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Volume 2 Issue 1 The Official Newsletter of the Garland High School Division 2C Key Club December Edition

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Presidents’ Corner 3


President’s Corner: Juliana Zhang Hi Key Club! Well we made it through the first semester and I am very proud of our club. To be an even better club, let's make sure to keep our attendance up, to keep getting our hours, and to keep your commitment to the club! DCON is also coming up in April, and I want as many of our members to go as possible and for our club to be recognized!! So let's get pumped for the club and end the year on a high note! - Juliana Zhang, President

Vice President’s Corner: Hannah Oden - Brunson Hey Key Club! It’s been a great year with you guys and congrats on getting through first semester! We’ve got a lot of great things in store this year! My hope for this year is that we all continue to get our hours, stay dedicated and bond even more as a club! Something to look forward to in April is DCON. I want all of you to be there because the experience is awesome and people are great. Make preparations now so that you don’t have to be left out. I can’t wait to see you all! It’s going to be a great year! - Hannah Oden - Brunson, Vice President

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Pancakes with Santa


the Kiwanis members as well. It’s always This past month, we were able to connect with out Kiwanis sponsor club by helping at

great to converse with people who have

the Pancakes with Santa event.

the same passion we do and were able to

This event was a great time to get in the spirit of Christmas, which may have been hard for the people studying for finals – it can be very stressful Fortunately, we were able to blow off some steam by helping the very generous Kiwanis club with their pancakes! After getting out name tags and looking so official, we established a very well – run system for serving the delicious breakfast. Some people manned the sausages, others poured the milk and of course the best of the best served the pancakes. Afterwards, we were able to greet

carry their love for service into adulthood. Another wonderful treat was seeing the adorable kids take pictures with Santa. They faces lit up whenever they got to sit on Ole’ Cringle’s lap and present their requests. Let’s just hope they were all on the nice list! If this event didn’t get you in the Christmas mood, I don’t know what else would!

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“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond…” ― Jessy and Bryan Matteo

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Canstruction Once again, our club participated in

Packaging the cans up and loading them on the

Canstruction, where we collect cans and

truck was a struggle – for a while we didn’t have

compete with other clubs (though we don’t

eough boxes! Thankfully, we were able to locate

want to outright say it, we do make it a

more, but that was after we had already double-

competition) and whenever we’re done

bagged some of the cans! Needles to say,

collecting, we make our cans into something!

Canstruction and Destruction was an

Now, we’re not as professional as those pros

adventure and collectively as a school we

decorating Northpark Mall but we’ve got

donated over 17,000 cans for those in need of

talent and it’s really the thought that counts!

food during the holidays. Great job everyone

We incorporated our theme of Upholding the

who participated in Canstruction and thank

Legends of Key Club this year and we made

you to those who donated!

the four essential pillars and added our little mascot of the year – Appa! Thank you to everyone who helped build our pillars, they looked great!

Question for Tashmira, What do you think a person going to DCON for the first time can most look forward to this year? -Garland HS Key Club

We need another fundraising idea for ELIMINATE for this year! The Ultimate Frisbee Tournament was a success, shall we but on another tournament? We’ve already raised $1,000, what’s next for our club in 2014?


Help save  

Do YOU believe in the power of ZERO?


A Year in Review


Congratulations to all for surviving another year of school! Also, special congratulations to all of the freshmeat freshmen who completed their first semester of high school! Hopefully, you had some good moments leading up to this point. This year has been challenging, but rewarding for us as a club. I’d say the highlight for us as a club would be reaching our goal of raising $1,000 for The ELIMINATE Project and I’m really proud of everyone who made that happen! It really does take a team of gifted people who are motivated to complete great things, and we’ve managed to do that this year. I absolutely think we can progress even more for 2014. This club has done so many great things in the past and we can only go up from here! My hope for this year is that more people are able to go to DCON and experience just how great being a Key Clubber is by meeting others and seeing the lives this organization has touched. I also hope we can spread more awareness about the ELIMINATE campaign – our job isn’t done yet! Awareness campaign has been successful in the past and with more experience, we can do better at spreading the word. Our Advertising Committee Head Lacie Block has done a great job and hopefully more of the club committee members work with her in the future. My biggest hope for 2014 is club participation. We have approximately 120 paid members and I would love to see each and every on of you at all of the events! Key Club is a great way to meet wonderful people and that can’t happen unless you attend events and meetings! I know this year, things can change for the better for our club, we all just have to do are parts. And always remember, the opportunities we have right now may not always be available in the future, but the experiences we take from these opportunities will last a lifetime. Thanks for a great year everyone and I look forward to an even great year with you all!



DCON Theme Announced!

We’ve got a dilemma! This year’s theme has two themes, Captain Hook or Peter Pan and we’ve got to decide which team we’ll be supporting. You guys decide!


We have our new t-shirt design and theme for this year! Our theme is Uphold the Legend of Key Club. Make sure you pay for your shirt if you ordered one. We have some extra orders if you would like to buy a shirt so bring $15 to Mr. Stolar’s room. Special thanks to Nicha Meyer for her epic design!


Didn’t our display case look great? Hopefully we’ll be able to reserve it again fro ELIMINATE Week this May! January 18th – Brides for Breast Cancer We will be teaming up with North Garland to help women with breast cancer shop for their wedding dress. The two shifts will be 1:00 – 4:30p.m. and 4:00 – 7:00pm. More details to come That’s all we have for now……..we may do concessions at the Cotton Bowl, but stay tuned for more hour opportunities.

Go to the website for more updated info on upcoming events :


Sign Up to receive messages and updates concerning our club straight to your phone with Remind 101! Text @55cbb" to the number 972-675-7475.


You have the opportunity to submit an application and possibly be interviewed for a Key Club scholarship! There are two steps, the application and the interview. The application will be review by a panel and slots will be allotted for seniors to interview at DCON. Scholarships will be presented at the Farewell Breakfast on the Sunday at convention. You must have a 3.0 G.PA. or above and have show nsuccesses in leadership, service and academics. 40 - 45 applicants are accepted each year and that could be YOU if you apply! This link provides more information:

Some tips for the earning the scholarship: • Make sure you are able to express your sustained successes in leadership over the years. • Include how your experiences have molded you into the person you are. • Bring your personality with you to the interview! Don’t be afraid to be yourself. • Make sure you know your weaknesses and strengths going into the interview and remember what major life lessons you’ve learned by seeking to be a better leader and all- around student. • Don’t rely too much on just one thing! Those who have a good mix of academics and leadership roles and good personable skills usually do the best. At the same time, don’t think lagging in one department won’t qualify you for a scholarship. • Prepare.Prepare.Prepare. It’s important that you DO NOT slack off on your application and it’s always smart to prepare for the interview portion if you land an opportunity. • Remember all that you can gain from this experience. Think of this experience as landing a possible job for your future. If anything, you’re gaining experience for the future. • Whatever happens, stay positive and stay humble!


What is Key Leader? Key Leader is a weekend camp for those interested on working on their service leadership. If you attend, you will meet

The Key Leader 2014 weekends are as follows: January 17-19 at Mt. Lebanon Retreat &Conference Center near Cedar Hill, Texas Registration due January 10th

a KI leader if you’re looking to fun for LTG,

February 14-16 at Carolina Creek Christian Camp between Huntsville and Trinity, Texas Registration due February 7th March 28-30 at YMCA Camp Classes near Davis OK

District or Club spots this year. You’ll also be

Registration due March 21st

students excited to learn about how to be a better leader like yourself, and you could also get a head start on learning what it takes to be

able to meet some great students from Texas and Oklahoma and hopefully see them at DCON as well!

Important Websites

Key Leader Homepage: District Website links (this has information if you’re looking to receive apply for a scholarship)

Committees Advertising - We need you guys to think of

Scrapbook – We had a meeting during the

ideas for how to spread information other

break at the central library, so for those who

than the newsletter so you guys have access

did not come, be sure to be at the next

to information more frequently. Is Remind 101

meeting! We DO NOT want to procrastinate

working well enough? How else do you think

on our scrapbook and we really want it to be

people can stay updated? Let us know, by

perfect. Attendance is ESSENTIAL. Only one

speaking to committee head Lacie Block at

person came to the last meeting and that is

the next meeting! Maybe we can start an

not acceptable guys! The scrapbook is

awareness campaign for the governor’s

something we use for years after we make


them, so it needs to be great! Be sure to take pictures when you’re going to the events as well!

DCON – Spread the word to others about

Fundraising – We need new ideas for fundraising

DCON! It really is a great experience! In

for ELIMINATE and those who want to go to

February, there will be a talent show audition.

DCON. Right now we could possibly do

We may send ONE act to represent our club,

concessions at SMU and/or the Cotton Bowl,

and the same goes for most of the other events

host another tournament or maybe you guys

as well. Kelly Mullins will have more information

have another idea in mind? Talk to committee

on DCON events and competitions for you at

head Jennifer Umanzor if you have ideas.

the next meeting! We’ve also got to decide which team we’ll be on and dressing up for – Peter Pan or Captain Hook? Think about possible decorations we can use to show our support as well!

Contacts! Juliana Zhang – Club President

Thomas Le – Club Historian

Hanhah Oden –Brunson – Club Vice

Angelo Echiverri – Club Webmaster

President Michael Nguyen – Club Secretary of Minutes

Justine Phan – Club Treasurer

Tiffany Yang – Club Historian

Frank Moreno – Secretary of Hours

Luke Broussard – District Governor

Steffi Lee – Division 2C LTG

Isaiah ValleQuinones – District

Usman Hyder – District Secretary

Treasurer Tashmira Hossein – District Editor

Henry Nguyen Sargeant at Arms


December Newsletter  
December Newsletter  

Official Newsletter of the Garland High School Division 2C Key Club