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February 2017

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WELCOME A blend of religious and spiritual wisdom from traditional and non-traditional teachings.

Do you ever need to just be? Be quiet. Be contemplative. Be joyful. Be stimulated. Be whatever feeds your soul... so do we! That's why we have come together to create and share Th e Ow l. We wanted a place to feed our souls. A place to be whatever we need to be at this moment. A place to read, and think, and laugh, and contemplate wisdom and viewpoints similar to and different from our own. So make yourself a cup of tea, settle in, and be. This is your time. Enjoy!


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Pat r icia Caggan ello Editor Patricia is an interfaith/interspiritual minister and CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Media, which includes book publishing, an online telesummit, podcasting, The Owl, On Air, and a dynamic online learning division Sacred U. .

Fr an n e Dem et r ician Associate Editor and Creative Coordinator Franne is an interfaith/interspiritual minister, spiritual counselor and relationship mentor, holistic health practitioner, writer and artist.

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The Univer se Speak s An int er view w it h Mike Dooley Wor ld t r aveler , au t h or , m oder n m yst ic M ik e Dooley speak s abou t lif e, livin g, h is passion s an d h is in spir at ion .

By Fr anne Demet r ician Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur and founder of a philosophical Adventurers Club on the Internet, now home to over 725,000 members from over 182 countries. His inspirational books emphasizing spiritual accountability have been published in 25 languages and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret. Today Mike may be best known for his free Notes from the Universe e-mailings, social network postings, and his New York Times bestsellers, ?Infinite Possibilities? and ?Leveraging the Universe?. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, and happiness .

How have you managed to distill the Law of Attraction into such accessible ideas? I think the answer comes from the fact that I teach what I most wanted to know in this lifetime. It started in teen years and never let go; a kind of insistence to know how we got here, why, and, most significantly, what can we do with our time and space. The point is I want to live a rocking amazing life. I don?t want to be unimportant or irrelevant. I want to live. And because I ended up deducing the answers in ways that made sense to me and totally got me on board, including the elimination of thoughts, questions or mysteries that can only rob your power, because I did that for myself, I?d like to think I?m able to do that for others who are in alignment with me.

You?ve written many books, travel the world speaking, host trips to exotic locales, and created the Train the Trainer program. What keeps you going? I?ve been blessed, as have all people, with a Divine Sense of Incompletion which I talk about in my recent books meaning that I feel a bit unsettled. That?s part of the mark the divine left with all of us. It?s not a curse, but a gift. When you couple that Divine Sense of Incompletion with a grounding in truth, or the truth as I understand it, (why I?m here, who I am, what I can do with my time and space), it sets you on fire. I want to be more complete. More joy, love, friends, laughter, money. I know I have the gift of the gods. I know my thoughts become things. And once you combine these, and understand each, the last thing you want to do is stop or sleep through the day. The sun is shining, and I can rock and roll. And the more I rock today the more I?ll roll tomorrow. I think it feeds on itself. I think that?s where the energy comes from.

In one of your early books you said, ?Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn?t something you earn, it?s something you recognize.? Can you elaborate on this and how has the idea evolved for you?

This came from my own struggles with a dogmatic Catholic background, a sense of having to prove you are good enough, forgo your own needs and put the needs of others before your own, that you were born broken, bad, a sinner. There?s this false premise that too many have been given, that we are not good enough and we need to become so in the time we are here. It?s a loaded proposition for people who are blessed with a divine sense of incompletion but who will now think of it as a curse. This idea sets into motion the inclination of downward spiral when in fact our presence here is the eyes and ears of God Almighty come alive in the dream of life. We are now living in the winner ?s circle and we had it wrong. We thought we were brought here to be tested, judged and sentenced. We?ve jumped through all the hoops, we went through all the trials and tribulations to earn this space where we are given our days. We virtually have to do nothing but eat a little, sleep a little and ?thy kingdom shall come.? I still ?Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn?t use these old religious words because something you earn, it?s something you recognize.? some give me power and comfort. Mike Dooley Whatever floats your boat, go with it and whatever doesn?t, reject it.

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As noted earlier, you?ve written many books and facilitated multiple programs. What has been your favorite and why? In some ways being a speaker/writer is not natural or easy for me. I?ve had to force, discipline and terrify myself and I think I?m finally better at both. In my book, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want You to Know and my most recent, Life on Earth, I think I broke into a better level of being able to simplify concepts. But as I hear you quote from Infinite Possibilities, I know that?s where it all started. I like my recent stuff because I?m more confident. Source has been consistently good from early days to now, though now it?s more fun and I?m less terrified. Not to embarrass you Mike, but many of us think of you as a great teacher. Who is or has been your greatest teacher? Well I think the greatest light in my life was my mother for so many reasons: friendship, love, similar thinking minds. My favorite books are listed in the appendix of Infinite Possibilities and they have all been influential. People like Neale Donald Walsch, The Seth Material from Jane Roberts. This may sound arrogant but my best teacher has been myself because in the beginning I didn?t have those books. I would ponder the nature of reality from UFOs to hypnosis to aliens to the pyramids. And by poking around there thinking about these things I drew conclusions that were later confirmed by these teachers, and they added things I hadn?t yet deduced. I don?t know what it was about my life that made it possible for me wonder and have the audacity to think that I could figure it out on my own but I did. Mom encouraged my curiosity. I think she was a bit bewildered with my shares

then, but she never shut me down. To this day I go within more and more when I?m puzzled or want answers or clarity in my life. When you go within and create space for the answers and move as if you expect them, the things you can discover for yourself are amazing. So I?ve learned the most on my own by thinking and opening to answers. What is the most compelling aspect of your day to day life? What brings you joy? These days the morning and evening rituals with my three-year-old daughter Rebecca. I have the joy of waking up or being awakened by her at sunrise with her saying ?It?s a beautiful day daddy! It?s a beautiful day.? And at the end of the day once dinner ?s over I take over and it?s so much fun. It?s a different kind of joy than finishing a book or writing a new Note or creativity. It really is joy and the best of my days.

What is your go-to spiritual practice? My practice is predominantly creative visualization. If I?m fearful or worried I go within and change the picture in my mind. I find it?s the most meaningful spark for change. I have a morning practice that is fairly structured and I go within several times a day. It?s not really an established ritual but I calm, breathe, check my perspective, have a cigar, and go for a walk. Nothing formal. What have you learned that most informs your life? Thought Become Things is an absolute, not a factor, it?s all the time. Divine Sense of Incompletion is not a curse but something to be celebrated. In writing the Notes [Notes from the Universe] and my work informed by Frank [the entity known as ?Frank? as channeled by Tracy Farquhar], I am a multidimensional Being because I can see the fruits of my existence go beyond time and space. This is one of the newest revelations. Also ?selfish service? which brought about the Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer program to reach those who have not been reached. It?s the sexiest, coolest thing to plant seeds of hope into the hearts and minds of people knowing that they will bloom. To know you have made a difference, that is intoxicating and I can only do service with that kind of preface: ?selfish? rather than ?selfless,? which I think defeats the purpose of us being here. As an Infinite Possibilities trainer myself, I?ve often heard you use the phrase ?reaching those who have not been reached.? What is the simplest form of the message you want to impart to those reached? That they are free, powerful and unlimited in all ways. Free from dogma, free from the past and whatever they thought limited them. They are empowered to make any dream come true. And they are unlimited; however big they can dream they can live.

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great first step to connection.

By Fr anne Demet r ician In times of challenge or great uncertainty we seek out comfort in many forms. Sometimes we look to the people in our lives like family members or trusted friends, or perhaps a lover. Sometimes we reach out to counselors or clergy. Other times our comfort may take the form of time in nature sitting by a lake or stream, hiking in the mountains and staring at an inky starlit sky, or even taking a walk around a city block. Inevitably we are all faced with challenges of one kind or another. With this column, my aim is to be a source of gentle comfort, like arms around you. When I feel challenged I usually first seek out my husband or some very close friends. I ask them to listen, and then we unpack whatever ?it? is together. It?s a give and take of ideas and emotions and I always come away feeling better, even if the challenge or problem isn?t ?solved? so to speak. I feel heard and seen, and less alone. It helps to know you?re not alone and reaching out to a trusted someone is a

In this age of social media where we see a moment by moment unfolding of people?s lives, it is easy to think that everyone is living a life of constant celebrations, vacations, woohoo times, and no end to the ?good life?. We are easily convinced that if we are not doing the same our lives are ?less than?. This can create a sense of isolation or loneliness. I?ve certainly fallen prey to this phenomenon and have found that the only way out for me is to take control of the impulse to indulge my social media addiction. So, I take a break from it, replacing that time with something else, something I enjoy,

something that feeds my soul and makes me happy. Don?t get me wrong, I am not canceling my Facebook account or swearing off social media for life. That?s just not realistic and I know I can?t and won?t sustain that decision. What I do find, though, is that with some time and distance I can focus on my own life and the gifts, joys, and blessings that are unique to me and how I live. I?m able to re-center myself, re-ground myself in the reality of my own life and I become increasingly grateful for the good things, great and small, that make up my days and nights. What is wonderful about this exercise is that it only takes a few hours of detachment from the screen before I feel somehow ?better ?. I?m less anxious, more relaxed, AND more productive. A beloved teacher said that he often goes on retreat without ever leaving home. This is certainly one way to

create retreat and worth a try. With the onslaught of information, especially in the last few months, it?s important to retreat, rest, detach, refresh and renew. Try it. Turn off your computer, put on some music, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, maybe wrap up in a blanket, and be still. Let all the thoughts that inevitably invade your mind move through gently like leaves on a stream. Notice your breathing and listen for the rhythm of your heartbeat. Unclench and

simply breathe in and out. Try giving this gift to yourself. Then notice what happens. Until next time I wish you peace and blessingsl Care to share? How do you manage the challenges in your life? Meditation, calling a friend, rest, tuning in, turning off, yoga, sports, walking in nature? We?d love to hear from you at t h eow lpu blicat ion @gm

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How Do They Do It ? Embodying Peace w it h t he Int er fait h Amigos By Kat e Sheehan Roach When you see the Interfaith Amigos together on stage for a TEDx talk, or giving a workshop on interfaith dialogue, or interacting on the pages of the three books they?ve written together, it looks so simple for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to live in peace. The longstanding friendship between Rabbi Ted Falcon, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Imam Jamal Rahman is clearly as genuine as it is jovial. As they poke fun at themselves and one another, affectionately appreciate the shared wisdom of the Abrahamic faiths, and venture boldly into each other ?s traditions where others may fear to tread, something

larger happens. We witness the transforming power of love. Transformation is at the heart of the Interfaith Amigos?latest book, Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice, which was the topic of our recent roundtable conversation on the Sacred Stories podcast On Air. I learned a lot in that conversation, including some of the reasons the Interfaith Amigos make peace look so easy. Some of it has to do with their understanding that the core teachings of their respective faiths revolve around unity, love, and compassion. While the more specific secondary doctrines of each religion may appear to

be in opposition to one another, the essence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is a perfect three-part harmony. But this reality still doesn?t explain the phenomenon of peace the Interfaith Amigos demonstrate so clearly. It goes deeper than that. Watching the On Air podcast again last night, I could see how the Interfaith Amigos very intentionally cultivate peace? individually and among the world?s religions? by developing practices and belief systems that foster both inner peace and outer peace. From Imam Jamal?s perspective, ?Every single religion is a gift from God.?

Rabbi Ted further clarifies that ?An authentic tradition is always a path to something larger than itself.? And Pastor Don reveals that working with Ted and Jamal has made him want to break through his own orthodoxy and move into a more mystical-centered sensibility. ?We all

connect on a mystical level,? he says. ?In the sense that we are all part of the One.? When we connect on the mystical or heart level, the illusion of separation vanishes. One of my dearest childhood friends now lives in Israel. As a Jewish American expatriate committed to preserving Israel?s

sovereignty, her daily reality is very different from my Contemplative Christian experience here in Philadelphia. But at the level of the heart, she and I have lived parallel lives since we were twelve years old. Because she has been my amiga all these years, my heart resides with her and hers with me. When missiles fly over her head, they fly over my head too.

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When I hear about the deeply divided culture she lives in, I pray that the peace and harmony so clearly embodied by the Interfaith Amigos will fill my heart, and in so doing, fill hers as well.

My childhood Interfaith Amigas So to say friendship and love is the answer to the world?s problems is not a trite oversimplification. It?s a profound mystical reality. The world we carry within our hearts is not a mere reflection of the world outside us; it is the world itself. The

more we embrace a spiritual perspective, the better equipped we will be to live in peace. And living more spiritually allows us to embody peace more fully, a model the Interfaith Amigos bear witness to. They define spirituality as ?the interconnectedness of all being? and spiritual awakening not as something anyone can give us, but something we must remember; it?s already in us. Rabbi Ted, who has been teaching Jewish meditation practices for over thirty years, recognizes the need to balance our own hearts and minds if we are to cultivate peace in the world. He says, ?The issues of the world are ultimately manifestations of the issues that are within all of us.? Again, in the proverbial ?chicken or

the egg? scenario, if the outer world reflects the inner world of human consciousness, perhaps we can best cultivate peace by elevating the level of our own awareness. And we can begin by making peace with ourselves. Indeed, the best way to overcome polarization in the world is to become aware that there is a battle raging inside us all when our divine spark is under siege by our ego. According to Imam Jamal, ?Until we tame the ego, we will always be at war with ourselves.? So just how do we tame the ego? You may have already developed some practices that help you do that, but it?s often easier said than done. Thankfully, in their upcoming online course at Sacr ed U, the Interfaith Amigos

will be teaching a variety of simple, doable, and beautiful practices that open the heart and set the ego free. I?m looking forward to devoting four weeks to deepening my spirituality by cultivating new practices that will help me enter into a higher consciousness and, in so doing, transform my own heart. At the heart level, we are all one. The more we learn to live from the heart, the more peace our lives

bring into the world. This meditative rabbi, mystical pastor, and Sufi imam have walked into a lot of bars together over the past 15 years.? Well maybe not so many bars, but they?ve boarded a lot of airplanes together since the days following 9-11 when they began travelling and teaching as a unit to show the world that the core teachings of the three Abrahamic faiths are not only compatible, but to the extent that they are true to their essence, they offer a

direct path to peace. At the end of our On Air conversation, I asked Imam Jamal to close with a prayer. The hauntingly beautiful Quranic recitation he chanted in Arabic can be translated as follows: ?Oh God, you are all compassionate, boundlessly compassionate, infinitely aware. Guide all of humanity on the straight path to you, on the path to peace.? Amein. Amen. Ameen.

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Ar e you seek

If so, join the Interfaith Amigos - Imam Jamal Rahm

as they share wisd from each of their faiths and from an

Peace Thr ough S

Find the peace y

Experience a 4 week, interactive, online course with L The course runs LIVE

Once enrolled, you will have access to download the inspirationa

k ing peace?

man, Pastor Don Mackenzie, and Rabbi Ted Falcon

dom and practices interfaith perspective in their course

Spir it ual Pr act ice

you are seeking.

LIVE interaction with each of the Amigos at Sacr ed U! March 27 - April 21st.

al materials to draw strength and peace from for years to come.

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Deciph er in g Evolu t ion ar y Leaps of Con sciou sn ess Dr. Robert Atkinson Adapted from The Story of Our Time

Prior to Charles Darwin, the concept of evolution had barely entered public discourse. Now, we recognize that everything evolves: life, culture, civilization, science, technology, the arts, and even the universe itself. What accounts for this unprecedented leap of consciousness over the past century and a half? Did Darwin discover divinity? He may be best known for his ?survival of the fittest? view of evolution, but he also recognized that this co-exists with its opposite, the natural law of cooperation. Little acknowledged, though, is that Darwin actually saw evolution as purposeful, progressive, and leading to greater and greater harmony. Buried within Darwin?s The Descent of Man is this gem of progressive evolution: ?As man advances in civilization, and small tribes are united into larger communities, the simplest reason would tell each individual that he ought to extend his social instincts and sympathies to all members of the same nation, though personally unknown to him. This point being once


A r ecur r ing visit w it h one of t h Explor e w isdom f r om t h

reached, there is only an artificial b extending to the men of all nations

What is he expressing here, if not c Rule writ large? In one sweeping st cooperation is taken from the indiv next step in this evolutionary traje and downs, would be another univ which there is peace on earth. Com Baha?u?llah, founder of the Baha?i F Darwin?s groundbreaking work on power of the periodic release of sp deny that the founders of the worl

Keeper s

he wor ld's w isdom t r adit ions. he ancient Bahai'i fait h.

barrier to prevent his sympathies s and races.?

collective altruism, or the Golden tatement, the natural law of vidual level to the global level. The ectory, though not without its ups versal spiritual principle, a future in ming soon after the Revelation of Faith in the mid-19th century, evolution is a testament to the piritual energies. It is difficult to ld?s religions ? Abraham, Krishna,

Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, and in our time Baha?u?llah ? have each in their own way transformed the spiritual life of the peoples of the world, indeed changed the course of human life over the last four thousand years, and brought about a leap of consciousness with each new spiritual epoch they initiated. Darwin also understood that all life is literally made of the same stuff. He wrote, ?All the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form.? This foreshadowed the discovery almost a century later of DNA, a common language every organism has in its cells. Modern Darwinians no longer need to guess at the story of evolution, they consult ?genetic scripture,? an embedded code to better understand the physical realm, just as spiritual seekers consult religious scripture, revealed by the Prophets of God, to understand the spiritual realm. Science and religion reveal complementary aspects of the same reality, giving us a more complete picture of the whole. And both can be quite close in their expressions of Reality. Darwin said, ?As natural selection works solely by and for the good of each being, all corporeal and mental endowments will tend to progress toward perfection.?

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The Baha?i writings say, ?All beings, whether large or small, were created perfect and complete from the first, but their perfections appear in them by degrees? The seed does not at once become a tree; the embryo does not at once become a man? They grow and develop gradually and attain to the limit of perfection. This is the universal divine organization and the natural system.? Today, we understand that one universal law governs all, and that reality is one unified whole. Progressive evolution and progressive revelation are parallel principles of a single reality. In 1859, Darwin?s The Origin of Species, stating that all organisms are part of ?the great Tree of Life,? signaled the beginning of the greatest flood of scientific discoveries humanity has seen. Beginning in the 1850s, the Baha?i Revelation, including such teachings as ?Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch? ? brought religion into the modern age, while verifying the latest quantum discoveries: ?This endless universe is like the human body? all its parts are connected one with another? linked together in the utmost perfection.?

Dr. At k inson's NEW Best Seller ! Ben eat h t h e illu sion of separ at ion , h u m an it y is on e f am ily. In this timely and timeless book, Dr. Robert Atkinson offers a deeply thoughtful narrative of conscious evolution drawn from the continuous wisdom of the world?s religions. The Story of Our Time inspires hope as it traces love?s unifying power throughout history and in our midst. Bu y Now ! Available Through Am azon , Bar n es an d Noble, and Other Retailers Worldwide or Direct Through Sacred Stories Publishing!

?Knowledge is as w ings t o man's life, and a ladder for his ascent . It s acquisit ion is incumbent upon ever yone. The k nowledge of such sciences, however, should be acquir ed as can pr of it t he peoples of t he ear t h, and not t hose which begin w it h wor ds and end w it h wor ds.? ? Bahรก'u'llรกh

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"Yout h is not a as your doubt , is t o keep your

a t ime of life, it is a st at e of mind. You ar e as old your fear, your despair. The way t o keep young fait h young. Keep your self-conf idence young. Keep your hope young." Luella F. Phean

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CREATE SACRED SPACE How Your Home Can Suppor t Your Healt h Decipher ing Evolut ionar y Leaps of By Deb Regan Consciousness

Did you know that your transfer all your data By Robert home has a voice? That it Atkinson from your old computer is part of your support one. Adapted from The Storytoofyour Ournew Time team here on this earth? When you move That it is connected to into a space, you do the your organs, your same the thing. You take the Prior to Charles Darwin, meridians, your aura and ?data?that is within you concept of evolution had barely entered your chakras? Your space (consciouslythat and public Now, acts likediscourse. a mirror into yourwe recognize subconsciously) and plug everything evolves: life, culture, subconscious. And once it into the energy field of civilization, science, technology, the arts, you look in the mirror and the space. Once that get the message that youritself. and even the universe What happens, the space is so space is trying to share, accounts for this unprecedented leap of intimately connected with you can change and you that, asand you start consciousness over the past century a to upgrade what is going on observe, He you may will be able half? Did Darwin discover divinity? in the space and in you. to see be best known for his ?survival ofblocks the sitting in Even if you only change your space and translate fittest? view on of evolution, but he also what is going in your that into what is going on recognized that in this co-exists with its space, the energy your inside you. In addition to space will shift it willlaw ofuploading opposite, the and natural cooperation. all of your old hold you and support you Little acknowledged, though, is that ?data? into your new at a higher level until you computer Darwin actually saw evolution as (i.e., your new are able to make the home), yourto new home purposeful, progressive, and leading change within you. It is downloads data into you. greater and greater harmony. Buried part of your support team. And unfortunately, there

within Darwin?s The Descent of Man is this We ar e in t im at ely may be a ?virus?in your gem of progressive evolution: ?As man con n ect ed t o ou r spaces new home?s operating advances in civilization, andsystem. small That tribes ?virus?can Think of it this way. You are united into larger communities, theexample, as show up, for purchase a new computer previous foreclosure, a simplest each individual to supportreason you. Youwould bring tell a the space, a that he ought socialininstincts it home, connecttoit extend to your hisdeath old computer, and

divorce in the space ? and

that energy gets downloaded into your operating system (you). When that happens, you may start to have financial issues that you didn?t have before, you may start to have health issues or be depressed in the space, or you may start having marital difficulties ? all because what went on in the space previously is now impacting you on an energetic level. Once you understand this connection that you have with your space, you can take steps and use it to improve your life in all areas. Your space can support you on your path because of that all-important window into your subconscious. You can see what?s really ?going on in there?and clear blocks that you can?t see with your conscious mind. Space clear in g can clear t h e block s in you r pat h One of the things you can do to support this process is have your space ?cleared.? Space clearing has its roots in shamanism, which treats everything as having a consciousness, and that

includes spaces. I talk with your space as I ?clear ?it, which means I am actually connecting in with the consciousness of the space when I am working with it. We know that thoughts are things. Thoughts and feelings of those who occupied your space before you are still sitting in your space until they are cleared? When the previous occupants moved out and took all their ?things,?they left behind their lower level energies. And unless you do something to upgrade those energies, they are still there and you are living on top of them. Once again, think of buying a used computer. You would want to clear the hard drive of all the data from the previous user before you start to use it - to allow all of your data room to expand and to not get bogged down with old files and where and how they are situated on the hard drive. TIP: Start to notice your space. Just sit in it and observe what you observe. Pay attention to

what items are physically in the space, where items are, what colors are used, what the light is like, what the noise level is like, and what smells are present. See if you also can tap into the energy of your space. How do you feel as you sit there? Happy and alive? Depressed and sad? Can you take a deep breath? When you walk into your home, do you feel a sense of relief and comfort, or do you feel exhausted as you are faced with the amount of things sitting there that need to be done? Now take what you observed and turn it inward. See if you get any correlations between what is going on in your space and what is going on within you. You may not get anything, and that is okay. You still have taken the first step toward consciously adding your space to your support team.

Deb Regan will share more and take your calls as a guest on Sacred Stories Telesummit on Feb 21st. Join us!

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FIND ANSWERS The Ar t & Science of Pendulum Dowsing By Vicky Thur low Have you doubted choices you?ve made in the past? Are you wondering what choice you need to make about something today or in the near future? I venture to say your answer is yes. How empowered and confident would you feel if you could access and find answers to important questions quickly and easily without consulting a Psychic, Medium or your favorite Guru? Good news! You can! There are many paths, beliefs, and techniques, which can help you attain the ideal health, unlimited wealth, and happiness you?ve always desired. A few of these techniques include dowsing, EFT tapping, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Hypnotherapy, meditation, personal life coaching, channeling,

yoga, PSYCH-K, tarot, numerology, and astrology. These are truly wonderful tools and techniques that can be used to help steer us through life. For me however, pendulum dowsing has been the most instrumental above all in finding answers when I?m searching. Pendulum dowsing is extremely powerful, yet so simple; and everyone if willing, can learn to use it to enhance his or her life in every aspect. If you are open and with a little practice, you can forever change your life and the lives of others. How exciting! Before you begin to dowse, it?s important for you to understand that all things are composed of

energy or vibrating frequencies and that all things are connected because of the vibrating frequencies or energy. This includes people, animals, food, water, business, thoughts, memories, emotions, words, and situations and that?s just on this planet. Even past and future events hold energy because energy never dies or ceases to exist. It can however, be adjusted, changed, moved, transformed, and managed through the power of our thoughts and intentions. Pendulum dowsing is one of the simplest techniques you can do on your own because it allows you to tap into the subconscious, unconscious, or Quantum Energy field where all answers and thoughts

4 | Ou t d oor M agazi n e Oct 20 16

exist. Then, with intention, you have the ability to transform and adjust vibrating frequencies of energy for your or someone else?s highest good (with their permission). It?s important for you to know that if a question exists an answer exists. In every question. It?s the duality existence we live in. What goes up must come down. There is light ? there is dark. There is right ? there is left. There is in ? there is out. What you?ll learn when accessing your higher self and the Quantum Energy field with pendulum dowsing is: there is an answer for every question, your body and energy field (actually everything vibrating), responds to truth and untruth, how to recognize the truth, what questions to ask, how to ask, and how to receive the answers to all your questions. Believe it or not, YOU have the ability to experience all this by simply working with your pendulum.

It is within this Quantum Energy field that all things are possible, all answers exist, and regardless of who you are or what you have or haven?t done, you have the ability to tap into ?it? for all your answers, transformation, and healing! Bottom line, this energy? this power? is ?within? you. I encourage you to tap in to your power and begin finding all the answers you are searching for. For more information about Pendulum Dowsing and the power that already exists within you visit w w w.vick yt h u r .

DID YOU KNOW? It is believed the earliest Tarot decks were not used for mysticism, but for playing games. To dowse is to search, with the aid of tools that which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. In physics, quantum means the smallest quantity of radiant energy.

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The Gateways are? a Gateway, a Bridge, an Opening into living the Spiritual Life that the Steps promise! What YOU get from this is TOOLS, Inspiration, Time to release the Shame and move into the FREEDOM. Is there more to recovery than just staying sober and clean? Dr. Jane Galloway offers an emphatic ?yes? to this question in her groundbreaking book The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality. Galloway presents the 12 Steps squarely in the context of 21st-century spirituality with breadth, skill, and sensitivity that helps readers of any faith (or of none) experience profound spiritual awakening.

Beneath the illusion of separation, humanity is one family. In this timely and timeless book, Dr. Robert Atkinson offers a deeply thoughtful narrative of conscious evolution drawn from the continuous wisdom of the world?s religions. The Story of Our Time inspires hope as it traces love?s unifying power throughout history and in our midst. Don?t be distracted by seeming setbacks; this big picture view of human progress points to peaceful unity as our ultimate destination. How we get there depends upon the stories we live by and the action we take.

Historical fiction novel set against the backdrop of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Aria gazes upon the earth and locates her soul group. With several past lives shared between them, their presence is familiar and instantly recognizable. As she and her soul mates embark on this new joint life, Aria feels something different; the true weight and energy of her soul group was now on her shoulders. It was a foreign sensation, something she had never experienced before this latest journey.

Available f r om Sacr ed St or ies Publishing and all major book seller s! Find Your Connection

Twig and Monarch!

Scanning For Signal serves as an outstretched hand to help you find your connection. A book of introspective writings and prose that explore the feelings and emotions most relevant, and often most troublesome, to an awakening generation of young people and millennials alike.

The story of Twig, a young and ambitious copper beech tree trying to find a place and purpose in his vast forest. The forest's protector, Monarch, a magnificent oak tree, takes Twig under his wing (or branch!) and teaches him valuable lessons of courage, responsibility, pride, empathy and much more!

Explore loneliness, God, happiness, spirituality, and so much more.

It is a wonderful story that both you and your children can appreciate together!

Discover a place to simply be. ?A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.? George R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

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JOIN THE COLOR REVOLUTION Color Your Wor ld It?s easy to feel stuck in life today. The world gives us lots of reasons lately to want to hide under the covers and never come out. I?ve noticed that more people around me feel depressed, sick, or stuck much of the time. No matter how hard we try to take care of ourselves and each other, transformation comes slowly. Many people ask what will it take to change things? What it takes is a revolution! A color revolution. A color revolution that takes us out of our ordinary gray existence and helps us color our world amazing. The Color Revolution that I am talking about is one of the next steps in our human evolution that brings healing, creativity, and self-empowerment back to every individual on Earth. It?s an electrifying revolution and one that we can get excited about. It is electrifying, because it is all about energy ? color energy! And even

more importantly, it is available to everyone! Colors are a major part of our world. They fill our surroundings and can deprive or revive our spirits. We are affected by them in a host of different ways. A soft azure blue color can calm us, while an intense neon blue can make us feel depressed. A beautiful sunshine yellow color can uplift us, while an intense yellow can make us angry. We don?t want to feel blue or see red, but we love having a golden opportunity or a green thumb. Up until a few years ago, most of us

could only experience colors in our 3D interpretation of them, and this has been very limiting in their actual uses. Today we have a reason to get more excited about colors, because there are new dimensions of color that are available to work with called Solar Color Energies. These are not your grandma?s blues and greens, but are the same color energies that we see in those amazing Hubble spacecraft pictures that show moving, living color that is the fabric of the Universe. The most important fact that I have learned about the

N Amazing

Solar Color Energies is that color energy is light. Light is love and is the source of everything in the Universe. We come from light too, so in our purest form, we are love. These new dimensions of colored light carry higher frequencies and healing attributes than the 3D versions we have been exposed to until now. They hold more love and love is what heals us. Scientists and doctors have been using 3D color light therapies with great success, but the new Solar Color Energies are an even more supportive tool to add to our wellness toolkit. The way that these new Solar

Color Energies work is that their light frequencies resonate with the different energy frequencies that come from our human systems, which include our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy systems. The Solar Color Energies act like tuning forks that retune each of our energy systems that are out of balance. With the onslaught of negative energy, unclean foods, and toxin exposure each day, it takes a lot of work to keep all of our energy systems in balance. It has become a daily struggle for many of us. Just like a

guitar player who has to tune the strings on the guitar each time it is played, we need tools at our disposal to retune our energy bodies. This is just the beginning of The Color Revolution! There are many more solar colors that are revealing themselves to address all of the challenges we face in our world. Change is here! If you feel stuck living a gray existence and are ready for a new, vibrant life, I invite you to join The Color Revolution and color your

world amazing.

Helen Heinmiller affectionately known as the Queen of Color, is an author and solar color energy expert. Her new book Final Redemption, a spiritual thriller is being released March23 and is available for pre-order now. Helen hosts The Color Revolution, a Sacred Stories Podcast and is teaching an online course on Solar Color Energy at Sacred U in May. Visit

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Random AWES

A Un iver sit y of New Ham psh ir e t r ack an d f ield st ar w as h ailed as a h er o af t er h e qu it t h e t eam so h e cou ld don at e bon e m ar r ow t o a com plet e st r an ger . Cam er on Lyle, a sen ior , gr abbed n at ion al at t en t ion r ecen t ly w h en h e self lessly said h e w ou ld en d h is collegiat e t r ack an d f ield car eer t o give t h e gif t of lif e t o a 28-year -old leu k em ia pat ien t . He said t h at t h e ch oice t o don at e w as a n o-br ain er , bu t doin g so w ou ld m ean t h at t h e pr om isin g sh ot pu t , h am m er an d discu s-t h r ow er w ou ld h ave t o sit ou t t h e r est of h is sen ior season .

This from a young woman on a 30-Day cleanse. I am a w ait r ess an d yest er day I w as r em in ded of h ow lu ck y w e ar e t o be doin g t h is ch allen ge. A you n g h om eless m an cam e in seek in g sh elt er f r om t h e n on st op r ain an d cold. He sat n ear a st ack of blan k et s w e k eep in t h e r est au r an t an d pu t h is h an ds in t h e blan k et s t r yin g t o w ar m h is h an ds. I cou ld h ear h im cr yin g as h e h u n k er ed dow n h idin g h is f ace in h is h ooded jack et . I f in ally appr oach ed h im an d ask ed h ow lon g it h ad been sin ce h e h ad an y f ood. A cou ple of days h e said as h e look ed at m e w it h h is gau n t f ace. I bou gh t h im lu n ch an d t h ou gh t h ow lu ck y I am t o be t ak in g on t h is ch allen ge becau se in m y lif e m y pr oblem is t h e over abu n dan ce of f ood. Even if m y sm oot h ie doesn't t ast e as good as pizza I am st ill so blessed t o be con su m in g a pow er pack ed dr in k of or gan ic n u t r ien t s t o f u el m y body. Not ever yon e h as t h at opt ion . Th is per spect ive h elped m y lu n ch sm oot h ie t ast e oh so m u ch bet t er .

m Act s of SOME ?As Ar ist ot le said, 'Excellen ce is a h abit .' I w ou ld say f u r t h er m or e t h at excellen ce is m ade con st an t t h r ou gh t h e f eelin g t h at com es r igh t af t er on e h as com plet ed a w or k w h ich h e h im self f in ds u n den iably aw e-in spir in g. He on ly w an t s t o r elax u n t il h e's r eady t o r en ew su ch a f eelin g all over again becau se t o h im , all else h as becom e absolu t ely t r ivial.?

A w ait r ess w h o did a good deed f or a pair of f ir ef igh t er s w as over w h elm ed w h en t h ey r et u r n ed t h e f avor ? f or h er f at h er . In st ead of a bill, Liz Woodw ar d br ou gh t a pair of New Jer sey f ir ef igh t er s a t h an k you n ot e. Th ey ?d ju st spen t 24 h ou r s bat t lin g t h e blaze at a local w ar eh ou se, an d t h e w ait r ess w an t ed t o do som et h in g n ice f or t h em . ?You r br eak f ast is on m e t oday,? t h e n ot e r ead, alon g w it h lit t le dr aw in gs of a f ir e ax an d h elm et . ?Th an k you f or all t h at you do.? Fir ef igh t er Tim You n g post ed t h e st or y an d a ph ot o of t h e n ot e t o Facebook , u r gin g people t o eat at t h e din er . Bu t t h en , h e f ou n d ou t t h e w ait r ess h ad a GoFu n dM e cam paign t h at sh e w as u sin g t o r aise $17,000 t o bu y h er f at h er a w h eelch air -accessible van . ?Tu r n s ou t , t h e you n g lady w h o gave u s a f r ee m eal is r eally t h e on e t h at cou ld u se t h e h elp,? You n g w r ot e in an ot h er post . His post s w er e sh ar ed t h ou san ds of t im es an d 1,000 people don at ed m or e t h an $67,000 ? $50,000 above h er goal. Th is is ju st on e exam ple of h ow so m an y people in t h is w or ld h ave in cr edible h ear t s an d t h ey pay it f or w ar d, so t h e cir cle k eeps on m ovin g,? Woodw ar d t old TODAY.

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