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Berkeley Springs, WV

the Historic Million Dollar View is for Sale

the Overlook

take a peek at the land, the rental properties, commercial kitchen, restaurant, lodging, history and more

issue 01

contents The Overlook Property Berkeley Springs, WV

03 THE HISTORY Two brothers' artistic vision comes to life; Jackie and Dick carry on the passion; a movement is born

04 THE LAND 58 +/- acres of sacred, untapped land, photos & maps

05-06 THE IMPROVEMENTS Commercial Kitchen, Dining Room, Event/Retreat/Nature Center, Retail Space and Lodging, all with a View

07 THE POSSIBILITIES All it takes is a little imagination

08 THE DETAILS Price and more

the niner brothers pioneers of the overlook The Overlook 02

the history


A History, A Culture, A Movement.

original building

The nearby warm mineral springs and healing energies of Cacapon Mountain have always drawn peoples to the area, from native tribes to early colonials; from our first president to alternative healers - the magic of this land continues to attract.

The Overlook marks the north end of Cacapon Mountain which runs more than thirty miles. Composed of Oriskany sandstone, it plunges nearly 1000 feet into the Potomac River.

Higher on Cacapon Mountain, Prospect Rock (also called Cacapon Rock) offers the same spectacular view. It was a favorite day trip for visitors on horseback from colonial times to the early 20th century. George Washington often rode here, fueling his vision of a way west. Washington’s nephew met his wife at Prospect Peak. Today the unique rock formations may be reached by a 15-mile fire road and flat hiking trail across Cacapon Mountain accessed from Cacapon State Park.

It was brothers and visionaries, Paul and Ed Niner, who pioneered the now famous spot. They cleared the Panorama view and built the first structure in 1929, harvesting and crafting wood and stone from the mountain into a stunning West Virginia offering to the art deco movement. Their ingenious work is still displayed today after being unearthed and restored by the current owners. Jackie and Dick Garrett purchased the property later and contributed an addition, renovations and three rental properties. They used the space as a speak easy, then a steak house until Patti Miller and Leslie Hotaling bought the overlook property in 2005. Retiring from DC, they couldn’t believe a view as majestic as the Overlook's could be privately owned. They set out to share the view while helping pave the road for West Virginia's local food movement.



a walk with nature

the land A view into the Earth's history - the Appalachian mountains are about 450 million years old. Valued as a place where the Appalachians meet the Alleghenies, Panorama Overlook provides a unique view into our human history as well. The fertile Potomac River Valley, it is speculated, was home to indigenous people as many as 25,000 years ago. The raw land has been marked for three hiking trails where explorers experience the natural treasures still available in a rare place, undistrubed by development. NOTES: The 2.38 acre out parcel has a current septic permit issued by the Morgan County Health Department. Above/ behind the buildings, the current owners have run both water and electric to two locations to facilitate future development. The property's well delivers beautiful, pristine water from 600+ feet below the surface on Cacapon Mountain.


the improvements main building



Captain's Quarters Main Building

45 Panorama Lane

80 Panorama Lane




possibilities Event/Retreat Center Healing Resort Nature Center/Base camp Winery/ Craft Brewery Casino Bed & Breakfast Classrooms Office space Corporate Headquarters or Retreat Artisan Cooperative Outfitter



3299 Cacapon Road - Includes 2 Bedroom Apartment - Electric Heat - Oil-fired Hot Water Heat - Private Well/ Treated Water (serves whole property) - Main Level = 3180+ sq feet 45 Panorama Lane - 2 level, 1 Bedroom (11’6” x 12’6”) - Great Room/Kitchen (13’ x 17’) - Lower Level/Rec Room (21” x 11’6”) - Electric Heat + Wood Stove

80 Panorama Lane - 1 Bedroom (12’ x 10’) w/ walk-in closet (4’ x 6’) - Great Room/Kitchen (20’ x 20’) - Electric Heat - Lower Level: Used for Restaurant Storage + Water Treatment


$750,000 Includes: Buildings, Land and Most Contents

TAXES - (56.2 Acres) Map/Parcel # 5 0001 002 0000 = $6309.30 -Fire Fees = $194.80 -Ambulance Fee = $146.24 - (2.78 Acres) Map/Parcel # 5 0001 003 0000 = $176.78 -Fire Fees = $2.92 -Ambulance Fee = $0

Contact 304.702.1223 or 304.702.1449 for more information and showings. 08


the Overlook  

The renown Panorama Overlook is for looking for its next stewards! Check out the land, rental properties, commercial kitchen, restaurant, lo...