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Izaac Jacobson Staff Writer

There is no doubt that new is better than old. In the race for being the best radio station in town, bigger is better, specifically BIG 98.7. Being a new radio station in town, they had to make their mark in a strong way. As a huge fan of Froggy 99.9, I was awfully upset when the Jesse and Amanda with Pike in the Morning show announced that they would no longer be on Froggy. Listeners were pleased to hear though they would be moving stations. Jesse, Amanda and Pike did a wonderful job in leaving their prior audience in need of information about where they would be in the future once they were off air. It was announced not long after they were off air that their new home would be BIG 98.7. Like Y94, BIG 98.7 plays todays hits, everything from P!nk to Justin Timberlake, but they do it better. One of the most enjoyable parts of listening to the radio at work or in the car is the hilarious stories. But are listeners as likely to listen to a radio show that creates fake stories and phone calls in order to get listeners? According to the official website of ABC News in Cleveland, it became an argument and a problem when “Donna the Deer Lady” supposedly called in about the placement of deer crossing signs and just this past year was brought up again with the letter from Cheryl about how she would not be handing out Halloween candy to children she believed were obese. Although Y94 got national attention for both of these incidents, listeners are skeptical to believe them for multiple reasons. Having a reputation of lying is not a way to gain listeners. Instead Big 98.7 focuses on the positive side of things. For instance, they help people all year round, but around the holidays they have a segment on the morning show called The Big Christmas Wish. This event gives people the opportunity to nominate someone they know in need. Although all of the stories are great to hear, one that hits the hardest is a women who nominated her friend whose son was recently diagnosed with cancer. Medical bills are expensive, and those of us who live our everyday lives without knowing what it is like to have to pay medical bills and have a child fighting for their life instead of receiving presents get a glimpse of how difficult this is through the stories 98.7 tells. The Jesse and Amanda with Pike in the Morning Show gives holiday hope to these families and individuals when they may be losing hope fast. Being known for great services rather than fake stories has helped Big 98.7 become popular quickly around the Fargo-Moorhead area. This radio station is enjoyable to listen to all day, every day. The DJ’s provide not only heartwarming stories, but they also have segments where you may have to hold back tears from laughter. Most importantly while listening to Big 98.7 listeners never get bored and feel the need to change the station.

Today’s number one hit music station is Y94. They play today’s biggest music hits. BIG 98.7 tries to copy Y94. They both play the big hits of today; however, BIG 98.7 does not compare to Y94 for several reasons, including that they do not play rap music. Y94 is the best radio station and has the show with the best hosts. They have Maggie, Zero, Rat, E, Mandy and JT. The hosts have a great amount of comedy and they pick good topics people relate to. Some of the topics include Second Date Update, Private Y, Confessions and Group Therapy. Group Therapy involves a listener asking a question and the Y94 crew puts the question on air and has other listeners call in and give advice. Second Date Update is when the Y94 crew evaluates how the first date went and if there is a chance for a second. This is good because it helps people out as well as added a comedic or heartwarming segment to the morning for the listeners. BIG 98.7 does not play rap music, which appeals to more of an older set of listeners where Y94 appeals to all age groups. About 77 percent of teenagers listen to rap music according to the New York Times. Additionally, Y94 has a better variety compared to BIG 98.7. Y94 has contests for concert tickets, diamond jewelry and participates in charity events such as “Stuff the Bus”. “Stuff the Bus” is when people donate items for the residents at YWCA. When they do this, they help get the word out and help the community. Y94 truly cares about their community. BIG 98.7 is spinning off Y94 in how it runs a radio station. They play the same music, and even do some of the same contests. However, Y94 asks listeners to call in and request songs. If a listener does not hear their favorite song, they can request it and it will be played as soon as possible. BIG 98.7 picked up Jesse, Amanda, and Pike from Froggy. They chose the wrong people for the job. Jesse, Amanda, and Pike are from a country station and being moved to a completely different type of music station must be extremely hard. I do not think they really like the new kind of music. I enjoyed listening to them when they were on Froggy. They knew what they were talking about and enjoyed the music. Y94 keeps listeners active on the radio. They play a better variety and help listeners with their daily lives. I will always listen to Y94 for the new hit songs. After listening to Y94, new listeners will become instantly hooked.

Jessica Qian

There are more than 31,000 students enrolled in 160 high schools in North Dakota. According to The Huffington Post, 86 percent of students graduate every year. Ranked as one of the top ten states, North Dakota averages 88.4 percent of students graduating. This is partially due to the decline in the number of students dropping out. In the Fargo-Moorhead area, students are given the opportunity to get help with grades if they are struggling in school or feel like they want to drop out. West Fargo students are given the option of attending Community High School. This gives students the chance to complete credits and graduate early for whatever reason they need to, while also providing an atmosphere that is right for their learning abilities. Giving students this option can aid in helping them become more successful in the future because they will have a high school diploma. With a high school diploma, students will have an easier time either right out of school or after college getting a wellpaying job. CHS is similar to attending a traditional high school. According to the CHS home page, the goal of the school is “to help each student cross the bridge into a productive and satisfying adult life by providing small

classes, student-paced learning and opportunities for academic, social and personal growth.” This explains to those who do not attend or work in the Community High School that the district gives students the opportunity after the age of 16 to continue whether they are struggling with the traditional high school setting or they just do not fully feel comfortable attending such a large high school like West Fargo. Students at CHS are given the opportunity to succeed later in life, but can do this by working at an alternative pace. Having this alternative has helped students prepare themselves for a life of success. For some students, dropping out of high school crosses their minds because of anxiety from moving to a large school, and for others it may be because of a poor home life outside of school, but FargoMoorhead students have the opportunities that are not given everywhere in order to help them succeed in the future. Through schools such as CHS and others like it in the metro area, the average rate for graduation in North Dakota has increased, these schools give students the option to continue with schooling even if they are not comfortable in the traditional setting.

Logan Ahern

Female characters remain dull in TV I may not be considered an avid TV watcher, but from the time I have allotted to Hollywood—and I mean for that term to loosely stand for the work behind what we view in media—I have noticed a trend that irks me to my core ( There are few to no original, interesting female characters in a majority of television shows. Now, I do not search for my next rolemodel in the late night lineups of FOX, the CW or any other station. Nor do I plan on starting any time soon. My bone-to-pick lies with the trend in which characters of popular shows are simply not wellrounded, fully developed aspects of the program; especially when they are females. A few of my favorite shows include “New Girl” and “Bunheads”—which is canceled. New Girl has a female lead named ‘Jess;’ played by Zooey Deschanel, who also produces the show. It is ironic that an able, successful woman such as Deschanel would fill the role of Jess who is constantly incapable, but shucks her incompetence up to being “adorkable.” From the very beginning of the series, Jess has been a character almost always

second to the men in her life, even though she is supposed to be the dominant character. The show is named for Jess, but it would be more appropriate it be called, “Overplayed Stories of the Typical Girl.” Her roommates include ‘Winston’ (Lamorne Morris), ‘Schmidt’ (Max Greenfield) and ‘Nick’ (Jake Johnson). All of whom are well-defined and intriguing male characters and 98 percent of the reason I tune into the show. Each of these men have the extra something to their character that Jess lacks: depth. While these male characters have the range to go from cynical to charitable, Jess, as the main character remains one note: up-beat and optimistic. If the writers are feeling adventurous they will even make her a little down and sad, over a guy of course. To put this in perspective, shows such as “Bunheads”, which features a dominantly female cast, handles characters with grace and clear respect. Characters which I must add were teenage ballerinas who could have become the biggest cliché just from that fact. Now, even though

Bunheads had nearly three times the number of female cast members, it managed to give each girl her depth and a full backstory. Relatable, genuine and quirky in its own right, “Bunheads” achieved what “New Girl” promised, yet it is no longer on the air. For most of my life, I have heard the stories of both men and women, through literature or conversations and not one is better than the other because of what gender the main characters are. The stories were good because they were human; there was depth and honesty to them. If producers and screenwriters today would stop conforming to the stereotype that women of their shows are only interesting when they are somehow relating to a male or sex in general, TV would find itself in a better place overall as a means of entertaining, artistic expression.

Female roles are rarely as developed as males in TV. They should be written as complex as their male counterparts.

Arimeta Diop Staff Writer

Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times/MCT

“Bunheads” characters take a moment of rest during a rehearsal.


Gimini/Abaca Press/MCT

Max Greenfield plays Schmidt on “New Girl.” His character has a complicated past, wherein he was overweight and no girls liked him. Once he loses weight, Schmidt becomes the character we regularly see on the show, a guy who thinks a bit too highly of himself and uses it to pick up girls, although deep down he knows it is wrong. Schmidt usually covers up his feelings by saying outrageous things, but we discover how weak he is when his sensitive side is shown within his relationships.

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