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|DJ Fabian’s Top 10| Well, it’s that time again - when everyone presents their Top 10s for the year. In a year that saw overall music sales take a huge hit, there was one bright spot in the surge of dance music on the charts and in the clubs. While 2013 may have been the year we learned that Robin Thicke had a “Big One” and female divas, including Cher, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga all had major new releases - it was the girl formally known as Hanna Montana who made the biggest splash. While the first half of 2013 saw a Swedish Duo named Icona Pop dominate the dancefloor with their infectious hit “I Love it”, in late spring Miley Cyrus Twerked her way into the charts and hearts of danceclubbers everywhere with the first of two massive hits. “We Can’t Stop” became the anthem of the summer of 2013 and easily the biggest record of 2013. Here’s my list of the biggest (although not necessarily the best) tracks of 2013 based on club requests and overall staying power - and where applicable Ive included my favorite mixes.

10. Get Lucky |Daft Punk| (Ranny’s Disco Booty remix) 9. Clarity |Zedd ft. Foxes| 8. Wake Me Up |Avicci ft. Aloe Blacc| 7. Summertime Sadness |Lana Del Ray| (Cedric Gervais remix) 6. Wrecking Ball |Miley Cyrus| (Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg mix)

5. Roar |Katy Perry| (Cosmic Dawn Club mix) 4. Blurred Lines |Robin Thicke| (Justin Sane Bootleg) 3. Work Bitch |Britney Spears| (DJ Digimark’s Relax mix) 2. I Love it |Icona Pop| (Ranny’s Club mix)

1. We Can’t Stop |Miley Cyrus| |2| (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club mix) December January

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LGBT Specific Events

Theatrical Shows

Events Sunday Dec 15


Christmas Concert & Reading

Featuring the Cantus Vocum Chamber Choir. Wesley United Church 4:00pm

Christmas Luncheon

Christmas Concert & Reading

Monday Dec 16

Christmas Around The World

Featuring Janet Cull, Peter Halley, Dana Parsons, Keith Power, Michael Power, Sheila Williams and Erin Windsor. Masonic Temple. Dec 15-23, Dec 28-30 Jan 2-6 7:00pm

Penning The Carol

Featuring Aiden Flynn. Barbara Barrett Theatre-Arts & Culture Centre. Dec 21 6:00pm Dec 22 1:00pm & 8:00pm

The Nutcracker

Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. Arts and Culture Centre. Dec 20-21 7:30pm Dec 22 2:30pm

Corner Brook Thursday Dec 26

Ugly Sweater Party

Join DJ Richie Snow & RP2G for the Ugly Sweater Contest! 1st Place - $200 Nightsounds 11:00pm


Tuesday Dec 31 2014

Ring in the New Year at Nightsounds, Featuring: DJ Rose - Pedestrian X Richie Snow - RP2G 11:00pm

Christmas Around The World 7:00pm


Sunday Dec 29



The Nutcracker 7:30pm

Divas After Dark: It’s Britmas Bitch!

Doris Anita Douche hosts this month’s Divas After Dark Holiday Special Velvet Club & Lounge 208 Water Street 11:00pm

Saturday Dec 21

Christmas Luncheon Christmas Around The World

Christmas Luncheon


Penning The Carol

Tuesday Dec 17

Christmas Around The World

12:00pm 6:00pm

Christmas Around The World 7:00pm

Monday Dec 30

Christmas Around The World 7:00pm



Christmas Around The World 7:00pm

Wednesday Dec 18

Christmas Luncheon



Christmas Around The World 7:00pm

Friday Jan 3

DJ Slim Macho at velvet 11:00pm

Sunday Dec 22

Christmas Around The World 7:00pm

Saturday Jan 4

Christmas Luncheon


Christmas Around The World 7:00pm


Penning The Carol 1:00pm & 8:00pm

Christmas Around The World

Thursday Dec 19

Christmas Around The World 7:00pm

Sunday Jan 5


The Nutcracker 2:30pm & 7:30pm

Christmas Luncheon

Monday Dec 23


Christmas Around The World 7:00pm

The LBGTQ Youth Group - St. John’s of Planned Parenthood, PFLAG Canada - St. John’s NL Chapter, the Spectrum Choir & St. John’s Pride Inc. host a holiday gathering, open to everyone! 7:00pm

Christmas Around The World



Monday Jan 6

Christmas Around The World 7:00pm



Friday Dec 27

Flashback Friday (Holiday Edition)

Flashback Friday (holiday edition) with DJFabian and Digital Dan 2 for $5 beer & Highballs until 12:30 Velvet Club & Lounge 208 Water Street December 11:00pm


Christmas Around The World

Christmas Luncheon 12:00pm

LGBTQ Holiday Gathering

Velvet Glitter Ball

Thursday Jan 2

The Nutcracker Under the Tree with Slim Macho

Tuesday Dec 31

Velvet Glitter Ball: A black and white and tie affair with DJ Digital Dan and DJFabian (advance tickets on sale at velvet) 11:00pm


Christmas Luncheon


Saturday Dec 28

Christmas Around The World


Christmas Around The World

Featuring the Cantus Vocum Chamber Choir. Wesley United Church 4:00pm

Friday Dec 20

Christmas Luncheon

Christmas Luncheon

Featuring Shelley Neville, Peter Halley and Janet Cull. Masonic Temple Dec 15-23 12:00pm

For up to date events check out the Events Section at


Saturday Jan 11

St. John’s Pride Forum

Join us for a Forum about the changes coming to St. John’s Pride and to give us input. Details to come. (time and location to be announced)

|Xmas in the city|

|A word from Taylor| Happy holidays! I thought I would take this festive opportunity to share a little about myself. Here’s to love, joy, and self-acceptance over the season. I wake up in the morning and my name is Taylor Stocks. For some reason, this shocks me every time, Not because I don’t recognize the sounds of the syllables moving twixt my lips, But because the rhyme that breaks from the percussion of my name and mind changes each moment I open my eyes. I guess you’d call me queer; I float from here to there, from woman to male and everything in between. So I’m left with this...anxiety. You’d think it might inspire me. Maybe if I were a better...people. But most of the time I just feel like I’m lying, Never a real place with full words. How can I speak? How can I tell the story of me when I can’t figure out what jeans will calm the torrent in my tummy long enough for me to Breathe? Anyway, thanks for giving me a moment to talk, Because I’ll fall asleep tonight, remaining Taylor Stocks.

Don we now our gay apparel

Eat drink and be MARY!!


Make the yuletide gay

December January

Photos by Ryan Crocker

|Sexless in The City| Relationship column by Robyn Noseworthy

With the holidays just around the corner many people are find- In terms of what to give, that is completely up to you - however, ing themselves pretty stressed out, either financially, emotionally or simply just by the length of their Christmas gift list. With that being said, it is important for couples to remind themselves that the holidays are about the love that they share and not about the number of receipts in their wallets.

The ultimate question is always “What makes the perfect gift for

my partner?” The answer can be quite different depending on who is being asked and what they expect. For new relationships, this can be especially stressful when trying to decide on how much money is required to show the adequate amount of affection, or even how personal and thoughtful the gifts should be that are given.

As always, my personal thoughts on the issue is to keep it simple.

There are no solid rules as to what makes a perfect gift and what is the appropriate amount of money that should be spent on your lover. Communication, as always, is the first step in making this event run as smoothly as possible. Discuss financial limitations and make sure you stick to them. It is no good to play the chivalrous partner and agree on a twenty dollar sum only to go out and buy your partner a luxurious item. You don’t need to prove anything.

if the relationship is fairly new, your gift should probably not be a diamond ring. Lighthearted and thoughtful don’t always have to be distinct entities. Part of the fun of a new relationship is discovering the other person. If you’re paying attention at all you should be able to pick up on something small that would bring a smile to your partner’s face. A book, or a gift card, yes the blasted gift card, could be a great item to pick up in the beginning of a relationship. It isn’t something that is pressure filled, but yet it’s enough to know that the other person has enough value for you to show them appreciation.

The longer the relationship the more expensive the gifts tend

to be, but they don’t have to be. Home-made gifts are often much more appreciated than things that are bought from shops around town. The personal gifts are always the ones that will drive you crazy when trying to think about what to pick out for your loved one. You want it to be special but you don’t want to break your bank. If you are going to go with a more expensive gift as a way to express your love this time of year, you can always follow it up with the smaller more fun gifts to counter-balance it.

The major thing to remember is that this season is not about

the gifts. It’s not about the receipt book piling up with things that you have racked your brain with for the last two to three months. No matter what you give your partner this year, remember that the love you share all year round is what matters. Gifts do not need to be a pure reflection of that because love is ultimately priceless. Love and good tidings are what is important this time of year as we reflect on the fortune that we have with each other and do more for those in our lives that may or may not be as blessed.


Remember it is just a day out of the year, spend the time appreciating and showing your loved one why the other 364 days are just as important.

with us! Contact us at


December December January January

|Theatre in St. John’s|

- Darryl Davis (@darryl_m_davis)


‘Children Around The World’ Written by Peter Halley, Deborah Wells-Smith, Sheila Williams Artistic Direction by Pete Halley Musical Direction by Evan Smith

For upcoming theatrical productions in St. John’s to lookout for, check out the events on page 3 and the events page at .

Produced by Spirit of Newfoundland. Starring Sheila Williams, Dana Parsons, Michael Power, Keith Power Venue Masonic Temple, 6 Cathedral Street, St. John’s, NL. City St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Running Until January 6th, 2014


t’s almost cliché or trite to utter the sentiment but the ‘hustle and bustle’ associated with the Holiday Season really does appear to ambush the public earlier and more pervasively with each passing year. The moment Halloween comes to an end, shopping areas are inundated with décor and advertising celebrating the growing commercialism of Christmas. Local productions of holiday themed shows also seem debuting earlier. TaDa Events’ annual tradition, ‘Our Divas Do Christmas’ with local dynamos Kelly-Ann Evans and Shelly Neville among others, had unfortunately opened and finished its successful run in late November, before I even realized or had the chance to see it. Likewise, Spirit of Newfoundland Productions started showing its latest holiday offering, ‘Christmas Around The World”, on November 22nd, 2013; more than a month before the blessed day. One might wonder, is it too early to be going to productions of this nature? When it comes to a show crafted and performed as well as ‘Christmas Around The World’, the sooner the better.


or this show, the Masonic Temple has been gorgeously immersed in winter scenery, ornaments of various sizes, stockings, candy canes, festive wrapping paper, fully decorated Christmas Trees and a huge portrait of Old Saint Nick himself. All that appears to be missing is a blazing fireplace and maybe some chestnuts to roast by it. Audience members are first served a bowl of cream of carrot soup with ginger, which is followed by a choice of either stuffed pork or turkey dinner, and later a slice or rum cake for dessert. I can happily report that everything was delicious.


he actual show starts promptly an hour after being seated and served. Like many of the previous productions staged by the Spirit of Newfoundland, ‘Christmas Around The World’ is a clever combination of good humour, sketch comedy segments, and beautifully performed musical performances. This production opens with an extremely familiar character, Mrs. Mary Claus portrayed by the incomparable Sheila Williams. The character reappears throughout the show to provide a series of hilarious monologues revolving around marital problems she is experiencing with her husband.


eppered with current pop culture references, politics, clever wordplays and blue-collared humour, Williams delivers these monologues with zest and razor-shape comedic timing. After seeing this show, one might never think of the popular Christmas carol “O Come All Ye Faithful” in the same way again. These monologues and Williams’ performance aid in providing a sense of consistency for a show made of a variety of seemingly unrelated skits and it proved to be an excellent theatrically decision.


ith the completion of the first of three witty Mrs. Claus monologues, the rest of the show’s dynamic cast make their way to the stage. Some of the best musical theatre actors in the province; Dana Parsons, Michael Power, and Keith Power humourlessly discuss the Christmas customs of a variety of different cultures while performing classic holiday songs traditionally associated with them. Despite being billed as a ‘Christmas Around The World ‘ it doesn’t take long for this production to return it’s focus to Newfoundland. The show truly succeeds in reminding the audience of the traditions that make Christmas in our province unique and special, as well as, those that unite us with the rest of the world.


iven the format of this show, it’s a difficult task to encompass the entire content in a theatrical review. It would also ruin many of the surprises that the production has to offer. Without giving too much away, I found the first act of the show to be focused more on humour, and the second act more on the heart; the sentimentality, nostalgia, and the overall message of peace, love and joy, typically associated with Christmas. Along the way, the audience ‘may’ meet up with a group of townie corner boys outside the Basilica Cathedral contemplating a Christmas Eve wine primer; a few guest celebrities from the world of Pop and Country music, as well as, the appearance of an ‘exceptionally popular’’ local radio host taking some hilarious on-air calls about the holidays. The audience is also treated to a thorough review of the most influential Christmas toys and the biggest selling Christmas singles of all time. The result is both an hilarious and informative production which generated a great deal of audience interaction and participation, while simultaneously filling one with memories of Christmas’ past.


he true strength of the production; however, are the performers. Sheila, Dana, Michael and Keith have such great chemistry with each other, it really seemed they have been lifelong co-stars and have been doing shows for years. Their comedic timing with each other was impeccable and they really seemed to be having a ball with each other while performing. These feelings are infectious as the audience really appeared to be enjoying themselves completely. In fact, I had a smile on my face from ear to ear the entire show. The vocal range of the cast also runs the gamut musically from Bass/Baritone to Soprano, resulting in beautiful harmonizations on numerous performances of holiday classics. Sheila Williams is a powerhouse of a performer. Not only is her acting and comedic abilities amazing, but she has an incredibly powerful voice to match. Truly breathtaking. Dana Parsons has been in a number of productions over the past year (Theatre St. John’s ‘Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber’, ‘Best Kind Productions’ ‘Avenue Q’, and Spirit of Newfoundland’s ‘Woman Doin’ Men’), and she continues to astonish me with her beauty and talent. She is an amazing comedic actress of the laugh out loud variety. Her impressions of the famous and infamous in the show, which I’m not going to reveal, are hysterical.

She is truly one of Newfoundland’s best female vocalists,

and gets to showcase this brilliantly with her solo take on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. Michael Power, great this year in the Theatre St. John’s Production of ‘Mary Poppins’, also has a great showcase for himself here as an actor and vocalist. He is exceptional in a monologue where he portrays ‘Poppy John’, an elderly man from Capelin Cove, NL reminiscing about a Christmas spent in St. John’s in 2010 with his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. It was extremely moving and an example of great writing. Throughout the show, Michael also gets to display what an incredibly deep and velvety voice he possesses; both powerful and beautiful. Then there is the dynamic performer, Keith Power. In a variety of local productions from ‘Chicago’ by TaDa Events, ‘Avenue Q’ by Best Kind Productions, and ‘Mary Poppins’ by Theatre St. John’s, he has shown great versatility and strength as a musical and comedic actor. With this show, he gets to show even greater diversity inhibiting a variety of different characters, as well as, the tremendous vocal range he has. It would be remiss not to mention the extraordinary work of the house band, composed of Sandy Morris, Frank Fusari, Boomer Stamp, and the tremendously talented Evan Smith who also acts as the Musical Director of the show.

A |6|

December January

ll and all, ‘Christmas Around The World’ offers the perfect blend of humour, nostalgia, tradition and music. It is a true interactive event, with a distinctive Newfoundland flavour, that should be savoured and experienced by all.

|Theatre in St. John’s| Review:

‘Freckleface Strawberry’ Written by Garry Kupper and Rose Caiola (Based on the Children’s Book ‘Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore) Direction/Musical Direction by Kyle McDavid Produced by Best Kind Productions Starring Kate King-Jesso, Courtney Fowler, Anna James, Emily Dawe, Ben Halfyard, Ian Williams, Adam Strong, Sarah Drover, Lucas White, Madeline Roche, Ella Antle, Mary Antle, Lisa Bourne, Avah Bartlett, Rachel Windsor, Sarah Hedderson, Jill Squires, Abby Schwartz, and Keegan Roche. Venue Cochrane Street United Church, St. John’s, NL Played from December 5th to 7th, 2013


n a recent episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live featuring Lady Gaga as both the host and musical guest, there was an hilarious skit that played out like an advertisement for a child’s acting class. Entitled ‘Spotlight Acting Camp for Serious Kids’, Gaga and other cast members played child actors doing overthe-top rifts on scenes from adult films like The Social Network, Training Day and Forest Gump. Basically they delivered lines with rapid high and low vocal intonations, exaggerated hand movements and would end by smiling and posing hammily at the camera. Meant as a spoof of Disney channel style acting, the skit also suggested that this was how child actors come off when they don’t completely understand the source material being dramatized. These characteristics were relatively absent at the recent staging of ‘Freckleface Strawberry The Musical’ by Best Kind Productions where the actors ranged from seven to thirteen years of age. This can likely be attributed to three factors. 1.) The material being performed is completely age appropriate; 2.) Kyle McDavid, the Artistic Director of Best Kind Productions, excels in his abilities to relate and work with child actors, and 3.) the show’s cast is made up of a bunch of really talent kids.


ased on the best-selling children’s books by Oscar-nominated actor Julianne Moore, ‘Freckleface Strawberry’ tells the story of a young red-haired girl with freckles (played earnestly by Kate King-Jesso). She is extremely self-conscious about her appearance and is constantly teased by her many friends at school. Her efforts to wish or rub them away prove futile, and at one point she even comes to school wearing a ski-mask. The show doesn’t linger long on the cruelty of teasing, as her friends quickly realize that they miss Strawberry and her freckles; learning that our differences is what make us unique and special.

s l i a N


any of the cast members here participated in Peter MacDonald’s recent production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, and their experience shows as they are all quite remarkable. All actors were completely in character and interacting with the audience upon arriving, and they stayed in character long after the show finished. They all belted out the musical numbers of the show without the aid of microphones or sound equipment and were completely understandable when delivering dialogue. There were even a number of choreographed dance numbers, one involving the use of basketballs, which appeared tricky but were all completely in-sync by the cast. Ben Halfyard and Ian Williams, memorable standouts in the previously mentioned production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, turned in great performance here. Williams has the stage presence of an actor at least double his age, and Halfyard is a charmer who can really belt out his vocals when he sings. Emily Dawe, also memorable in ‘Oz’ as a nasty crow, gets a nice showcase as Ballet Girl, a perfectionist who is lonely and doesn’t have any friends. Sarah Drover, so good in Theatre St. John’s production of ‘Mary Poppins’, has a supporting role here but has the confidence of a primary actor. Anna James winningly belted out the musical number “I Love Danny”, while Adam Strong was equally great as the object of her affections. Courtney Fowler, another ‘Oz’ alumni soon to be seen in the upcoming production of ‘Les Miserables’ by Atlantic Light Theatre, also excelled in dual roles as Strawberry’s supportive and caring mother and as an eccentric school teacher. She has a great moment with her younger cast mates in performing the catchy “Creative Minds” an a cappella rap performed in a classroom. In a demanding lead role, Kate King-Jesso as Strawberry sang, danced, and acted effortlessly. The transitions from a self-conscious girl who hates her freckles to a girl who has learned the power of self-acceptance was handled with a sense of great understanding by the actor. All of the cast, in fact, exuded talent beyond their years.

e i s s a by C


December January



he show was lovingly directed by Kyle McDavid; demonstrating he has great instincts in working with younger actors and in how to best showcase their individual talents as performers. It’s obvious in his work here that he thinks highly of his cast and his role as an educator to them. As a show, ‘Freckleface Strawberry The Musical’ is a winner as well. Promoting the importance of self-acceptance and respect, the story told and messages delivered will undoubtedly appeal and be relatable to audiences of all ages.

For upcoming theatrical productions in St. John’s to lookout for, check out the events on page 3 and the events page at .

Baking with

Betty Boo

Cherry Blossom Snowballs

It’s December and the holidays are upon us, and I am most excited to get my baking started. Christmas is my favourite time of year to be in the kitchen baking - all those cakes, squares, cookies and candies – so many wonderful treats to make and try, it’s no wonder this queen needs less padding in January!

Christmas holds many special memories for me and some of my earliest are being in the kitchen with my mom, helping her make her Christmas cakes – even though I’m pretty sure I ate more batter then what went into those pans. I am also reminded of the time spent at my aunt’s and grandmother’s houses. I remember fondly trays upon trays of homemade cookies, cake and candies, all begging to be sampled. It’s these wonderful memories that make the holidays so extra special to me. I believe it was having these great ladies in my life that gave me my love of baking - in fact, a lot of my all-time favourite recipes come from my aunt’s collection – sadly she, as well as my grandmothers, are no longer with us, but the memories those ladies helped make will live on forever in my heart. I want to dedicate this article to them and share some of those recipes with you.

Ingredients 3 cups rolled oats 2 cups unsweetened coconut (divided) ¾ cup cocoa (sifted) 1/2 cup walnuts (chopped) Pinch of salt 1¼ cups evaporated milk 1 tsp vanilla 2 1/2 cups sugar ¾ cup butter (cut in small cubes) 34 maraschino cherries

Method: In a large bowl, combine roll oats, 1 cup of coconut, cocoa, walnuts and salt – mix well and set aside. In a large saucepan, med-low heat, combine milk, vanilla, sugar and butter. Stir until all ingredients are totally dissolved. Increase to med-high heat and bring to a gently boil (at this time do not stir mixture). Continue cooking for 10 minutes or until temperature reaches 230F on a candy thermometer or is at the soft-ball stage. (“soft-ball stage” means that when you drop a bit of the mixture into cold water to cool it down, it will form a soft ball.) Remove from heat and let mixture settle (approx 1 minute). Add mixture to dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Place mixture in refrigerator until cool enough to handle or overnight. Shape into round balls,insert a hole in centre with finger, place a cherry in each and close. Coat by rolling in coconut. - makes approx 34 balls 1½ inch balls


November December October November December January

Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Ingredients 2 cups peanut butter ¾ cup butter softened ¾ cup brown sugar 3 ¾ cup powdered sugar 2 cups chocolate chips

Method: 1.Mix the peanut butter, butter, brown sugar and powdered sugar together. Roll into 1 inch balls (not any larger). Place dough into the refrigerator until cool and firm. 2.Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler, or a heat safe bowl over boiling water. Chocolate can also be melted in the microwave (just do at 30 sec intervals, stir and reheat as needed), be careful not to scorch the chocolate. 3.Dip the dough into the melted chocolate and set coated ball onto wax paper to cool


I use a dark chocolate chips in this recipe, offsets the sweetness of the dough, and found people enjoyed it more then the milk chocolate versions.

Keep in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy

Peppermint Stick Cocoa And of course, nothing goes better with delicious holiday treats than a piping hot cup of cocoa. Here is one of my favourite Holiday themed versions: Ingredients 1 cup powdered milk 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup miniature chocolate chips 1/2 cup crushed peppermint candy

Method: In a 1-quart (12 servings) jar, layer powdered milk, cocoa powder, sugar, salt, chocolate chips, and peppermint candy (if your containers are different sizes, just keep the ratio of ingredients constant) When ready to use, mix contents in a large bowl. For each serving, place 1/3 cup cocoa mix in a mug and stir in 1 cup boiling water. Store remaining mix in airtight container.


Layering the Peppermint Stick Cocoa ingredients in a jar makes for a sweet, homemade holiday gift, just add a ribbon and a tag.

From my kitchen to yours – I want to wish each and everyone of you a happy holiday season. May the season bring you health, happiness, and joy and all the best for the upcoming new year.

xo BBK |9|

November December December January

Pop The on Rock

By Cara J. Brown

Everyone has their go-to favourite holiday films. It’s usually around the first snowfall when everyone whips out VHS/DVD copies of their favourite holiday films – well, at least that is true for me. This year, while perusing my favourite holiday films, it dawned on me – none of them featured gay characters. Not one! It was this realization that lead me to scour the internet high and low to bring together a list of (what many consider) must-see LGBT holiday films.

The Family Stone (2005)

Director: Thomas Bezucha Stars: Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker

This film follows uptight Meredith Morton (Parker) visiting her boyfriend’s eccentric and outgoing family’s annual Christmas celebration. Included in said family is his gay brother, and partner, who announce they are planning to adopt a child.

Holiday Heart (2000)

Director: Robert Townsend Stars: Ving Rhames, Alfre Woodard, Mykelti Williamson

In this TV movie, Ving Rhames stars as a drag queen that takes in a drug addict and her daughter and helps them get back on their feet.

Too Cool for Christmas (2004)

Director: Sam Irvin Stars: Brooke Nevin, George Hamilton, Donna Mills

In this made-for-TV movie 16-year-old Lindsay decides to give Santa Claus a makeover… The plot may not be the best, but it features gay dads.

Go (1999)

Director: Doug Liman Stars: Sarah Polley, Jay Mohr, Scott Wolf, Katie Holmes

This film about a drug deal gone wrong may not scream Christmas, but it follows several people, and their storylines, on Christmas Eve – including closeted gay couple Adam and Zack (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr), who are helping the cops with a drug operation in order to make their drug charges go away.

A Diva’s Christmas Carol (2000)

Director: Richard Schenkman Stars: Vanessa Williams, Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, John Taylor, Kathy Griffin

Although it doesn’t feature a single gay character, this Hallmark made-for-TV movie has to be the gayest Christmas movie. Ever. Billed as a modern remake of Charles Dicken’s classic, “A Christmas Carol”, this movie features Vanessa Williams as Ebony Scrooge, a “very nasty pop singer” who gets a reality check by three Christmas Spirits – including Kathy Griffin as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

As usual, feel free to let me know what you would like to read in future Pop On The Rock columns via email at or Twitter @ReallyCJB.


December January

|On our Gaydar| Cathy DeBuono

Bannerman Park

Bannerman Park - one of the oldest and most beautiful public green spaces in St. John’s - is about to get a whole lot better. The popular gathering place (especially during Pride) is in the midst of an extensive revitalization project that will upgrade existing facilities to better reflect the park’s Victorian style as well as add a wealth of new attractions. A new splash pad is in the works that’s sure to be a hit next summer with families who have young children. Basically a combination of a playground and water fountain, splash pads have become a staple of public parks the world over. But there’s no reason to wait until next summer to take try what is sure to be one of the park’s most cherished new amenities: a state-ofthe-art skating trail. In fact, by the time you read this, it may already be open: the city is aiming to have everything ready for you to head down and lace up your skates before Christmas. The skating trail is refridgerated so no need to worry about the ice thawing repeatedly during our very mild (by Canadian standards) winters. And that’s great news for a city that’s some distance away from Newfoundland and Labrador’s winter activity hotspots such as the White Hills and Marble Mountain. With the addition of this skating trail, Bannerman Park is sure to be just as bustling when the ground is white as it is when the flowers are in bloom. And talk about a cute idea for a date. So get out there and enjoy one of the newest winter attractions in our beautiful, bustling city this holiday season!

by Ryan Crocker

Cathy DeBuono is a actress you may not know by name, but

you’ve certainly seen her face. The New York-born actress first caught people’s attention as a volleyball powerhouse, winning all sorts of medals and awards - including back-to-back gold medals at the United States Olympic Festival in 1991-1992. However, after injuring her knee, she decided to pursue acting instead. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1994 and immediately landed small parts on TV shows like Chicago Hope and Martial Law - and even had a recurring role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. After a break from acting to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, she returned with a vengeance in the film Out at the Wedding. In it, she plays a lesbian who pretends she is in love with a straight girl. In fact, most of the characters she’s played have been lesbians - just like her. “It’s not that I’m opposed to other roles,” she told the media. “It’s just that the world of gay entertainment has grown and there’s more available in that niche of the market now. It’s what brought me back into acting because that market didn’t exist the first time. I’m not opposed to playing stories that aren’t gay, but I do think I prefer to play them. I like telling our stories and playing our characters and giving them life. I’m not actively opposed to seeking out straight things, I just find myself swimming around in the gay niche of the market and I love it there.” DeBuono, who believes our computers and televisions are going to be the same thing soon enough, is also leading the charge to make LGBT entertainment available online. She believes doing so will enable LGBT youth around the world, especially in areas where they are not safe or cherished, to find a sense of community and belonging.


by Ryan Crocker


November December Image from December December January January


1. Velvet Club & Lounge 208 Water St.

2. Grapevine 206 Water St. 3. Liquid Nightclub 186 Water St. 4. Martini Bar George St. 5. Club V George St.

RESTAURANTS 6. AQUA Kitchen|Bar 310 Water St. 7. The Sprout 364 Duckworth St. 8.Happy Hummus Hut 208 Duckworth St.

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COFFEE SHOPS 9.The Rocket Bakery 272 Water St. 10. Hava Java 258 Water St. 11. Coffee & Company 204 Water St. 12. Fixed Coffee & Baking 183 Duckworth St. 13. Coffee Matters 1 Millitary Rd.

Accomodations 14. Gower House 180 Gower St. 15. Abba Inn 36 Queen’s Rd 16. Balmoral House 25 Queen’s Rd. 17. The Ryan Mansion 21 Rennie’s Mill Rd. 18. Banberry House 116 Millitary Rd. 19. Winterholme 79 Rennie’s Mill Rd.

STORES 21. Weare Junk 302 Water St.


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