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Karlee Wold:

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months long, but it’s not through FCCLA.” According to the official FCCLA site, each scholarship is worth up to $6,995 and all Sending a child anywhere within the United sophomores and juniors who are in FCCLA are States can be a stressful time for many parents, let able to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship alone overseas. For Krissy Wold, it is no different. covers all bases such as round-trip international “In the beginning we thought she was just travel, placement with a selected host family and joking around,” Krissy regional orientation for said. “Then she started to the recipients and the explain what all is involved I’d get to take Japanese parents. in applying we realized how if I went to Japan, but now “I thought it would serious she is and how much I might be able to go to a be fun and while reading research she had done.” the website I saw how different country. Sophomore Karlee easy it was, it was just a Wold, Vice President of -Karlee Wold, 10 FCCLA (Family Career quick application, and Community Leaders that got me into it,” Wold of America) has been researching a FCCLA said. “I’ll be able to take orchestra classes and I scholarship sponsored by the Kikkoman might get credits switched and I think it would Corporation and administered by Youth for be a great learning experience. Plus I’d get to take Understanding USA that would allow her to study Japanese if I went to Japan but now I might be able abroad in Japan for six to eight weeks. “We had our meeting and our president Marisa to go to a different country.” Krissy, who believes FCCLA is an amazing briefly mentioned it and so I looked it up on the program, is 100 percent supportive of her website and I found the information,” Wold said. daughter’s efforts and believes that she has just as “I’m talking to the administrations right now much a chance as anyone who is applying. because you can apply for multiple scholarships “You need to have people in your life that and only have to pay the $75 fee to apply. So now believe in you and are willing to take time there’s an Australian one and that one would be six

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high school

from their lives to help you; she has had to get letters of recommendation,” Krissy said. “Karlee is very organized with things like deadlines and commitments, her note taking skills are phenomenal. She is extremely responsible.” Sophomore Kailee Wallace competed with Wold in the FCCLA national competition last year along with sophomore Ellie Ratchenski in Nashville and ended up winning first. “I always knew she would be interested in something like that,” Wallace said. “It’s a great opportunity to learn different cultures and be able to experience that.” Wold said the application process is relatively easy and she is more excited than anything else. She will find out in April if she has been chosen or not. “I had to write five essays, one was about my family structure and how my family works and there’s other ones like what’s my favorite activity,” Wold said. “A lot of it was just questions on yourself, like where do I live, all that kind of stuff.” Krissy is excited for the possibility for her daughter and hopes this experience will be a great moment for her daughter. “[I am feeling] Proud, scared, excited, the whole spectrum would likely get covered at different times.” Krissy said.


Intercultural Exchange Program

E s s a y to p i c s : 1 Family Structure 2 Challenges Faced 3 Problem Situations


30 minutes total 150 minutes

5 essays - 1 scholarship Essays



Intercultural Exchange Program


$75 non-refundable fee


Cost completely covered 2014 Kikkoman/FCCLA Scholarship

6 week trip



Kyla Kramer: Anxiety attacks force student

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Emily Chadwick Staff Writer

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individuals where English may not be their first language. Kramer thinks she will fit right in with the diverse population at M-State. “With any student, personal circumstances always play a role in our success, and the way we achieve it. Sometimes it can be in a student’s best interest to receive their diploma in a different setting, but I do not think it’s a decision that should be made lightly” Kimele said. “I think it’s important for students to know that they can receive a college education whether or not they receive a high school diploma, but that it’s important to make the decision that is best for them.”

year,” Gravel said. “Success isn’t measured here. It is about when is the right time for the student.” Because it does not have the traditional high school route, CHS science teacher Lisa Foulkes Community senior Lexi Kasowski starts her car worries about the students’ misconceptions. as she wipes tears from her eyes, begging for closure. “They think ‘it’s just a GED program or a bunch She approaches the high school and heads straight of dropouts,’ but that is not the case,” Foulkes said. for counselor Deb Egge’s room, struggling to hold in “There are a lot misconceptions and once you really the gut wrenching news she just heard. She pours her do know what Community High is really like, then emotions out to Egge explaining that her daughter you know whether it is for you or whether it is not Mariah had passed due to an unfortunate event of for you. When they come here for a couple days and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. realized the work it is not what they expected.” “When she [Mariah] passed away I stopped Gravel said all students have different situations going to school,” Kasowski said. “When I went to when entering Community. The goal of Community [West Fargo High School] I couldn’t even stay in is to first deal with what class because I would have is happening in the lives of breakdowns, so I went to students, because without Community.” If there wasn’t a dealing with their situations, Community High Community, I would have they can’t get a quality School (CHS) is an dropped out. education. Foulkes believes that alternative education with Lexi’s situation, CHS is a -Lexi Kasowski, 12 structure compared to that good fit. of a traditional high school. The students at CHS have “Kids come over here a morning session dedicated to one class and an and they make certain connections with teachers afternoon session dedicated to a different class. The and discuss things with them and you get a chance students are expected to complete a credit every 30 to talk,” Foulkes said. “I feel like over here you get days. a better opportunity to know the students and “At a traditional high school if you think of a the students get to know you as a teacher. That surf wave where the entire class is on the wave, in 18 connection can help bring someone out maybe if they weeks it hits the shore,” Community Principal David Gravel said. “Well, at Community, everyone gets their are in a low spot in their life.” Kasowski has three and half more credits before own wave. Whereas at a traditional school you might graduating from Community a year earlier than she have fallen off your surf board 17 weeks ago.” According to Gravel, students attend CHS for would at a traditional high school. Kasowski’s second various reasons. Some students transferring from a baby girl is due on March 22nd and she plans to take a Class B school may not be comfortable in a larger class year off of school to spend time with her. She plans on size and CHS gives them the opportunity to learn in a comfortable atmosphere, while others may be looking attending a four year college in the fall of 2015. “I am so glad I went,” Kasowski said. “If there to graduate early. “We’ve had to tweak a few things throughout the wasn’t a Community, I would have dropped out.”


to consider alternatives

Brittany Rheault and Logan Ahern Head Editor and Opinion Editor

September October

in and out of the high school 2012-2013


fact that it is almost impossible to make a decent living and have a nice future for yourself,” Hersch said. “Try something else like Community High or talking to your principal or counselor.” Kramer may have dropped out of high school, but she has made numerous accomplishments in dealing with her circumstances. “At the time I regretted dropping out just for the fact I am missing out on that high school experience, but I’m happy with how far I’ve come now and it’s not like I could go back anyway,” Kramer said. Kimele said they have individuals from all different circumstances that apply for their college, such as first- generation college students, veterans, parents, people who work full-time, or even

Youth For Leadership 1 apply online 2 study abroad 3 scholarships available

Kasowski takes support and explores options to take new route after incident Students transferring

Logan Ahern


Community High: Transfering In

change. She went to the STEM Center because it had smaller classes. In high school, she dealt While students come back from winter break with major accounts of anxiety and prepare for finals, Kyla Kramer is prepares to that made it difficult for her do start college. Kramer dropped out of high school go through each day of school, in the ninth grade. Since then she has earned leading up to her decision to drop her GED (General Education Development) and out. is enrolled to start next semester at M-State “When I started at Sheyenne (Minnesota State Community and Technical I started getting really bad College) one and a half years ahead of her anxiety so between that and graduating class. getting harassed every day I just M-State has open enrollment, which means the couldn’t deal with going there admission requires that students have either a high anymore,” Kramer said. school diploma She said the or their GED. fall of sophomore I regretted dropping out just year she started They do not have minimum GPA or for the fact I am missing out online classes, ACT requirements. on that high school experience but it was Laura Kimele is one but I’m happy with how far I’ve expensive and of the enrollment come now. -Kyla Kramer, 12 hard so she managers at decided to get her GED so she M-State. She deals could start college earlier. with admitting students whether they have a high “I felt like I was going to be like every other school diploma or GED. One of her duties is to go freshman kid. And I thought my anxiety was through applicants. normal, until it started getting worse and worse “We view students with their GED the same as and then I knew something was wrong with me,” those who received a high school diploma,” Kimele Kramer said. said. “Students are asked to take either the ACT Although Kramer received her GED, counselor or Accuplacer assessment, which we provide on Julie Hersch believes there are other alternatives our campus, to determine placement for math and students should consider before dropping out of English classes.” high school. Kramer grew up in a small town with small “I would never ever recommend dropping classes so when she moved here it was a huge out of high school for anyone because I know for a


Intercultural Exchange Program




Nicole Johnson Co-Online Editor


FCCLA member takes oppurtunity to study abroad in Japan for six weeks


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Community High School is one of the high schools offered in West Fargo. Community is located at the Lodoen Community Center at 109 3rd Street East. Graphic by Logan Ahern

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