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Briarcliff Cafeteria Gets Oscar Nomination

PHOTO FROM CBS FILMS (Left to right) Garrett Hedlund and John Goodman in the Inside Llewyn Davis scene that features the Briarcliff cafeteria.



After nearly two years of post-production work, The Coen Brothers’ film Inside Llewyn Davis, which was partially filmed on Pace’s Briarcliff campus, was fi-

nally released last month. The film follows a week in the life of a folk singer (played by Oscar Isaac) in 1961, which was around the time that Bob Dylan rose to fame. After Isaac’s partner commits suicide his life spirals downhill during an unforgiving New York City winter. Directors

Joel and Ethan Coen pulled in major stars like Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, and John Goodman as the supporting cast, earning it some extra brownie points with the Academy. For anybody that lived on Briarcliff campus in 2012, they should remember the film crews

shooting at the cafeteria over spring break. “No one knew what they were filming, or even that they were filming, until the last minute. Everyone was thinking, why Pace? It just didn’t really add up,” junior communications major Christina Cuduco said.

Assisted by a former Pace student, the location was scouted for it’s high ceilings, window walls and brick walls, which are reminiscent of that era. CONTINUED ON PAGE 9


Rondeau Gives Pace Football A Chance To Reset NATALIA ALVAREZ PAGAN SPORTS EDITOR

As the 2013 Football Season came to a close, the Setters found themselves finishing the season with a record of 0-11, making it the second straight winless season for Pace football. With the departure of Chris Dapolito, who was hired by Pace in Feb. of 2010, a new chapter begins now with the hiring of Andrew Rondeau as the new head coach. Rondeau comes over from




the College of the Holy Cross, becoming the seventh head coach in Pace football history ( “It was a very exciting process, one in which we had a plethora of talented, experienced coaches as candidates,” Director of Athletics Mark Brown said. “On the surface we had about ten really good candidates, but we had to narrow down the choices to find the one candidate that would bring the most to this opportunity.” That person ended up being Rondeau, who knows a thing or

two about hitting the reset button and starting anew. From 20072011, Rondeau played a role in the restarting of the Old Dominion University football program, having served as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach ( With Rondeau’s help, the Monarchs finished with an overall record of 27-8 during Rondeau’s final three seasons, and in 2011, with a record of 9-2, the Monarchs earned their first ever playoff berth in the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision play-


Pace Men’s Basketball Team locked in an exciting win this past Saturday. Get the inside scoop! Statistics inside.

offs ( “It is one thing to build your own program, and then it’s another to build it up and help make it better,” Rondeau said. “In all my jobs I have been able to help build up the programs, it’s kind of my area of expertise.” During his time with the University of Buffalo, where Rondeau served as the assistant defensive coordinator, the team ranked ninth nationally in pass defense and fourth in total defense, giving up 353.0 yards per contest for the 2005 season (

Having never served as a head coach, Rondeau brings energy, enthusiasm, and experience to his new position. His years of serving as a coach for a number of positions have helped him prepare to take the next step. “Once you scratch the surface you can see that there is a lot of opportunity here,” said Rondeau, who also served as the defensive coordinator and defensive backs



As if buying the “morning after” pill isn’t scary enough, find out what researchers say about its contents. The Chronicle dispels your emergency contraceptive misconceptions.

With the beginning of the semester underway, students can look forward to a myriad of great events... providing they show up! Find out what you’re missing when you don’t get involved!

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What happens at budget meetings: The Breakdown TAYLOR LONGENBERGER NEWS EDITOR

Following the last lengthy budget meeting, many students voiced complaints as to what was approved for the semester. Students complain, “I pay 50, 000 dollars to go here but I don’t every see a cent of that money doing anything for me!” Unaware that the $101 student activity fee that every student attending Pace pays per semester is what gets pooled into the budget for programming, students continue to complain. “Students also pay for credits but they still have to get the grade and put the effort in,” Coordinator of Student Development and Campus Activities Caity Kirschbaum said. “Students argue but they need to know that they can go to SGA and make their voice heard. Student input is key!” This total budget is intended for programs and events that will benefit the entire student body and bring the community together. There are several rules and regulations, as well as a system that is followed, that are meant to keep a system of checks and balances for what is passed from the budget. “Students need to take the initiative to make their voice heard. Complaining about how their money is spent is not going to affect what it is spent on,” Vice President of Finance Sungi Clark

said. “Any student is capable of coming to the BAC meetings and speaking to the representative of any organization to voice their opinion about an event.” Every Friday there is a Budget Allocation Council (BAC) meeting that is held from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.. At this meeting, representatives from organizations are able to have a Budget Management System (BMS) request reviewed that they submitted on the previous Monday. This process occurs throughout the semester and organizations can submit a BMS to be reviewed at any point, up until a deadline towards the end of the semester. BAC meetings towards the end of the semester may last for a long period of time, and this is due to the fact that many organizations wait to the last minute to submit their BMS requests. In determining what gets passed. there is a Student Government Constitution specifically including the budget as well as bylaws that are created by the Vice President of Finance, Sungi Clark. This constitution is available for all students to see on the Pace OrgSync website under the organization Student Government Association (SGA). If it is one’s first time logging in to OrgSync, the organization SGA will automatically be joined. There are many actions put in place in order for the most cost effective budget usage. During the beginning of the week, following

the submission of the BMS request, there is a quality check on the events and amount requested. The bylaws for this current financial year include the colorcoding of organization’s agency accounts. The bylaw sates, “In order to promote the financial stability of each individual organization, organizational agency accounts will be color coded in accordance to their balance.” There are four different colors that correlate to the balance of each organization’s account. The red level consists of accounts that have a balance of less than $50, the blue level accounts have a balance between $50 to $999, the green level accounts have a balance between $1,000 to $2,000, and the gold level accounts have a balance exceeding $2,000. These levels are used to help with cost effectiveness of using the budget from the student activities fee. In some cases, the agency account may be able to pay for a portion of what they had requested from the budget. “Thinking about the bigger picture of things that can make a difference long term for students and the Pace community are something that we are trying to push into effect, especially with the changes that will be occurring with the Master Plan,” Kirschbaum said. “Students and organizations need to remember that they are planning for the student body and not just for themselves.”


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The budget used for organizations and on-campus events is made up of the student activity fee.

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Master Plan Progress Continues Over Break


The Master Plan for the transformation of the Pace Pleasantville Campus continues to progress as winter break comes to a close and students return to campus.


The Master Plan for the transformation of the Pace Pleasantville campus continues to progress as the winter break comes to a close and students return to the campus. Students, faculty, and staff will see new changes that have occurred over the break, and they will observe more changes in the coming weeks.

As part of the Master Plan, there has been underground utility work done on Shirley Beth’s Way that began during the week of Jan. 20. Shown in the construction’s logistics plan is a temporary pedestrian pathway from Choate House and the Kessel Student Center to Miller and Lienhard Halls. There have also been preparatory conditions made for the movement of the Environmental Center to its new location. The new water main line in the location of the Environmental Center

has been completed. “Access to parking lot H, the lot between Goldstein Fitness Center and Choate House, will remain open at all times. We will work closely with the contractor and Pace security to minimize any disruption during the first week of the semester,” according to the Pace Master Plan Construction Activity Updates. With all construction relying dependent on the weather, the progression of the Master Plan may change or be prolonged at times.

The construction is not expected to cause issues or problems for those on campus, but at times it is possible for a slight inconvenience or difference in parking or with pedestrian traffic. “The contractors will maintain one active lane of traffic in this area at all times during this process. A flagman will be positioned during the duration of the work to assist with vehicular traffic. There will be no disruptions to the daily operations of Goldstein Fitness Center or Choate House,” accord-

ing to the Pace Master Plan Construction Activity Updates. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding the Master Plan, or the conditions of the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses may contact the developmental team or the Master Plan leader William McGrath. The master plan updates can be found on the Pace website as well as on the My Pace Mobile App or on the master plan website itself, www.paceplvmasterplan. com.

Record Low Temperatures Chill U.S., Pace Reacts TAYLOR LONGENBERGER NEWS EDITOR

Record low temperatures have been recorded throughout the United States in the past weeks, affecting those experiencing them. Temperatures dropped to new record lows as students were home for the holidays. States particularly in the northeast saw single digits and negative temperatures much lower than in previous years. The weather in New York City hit a record low on Jan. 7 at four degrees, when previously it had only been a low of seven degrees. Virginia was as low as negative five degrees on Jan. 7 in Blacksburg, and many other states experienced record-breaking lows on this day. Pace students experiencing this cold weather over the winter break expressed the affects of the weather on their lives. “The cold weather has made me start my car fifteen to twenty minutes earlier prior to driving

it, and I need my hat and gloves before I leave my house,” sophomore nursing major Joey Samanich said. “I also can’t stand shoveling snow.” Some think the frigid cold that had most recently swept the United States is causing changes in moods for those experiencing. “I personally enjoy the cold weather and anticipate the snow every year. I like to participate in the polar plunge when I can,” junior biology major Timothy Casella said. “Next Saturday I’ll be going to Long Beach Island, which will be my fifth plunge. On top of that snowboarding and sledding trips are always fun. The only bad part of the winter is the icy roads.” The weather can make one feel more comfortable in a warm place. “I would say that this weather makes me lazy and tired, but I do really like going ATV-ing in the snow,” sophomore communications major Grace Telesco said. Some see the positives and negative sides of the cold, how the good and the bad can be ex-

perienced together, and some experience some memorable stories due to the slipperiness of black ice and snow. “I went to go see Joselyn and when we were going to catch a train it ended up coming early. We began to run so that we

would not miss the train and I slipped on black ice and fell flat on my back,” junior criminal justice major Tameka Bazile said. “If it weren’t for her telling me to get up before I missed the train I would’ve continued to lay there.”

The weather is something that affects everyone some in a positive light and some in a negative light. Pace students expressed the ups and downs that they associate with the cold and the experiences that they had over the winter break.

PHOTO FROM WITHFRIENDSHIP.COM Throughout the United States, many have experienced record low temperatures, freezing precipitation, and wind chills.


The Pace Chronicle



PHOTO FROM PACE.EDU Pace University offers students numerous opportunities to enter the career world after graduation.

Pace Offers Students Opportunities OLIVIA BROOKS FEATURE EDITOR

As most students are aware, a benefit of obtaining higher education is gaining successful employment upon graduation. Income after graduation proves to be even more important when a graduate must begin to pay off those student loans that are looming in the six-months after graduation and beyond. Then, there are always those pestering parents who undoubtedly want to see the return on their investment, i.e. care packages, last minute bank deposits, school supplies, and of course, party money disguised as “campus activities”. With all of the requirements of earning a degree, not many have the foresight to prepare for life beyond the campus. One of the many opportunities that Pace offers its students is those of Career Services. Located in Gannett House on the Pleas-

antville campus, Mon-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., students will find seasoned professionals ready to help. Whether an individual is looking for a resume critique, best interview practices, how to access e-recruiting, or building a resume for the first time; an appointment with one of the several counselors is a must. If the symbolic climb to the top of the hill where Gannett house is located gives you vertigo, relax! Students can opt for a meeting at the satellite office located in Kessel student center, upper level room 211. Walk in hours are available Mon-Thursday, 12:30 to 2 p.m. If one is still not convinced what career services offers students, graduates, and employers; check out these fun facts. 1. U.S. News ranks Pace University among the top five universities in the nation for placing undergraduates in intern-

Keeping Pace With The Weather

ships. 2. Pace has the largest internship program in the NY metropolitan area. 3. According to the latest graduation outcomes and internship report, “Data recently collected on Pace’s class of 2011 indicated an undergraduate employment rate (at graduation) of 12% above the national average. Graduates from the class of 2010, who entered the job market with experience gained through an internship, fared best.” 4. Vaughn Alliton, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley stated “The career placement staff is very effective in identifying and assisting in the placement of these interns with our firm.” In the spirit of Opportunitas, students should prepare for the April 2nd. job and internship fair, located at the Goldstein Fitness Center 11am-2pm by registering at

All about campus, students fail to miss any of what seems to be hundreds of posters promoting a sorority or fraternity. There are posters for chapter meetings, candy bars, “get fit with”, tabling, and general information all designed to introduce perspective pledges to a new chapter. Students may wonder what a fraternity or sorority is or what those letters on sweatshirts mean. Before one goes all “Greek”, students must take the time to research a chapter; learn their motto, which is who they are, and what their beliefs or ideals are. Students may also take into consideration whether the chapter aligns with personal beliefs or goals. Understanding the history of Greek life will help students understand its future. An article written for Carnegie Mellon University, titled “Fraternity and Sorority Life” said, “Sororities came about shortly after the Civil War on April 28, 1867 when women began to enter college and wanted something of their own.” Today, there are over 20 thousand fraternity and sorority chapters nationwide, with more than 12 million “Greeks.” “Being a member of a Greek Organization is an amazing college experience. Even after you graduate, you will be a member

of your Greek organization for life. Those who join Greek life become more confident and out going,” Phi Sigma Sigma member Lindsey Soto said. “We begin to take on big responsibilities and become leaders. It also helps students with their schoolwork because you need a certain GPA to join a Greek Organization. We learn how to manage our time, gain social skills, and learn what it means to be a leader. Being Greek is something to be proud of.” If a student is wondering if they got what it takes to join a chapter, Soto gave an insight into what most chapters look for in a potential pledge. “One of the most important things for a potential new member to know is that they should be themselves when they are looking to join Greek life. Never try to be someone you’re not. Greek organizations will like you for who you are,” Soto said. “Potential new members should also be responsible and willing to be a leader. You are given many opportunities to have a leadership role and its great when potential new members are willing to step up and prove what they can do.” Pace and its chapters prepare for Spring Greek Week, and for one’s chance to join in a bond of friendship and camaraderie that, according to the members of the Greek organizations, is a lifetime strong bond.

SPRING 2014 If YOU want to get involved with Greek Life at Pace:


What do we do now that the wonderment of the holiday season has passed, taking with it the warmth of tidings and joy, undoubtedly leaving us with the kind of seasonal depression that only a polar vortex could bring about? We prepare for snow closings and delays, of course! As any student knows, there is nothing more satisfying than the weather notification system alerting you to the bliss of a day off. If you don’t know how to be part of Pace’s early notification system, allow me to walk you through it. First, log on to and in your search bar enter general services. Welcome to Safety and Security! Scroll down your Quick Links and select Emergency Closing and Weather Alert Notifi-

cation. This screen shares a quick link, allowing you to sign up to receive phone calls, text, and emails, allowing you to stay in the know. If the thought of another subscription gives you the kind of anxiety one reserves for finals week, chill, no pun intended; just stay on Pace’s home page and click current students to find emergency notifications. Did you drop your laptop off at Wilcox computer resource center? Tune in to one of the thirteen local radio stations that cover campusclosing information. Radio’s more of a blast from the past? Pace has got you covered; emergency closing information telephone lines are set up for both campuses. Whether you’re on campus or you’re a commuter, weather alerts are just a click, call or station away.

Go to and fill out the OrgSync form. This is called the Interest Information form, and it only has to be filled out once. It only takes a few minutes.

Go to Circle of Greeks on February 5th at 9:00pm in Willcox Gym. All of Pace Pleasantville’s sororities and fraternities will be present to answer all of your questions and give short presentations on their organizations. Don’t miss it! Participate in Greek Recruitment. Get some information on all four of our councils and participate in the Recruitment events in order to recieve a bid or an offer to join a specific organization.

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How did you spend your snow day? Sleeping inside? Catching up on homework? Outside in the snow? Let us know!


OPINION Among Other Things

The Pace Chronicle


College is about finding ourselves, and learning from any and all experiences. Here, I’ll examine the implications behind anything and everythingfrom classes to relationships, from Twitter selfies to self-realizations… among other things.


I don’t like the usage of “#nonewfriends.” It implies that one is not open to the idea of making any new friends, ever. Sure, you might have a wonderful set of old friends who have been there for you from childhood. But this doesn’t mean you should block the idea of meeting new people and developing new relationships. Here’s some background information on the hashtag before I elaborate further. For those who don’t know, a hashtag, according to Google definitions, is “(on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase proceeded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.” These topics range from anything and everything from cats to friendships, and many “hashtags” stem from songs or shows. One such popular hashtag topic is “ no new friends,” which has been trending on Twitter since April 2013. Popularized by a song called No New Friends by DJ Khaled featuring Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, this hashtag (from my understanding) is meant to make clear one’s appreciation or love for current and old friends, i.e. the people that have been present over the years for support and fun. The lyrics of the song make this clear, but I’m not going to quote any lyrics because they consist of words that can’t be printed here. Now back to my point. I don’t like when people use “#nonewfriends” on social media sites. I agree that it is important

to be happy and appreciative of those who play major roles in our lives, and that it is important to recognize the value of the friendships we have; however, it is not necessary to block the idea of making any new friends for the rest of our lives. In my mind, this is what “#nonewfriends” entails. It is a hashtag that holds some negativity, and it is a hashtag that is unnecessary to make clear love and appreciation for true friends whenever you post a photo on Instagram or write something on Twitter. Love and appreciation for friends could be made just as clear without rejecting the idea of ever starting or maintaining any new relationships with people. Just to further prove that the hashtag is unnecessary, here is a quick example of a caption that I commonly see under pictures of groups of friends on my social media feeds: “Omg love these girls! My ride or dies! #nonewfriends for real tho *heart emoticons*.” The caption would still convey the same sense of love for close friends without the usage of #nonewfriends. I understand that people who use the hashtag may only mean that they don’t want to add any people to their immediate and closest friend group. But I still don’t even agree with that notion. I love my friends and appreciate them; if I were never to make another new friend, I’d be fine with that because of the strong friendships I already have. But, I will remain open to meeting new people and forming new friendships. I don’t see any harm in that; I believe that being open to forming new relationships with people is an integral part of life.

PHOTO FROM NY1.COM Some people run out of meal money, while others have an abundance of funds.

Meal Plan Money and Relationships SARA MORIARTY OPINION EDITOR

Toward the end of every semester, money problems for students reach their peak. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of funds left on meal plans-particularly those of upperclassmen, townhouse residents, and perhaps the people who buy those expensive Naked Juice drinks on a daily basis. Meal plan money can go quickly. Many people completely run out of meal plan funds; I speculate that this happens to more men than women (but I could be wrong.) Thus, at the end of a semester, a girl with several hundred dollars left might find herself being asked for “a quick meal swipe” several times a day. The old adage remains true, it seems. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… even if you are in college and have no access to pots, pans, groceries, or anything but Kessel cuisine. Being a 19-year-old female, my appetite is not quite equal to that of most men my age. My meal plan does not get spent very quickly. Towards the end of each semester, people begin to notice this. All of a sudden, little by little, I get more attention. I get more “Hey, Sara. How is it going?” around lunch and dinner times. Some light

conversation, gossip, and a walk to Kessel later, the conversation is abruptly switched to food and a lack of money on the part of my conversation partner. I do not mind spotting a friend for money once in a while. In fact, I’m more than happy to buy a sandwich for someone who never fails to text me with a party invite or offers me a ride back to Briarcliff. Or for someone who is just a generally good friend. I do say “no” fairly often to meal card requests to avoid casually giving away too much. But sometimes the meal card usage is a bit more serious and consistent than random guy friends hitting you up for a Kessel wrap. I have observed that significant others at Pace sometimes come with a price. Girls feed their boyfriends, letting them “piggyback off their meal cards” for the extent of their relationship. I see nothing wrong with this, as long as the relationship, or perhaps “situationship,” isn’t solely based on access to a woman’s food money, and, of course, as long as the girl is ok with sharing her money- in essence feeding her boyfriend every week or even every day. Ladies, be sparing with you meal cards- don’t be used and abused. One week, you may have hundreds of dollars, and the next you might have about 50, being left to wonder how you’re going to make the money last until the last

week of the semester. For me, at least, even games of truth or dare have become opportunities for a free meal. A boy once dared me to let him borrow my meal card. I let him, because he was completely out of money. This is when it occurred to me that the moment guys get the slightest bit comfortable with you they might very well use you- for food. I ended up offering to pay for that boy’s dinner in Kessel a few days later, too, because his intentions of being friends with me weren’t solely based on being fed. Earlier that week I had been talking to a friend on campus. This friend happened to have a steady boyfriend who was out of meal money. She had no problem at all with sharing her Pace OneCard meal plan wealth with someone she was so fond of. I know other girls who also want to share their wealth; one of my friends encourages her boyfriend to borrow her card once in a while so he can get a decent meal. Perhaps this is because of the nurturing nature of women; women, for the most part, seem to instinctively want to care for those who need it. At Pace, this nurturing is done with that little blue card in Kessel. I’ll end this tale of men’s meal card woes with this- it is ok to say no when a guy pressures you to buy him a meal at Kessel. It is your money, after all.

Ukrainian Revolution: A Native Student’s Perspective ANASTASIYA BALTSEVYCH FEATURED WRITER

Being born and raised in Ukraine, it makes me proud to see that my fellow Ukrainians are taking a stand and trying to achieve independence. I am glad to see a determined nation of citizens fighting for liberty and their rights. Ukraine, formerly part of the Soviet Republic, is caught geographically, politically and economically between Europe and Russia. It has been independent since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, but Russia has remained in control of economy, businesses

and even the president’s decisions. While at first this control may have seemed like the best and most secure option for a new country, it instead resulted in corruption, total disregard of laws and an unstable economy. With Russia in control of things, the rights of Ukrainians have often been forgotten or ignored. Now, 24 years later, the citizens of Ukraine have decided that it is time to take a stand for their culture, their country and their future. For those of you who are unaware of the crisis in Ukraine, it is important to know that in late November of last year, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych had broken a promise and rejected

a trade agreement with Europe and instead turned back to Russia. This decision had sparked anger in millions of Ukrainians who have wished to be separated from Russian influence. At first, people formed peaceful protests at the Kiev’s Euro Maidan (Euro Square), but the people’s requests for a free Ukraine were ignored by the government and instead police and special forces were used to quiet them down. This did not stop dedicated citizens who knew that in order to achieve stability, democracy and human rights the resignation of the current government was necessary. Protests became more violent as the opposition clashed

with riot police and the city of Kiev was transformed into a war zone; these protests are a flashback to the Orange Revolution of 2004. Ten years ago, Ukrainians had gathered at the same Euro Maidan to protest electoral fraud and corruption. The protestors at the time may have won, but only for a small amount of time, until Russian influence took over again. Taking a look at the Orange Revolution and the current unrest, it is clear that Ukrainians are tired of being lied to and ignored by their government. They have long awaited change and recognized that it was time to take action. It is important to realize that the protests are not about a rejec-

tion of the EU trade agreement. While that may be at the surface, the real issue is much deeper. At this moment in time, Ukrainians have two choices: to either remain with Putin’s Russia and be Russia’s slave, or to fight for western democracy. The people made a choice to fight for the freedom of democracy, freedom from being Russia’s little brother and freedom from corruption. Protesters young and old have taken to the streets in bitter cold temperatures in order to change the direction their country was headed. Citizens understand that they deserve a better and brighter future not only for themselves but for their children as well.

t s W W

- a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook sel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, it’s Whether it’s the questionable news headlines on Fox News or when we walk into KesWhat is 40 Acres and a MacBook?


The Pace Chronicle


Young, Broke, and Fabulous Breakouts at College CATHARINE CONWAY


Let’s face it, Pace; everyone has acne. Whether the breakouts are never ending or only appearing when the stress is high, everyone has experienced it at one time or another. Weather and age can alter the normal routine of students’ skin in unwanted ways. Below are possible solutions to acne for any skin type. PHOTO FROM THEBLAZE.COM While Plan B reduces the chance of pregnancy, what some women do not realize is that Plan B One Step is not a substitute to birth control.

Inside Plan B, The Morning After Pill CATHARINE CONWAY


In 2006, Plan B One Step became the first emergency contraceptive pill available to women in the aisle of any local drug store. Eight years later, it is still the topic of many conversations around the country. To its core, according to, Plan B contains levonorgestrel, which is a “female hormone that prevents ovulation…it makes it harder for a sperm to fertilize an egg.” This pill is used to “prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or failure of birth control” and is to be taken

“within 72 hours after sex,” according to What some women do not realize is that Plan B One Step is not a substitute to birth control. It is meant for one time use in an emergency situation. If women find themselves taking Plan B more than twice a month, they should reexamine their birth control method and choose another option that might better suit their lifestyle. On one hand, emergency contraceptives help against unwanted pregnancies caused by rape and other sexual encounters. says it is “just one pill, so you get what you need right away.”

According to homepages.rpi. edu, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who is in favor for the morning after pill, says these are the three main arguments against emergency contraceptives: “ 1. Contraceptive argument: women who take this drug block pregnancy and sets her will against the human good of procreation. 2. Abortion argument: women can’t know whether it will or won’t cause an early abortion if the egg has already been fertilized, so she is willing and accepting abortion as a possible outcome. 3. Morning after pill argu-

Smoothie of the week:

ment: it is robbing sex of its human meaning: reproduction.” In addition to these Con Arguments, other side effects include nausea, vomiting, heavy periods, lower abdominal pain and breast tenderness. It also does not prevent STDs or STIs and does not stop a current pregnancy. Both women and men need to be aware of the pros and cons of Plan B One Step. Men can be just as responsible as women and should know the facts before spending $50 on a back up plan. People must be smart, responsible and aware of what fits their lifestyle.



Mango and Passion Fruit

Ingredients: 2 cups 1/2-inch cubes peeled mango 2 cups crushed ice 5 tablespoons strained passion fruit juice (from about 8 passion fruits; seeds discarded) 1/4 cup coconut water (such as Vita Coco) 1 teaspoon honey

Directions: Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth. Divide smoothie between 2 glasses and serve.


DRY SKIN To prevent more drying of the skin, try to use lotions, creams, or ointments that say oil-free as the preferred acne treatment. This will be gentler to the skin while still doing its job. Staying away from acne pads and strong toners will help the skin in the long run. Also, using a good moisturizer regularly will help fight against the dryness. Having body acne as well? Make sure all lotions are oil-free to prevent clogged pores. OILY SKIN To fight against oily skin, students should focus on cleaning their face every single day. This ensures the dirty oils of every day life are washed away and not layering onto itself. Using a gentle cleanser with warm, not hot, water is the most important to students with oily skin. This prevents the increase of oil production on the face. To attack the acne after washing the face, the use of acne pads is recommended. This dries out the breakout area and decreases the size of the acne. To speed up the elimination process of acne, use an exfoliating brush three times a week before bed. This helps keep the skin smooth while not overirritating. SENSITIVE SKIN Having sensitive skin can be the most difficult to deal with. Making sure the cleansers, treatments and soaps are unscented is the most important. This eliminates the possibility of breaking out unexpectedly. Washing your face twice a day is recommended. Try using Dove Unscented Soap with a new washcloth every day. For a moisturizer, try using Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion. This is gentle enough to use on the face. For treatments, anything hypoallergenic is helpful. Clean and Clear is the most popular brand for sensitive skin that can still get the job done. With these simple steps, facing acne has never been easier.


The Pace Chronicle


A Cup of Tea for All Your Winter Needs When January rolls around, it is the time of resolutions. Whether it involves dropping a habit or living a healthier lifestyle, 2014 is helping you get there by making January Hot Tea Month. The possible benefits of adding tea to any diet can assist in strengthening the immune system to make the body stronger in fighting against the common cold and flu. In addition, hot tea can help the mind, which in turn makes the body stronger. Below can be found different types of teas to fit any lifestyle.



Detox Teas For those looking to cleanse the body of toxins and bacteria, Yogi Detox Tea is the way to go. Yogi focuses on filtering the liver and kidney to increase a healthy balance in bodily functions. With a variety of blends, Yogi can please any customer in need of a fresh start. However, if Yogi doesn’t suit one’s fancy, try Get Clean by The Republic of Tea. But look out, this product contains nuts. Calming Teas Having unwanted anxiety? Take a breather with Tazo Herbal Tea. This warming tea will provide temporary relief to the situation at hand. A hot drink can help relieve the tension in the neck, back and shoulders. In addition to Tazo, regular Chamomile Tea assists in relieving anxiety and can be found in any local supermarket or drug store. Take a deep breath while drinking hot tea can uplift any bad day. Healing Teas The most popular immune strengthening tea, according to Dr. Oz, is green tea. He suggests to “consider 3-4 cups of green tea per day to expedite ridding your body of those nasty bugs and give your body’s defenses an extra jolt”. However, adding other ingredients to regular black tea can enhance the outcome. Lemon, ginger and honey are regular household ingredients that can help the body fight against unwanted germs. Staying healthy in college is of utmost importance. This ensures the body and mind can perform at its best while still having fun. So drink up, Pace. PHOTO FROM GAIAHEALTHBLOG.COM

ENTERTAINMENT Loud Music Tour Receives Silent Attendance DEREK KADEMIAN


Last Saturday night, members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the Programming Board hosted the Loud Music College Tour in Gottesman, which wasn’t nearly as successful as they hoped. The Loud Music Tour features up-and-coming hip-hop, R&B, and other contemporary artists. The tour travels primarily in the United States, and occasionally internationally. The show consisted of performances by artists such as Justin Rose, Sam Siegel, Phoenix, Naza da Great and Klair Kia. “This was an effort to bring a concert back to Pace because it’s something that’s been missing in the community for the past couple of years for whatever reasons with budgeting or lack there of,” senior philosophy major Quadry Harris said. The last official concert hosted by the Pleasantville campus dates back to a 2012 Wale performance on campus. “The more well known artists are a large part of the budget and unfortunately not a lot of students

came out to see them, which is horrible because it was right before J. Cole and Wale blew up…I attended both and they both put on phenomenal shows…for people that come out tonight I’m certain these artists will perform just as well,” said Harris, who is also the president of unity and social justice. Reality shortly set in as the night started and the concert brought a minimal attendance. “We advertised through social media and flyers to get attention but a lot of people at Pace just aren’t coming out to events anymore…even when I’m working with the SGA [in reference to the Pace Code event during Fall 2013] it’s like pulling teeth to get people to co-sponsor and show up to events,” Harris said. Last fall the SGA hosted the Pace Code event, which brought out a significant amount of students, partially due to the amount of organizations that agreed cosponsor the event. Upon co-sponsoring, those organizations were required to have a certain amount of members from their org to attend.

“With the exception of that large scale event for the most part attendance has been on a steady decline and its starting to become the accepted culture around here,” Harris said. “One of the problems I’ve noticed is that we still have this culture of students leaving on the weekends, so it’s hard to get them to stay for events,” assistant director of the SDCA Robert Thomas Jones said. According to Jones, it’s typically the larger events that will bring in the most people, but unfortunately sometimes that’s not the case. “We prefer having larger than smaller events because those are the ones that have the potential to bring out 50-250 people,” Jones said. Jones also stated that he doesn’t see The Loud event as a milestone that may signify that concerts are coming back to Pace and that it’s up to the students to decide if they want a concert or not. “As long as students want a concert I can always see students planning a concert,” Jones said. The moral to the story is that

if students are unwilling to get involved by attending these events, there is no point in planning them and wasting the time and money.

“It’s a current issue, and it just seems like its dampening the excitement of Pace’s students’ spirits,” Harris said.

PHOTO BY DEREK KADEMIAN Artists perform for an empty room in Gottesman


The Pace Chronicle


Briarcliff Cafeteria Gets Oscar Nomination

The Pace Chronicle Senior Goodbyes


CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE “It was really awesome to see how they transformed our cafeteria into a 1950’s era diner, they did a great job,” Cuduco, who is a film minor, said. The Coens, Timberlake, Isaac, and Goodman were all in attendance for the filming, which is the first time Briarcliff campus had the honor of hosting guests of such notoriety. “I was upset, especially as a Communications student, that I wasn’t allowed to meet any of the talent or crew, but it’s still cool we have that claim to fame,” Cuduco said. Though it was a small scene, it was a pivotal moment for the characters’ development. It features a couple wide shots of the cafeteria, the notorious brick spiral staircase, the back entrance facing Dow Hall and then an additional shot outside looking inside. The film’s original soundtrack is the product of legendary producer T-Bone Burnett and features Marcus Mumford, from Mumford and Sons, Justin Timberlake, Bob Dylan, and other folk icons. Inside Llewyn Davis has been nominated for two Academy Awards, including achievements in cinematography and one for sound mixing. In addition to the Oscars, it was also nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and has won another 30 various awards so far, primarily for its achievements on the soundtrack and photography.

PHOTO BY CHRIS STUART MetLife Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday, Pace Students React DEREK KADEMIAN


The Super Bowl, one of America’s longest standing cultural events, a day that’s usually never associated with watching your favorite team shiver while standing on the sidelines. This year’s Super Bowl marked the first time the iconic game was held in the arctic tundra otherwise known as New Jersey. “I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life, so dealing with this kind of weather is second nature to me, I’ve been to games that were a lot colder than this one,” senior accounting major Chris Stuart said. Having the big game so close

to campus, some students have been lucky enough to score tickets. “My family kept checking ticket prices to see if they would go down at all, they found two at $1,800 a seat and they grabbed them, an hour later the same tickets went up another $1,000,” Stuart said. As a die-hard Broncos fan, Stuart was not only lucky to have his team make the Super Bowl, but also to happen to live less than a half hour away from the stadium. “It’s been pretty crazy around here recently, the traffic has definitely gotten a lot worse, the malls are packed and when I was in the city the Friday before the game NFL fans of all kinds were everywhere,” Stuart said.

Fortunately, Northern New Jersey and New York is home to some of the most efficient mass transportation in the country, making it easier for fans to travel to and from the game safely. “It’s going to be insane trying to get down there on game day, but I know we’ll be prepared,” Stuart said. For the rest of us who didn’t make the trek, the typical Super Bowl Sunday festivities ensued: commercials, beer, friends, wings, and some good old fashion football. “We borrowed a huge TV so we can watch it at our house, it won’t be anything too crazy, but we’re going to have a great time,” senior information technologies major Matthew Oelsner said.

“I don’t really watch a lot of football, but everything surrounding the Super Bowl is a lot of fun, it’s an excuse to get together with friends,” junior business major Peter Russo said. Everyone has their own reasons for watching the game, for some it came be as simple as watching the half time show. “I was upset I couldn’t get tickets for the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s concert at the Barclay Stadium the night before the game, so I guess seeing them at the half time show is a good substitute,” senior marketing major Steve Druan said. The final score of the Super Bowl XLVIII was 43-8, with a victory for the Seattle Seahawks.

Pace Student Shows Off Moves At Super Bowl NATALIA ALVAREZ PAGAN SPORTS EDITOR


Angela Pierre, member of the Pace University dance team, has been dancing since she was six years old, so when the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl came, which was hosted locally for the first time, it was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. “The experience was amazing” said Pierre, a junior nursing major also minoring in psychology and women’s & gender studies. “’Every time I went to the rehearsals, it felt like a mini concert.” Performing in the Super Bowl is a once in a life time experience, so it’s natural for one to feel nervous and star struck at the same time. “I was nervous going into it because I didn’t know what to expect, but the love and professionalism from the staff for the Super

Bowl was comforting” Pierre said. “Surprisingly, Bruno Mars is actually really short in person, but he is a great performer along with his bandmates. They connected with audience on a fun, personal level.” The opportunity arose when Ana De Villegas, who is the head coach for the Pace dance team, as well as the owner of the Gotham City Cheerleaders, was approached by the NFL casting company for the halftime show. “I was given some liberty on bringing members that are not necessarily on the GCC” De Villegas said. “I was thrilled to extend the opportunity to a few of our Pace Dance Team members because they are absolutely hard workers. Balancing all the things that college life brings is not easy, and this team really puts in a lot of hours rehearsing.” De Villegas contacted three of the dance team members, but there was one thing about Pierre that De

Villegas knew would be what the NFL was looking for. “I knew that her passion and love for performing was exactly what they were looking for in order to draw the energy necessary from a stadium with 90,000 people!” De Villegas said. Dancing isn’t just a form of entertainment for Pierre. It’s an escape of the everyday life, a way to connect with people that goes beyond words. “Music is my escape and I connect with it through dancing” Pierre said. “It’s a powerful feeling when a person can relate to you through music and dance. Using body movements to portray a message or a feeling can be serene.” Pierre and the rest of the dance team can be seen performing during the Pace basketball games, with the next one being Saturday, February 8th as the Setters take on American Int’l at 1:30pm.


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Pace Hoops Split Saturday Double Header


White-Out Day at Pace ended with a split doubleheader on Saturday afternoon, with the women’s team unable to defeat the number one nationally ranked Bentley University, who improved their record to 20-0 with a 60-45 win. The Setters kept it close in the first half of the game, with the Falcons leading by a score of 2824 with just a few seconds left. Junior Jeane Drury shot a three

pointer just before the buzzer went off, giving the Setters some momentum heading into the half as they were down now by just one point. Coming back for the second half though, the Setters offense was stagnant as they managed to score just one point in the first ten minutes of the second half, letting Bentley take a 45-28 lead. “After half time we needed to get focused again,” Drury said. “We were not able to play well offensively, and it ended up hurting us.”

However, the men’s team recorded their fourth win of the season as they defeated Bentley in the final seconds of the game with a three pointer from senior guard Denzel Primus-Devonish, giving Pace a 65-62 win. The lead went back and forth between the two teams within the first ten minutes of play, but with a 10-0 run, the Setters went on their way to end the first half with a 38-31 lead. The offense kept it going during the second half, with a highlight coming from sophomore for-

White-Out Day, “Keep Calm and Go Pace” t-shirts were given out to the fans. The next home game for the Setters will be Sat., Feb. 8 beginning at 1:30 p.m. as Pace takes on conference rivals American Int’l. Players will wear pink in order to support the fight against breast cancer, as Pace has its annual Play4Kay Day, with t-shirts being sold for $5, and proceeds going to the Kay Yow Foundation. It will also be Senior Day, as Pace will honor its seven seniors before the game.

ward Jaylen Mann’s back-to-back three pointers. After Primus-Devonish’s three pointer that gave Pace the lead, the Falcons took two time outs with 2.3 seconds left in the game, trying to set up their final play. They were unsuccessful however, as senior forward Jamaal James deflected the pass, with PrimusDevonish taking the ball to seal the victory for Pace. Pace also had its annual alumni day, as alumni from both men’s basketball and football came by to watch the games. As part of


Denzel Primus-Devonish scores the winning shot at the end of last Saturday’s game against Bentley..

Women’s Basketball #

11 33 5 21 22


4 13 15 24 TM




Rachel Dortch Yuni Sher Shanice Maynard Shanice Allen Loren Kaiser

Forward Forward Guard Guard Guard

20 34 27 38 23




Lovisa Hagberg Kirsten Dodge Alexa Dietrich Jeane Drury TEAM

Forward Center Guard Guard

7 16 7 28



5-Jan 8-Mar 15-May 8-Feb 0-6


2-Jan 5-Mar 0-1 5-Mar

18-55 32.70%













0-0 0-0 0-3 2-Jan 0-3

1-Jan 0-0 0-0 3-Feb

4-12 33.30%

2-Feb 3-Feb 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 2-Jan 0-0 0-0

5-7 71.40%

0 1 1 0 0

0 0 0 1 2 5

5 8 7 3 3

0 4 0 1 3 34

5 9 8 3 3

0 4 0 2 5 39

0 3 2 2 0 0 1 0 3


Men’s Basketball #

10 21 22 1 2


3 12 24 TM




Jonathan Merceus Jamaal James Jaylen Mann Denzel Primus-Devonish Kai Smith

Forward Forward Forward Guard Guard

38 35 35 36 35




Ahmad George Marcus Solomon Nick Jackson TEAM


Guard Guard Guard

9 8 4


12-May 8-Feb 15-Jul 12-May 11-Jun

FGM-A 0-0 0-0 0-1

25-29 42.40%















0-0 0-0 8-May 4-Jan 0-5 0-0 0-0 0-0

6-17 35.30%

10-Jul 2-Feb 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0

9-12 75.00%

1 4 1 1 0

0 0 0 1


9 5 4 5 1

2 0 0 1


10 9 5 6 1 2 0 0 2

3 1 1 5 3 0 0 0


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Rondeau Gives Football A Chance To Reset CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE

PHOTO FROM PACESETTERSATHLETICS.COM Master Plan simulators display what the future sports stadium will look like on campus

Athletic Updates: From Construction To Search For New Field Hockey Coach NATALIA ALVAREZ PAGAN SPORTS EDITOR

Construction on campus continues according to the master plan to consolidate the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses into one, while the remodeling of buildings and new facilities for the sports teams progresses. “Right now we are zeroing in on one company to design and build the new facilities,” Mark Brown, Director of Athletics at Pace said. “Nothing is final yet, we still need to better define the scope of our budget, but once we do it’s going to happen fast. We plan on initiating construction over the summer.” Aside from the new facilities, the consolidation of two campuses into one is something that will

surely benefit Pace Athletics. “It’s a huge project, but once everyone is together I think it will be easier for everyone to really be on the same page,” Brown said. “It’s hard to ask someone on the Briarcliff campus to wait outside in the bitter cold at night to take the bus to come over here for a game, and then have to wait again to take the bus back to their dorm. But if they are just on the other side of the street, it’s a lot easier for them to come.” While the athletic department has announced the hiring of the new women’s lacrosse coach, as well as the new head football coach, there is still one position waiting to be filled. “We are very close to announcing who the new women’s field hockey coach will be,” Brown said. “We are in final

negotiations currently. We had very good interest in the position, not as much as for the football position, but still some very good interest.” That interest has shown to be a challenge in picking the best candidate, but with a decision waiting to be announced in the near future, it seems that that challenge has been overcome. “We’ve had some very exciting candidates, but one in particular has really distanced themselves from the rest,” Brown said. “We hope to make an announcement hopefully by the end of the month.” With the field hockey team expected to compete in the fall of 2015, the new coach will have about a year to recruit new players, starting in July.

coach at the College of the Holy Cross. “This is my first time as a head coach, but I believe my previous experience in a variety of areas of coaching has allowed me to prepare myself for this position. “ Now Rondeau comes to Pace looking to “bring a fresh start” to the football program, knowing that it will not be an easy task. “The way I see it, there are three buckets,” Rondeau said. “We can look at the first bucket as a big bloody mess, and that is the one that needs to be attacked first. One man isn’t going to be able to do this alone; it’s going to have to be a collective effort.” “I know that there is a lot of history here, but I am not looking at the past, I am looking ahead to the future. There is a lot to learn, and we have to keep moving forward and look at what we have,” Rondeau said. Having known Rondeau from their time together in Old Dominion University, Brown believes that Rondeau brings a “much needed new perspective” to the program, stating that Rondeau “is in line with the school’s athletic vision” and knows “what it needs in order to succeed.” “Rondeau is a man of integrity and character, who brings a lot of energy and a positive attitude which is what our program needs,” Brown said. “He turned out to be the best fit for our institution.” Junior quarterback Brian Beeker was a part of the interviewing process and believes that “Coach Rondeau was the right pick,” stating that “he brings a lot of energy and a good feeling for


SETTERS WINTER BREAK UPDATE DEC. 14: The women’s basketball team beat St. Thomas Aquinas by a score of 67-45, giving the women’s team their first win of the season, as well as giving Head Coach Carrie Seymour her 400th career win. DEC. 23: Senior guard Denzel Primus-Devonish is named the Northeast-10 Conference Player of the week, after leading the Setters with 25 points and a career high six steals in a 93-88 overtime win over Felician College. JAN. 2: Freshman guard Shanice Allen leads the Setters with a career high 20 points in a 79-64 loss to Adelphi University. JAN. 6: The Pace Athletic Department announces the four inductees for the Pace Hall of Fame 2014 Class- Tom Grega (Football 1974), Joe Vuotto (Men’s Lacrosse 2000), Kory Langley (Volleyball 1999) and Henry Manning (Baseball 1991). JAN. 7: Primus-Devonish and senior Kaitlyn Lynch of the women’s swimming and diving team are named SAAC Athletes of the Month for December.

the hiring of Rondeau it really allows us to hit the reset button,” Brown said. JAN. 18: Senior forward Jonathan Merceus scores his 1,000-career point in the Setters 76-63 loss to Saint Anselm. “Getting my 1000 point was a great achievement for me this year,” said Merceus, who scored a total of 19 points in the game. “It feels good to leave a little legacy behind you.” JAN. 21: The Northeast-10 Conference names sophomore diver Jenny Palladino Women’s CoDiving Athlete of the Week. JAN. 22: The Men’s Basketball team loses a close contest to Franklin Pierce, with a defeat in overtime of 77-76. “After the new coaching staff was put in place they put a new fire in us, we are playing harder then ever before,” said Merceus, who had a gamehigh 24 points in the game. “We just haven’t been able to close out many close games we’ve had this year.” JAN. 24: Coach Rondeau makes his first hire, naming Corey Hetherman as the new defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for the Setters.

JAN. 10: Director of Athletics Mark Brown announces the hiring of Andrew Rondeau as the new head All information was provided by the pacesettersathcoach for the Pace Football program. “We haven’t website. had much success in the past few years, so with

the next season,” while also saying that he is “very excited for this spring and what the changes for next season will bring.” Pace has not had a winning season since 1999, when the Setters had a record of 6-4. Since then, things haven’t gotten much better has Pace continued to spiral downward. For 11 years, the team was led by Greg Lusardi, and under him the Setters had five seasons in which they posted a record of .500 or better, with the notable seasons being 1995 and 1999, in which both teams finished with a record of 6-4. The 1999 team broke “school records for the most yards gained, most points scored and most touchdowns scored in a season” ( After Lusardi’s resignation in Feb. of 2005, Pace hired Mike Iezzi as the new Head Coach. The Setters had a losing record under his four-year rule, starting with a 3-7 record in 2006 and ending with a 1-9 record in 2009. Under Dapolito, the Setters had three winless seasons, while they finished with a 1-9 record in 2011. Knowing the struggles that the football program has had, Rondeau knows it’s not going to be easy to change the minds of the students on campus. “It is always brutal to try and change someone’s opinion,” Rondeau said. “Change is good until it affects the individual, then it’s hard. It’s a lot of work, and it is certainly not glamorous, but it will be good. I am looking to make an impact on my players’ lives, and help them work to get better, while also engaging the students on campus and helping them become a part of this program.”

Women’s Basketball



12/21 1/2 1/8 1/11 1/14 1/18 1/22

Felician v. Pace Pace v. Adelphi Pace v. Merrimack Stonehill v. Pace Southern NH v. Pace Pace v. St. Anselm Pace v. Franklin Pierce



12/21 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/11 1/14 1/18 1/22 1/25

Pace v. Felician Lincoln v. Pace Philadelphia U. v. Pace Pace v. Merrimack Stonehill v. Pace Southern NH v. Pace Pace v. St. Anselm Pace v. Franklin Pierce St. Michael’s v. Pace

SCORE L, 60-50 L, 79-64 W, 59-50 L, 76-68 W, 59-43 L, 61-52 L, 64-57

Men’s Basketball

SCORE W, 93-88 L, 64-57 L, 79-65 L, 70-63 L, 79-68 L, 73-60 L, 76-63 L, 77-76 L, 95-71

Swimming and Diving SCORE



1/15 1/18

Adelphi v. Pace Pace v. Bridgeport

(W) W, 54-49 (M) W, 61-34 (W) L, 148-132 (M) L, 137-118


Student Commencement Speaker and Singer Needed! During the month of February, the Deanwill be looking for graduating students who are interested in singing the National Anthem or speaking at Commencement. If you are interested in either singing or speaking, please go to our commencement site for additional information.