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Innovative risk and insurance solutions shaped around your business Oval Insurance Broking Insight. Service. Performance.

Insight. Service. Performance. You would no sooner leave your house unlocked as you would leave your business unsecured. But in both circumstances there’s protection that copes – and there’s protection that excels. When it comes to protecting against the unexpected, it’s good to know you can rely on an insurance and risk specialist able to shape intelligent risk management solutions around every contour of your enterprise.

Specialist risk and insurance solutions designed around you Let’s talk about your business insurance policies. They’ll cover your statutory business insurance needs as well as risks that are specific to your business or your chosen field. Are you happy they provide watertight protection? Does your insurance deliver value for money? Are the premiums you pay competitive? Does your broker understand the issues you face – plus the nuances of what you do and how you do it? Is someone thinking ahead to anticipate emerging risks, spot the gaps in your cover and negotiate hard on your behalf? Do you feel like an account number and a renewal date – or a living, breathing client seeking hassle-free risk management solutions that actively contribute to the success of your business? If you’ve thought ‘no’ more than once, then please read on... Insurance may not be glamorous; but we all know it’s important. Poorly handled it can become an unwelcome and expensive distraction that forces your eye off the ball – or your firm out of business – should the worst happen. Expertly handled, the right insurance can make a big difference. Not only to your bottom line, but also to the opportunities you can capitalise upon and the peace of mind that well-specified, effective and intelligent cover brings you, your people and your customers.

Welcome to Oval Insurance Broking: from business professionals for business professionals We are one of the UK’s leading risk and insurance advisory firms. We have built a respected national business that’s defined by the insight we deploy, the service we provide and the performance we deliver. We take the time to understand your business and use our specialist sector knowledge to simplify risk management complexity. Our national strength creates value, scope and agility that delivers exceptional insurance performance and pricing right when you need it most. What does this mean for you? Easy access to intelligent and industry-specific insurance and risk management expertise that’s tailored to your needs – wherever you are, whatever you do. With smarter risk and insurance solutions across a range of specific industry sectors that create efficiencies, savings and competitive advantage that make your insurance work harder for your business. We’re proud of our reach, our record and our reputation for putting you first. We take your business personally and believe in the importance of building long term, faceto-face relationships. Our bottom line is simple: to do a great job. A total commitment to industry-leading best practice and exceptional service means that we are able to deliver consistently high standards, agile performance and innovative thinking – and always a fast response.

Insight Specialist sector insight for total peace of mind While insurance may be ubiquitous, how and why you deploy it isn’t. We understand that no two businesses are the same – and nor are the operational pressures and issues driving any two given business sectors. To offer the level of innovation and insight that supports your unique needs, knowledge is key. That’s why our proposition is built around sector specialists, and highly qualified insurance professionals with the time, inclination and resources to get close to your business. The result? You can be sure that when you talk with Oval Insurance Broking, you’re talking with people who speak your language and have the expertise to understand what makes your business tick – plus the experience to translate your needs into effective insurance and risk management solutions across numerous sectors, including:

• Construction: risk identification, analysis and mitigation across public and private sector build projects • Manufacturing: flexible, in-depth cover spanning workforce and assets to continuity and the supply chain • Media & Entertainment: specialist cover and advice for advertising, TV, film, digital and print publishing • P  rofessional Services: indemnity, liability, negligence, Intellectual Property, data privacy and financial insurance for the services industry • P  roperty Investors: specialist commercial property investment covers to optimise portfolio management • Retail: predictable and consistent cover designed to protect cash flow and adapt to seasonality • Technology & Telecommunications: risk management protection for hardware, software, web and telecoms organisations • Transport & Logistics: supply chain and fleet management risk mitigation for logistics operators • Education: practical risk advice and cost effective insurance for educational establishments • Charities: helping ‘third sector’ charities, voluntary bodies and NGOs manage change and optimise cover

Service Comprehensive service ethic that puts you first and last You’ll find all the insurance solutions and services you need to help protect your business, assets and people for the future – under a single roof and with highly qualified specialists who understand your needs. Our approach is geared around a strong service ethic and focused on the key risk management values you demand. • A safe pair of specialist hands: a partner you can trust, backed by experience, commitment, national reach and a proven insurance track record that can meet the exacting risk needs of your business at every stage of its growth and development • Highly competitive premiums: a combination of size, attention to detail and demonstrable understanding of our clients’ business means insurers trust us and want to work with us to deliver competitive premiums for you • E  ntrepreneurial attitude: working with the UK’s leading insurers and underwriters, we proactively develop bespoke covers and policies that address the emerging risks you face. Plus, we always negotiate hard on your behalf because we believe in the primacy of putting you first • Partnership approach: a total commitment to understanding your business sits behind our longstanding client relationships • I nnovative mindset: we are constantly investing in ways to support our service delivery and risk management support – including risk assessment tools and secure online portals • Fast, expert problem solving: we’re proud of our reputation and we are committed to providing a quick response that makes the most of our risk and insurance expertise • Client benchmarking driving best practice: working with a diverse range of firms and sectors, we analyse the strategic trends – then share and apply our learning • Competitively priced services: our lean business model keeps our structure flat and overheads down, enabling us to pass savings directly onto you • Expert claims handling: you’ll always receive a prompt, no-hassle service from our expert, in-house claims handlers • Exceptional reach: we have over 800 people working through our nationwide network of 19 offices so we’ll always deliver that personal service – wherever you are and whatever you do

Performance Intelligent, high performance solutions

We are Oval Insurance Broking

From must-have insurance covers to specialist solutions tailored precisely to your needs, we offer a thorough portfolio of risk management services built in partnership with leading UK and international underwriters. Our combination of size, attention to detail and demonstrable understanding of our clients’ business means insurers trust us and are keen to work with us. We negotiate hard on your behalf, with a core focus on delivering value-based solutions that won’t let you down at the moment of truth.

A leading national broker, we are at the forefront of the UK’s insurance industry. We help drive best practice and innovation and are respected partners and advisors for stakeholders and trade associations throughout UK industry. While we may not be the largest, we believe our track record proves us to be amongst the most innovative, agile and adaptable. And adaptability, as Charles Darwin concluded, is what separates success from failure.

And the really good call? No call centres. Just seasoned, swift, accurate and professional claims handling and risk management that’s there for you all year round – not just at renewal time. • B  usiness: intelligent commercial insurance solutions that protect you, your people, your assets and ambitions • Captive & Self-Insurance: innovative, profitable set-aside funding for the unexpected • Claims Service: no-quibble, no-hassle, no-distraction professional settlement that takes the claim strain • Global: insurance programme control, efficiency and oversight for UK businesses with international interests • Private Clients: discreet, personal insurance cover for high net worth individuals • Risk Management: skilled risk analysis and mitigation to protect your business better • Start up & Small Business: specialist small business covers for firms of up to 50 people with fast, local access • Trade Credit: credit risk protection and management that mitigates bad debt, default and insolvency losses • Healthcare: private medical insurance solutions and services offering flexible healthcare access

Above all, we invest in our people. We have drawn together experienced, high calibre professionals who blend the advisory, administration, technical and listening skills essential to delivering exceptional levels of insight, service, continuity and performance you expect. With years of innovation experience, many of our insurance policies are unique to Oval and offer extra features rarely found elsewhere. Importantly, we keep workloads manageable so our people have the time and scope to stay close to your needs, develop the relationships and deliver the high service standards and creativity that are the timeless hallmarks of a trusted partner.

Expertly handled, the right insurance can make a big difference. Not only to your bottom line, but also to the opportunities you can capitalise upon and the peace of mind well-specified, effective and intelligent cover brings you, your people and your customers.

About The Oval group The Oval group is a leading UK risk, insurance broking, healthcare and financial services advisory group. With offices across the UK, Oval Insurance Broking (Oval) is the specialist risk management partner of choice for thousands of businesses and individuals across a range of disciplines and industry sectors. From general insurance to sector-specific requirements, Oval’s strength lies in designing bespoke, dynamic and keenly competitive risk solutions that fit your needs exactly. Our skilled specialists take the time to understand those needs, simplifying risk to deliver a consistently innovative, high standard and high performance service, that adds value, capability, agility and a competitive edge to your business. For more information, visit us at

Would you like to talk? If you have any questions or would like to explore how you can make your insurance work harder for your organisation, we’re here to help. Call Jo Whittaker, Managing Director – IB Marketing on: 01992 449 473 Or drop her an email at:

Oval Insurance Broking Limited Registered Office: 9 South Parade, Wakefield, WF1 1LR Registered in England No: 01195184 Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Insight. Service. Performance.

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Innovative risk and insurance solutions shaped around your business

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