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paladin Volume VII

Issue 1

October 2011

College of the Month

The University of Texas at San Antonio


•Public University •83% Applicants Admitted •Large City Setting •Total Undergraduates: 25,794 •Student Body: 99% In-State 1% Out-of-State

le c r i C A 49 2 8 1 UTS 7 X ,T o i n o t n San A 1 1 0 4 8 (210) 45

•Gender Statistics: 46% Female 54% Male •Median SAT Score: Math: 470-580 Reading: 450-560 •Median ACT Score: 19-24


*Priority Application Deadline: March 1 *Regular Application Deadline: June 1 2 [October 2011]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Song Artist Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 Someone Like You Adele Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People Paradise Coldplay Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes Without You David Guetta Party Rock Anthem LMFAO Yo端 & I Lady GaGa Cheers (Drink To That) Rihanna Sexy & I Know It LMFAO

Top 10 in music (Use the QR code to play the number one song) 3

College of the Month

The University of Texas at San Antonio


•Public University •83% Applicants Admitted •Large City Setting •Total Undergraduates: 25,794 •Student Body: 99% In-State 1% Out-of-State

le c r i C A 49 2 8 1 UTS 7 X ,T o i n o t n San A 1 1 0 4 8 (210) 45

•Gender Statistics: 46% Female 54% Male •Median SAT Score: Math: 470-580 Reading: 450-560 •Median ACT Score: 19-24


*Priority Application Deadline: March 1 *Regular Application Deadline: June 1 2 [October 2011]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Song Artist Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 Someone Like You Adele Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People Paradise Coldplay Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes Without You David Guetta Party Rock Anthem LMFAO Yo端 & I Lady GaGa Cheers (Drink To That) Rihanna Sexy & I Know It LMFAO

Top 10 in music (Use the QR code to play the number one song) 3

omecoming Hope Dobelman

Sarah Bridgeman

Sarah Bridgeman

6 [October 2011]

Kalin Reed

Hope Dobelman

Hope Dobelman

Hope Dobelman

Hope Dobelman

At the Homecoming game against Kingwood, Seniors Austin Boudreaux and Kendall Melhorn were crowned king and queen at the halftime ceremony.

Megan Agnor

Sarah Bridgeman

Hope Dobelman


Hope Dobelman

Kalin Reed


Social Networking sites Breed Cyber Bullying Relationship Status: Complicated Interests: Jokes, hacking, putting people down, language and hatred Favorite Music: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, and Rap Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars Favorite Movie: Cyberbu//y Favorite Quote: “Never go to bed angry, always stay up and plot your revenge” Madison Ray Facebook and Twitter allow teens to get involved socially and interact with everyone around them, but the effects tend to hurt their abilities to learn and improve their grades in school. As teens interact with each other online through social networking sites, their grades tend to suffer because of the little time spent doing homework and studying. Teens get so involved with the social networking that at the last minute they rush to complete an assignment so they can return to their life on Facebook. “Facebook sometimes keeps you from working on homework and a lot of time cyber bullying comes into a teen’s life,” freshman Haley Sobosle said. It is not just the grades that are suffering. The problems faced on social networking sites creates a large amount of stress on a teen. The drama and emotional abuse on these sites creates anxiety and could eventually result in teens being harmed physically. Teens affect each other in what they say out of reaction, revenge or boredom. A lot of times cyber bullying affects the quiet and intelligent kids who are being bullied by the popular, arrogant teens. In most situations, the arrogant teens attack the quiet kids because they are the easiest targets and they are the least likely to defend themselves. Pretentious teens normally make fun of the shy students to make their social ranking among their peers rise and their self image get better. Although they are, in reality,

8 [October 2011]

There are over 250 million people who use facebook on their smart phone. Facebook has about 650 million total users.

making their self image worse by harming these teens and not realizing the harm they are actually causing. Not only could these sites affect a teen now, but in the future a comment or a picture could affect a teen worse than the first time it was posted. Teens should remember that when applying for college, jobs or sports in their future that background checks are done and some of those photos that are inappropriate could result in them being eliminated as a candidate for a job or college. Social networking may have some bad flaws to it, but everything has flaws. On the positive side, it provides students with the ability to socialize and keep in touch with friends they do not see on a day-to-day basis. It allows them to talk to people they would not normally communicate with. Social networking sites create a teen’s social life, but when the social life leads to cyber bullying, the negative affects of Facebook comes in. “A positive impact is that it can keep you in touch with family and friends that you don’t see all the time,” Sobosle said. Whether it is socializing or uploading photos to share with friends, students should remember that everything, even photos, is a matter of public record and that even just a few words can cause as much trouble as a single photo. Social networking is a big thing and is continuing to grow, and it is invading lives by creating problems that should be eliminated. Cyber bullying can be prevented, but to get rid of cyber bullying, adults should be aware of when there are problems on these sites.

QR Codes Revolutionize Yearbooks Dylan Lopenzina

Has anyone ever wanted to re-live a high school moment? Yearbooks are opened, and the memories flood back, some clearer than others. Until now, that was all that could be done. But with the new Quick Response (QR) codes that are being attached to yearbooks, one can look at a yearbook and watch a video of a moment. Instead of merely a picture and a memory, one can now see a five minute video. Yearbooks will have not only pictures, but videos of events like prom, or Homecoming; pep rallies, or plays. Anything that can be captured on film can now be put into a yearbook in the form

of a small square code. So how do these revolutionary little codes work to hold a whole video on a page? It is actually pretty simple, as long as someone has a smart phone or computer close at hand. The way the QR codes work is brilliant. The QR code will be readable by any device that has a camera and is able to run a QR code “reader� application. Basically, any smart phone, some tablets, or a computer with a camera, can use a QR code and will be able to view whatever video is attached to it. Even without a smart phone or tablet, one can read a QR code using a computer, by going to a specified URL where one will be able to view videos through the channel provided. Here is the awesome part though: Eeach QR code is guaranteed for up to 30 years. The very thought of being able to catch a glimpse into life 30 years in the

past is daunting. One might think that this futuristic technology would be expensive or somehow hard to come by, yet that is not the case. Quite the contrary, these QR codes can be purchased for as little as $100 each. Even though that might sound expensive for some, a little more thought may reveal that for a tiny little chip that holds high quality videos in a book that can be accessed with little more effort than scanning the spot with a cell phone, coupled with the knowledge that these videos will be good and still efficient for up to 30 years, it is really not expensive at all. Soon QR codes will be everywhere. This technology is just too convenient and too efficient to pass up. Very soon QR codes will be a normal thing, and surely they will improve and become more advanced over time. Contact dbrawner @ for details.

Where Japanese Chefs Entertain You 433 Sawdust Rd Spring, TX 77380

Call for Reservations: (281) 298-2000

HOURS Lunch- DinnerMon-Fri: 11:15am-2pm Sun-Thurs: 5pm-10pm Sat: 12pm-2:30pm Fri-Sat: 5pm-10:30pm Sun: 12pm-3pm 9

FYI to Hipsters:

Quit Trying so Hard to Be Different Dylan Lopenzina

\hip-stur\n. One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the uncool. (Note: it is no longer recommended that one use the term “cool”; a Hipster would instead say “deck.”) The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream. A Hipster ideally possesses no more than 2% body fat. For the few beings who do not know, a hipster is a person who takes everything that is popular and purposely does the opposite thing just to call it authentic or original. These people take marching to a beat of your own drum to an extreme, all the while maintaining a false sense of pride about it. Even if you have never heard of this expression before, we all know this guy. He is the guy who wears weird clothes just because no one else is wearing them. He is the guy that likes that band no one has ever heard of just because no one has ever heard of them. He is the guy who shows you “the best song you will ever hear”, which is only the best song you will ever hear because you have never heard of it. You would not have found it without your hipster friend because that band is too underground for you to have possibly heard of them in the first place. This guy is a hipster. So, how do I feel about hipsters? Honestly, they are pathetic. The funniest thing about the hipster ideology is that by trying so hard to not fit in, they are trying really hard to fit in to the crowd that does not care about fitting in. So they are not any different from the very people they are trying not to be. People can do whatever they want and think whatever they want. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just like I am voicing my own in this article. It just annoys me whenever people try to project their ridiculous ideas out to everyone. No one wants to hear it guys.

10 [October 2011]



9305 Spring Cypress Rd Ste 102A Spring, TX 77384 CONTACT US: telephone: (979)575-0797 email:


Kaileen Gaul

Every year high school students go door-to-door with their friends trick-or-treating and get weird looks from the parents handing out candy. These teens, who tower above children, do not seem to get the hint. When teenagers get past a certain age, dressing up and begging for candy is not just weird, but creepy by some standards. “I think 10 is a good age to stop,” Senior Danique Sweers said. “Thirteen is about when you should stop,” Senior Erin Hayes said. The Missourian, a local newspaper in Columbia, MO, performed an experiment where 22, 25, and 33-year-old reporters dressed up and went trick-or-treating. The reporters received a series of mixed reactions from candy distributors: Some were accepting and they said trick or treating is acceptable at all ages, as long as a costume is worn. One parent said that 15 should be the maximum age. For those who are clueless about the definition of trick-or-treating, it is defined as :“The ultimatum given by children who call on houses to solicit gifts at Halloween.” The definition of what constitutes a child could mean younger than 18, not able to drive, or in elementary school. The oldest trick-or-treater sighted on HubBlog was a 95-year-old woman who wore the classic “sheet ghost” costume. “I still go trick-or-treating; it’s free candy,” an anonymous senior said. One theory is, once someone is old enough to be at the other end of the candy bowl, they should stop trick-ortreating. At a certain point taking candy from someone intending to give it to a young child really is stealing candy from a baby.

The Missourian


Queens of the Court By Madison Ray

Ready to Conquer District and Beyond 12 [October 2011]

Ashley Huddleston

Ranked second in state, the Lady Cavalier volleyball team started out strong as district began. With their first game of district out of the way, they are 7-0 in district. “‘Make an impact’ is our slogan this year and every time we step on the court that is what we hope to do,” Varsity Coach Candice Collins said. In the first district home game, the Lady Cavaliers faced Kingwood, probably the toughest team they will play this season. “Kingwood has a lot of their players returning and are a very strong team fundamentally,” Assistant Coach Doerfler said. The desire to win showed in the Pearland tournament, with 84 teams in contention, the Lady Cavaliers placed second overall. As the three day tournament came to an end, they beat the team that won state last year in two sets and advanced to the championship game against the number one team in the nation, Lake Travis. It was definitely a hard battle and at the end the Lady Cavaliers fell short, receiving second place. At Duncanville, they took fourth place and at the Spring Branch tournament, they took home first place. “They have worked so hard and to have it pay off is very exciting for them,” Coach Collins said. With all the wins, the crowd fills the stands for every game. It is always a thrill to be in the stands cheering on the Lady Cavaliers and keep their spirits high. There is never a dull moment at the games because something is always happening. As volleyball is a fast-paced sport, the constant interaction with the fans is a necessity. The students are always enthusiastic, but the parents are even more so. Every point brings them to their feet, holding signs and hollering the Lady Cavaliers to victory. “Volleyball is not only skill, but an adrenaline mindset as well,” Senior Setter Emily Lawlis said. The colors say it all, though it is mainly just pink. Coach Collins clothes depict the mood of practice or game. Pink is an easy going and fun practice. Blue means get ready to work hard, but it will not be that bad. Black symbolizes be ready to run because the team will never know what is going to happen. Game days always consist of pink. Whether it is the heels, pants, or shirt, the color is pink. “Pink is bright, cheerful and fun,” Coach Collins said. “Pink is an attitude.” The team is definitely bonded whether it is on or off the court. Before games, the team is out dancing and cheering to warm-up and to get pumped up for the game. To bring all teams together, the players are involved in a little sister, big sister gift-giving. Players are given a list of different guidelines of what to bring to that certain game. Pasta parties are also something everyone looks forward to. The day before a home game following practice each team goes to a player’s house where everyone fills up on pasta while socializing and preparing for the next game. “We have great team chemistry and work ethic; everyone pushes each other to get better everyday so we can reach our goals,” Coach Collins said.

Donna Brawner Right hand hitter Alex Thorson and middle hitter/blocker Katie Mitchell block Conroe’s outside hittter. The Cavs won decisively in the three sets.















The Woodlands









n a e k a “M ” t c a p Im


Lady Cavaliers Sign with D1 Colleges

Katie Mitchelle goes up and kills the ball into Magnolia’s court.

Katie Mitchell

Position Class Hieght Blocks Kills/ Hits Aces College *all four years

Middle Hitter 2012 6’ 3 50 1,000* 35 Ohio State University

Senior Flies North to Ohio One of the hardest things about seniors is that next year they will be gone and their spot will be up for grabs. Katie Mitchell, a four-year letterman, is ranked number one in the percentage hits and aces. Mitchell is the representative figure to the student body who, every time she kills the ball, the stands go crazy. Coach Candace Collins agrees with the fans and is proud of how Mitchell blossomed in four years. “Katie is incredibly talented, a strong leader, has a strong work ethic and is a very intense player,” Coach Collins said. “She is fun to watch.” Mitchell has been playing volleyball for six years and has been the tall middle every year. She is also the captain and understands how important her job as a leader is and sets the example for her team. This year Mitchell achieved 1,000 kills and is looking forward to setting the school record by the end of the season. “I do my best to pull my weight in the games and contribute the most I can both in practice and during games,” she said. Being a member of five different clubs at school and coaching 10 year-old-girls at the YMCA takes up a lot of Mitchell’s time. Once a member of the Academy of Science and Technology, Mitchell decided it was not the right move for her going into her senior year. “Balancing sports and school is always tough year round with high school and club volleyball seasons overlapping,” Mitchell said. “Time management is key. I do not get to do what other kids get to, but I love volleyball and that is my sacrifice.”

Mitchell has been a key asset to have on the varsity team and next year Ohio State University will be earning a 6’ 2 middle who’s work ethic far exceeds her ability to help lead her team to victory. With a long list things she was looking for in a college, Mitchell was extremely careful not to make a bad decision about her future as a student. “Committing to a college is not only a sense of relief, but a realization of my goals,” Mitchell said. “ The most important thing for me was the degree I’m a student before I’m an athlete.” Losing three special girls while be difficult for everyone, but there will always be new girls to make the program be the best it can be. “It is going to be difficult to see the girls go off to college, they have had so much impact on College Park Volleyball,” Collins said. “I am excited for them to move into the next season of their lives though and looking forward to see how well each of them do in college.” “Next year is important but this season is more important so I haven’t looked past what we are doing right now. Its important to live in the moment, and this is a great moment.” Kempker

14 [October 2011]

Michelle Griffith Position Class Kills Assists Aces

Setter 2012 16 351 26

Alex Thorson Position Class Kills Blocks Assists

Right Side 2013 93 21 15

Above: Griffith sets up the ball for an attack. Right: Alex Thorson attacks the ball for a kill.


Setting Skills Earn Griffith Scholarship to SHSU In the 2012 fall season, Sam Houston State University will be gaining a four-year letterman. Senior Michelle Griffith is one of the two varsity setters who is on 2011 Greater Houston Area Volleyball Coaches Association, and Vype Magazine’s Top 32 Pre-season Team. Coach Collins has been lucky to have Griffith on her team and her skills will be greatly missed. “Michelle is the setter, so she is our more vocal court leader,” Collins said. “She is a strong worker, has great leadership ability and is very talented as well.” Griffith has been playing volleyball for 10 years and competed seven years on a club team. As the setter, Griffith performs one of the most important jobs of the team which is to keep the game moving and alive. “My favorite part of volleyball is just the feeling of competing,” Griffith said. “I get chills after an amazing play just because I simply love giving all your effort to win each point and the succeeding and having your team screaming all around you.” Griffith’s highlight of her varsity career was playing with her sister her freshman year, but she also enjoys every game she plays as it is her last year on the team. After committing to SHSU, knowing that her family will always be close makes the transition from high school to college that much easier for her. Sam Houston is solid when it comes to volleyball and the coach has been with the program for 27 seasons. Griffith took her time when selecting her college and the closest one to home just seemed right. “I want to be able to come home when I need,” Griffith said. “The coaching staff also has the same intensity and competitiveness that I have, and Sam Houston has the major I want, so it all just fit perfectly for me.”

Tulane Grabs Junior Right Side Hitter Thorson Every volleyball player has to know her job on the court to be able to play the game to the best of her ability. Finding girls that do not have to be told what to do every other point is a win within itself. In 2013, Tulane will gain the 6’ 3”, hard working junior right side hitter/blocker, Alex Thorson. Thorson is a current three-year letterman and is only a junior. On the court, Thorson’s job is to block the opponent, kill the ball and take the place of the setter if necessary. “Just being a part of a team is something I enjoy,” Thorson said, “and the experience of playing with different girls makes it all worthwhile.” Over the summer, Thorson verbally committed to Tulane

University in New Orleans, LA. Tulane is ranked eighth in the country with a head coach that is on his third season of coaching at Tulane. “The coaching was one of my top priorities when looking for a college,” Thorson said. “Tulane was my perfect match.” Head volleyball Coach Candice Collins who is excited about Thorson’s varsity involement is even more excited that she still has one more year with Thorson to lead varsity all the way to state. “Alex has really done well for us this season; she has stepped up and played a major role in our success,” Collins said. “I am looking for her to only get better.”


Pep Rallies: Excellent Entertainment, Excellent Excuse to Miss Class


ep rallies: You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. When you have graduated and are long gone, it will be hard to not remember those Friday afternoons when everybody piled into gym to yell their guts out for 30 minutes. Or when walking down the halls, students strode past wearing outlandish costumes to meet the requirements of a pep rally theme day. These will be some of the good ole days. So, for those that just love pep rallies, do not read any further. For those that hate them, read on. If you hang out in the commons during the pep rally, maybe you should broaden your horizons and just try attending one. You could sit in a corner high in the gym where your friends will not see you attending such a “mundane” event. Watching the antics of the Cavalier band alone is worth the effort. These people know how to have a good time, anytime. When they play Domination, the entire band throws themselves back and forth to the music. Hair must fly over one’s head and one must be bent over at the waist to execute the maneuver successfully. People who play the horn instruments

16 [October 2011]

wave them to and fro in time with the music. The drumline could be a Las Vegas show all by themselves. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase moving to the beat. They are loud and proud. A band without a flashy drumline is like a roller coaster without a loop. In between the band totally revving up the crowd, two groups also contribute to the energy at these events. When the Revelier officers take the floor, the crowd knows it is in store for a real treat. They start hooting and hollering before the dance music even begins. These ladies can get the moves on. At one pep rally, the PA system died and they had no music. They just danced on like there was music. Incredible performance. The cheerleaders defy gravity with their stunts and cradles. People who believe cheerleaders are just fluff should see these ladies when they flying high. Finally, just to round things out, various groups in the school perform skits that are usually hilarious. There is nothing like seeing people subject themselves to public ridicule to amuse the crowd. So even if you are anti-establishment, everybody loves being entertained and pep rallies are definitely entertaining.

Trumpets Luke Crmley, Lucas Strohm and Alicia Norman show their moves while drumline plays Cadence.

After the pep rally, Senior Caty Jenkins, Juniors Juan Suarez and Kimberly Rutherford stop and head bang to Domination

As the music stopped in the middle of their routine, Reveliers Kristine Till and Megan Reyna continued dancing.

CC Aims for State Kaileen Gaul

Junior Katie Jensen racing at the University of Kansas on Sept. 24.


After losing last year’s top runners, College Park still has a good chance to make the state competition. Last year, the girls were fourth in state and the boys were fourth at regionals. This year, both rankings are expected to improve. “There were nine points that separated first through fourth place at state last year.” Coach Gibson said about the girls’ state competition. “We lost the third place tie break to Southlake Carol.” For cross country, scoring is calculated by adding the top four or five individual finishing places on each team. First place gets one point; second place gets two, and so on. The team with the lowest amount of points wins. In high school competition, ties are resolved in favor of the team whose next non-scoring member finishes first. “Our goal for the girls is to make it to state and win the state title,” Coach Gibson said. “For boys, we want to be in the top three.” On September 24th, they competed in the annual Rim Rock Classic, which invites top teams from around the country. The girls won the two years before and the boys were second last year. This year, the girls competed against 34 teams and the boys competed against 36 teams. “The girls placed first in the Gold division beating the top teams from Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri and teams from Iowa,” Coach Gibson said. “The boys placed sixth in their race again 36 teams.” The top four last year were Kingwood, TWHS, Southlake Carol, then CP. With such a small margin between these teams, anything could happen. “Our goal for the girls is to make it to state and win the state title,” Coach Gibson said. “For boys, we want to be in the top three.” Sept. 24, the team traveled to Kansas University for the elite Rim Rock Classic. “Both boys and girls have great attitudes; they’re extremely positive,” Coach Gibson said.

WHERE TO FIND US Lenny’s #303 3091 College Park Dr. Ste. 150 The Woodlands, TX (936) 242-1753 LENNY’S.COM

More Food, More Taste, More Personality

HU“MUM”GOUS Mums & Garters

Sarah Bridgeman Senior Taylor Owen

Kenzi Miller Senior Chelsea Siracki

Hope Dobelman Senior Brittany Sikes

Must Haves: Loud Cowbells, Huge Bears, Blinking Lights, Good Neck Muscles, Money

Hope Dobelman Hailey Pelham, Savanna Williams, Jenna Graffagnino

Kara Robertson Junior Jakob Bellamy

Savannah Solis Senior Tayler Mackie


Running back Austin Boudreax stiff arms the Kingwood defensive player as he gains yardage on the play.

Austin Burgess In the one of the highest scoring games in Cavalier history, Defensive Back Zane Ritchie drags down the Bryan running back.

20 [October 2011]

Looking for an open receiver, Quarterback Zach Wright eludes the Mustangs defensive line as he rears back to throw the pass.

Austin Burgess

Varsity Football Player


Grade Jersey Number

S t a r t e r s

O F F E N S e

Tyler Price Chris Albores Tyrone Power Zane Ritchie Colin Snow Tristen Newman Taylor Frederick Jesse Jahn Spencer Bull Michael Cevera Brett Buckley


Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Sophomore Senior Senior Senior Junior Junior

14 5 25 34 52 90 89 71 54 50 2


Zach Wright Austin Boudreaux Connor McPherson Luke Charbonneau Alex Young Kevin Barnes Sam Heaton Josh Bush Juan Fajardo Nick Arguez Colin McNelis


Senior Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior

11 24 33 62 4 12 66 72 65 60 82

We have a lot more seniors on the team this year. We have a good sense of comradery; it’s like a brotherhood. We have been playing together for four years now, and we’re very close and very understanding of each other.- Zach Wright (QB)

In a heart-breaking loss in overtime, the Kingwood Mustangs destroyed the hopes for a victorious Homecoming game Friday night as the Cavaliers lost, 31-24. Even though the Cavaliers led throughout most of the game, overtime plays cost CP the game. A fumble occurred in overtime and put the Mustangs ahead while another ensured their 31-24 overtime win. The Cavs dominated most of the game, but a fumble in the end zone put the Mustangs ahead 31-24 after the first possession in overtime. After a successful point after for Kingwood, Quarterback Zach Wright fumbled on the second play in overtime sealing the outcome of the game for the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers put points on the board in the first quarter with Wright completing a 30-yard run in the first quarter. Kingwood answered with a 7-yard run two minutes before the end of the first half. The locker room talk must have Pages by Kaileen Gaul and Shelby Gregory

worked for the Mustangs as they came out and marched 65 yards in 11 plays to tie the game, 14-14. Wright answered their touchdown with one of his own as he passed the ball to Running Back Alex Young who caught the ball at midfield and dashed to the end zone for an 81yard touchdown. He repelled at least three Kingwood defenders as he put another six on the board for the Cavaliers. Not to be outdone, the Mustangs charged right back, completing their only pass of the game, to tie the game up, 21-21, at the opening of the fourth quarter. The Cavaliers looked like the game was in the bag as sure-footed Kicker Ander Gosselin attempted a 40-yard field goal with only 10 seconds left in the game. The kick looked like a sure thing, but the football hit the left upright and bounced back into the end zone, sending the game into overtime. The Cavaliers play Conroe at Morehead Stadium Oct 14.


The Marriage of Bette and Boo Combines Tragedy with Comedy By Dylan Lopenzina

22 [October 2011]

Christopher Durang’s witty, fast paced comedy, “The Marriage of Bette and Boo”, is College Park’s first big theatre production. The cast has their work cut out for them as they cram 33 scenes into a two hour show, running around frantically, scurrying here and there, the cast is always on the move. This is not your average school play. A woman gives birth to four successive stillborn babies on stage, who are then dropped on the floor by the doctor. There are several deaths on stage throughout the show, some from cancer, some from a stroke. One character is a psychotic, another an alcoholic, and another is senile. Right there, one can already infer that this is a lively show with a lot going on. Every character is stranger than the next, down to the neighborhood priest who does little more than mumble platitudes to stupid people about insoluble problems. Durang manages to encompass life’s horrors and poke fun at them in this witty comedy of errors. It’s really hard to make a show about a lot of serious and sad things and still make it funny. As he has done in other plays, Christopher Durang lays out the story of a boy’s grotesque childhood, hoping that the comedy will naturally flow from it. In this show Mr. Durang actually sets himself as the narrator-son, named Matt. The tale begins with the marriage of Matts parents, and ends over two decades later with the family’s dissolution. By then Matt has started to learn from lessons received in childhood, and is beginning to make his way in the world. He has developed some sort of a philosophy; “I don’t believe that God punishes people for specific things”, Durang said at an evenings end. “He punishes people in general for no reason.” This fantastic show keeps the audiences attention throughout. Durang’s mastery of mixing comedy and misery is a trait that makes every one of the scenes in this show entertaining and memorable. The first performance will be Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. Tickets will be on sale for the event. Additonal performance dates and times can be found on the school calendar at

Happy Halloween, Cavs! From Brooklyn Cafe You’ll love the friendly, upbeat atmosphere and the best choices for “all-day” dining in The Woodlands! : MONTH

HE SE OF T E E H C CREAM BAGEL & Bagel & Pumpkin Cream Cheese e on Spic Cinnam PIE!" MPKIN U P E IK L "TASTES


College Park Plaza 3091 College Park Dr Phone: (936)273-8880 Fax: (936)273-8881 Panther Creek

4775 W Panther Creek Dr Phone: (281)298-7488 Fax: (281)364-1704


See this fish? He did not buy his yearbook on time... Get YOUR yearbook TODAY! Go to room 3112 OR OR the online school store! Plain book: $65 Nameplate:$5 Icons: $5 with a limit of 2


Want more info? Email Ms. Brawner at


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TWCP newsmagazine published 10/7/11

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