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Which do you like better: basketball or volleyball?

“I love them both! Which ever season it is, I love that sport the most at that time.” How did you feel when you found out you made varsity?

“I was excited but also a little nervous. The other girls on my team have been so supportive and patient with me and have helped me so much.”

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“I would love to be on a District Championship Team with an opportunity to go to the State Tournament.” What is it like being a freshman on varsity?

“It’s awesome! It’s been a challenge to go from grade school basketball to high school varsity, but I’m really learning a lot and having a lot of fun.”

Why did you decide to sit out your junior season?

“I sat out my junior year because I lost the passion to play basketball. Also, I wanted to focus on baseball. Workouts for baseball coincide with basketball, so I did those instead of playing.”

“I decided to come back the night after the guys lost state last year. A lot of my good friends were on that team, and seeing them as upset as they were really got to me. I knew that I could have helped them, so I promised them all that I would play the next year.” What is your favorite memory from Borgia basketball?

“The second half of my sophomore year on JV. We scrimmaged the varsity team, who would eventually win state, a lot, and we played with them too. We played so well that second half of the season. I’m thoroughly convinced that we could have beaten a lot of varsity teams. We ended up being the best JV team in Borgia history, and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

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Band Faces No Hardships in the Knights Perform at Sugar Big Easy: Marching Bowl, Place Second in Field Competition Connor Voss

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Amongst a sea of Ohio State scarlet and University of in the historic Jackson Square. Borgia band director, Arkansas cardinal, the Marching Knights stood out like Sue Bright, had only compliments for the students’ sore thumbs in their Borgia blue and gold at the 2011 performances. AllState Sugar Bowl. “I couldn’t have been more proud of all the kids for Although the marching and jazz band students were their great attitudes and for doing everything asked of exhausted after three days of competing, practicing, them,” said Bright. performing and taking in the sights of New Orleans, they Bright also notes that, although the Marching Knights were ready for their last hurrah: performing at halftime attended the Alamo Bowl in 2004 and the Liberty Bowl for 74,000 fans, as in 2007, this was well as national the first trip the television. SFBRHS jazz “I was a little band has attended. nervous being in “Usually only front of such a the marching big crowd,” said band goes to bowl Maddie Piontek, games,” she said, senior, “but the “but, since we fact that I was were going to with so many New Orleans—the other people who center of jazz—, I love band just just had to take the as much as I do jazz band along helped a lot.” too.” Through the Band members Bowl Games of and their America (BGA) chaperones spent organization, afternoon the Borgia band hours touring Borgia band members Kyle Branson, Denny Presson, Ian Howell, the “center of collaborated with hundreds jazz,” seeing and Maddie Piontek pose outside a mask shop in New Orleans. of other everything from band students throughout the country to play under the the St. Louis Cathedral to the infamously crazy Bourbon direction of Dr. Ken Dye, the acclaimed marching band Street. director for the University of Notre Dame. “I’d have to say The Mask Shops scattered about Around 2,000 high school baton twirlers, dancers, New Orleans were my favorite part of the city,” said cheerleaders, color guard members and musicians took sophomore, Denny Presson. “They gave a face to the Big the field in the Superdome to perform a medley of Easy.” Creedence Clearwater Revival tunes. To organize such Students also sampled the unique Cajun cuisine while a massive group of performers, all students rehearsed in N’awlins, including muffelettas, gumbo, beignets, together for two days prior to the game. jambalaya and po-boys.. “It’s really exciting to be in a band of about 2,000 kids “We ate our way through New Orleans,” joked Bri inside such a great atmosphere like the Superdome,” said Hopkins, junior. senior drum major, Matt Riley. The students also got a feel for the Cajun culture at In addition to attending the Sugar Bowl, the BGA trip a BGA banquet held for all attending band students at included other opportunities for the band to showcase Mardi Gras World, a museum containing hundreds of their talent. Competing against bands from around the floats from previous Mardi Gras parades. country, the Marching Knights took second place in a After three years of planning and fundraising, Bright field show contest with their show entitled “Mangione was overjoyed that the trip ran so smoothly. Magic.” “The kids just did what they needed to do,” she said. The band was also invited to play in a gazebo on the “It was a wonderful experience and I’ve never had kids so Riverwalk, while the jazz band performed on the street excited about a trip."

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Students Find Their Forte Standing Out From the Crowd

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tudent sections have become a major fixture at SFBRHS sporting events. Gone are the days when students would not question coming to a game decked out in school colors and waving pompoms. Themed nights now play a large role in the demeanor of the Borgia crowd and the chants they yell. This year, Borgia’s exceptional student section began back in football season. Led by senior Nathan Rogers, the crowd adopted new cheers and with them, a new attitude. The most notable of these cheers is the roller coaster where the students buckle in and pretend they are on an amusement park ride to pump up the crowd. However, as a member of the varsity basketball team, Rogers could not continue his role as a cheerleader during the basketball season so seniors T.J. Findeiss, David Grahl, Joe Kluesner, Brendan Chalk, Joe Newbanks, Ryan Hogenmiller, Cole Piontek and Alex Piontek took over leadership positions. Findeiss created a Facebook group and began pumping up the students for the season. Different from previous years, however, they were not the only fans tuning up their voices for the games. Senior, Hannah Schweissguth decided to get a pep band together and perform at Friday night home basketball games. She recruited juniors, Wes Alferman and Ben Holtmeier and sophomore, Jack Seliega to join her. Alferman plays lead guitar, Seliega assists on guitar, while Holtmeier keeps the beat on the drums. “We try to play songs that are fun and that everyone knows, even the parents.” said Schweissguth. Practicing when they felt they needed it, the band rehearsed three times before their premiere on Dec. 10. They performed before the game, at half-time and after. Aside from a few minor sound glitches, they felt satisfied with their debut. “Our first time was definitely decent,” said Schweissguth, “We were not disappointed.” The student section was also impressed with the performance. The band’s promise to have a better song selection and sound reflected their only constructive criticism. “I thought it was good, but some better songs could have been chosen to get the guys goin’ a little more,” commented Findeiss. Though the band will only perform at two more games, they feel confident now that they have “a feel for how to flow with the game.”


Freshman Senior “I would love to be on a District Championship Team with an opportunity to go to the State Tournament.” Page designed by Cal...