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Joint session introduces new changes to program areas BY MUMTU LALLA

Staff Today’s Joint Session was based on major changes occurring in the Lobbying, Press Corps, and Judicial program areas this year. Trying to encourage more opportunities for leadership in Youth In Government, fifteen new Supporting Officer positions have been opened this year. For the Lobbyist Program, the positions for Head Lobbyists have opened up to better integrate the lobbyists with the rest of YIG and to create a new sense of competition and intensity in the Lobbyist Program. Unlike previously, where Lobbyist firms would just apply to be in the program, Head Lobbyists

will be given the responsibility of recruiting people around the state to create their firm, so that the Lobbyist Program as a whole can be more representative of the Legislative bills. According to Lobbyist Program Coordinator Clark Devore, Head Lobbyists are people who “present themselves as strong leaders and are determined, quick witted, strong willed, and able to control situations and delegates.” A new Press Corps Editorial Board is going to be established for recruitment of new members as well as to support the editor-inchief with monthly Page Note editions. During closing ceremonies, a number of students will be selected

The Sullivan House joined the Williams Senate for a joint session to begin State Assembly. Photo courtesy of Eric Pait.

to apply for membership for the E-board. The Eboard will also assist the Editor-In-Chief in updating the YIG pages on Facebook and Twitter. The Judicial Program is instituting the new positions of Associate Justices to encourage leadership in the Supreme Court. A group

of delegates will be invited to apply during cl osin g cerem on i es. Associate Justices will have the responsibility of researching and even helping to design the District Cou rt an d Supreme Court civil and criminal cases.

Former “Best Law Firm” returns to Supreme Court to defend title BY NOELLE FENNESSY

Staff Supreme Court Firm K of the Suncoast delegation returns to State Assembly to defend its title as “Best Law Firm.” An ambitious goal, some might say, but this group is rich in experience and was feeling confident after this morning’s

preliminary round. Firm K, which consists of delegates from Pal m Harbor University High School, is currently in its second year of participation in the Supreme Court and has replaced one firm member from last year with first-year delegate Jonathan Im, also of Palm Harbor University High School. Christian

Carvajal, Juno Lee, and Nick Gobes, return as senior, third-year delegates to defend Burde and the state of Florida in their firm’s cases. Carvajal, a thirdyear delegate, expressed his modesty and excitement. “We were honored to have received the award last year and are

excited to be here at State Assembly again,” says Carvajal. “Of course we’re hoping for the best, but we’ll see how our next trials go.” Juno Lee, a thirdyear delegate, firmly asserted that this is not the same firm State Assembly saw last year. “We would like to (Continued on page 2)

2 Friday Extended Edition

25 February 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it…Online BY KALEY WITECK

Staff It’s no secret that the internet is well on its way to taking over the world of journalism, and that is why even our state Youth In Government program has been updating its own online blog, The Page Note, since 2004. The Page Note is a series of monthly publications that can be found on line. This effort is a

collaboration between the Press Corps and other fellow YIG Delegates that are interested in informing. Actually, this is the first year that the blog has kept up monthly updates regarding important news before State Assembly. The main ideas of the blog are to keep delegates in the loop, help with preparation, or even for just entertainment. Editor-in-chief and fourth year delegate,

Emma Joslyn, is the person who is in charge of the publication. She receives submissions from YIG writers and other willing delegates via email. “The publication is in a PDF, so readers can either look at it online or print it from their computers,” Joslyn said. “I like how it was easy to access and navigate,” First year Delegate Rachel Winston from the Suncoast dele-

gation said. “I’m new to the program this year and The Page Note allowed me to get a brief idea of what I might be experiencing.” Don’t hesitate to take a look at The Page Note during your spare time. It is available to all at www.thepagenote.blogsp Simply click on the link of the month’s publication that you would like to see on the right hand margin of the screen.

Bowen Senators experience legislature and then some BY REBEKAH LIPPENS takes Volusia-Flagler Delegation

At 10:30 this Friday morning, senators in the Bowen chambers were given the chance to try their hand at some of the other jobs and positions available through the other branches of YIG. The senators, all first year delegates, were invited to apply via page note to become Presiding Officer, Clerk, Timekeeper, a lobbyist, a member of the Press Corps, or even a Page for a two-bill set. Chief Financial Officer Alex Rix was on hand to round out the various departments (executive), with a message on mis-

and making the most of the YIG experience. Senator Braxtron Mann’s bill, #1042, was the first to be presided over by a delegate- in this case, Sen. Emily Kincaid. The senators, chosen for their positions by the Der ek Su mm er vi lle, Graduate Advisor, and assigned to a pair of bills on the docket, were given some of the duties of their position— i.e. writing a small article as a member of the Press Corps. As Sen . Arian a Agrios, who served as a page for the first set, put it, “It’s good to try out and experience different

Bowen Senate delegates participate in multiple roles for the first time in Florida YIG history. Photo courtesy of Eric Pait.

positions so we can see what direction to go in next year.” This is the first year that delegates in the Bowen chambers have been

Palm Harbor University High School is back! (Continued from page 1)

consider ourselves a separate entity,” says Lee. Regardless of Lee’s sentiments, however, this firm is still viewed as last year’s Best Law Firm

and will be judged as such. Watch for Firm K in Saturday’s Finals, depending on th e outcome of Friday’s preliminary round. This group of gentlemen was

humble about past successes, but we’re sure they would love to stay on top throughout this year’s State Assembly.

able to test drive different positions. Was it a success? We must defer to practicepage, and Sen. Madison Savage: “This is so fun!”

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