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Youth (can) Inspire Government BY CAT SMITH ASSISTANT EDITOR SOUTH COUNTY DELEGATION At almost 250 years old, one would think that the US government would have become a mature entity. Ironically, it may be able to look to a group of teenagers for guidance. After all, “They’re looking at future politicians and lawyers,” says South County

Delegate Rhea Patel. Unfortunately, it seems that the US government has fallen into the trap of bipartisanism. The most amazing part of Youth In Government is that it has managed to overcome the stigmas of party lines and give every delegate, no matter their beliefs, the chance to influence the nation. Just one look at YIG would show politicians how easy

Representative Vollmer speaks in the Sullivan House. Picture courtesy of Florida YMCA Youth In Government.

it is to work together. As Editor-inChief Haley Oberhofer said, "Your last name, party

affiliation, and economic background don't matter. What matters is your love and passion."


chapters while serving the community. At the YIG delegates S p r i n g Servant can learn how to L e a d e r s h i p effectively lead their Conference, which

Courtney Scoufis (South County Delegation) and Patrick McDaniel (West Central Florida Delegation) at Fall Servant Leadership Conference this past September.

will be held at YMCA Camp Wewa April 19th—21st, delegates will develop their administrative leadership skills and plan for the new YIG year. They will also participate in service projects, such as collecting air potatoes and painting the floors (and other delegates). The Fall SLC will focus on teaching basic YIG concepts, such as bill writing

and the different p r o gr a m a r e as. Governor Christina Wiley encourages delegates to participate. “Usually the people who show up at these events are the ones who are committed to YIG and moving up in leadership… A leader is someone who is willing to serve and get on the same level as their team.”

2 Capitol Briefings Post State Assembly Edition


APRIL 19-21 YMCA CAMP WEWA WHO SHOULD GO?  Chapter leadership  Program coordinators  PO hopefuls  Underclassmen who show leadership potential  Y-staff & advisors WHAT WILL I LEARN?  Chapter administration  Recruitment & Retention  Leading your peers  Budgets & Fundraisers  Working with your Y  Servant Leadership  YIG Culture HOW DO I REGISTER? Talk to your advisor or Y-staff!


Log onto the Deledex to apply to be a member of the 2013-2014 Press Corps! COMMITMENT ISSUES?


6 APRIL 2013

What is special about YIG? BY DANIELLE REID CONTRIBUTOR TAMPA DELEGATION Y o u t h I n Government was a part of my life even before I joined. My brother, Nate, graduated last year, leaving his YIG legacy. My brother, Seth, helped me with bills, research, and debating. This is only two examples of people who help in YIG. Every YIG meeting, I watch

teenagers stand up and share great points, interesting facts, and fun debate, and it makes me want to do the same. Fortunately, t h e r e a r e opportunities and events for both the younger and older delegates. Y o u t h I n Government is special in so many ways. You have opportunities. You feel welcome and part of something bigger than yourself.

YIG is not only a program, but a family, who is available to help you in every situation. As 2012-2013 Governor Christina Wiley said, “You

don’t need to be afraid of setting your goals high.”

When you do, you open the door to more opportunities. Trust this family. Trust Youth In Government.

Letter from the Editor There comes a time when we are forced to close a chapter of our lives; however, it also gives us the opportunity to open new ones. It's been a wonderful six years with the program. The lessons I've learned have carried into all aspects of my life, from public speaking to learning to shape my own ideas. Serving as your editor for the last two years has been

one of the most r e w a r d i n g experiences of my high school career. To all graduating seniors, I encourage you to keep in touch and consider becoming a Graduate Advisor or joining College YIG. Whether you want to pursue law, journalism, or politics, use the skills you learned from Youth In Government to help achieve your goal. Thank you to my fellow Presiding Officers, Erika Amaya, and

Samantha Lane for your constant s u p p o r t , enthusiasm, and dedication over the years. Although I will not be a delegate during the upcoming program year, I know the press program is in fabulous hands. Congratulations, Ali! Make your next chapter the best one yet. In the Spirit of Democracy, Editor-in-Chief

Capitol Briefings Post State Assembly Edition  

A follow up edition to the Florida YMCA Florida Youth In Government 56th Annual State Assembly.

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