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The Paper Cup Company works with Green Earth Appeal to offset their carbon footprint produced by manufacturing paper cups by planting a single tree for every 1,000 printed cups sold!

The Green Earth Appeal is one of only 48 tree planting partners to the United Nations Environment Programme. Presented at the Houses of Parliament, the Green Earth Appeal has scooped a top Green Apple Award for their contribution to the environment, winning the Gold Standard in the Food and Drink category. The Paper Cup Company produce printed paper cups for the UK and across the globe. Recently, they have started working with Green Earth Appeal to help offset their carbon footprint by planting trees for every 1000 paper cups sold. For just 99p per 1000 cups, the Green Earth Appeal will plant a single tree which will replace the paper used in the manufacturing of your printed cups. The customer will then receive a certificate showing how many trees have been planted to offset their carbon footprint. They can also use the Green Earth Appeal branding on their paper cups, which will show their own customers that they are being a responsible company. The Paper Cup Company began supporting Green Earth Appeal’s plant a tree scheme in April 2011. The first customer of the Paper Cup Company to join the scheme is Zan Enterprise, a London based company. Mark Woodward, Sales Director at The Paper Cup Company commented, “We are all very excited to be able to offer this to our customers and give something back to the environment. We look forward to rolling it out across all of our UK based customers in the coming year”.

The benefits of The Paper Cup Company’s tree planting commitment are twofold; through the absorption of the carbon associated with the production and transportation of printed paper cups, on a global level they are supporting some of the poorest communities in the developing world. The majority of the trees planted recently have been sent to poverty stricken Haiti, giving significant work opportunities to the rural communities dealing with the aftermath of a massive earthquake and the associated disease and lack of food. The Green Earth Appeal is part of a network which has planted over 1,250,000 trees in Haiti over the past 2 years. The trees serve many purposes, the most significant of which is sustainability, the thousands of fruit trees planted within targeted areas allow the community to feed itself, its livestock and sell surplus fruit, generating much needed revenue. The founder of the Green Earth Appeal, Marvin Baker remarked, “We were delighted that we are working with The Paper Cup Company to reduce their carbon footprint by planting a tree for every 1000 printed cups sold.”

Visit the Paper Cup Company’s Green Earth Appeal page at Call Sarah Woodward at The Paper Cup Company for further information on 01200 449900 or contact Marvin Baker at the Green Earth Appeal on 0161 684 2339

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