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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

Robot Invasion at Pace

The G-Spot, page 7

Unorthodox Turn-offs Health, Page 4

The Dangers of Coffee

Opinion, page 6

Photo by Samantha Finch/The Pace Chronicle Pace Students and Faculty volunteeried during the FIRST Tech Challenge Championship on Jan. 29. Samantha Finch News Editor

#Pace Solutions Entertainment, page 9

The Pleasantville campus opened the doors of the Goldstein Fitness and Academic Center for the Hudson Valley FIRST Tech Challenge Championship on Sun., Jan. 29. Teams from high schools

New Registration Process for S.A. Organizations Broadway 101 for Students

Setter Spotlight, page 12

Dean from the School of Computer Science and Information Systems Bernice Houle. The Volunteer based organization had over 100 volunteers of students, faculty, and staff from both campuses including members the soccer, football, volleyball, lacrosse teams as well of students involved in the accounting society and in Greek Life at Pace.

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“I just would like to give a shout out to the Athletic Department for their involvement and support each year,” said Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Academic Advisement Eileen Murphy. First (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Tech-

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Don’t Mess With the Internet

Michael Oleaga Editor-in-Chief

Recognized organizations under the Student Association (SA) must follow a new registration process by Feb. 8, or the organization may face penalties. The Student Organization Registration Process will allow student organizations to upload their updated rosters, constituKerri White

across the Hudson Valley and a team from Massachusetts have spent month’s engineering a robot appropriate for competition. The day ended with four winning teams heading to the world championship. “It’s so great to see Pace come together for this cause because it is so important for Pace to support love of science,” Associate

Photo by Samantha Finch/The Pace Chronicle Websites such as Wikipedia shut their services due to SOPA. Samantha Finch News Editor

In attempt to protest the discussion of new anti-pirating laws in both the US House of Representatives and Senate many inter-

net sites shut down their online services or for a “black out” of virtual information. Several websites such as Wikipedia and Google made public their opinions of the suggested bills on Jan. 18 by limiting or completely shutting down

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their websites. Wikipedia, whose 24-hour blackout of the site beginning at 12 a.m. embellished their homepage with a message that began with the statement, “Imagine a world without free Knowledge.” Google also displayed its views of the proposed bills by blacking out its logo on the sites homepage. “I don’t support either [PIPA or SOPA] I just think the internet is a unique place where we need to protect our freedom of speech any way possible. I don’t think the industries realize they were messing with freedom of speech,” said political science professor, Dr. Gregory Julian. Designed to eliminate theft of online source materials such

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New Registration Process for S.A. Orgs Continued from page 1

tions, and the new advisor agreement form. “This is a new way for all student organizations to register, so all students on campus who participate in extracurricular activities are able to have their transcript not only be an academic transcript but also a co-curricular transcript,” said Assistant Director of Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA) Niki Fjeldal. The old process involved members of each student organization to submit a physical and electronic copy of their rosters to SA’s vice president of administration. However, this method didn’t prove popular as many organizations would forget to submit them, leading to fines or not being recognized at SA meetings. “It’s really important for all student organizations to make sure their rosters are up to date and correct so everyone’s getting no only their housing points but also everything on their co-curricular transcript,” said Fjeldal. The idea for the new process was discussed at the end of last semester and finalized over the recent winter break. SDCA Director Rachel Carpenter, Associate Director Shawn Livingston, and Fjeldal were involved in establishing the form and consulted

with SA. “It is one of the things we are doing to try and make things organized, more organized than the ways it was last year and the years before,” said SA President Kayla Turner. “Not to say there was anything wrong with any past systems but we just want to make sure that everything set in place where the next [executive] board comes in and don’t have to spend half the semester organizing things.” Students can find the registration form on Once on the site, a banner titled “Student Organization Registration” appears. Once the banner is clicked, there will be a “Fill Out This Form” tab that requires an additional click. The registration form will finally appear. For the registration, students have to upload an updated roster, which is under a new format compared to previous semester, the organization’s constitution, and the new advisor agreement form. If a student organization does not have an advisor, students are required to contact Fjeldal. She can be reached at NFjeldal@, and can assist in helping student organizations find a suitable advisor. Access to the documents needed for the upload can be found on

Career Quick Tips

from career services

Carolyn Kleiman Career Counselor

I have an all day interview and the recruiter told me lunch will be served. I am nervous about what to talk about, and what to eat. Can you help? Lunch interviews can be stressful, but they can also be enjoyable. Employers often use the lunch interview as a way to assess your “soft” skills and evaluate how you function in social situations. This may be of particular interest if the position you are applying for requires interacting with clients regularly. There are many pieces of etiquette to learn before a meal in this setting. Career Services will be hosting a meal and workshop on Tues. April 10 on this very topic! Until then, here are some quick tips: • Introduce yourself to the table, smile and acknowledge every one at the table. • Stand until the host sits • Place napkin on lap upon sitting down and until you complete your meal. If you get up during the meal (or upon finishing and leaving), place napkin to the left of your plate. • When it comes time to order, follow the lead of the host, do not look at menu until host does. (in terms of price in particular) • Order foods that are familiar and easy to eat, avoid messy foods (spaghetti). • Pass on the alcohol! • Show an interest in others at the table, be an active listener. • Discuss movies, sports, books, the company, current events but stay away from topics that tend to become “heated” or “personal” such as politics, religion or sexuality. Again, there is much to cover on this topic, such as how to hold your knife and fork, which fork to use, which water glass is yours, etc! Sign up to attend the dinner and workshop event hosted by Career Services on April 10! the SDCA’s page on; a link is provided in the registration form that can direct students to the sample documents. The deadline is Wed., Feb. 8, at 5 p.m. It will be due every 2 weeks after a Campus Involvement Fair each semester. The Stu-

dent Organization Registration process will be discussed in the Spring Membership Training on Feb. 3. An instructional video is also available on OrgSync. If any trouble comes up, contact Fjeldal or any staff member of SDCA.

Get to Know Your Organizations:

The Pace Public Relations Club (PPRC) The Next Generation of Public Relations

Alexandra Silver

Feature Editor

We all know Pace has many extracurricular organizations and clubs. However, what some people do not realize is that these clubs occasionally need outside help advertising and setting up events, which was something that was not readily available on campus. Now there is. The Pace Public Relations Club (PPRC) is on a mission to not only practice public relations, but to serve as the public relations people for the university. “We are different from other clubs because there is no field more diverse than public relations,” said junior communications student and President of PPRC Dominique West. “Our range span is anywhere from communications to criminal justice and even nursing. PR is needed and utilized in every field at anytime,” West added. One of PPRC’s goals is to assist other organizations with their public relations, with many already expressing interest.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

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The Pace Chronicle is published by Trumbull Printing: (203) 261-2548 Written and edited by the students of Pace University, The Pace Chronicle is published weekly during the academic year. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of administration, faculty and The Pace Chronicle staff. The Pace Chronicle encourages responses to the opinions expressed herein, and welcomes letters and comments. The Pace Chronicle cannot guarantee publication of letters to the editor or unsolicited manuscripts, and reserves the right to edit or comment editorially on them. Appearance of an advertisement in The Pace Chronicle does not imply endorsements by the members of the editorial board, the advisor, or Pace University of the products or services offered. All photos and copyrights reserved unless otherwise indicated. Subscription and advertising rates available upon request.

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Photo by Dominique West/Pace Public Relations Club The Pace Public Relations Club became a recognized Student Association organization in December 2011. “We are basically applying ideas about what we think will work for whomever or what company we are working for,” said West. “This semester we would like to hit the ground running and do what our purpose is and that is to work with organizations on and

off campus, hold programs for the Pace community, and show everyone we are serious about what we do.” West explained that PR is one of those broad fields that he enjoys so much because it never feels like work. PPRC meetings are open to

all students, regardless of their major. The newly recognized Student Association organization meets every Wed., at 9 p.m. in Willcox Hall. For further information about PPRC you can contact Dominique West at

The PaceChronicle

meetings every Monday, 9 p.m. 3rd floor of Willcox Hall. Open to all students!


The Pace Chronicle

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What’s Making News Beyond Campus?

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Occupy protesters in D.C. have maintained their grounds despite an order from the National Park Service to leave the park. No decision has been made on whether the police would be involved if the deadline passes. A subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee questioned the legality of the protestors camping and left the decision to the National Parks Service to classify if the protesters’ campsite is illegal. CAIRO – The U.S. Embassy in Cairo gave shelter to three American citizens after Egyptian authorities filed charges against them. The charges stemmed from a political investigation into the activities of four non-governmental organizations that are supported by the U.S. The decision to charge the three Americans is another blow to the relations between Cairo and Washington, as the latter recently announced it will stop its $1.3 billion in annual aid unless Egyptian authorities take the necessary steps toward democracy. BAGHDAD - Iraq’s Sunni leaders have ended their Parliament boycott last Sunday. The Sunnisupported coalition known as Iraqiya, consisting of lawmakers that won the most seats in 2010 election but were unable to form a governing body, stated it will return to Parliament. Iraqiya originally announced its boycott shortly after the withdrawal of American troops and belief that the Shiite-dominated government was going to shun Sunnis from power. DAWEI, Myanmar – Thousands of supporters for Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi formed along the region of Dawei as she called for changes in the military-drafted constitution. This was Suu Kyi’s fourth trip outside of Yangon after being released from house arrest in November 2010. Suu Kyi plans to run for the country’s Parliament, which she claims the reigning party has rigged elections of the opposition.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

Don’t Mess With the Internet

Michael Oleaga Editor-in-Chief

EAST HAVEN, Conn. - The chief of East Haven’s police department announced his resigning on Jan. 30 after four officers were charged of harassing and intimidating minorities. The charges were filed by the Justice Department alleging racial profiling and not following protocol. The police chief, Leonard Gallo, is not charged of the alleged crimes. “He is retiring from his position for one reason alone - that is his desire to not be a distracting element in East Haven’s efforts to rehabilitate its image both upon its citizens and the general public,” said Gallo’s lawyer, Jonathan Einhorn.

Photo From Republican Representative Lamar Smith of Texas is the chief sponsor of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). as music, movies, and books on the internet, Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was created to protect the “owners” of these materials. However, as word of the bills spread congress was then met by some support but overall great opposition as protest of the bills have ran through the country. “I support the bill because I want to significantly reduce instances of privacy,” said history and political science Professor Howard Weishaus. The bills have received support from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the United States Chamber of Commerce, and News Corporation. “I don’t see this bill passing

through both chambers in Congress. There’s a lot of opposition on both sides of the isle, both Demo[crats] and Rep[ublicans] oppose it,” said political science Professor George Picoulas. The bills, which have been removed from the agendas in the House and Senate for the time being, would affect a plethora of websites such as Wikipedia, Google, Tumblr, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook. “I don’t agree with the bill at all,” said graduate student Yeerang Jang. “I do understand that people illegally download music, movies etc. but that hasn’t stopped from people going to theaters to watch the newest movies or artists having a successful career. It definitely hurts businesses who sell these products from doing well. But in this day and age,

no one is really purchasing CDs and DVDs. Majority of people own iPods and watch movies online from Netflix or Redbox it.” While services are back up and running and many other protests have stopped, the actions made by the online community demonstrate the power and importance of the internet and its impact not only on a college campus but on society in general. Additionally, the potential laws themselves make people realize that online pirating of copyright materials is serious issue in which a solution will eventually be found. On Jan. 20, Republican Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, the chief sponsor of SOPA, pulled the bill and PIPA was no longer discussed. Although the two proposed American bills are currently dead, an international trade agreement is being negotiated, known as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). ACTA is an international trade agreement under discussion among the European Union, the U.S., Canada, South Korea, and Australia to name a few. The aim for ACTA is similar to SOPA and PIPA, in “enforcing and tackle counterfeited goods. The U.S. and Japan helped organize the treaty. The U.S. has signed the treaty without Congressional approval.

Robot Invasion at Pace Continued from page 1

nology), a non-profit public charity, aims to inspire young adult’s interests and involvement in scientific knowledge, research, and endeavors. “I am excited to be part of such a great competition. It is a great experience especially for High School Students,” said sophomore accounting student Jamie Sanchez. The 2012 Hudson Valley competition welcomed 36 teams of high school students. The competition also considers the admissions for teams who cannot compete on their division and from other states. The Team, Robots and Brainbots Inc., from Gann Academy in Waltham, Mass., traveled to compete for the second year in a row. “We appreciate being here since we are a Jewish high school we don’t compete on Saturday’s so it is great to be back here. We made it to the World Championship last year so we have good luck at Pace,” said Robots and Brainbots Coach Steve Dubin. Each team is judged on robot design, the programming, the community outreach they have demonstrated, and most notable their gracious professionalism in which they help other teams with the creation of their robotic devices. Additionally each team is judge in their performance in the rank where alliance teams of

robots fights to receive the most points. The day starts with the teams coming in to sign into the competition followed by setting up. The teams then wait to be taken to meet the panel of judges. Each team has 15 minutes to present their project to the judges both orally and in a writing book in which they documented the making of the robot. Then the teams have to take their robots through inspections where a crew ensures that each robot makes each of the requirements. “I love Pace’s competitions, this is my second time here, and it is a good facility,” said Christina Paolicelli, a member of Techno Chix from Pleasantville. The next part of the process has each robot paired in an alliance. There are two robots are placed in a ring where set up are 12 creates, 100 racquetballs, and two six pound bowling balls available for each team to gather. The teams first go through a 30 seconds match were the robot is programed to move along the field. Next the teams perform in a two minute round. The robots remain in place from the first round until started. Then each robot races to gather the most items, stack them the highest, and to get back up the ramp before time is stopped. Each teams goal to get

to receive the most points. In this section the robots are controlled by four team members (two per robot) through remote controls. One by one losing teams filed onto the bleachers awaiting the final results. The final match in overtime was between the Blue Alliance and the Red Alliance. The Blue Team was made up of the RoboPandas from Floral Park, NY, the PRO’s from Corning, NY, and Room for Improvement from Yorktown Heights, NY. The Red Term was comprised of Suffern Syborgs 2, from Suffern, NY, and Innovo and Roboboggie that are from Hewlett, NY. After a day full of hard work, friendly competition, and overtime four teams will advance to the World championship in St. Luis, Missouri. The Inspire award, which is rewarded to the team that demonstrates high levels of gracious professionalism, great communication skills, teamwork with all, and an impressive robotic design, was awarded to Robots and Brainbots Inc. The Red team (Suffern Syborgs, Innovo, and Roboboggie) went on to win the overall competition eliminating the blue team with a total of 274 points to 189 points between both matches in the final round. The four winning teams will leave for the World Championship located in Missouri in April where they will


Campus Involvement Fair Brings Out Students Samantha Finch News Editor

Students, faculty, and staff flooded the halls of the Kessel Student Center for the spring 2012 Campus Involvement Fair on Wed. Jan. 25. Fold-out tables lined the perimeter of Kessel Well, Gottesman, Setter’s Café, and along the corridor of the office of Student Development and Campus Activities (SDCA). It was there that clubs and organizations hoped to attract potential new members to join and contribute to their clubs. “I wholeheartedly believe that events such as the Campus Involvement Fair are successful in increasing students’ awareness of the involvement opportunities on campus,” said Director of Student Development and Campus Activities Rachel Carpenter. “We recently changed the title last fall to Campus Involvement Fair to expand the event to include offices that provide services to students but also to highlight involvement opportunities not found within student organizations,” she addded. The organizations present varied from the Glee Club, to Nature Club, as well as Greek lettered organizations. Each organization had the opportunity to display to prospective students what they represent not only to their members, but additionally what role the organization plays on campus. “If it weren’t for the club fair every semester, I probably would have never known how many great clubs there are on campus. I think that it encourages students to find something that interests them or even motivates them to start their own club,” said sophomore nursing student Arielle Winters. Not only were there dozens of tables, but they were all adorned with banners, photographs, triboards, decorations and flyers. Members made signup sheets for students interested in more information about the club. At the end of the fair, students walked away with more knowledge of the organizations on campus as well as groups they would like to learn more about. compete against teams from all 50 states and across the world. “Being a part of the first organization is absolutely fabulous and its right up Pace’s ally it is exactly what Pace strives for which is Opportunitas, and the First Tech Challenge gives high school teams the opportunity to build robots, compete, and learn about science and technology while having a really good time…” Houle concluded.



The Pace Chronicle

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The Dangers of Coffee

New study reports on age effects his/her necessary dose of cafDelis DeLeon feine. Health Editor Most people drink coffee in order to experience a boost of enFor many people, a cup of cof- ergy or wake themselves up durfee is necessary in the morning. In ing tiresome moments. Therefore, fact, some people need multiple coffee can lead to insomnia, restcups just to survive the day. But lessness, and anxiety. Too much caffeine can also lead to an upset stomach and may cause vomiting or nausea. Researchers have been concerned with coffee leading to irregular heartbeats or a severe heart condition. It has been shown that unfiltered coffee leads to an increase in cholesterol, lipoprotein, and triglycerides, which can be the cause of heart problems. It has also been said that those who Photo from aren’t frequent coffee There may be more in your cup of drinkers may risk excoffee than you paid for. periencing heart attacks. there are many consequences and Many people have been conside effects to that cup of Star- cerned with the idea that coffee bucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee. can stunt one’s growth. Although In a recent appearance on the it may seem that drinking coffee Today show, New York City der- at a relatively young age can be matologist Dr. Deborah Watten- dangerous towards a child’s natuberg spoke of how daily cups of ral growth, there has been no scicoffee could cause one’s skin to entific evidence to prove this. age. However, it has been proven Caffeine can prevent your that coffee does stain your teeth, skin from absorbing water, mak- especially those who drink an ing your skin appear to be “prune- excessive amount of coffee. This like, dry, or washed out,” as de- result has been referred to as the scribed by Wattenberg. “coffee smile,” which is caused Frequent coffee drinkers, such by the dark brown color of the as those who drink more than six coffee beans. The stains are said cups a day, can develop an ad- to be noticeable in the front teeth diction to coffee known as “caf- of the upper row in your mouth. feinism.” This can usually cause So, the more you drink coffee, the anxiety and agitation or even more likely you are to develop withdrawals if one does not get these stains.

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

Ways to De-stress While on Campus

Feeling the Stress this Spring Semester Delis DeLeon

Health Editor

Did winter break feel like it flew by? Do you feel like you’re just not ready to begin school work yet? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the assignments you have received already? There are plenty of ways to de-stress around campus or the surrounding neighborhoods to clear your mind and calm your nerves. If feeling anxious and overwhelmed, studies have suggested going to a quiet room or area where your mind can be ease. Sometimes being surrounded by too much noise can cause someone to feel restless. One of the best places on campus to escape from the noise is the second floor of the Mortola library. This floor is reserved for independent studying; it is the best place to isolate yourself and work productively. Another great way to calm down and take a break from your school responsibilities is exercising. The Goldstein Fitness Center’s weight room is opened on weekdays from 6 a.m. to midnight and on the weekends from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.. The option to participate in intramural sports is also available including indoor flag football, indoor soccer, volleyball, badminton, and more. Goldstein also offers an array of aerobics programs, including yoga which has become a very popular way to de-stress. Yoga allows one to recharge and refocuses his/her body. It

Photo from

The Goldstein Fitness Center’s gym is one source to alleviate stress during the spring semester. teaches meditation, how to control breathing, and how to center your body. Such practice can also be performed from the convenience of one’s own room. Other aerobics classes include Zumba, body sculpting, kickboxing, and conditioning. Each of these classes allows one to channel their frustration and nerves into something that is productive and effective. These classes not only provide a fun, new way to get in shape but allows one to escape his/hers worries and troubles. For some, being able to talk and share their problems with a neutral, non-judgmental individual is a great way to clear the chest and become at ease. The Counseling Center on campus offers their confidential services from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Counseling Center is run as a walk-in clinic with no appointment needed. Another great way, unique to the Pleasantville campus, is the Environmental Center.

A simple thing like petting the goats or feeding the chickens will allow one to escape the traditional, college atmosphere and enter a more relaxing, less stressful environment. Studies have also found that using your traditionally nondominant hand throughout your daily routine can also be a new way to de-stress. Someone who is right handed, for instance, might try using their left hand to brush their teeth or comb their hair. It is important to also perform tasks one at a time. With all the deadlines, homework assignments and responsibilities, most students often multi-task in order to get things done, so taking the time to focus on one task will allow your mind to rest a bit. The University offers many ways to escape the everyday stresses of being a college student, whether it is for 30 minutes or an hour, it can be available without leaving your dorm room or going off campus.

Are You Compromising Your Weight for Comfort Ability? Recent studies show how leggings can cause an increase in weight Delis DeLeon

Health Editor

Almost every girl will agree that “comfortable” is the most accurate description of leggings. When jeans are just too tight and sweats are too dress-down, leggings are the ladies’ ideal choice to complete an outfit. Women are not the only fans of leggings either. Men will agree that leggings are just as appealing for them as they are for the women who wear them. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to sharing pictures of females wearing leggings, new designs for leggings, and it provides an open forum for individuals to share their love of the garment.

The page has over 134, 000 “likes” and supporters. One user named Ellie Martin wrote, “I love them there so cool with anything.” Another user, Navin Manickam, gave his input and wrote, “I love girls with leggings.” But would leggings have so many fans if people knew that wearing them could cause an increase in weight? The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail recently reported on the relationship between leggings and weight gain. One of the reasons women love leggings so much is because they support and hold in a ladies’ quadriceps, buttocks and tummy, providing a great fit and depicting a slim figure. Not to mention the fact that it tightens and highlights a women’s best feature.

Photo from

Popularity for leggings have even garnered the attention of men.

London physiotherapist Sammy Margo claimed that this is the exact downfall to leggings. These bottoms allow for these core muscles to relax and weaken. The lose fit it creates “lazy and flabby legs” that remain un-toned and therefore lead to an increase in body fat. Other doctors and researchers state that these claims are ridiculous and false. An increase in body fat, flabby or un-toned areas of our body is not a result of the garments we wear but due to a lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. In some cases, leggings may be less flattering for women who are thicker in instances where their leggings may appear to be too tight. Women wearing tighter clothing run a risk of highlighting

We’re always open for new reporters! Visit our meeting or email!

or revealing areas on their bodies which contain cellulite and/or stretch marks. Felicia Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, stated that “our muscles work when you use them, not by putting on certain garments. Clothing has no impact on muscle fiber utilization,” whether one is wearing jeans, tights, sweat pants, jeggings or leggings. Leggings are worn for comfort ability. In fact, most women will even wear these articles of clothing while exercising and working out. Therefore, the claims of a connection between weight gain and leggings cannot be medically proven. “Leggings are a reliable option,” said political science student Christine Gramlich.


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The Pace Chronicle

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012


~ATTENTION~ ~WESTCHESTER GRADUATES~ Student Commencement Speaker and Singer

During the month of February, the Dean will be looking for students who are graduating and are interested in singing the National Anthem, or speaking at Commencement. If you are interested in either singing or speaking, please go to our Commencement Site for additional information.



The Pace Chronicle

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

If There’s No Free Will, Is Everything Allowed? Martin Totland

Opinion Editor

Imagine this: You do not have free will. Let that sink in for a moment. It sounds like nonsense, right? We all operate under the assumption that we are the authors of our own thoughts and intentions. In fact, it seems to be one of the defining characteristics of humanity. However, according to the people who study this sort of thing, apparently there is no description of mental and physical causation that allows for free will. If this is true (and it appears to be), then what does that mean for personal responsibility and the very idea of owning yourself? The research on this subject started to flourish in the 1980s, particularly under the neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet. He managed to demonstrate that activity in the brain’s motor regions can be detected approximately 350 milliseconds before the person in question feels he has decided to move. Later, in a similar vein, other scientists have used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to detect supposedly conscious intentions to move up to – get this – ten seconds before

the action was perresearchers first took formed. control over the paThis raises many tient’s will and then important, yet mindtheir body, all at the bending questions. Do flick of a switch. we not consciously Neuroscientist and decide to perform our author Sam Harris actions? What about puts it thus: The idea our thoughts? Most that we are the conof us like to think that scious authors of our we decide our own own thoughts and acactions and thoughts, tions is irreconcilable so it’s all too easy to with what we know scoff at the idea that about the human this isn’t so. Surely brain; all of the brain’s the experiments must actions can be traced be flawed, right? to biological, chemiApparently, cal events which we they’re not flawed, are entirely unaware and several other re- Photo from of. searches have come Do you believe you have free will? Studies have Many people have to nearly identical reported on the matter. speculated what this conclusions. In the early 1990s, could elicit any motor response means for personal responsibility. Itzhak Fried, a neurosurgeon at via electric stimulation. Depend- If we indeed do not have free will, the Yale University School of ing on the strength of the current, then our entire justice system beMedicine, found some startling sometimes a finger would twitch comes debatable since it’s built evidence against the idea of free or an arm would move. Some- around the idea that we’re all retimes, the patient’s neck would sponsible for what we say and do. will. For instance, most of civilized While operating on epilepsy extend and turn to the right. As patients’ brains, Fried stimulated astounding as it sounds, it wasn’t society seems to agree that pedophilia is one of the most deplorcertain brain regions with elec- the best part. The patients reported “urges” able crimes and that pedophiles tric impulses. Initially, the idea was to monitor which regions of to move, that is, the strong incli- are entirely misguided for doing the brain were responsible for the nation to perform a physical ac- what they do. However, in 2002, over-activity associated with epi- tion. Then, when Dr. Fried and American doctors confirmed that his team turned up the juice, the a man had turned into a pedophile lepsy. Fried also used this opportu- patients would perform the exact due to a tumor in his brain. While nity to map the brains of his pa- action they had been having an the man was fully aware of his tients in order to figure out if he urge to perform. Essentially, the despicable actions, it couldn’t be


Kelly Povero

Copy Editor

With any luck you picked up a copy of the Jan. 18 edition of The Pace Chronicle and saw the wonderful article on Twitter and PaceGirlProblems. Well, it is my joy to bring forth a few new additions to the list of nagging tweets via PacePains, PaceProblems, PaceGreekProbs, PaceSeniorProbs, and the newly established PaceGossipGirl. Why is it that everybody is totally cool ranting, raving, tweeting and re-tweeting about the problems they have with or at Pace, but never offers any solutions? Yes, the profiles clearly state that if you don’t like what they’re saying then you can unfollow or disregard them, but can we really? I know from personal experience - as an avid Twitter user - that I couldn’t unfollow these persons if I wanted to – which I don’t. They provide me with laughter, amusement, insight, and a connection with other students. As I reviewed many of the tweets to all of these pages from various students, I began to realize that we complain too damn much. The tweets are copied and pasted directly as is, meaning there are spelling errors. One example was, “The rain sucks…I wish Kessel delivered,” while another reads, “Starving but the cafe is just so far away, es-

pecially when it’s raining.” We’re young, we’re able, but we’re beyond lazy. Get an umbrella or order from On’s, that’s my solution. Let’s talk about PaceGirlProblems which describes its profile as: “working toward greatness one blacked out, slut filled weekend at a time…all tweets are in good humor and JOKES, dont follow if you dont like it.” Besides the bad grammar (it seems what we learn in college is irrelevant on Twitter), the posts are pretty consolidated to one anonymous female who lets us in on a little bit of her life. I hate it and I love it at the same time. I’m not going to lie; some of the tweets are hilarious and very legitimate when it comes to our campus and females that walk the grounds however, what is this saying about our community? What is this saying about women in general? I’m no feminist but, essentially, all I gather from the majority tweets is that this person is constantly wasted beyond belief. I don’t know who you are, but props to you for getting the most out of your college experience and taking your liver down with you! Then we have PaceSeniorProbs which is one that I can clearly relate to. Being a senior with just over three months until graduation, I find most of these tweets relevant and fantastic. Sometimes I even tweet at them! Also feeding into the idea of con-

stant drunkenness to finish out the final semester, but still offering very valid thoughts nonetheless. Here’s a taste of the feed: “Wow, I thought I’d never see you outside of your townhouse,” true. Or how about, “Syllabus week is over now we actually have to do work,” also true. PaceGossipGirl – well that one is nothing but creepy if we’re being totally honest here. According to the page, PaceGossipGirl is “everywhere u are. willcox parties, TH parties, paulies, kessel, white plains parties, choate house, all up in your advisor meetings…” I think my point is clear. And I’m certain that our very own Gossip Girl will be nothing like the overhead voice of Kristen Bell as she spills the dirty laundry of Chuck and Blair to all of the Upper East Side. This is Pace we’re talking about. If we look at PaceProblems, it lives up to its name. It’s one ridiculous miniscule problem after another, a complaint here and another there. I’m pretty sure you could breathe next to whoever is behind PaceProblems and they’ll tweet that it’s an issue. Once again, a fairly amusing read that also offers legitimate thoughts that even I’ve had. But if you’re going to complain so much, why not offer some solutions? And alas, my favorite is PacePains. I have the privilege of knowing the source behind this articulate yet obnoxiously awe-

some Twitter account, and I feel that gives me every right to make the biased judgment that it is the best. After all, what would an opinion article be if I didn’t give my opinion? One thing that I really do like about PacePains is that it is always shouting out to the other problematic Twitter accounts that have surfaced over the last few months about Pace. But it remains to be that Pace is full of problems and people just want you to know about them via Twitter. We are a society full of complainers. We are unhappy, dissatisfied and mean. It’s easier to take that out on a university as opposed to each other, our parents, and most importantly, ourselves. Maybe we’re the problem, not Pace. Maybe we should start talking about PaceSolutions instead of PaceProblems. Maybe we should start thinking about the awesome things we can do at

said that he in fact was the ultimate decider of his intentions and desires. (The man has since had the tumor removed, thankfully.) Even the US Supreme Court has offered an opinion on the importance of free will as a basis for a fair justice system, calling it a universal and persistent foundation for the system of law (United States vs. Grayson, 1978). It’s hard to fully comprehend what this can potentially mean. If free will is an illusion, then it might be an illusion worth keeping around, as it seems it keeps society in check (to a certain degree). Steven Pinker, a psychologist at Harvard University, called free will “a fictional construction that has applications in the real world.” He’s right; the idea itself of free will seems to be crucial to the workings of society, despite our inability to reconcile it with the workings of the brain. I have no doubt, however, that advances in neuroscience will slowly pull aside the curtain to reveal deeper answers about free will. Thus, despite its appearance as an illusion, this might be the one illusion we cannot be without. So don’t try to use your lack of free will as an excuse as to why you didn’t do your homework just yet.

Pace instead of being Negative Nancy’s all the time. Maybe, just maybe, we should put down the phones and step away from the Twitter world and actually walk to Kessel in the damn rain with or without the umbrella. Despite this, I am hypocritically going to encourage you to follow these accounts simply for the pure amusement of reading the terrible abuse of the English language. Disclaimer: Please don’t take offense to the statements above however, if you do, I guess I’ve done my job. I hold no personal prejudice against any individuals that may be running the aforementioned Twitter forums. And in full disclosure, I actually don’t really care about them at all but I’m a nice person and decided to help a friend out by writing this article.

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

The G-Spot B : G y

Ebony Turner

Featured Columnist

Modern Day Emmett Till’s: Why Does America (Not George W. Bush) Still Not Care about Black People?

What is 40 Acres and a MacBook? Whether it’s the questionable news headlines on Fox or when we walk into Kessel and see all the same kids sitting comfortably on opposite sides of the cafeteria, it’s time to stop ignoring racial issues within our youth with our 40 acres and a Macbook - a modernized compensation for the world in which we are forced to live in. Why is it that all of the victims of Jerry Sandusky were underprivileged black children from single parent homes? Why is it that only five percent of reported missing Black and Latino children ever make it public television coverage? Why did it take so long for the people of New Orleans to receive immediate attention on that fateful day of Aug. 23, 2005? These are the questions that people of color ask with every tragedy within our community that does not receive the attention it deserves, but the most important question remains: why is the life of a black human being so devalued in our society? As I was watching the commercial for a special on TV One titled Find Our Missing, I was taken aback by the startling facts concerning how poorly the media covers young missing black children. Not only was the statistic of five-percent disappointing, but also the fact that that meant 95 percent of reported missing Black and Latino children never catch the media’s attention. This statistic shows that our society, as Kanye West has so aptly said, does not care about black people, especially our youth. Sandusky’s indictment was vile and disturbing on the nature of his crimes alone, but what sickened me most was how low on the pedestal the children were in being protected and defended against this perverted man, even after the President of Penn State and the late former head coach of its football program, Joe Paterno, made light of the crimes once they were discovered. They put the reputations and

image of their positions as priority and treated the psychological and emotional damage Sandusky caused these children as a nonfactor that must be brushed under the rug. I could not help but ask myself: would the same treatment have been paid to the safety of these children if they came from wealthy, two-parent homes and were white? I asked my peers this same question and received a resounding “no.” No, because black youth, and even black people as a whole, have a long history in our society of receiving the least amount of respect, and not enough empathy from anyone outside of our community no matter how tragic the story may be. Even during Hurricane Katrina coverage, the black families stealing food to feed their children were called looters while the white families were described as trying to “survive,” yet they were doing the same thing. While America was focused on the twisted tale of Casey Anthony, the mother of Shaniya Davis, a young black girl who was found on the side of the road in North Carolina raped and murdered, was indicted on charges of trafficking her child for money the same year; since the case received such a poor, slow investigation the media was in no rush to bring any wide spread up-to-date coverage on the story. In comparison, both Shaniya and Caylee Anthony were children whose lives were ended far too soon and under the most gruesome circumstances, which is more of a reason for their cases to have been equally popular. What worries me most is

how consistent of a trend it is for the lives of black children to be placed at the bottom of the food chain, not only by society but also by those whose sole job is to protect all of America, the Department of Justice. While surely the trend dates as far back as the times of slavery, the most monumental atrocity that catalyzed the tendency was on the day of Aug. 28, 1955. Emmett Till, who was 14-years-old, was found in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi with his eye gouged out, his body beaten to a bloody pulp, and a gunshot wound to the head for reportedly “flirting” with a white woman. After this tragedy, black people were beyond fed up and spoke up against with utter disdain for the lack of action and attention being paid to the lives people of color. In the book The Lynching of Emmett Till, an open letter written in an old newspaper The Chicago Defender on Oct. 1, 1955, summed up a plight that is shared between 1955 and 2012. “… the Department of Justice seems more devoted to exploring its lawbooks for reasons why it can’t offer protection of a Negro’s life or rights.” This devotion has lasted for 57 years and is now a goal that is shared amongst many media outlets as well as Congress, and still, the Department of Justice. There should be no intentional or unintentional hierarchy when it comes to the life of any child, adult, or just plain human being, based on color. It is 2012; there is no more room for modern day Emmett Till’s.


Fpinion eature OOpinion


Unorthodox Turn-offs:

Less obvious qualities or habits that don’t tickle their fancy What’s The-G-Spot About? "College is run by sexual tension. Many of us like sex, have sex, and have walked in on our roommate having sex. Why ignore it? Let’s be honest instead. In college, learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom, it happens in the bedroom. Don't be shy, now, welcome to the G-Spot." - Gabrielle Davina When a good friend was telling me a story of how she had crazy irresponsible sex in the backseat of a car with her coworker, she ended the story with, “Is it weird that the biggest problem I have with the whole situation is that he’s a Republican? I can’t be with a Republican!” She’s a socialist. Her story reminded me that not all turn-offs are your typical no-brainers - bad breath and hygiene are a given. Seeking more unique and interesting answers, I asked around Kessel (and on Twitter): “What are some of your strangest turn-offs?” Some people’s answers were exceptionally creative. Others, I had more than once. Here’s a compilation of the answers I got from some of Pace’s finest. 1. “If you’re in my space and leave your socks here, your shoes there and your shirt over there, we are not having sex,” – junior business management student Katie Ford. 2. “If a guy doesn’t have a semi-clean room” – senior international management major Kelly Schlegel. 3. “If a guy has really heinous footwear,” – sophomore international management student Liz Plakhotnaya. 4. “When you see a girl’s panties riding above her pants - some guys think it’s hot, I just think it’s disgusting,” – freshman CAP student Chad Marsh. 5. “When a girl tries to be too dominate when I want to dominate,” – senior political science major Taylor Vogt. 6. “When a guy has small hands - I like rough, big hands,” – senior finance student Heidi Valdez 7. “When a girl runs to the bathroom to pee right after sex? Total turn-off,” – sophomore marketing student David Hoff. 8. “A girl without proper table manners,” – sophomore management student Michael Metesan. 9. “Long fingernails. Hands are a super important physical attribute for me. I don’t do long

nails.” – communications alumni Melissa Recine 10. “Any mention of ‘daddy’ or ‘who’s your daddy.’ Gross.” – senior psychology and marketing student Christine Leone. Guys and girls both seemed to agree without suggestion or provocation that socks in bed is an automatic don’t-touch-me-‘tilthey’re-off. Guys specifically told me of their aversions to lip-biting while kissing. “A few times is good but after that, no. I want it back,” said junior criminal justice student Joe Solomeno. As far as my own unorthodox turn-offs, I met this beautiful guy one night and we hit it off pretty well until I found out his favorite genre of music was pop-punk. Wait, seriously? I can appreciate pop-punk as a means to look back on middle school but I have trouble seeing it as a genre serious enough to call your favorite. (Sorry if you’re in a pop-punk band, I’m sure it’s fun). Other turn-offs include guys who treat their mothers like crap, a guy who is constantly craving a cigarette, guys with hairless legs (especially when they shave them on purpose), guys who insist on giving terrible massages with no hope for improvement, guys with outstanding warrants for their arrest, guys with bodies in their closet, and guys who have any interest in kiddie beauty pageants. Oh, and once, I went on a date with a guy who told me he “didn’t take ‘no’ well.” That’s not creepy at all. Just kidding, weirdo, no more dates for you. So tread carefully, everyone! Chew with mouths closed and don’t wear ugly shoes. I’m sure someone will love you regardless, but some people pay attention to the littlest things. Personally, I don’t think you should have an aversion to everything so much that you’re being unrealistic, but it’s your prerogative to say no to someone whose qualities don’t tickle your fancy.

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012


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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012


Broadway Mine Till Tuesday: How-To for The Mirage of Designer Loans College Students Torraine Humes

Featured Reporter

Photo from Colby Hochmuth/The Pace Chronicle The street name says it all, Broadway, where many plays are acted, from Spiderman, The Book of Mormon, to Wicked. Colby Hochmuth

Entertainment Editor

Emily Riehle

Featured reporter

Whether you’re thinking of a birthday gift, Valentine’s Day present, or just a night out with friends, there’s nothing better than going to a Broadway show. As you walk down the streets of Manhattan, vivid billboard advertisements for Mamma Mia and Wicked fill the sides of buildings. Broadway musicals have become a staple in New York tourism, but how many locals actually go to Broadway shows? One of the hardest things for college student is wanting to do fun things but not always having the funds to do so. Since the Pleasantville is only a quick train ride away from the city, going to a Broadway show is an ideal night out, except for the cost of tickets. Luckily, February is one of the cheapest months to go see a show, and there are ways to avoid waiting in the long ticket lines in Times Square, or spending $100 to see a great show. By using websites like or, you can avoid the lines and also have the opportunity to use promotional codes for discounts. Before buying your tickets, take a few minutes to browse through Playbill, Theatremania, and - all sites which usually have promotional codes that can save you up to 25 or 50 percent off the ticket price. Another way to save some money is by waiting for what are called “rush tickets.” You can wait till the day of the show and buy cheaper tickets in the last few hours before the show; and if they end up selling out you can always get “standing room only” tickets for about $20. Also many theatres will set aside special tickets for students that can be bought at extremely

low prices (close to $30) on the day of the show. These tickets, known as student rush tickets, don’t always apply at every theatre, so it’s a smart idea to look on the website or call ahead of time. When people think of Broadway, an assumption often wrongfully made is that they’ll sit down for three hours of cheesy songs and dancing. However, a new generation of musicals has been created over the last few years, which has succeeded in drawing in younger crowds. In the Heights, for example, is a contemporary show that takes place in the vibrant neighborhood of Washington Heights. It features different types of music such as rap, hip-hop, and Latin influences. Also popular on Broadway are musical creations from movies. Spider Man recently has entered spotlight. This show has the same action and intensity as the movie, but has risen to a whole level as a live show. There is also some Broadway shows also illustrate different parts of history that younger generations could not have experienced. The Tony award winner for Best Musical, Memphis, depicts the life of segregation during the 1940’s in the south. Jersey Boys is about the journey of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and the music sensations during the 1960s. Broadway has even made the transition into the app world. With the BroadwayWorld App, available for smart phones, iPads and other tablets, you have access to the latest Broadway news, browse show listings and purchase tickets, and watch video previews of shows on Broadway. The BroadwayWorld App is free, and has quickly become one of the most downloaded apps for people living in the New York metropolitan area. Some expected hot musicals this season include The Lion King, West Side Story, The Book of Mormon, Evita, and Ghost.

It’s that time of year again award season is in full-swing. The Golden Globes, Critic’s Choice, People’s Choice and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards are behind us, and we’re gearing up for the Oscars and Grammys. While these award shows do have large followings, a lot of viewers only watch the red carpet entrances. Many forego the shows altogether and look at images online the next day. More indelible than award winners and losers are the best and worst dressed lists. People idolize these celebrity styles. They dream of the days when they can afford Angelina Jolie’s $10,000 Atelier Versace dress. But does it bother anyone that the day after the look walks the carpet, it’s boxed up and shipped back to the designer? It’s pretty much common knowledge by now that designers lend out their designs to celebrities in hopes of a photo-op, but people aren’t aware of the extent. Award shows are the biggest free publicity opportunities a brand can get. A chance for their designs to be seen in front of an audience of millions is incomparable. Whether its Christian Louboutin shoes, a Balmain motorcycle jacket, or Prada earrings; even the smallest item can be a promotional tool. The main job of a celebrity stylist is to act as liaison between their client and designer PR contacts. It’s all business. An A-list

star wearing your design will move more product than any sexually charged advertisement ever could. It’s so much of a business that celebs actually get in trouble if they don’t mention the designer when asked. You know all of those cute “oh my gosh, I forget who my dress is by” moments that happen on the red carpet? Those are actually public relations disasters. Most people believe celebs only wear borrowed clothes for awards shows: a common fallacy. Truthfully, any time a celebrity is photographed, they’re wearing something that doesn’t belong to them. No girl is going on David Letterman or even out to dinner in a dress they plucked out of their closet. Press conferences, club openings, everything has press credits. The Lady herself, Ms. Gaga, is the queen designer contract. She’s the perfect lightening rod for public attention. In 2011 alone she inked contracts to exclusively wear Chanel, Versace, and Mugler for pre-determined lengths of time. Now the issue of ethics comes into play. Is it really responsible to have people aspire to celebrity lifestyles the celebs themselves don’t live? Granted celebs garner a substantial amount of wealth; do you really think Jessica Alba considered purchasing the $2.5 million Neil Lane jewelry she wore to the Golden Globes? Not likely. Let’s just say that red carpets would look a lot less glamorous if designers weren’t lending out

clothes and accessories. Even more deceptive are street style blogs. Fashion bloggers are the celebrities of the new millennium. Websites like and have made stars out of relatively average people. They photograph “regular people” like fashion assistants, editors, and journalists outside wearing looks off the runway, depicting them as common. Not unless you’re in the fashion business do you realize most of their clothes are borrowed and these people are making a $30,000 to 45,000 per year as salary. All people see is a photo and not the story behind it. “It’s crazy. I can’t even afford my clothes,” said American designer Michael Bastian, a few years ago of his price points. Surely he can’t be the only one who feels this way. High-end designers often serve the pitch that their items are “investment pieces.” How can they expect regular customers to invest when they don’t ask wealthier, (presumably) celebrity clients to do the same? In the end, capitalism rules supreme. As long as designers have willing, paying customers, ethics aren’t too important. Anyway, most of the population isn’t on the fence about whether to invest in a Gucci Spring 2012 gown, so it isn’t at the top of Obama’s todo list. But maybe from now on, when fantasizing about being rich and famous, think “I can’t wait until I can borrow those earrings for a few days.”

Photo from the Associated Press Celebrities such as Selma Hayek, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie, shown above, during the Golden Globes.

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

Nominations now being accepted for the

GreenPace Award Do you know a person, department, organization, or club that deserves to be recognized for helping to make Pace a greener place? Let it be known!

The GreenPace Award recognizes members of the Pace community for ongoing dedication to developing innovative programs and services that assist Pace in meeting its commitment to sustainable practices. For more information, and to nominate a Pace staff, faculty, student or Pace club, organization or department, go to:

The GreenPace Award is a program of the GreenPace Sustainability Committee.  The Committee is comprised of universityͲwide members workingtoenhanceandpromotesustainabilitythroughoutallofPace’s


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Pace Looses to Stonehill Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

The men’s basketball team lost 73-63 in an away, conference match against Stonehill. The teams overall record takes a tumble down to 9-10 and 7-8 in their NE-10 conference record. The Setters came out aggressively in the first half with many intense plays. However, the Skyhawks were able to end the first

half with the lead at 34-24. There were great performances by sophomore guard and marketing student, Denzel PrimusDevonish who played a strong game. Primus-Devonish ended the night with 12 points and six assists. Junior forward and business student, Keon Williams also had a great game under the paint, leading the offense with 17 points and nine rebounds along with two

steals. Sophomore forward and criminal justice student, Jonathan Merceus contributed with ten points and four rebounds. Sophomore guard and computer science student, Kai Smith added ten points as well. Pace will have another conference game at home on Tues., Jan. 31 at 7:30 p.m., right after the women’s game.

home-court disadvantage, started the game strong and with a lead over the Skyhawks. Senior guard and biology student, Kerri White, unfolded the Setter wrath for the first-half, shooting three-pointers for Pace. White ended the night with 12 points. Senior forward and political science and history student, Brittany Shields led the Setters as they came out to take on the challenge that Stonehill was bringing

in the second half. Shields led the offense and defense, ending the night with 14 points and 16 rebounds as well as three steals. In addition, sophomore forward and criminal justice student, Victoria Jones contributed with 11 points and three rebounds. Women’s basketball will play in a home, conference match against American International College on Tues., Jan. 31 at 5:30 p.m.

Women’s Basketball Breaks Winning Streak

Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

The Setters women’s basketball team traveled to Stonehill College on Sat. Jan. 28 and lost in a nail-biting 48-47 final score to the Skyhawks. After this NE-10 conference loss, Pace drops their conference record to 12-3 and 15-4 in overall record. The Setters, despite their

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012


Sports on the Side: Joe Paterno: 1926-2012 CJ Dudek

Sports Columnist

The vast majority of Joseph Vincent Paterno’s life story was written in blue and white ink. Joe Paterno never went anywhere other than Penn State University, and he never needed to. Paterno was steadfast at Penn State because everything he did was timeless. Joe Pa drove a Ford Tempro to work every day; whether it was in 1950 when he just started out as an assistant coach or in 2011 when he had won more games as a head coach than anyone else. He maintained his iconic look of Poindexter glasses and flood pants throughout his career; even when they went out of style decades before the fashion trends of his final recruiting class. Even when Paterno’s famous Grand Experiment appeared to falter in 1979, Joe Pa’s faith in his players and himself never budged. Generations of Penn State football players came in and out of the locker rooms at Beaver Stadium, but Joe Pa remained year after year, decade after decade. On Sun., Jan. 22, 2012, at the age of 85, Joe Paterno passed away. He left behind his wife Sue, his son Jay, and every one of his family members that all gathered by his hospital bed to watch him take his final breath. Still, Paterno left more than his own family behind. He left behind all of the kids whose lives that he influenced for the better; the University that was the first stepping stone, foundation, and Taj Mahal of Paterno’s coaching career, and millions of people who blamed him in part for a scandal that rocked the sports world to its core. With the final chapter of Joe Paterno’s life story written we turn to the maddening process of drafting the man’s epilogue: his legacy. What will the world most remember of Joe Paterno? Will we all remember the 409 career wins, 24 bowl wins, two national championships, three conference titles, and his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame? Or will Joe Pa be remembered for what he failed to do? The alleged sexual assaults he reportedly knew about and failed to stop. Is Joe Paterno the man defined by his 1986 Sportsman of the Year award or by his final interview with the Washington Post in which he unconvincingly plead the fifth? There is no middle ground to comprehending Paterno’s legacy. No sensible answer that can be

determined by placing sins and forgiveness on the Libra scale. The only two seemingly possible stances on Joe Paterno are light-years apart from one another. The scale will be forever weighing the mountainous highs of one the five greatest coaches in the history of college football against the cavernous lows of one of the three most destructive scandals in the history of sports. How Joe Paterno’s legacy will be written depends entirely on the person who chooses to remember him. Some will choose to remember Jo Pa for the best of times rather than the worst of times. For the individuals who have played for, spent time with, and wrote about Joe Paterno, the memories will shift towards their positive interactions. Stories about how Paterno would take in players who were not doing well in school into his home in order for them to receive tutoring or a silly thing that went on in the locker room will be most players’ default coach Paterno memory. A more specific tale recalls Paterno’s constant visits to Adam Taliaferro, a defensive back who played for Penn State and made a miraculous recovery from paralysis. Others who may not have known Joe Pa will only associate his name with the broken remains of Penn State’s credibility. Paterno’s lack of action put him past the point of forgiveness in the eyes of many. In this country, committing sexual misconducts of any kind will bring shame upon a person for the rest of their life. Although Paterno did not assault any of the boys himself, his alleged prior knowledge of the assault that allegedly went on makes him guilty by association in the court of public opinion. And in a what-haveyou-done-for-me-lately public mindset, Paterno’s good deeds would surely go unnoticed in hindsight to the last ten weeks of Joe Pa’s life. Joe Paterno’s life was one to remember. His success as a coach has secured his place in the highest summits of football lore. By the same token, his biggest failure will be remembered by everyone and Paterno will still be despised by many. His legacy may be open ended, but the name Joe Paterno will live on long after the rest of us are gone.

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012


Setter Spotlight with

Kerri White Susana Verdugo-Del Real

Sports Editor

Senior guard Kerri White is seeking a degree in biology after transferring from Manhattan College last year. White has been a great asset to the team, ranking third in the Northeast (NE) -10 Conference for three point field goal percent with .442 last season, and is currently competing to be top in the conference for three point shots. PaceChronicle (PC): Why did you transfer from Manhattan College? Kerri White (KW): After my freshmen year, the head coach that recruited me left so I stayed one year under the new coach, but the style of basketball was very different so I decided to transfer. PC: What made you decide to come to Pace, specifically? KW: Well, I had already known the girls and the coaches and really like Coach Seymour’s style of play so I decided to come to Pace. Also, it was division two so I wouldn’t have to sit out a year because of NCAA rules. PC: What do you consider the main difference from Manhattan College and Pace? KW: Definitely media time-outs. Every 4 minutes at Manhattan College, we would get a media time out plus our normal time outs. PC: What have you struggled the most to adjust to at Pace? KW: Being a biology major. Coming into college, I didn’t picture myself wearing a lab coat and goggles for most of my classes. PC: What are your individual goals to finish this season? KW: I want to win an NE-10 championship and go further than

last year in the regionals. PC: Why do you play basketball instead of any other sport? What was the deal breaker in choosing basketball? KW: Well, when I was younger, I was good at basketball (or so I was told) so I started to focus on that more than the other sports. My family was also very involved with basketball; my dad played in college and so did my brother and sister. PC: Why is biology your major? KW: I was originally an exercise science major at Manhattan College and want to go into physical therapy, so biology was the next major I could take in order to stay on track for physical therapy. PC: You have “shadowed” the athletic trainers here at Pace, can you explain to us a little about what that means? KW: Last semester for one of my classes, I was shadowing in the training room observing the athletics trainers and physical therapist Rob Castorina, since I’m interested in physical therapy and love sports. It was a great experience and I got to sit courtside at some athletics events such as the volleyball games. PC: Why do you wear the number 33?

KW: My best friend wore number 33 for soccer and she died my senior year of high school so I took her number when I entered college. PC: What was your reaction and what is your response to last issue’s Setter Stage, Kevin Clark, referring to you as the reason to wearing number 33 for the basketball team? KW: Coming from a stud like Kevin, a sharp shooter from St. John’s, I couldn’t help but blush. Needless to say, I was beyond flattered. PC: You are competing and on the NE-10’s ranks for best threepointer percentage in the conference, how do you feel about that? KW: I didn’t even know until someone told me one day and it’s good to see my hard work paying off but it’s not one of my goals to finish in the top spot. PC: If you could change any women’s basketball rule, which one would it be and why? KW: Move the three-point line back in so Carol Johnson’s big toe won’t keep her from hitting three’s. PC: Were you always a guard? When did you start playing basketball? KW: I played a post until about

Photo From CSI-Photos

Senior biology student and basketball guard Kerri White, this week’s Setter Spotlight. eighth grade and then I stopped growing so I stuck to being a guard. I started playing basketball around age 3 because my family was always around it. PC: How do you prepare yourself for game day; any routines? KW: I drink a yellow Vitamin Water, get in a quick nap after breakfast, and then take a relaxing shower while singing duets in the shower stall next to Taylor Losey. PC: How did it feel coming in as a transfer last year? KW: Initially it was hard adjusting to a new team and system as well as a new school, but knowing the girls and the coaches ahead of time definitely made the transition much easier. PC: How do you feel now as a senior? KW: It’s bittersweet; I want to get closer to graduating school but I don’t want to stop playing basketball. PC: How do you manage your time as a biology student and

practices, as well as games? KW: Well I spend many hours at the table in our townhouse studying with Maral and her loose bun, and that can get a little crazy. It takes some sacrifice of spending time with your friends and family but it will all be worth it in the end. PC: What are some of your shortterm goals? KW: Just take each game one by one and focus on what we need to do to win that game. PC: How does it feel to be ineligible to play collegiate basketball after this year; what are your thoughts? KW: I don’t even want to think about that yet. I grew up playing basketball and can’t really picture my life without it. However, I will be the graduate assistant next year so at least I’ll be involved, it’s just going to be hard to watch without being able to go in. PC: What quote do you live by? KW: Carpe diem.

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The Pace Chronicle - Volume I, Issue XIV - Feb. 1, 2012  
The Pace Chronicle - Volume I, Issue XIV - Feb. 1, 2012  

The 14th edition of The Pace Chronicle featuring a robotics tournament at Pace, info on the new student organization registration process fo...