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Volume 1 Issue 5

The Official Newsletter of the Garland High School Division 2C Key Club

August Edition

And We’re Back!


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Attend Fall Rally!

Fall Rally will be held on September 28th, 2013 at Six Flags in Arlington !

• $30 for Early bird • $35 at the door • Meet other club members! • Hear the 2014 theme of DCON announced! • Ride awesome rides!


In this Issue: Cover Page……….……1 Fall Rally…………………2 In this Issue……….…...…3 Presidents’ Corner….… 4 Farmer’s Market………..5 HEROES Lunch…..……..6 Fish Camp……………....7 ELIMINATE…………...…..8 Ultimate Frisbee…..……9 DCON…………....…….10 Upcoming Events…….11

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President’s Corner: Juliana Zhang Hey Key Club! I'm excited for a new year of community service and bonding with all of you guys. I'm so glad that you have decided to join Key Club and I can't wait to see all of the things that we accomplish together from the ELIMINATE Project to anything else we put our minds to. Let's have a great year!

-Juliana Zhang

Vice President’s Corner: Hannah Oden - Brunson Welcome back Key Club, I hope you're ready for an awesome year of service because we have tons of exciting events and opportunities lined up! Key Club is not only a great way to help out our school and community, but also a chance to work together and make friends. We're a team so feel free to talk to any of the officers about service ideas you might have, and let's see all we can do together!


Hannah Oden Brunson

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We Love Farmer’s Markets! Why Should You Support a Local Farmer’s Market? 1. They benefit the local community. The GHS Key Club aided in the

major increase in the market of

efforts to sell concessions for a

commercial farming.

out your community by supporting

local Farmer’s Market this summer

Fortunately, we live in an area

local farmers, why wouldn’t you

by traveling to downtown Garland

where we can purchase produce

to assist local farmers’ selling their

from a number of farmer’s

food. Farmers in the community

markets! It’s important that we

are always helpful because they

support these smaller businesses

make fresh produce accessible and

that may go unnoticed to the

you can guarantee purchasing from

larger corporations and always

receive 80 cents per dollar, earned

them will be a direct investment in

appreciate fresh food!

where as a commercial farmer

the community! Nowadays, local markets are rare because of the

You have the opportunity to help

take the opportunity? Commercial farming is very popular these days and many farmers are getting paid less to mass-produce crops for major corporations. If you were to purchase food from farmer’s markets, the farmer could potential

working for a bigger company would only receive 25 cents per dollar.

1. The Quality is Better Overall. Since food does not have to travel very far, you can ensure that your produce will be fresh on not contaminated with excessive preservatives. You can also purchase these goods when they’re nice and ripe and maybe even find rare food that you would not be able to find elsewhere.

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"As a disabled man, let my life be a reflection of the endless amount of ability that exists in each and everyone of us." -Robert M. Hensel

Wednesday, April 2nd - World Autism Awareness day -

Wear blue to show your support

World Down Syndrome Day – March 21st in honor of trichromosome 21

HEORES Lunch! On August 9th, Garland High

School Key Club participated in experience to witness the joy the HEROES luncheon. This

on everyone’s faces. This

event was sponsored by the

event has motivated our club

group HEROES for individuals

to arrange a program that our

with disabilities. Our mission

club does with the special

was to make sure everyone

needs group from our school!

enjoyed themselves to the best of their ability and our wish was UN International Day of People with Disabilities – December 3rd

“We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all colors and all cultures are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this earth by the same gravity. We don't share blood, but we share the air that keeps us alive. - C. JoyBell C.

was definitely a humbling

granted! Everyone enjoyed themselves at the picnic and it

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Seafood Anyone? Once again, Garland High School’s Key Club has participated in the running for FISH Camp to help incoming freshman.

Garland High loves the incoming freshman, because many of them are always excited to join clubs. We love to attend FISH Camp not just to help out but to also spread the news about our wonderful club! New people tend to have more interests in joining the

Fish are more useful than we give them credit for, I mean, do

club but we also appeal to the

you want a lame freshman class with no spirit or club

others who are helping and not

participation? Of course not! It’s important that we give the

involved! Fish also have this

FISH a sense of support and create a positive atmosphere that

energy that we can greatly

they will hopefully respond to positively. And that’s why Garland

appreciate and hopefully aid in

High school’s Key Club is always an available option for

their shaping to be a better person throughout high school. Never underestimate what clubs can do for you! We also need to “fill in gaps” from our lovely senior who have parted from us. Fish are much more useful than we give them credit

assistance! All this talk about fish has made me hungry! Seafood anyone?

Join in our efforts today by helping us to raise $1,000 by the end of this school year.


Help save  

Do YOU believe in the power of ZERO?

Help Spread the Word about Our


Frisbee Tournament! We really want to raise more money for ELIMINATE and our club, so we really need everyone to find friends to participate in the Frisbee Tournament during the beginning of the school year. Please reach out to people and assemble a team. It’ll be great fun and you don’t have to be athletic! We will also have prizes for the winning team, so get your game face on!

Assemble a team and get your game face ready for Friday the 13th!


Go to DCON! Go to DCON so you can………. • Learn more about the T-O District • Meet fierce Key Club members from our district • Vote for the new district board members • Create more wonderful memories

Upcoming Events!


September 7th – Region 8 Picnic/PCM at Bethany Lakes Park Address: 745 S. Allen Heights Dr. 75002 * free food*

September 13th – Ultimate Frisbee Tournament: 4- 7:30 at Springfield Park in Rowlett - Gather in teams of 7-10 (7 playing at a time) - $5 per person and please submit this as soon as possible so we can assemble brackets! September -14th Owl Conference at GHS Cafeteria

September 18th – Have T-shirt and theme ideas submitted • Submit T-shirt ideas to Thomas or Tiffany and we will vote on Facebook

October 1st – ALL dues need to be paid! $17.50 to Justine please!

Contacts Juliana Zhang – Club President

Thomas Le – Club Historian

Hanhah Oden –Brunson – Club Vice

Angelo Echiverri – Club Webmaster

President Michael Nguyen – Club Secretary of Minutes

Justine Phan – Club Treasurer Tiffany Yang – Club Historian

Frank Moreno – Secretary of Hours

Luke Broussard – District Governor Steffi Lee – Division 2C LTG Isaiah ValleQuinones – District

Usman Hyder – District Secretary

Treasurer Tashmira Hossein – District Editor


August Newsletterr  

The Official August Newsletter of the Garland High School Division 2C Key Club