday School for all ages will follow at 10 a.m. L A G R O C O M E T S L I B R A R Y : Summer hours for the Lagro Comets Library are Mondays 5-7 p.m. and Tuesdays 1-5 p.m. with fun children activities from 1-2 p.m. Come and get those summer reads to relax with. PICTURES: If you have any pictures, old or new, of happenings around Lagro that could be used in this column, please contact me. You can e-mail them to me as a .jpeg file or I will scan your original pictures and return them to you. If sending a picture for me to scan, please include your name and return address. DEADLINE FOR NEWS is each Wednesday by noon. You can email news and pictures to , mail news to me at 425 S State Road 524 Lagro, IN 46941, or contact me by phone at 260-7820471 between 9 a.m–8 p.m.

July 11, 2012

Wabash Homemakers Club to sell Monster Cookies at 4-H Fair


got NEED BUSINESS FORMS? youWe’ve covered!




From 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Bring this coupon for - FEATURING Fried Chicken, Oven Steak, BBQ Ribs, Dessert Table, Soup & Salad Bar & More!

Buy 1 at regular price get 50% OFF the second one!! Sunday Lunch Buffet

Must present coupon to get the discount. Limit one coupon per bill. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts. Expires 8/12/12

1950 S. Wabash Street Wabash, IN 563-9197 Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-9pm Sun 6am-3pm

PICTURED ARE MEMBERS OF THE Kountry Kaleidoscope Homemakers club making their famous “Monster Cookies” to sell as a healthier alternative for children to eat while at the Wabash County 4-H Fair. Pictured are, left to right, Diane Woodward, Cindy Beard, Cheryl Pletch, Michelle Atkinson. (photo provided)

The Wabash County E x t e n s i o n Homemakers Club, Kountry Kaleidoscope, will be selling the famous “Monster Cookie and Milk” at the Wabash County 4-H Fair, in the Farm Bureau Building Monday-Thursday, or until they run out from 6-9 p.m. The purpose of the Monster Cookie is to provide a healthier snack at the fair. The Monster Cookie is known for having no flour as an ingredient, but does have oatmeal.



$ !!

&'$ ) ' )

Bring your own pot or there will be pots available for purchase along with a full line of miniature and fairy garden decor! (dirt will be provided)

! $%

!& &!

"! )( ! ""

!& $

!&% ""$ #$ * % "&% " '! "$

'%& $ %& $ "$ %% ) ! "$ &&) &&) $ % "


Vacation Bible School

July 15th - July 19th 3 year olds - 5th grade

Supper 5:30 p.m. VBS 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.





July 11, 2012

Calling all Vendors and Crafters

On July 28, The Dallas L. Winchester Senior Center is hosting a vendor booth sale for home-based businesses and crafters. Rent a 6-foot table for $25 and/or a 3-foot square table for $15. Vendors may reserve up to 9-feet of

table space until July 23. After that, additional tables may be rented if available. Proceeds from the table rental support the programs and operations of Dallas L. Winchester Senior Center and the Wabash Bariatric

Fair Races

ATV & Motorcycle Wabash County Fair Grounds

Support Group. Call 563-4475 and ask for Shelly for more information, or stop by the Senior Center. Space is limited, so sign up today. For more than three decades, Living Well in Wabash County CoA, Inc. a United Fund Program, has implemented three pillars of service: transportation, food pantry, and programs/services for seniors. With an emphasis on persons of age 60 and over Living Well in Wabash County CoA, Inc. empowers one in four Wabash County residents to live well by meeting their social, physical, economic, and mobility needs.

13-24 DRIVE IN

F.O.P #83


Honeywell House to celebrate Mrs. Honeywell’s birthday A “Low Tea” and lecture to celebrate the birthday of the late Mrs. Mark C. Honeywell will take place at her former residence, the Honeywell House in Wabash, on Friday, July 27 at 12 p.m.. The Low Tea, prepared by Honeywell House chef and manager David Ericsson, will feature savory tea sandwiches, scones and tea breads, and sweets and pastries. Afterwards, a presentation will be given by former model and former North Manchester resident, Murph Damron. Damron moved to

The Amazing Spider-Man PG-13

PG Showtimes: Starting Friday 7:00 pm Saturday & Sunday 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

PG-13 Friday & Saturday Gates open at 8pm Movie starts at dusk approx 9:45pm THE PAPER

Adults $7, Kids AD 3-12 FOR $4, WEDNESDAY Kids 2 & under are11 Free JULY X 5 13 890 N. St.2 Rd. Wabash • 260.563.5745


st at the

July 21 Field of Dreams 12:00 Start Time (Noon)

Only $1000

Per Player

$50.00 Per Five Person Team Help this fundraiser to support memberships in your local Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.)

(260) 359-8463 Hauenstein Rd. West of Wal-Mart and on Facebook



D A I LY 4 : 0 0 - 6 : 0 0 P M


No passes

SAVAGES (R) 12:30, 3:20, 6:20, 9:20 3D KATY PERRY: PART OF ME (PG) 4:40, 9:10 KATY PERRY: PART OF ME (PG) 12:00, 2:15, 6:55 3D THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) $2.50 PREMIUM PER 3D TICKET

12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:15

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:45 MAGIC MIKE (R) 11:30, 2:00, 4:30, 7:15, 9:50 TED (R) 11:20, 1:55, 4:25, 7:05, 9:30 BRAVE (PG) 11:45, 2:10, 4:35, 7:00, 9:25

consultant for U.S. Shoe Company in Indianapolis before venturing out on her own in 1984. Today, she resides in Indianapolis and is able to “hook em and book em,” offering rising models the same chances in the industry that she had years ago. Damron also gives back to the profession she enjoyed by sharing her once-in-a-lifetime experiences that most can only dream about. The event is $25 per person (includes tax and gratuity). Those wishing to attend are asked to make reser-

vations by calling 5632326 ext. 21. The Honeywell House is the former home of Mrs. Mark C. Honeywell and is now operated as a cultural house museum in Wabash, IN. The house is owned and operated by the H o n e y w e l l Foundation, a nonprofit organization that also operates the Honeywell Center and Eagles Theatre. For more information, please call Scott Fulmer at 563-1102 ext. 567 or

“Come Flea with Timbercrest” bus trip scheduled

Rock of Ages

Must have five players for a team To register please contact Ryan Baker at (260) 563-8891 ext:251 or at PLEASE REGISTER BY MONDAY JULY 16

Chicago after graduating Manchester High School and started her career as a fastrising fashion model. From New York, Paris and London, she worked with magazines such as Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, British Vogue, Tatler, Queen, and 19. She also worked with famed photographers such as Skribneski, Richard Avedon, James Moore, Norman Parkinson, and Barbara Bordnick. Damron returned to Indiana in 1983 to work as a corporate

FREQUENT MOVIEGOERS Sign up at for the Frequent Moviegoer Club

Earn points & see movies for a bargain price.

Friends of Timbercrest would like to invite the public to “Come Flea” with them. They will host a bus trip to the Randolph Street Market in Chicago on Aug. 25 for a full day of antique and flea market shopping. The bus will leave from Timbercrest at 7 a.m. and retur n around 9 p.m. All are invited to participate. The cost of the trip is $60 for Friends of Timbercrest members or $70 for nonmembers. This fee includes transportation, Market admission, and two snacks on the bus.

Lunch will be available for purchase at the Market and a stop will be made for supper. The Randolph Street Market is an indoor/outdoor venue that features over 200 vendors selling antiques, vintage jewelry and clothing, furniture and home décor. It has received national recognition from publications such as The New York Times, Travel & Leisure and Lucky. Friends of Timbercrest is an organization that serves residents by hosting events and raising funds for C h a r i t a b l e

Assistance and other special projects that enrich residents’ lives. Some of these projects include: a six passenger golf cart, new chapel fur nishings and audio equipment, a coach bus, a walkway through the woods and many more. If you would like to attend “Come Flea with Timbercrest,” contact Susan Frantz at (260) 982-3946 or sfrantz@timberc r e s t . o r g . Reservations and payment are due by July 23. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today.

Wabash Art Guild to meet The Wabash Art Guild will meet Thursday, July 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Charley Creek Gardens. You may choose to be indoors (cool) and “do-yourown-thing,” or “Paint-En-Plein-Air” in the gardens. Come enjoy the comradery and bring your sack lunch and drink. The Wabash Art Guild is a not-forprofit organization that promotes the study, appreciation,

encouragement, and welfare of art, and civic art improvements; sponsoring art lectures, exhibits, or demonstrations for members and for the public. The Wabash Art Guild meets monthly with a variety of programming and welcomes new members from Wabash and surrounding areas. For more information, call 563-7690.

July 11, 2012


Winchester Senior Center to Celebrate July Birthdays

The Winchester Senior Center will celebrate seniors’ July birthdays on Thursday, July 12 at 1 p.m. Musical guests Jim Flack, accompanied by pianist Susan Vanlandingham, will provide the entertainment and assorted homemade desserts will be provided. Those individuals with a birthday in July will receive a gift. Even if you don’t have a birthday in July, come and help us celebrate with those that do. Call 563-4475 to RSVP, for more information, or to let

us know of a senior who might like an invitation to future birthday parties. We would like to thank Midwest Eye Consultants for their sponsorship of the monthly birthday parties. For more than three decades, Living Well in Wabash County CoA, Inc. a United Fund Program, has implemented three pillars of service: transportation, food pantry, and programs/services for seniors. With an emphasis on persons of age 60 and over

Living Well in Wabash County CoA, Inc. empowers one in

four Wabash County residents to live well by meeting their


WABASH COUNTY, INC. 260-563-8326


563-3931 67 S. Wabash Street Wabash, IN

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION We are a debt relief agency and help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.

~ QUALITY FABRICS ~ Specializing in cottons for quilting 1604 S. Wabash St. • Wabash 260-563-3505


SausageMcMuffin McMuffin Sausage with egg ®

Sees Law Group John Thomas Sees

Find the pet you have been looking for in the classifieds!

Tailgate Giveaway Set for July 13

The next tailgate giveaway for those in need of food who live in Wabash County is scheduled for July 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Dallas L. Winchester Senior Center, 239 Bond Street in Wabash. Patrons should approach the Dallas L. Winchester Senior Center by entering Wabash City Park through the main entrance on Hill Street. Volunteers will be there to guide you through the park and then load items into your vehicle when you arrive at the Center. Should patrons enter a different way, they will be redirected to the proper entrance. Second Harvest tailgates occur the second Friday of every month at the Dallas L Winchester Senior Center. In the first six months of 2012, volunteers distributed more than 187,000 pounds of food to Wabash County residents in need. Resolve to be involved – if you would like to volunteer, come to the senior center by 10:30 a.m. the morning of the event and ask for Maggie. For more information, please call Maggie Wimberly at the Dallas L. Winchester Senior Center at (260) 5634475.

social, physical, economic, and mobility needs.

with egg

® ®

Egg McMuffin Egg McMuffin

warmer and tastier at McDonald s Limited time only. Prices and participation may vary.. Price of single item posted on on menu menu board. board. ©2012 ©2012 McDonald’s McDonald’s

July 11, 2012



Come see what we have to offer at...



Ethel Eib 765-981-4054 etheleib


519 Bryan Ave., Wabash or call 260-563-8587 or TDD 1-800-743-3333 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

H A P P Y B E L A T E D BIRTHDAY to Merrill Lloyd and Nathan Lehner July

Well & Pump Service

Brian Gentry 260-563-1907 260-591-0619 765-981-4619

1, Sandy Bachman July 5, Danny Lloyd July 11. H A P P Y B E L A T E D A N N I V E R S A RY Tim and Laura Adams July 2, Chad and Brenda Wolf July 5, Larry and Joan Manning July 7. T H E L A F O N TA I N E LIONS met on Thursday, June 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the Lion Room Community Building for a carryin dinner with nine members and eight guests present. Lion Tom Poke gave the devotion and Lion Gary Nose led the Pledge of Allegiance. After dinner, Lion Larry presented the scholarship money and certificates to the four winners from Liberty Township. They were Kevin

County Fair week of July 9-13. Lions will be given free Diabetes testing on Monday and Friday and free eye screening Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Meeting was adjurned. Next meeting will be on July 12, 7 p.m. with Lion Larry as host. H A P P Y BIRTHDAY Phyllis Poe, Katrina Teske July 13, Coan Holloway, Tywana Marks July 16, Blake Martz, Wyatt Smith July 18. H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A RY Chris and Tywana Marks July 15, Ralph and Janice Dawes July 17. CONGRATULATI ONS TO Bob and Joyce Summers on their 50th year of marriage. They were married on July 6, 1962 at the

Friermood, Jacob Bunnell, Bailey Whitton, and Nicholas Striker. All the scholarships winners told where they would be going to college. V.D.G. Dave Eisen then installed the officers for the coming year were President Lion Larry, Vice President Lion Tom, Secretary Lion Norine Ramsey, Tresurer Lion Ethel Eib, Tail Twister Lion Norine, Lion Tom Willcox and directors Lion Duane Davis, Gary Nose, Brad Rody. Jake Bunnell played several songs on his guitar for everyone to enjoy. He is planning on making a career in music. Members were reminded that there will be a Lions booth at the Wabash

! ! ! 123

28 E. Hill St., Wabash


Phone 260-563-2812 or 260-563-2811 5278 W 100 South 35 Oak St., Somerset POSSIBLE CONTRACT!! ? **25(%&/)

28175< -9-1+ ? )02()/)( )(50>6 >6 %18*%'785)( 20) ? ):)5 -(-1+ %-17 $-1(2:6


? ?

87) 6 87721 25 )(50>6


MLS #77070626 • $48,900

// ): 17)5-25 %-17 MLS #77073167 • $79,900

14053 N St. Rd. 19, Macy

235 Southwood Dr. ?

? 867 )) !2 335)'-%7) ? !22 %1< "3(%7)6 !2 -67 ? 25 &)(50>6 >6 ? ; 77 %5%+) ; )7 %5%+)

? ? ? ?

5)%7 2'%7-21 25 20) 1 ,20) 86-1)66 &)(50>6 8// %6)0)17 %57-%//< -1-6,)( %5 )7 %5 /86 + **-') ,2:5220 77 $25.6,23 %5 %<

MLS #77069636 • $139,900

MLS #77073225 • $144,900

42 E Harrison Ave

1971 N 300 East, Lagro

? #)5< -') &)(50>6 20) ? %5 )7 %5%+) ? "3(%7)( -7',)1 ):)5 $-1(2:6 22* ):)5 ? % MLS #77072084 • $54,900

3647 W Old 24 COMMERCIAL! ? ;')//)17 2'%7-21 25 86-1)66 ? $%5),286) 3%') 725%+) ? %' /)17< 2* %5.-1+ MLS #77073131 • $124,900

0 N St Rd 115 ?

-') $22()( 8-/(-1+ -7) ? 257,*-)/( ',22/6 ? -/) 520 !2:1 MLS #77070931 • $27,500

13829 N. 700 W. East of Rock Lake 2.5 miles



40 acres of rolling wooded hills w/creek & pond! 1552 SF, 2 story cedar-sided, 3 BR home; new kitchen and bath, rustic beams & wood floors; solitude!

1017Miami E. County 1500 N. (Akron)



12.3 acres, 2464 SF, 2 story plus finished basement; Built 1986, very clean, attractive décor; 10 rooms, 4 BR, 2.5 baths; Quite appealing! attached garage, paved drive; 36x48 bldg;

? 8< 7,-6 ,20) :-7, 64 *7 83 72 %' :-7, % *8// :%/.287 &%6)0)17 ): ; 32/) &8-/(-1+ 0%// 321( MLS #77068762 • $199,900


" "




-6725-' 2:172:1 $%&%6, ? 2'%7)( );7 !2 -==% -1+ ? %6)0)17 -1-6,)( 172 **-') 3%') ? ** 75))7 %5.-1+

MLS #77071953 • $49,900

0 N Co Rd 700 West ? 257,*-)/( ',22/6 ? -') 8-/(-1+ -7) ? 276 2* 2%( 5217%+) MLS #77070160 • $22,500

! # ' '' ( % & # +

# $, ( ' + !! " #( % !$(' & &$$"' + ( )!! ' # , &' $# ( &$$ + &$#( % # & ( #$&( ' !$ ( $# , '' $

T Principal Broker - Bob Lundquist #260-571-4653 Kristi Lundquist #260-571-4652 Lesley Downing #260-906-6303 Jody Lundquist #260-563-2811


(Silver Lake)


Lynn Yohe #260-571-4722 Sharon Yohe #260-571-4723 Cory Smith #260-591-9595

123 532 N. CASS ST., WABASH, IN 46992 260-563-7478 or • 1-800-523-0477

# & # $" !$ ( $# (+$ " #( )'( + ( # ($ #' # + '% !( & * # $#* # #( ($ $( ' $%% # #

Jennie Terrell, Owner, Broker ............260-571-1246 Steve Peebles, Broker ....................260-571-7332 Kay Eads, Sales Associate ............260-571-3376 Ray Bland, Broker............................765-618-9118 Pam Simons, Broker ......................260-571-4414 Phil Eakright, Sales Associate .... 260-377-9330 Jan Bailey, Broker .......................... 260-571-0890 Cody Lambert, Sales Associate ....260-330-3420 Katy Stewart, Sales Associate ......260-330-1929

LaFontaine United Methodist Church. They have a son, daughter, and four grandchildren. Joyce graduated from LaFontaine High School in 1961. CONGRATULATI ONS Steve and Shirley Burgess on 50 years of marriage. They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a week in a cabin in The Smokey Mountains with their two sons and d a u g h t e r - i n - l a w. Steve and Shirley were married June 23, 1962 in the E.U.B. Church, which is now Lincolnville United Methodist Church. L A F O N TA I N E HOME TOWN DVD of the 1911 Hometown Reunion is for sale at the LaFontaine Town Hall. If you want one, please remember to go and get one. Hours of the town hall are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. LAFONTAINE C H R I S T I A N CHURCH YOUTH GROUP will be hosting a booth throughout the Wabash County 4-H Fair to advertise and fundraise for its trip to West Virginia Aug. 5-10. The theme of the trip is FOCUS, where they will be exploring what it looks like to turn our attention to God, no matter where we are or what we are experiencing. Check their Facebook page out LCC Youth. WORDS OF WISDOM: Those who confess ignorance show it once. The person who conceal it, show it many times. “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”-Mother Teresa SEND NEWS AND PICTURES to or 2258 E 1050 S LaFontaine, 46940 by Thursday before the Tuesday when The Paper comes out. News items can be any club news, family, birthdays, anniversaries, births or parties.

July 11, 2012


JENNA SCHMIDT, 2012 Wabash County Festivals Pageant Queen, receives her crown from 2011 Festivals Pageant Queen, Hannah Klare, during the July 6 pageant at the Honeywell Center’s Ford Theater. (photo by


Jared Swan)

Mary Ann Mast 260-774-3432 1-800-886-3018

THANKS TO MARY LOU WILCOX for the new American flag that was put up on the Urbana flagpole on July 4. The flag that was there took a harsh beating during the severe windstorms that hit Urbana last week. Usually, Lion Michael Snell takes the flag down before a storm, but this storm came too fast to get the flag down. The July 4 holiday is a good time for anyone who flies an American flag to make sure it is in good condition, not faded or torn. It is also a good time to review the proper way to dispose of a wornout American Flag. The United States Flag code (Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8) states, “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.” If this is not possible, another option is “to give it to your local government or American Legion Post to dispose of.” The flag that was

removed from the Urbana flagpole was taken to the collection box on the front porch of the American Legion post on Market Street in Wabash. OLD URBANA SCHOOL WELL IS ONCE AGAIN PUMPING: The severe drought caused Urbana Lions members Ron Anderson and Max Chamberlain to investigate the possibility of using the old Urbana school well to water trees Lions members had planted on the Urbana school property. Water was also needed to water the ball field for the July 7 men’s softball tourney. On July 3, Max C h a m b e rl a i n removed cement and bricks that had been placed around the old school well. Donny Fleck and his crew came and opened the 140-foot well and found water at 20 feet. Donny Fleck bought and installed a new pump to replace the Lions donated. Now, Lions members no longer need to haul water to the ball field to water trees. THANK YOU to Donny Fleck and his crew. This is just another example of

people in the Urbana area donating their talents and working together to keep improving the Urbana School property. URBANA YOKE PARISH: Those serving during the 9:30 a.m. worship service in St. Peter’s church on July 15 are: W o r s h i p Leader–Brian Chamberlain; Liturgist–Carol Krom; Head Usher–John Eltzroth; Acolytes–Kassidy Shambaugh and Kenzie Thornsbury; N u r s e r y A t t e n d a n t – D aw n M a t t e r n ; Greeters–Carol Krom and Aliya Krom; Organ–Janene Dawes; Piano–Nancy Miller. The month of July has five Sundays and the Outreach Committee is asking for donations of peanut butter and jelly for the

2012 WABASH COUNTY FESTIVALS SCHOLARSHIP PAGEANT winners included: (from left) Christin Macaluso, Third Runner-up; Ciara Keffaber, First Runner-up; Brittany Watson, Second Runner-up; Jenna Schmidt, Queen; Madison Kroh, Fourth Runner-Up; Josi Cripe, Miss Friendship; and Madison Miller, Director’s Award. (photo by Jared Swan)

Lighthouse Mission. The size needed is the 18-ounce peanut butter and the 18- to 32ounce jelly. Donations can be brought to church July 15, 22, or 29. There are no church board meetings in July. PRAYER CONCERNS: Please add Orville Chamberlain, Alma Devore who had hip surgery, and Pastor Randy’s mother. Continue to remember Ardis Witkoske, Doug Rice and his family and friends, Carl Sundheimer, Carol Porcenaluk, Randell Webb, Deloris Greenlee, Mae Keller, Larry Harrington, Bob Frieden, and Herb Witkoske. BIRTHDAYS: July 12–David Magley. July 13–Julie Branham, Nathan Gray. July 14–Ethel Fogel, Emily Hodson, Leah Gatchel, Emma

Eltzroth, Jim Krom. July 15–Amanda Gifford, Robert Harden, Katelyn Lee, Chase Curry. July 16–Emily Losher. July 17–Lisa Keffaber. July 18–Bill Gore, Danielle Paige Sarll, Mackenzie Miller. A N N I V E R SARIES: July 17–Mikel and Bethany Miller. BRUNCH BUNCH met on July 4 at Pam’s Café in Urbana with the following people present: Peggy and Chad Dilling, Steve and Sharon Gilbert, Mary Ann and Marvin Mast, Jan and Phil Weck, Donna Russell, Doris Mattern, and John and Darla Eads. NEWS ITEMS AND/OR PICTURES may be mailed to me at 1906 N 100 W, Wabash, or emailed to me at

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Good Luck To All 4-H’ers!


July 11, 2012

CHURCH DIRECTORY DAYWALT Pharmacy 1100 N. Cass St. Wabash, IN

948 N. Cass St. Wabash, IN

563-1046 HOURS: M & F 9 a.m.-7 p.m. T-W-Th 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


ASSEMBLY OF GOD Gospel Light Assembly of God, 347 Southwood Dr.; Neil Jeffrey, pastor. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. (all ages); Morning 10:30; Evening Service 6:00 p.m., Kids’ Korral Wednesday Midweek Service 7:00 p.m., Youth Meeting 7:00 p.m. Calvary Chapel Worship Center, north of corner of U.S. 24 & S.R. 13 (619 N. S.R. 13) in Wabash; phone 563-7849; Don Cogar, Senior Pastor. Sunday Bible Classes at 9:00 a.m.; Morning Worship, 10:00 a.m.; Evening Praise & Worship, 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Prayer, 7:00 p.m.; Shockwave Youth Meeting Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Handicapped Accessible. Sweetwater Assembly of God, 2551 State Road 114 East, North Manchester, IN; phone 260-982-6179; Pastor Chad McAtee. Prayer Service at 9a.m.; Worship Service at 10a.m..; Wednesday Evening Discipleship at 6:30 p.m. Adult Bible Study/Elevate Youth Discipleship/KidzZone “LIVE”. BAPTIST Emmanuel Free Will Baptist, 129 Southwood Dr., Wabash; Rev. Scott Real pastor. Phone 563-3009. Worship 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.; Sunday Evening Service 6 p.m.; Wednesday Morning Prayer Service 11 a.m.; Wednesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 7 p.m.; Bus transportation available, call 563-3009.

WABASH PORTABLE EQUIPMENT 532 N. CASS ST., WABASH, IN 46992 T 260-563-7478 123 1-800-523-0477

LaFontaine Christian Church, 202 Bruner Pike, LaFontaine; Phone 765-981-2101; Pastor Rick Smalling; Youth Pastor Jared Kidwell. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Worship 10:00 am. Nursery Available. Wabash Christian Church, 110 W. Hill St., Wabash; phone 260-563-4179; Rev. Melinda Kammerer, Pastor; Worship Service 9:30 a.m.; Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Nursery provided. CHRISTIAN HERITAGE CHURCH Christian Heritage Church, 2776 River Rd.; Tim Prater, pastor. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Worship Service 10:30 a.m.; Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Bible Study, 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.; Radio Ministry 8:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Sunday WKUZ 95.9 FM. CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Wabash Alliance Church, 1200 N. Cass St., 563-8503; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. (Kidz Worship, ages 4 through Grade 3); Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening Family Night: activities include AWANA (6:30 p.m.); Alliance Allies (Teens) 7:00 p.m.; Adult Bible Study & Prayer 7:00 p.m. Nursery provided. Handicap Accessible. CHURCH OF CHRIST

Erie Street Free Will Baptist Church, 1056 Erie Street, Wabash; phone 563-8616; Hobert Meek, pastor, 563-8616. Sunday School, 10:00 a.m.; Worship Service, 11:00 a.m.; Youth Service, 5:00 p.m.; Sunday Evening Service, 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Prayer Service, 6:00 p.m. Transportation and nursery available. Sunday morning radio broadcast from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. Sundays mornings on Oldies 106. Grand Street Baptist Church, 1655 Grand Street, Wabash; John Denniston, pastor, phone 765-981-2868; church phone: 563-8409. Sunday School 10:00 a.m.; Morning Service 11:00 a.m.; Sunday Evening 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening 6:00 p.m. BRETHREN CHURCH Liberty Mills Church of the Brethren, 103 North Third St., Liberty Mills, IN; Church Phone: (260) 982-6169. Pastor: Kelly Beutler; Associate Pastor: Erin Huiras. Sunday Schedule: Traditional Worship: 8:30 a.m.; Sunday School All Ages: 9:45 a.m.; Fellowship Time: 10:30 a.m.; Contemporary Worship: 11:00 a.m. Wabash Church of the Brethren, Wabash Church of the Brethren. 645 Bond Street ( off Falls Avenue) 260-5635291. Kay Gaier, Pastor. Wherever you are on life’s journey, come join us as we continue the work of Jesus, Peacefully, Simply, Together. SUMMER HOURS: Worship at 10am; NO Sunday School for the summer; a.m. Children’s church available during worship. Handicap accessible. CATHOLIC St. Bernard Catholic, Corner of Cass & Sinclair Sts.; Fr. Sextus Don, Pastor. Parish Office and Rectory: 207 N. Cass St., phone 563-4750. Saturday Evening Mass 5:30 p.m.; Sunday Masses: 8:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. (Sept. thru May); 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. (June thru August); CCD 9:30 a.m. each Sunday during school year. Weekday Masses: Mon., Wed., Fri., 5:30 p.m.; Tues. & Thurs. 8 a.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation 4:15 -5:15 p.m. Saturday or anytime by appointment. St. Patrick Catholic, Lagro, Mass at 12:30 p.m. first Sunday of each month. CHARISMATIC Victory Christian Fellowship, -Not religion...relationship! 112 W. Main Street, North Manchester, IN; (260) 9828357;; Sunday Worship Service 10:00 a.m.; Sunday Prayer Service 9:15 a.m.; Wednesday Worship Service 7:00 p.m.; Bookstore Hours: Tues. - Fri. 9:30 to 5:30/before and after each service. CHRISTIAN Dora Christian Church, located 1 1/2 miles South of Salamonie Dam, Lagro; phone 260-782-2006. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Early Service 8:15 a.m.; Church Service 10:30 a.m. Minister: Mark Wisniewski.

Bachelor Creek Church of Christ, 4 miles north of Wabash on St. Rd. 15; phone 563-4109; website:; Solomon David, Senior Minister; Michael Eaton, Worship Minister; Cheryl Eaton, Director Of Music & Arts; David Lloyd, Children’s Minister; Linda Mirante, Associate Ministries; Aaron McClary, Minister of Connections; Kathy Henderson, Director of “Happy Days” Preschool. Dual Bible School & Worship, 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. Church of Christ at Treaty, 5 Miles South of Wabash on St. Rd. 15 to 50 E, (N about 1000 feet); Doug Oakes, minister; Artie Weisenbarger, youth minister. Church phone (765) 981-4345. Bible School 9:00 a.m.; Morning Worship 10:00 a.m.; Sunday Evening Services 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study 10:00 a.m. Wednesday evening meal at 5:45 p.m. Adult study & youth activity for all ages begins at 6:30 p.m. Church of Christ at Wabash, 1904 N. Wabash St., Wabash (corner of N. Wabash St. & State Route 24); Evangelist Guy G. Provance Jr.; office phone 563-8234. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Worship Hour 10:00 a.m.; Evening Worship Hour 6:30 p.m.; Mid-Week Bible Study & Youth J.A.M. Program on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Classes & activities for all ages. DVS June 6-8 from 6 to 8 nightly. It is kids from age 13 and below. Can call the church for enrollment or any questions CHURCH OF GOD (ANDERSON) First Church of God, 525 N. Miami St., Wabash; church 563-5346; Robert Rensberger, pastor. Sunday School at 9:15 a.m. for all ages; Continental Breakfast at 10:00 a.m., Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m. Nursery care is available during worship service. Stair lift available. COMMUNITY CHURCH Grace Fellowship Church - Where Christ is our Passion and People are our Purpose, 4652 S. 100 W., Wabash; phone 260-563-8263; Pastor Rick Harrison. Sunday Morning: Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Service 10:30 a.m. Sunday Evening Service: Faith In Action 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday Evening: Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 6:00 p.m . FRIENDS CHURCH Wabash Friends Church, 3563 S. St. Rd. 13, Wabash; phone 563-8452;; email:; Alex Falder, lead pastor; Scott Makin, Director of Counseling; Rich Davis, Adult Fellowship and Outreach Co-Pastor; Sandy Davis, Adult Fellowship and Outreach CoPastor; Patrick Byers, Worship Pastor; Brandon Eton, Youth Pastor; Kathy Jaderholm, Children’s Pastor. David Phillips, Pastoral Care. First Service 8:00 a.m.; Second Service 10:30 a.m.; Third Service 10:35 a.m.; Sunday School 9:15 a.m.; Youth Group 6:30 p.m. Handicap Accessible.

1830 S. Wabash St. Wabash, IN


Allen Insurance 85 Manchester Ave. Wabash, IN 260-563-3600

LUTHERAN Living Faith Church, worship service this Sunday at Falls Chapel, 725 Falls Avenue begins at 10:00 am. Please join us for an uplifting worship service filled with contemporary and traditional music, prayer, and a Bible-based message. Bible study classes for all ages begin at 9:00 am with fellowship time after worship. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship, inspiration and fellowship. Our facility is handicap accessible.

Faith Harvest Fellowship Church, meets in the Bowen Center gymnasium at 255 N Miami St. Wabash, IN. Pastor Bruce Hostetler can be reached at 260-571-0548 or 260-563-4282. The church office is located at 2609 S. 100 W. Wabash, IN. We focus on knowing Christ and making Christ known through personal and community transformation. Join us on Sunday at 10 a.m. for food and fellowship followed by our worship celebration and Children’s worship at 10:15 a.m. YOU are also invited to our Wednesday evening Going Deeper class from 6:30-8 p.m.

Zion Lutheran Church, (Missouri Synod), 173 Hale Drive, Wabash – (260) 563-1886; Sunday School 9:15a.m.; Morning worship 10:30a.m.; Sunday Service - July 15th, Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, Rev. Jeremy Yeadon will conduct the Adult Sunday School Class and Worship Service, Holy Communion will be observed, Organist is Susan Garrett, Elder is Gary Masterson, Communion Assistant is Mike DeVore, Usher is Steve Dyer, and Acolyte is Kellie Baum.

New Foundations Ministries Freedom Center, 111 Falls Ave., Wabash; phone 260-569-0630; Pastor Rick Tolley. Sunday Adult Bible Study & Fellowship 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.; Tuesday 7pm Bible Study. Center for biblical council by appointment.

Trinity Lutheran Church, (ELCA)1500 S. Wabash St., Wabash, IN 46992, 260.563.6626, We worship our Lord each Sunday at 9 a.m. with a Gospel-based message and Holy Communion. There is a time of fellowship and refreshments immediately following the service. We are handicap accessible and everyone is welcome at Trinity! CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES Congregational Christian Church, 310 N. Walnut Street, North Manchester; Phone: 260-982-2882;; Sunday Praise & Worship Services - 8:30 & 11:00 AM. Sunday School for all ages: 10:00 AM. Celebrate Recovery to help overcome life’s hurts, habits & hangups Thursday Worship at 7-7:40 PM; Gender-based small groups at 7:45-8:30 PM. Celebration Station for children 12 and under during the same time. Pastors JP Freeman and Sebrena Cline.

Walk by Faith Community Church, corner of Chippewa & Beamer Sts. in Roann; phone (765) 833-9931; fax (765) 833-6561 Sunday School: 9:00 a.m.; Worship: 10:00 a.m.; Children’s Worship: 10:00 a.m.; Pastor - Brad Eckerley; Youth Pastor - Jody Tyner; Pastoral Care Minister - Donna Stiver; Sunday, July 15, 2012 Our worship leader for this Sunday is Jeremy Sweeten. Our greeters for this Sunday will be Scott and Amanda Hanes and Duane and Sara Jane Holloway and Liz McNeeley. Brad Eckerley will be sharing the message with us. We invite all to come and worship.; July 18 - Christian Education meeting 7 p.m.; July 19 - Women’s Fellowship meeting 7 p.m.; Men’s Bible Study meets Wednesday mornings at 6:30 a.m.; “The Source” Youth Ministry meets every Sunday at 6 p.m.; Small groups meet at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evenings.

WESLEYAN CHURCH Washington Street Wesleyan Church, 480 Washington Street, Wabash. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Morning worship 10:30 a.m.; Evening service 6:00 p.m.. Wednesday Service 7:00 p.m. Prayer and Praise. Pastor Rev. Steve Hudson. Home phone 260569-1121. Cell 260-571-3219 NON-DENOMINATIONAL Christian Fellowship Church, 1002 State Road 114 East N. Manchester, IN 46962; Service times: Sundays -- Sunday School, 9 AM; Worship and Kids Church, 10 AM; Evening Service, 7 PM; Birthday Dinner the first Sunday night of the month: 6 PM. Wednesday night: Adult Bible Study: 7 PM; Missionettes and Royal Rangers: 7 PM. Youth Group: Sunday Nights at 6 PM. Children's Choir: Wednesdays at 6 PM. Second Sunday of each month, 7 PM, Possibilities Support Group for parents of children with special needs. We specialize in ministering to people with special needs and welcome families of children with autism and developmental delays. Come as you are. We don't follow rules, we follow Jesus. Everyone is welcome no matter what walk of life you are from. Pastors Eddie and Karla Akins 260-578-0190. On the web: Dinner Table Ministries, 31 E. Market St. Wabash, IN. Phone: 260-571-7686 or 260-274-2145. Pastor Roxane Mann;; Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m., Kids Church 12 p.m., wednesday 6 p.m.; Our focus is on a Verse by Verse style, to better know Christ and His word is to be transformed in His light of lasting truth. Feast from His Table of spiritual food.; Celebrating Life in Restoration; Friday 7:15 p.m. Support group of Restoration from addictions, and hang ups and habits. Men/Women. Wednesday noon women only. Encouraging Truth Ministries, Nixon Room in the Honeywell Center; Pastor Jackie Weaver; phone 765833-4793. Sunday School 9:00 a.m.; Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m.

St. Paul’s County Line Church, 3995N 1000W, Phone 786-3365. Non-Denominational. Pastor Conrad Thompson. Sunday School at 9:00 a.m. Worship at 10:00 a.m. Youth program 6-8 p.m. on Sunday. Wednesday night Bible Study at 7 p.m.

PRESBYTERIAN Presbyterian Church, 123 W. Hill St., Wabash; phone 260-563-8881; fax 260-563-8882; Minister Rev. Jonathan Cornell; Worship is at 9:30 AM, Junior church is offered to children Kindergarten through 4th grade. Coffee hour is at 10:30 AM.; Nursery Available; e-mail:; website:, handicap accessible sanctuary. UNITED METHODIST Christ United Methodist Church, intersections of Wabash, Stitt & Manchester Ave.; phone 563-3308. Phil Lake, pastor. Facilities & provisions for the physically handicapped, hearing & sight impaired. Air conditioned. Worship 8:00am & 10:00am. with kids message and wee-worship at 10am service, Multi-Media Worship W/Praise Team; Sunday School 9:00 a.m. First United Methodist Church, 110 N. Cass St. Wabash, IN; Senior Pastor Rev. Kurt Freeman, Minister of Family Life and Outreach Rev. Heather Olson-Bunnell; Sunday Schedule 8:00 & 10:00 a.m. Worship Service, 9:00 a.m. Teen & Adult Sunday School; Children’s Breakfast Club & Activities, 10:15 a.m. Sunday School for Pre-School thru 5th Grade following Children’s Message (except for 1st Sunday each month.), Kids First Child Care, Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Missie Edwards, Director LaFontaine United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 57 (Kendall & Main St.), LaFontaine; Phone: 765.981.4021; Email: Pastor Brad Garrett. Sunday School Adult & Teens: 9:00 a.m.; Children’s Breakfast Club & Activities: 9:00 a.m.; Worship & Children’s Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.; Nursery is provided; Men’s Fellowship is the 1st Sunday of each month 8:00 a.m.; Prayer and Share every Wednesday 5:45 p.m.; Bible Study every Thursday morning 10:00 a.m. North Manchester United Methodist Church, 306 East Second St., North Manchester; (260) 982-7537; Pastor Kevin G. Dekoninck. (260) 578-2160; Worship 8:15 a.m.; Coffee Fellowship Time 9:00 a.m.; Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Worship 10:30 a.m.


July 11, 2012


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% ( # . , *!% ( !% # (!% !%!) !% 0 % !% 0 *!& ") 0 &$ ' !( + &( 0 0


$*-( %' !*(

We’re Always Taking Bookings! Jeff Laycock Home Phone: 765-475-0725 Lic. #AUO1043695

'+ )#() .+ )#() ('*+), +#(' ) " */ $* / (% )'* &( %#'" ) *+#& + *

() () '!()& +#('

%% )#- )

Steiner Electric 765-833-7801 or 260-571-7801 New Roofs, Metal Roofing, Rubber Roofs, Facia and Soffit, Specializing in Roof Ventilation

Free Estimates & Insured Paul Little-Owner

! % #! )! " !& ! !

765-981-4812 Cell: 260-571-4812

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$( !

• Electrical Service & Repairs • Economically Priced • Handyman Service/Home Improvement

K&L Construction Residential and Commercial • Fully Insured

Concrete Work, Block Work, Additions, Decks, Doors, Siding and Remodeling

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• Roofing • Remodeling • Siding • Room Additions • Windows • Doors • Decks

GARAGE K - C DOOR SERVICE Residential Garage Door & Opener Sales, Service & Installation

Complete Repair & Service For Most Brands Spring Replacement - Torsion & Extension

R&W CONSTRUCTION Roofing, Siding, Home Maintenance, Decks, Plumbing, Electrical, Landscaping & Interior Restoration, Licensed & Insured

Ron: 260.571.9636


239 Manchester Ave., Wabash, IN 46992 John Kime---260-563-4919 Toll Free---888-663-4919

Bailey Remodeling

Landscaping Lawn Care - Mowing - Mulch, Rock, Plant Installation - Full Matinance - De-Weeding (Commercial & Residential) - Paver Patio’s/Sidewalks - Bush & Trimming - Irriating - Retaining Walls - Bush Removal - De-Thatching - New Lawn Installatio n - Etc... - Rolling - R aised Beds - Planting - Dirt Work *High Quality Top Soil & Mulch on hand



MS Construction Amish Builders Framing • Roofing • Remodeling Pole Barns Concrete • Decks Drywall • Fencing (all (all types) types)

Free Estimates • Insured Owner: Mike Bailey Cell: 260-571-4771

Cell: (260) 609-3683 FREE ESTIMATES & INSURED

6182 W. 1000 S. South Whitley, IN 46787

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Your perfect wedding starts with invitations. Come in and let us show you invitations, announcements napkins, bridal books & accessories

563-8326 ‘the paper’


July 11, 2012

‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday




JUNK IN THE ATTIC? Moving? Downsizing? Or just need a few items removed? We are now taking consignments for our upcoming Consignment Auction. Consign your unwanted items and we will send you a check. It’s just that simple. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION AL UPDIKE TIM SCHEERER

260-358-6994 260-359-2472 AUCTIONEERS & REAL ESTATE, INC.



The Classifieds bring together buyers and sellers every day!





Elaine England laketontoday@

Saturday – July 14, 2012 - 10:00 a.m.

N O I T C U A C I L PUB na

: Location

a Peru Indi , e k i P w aw Pa 3209 N P

Directions: US 24, East from Peru to Paw Paw Pike, North ¼ mile to Auction. Watch for Apple Auctioneering auction signs, day of auction. COLLECTABLE AUCTION

Silver Certificate One Dollar Bills, Red Seal Two Dollar Bills, 1928E Red Seal Five Dollar Bill, Collectable Stamps, Antique Cherry Pitter, His and Hers Schwinn Bicycles, Pepsi Machine, Pepsi Collectables, Large Collection of Old Pop Bottles, Milk Bottles, Crocks, Collectable Glass; Fenton, McCoy, Hull, Indiana Glass, Carnival Glass, Milk Glass, Fire King, Pyrex, Nascar Collectables; Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, Darrell Waltrip, Toys; Old Metal Airplane, HO Scale Train Cars, 5 Gallon Glass Water Bottles, Copper Pot, Clock, Display Cabinets, Griswold Cast Iron Skillets, Mason Jars, Traps, Large World Map, Scales, Desk, Antique Glass Oil Bottles w/Metal Spouts, Cigar Boxes, Beer Advertisement Mirrors, Caterpillar Wall Clock, Tools, Rotor Tiller, Toro LX 460 Twin Cam w/Kohler Courage 20 Engine, Lots more items will be available at this auction. Visit, auctioneer ID #26547, for updated listing and photos.

Announcements made day of sale take precedent over any written material.

SCOTT E. APPLE LIC#AU11100059 CELL PHONE: 765-507-1004

IT’S BEEN REALLY HOT with record-breaking temperatures and I’ve been thinking about how people around here used to keep cool. LONG LAKE RESORT was started in 1926 by Mr. Bill Ulrey, which was known at the time as Ulrey’s Landing. One could get to the beach by going down the lane by the old barn. Mrs. Harry Swygart can remember her father and grandfather watering the trees in the park area by hand. It was 10 cents for

children and 15 cents for adults to swim at first. Some time later the price was 15 cents for children, those under schoolage free and adults were 25 cents. Later, the price was 25 cents for everyone with wee ones free. One could get season tickets that were $2.50 and $5. Later, season ticket prices were raised to $7. There was a bathhouse for a number of years with someone to handle the baskets. This was real nice if you didn’t forget your number. Those who wanted

The Red Barn Sale Antiques - Collectibles Vintage - Furniture - Appliances Kitchenware - Dishes - Glassware Tools - Lots of Misc. 50% Off Many Items!

440 S. Chippewa Road Roann, IN 46974 Owners: Mark and Peggy Coppler, Cary and Stephenie Coppler

to fish could rent a boat for 50 cents a day. There was a lunchroom where one could buy pop for 5 cents, a sandwich for 20 cents, and good caramel corn for 1020 cents. The lunchroom was closed and made into a cabin in 1946. Mr. Ulrey made his caramel corn using the smaller building. In 1936, Bert Mittering of Laketon made the large stone pillars. These were very nice as one could easily tell people where the drive was. For years the drive was gravel, but in 1960 Mr. Swygart had the drive blacktopped. In 1929, Mr. Ulrey had a toboggan put up and people came from miles to go down it. In 1956, it had to be taken down because insurance was too high. In the 30s, the free show was something a lot of people went to Long Lake on Sunday evening to enjoy. A person could get a seat if they had the money, but many would stand on the outside of the fence to watch. It would take as long as an hour for the cars to leave after the show. The free shows came



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

765-628-2960 765-437-8694 Cell AUO #1052757

765-432-6848 AUO #10200145

TERMS: Cash or check with proper I.D. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. Statements made day of sale take precedence over any printed matter. Food available. VISIT WEB SITE

$$$ !


Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 9:00 a.m

Deadline for advertising is July 13 by 5 p.m. Call David Pefley at 260-782-2222 or e-mail Trucking available; call for rates and quotes.

to an end in the early 40s. Mr. Ulrey had a baseball diamond just north of the parking lot. For a number of years, many ball teams would come on Sunday afternoon and some good games were played. Mr. Ulrey died in 1946 and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Swygart then took over the resort and changed the name to Long Lake Resort. There were four cabins people could rent during the summer months. The grounds west of the house were made for trailers. These were only used during the summer. Later, more room was made for more trailers. Mr. and Mrs. Swygart continued to run the resort until 1990 when their girls took over. The resort has always been in the family and still is today. In 2005, the name was changed to Long Lake Campground, and wasn’t open to the public anymore. It is still know as Long Lake Resort by the locals. THE LAKETON/ PLEASANT TWP ASSOCIATION met on June 25 at the Pleasant Township Fire Station, where the committees for this year’s festival reported on the progress of their individual committees. The president also reported she received a letter on the new regulation for stages. There will be a meeting July 12 in Wabash to explain more. There will be someone going to this so they can comply with the new regulations. If you would like to participate in the Laketonian Days celebration, please call the committee h e a d s : EntertainmentThelma Butler 260982-2896, VendorsBecky Warmuth 260982-8008, EventsVikki Day 260-2475090, Horseshoe Pitch-Larry Hivley 260-982-9731 and ParadeElaine England 260-225-5731. Larry Hivley from Laketon will be attending and competing in The 2012 World Horseshoe (continued on page 37)

July 11, 2012


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

Laketon News...continued from page 32

P i t c h i n g Championship to be held in Knoxville, Tenn., from July 30 through August 11. Over 1,200 entrants will be competing on 46 sanctioned, temporary horseshoe courts, which will be set up in the Knoxville Convention Center for the two-week event. This two-week event is held once each summer to crown a World Champion horseshoe pitcher in each of eight divisions. Brian Simmons, current men’s world champion, will be defending his title against 16-time world champion, Alan Francis of Defiance, Ohio, who is listed in the 2011 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for most world champi-

For Timely News, Local Information, Obituaries and Classified Ads... Log on to:

onships in horseshoe pitching. Brian, who will be seeking his fourth title, boasts an entry average of 85.35 percent ringers, while Alan comes in with 89.01 percent. The top five women vying for their World title boast entry averages of 75 percent. This year’s elder division also has a high-percentage lineup with the top five boasting averages exceeding 78 percent. In the younger divisions, 67 boys and girls will be competing for spots in their own championship finals. The NHPA World Tournament has something for everyone, as evidenced by the age range represented in this year’s event. The youngest pitcher entered is 7year-old Katlein

Lamoth from Iowa. On the other side of the spectrum is Wichita, Kan., pitcher Tom Small who has marked up 93 birthdays. To follow the event online or to learn more about the National Horseshoe P i t c h e r s Association, visit w w w. h o r s e or contact NHPA second Vice-President, Tina Hawkins. NEED A PLACE FOR YOUR PARTY? Laketon Legion rents its building for special occasions. Contact Chris Haecker at 260901-9203. S E W E R UPDATE: The Income Survey is complete. It looks like the individual household should be under $60. The USDA will have the final



decision on this, though. PUBLIC HEARING: A public hearing will be held July 19 at 6 p.m. at the Fire Station for the Laketon Sewer. This will be an open meeting to discuss where we are at and will be open to comments from residents in the district. The Preliminary Engineering Report is available at the Fire Station for review. IF YOU HAVE ANY NEWS you would like to share, call me at 260-2255731 or email me at laketontoday@yahoo .com. My articles are bimonthly, so any timely news needs to be into me by the Thursday two weeks before the date of to be sure it is included.






Subscription Fee!

September ce 1977

nty Sin bash Cou


“Published Weekly, Read Daily”

1 2010


We’ve got you covered!


Auctions SATURDAY JULY 21, 2012 10:00 A.M. Location: 1406 St. Rd 114 W (Wendell Decor Shoppe). Articles: Antiques, primitives, collectibles, furniture, appliances, misc. Owner: Pat Egolf & Agatha Hippensteel Estate. Auctioneer: Miller Auction Service.

Wabash City

Community Rummage Sale! August 18th 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. @ The Wabash County YMCA

Enjoy the air conditioning & make some extra money for yourself by renting a booth to sell your rummage items. OR forgo the hassle and donate your unwanted items to the Y!

Wabash County PORCH/YARD SALE: Thurs.-Sat., July 12-14, 8a.m.-5p.m. (Estate sale continues) China, pots & pans, small appliances, table service, kerosene heaters, coolers, handmade doilies, handmade bed spreads, hand tools, jewelry, pocket knives, lots of other items. East on Dora Rd., turn left on 75E, 6th place on right. Watch for signs (no early sales). MOVING SALE: Sat., July 14, 8-2, 210 N. Bridge St., Richvalley. Tons of kids items: girls 3-4T, boys 1218mo.(some w/tags), Dora kitchen, Dora toddler bedding set, crib bumpers, toys, bean bag chairs, stroller, booster seat, car DVD players, riding lawn mower w/bagger, George Foreman grill, weights & weight bench, household items & much more!! No Early Sales. YARD SALE: Thurs., July 12, 3p.m.-8p.m., Fri., July 13, 8a.m.-6p.m., 5779 S. Old SR 15, 3rd house on right, north of 124 on Old 15. Clothing, crafts, 1975 John Deere mower, plus much, much more & bake sale. YARD/PORCH SALE: July 13, Friday Only!, 7:30a.m.2p.m., 6873 S. SR13, 1 mile south of Hwy. 24. Rustic garden decor, hand sharpened kitchen knives (some Chicago Cutlery), 6” PVC pipe (T’s & straight sections), toddler girl’s clothes 18mo.-3T, toddler boy’s clothes 18mo.-3T, some adult clothing, toys, garden magazines, cookbooks & misc.



Anyone that donates prior to Aug. 18th will receive an entry in a drawing for a FREE 6 month family membership to the Y.

Call for details. Patty/Chelsie

(260) 563-9622

YARD SALE: 738 Berkely Dr., July 12 & 13, 8-?. N64, Game Cube, Playstation & games, small TV, train table, fishing stuff, wagon, toys, football & track cleats, Vera Bradley, dog house; baby, boy & women’s clothes; household items & books.

GARAGE SALE: 941 LaFontaine Ave., July 12 & 13, 8a.m.-5p.m., July 14, 8a.m.-12p.m., tools, Lazy Boy couch, electric weed eater, portable grills, Guardian cookware, Wheaton, jewelry & many more items.

YARD SALE: 15 Bonbrook, Sat. 8-?, lots of misc.

& Associates Auction Service

Allen Miller (765) 395-7444 Granger, IN AU10000227

MOVING SALE: 1357 Jones St., Fri., July 13, 8-2 & Sat., July 14, 8-12, 27” tube TV, dining table & chairs, many infant/toddler girls clothes & more. EVERYTHING MUST GO!

INSIDE SALE: Sat., July 14, 8-3, 68 S. Thorne St., housewares, tea sets (some of them are Precious Moments), purses, animal cage, Hot Wheels, picture frames, wooden coffee table & end tables, entertainment center, dresser w/mirror, lots of misc. 25 cent items.

GARAGE SALE: Sat., July 14, 8-?, 5 Cloverleaf Dr., lots of women’s clothes, toddler boys clothes, DVD, Playstation Game, high chair, microwave, GE electric stove, toddler toys & lots of misc.

$6+ 25 &+(&. :,7+ 3,&785( ,' 27 5(63216,%/( )25 $&&,'(176 25 ,7(06 $)7(5 62/' 7$7(0(176 0$'( '$< 2) 6$/( 7$.( 35(&('(1&( 29(5 $1< 35,17(' 0$77(5

Lester T. Miller (765) 395-7556 Kokomo, IN AU01035555

THURS. & Fri., 8-4, Sat. 8?, 73 N. Thorne St., by Ivy Tech. Lots of jr. girl’s clothes, love seat, kitchenware, lots of DVD’s, VHS, kitchen table & misc.

BIG SALE-EVERYTHING MUST GO! Antique buffet, secretary, coffee table, dresser, couch, 36” console TV, 25” TV, stained glass chandelier, antique ice refrigerator, crates, tools, nails, screws, chainsaw, leaf blower, garden tools, craft supplies, paints, paint brushes, Gingham material, rustic ornaments, dried flowers, baskets, jewelry beads, barn siding, hornet nests, home decor, Phaltzgraf dinnerware, Boyds Bears, Coca-Cola: village, ornaments, bottles, glassware, musicals, figurines & cars. Luau party decorations, perennialspotted & will dig up starts from gardens, nice ladies clothing (sizes 6-8), men’s large-XL & much, much more! Sat. 8-2, 225 Columbus St. “Ravens Nest”.

All proceeds from the Y’s portion of the rummage sale will be doubled by a donor.

257+ 2) 86 72 (;,&2 (;,&2 ' (58

11352 S. Strawtown Pike Kokomo, IN 46901 (800) 272-4461

LARGE CLEAN 2 Family Rummage Sale: 1468 Adams St., Fri. 8-5 & Sat. 8-1. Tons of adult clothing ranging in sizes, boys infant-2T, shoes, purses, crib & changing table, home & seasonal decor, toys, movies & lots more.

Saturday, July 21, 2012 10:00 A.M. FORD VAN, GAZEBO, LAWN TRACTORS, SLEIGH, BUGGY

25' ",1'67$5 # : 0,/(6 23(1 %8**< +256( 6/(,*+ ,//(5 *$=(%2 /$:1 75$&7 ? )/$7 %277 %2$7 612: %/2:(5 5$)760$1 > /$:1 75$&7 :+ 675,1* 75,00(5 ,521 .(7 7/( /,9( 75$3 &$16 :$6+ 78%6 <$5' 251$ 0(176 %$77 &+$5*(5 &$5 5$036 )/225 -$&. 638' %$5 :,1' $& 6+23 722/6 &25'6 &$53(17(5?6 722/ %2; /$''(56 *5,1' 6721(6 0($7 +22.6 /$:1 *$5' 722/6 ANTIQUES, HOUSEHOLD, GUNS, MOBILITY SCOOTER

0 &859(' */$66 &$% 3& )8// %('5220 6(76 /($7+(5 5(&/,1(5 & ) &+(67 )5((=(5 02%,/ ,7< 6&227(5 %/$1.(7 &('$5 &+(676 7581. 3/ )/$7:$5( (:(/ ! 3&6 26(9,//( %('',1* 72:(/6 48,/76 :' 83 &+$,5 -(:(5/< &+(67 '5 ),/( &$% *$ &52&.6 %2:/6 -8*6 *$/ %877(5 &+851 /* /27 &$11,1* 6833/,(6 /* /27 &(5$0,& ,7(06 '(3 */$66 .,7 ,7(06 <5(; :' %8&.(7 7($ 3276 $51,9$/ %2:/ +$1' 37' %2:/6 (50$1 266216 67(,16 /$036

OWNER: William D. Hostetler Estate Personal Rep.: Richard D. Hostetler Atty.: James Berkshire WWW.LESTERAUCTION.COM


July 11, 2012

‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday MOVING SALE, Christmas in July! Fri. & Sat., 13 & 14, 7a.m.-3p.m., 803 Linlawn Dr., many collector items of Santa’s, solid oak furniture, many household items, upright freezer. Checks over $50 must clear before items are received.

RUMMAGE SALE: 280 Walnut St., July 13, 8-5. Antique dessert plates, room humidifiers, ladder plant stand, wooden picnic basket; teen, ladies & large men clothing; Christmas deocrations, old glass bottles, lots of misc. items!

Reach 16,225 households with your advertising messageCall one of our account executives today!




Full and Part Time positions available for immediate hire in the Manchester University Food Service. Full time positions (August – May with possible summer employment) include insurance, 401K plan, vacation pay, sick pay, and holiday pay. Part-time positions available for morning, evening and weekends. Also positions available for on call catering that includes assorted hours and days. Perfect position for the person who wants to work but cannot commit to a strict schedule. Apply in person on Wednesday, July 18 at 6:00 pm. or Thursday, July 19 at 9:00 a.m. at Chartwells, the Food Service at Manchester University, Welcome Center Lecture Hall, East Street, North Manchester, Indiana. The hiring fair will last approximately one hour. Any questions, please call Diana at 260-982-5289.


GARAGE SALE: 1920 Glendale (off Pike & McKibben), July 14, 8a.m.2p.m., standard weights & barbells, men & girls bikes, tables, baby toys; men, women & jr. clothes, VHS/DVD movies, tosy books & much more! GARAGE SALE: July 13, 9a.m.-5p.m., July 14, 9a.m.-2p.m., 1950 Vernon St., clothing, wedding dress, household items & decorations, misc. furniture, sewing machine & seasonal items. All proceeds go to New Beginnings Ministries.

North Manchester YARD SALE: 303 S. High St., Thurs. 8-5 & Fri. 8-4. LARGE GARAGE Sale: July 12-14, 8-4, 1004 N. Walnut St., couch, washer, TV’s, children’s clothing, quilting fabric & lots of misc.

Other Rummage BARN SALE: Mt. Etna Sawmill, Tues. & Wed., 117, Off 9, 1/2 mile down 124, Mt. Etna. CASH ONLY. Tools, freezer, riding mowers, compressors, pet cages, baby gates, chainsaws, dining tables & cedar chests, roll top desk.

MATERIALS / DATABASE PROGRAMMER (% .1$ %3%1 .7 . -# 666 &.1$,%3%1".7 #., )2 2%%*)-' !- %7/%1)%-#%$ ")+)38 3. 6.1* 6)3( 3(% #411%-3 )-$.62 $%2*3./ ./%1!3)-' 2823%,2 !-$ -%36.1* ./%1!3)-' 282 3%,2 /1.'1!,,)-' +!-'4!'%2 )24!+ !2)# !-$ )24!+ !2)# %3 42)-' )#1.2.&3 !3!"!2% )2 ! ,423 7/%1)%-#% 6)3( 2823%,2 6.4+$ "% ! /+42 ()2 )2 -.3 !- %-318 +%5%+ /.23).)- 1%+!3%$ #.,/43%1 &)%+$ &1., &.41 8%!1 #.++%'% .1 4-)5%12)38 !-$ !3 +%!23 36. 8%!12 6.1* %7/%1)%-#% $%2)1%$ .6%5%1 %04)5!+%-3 #.,") -!3).- .& %$4#!3).- 31!)-)-' !-$ %7/%1)%-#% 6)++ "% #.-2)$%1%$ .1$ %3%1 .7 )2 ! 8%!1 .+$ #.,/!-8 .&&%1)-' #.,/%3)3)5% 6!'%2 #.,/!-8 &4-$%$ 1%3)1%,%-3 /+!- %7#%++%-3 "%-%&)32 !-$ /1.&)3 2(!1)-' %24,%2 .1 6.1* ()23.1)%2 ,!8 "% 2%-3 5)! 3(% .23!+ 823%, .1 %+%#31.-)# ,!)+ -+8 3(.2% #!-$)$!3%2 4-$%1 #.-2)$%1!3).6)++ "% #.-3!#3%$ Mail Resumes to The Ford Meter Box Co., Inc. Attn: HR/Database Programmer P.O. Box 398 Wabash, IN 46992 or e-mail (as an MS Word document) to


STACKED WASHER & dryer, like new, $200, 260571-9392.

5208N 700W (1/2 mile north of Coppler’s Barn), Sat. 8-2. Unique cat beds, folk art creations, canning jars, glassware, Barbies, clothing patterns, baby stroller, all size Beanies, Snapper rider, misc.

WII-INCLUDES 2 remotes, 2 wheels, 2 tennis rackets, 2 nun-chucks, Wii fit w/balance board, Wii play, Wii sports, Mario Cart & Just Dance 2 (barely used), $250; black swivel computer chair, $5; treadmillNordictrack C2000, quiet drive, dual fan, aroma therapy computer hook-up for downloading programs & dust mat, seldom used, $200; high Sierra lime green back pack, pull behind, paid $75 asking $10, 260-330-2271.

Lawn & Garden RIDING LAWN Mower, Ford 16H motor, 42” cut, good condition, $495. Call Tom at 260-774-3740 after 5p.m.

Articles For Sale

46” FLOOR model GE TV, $150; 10 pc. dinning room set, light colored, very nice, $600, 260-782-0799.

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, $20; 4-14x33 swamp mudder tires, $100 ea.; electric Wurlitzer organ, $100; white marble vanity top w/faucets, $35, 765981-2624, leave message.

EZ-GO GOLF Cart, good condition, newer batteries, $750; left handed golf clubs, complete set, not well trained, $75; misc. collection of golf balls, $15, 260-563-4537.

R E M O D E L I N G KITCHEN? New Whirlpool stainless steel appliances: glass-top stove, vent hood microwave, dishwasher, large side-by-side refrigerator, $1650 for all. Call 260-274-2190 after 5p.m., leave message.

$125 QUEEN PILLOWTOP Mattress Set. NEW in Plastic, Can Deliver (260)493-0805 A BRAND NEW KING PILLOWTOP Mattress Set, $225, Still in Factory Plastic (260)493-0805.

SEASONED FIREWOOD, 260-563-2256. TILT TRAILER 7’x8’, $180; 15 ft. fridge/freezer, white, runs great, $100; 15 gal. electric sprayer, works fine, $40; pac-n-play, $20, 260249-5198.

$350 CHERRY Sleigh Bed, NEW, Solid Wood w/NEW PILLOWTOP Mattress Set, un-opened, (260)493-0805.

FIREWOOD, $60 per truck load. 260-571-3842, call after 8:30 a.m.

BLUE RECLINER rocker, very good condition, $250, 260-982-2410.

! ! Girls nb-24mths & 4t, boys nb-4t & 8-10, maternity, womens m-l, mens xl, graco infant carseats with bases, kids drum set, toys, double stroller, rose cottage playhouse, large baby gate, baby bjorn carrier, 2 motorized scooter chairs, rocker, end tables, corner desk, exercise bike, rowing machine, vhs, dvds, 36" & 13" tv, sewing machine, 3 wheeler, misc home items. Lots of stuff not listed. Rain or shine!

3974 W. Division Rd., Wabash (Corner of Division Rd and 115) Look for Signs!


MATERIALS / METALLURGICAL ENGINEER %( * ( %. %#& $/ $ --- %( # * ( %. %# / ( %" &( , * "/ " - * ( )+&&"/ )*( +* %$ '+ &# $* # $+ *+( ( $ # (! * " ( - * &(% + *) )%" -%(" ) ) ! $ $ .& ( $ * ( ") * " "+( " $ $ ( $ %+( ) 1&" $* " $ * ) %+" , %+( / ( ( $ * ( ") * ""+( " $ $ ($ * ( ") $ %( $ " $ $ ($ -* % +) $ * ( ") $ $ ( $ , *% * $ / () % %+$ (/ .& ( $ ) &( (( - ( + * ) - * %+$ (/ .& ( $ %( $* ($) & %#&" * %$ # / ")% &&"/ ) &%) * %$ - "" ( '+ ( )*(%$ &(% " # )%", $ "* ) * " */ *% $ ) %$ $ ")% #%$ *%( , ( %+) %+$ (/ &(% )) ) )*(%$ -( ** $ $ %( " %##+$ * %$ )! "") $ $ $* $* *% (%- - * $ * %( $ 0 * %$ +( * # ) # +& % $ , + ") &(% + * %$ )! "" $ &(% )) %$ " - % $ %/ -%(! $ - * %* ( $ $ *#%)& ( % #+*+ " *(+)* $ ( )& * % ( %#& * * , ) %#& $/ +$ ( * ( # $* &" $ . "" $* $ *) $ &(% * ) ( $ 1 $"/ * %) $ * ) +$ ( %$) ( * %$ - "" %$* * Resumes may be mailed to: Mail to: Attn: HR/Materials/Metallurgical Engineer P.O. Box 398 Wabash, IN 46992 or e-mail (as an MS Word document) to FORD METER BOX IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. ALL EMPLOYMENT DECISIONS WILL BE MADE WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, COLOR, SEX, AGE, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, MILITARY STATUS OR DISABILITY. FORD METER BOX COMPANY CONDUCTS DRUG SCREENS AS A PART OF THE RECRUITING PROCESS.



DISPLAY CASES, bookcase, glass-top fruit jars, cedar chest, fence posts, 3x5 sheet metal, Bake-Lite radio, concrete blocks, blackboard slate, rocks, 703-565-8018 GOOD APPLIANCES: used washers, dryers, ranges & refrigerators. 30 day warranty! 35 E. Canal St., Wabash, 260-5630147. MOVING SALE: Complete Victorian bedroom suite, 260-563-0107, leave message. PAINT BOOTH, 27’ long, 14’ wide, 9’ high, like new, you take down & move, $5,900, 260-568-3301.

Employment WANTED: SERVERS & Cooks for nights & weekends. Apply in person at Joe’s Diner (corner of Hwy 13&24), no phone calls please.

Babysitting AFFORDABLE CHILD Care in loving Christain home. Pre-school learning, indoor/outdoor activities, great neighborhood, accepting applications. Call Tina 260-330-2849.

Playful Puppy Pet Grooming Certified Groomer

Call Tiffany today &

set up an appointment (260) 224-7065

BOZARTH MASONRY, LLC., residential & commercial brick & block work, 36 years experience, free estimates, 765-981-4055.

• Mowing • Landscaping • Property clean-up, • Dry wall • Paint • Roofs • Siding • Plumbing &

ALL ODD JOBS! CALL (260) 750-2709 (Wabash) Leave Message

ENERGETIC 19 yr. old girl, looking to babysit. Please call 260-578-7658.

Services BANKRUPTCY: Free initial client conference. Discharge all or most consumer debt. Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 relief available...we can save your home. Zimmerman Law Office, PC, Attorney Alan J. Zimmerman, 81 E. Hill St., Wabash, 260-5632178. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code. HOUSE CLEANING Company looking to expand, free estimates, 260-330-2690. WET BASEMENTS, Cracked Foundations, Crawlspaces, Sagging Floor Leveled, All Problems, All Repairs, 38 yrs. experience, Free Estimates, 317-469-8300. PERSONAL INJURY: Free initial client conference, no recovery, no fee, contingent fee agreement available, over 20 years of experience. Zimmerman Law Office, PC, Attorney Alan J. Zimmerman, 81 E. Hill St., Wabash, 260-5632178.


ANTIQUES WANTED CASH FOR : Military Items (esp WWII), Furniture, Pottery, Vintage Clothing, Paintings, Quilts, Coins, Jewelry, Watches, Signs, Light Fixtures, Guns, Knives, Musical Instruments, Railroad & Boy Scout Items

Call (260) 569-1865 16 YEAR old boy looking for odd jobs, very dependable. 260-377-9142. WANTED TO BUY!!! Gold Jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc., tie tacks, service pins, gold coins & even gold teeth. Silver: Pre-1965 US coins, flatware, teapots, etc. Wabash Valley Prospectors LLC, Tim Ravenscroft, 260-5715858.

NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF WABASH COUNTY, INDIANA Estate Number 85C01-1206-EU-69 Notice is hereby given that DAVID A. YOUNG was on June 25, 2012, appointed personal representative of the estate of RICHARD E. YOUNG, Deceased, who died on June 18, 2012.

Apply in person, No Phone Calls Please.

All persons having claims against said estate, whether or not now due, must file the claim in the office of the clerk of this Court within three (3) months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or within nine (9) months after the decedent’s death, whichever is earlier, or said claims will be forever barred. Dated at Wabash, Indiana this June 27, 2012.

1900 N. Alber St. Wabash follow us @MillersHealthSy

Elaine J. Martin Clerk, Wabash Circuit Court Larry C. Thrush Thrush Law Office One North Wabash Wabash, Indiana 46992 260-563-8485 Attorney for the Estate

July 11, 2012


‘the paper’ of Wabash County, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992. Classified Ads: $9.00 for first 20 words in advance: 15¢ each word thereafter. Deadline 12:00 noon on Monday

HANDYMAN NEEDED, 260-563-0107, leave message.

+ # ($% $!! & $& ! $ #' & % ) !&+ &' *%

$",' $ #' Farm 2 YR. old stud colt, 1/2 haflinger/POA, lots of hair, gorgeous, $400; yearling breedstock paint filly, black w/blaze & back white sox, $800, nice bloodlines; yearling miniature Appaloos stud colt, $400, sire & dam on site, call anytime, 260-782-0811. 8 YR. Old pure-bred Arabian, gelding, 260-4384480.

Recreational Vehicles 1994 SMOKER Craft 18’ pontoon w/Mariner 25HP outboard, no trailer, $1,500, 260-568-3301.

Downtown Apartments All utilities & Cable Included

2 BDRM w/combined bathroom & utility room, totally electric, 1 car garage, Southwood Schools, must see to appreciate, no pets, $475/mo., $600 deposit. Call anytime after 8:30 a.m., 260-571-3842.



ONE STORY, 2 bdrm duplex available July 14, $485/mo., $400 deposit, 1 year lease, no pets, quiet area, mowing & snow removal provided, w/d hook-up, call 260-5711007. 3 BDRM, 1 bath, washer/dryer hook-up, $450/mo., $450 deposit, no pets, 409 Congress St., 260-569-1303. 2 BDRM, 1 bath, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer hook-up, C/A, northside, $100 wk. plus deposit, 260-563-1556 or 765-8631453. FOR RENT in Manchester, 4-5 bdrm, 2 bath, kitchen, living, dining, laundry, all appliances, lawn maintenance, 2 decks, parking & garage, $650/mo., first & deposit, & references required, 260-578-3184.

For Rent

NICE UPSTAIRS apartment, utilities included, perfect for single or couple, no pets, 260-571-2182.

1 BDRM upstairs apt., stove, refrigerator, $90/wk., plus deposit, 260-5631556 or 765-863-1453.

CHRISTIAN FAMILY of 4 would like to rent, 3-4 bdrm home, Southwood schools/North Marion, 765661-4249.

CARS TRUCKS VANS and will haul away






" #




If you are single, lonely or just looking for someone new to talk with,you may place a For a brief description of yourself and your interests and the type of person you are seeking for a companion to: For Singles Only, ‘the paper’, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992, or you may

New Homes

bring your ad into the office.

Now on Display!

Enclose $7 for 2 weeks, plus your name, phone

Single & Sectional Homes New & Used

number and full address for our records. No

3 Miles South of Wabash

We will assign your ad a file number and for-


ward replies to you, or you may pick them up

“Family Owned & Operated” Over 39 Years in Business

to good taste. ‘the paper’ reserves the right to

names should appear in the copy of your ad.

in the office. All ads and replies must conform


edit or reject any ad. Singles ads must be received in our office before noon on Friday the parties may answer For Singles Only ads by


writing ‘the paper’, P.O. Box 603,Wabash, IN


46992. Please keep replies within the bounds of good taste, and BE HONEST!

I AM LOOKING FOR A 35-45 YEAR OLD FEMALE for friendship to possible relationship. I like spending


Electrical • Plumbing General Contracting Decks • Fences

$$$ Cash $$$ $$$ For Cars $$$


Highest Prices Paid Guaranteed for your Running or NonRunning Car, Truck, or Van (with or without titles)!

Home: 765-833-2025 Cell: 765-226-0661

I Pick Up 7 Days a Week


(260) 388-5335







# !

time with children, going to movies & spending time together. I am a very nice person & would like to hear from you. Send responses to box 145, c/o the paper, P.O. Box 603, Wabash, IN 46992.

Good Luck To All 4-H’ers

Foundations & Crawlspaces



week before the first publication. Interested

2 BDRM, 1 bath, washer/dryer hook-up, $475/mo. plus deposit & utilities, 260-330-3729.




2006 CHEVY Equinox, LT, black, AWD; new tires, rotors & brakes, 70K miles, $10,000, 260-249-5363.

1 BDRM apartment, $100/wk., utilities paid, plus deposit, $260-7820004.




1 & 2 BDRM Apts. 260563-7743.




Singles Only ad by sending, in 55 words or less,

(260) 571-2801

LARGE 3 bdrm duplex, 1 1/2 bath, w/d hook-ups, stove, refrigerator, deposit & references, 765-5066248.




Call Larry at

DOWNSTAIRS 1 bdrm, w/d hook-up. 260-5634059.



junk farm machinery.

2-3 BDRM home in the country, Southwood schools, $450/mo. plus deposit, references required, 260-571-0472.

$ $


Buying Junk

2 BDRM downstairs apt. off street parking, $125/wk., utilities included plus deposit, 260-7820004.


Mobile Homes

# "

Gauranteed Work, References, Free Estimates.

(317) 469-8300 1351 N. Cass Street, Wabash, IN Wabash Village Shopping Center • 260-563-8797 visit us on the web at


Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.; Sun. 12 Noon - 5:00 p.m.

" Mike Olinger Sales Representative


Cell 574-930-0534


New Look Renovations THE PAPER

(Fri. & Sat. 10 - 5, Sun. 12 - 4)

of Wabash County Inc.

Your Ad Could Be Here!


Come One Came All to the Greatest Sale On Earth!!! All Items in Parking

Lot & Under Tent

50% OFF!


July 11, 2012

y l u J

It’s that time again... time for fun in the sun! A truck sure comes in handy in the summer, and now is the best time to buy one, at THE AUTO PARK.


JULY 11 -14 TH
























9 N














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)* #

July 11, 2012  

Issue of The Paper of Wabash County

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