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Smallbore/Air Rifle Clinic Offered by MSF and TMU In early December, members of the Taunton Marksmanship Unit (TMU) under Coaches Kevin Winters and Sid Martin traveled to the Lenox Sportsman’s Club to demonstrate the finer points of shooting smallbore and air rifle to the October Mountain juniors, sponsored by

juniors and their parents were allowed to ask questions as the various segments of the presentation were taking place. Each of the three main shooting positions was described in some detail, showing the juniors how each TMU member would make adjustments for such things as their natural point of aim. Sarah MacLagan went through her sequence of checks on her position before she would actually pick up the rifle to shoot. MacKenzie Martin made it clear the importance of focusing on the front sight and blanking out all but shooting one perfect shot every time. Alexa Aguiar outlined the value of keeping an accurate diary adjustments to of equipment or the firearm itself and how keeping a log on each range was critical. Brenda Whitaker was especially detailed with the kneeling position, which can be very difficult for many shooters to get into. Instructors from the Lenox club were given a chance to ask questions of the two coaches so that they may be able to assist juniors more TMU member Alexa Aguiar exhibits the proper the position for offhand shooting. thoroughly as the clubs program progressed. Once The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation the initial segment was over the 14 outreach programs. TMU Team members shooters were broken into two teams included Brendan Whitaker, Alexa where one went downstairs to the range Aguiar, MacKenzie Martin and Sarah for about 1 ½ hours of shooting time and MacLagan. the other group went through a variety of The session began with a one hour exercises to understand each position presentation complete with better. An explanation of the use of some demonstrations by TMU team members specialty items was also discussed and the of the equipment they regularly use and groups switched again so everyone had an how to properly set it up. The Lenox club opportunity to shoot and be coached as

Kevin Winters presented Lance Nicholson with a Massachusetts Shooters Foundation certificate for his dedication to junior shooters.

Kevin Winters presents instructor Jeff Litishin with a certificate of appreciation for Jeff’s involvement with junior shooters.

well as go through the training. The entire program was touted by shooters and parents alike as highly informative and very successful in accomplishing the goals set out by the Foundation. Chuck Jones, Lance

Foundation is as clear as it was when we incorporated it back in 1990….more juniors and the future of what we believe in will stand a much better chance of surviving. Given the direction our country seems to be headed it will be those same

Brendan Whitaker assisted the juniors with proper sling adjustments in the kneeling position. Photos by Mike Yacino

Nicholson, Ed Bishop and Jeff Litishin, four of the club instructors were extremely helpful setting up the seminar and all observed that they had picked up a number of points to help their shooters. The clinic also provided an opportunity for the Massachusetts Shooters Foundation (MSF) to present certificates that were earned by club instructors and one shooter. These recipients were unable to attend MSF’s Junior Awards Banquet in October, where many other certificates were presented. When speaking with Michael Yacino, MSF Treasurer, during a break in the program, Chuck Jones reiterated how grateful everyone was for all the help his club was getting. “We hope to run a number of these events at clubs who request assistance to advance junior shooting here in the Bay State,” Yacino said. “The mission of the

young people who stand to lose the most so we hope our efforts can give them the knowledge and desire to protect our long standing traditions.” Mr. Nicholson echoed Mr. Jones in thanking Mr. Yacino for all his years of dedication to the shooting sports and acknowledged gun owners would be in bad shape were it not for all his years of service. In addition Mr. Nicholson’s daughter was a recipient of a certificate of recognition for her efforts. He accepted it on her behalf as she was in college at the time and then presented Mr. Yacino with a personal donation to the Foundation for its support of juniors. If you’re club is interested in having such a clinic please contact Michelle at the Massachusetts Shooters Foundation 508-393-5133 or send an email to ★

Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp 2013 Massachusetts Conservation Inc. was established in 1948 by sportsmen and state fish and game employees to teach youngsters about the great outdoors. Activities would include boating, fishing, camping, shooting and archery, along with general conservation and wildlife topics. As time went on and the number of campers grew beyond the financial capabilities of MC Inc., the leaders sought help from foundations and trusts to meet their needs. Eventually the group became part of the Fund for the Preservation of Wildlife and Natural Areas and a committee of the founders acted as advisers to the Fund. The Fund was administered by a Boston bank and in the early 1980’s officials refused to allow the committee to use its funds for upgrading instructional equipment. The committee Chairman Bryant “Red” Chaplin sought help from Michael Yacino and in July 1983 Mr. Yacino established a separate corporation to oversee the program. The Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Junior Conservation Camp Inc., was chartered as a non profit tax exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)3 with its primary purpose being a charitable educational entity. In particular it would support the functioning of the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp but could also assist other organizations that had equal goals and objectives. The MJCC’s operation and management is controlled by an 11 member board of directors comprised of instructors, teachers, former campers and community leaders. The MJCC soon partnered with sportsmen’s clubs, the Division of

Fisheries of Wildlife, staff is led by Forest and Parks, and professional chef Mark the Department of Crosby who, in his real Environmental Law life, handles the food Enforcement to service at Framingham participate in various State University. We phases of the program. have numerous A larger staff was volunteers who assist needed, more skilled staff instructors on instructors and even an specific subjects such in-house professional as Conway Police cook was hired to make Chief Ken Ouimette the two week session as who works with memorable an Michael Yacino, the experience as possible. certified instructor and Presently it is coach for rifle shooting conducted on the and the black powder “Do you know what your master eye is? Don’t leave home without it! Chesterfield Boy Scout portion. hiking, boating, off-site fishing, sporting Reservation in Chesterfield, Nationally certified training counselor clays, bow hunter education, handgun Jon Green oversees the shotgun program. Massachusetts under a partnership shooting, and field to table cooking. The Michael LaMontagne (a 21 year regional agreement. The camp usually runs the night programs are usually done by school teacher) and his assistant (a 27 first and second week of August in any volunteers who are experts in their field year technical high school teacher) cover given year with the 2013 session such as Retired EPO Major Tom Riccardi the fishing sessions. Archery instructors scheduled for August 4-16th. Through who raises raptors. We also may see Peter Craig Regan and Caralyn Backman are mutual fundraising and development, the Mirick, editor of Mass Wildlife, Randy certified and active national competitors. facilities there have been improved and Julius premier outdoorsman and Our health officer is EMT Kyle Meservey. are perfect for our course subjects. There photographer, or Division personnel are ample camping quarters, a large fresh Our Camp Director is Brian reporting on the quality and quantity of Bastarache, a biology professor at Bristol water pond, sufficient showers and a various wildlife in the Bay State. dining hall that can service all of our County Agricultural School. We also have Of the 14 days, each camper has 8 days officers from the Department of campers at one sitting. of actual hands-on instruction related to Environmental Law Enforcement who The Camp incorporates 13 major the above activities. In addition there are help in Hunter Education along with subjects, the 14 hour Hunter Education two days for Hunter Education, one day rangers and fire personnel from the Program, and various night programs for the testing and competitions, one day Department of Conservation and presented by experts in several related for the staff to come in and set up for Recreation. fields. There are 104 specific activity camp, one day devoted to signing in of hours over the 15 days of camp. 72 hours Most of the youngsters come from campers, and a final day used for morning sponsorships by garden clubs, rod and gun are for day and evening programs, 12 are clean-up and afternoon graduation. for the optionals (where we have several clubs or parents interested in providing The most talked about and looked the quality learning experience we advanced programs campers can choose forward aspect of Camp are the shooting provide. The fee for this one of a kind, from), an 8 hour quiz and competitions programs. Combined with the evening unique, two week outdoor experience is session, and finally 12 sessions and the uniqueness of our only $650. hours of active swim time. optionals, the camp is heavily sought after The 72 hour breakdown Camp applications and other by parents statewide. Because we are paperwork will be available at goes as follows: Hunter limited by time, staff and economics, we <> after Education=14, Boat only take 120 campers per year and they January 1st, 2013. Please note that we can Safety=8, Archery=4, are not allowed to repeat. We divide the not accept applications before that date. A Fishing= 4, Rifle=4, 120 into 6 groups, five male and one 50% deposit is due at time of reservation. Shotgun=4, Primitive female. Each group has 20 youngsters, the The remainder of the funds will be due no Firearms=2, Camping=2, males are separated by age and all the later than May 1st and no refunds will be Fire Management=2, First females are grouped together. The ages issued after that date. Aid=2, Forestry=2, run from 13 to 17 years old. Campers Map/Compass=2, Clubs who are sponsoring campers sleep in two person platform tents on should submit their campers names within Plants=2, and Wildlife bunked mattresses. Management=2. 60 days of reserving their spots but no We even have up to the minute weather reports from The groups attend the classes together The optionals include later than April 1st. When reserving spots, our resident weather woman, Sarah MacLagan, so and are supervised by a senior counselor, 3Position smallbore rifle, please select male or female campers if at campers know what to wear each day. a junior counselor and may also include all possible. If you reserve spots for one individual selected from the previous unknown campers, this will not guarantee camp to act as a super camper. These a female spot! THE counselors are screened and chosen for If you are a sponsoring club who has their knowledge in certain areas of our not received a sponsorship packet, please program so that the nightly “campfires” call the camp at 508-450-4150. New England’s most active outdoor people can become a talking session about the We are looking forward to another The Outdoor Message (USPS 790-980, ISSN 027-8053) day’s events. successful camp year, introducing more is published monthly by the Outdoor Message Cooperative, MEMBER GROUPS: Rhode Island Our staff to camper ratio is about 1 to young people to the numerous ways they Rifle & Revolver Association, Holyoke Inc., 37 Pierce Street, Northborough, MA 01532. Revolver Club, The Massachusetts 5, twice what the law requires. Our cook can enjoy the outdoors! ★

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Starting the day off with a hearty breakfast gives these teenagers the strength to keep up with the schedule and have great time doing so. Photos by Mike Yacino

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January 2013

Maspenock Junior Rifle League Holds First Match of the Season by James Lee

December first not only marked the first snow of the season but also the first match in the Maspenock Junior rifle league. The league consists of teams from Harvard Sportsman Association, Holliston Sportsmen’s Association, Marlborough Fish and Game, Maspenock Rod and Gun Club, Maynard Rod and Gun and Southborough Rod and Gun Club. This match was hosted at Southborough Rod and Gun Club and consisted of 7 relays of seven shooters on the line each relay. Each relay was a mix of shooters from at least 3 clubs so the juniors all got a chance to shoot against other clubs. The clubs in the Maspenock league stress safety, fun and marksmanship (in that order) to allow the participants to grow their skills in a safe and fun environment. Past participants in the league have gone on to shoot national matches, participate in the Junior Olympics and/or shoot for college teams. This match marked the first match where Maynard Rod and Gun joined the league. We welcome them to the league. The league is made possible by a

dedicated group of over a dozen coaches and volunteers. All the volunteers are dedicated to helping all Junior rifle competitors succeed and this could be seen at the match with the assistance given to all competitors by all coaches regardless of club affiliation. Additionally, the seasoned coaches and team organizers offered guidance to the Maynard team; and Southborough lent Harvard equipment when a problem arose. Each of the teams in the league is funded by a combination of their program fees which range from free to nominal charges to partially cover expenses, funding from the host clubs, various fund raisers and grants from the NRA Foundation. Please consider making a donation to the Junior rifle program at your local club. There will be three additional matches all to be hosted at Southborough followed by an awards banquet to be hosted at Marlborough. Spectators and guests are welcome at the events. This first match was the first ever competition for some of the juniors and

was a refresher for some of the competitors who had not participated in a match for several months. There were three concurrent matches; a prone only match for the newest competitors, a threeposition individual match and a team match. In the team match, the scores for the 4 best competitors are used, so competitors can only help their team with their score. For the prone only competitors it was their first taste of competition and we hope they progress to shooting the threeposition match by the end of the season. Marcus Mojica (Maspenock) took first in prone with a score of 257, Noah White (Marlborough) took second with 237 and Ryan Moore (Marlborough) took third with 234. For the beginner three position match Alex Biehl (Maynard) took first with a 193. In the intermediate match Gianna Ferrecchia (Marlborough) took first with a 206 and Ryan Darrow took first for the advanced competitors with a 266. In the team match, The Maspenock team had an aggregate of 1023 based on

the scores of Dan Reynolds, Chris Rooney, Ryan Darrow and Benjamin Irr. Harvard is currently in second with an aggregate of 909 based on the scores of Mark Vicik, Anne Donaldson, Dana Cochrane, Griffen Milette and Coleen O’Shea. Marlborough currently has third with an aggregate of 864 based on the scores of AJ Carmody, Colton Valchuis, Adam Amatucci and Gianna Ferrecchia. With three more matches in the season, it’s still up for any team to take it. Now that the competitors have all had a taste of competition, many of them will get more serious about practice to either improve their score over their teammates or to help their team win the league. Many thanks go out to the head coaches of the teams, the assistant coaches and volunteers and especially the Southborough kitchen crew who kept coaches, competitors, parents and other volunteers well feed with breakfast and lunch. About the Author: James Lee is a volunteer assistant coach and publicist for the Maspenock Junior Rifle League. ★

know that I could have all of my college decisions over with before the spring. It took away a lot of stress for me.” Sonya will finish up her senior year, knowing the road she will travel in the fall will lead to Kentucky, where she intends to study communications. With so much accomplished over the last few years, I asked Sonya if she had a favorite shooting experience. “I have many great shooting memories,” she said. “The most recent would be at the Winter Airgun Championships at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs at the start of December. I shot my personal best match score of 392 out of 400 on the last day and made the Junior Final. “Overall, my favorite memory is

probably the Super Final at the Camp Perry Open in January 2012. They take the top 15 men and top 15 women, which includes National Team members, AMU shooters and college students, and make them shoot one shot at a time while blaring loud music and with a disruptive audience. After each shot they eliminated the two shooters whose shots had the lowest score value. I was the last junior standing and made it to the top eight. It was very fun and I was proud of my performance.” Sonya should be proud - and we are proud too. We wish Sonya success at UK and look forward to watching her shooting career develop as she strives for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. ★

Sonya May Takes Next Step in Shooting Career by Michelle Y. Siudut, Editor

range, she does Last June The Outdoor Message home training began a series of stories on junior such as holding, shooters. Our first story featured drying firing and then 17-year old Sonya mental exercises. May who was Her dedication juggling successfully is paying off. school - which included We are thrilled being president of their to report that Youth and Government after shooting for Delegation, tri-captain of just 4 years, Sonya will the math team and a member be advancing her of the school band - Tae Kwon shooting career, as a Do, squeezing in occasional member of the rifle moments of archery and hunting team at the University with her dad. Oh and let’s not of Kentucky. forget the hours at the range Being chosen for the team improving her marksmanship is impressive enough. Now skills and traveling to competitions. understand that she will Now most other activities have taken receive one of only 3.6 a back seat, with Sonya’s full focus available scholarships. on air rifle and smallbore shooting. Sonya explained a little In 2008, Sonya’s grandfather sent about the recruiting her to the Massachusetts Junior process. With a friend Conservation Camp. There she was on the UK team and the exposed to many different forms of growing appeal of the shooting. After camp Sonya’s school, Sonya reached original interest was archery, but out to the coaches at UK she was unable to find any Photo by Todd May last spring. As one of the junior archery programs in top teams in NCAA rifle, her local area. So she began shooting with the junior rifle team at Sonya was pleased when UK Coach Harry Monument Beach Sportsmen’s Club. As Mullins showed interest. Knowing several other top-ranking she progressed and became more competitive, she joined the Taunton schools had also shown an interest in her Marksmanship Unit (TMU) at Taunton abilities, I was curious to know why Sonya had picked UK. She explained, “I Rifle & Pistol Club. TMU has a number of impressive had many reasons for choosing Kentucky shooters. I asked Sonya which was more over the other schools. The main thing I prevalent among team mates - loved about it was the environment around camaraderie or competition. I was pleased the school and the city of Lexington. I when she replied, “At the TMU, we are all visited the campus twice. Both times I pretty competitive but most of all we are noticed that everyone is much sweeter supportive. We mostly compete against than they are in other parts of the country. ourselves rather than each other. But when And Lexington has a nice small city feel. one or two of us is really excelling, it kind I liked what they had to offer me of acts as a motivational drive for the other academically. I like that it's in the middle of the Bible Belt, so I have the opportunity shooters to become better.” Discipline is certainly not a new to explore many options to find the perfect experience for Sonya, who competed in church. Also, I flat out love the team. Tae kwon Do for nearly eleven years. “Tae Everyone on the team is different, but they kwon Do requires a lot of balance and are all a great bunch! And I love Coach mental focus and determination in order to Mullins, from all I have heard he is a great do well and that is essentially the same in coach and I know he has quite the sense of humor. I see us getting along quite well shooting.” Sonya’s current training schedule is over the next four years.” When she received her National Letter very involved, including 3 to 4 nights of range time (which is 45 minutes from of Intent in the mail from UK Sonya said, home). On days when she is not at the “I was very happy, and it was a relief to

January 2013


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Just An Opinion: Be a Lobbyist by Paul J. Kress

The elections are over. It doesn’t matter if you are pleased, disappointed or something in between with the results. At least until the next election, the same people will be representing you in government. The hard work is still ahead. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! Talk to your legislators through regular mail or email. (Use the

telephone sparingly. You want your positions to be recorded.) Keep your messages brief and to the point businesslike. Avoid emotionally charged words. Wherever possible be free with gratitude and encouragement. Make personal contact. Some legislators regularly schedule a time, usually in the evening, in their district that

Hipshots & Hangfires

is open to everyone. Become a regular at these informal sessions. You will be recognized and remembered as an interested active voter, Work with others. A group of likeminded people coordinating their efforts will generate more power than the same people working alone. A rod and gun club is the ideal place to develop unified action

- at every meeting the room is filled with like-minded people. If your club already has a legislative committee jump right in; if not be a pioneer. Talk to your leaders. Write a piece for the newsletter. Working with legislators takes time, extra effort and it can sometimes be frustrating. The rewards, however, can be great. ★

by Mike Yacino

A new year and for some it may be “finally”. 2012 was a beauty but it is in the history books so it’s time to move on. Buy more guns, load more ammunition, get more involved with a junior in the shooting sports, and whether husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend - no matter how you’re connected, get out and shoot more often and become proficient at it. To help out our cause and our industry, of course! Don’t ever let the setbacks of 2012 hold you down but take them as a renewed desire for change. There are over 200 rod and gun clubs in the Bay State and many have facilities that are not always being used to their full potential. If you aren’t a member of a club find one in your area and join it. Not just so you can get a gun license but to participate more in the sport and bring along someone new. ✦ ✦ ✦

Louisiana voters by an overwhelming margin approved an amendment to their state’s constitution that says “the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right”. It requires that the courts apply what was written as “the highest standard of law” when and if any municipality would enact a law in violation of the second amendment. ✦ ✦ ✦

ELEY, manufacturer of one of the highest level of ammunition in use today, has finally built a testing facility in the US. The new range is located in Winters, Texas and was dedicated on December 5, 2012. The other two ranges were in Birmingham, UK and Stuttgart, Germany which made it a huge issue for American athletes to test the ammunition best suited for their firearms. ELEY accounted for 14 of the 18 medals at the London Games last summer, among which were Jamie Gray’s gold and Matt Emmons’ third medal in three Olympic Games. ✦ ✦ ✦

Back to the gun sales for a minute….Black Friday apparently was an even greater success in 2012 than the year before. 154,873 NICS records checks were made that fateful day, making it nearly 20% higher than the previous year. That also lifted the month of November to a record 1,525,177 checks. At the same time figures were released showing that crime continues to go down - well, at least the reportable crime which

GOAL when it was located in Southborough just above a dry cleaners on Main Street. Cindy was an awesome worker and very dedicated to our cause, spending countless and unpaid hours traveling with me to clubs and sportsmen’s shows. Her father Arthur was also on the cutting edge of everything we did, serving on the board for many years. The dedication of people like Cindy and Arthur is what made our cause so successful in those days.

excludes the congress and the administration - despite the huge number of guns being purchased. And as one would expect, some of the higher crime cities remain the ones where gun control laws impact the lawful purchase and use of firearms. Obviously elected officials deny their duty and responsibility - or lack intellectual prowess and positive states of mind. ✦ ✦ ✦

The votes in the UN are getting worse by the day and when everyone was hoping the plan to create an international gun control tier of laws would go away, nothing could be further from the truth. The New European Union Laws will require members to implement a national gun registry by 2015. Germany, demonstrating its lack of good sense, has decided to speed up the process so it can be accomplished next year. There are about 6 million so-called licensed firearms in that country.

✦ ✦ ✦

Molding Company, supplier of outdoor sports storage systems including bow and firearms cases.

✦ ✦ ✦

✦ ✦ ✦

I noticed that a lot of hunters are having very good success this year and would remind everyone that because we by and large use someone else’s land, don’t be shy offering some of the harvest to the landowners where you hunt. I have found that in Maine and Connecticut the landowner may not take the meat, but just the offer is greatly appreciated. I have been known to substitute some meat for what my good friend Wayne Ross from Alaska calls “libation”.

I’m sure at least a few of you heard the stupid comments by Bob Costa during the half-time show of the Cowboys and Eagles last month. No shortage of insanity from someone who has never been calling the right plays in any sport. But true to the left’s way of looking at guns, he made the statement supporting Jason Whitlock who averred that if the gun wasn’t available those in question “would both be alive today”. I’ve seen people fired from their job for saying much less offensive things but suspect NBC won’t have the sense to get rid of him.

✦ ✦ ✦

ANOTHER GUN COMPANY has decided to open more space for its wares. Brownells, the world’s largest supplier of firearms and accessories, is expanding its warehouse by 200,000 square feet - more than doubling what it has now. They are out in Iowa and the expansion should be done by late 2013. Check them out of you are looking for old or outdated gun parts. If you are a surfer will get you there. ✦ ✦ ✦

Walther Arms has announced it will locate a facility at Fort Smith, Arkansas hoping to not only service American shooters better but provide more jobs here. The really interesting industry story is that the Ontario (Canada) Teachers Pension Plan will be acquiring the Plano

✦ ✦ ✦

There was a tragic loss of an old friend on October 26, 2012 when Cindy Holmes passed away unexpectedly. Cindy had worked with me in the early days of

In Pop’s Pantry Venison Lasagna

Let’s start 2013 off with happy birthday wishes to David LaRosa who has a good reason to celebrate the 1st, and Carol Wesson and Josiah MacLagan who share the 15th, although the lovely Carol is just a few years his senior. Coach Russ Doucette will age just a little on the 23rd, longtime friend Bill Conway stays ahead of me on the 26th, and my new and highly successful hunting partner Sarah MacLagan will begin her last teen year on the 29th. One anniversary of note is bro Joe and his bride of 25 years on the 23rd. January 1st and 21st the Flag should be flown at full staff. New moon is the 11th and it will be full on the 26th. ✦ ✦ ✦

Never be afraid to stand up for our country, believe in God, pray for the troops who stand guard while we sleep, and respect yourself every day of your life. Teach your children the importance of honor and integrity and keeping your word. And buy American products built by Americans on American soil. It’s a little hard to wave the flag when you send your money to a foreign country for clothes, food, fuel and even the making of the flag itself. God Bless. Be safe. ★

Most of the deer seasons in this area of the country have ended, or will be ending later this month. We’ve provided here a great cold-weather meal, which we hope you can prepare using your own harvest! It’s a full meal on its own, but is also well complimented by a small salad and some garlic bread. Give the recipe a try, then drop us a note (by mail at PO Box 306, Northborough MA 01532 or by email to to let Pop know how you liked it. If you have a favorite recipe for game meat - or any recipe you enjoy often - send it in to share with our readers. Eat well! ★ Prep and cook time: 1 1/2 hours

Should feed 6


2 lbs ground venison (hamburg works, too) 1 lb ground mild Italian sausage 9 lasagna noodles 24-28 ozs spaghetti sauce 2 tbsp minced garlic 1 cup diced yellow onion

Shiners l Night Crawlers l Dillies l Trout Worms l Meal Worms

Preheat oven to 350º. Cook pasta in 4 qts boiling water for 8 minutes. Remove and place on wax paper. In large coverable skillet, sauté the sausage, venison, onion, and garlic until meat is cooked. Drain excess fat, add sauce, pepper and seasonings; simmer for 15 minutes on medium heat. In large bowl beat the eggs; add parmesan and Ricotta. Place one layer of noodles on the bottom of a greased 9x13x2 glass baking dish. Cover with cheese mix and then a layer of meat mixture. Repeat with pasta, cheese and meat. Place the final 3 noodles on top and cover with remaining meat. Sprinkle the mozzarella over the top. Bake for 40 minutes, remove and let cool for 10 minutes before serving. If you cut this out, it will fit nicely on a standard recipe card.




TOLL FREE 800-473-3006

Rt. 152 / 580 Kelley Boulevard, North Attleborough MA Page 4


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2 cups shredded Mozzarella cheese 3 cups Ricotta cheese ¼ tsp pepper 1 tsp Italian seasoning 2 jumbo eggs ½ cup grated parmesan cheese

January 2013

Marksmanship Can Ease Potential Student Debt by Sonya May Did you know that shooting is more than just a hobby for some people? Did you know that it could help you pay for something like college? That’s right, parents of shooters, pay for college! So start bringing your kids to the local gun club with a junior rifle team. Soon enough you can send them to local matches and then national matches and then maybe they’ll get recruited by one of the top twenty NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) rifle teams later in their high school career! I may have laid it out in a simple manner, but being recruited by a team is not such an easy process. A shooter has to be shooting some pretty competitive scores if he or she is looking to get a hefty scholarship at one of the big-name schools. Expect to be shooting around the mid-560s mark to 580s in smallbore and about mid-570s to 590s in air rifle. But, don’t let that scare you off! With plenty of practice time, the proper determination,

and the right kind of coaching, that is all very easily attainable if you have a few years ahead of you before you’re going to start college. And remember, coaches love to look for potential. You may not be putting up those scores just yet, but if they see a constant improvement in your match scores, they will see potential in you and they might just want you to be a part of their team. Also, those are scores you’d have to be putting up to get a fairly decent scholarship at one of the top five schools in NCAA. Many other schools do not have such high expectations, or they feed off of potential greatness. Rifle programs at NCAA schools are only provided with 3.6 scholarships, maximum, to spread across their whole team. So the size of the team also weighs into how large your scholarship may be. Remember, even if you do not want to compete on an NCAA rifle team, there are many schools that offer club rifle teams,

as well as pistol teams. You won’t get scholarship money from them, but it is a fun way to stay involved in shooting, as you get older. If you do find yourself on track to compete at the NCAA level, be sure to sign up with the NCAA Eligibility Center online and read through all of the NCAA rules, because there are a lot of them. Rules that you want to be aware of right away regard contact with college coaches between recruits and the parents of recruits, academic standards, amateurism, and eventually official visits. Keep in mind not everything I have outlined in this article is exacting. Each coach has their own method of recruiting, so they are all looking for different scores and they have different amounts of money available to offer. I must stress that if you find a school

that you really love, contact the coach at that school during your junior year through email. Tell them you are interested and give them a little overview of yourself as a shooter as well as a student. This puts you on their radar and they will keep an eye out for you for the next year or so, until they can make contact through phone calls with you and potentially, make you an offer. Keep in mind throughout this process - you will get out of it what you put into it. If you have more questions regarding the NCAA process, be sure to check out the NCAA’s website, <>, or call the compliance office at the schools you are looking at. ★

The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation has announced special (MSF) arrangements with Mike’s Gun Shop of Northborough, MA to handle the sale or transfer of any firearms donated to raise funds for MSF junior programs. In the current economy, cash contributions are becoming more difficult for people to make. The Foundation is seeing a trend of firearms being donated in lieu of cash. In these circumstances,

Mike’s has agreed to reduce its service fees for transfers, resulting in additional funding for the mission of the Massachusetts Shooters Foundation. Mike’s Gun Shop has become nationally acknowledged and trusted in both direct and internet sales of estate consignments and other firearms collections. As state and federal regulations seem to be ever evolving, keeping accurate sales records has

become increasingly burdensome. Mike’s Gun Shop will pick up the consignments, handle all paperwork, catalog all items and provide accurate records back to the client as sales take place. Consignment receipts (less the contract fees which cover advertising, state and federal processing and transfers) are provided to the client within 14 days of final disposition. For more information on how you can

donate saleable firearms to the Massachusetts Shooters Foundation, call the Foundation office at 508-393-5133. If you have firearms you simply wish to sell on consignment, you may reach Mike’s Gun Shop directly by calling 508450-1124. Mention that you read about them in The Outdoor Message and Mike’s Gun Shop will make an additional contribution to The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation for each sale. ★

When and sought to determine how much weight the “Made in U.S.A.” tag carried with sportsmen when making purchases of outdoor equipment, they found most respondents agreed that U.S.made products were of better quality and it was important to buy them. They also discovered there is only so much most hunters and anglers are willing to pay for that label. When asked how important it is to buy fishing tackle or hunting equipment that is made in the U.S.A. nearly 89% of anglers

said it was very or somewhat important, while 94% of hunters said it was very or somewhat important. At the same time, 47% of those anglers feel U.S.-made tackle is generally better in quality and 63% of hunters believe U.S.-made hunting gear is better than equipment made overseas. So how much more are sportsmen willing to pay to support American jobs? If the “Made in U.S.A.” product is 5% or less in cost, 85% of anglers and 89% of hunters would buy the American-made product. But after that, numbers begin to

drop sharply, and once the U.S. product exceeds 20 to 30% in cost, only 34% of anglers and 36% of hunters say they are willing to pay the difference. “All things being equal, sportsmen appreciate American quality and are certainly eager to support American jobs; however, it doesn’t take much of a price difference before economic realities set in and hunters and anglers are forced to make important decisions about how much they will spend,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys at and “There is a reason why imported products take up so much retail space. Hunters and anglers, like all

other consumers, want to get more for their limited dollars. As long as U.S. production costs remain high, whether related to taxes or other factors, imported products will continue to own a large share of the U.S. market.” To help continually improve, protect and advance the shooting sports and outdoor recreation, all sportsmen and sportswomen are encouraged to participate in the surveys at <> , <> and/or <>. Each month, participants who complete the survey are entered into a drawing for one of five $100 gift certificates to the sporting goods retailer of their choice. ★

Gun Dealer Offers Unique Way to Support Junior Shooters

“Made in USA” Makes a Difference to Sportsmen, but Price Still a Big Factor

The Words They Speak... by Michelle Y. Siudut, Editor

In a few weeks, persons newly elected and re-elected to the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States government will be sworn in. We thought you may want to see the words they say, which seem quite clear and straightforward. The oath of office for the President of the United States is specified in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. Since he has been re-elected, he will affirm rather than swear this oath: "I do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Although not present in the text of the Constitution, it is customary for modern presidents to say "So help me God" after the end of the oath. For officers other than the President, the expression "So help me God" is explicitly prescribed, but the Judiciary Act of 1789 also explains when it can be omitted (specifically for oaths taken by court clerks): "Which words, so help me God, shall be omitted in all cases where an affirmation is admitted instead of an oath." Article VI of the Constitution specifies January 2013

“The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Newly elected or re-elected Members of Congress – the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate – must also take an oath. The Vice President, members of the Cabinet, federal judges and all other civil and military officers and federal employees other than the President will state these words: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. [So help me God.] ★ The

5 Whittier Street, Framingham MA 01701


(Including private hunting clubs, private fishing clubs and guided hunting and fishing clubs)

- LIABILITY - Comprehensive General Liability (Limits up to $2,000,000)

- PROPERTY - Building & Contents

- SPECIAL EVENT COVERAGE - for your one date events (including liquor)



We are a local independent agency who would be there for you when you need it. Our premiums are more competitive than other insurance companies.

Call for an insurance evaluation and quote. 508-656-1440 Arlene Pucillo

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Winter Airgun Championships

Wildlife Funds in Jeopardy from The Wildlife Society

In August 2011, Congress passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 aimed at cutting the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years by mandating automatic caps on federal government spending. That bill requires that 7.6% of the nation’s Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs and Boating Safety Trust Fund - collectively called the Trust Funds - be “sequestered” or withheld from distribution to the states. Sequestration would equate to a loss of $74 million to states in FY2013!

The Trust Funds are the collection of excise taxes paid by industry to the federal government from the purchase of bows and arrows; guns and ammunition; fishing tackle and equipment; and motorboat fuel. They are the lifeblood of state fish and wildlife agencies’ day-to-day operating budgets. State agencies use their Trust Fund apportionments exclusively to restore and manage fisheries and wildlife and their habitats, open and maintain recreational access, and deliver hunter and boating safety education. ★

MAPLE TREE INDUSTRIAL PARK 21 Wilbraham St, Building 35 - Palmer, MA 01069 413-283-9975 Over 35 years experience Free Estimates * 100 satisfaction guarantee Page 6


Rifle junior team in Woburn, as well as two Massachusetts junior air pistol shooters, Isabel Macaulay and Kevin Bennett. Macauley shot a 1064 out of 1200 aggregate and Bennett a 1555 out of 1800. Frenzo put up a 1694 out of 1800 for the weekend, Conant a 1649. I fired an 1168 out of 1200 for my weekend total. If there are any shooters looking for a good national match to attend, I encourage making the trip out to the Winter Airgun Championships next year! If you’re worried about hotel, food and car rental fees, don’t be! At Winter Airgun, you have the chance to stay in the guest residence halls at the Olympic Training Center, you have unlimited access to the complex’s cafeteria and its incredible food, and the Training Center offers shuttles between the complex and the local airport (all for a reasonably low rate). Staying at the Olympic Training Center is a wonderful experience in itself and I highly encourage those who have the opportunity to take a trip out there to grasp a hold of that opportunity and take it. You won’t regret it. ★

Hunting Around New England


Please be sure to verify dates and daily limits in the state regulations or on the individual state websites. Waterfowl hunting dates can also be found on websites.


Thousands of color combinations and a variety of thicknesses are available, as well as special designs. Medic alert tags, collegiate logos, golf, patriotic symbols, seals, military police/fire/ems insignias. You can even have one made with your own picture on it (or more likely someone else’s picture). A big plus in my book - all of the straps are made, by hand, right here in America. An American company, with American employees and American values. Another really cool thing about Survival Straps is, if you use one of their products in an emergency, they will send you a new strap! The creators of Survival Straps are, like me, passionate for men and women in uniform. They are proud supporters of the Wounded Warriors Project, donating over $700,000 to date. Stylish and functional, Survival Straps are one of those things, it just makes sense to have. There are stores across the country that stock them (a list is available on their website) or you can simply order them online at <> Thankfully, I haven’t had the occasion to use my survival strap (I have the light duty fish tail design) for other than decoration. But it’s comforting to know that if I need it, it’s always right there. ★


It’s not often one can honestly claim that an accessory could save your life. But that is, in fact, the case with Survival Straps. Made of 550 test military spec paracord, in a bind, you can unravel the strap for use in any number of ways. Some of the customer stories include a firefighter who tied his boot on when the lace burned off in a fire; a soldier in Iraq who used one as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of a gunshot wound; a lifeguard who used one in a rescue; a skier who used one to affix a splint to a friend’s leg after a ski accident in the wilderness; another solider who made one into a rifle sling when his was cut. Chances are you won’t find yourself in one of these situations. But you certainly could find yourself in a less precarious predicament - perhaps just needing some rope, or having to tow something. I have seen Survival Straps most commonly as wrist bands, but they are also available as key fobs, watch straps, belts, lanyards, rifle slings. As the website says - gear for everyone, even the family dog! The company website says, “People use our gear to save lives. People use our gear as memorial pieces. People use our gear as symbols of strength to help get them through rough times in their lives. And people use our gear simply because they love the style of it. “


by Michelle Y. Siudut, Editor

Marksmanship Unit to college students and recruits to brand new shooters. I was amazed while watching Connor Davis, from the University of Kentucky. During the three days, he only dropped twentyfour points out of a possible 1800. Being a woman myself, I could not observe the many talented women shooters out on the line with me, but I got to watch them in their finals for the first two days, until I joined them on the third day in the Junior Final. (Finals are mini ten shot matches fired by the eight shooters that put up the highest scores each day.) During the finals, Petra Zublasing, of the Italian National Team and West Virginia University’s rifle team, was stellar. Her technique and concentration was almost like perfection. For the three days of competition, she only dropped five points out of a possible 1200. Although I ventured to this event without anyone from my team accompanying me, I was not a lone Massachusetts junior shooter. There were two other junior air rifle shooters, Verne Conant and Nick Frenzo from the Mass

Phone: 860-424-3011 HTTP://WWW.CT.GOV/DEP/CWP/VIEW.ASP?A=2700&Q=323414&DEPNA V_GID=1633 CHUKAR PARTRIDGE: Jan 1 - Jan 12 COYOTE: Jan 1 - Apr 23 COTTONTAIL RABBIT, CROW, GRAY SQUIRREL: Jan 1 - Feb 28 DEER - Archery on Private Land Jan 1 - Jan 31 PHEASANT, RED FOX, GRAY FOX: Jan 1 - Feb 28 RACCOON: Jan 1 - Jan 15 SNOWSHOE HARE: Jan 1 - Jan 31 TURKEY - Archery - Private Land: Jan 1 - Jan 31 Phone: 508-389-6300 No closed season on ENGLISH SPARROW, STARLING, CHIPMUNK, FLYING SQUIRREL, RED SQUIRREL, WEASEL, PORCUPINE, SKUNK, SNAPPING TURTLE, WOODCHUCK BOBCAT Zones 1-8: Open through Mar 8 COTTONTAIL, FOX (RED AND GRAY): Open through Feb 28 COYOTE: Open through Mar 8 CROW: Open through Apr 10 GRAY SQUIRREL: Open through Jan 2 RACCOON, OPOSSUM: Open through Jan 31 SNOWSHOE HARE Zones 1-4: Open through Feb 28 Zones 5-14: Open through Feb 2 Phone: 207-287-8000 No closed season on COYOTE, WOODCHUCK, PORCUPINE, RED SQUIRREL BOBCAT: Open through Feb 14 COYOTE night hunt: Open through Aug 31 FOX: Open through Feb 28 SNOWSHOE HARE: Open through Mar 31 Phone: 603-271-3211 No closed season on COYOTE, WOODCHUCK COYOTE: Night hunting Jan 1 - Mar 31 FISHER: Open through Jan 31 FOX (Red and Gray), OPOSSUM, SKUNK, RACCOON: Open through Mar 31 MINK, MUSKRAT, WEASEL varies by WMU: Open through Apr 10 SNOWSHOE HARE varies by WMU: Open through Mar 31


Survivial, in Style

newly turned adult that’s like heaven! Of course, I had a great time competing out there and meeting new people, but I did feel the tiniest twinge of homesickness. The Winter Airgun Championships includes three days of matches for air rifle and air pistol for both men and women. Men shot sixty shots for their matches and women shot forty shots. Men and women shot on different relays each day. Walking up and down the line during any of the disciplines, you can find yourself watching some of the best shooters and many of the up-and-coming shooters. The participants ranged from members of the National Team and the Army

Phone: 401-222-6800 No closed season on COYOTE (private land only) CROW, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays only: Open through Apr 15 DEER Archery: Open through Jan 31 Shotgun: Open through Jan 2 MOURNING DOVES: Open through Jan 5 FOX (Red and Gray), GRAY SQUIRREL, COTTONTAIL RABBITS, SNOWSHOE HARE: Open through Feb 28 RING-NECKED PHEASANT: Open through Feb 28 SEA DUCKS: Open through Jan 20


by Sonya May Three days at a high altitude with two hundred and thirteen other shooters, and over eleven thousand well executed shots fired by all. That is what made up the 2012 USA Shooting Winter Airgun Championships, held in Colorado Springs, CO from November 29 to December 2. This year, I ventured out to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs by myself to compete in the Winter Airgun Championships for women’s air rifle. It was a very different experience for me; no parents, no coaches, and no teammates to worry about, the weekend was all about me. As a

Phone: 802-241-3700 range=future No closed season on COYOTE HARE & RABBIT: Open through Mar 10 RED AND GRAY FOX: Open through Feb 10 ★

Outdoor Message

January 2013

News from Around the Nation Illinois House Joins Senate In Override Of Gov. Quinn's Gun Grab Attempt NSSF Bullet Points Vol 13 No 47 NSSF is pleased to report that the Illinois House of Representatives has followed the lead of the State Senate to decisively override Gov. Pat Quinn's "amendatory veto" of a bill to allow the mail-order purchase of ammunition from in-state companies. The original bill will now go into effect in July 2013. NSSF reported in an earlier blog post, the governor was attempting an end run of the legislative process with a rewritten bill that would have outlawed many semi-automatic rifles, among other things.

Anti-Gun State Senator Gets Caught With Pistol At O'hare NSSF Bullet Points Vol 13 No 47 An Illinois state senator representing the south side of Chicago, who recently announced he would seek the Congressional seat vacated by former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., was arrested O'Hare International Airport at Wednesday when TSA personnel found an unloaded .25-caliber pistol and a loaded magazine inside the garment bag he was taking through the security

checkpoint. Democrat State Sen. Donne Trotter was charged with felony attempt to board an airplane with a weapon. Trotter told authorities that he had worked a night shift for a security company the night before and had not realized the pistol and magazine were in his bag when he left home on his way to meetings in Washington, D.C. Twenty Shotgun Athletes Selected For 2013 World Cups NSSF Bullet Points Vol 13 No 47 Based on shooting performances from the Fall Selection Match in Kerrville, Texas, 20 athletes have been identified to participate in the season's first two International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cups. The first will take place on March 15-24 in Acapulco, Mexico, and the second in the United Arab Emirates, April 16-25. Among the selected shooters is Vincent Hancock, who has taken Olympic gold in Men's Skeet at each of the last two Olympic Games. Read the entire roster at <> Animal Rights Terrorist Goes to Jail US Sportsmens Alliance 12.12.12

The founder of the militant “Negotiation is Over” animal rights website, Camille Marino, was recently sentenced to six months in jail in Michigan for harassing a university professor and trespassing on university property. According to Americans for Medical Progress, Marino was being held in jail for harassing a Wayne State University professor by posting his name and address on her radical website. That professor received threats as a result of Marino’s actions, and he obtained a personal protection court order against Marino. As a result of the order, Marino was also banned from the University where the professor worked. She, however, was

later arrested when she went there and chained herself to the University’s library front door to protest the court order. As part of her sentence, she is to cease making any mention of the professor at any time—and she has been ordered not to incite others to harass him or interfere with his medical research. Marino, a Florida resident, faces similar charges in New Mexico involving yet another university professor and his research project. Both professors were using animals in their research lab projects, a situation that Marino opposes. For more information, visit ★

Ice Fishing Caution and Safety Reminders Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

· Leave your car or truck on shore. Every year several motor vehicles go through the ice, and people have drowned as a result. · Leave information about your plans with someone -- where you intend to fish and when you expect to return. · Wear a personal floatation device and don't fish alone. · Ice varies in thickness and condition. Always carry an ice spud or chisel to check ice as you proceed. · Be extremely cautious crossing ice near river mouths, points of land, bridges, islands, and over reefs and springs. Current almost always causes ice to be thinner over these areas. · Avoid going onto the ice if it has melted away from the shore. This indicates melting is underway, and ice can shift position as wind direction changes.

· Waves from open water can quickly break up large areas of ice. If you can see open water in the lake and the wind picks up, get off! · Bring your cell phone with you. · Carry a set of hand spikes to help you work your way out onto the surface of the ice if you go through. Holding one in each hand, you can alternately punch them into the ice and pull yourself up and out. You can make these at home, using large nails, or you can purchase them at stores that sell fishing supplies. · Carry a safety line that can be thrown to someone who has gone through the ice. · Heated fishing shanties must have good ventilation to prevent deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Open a window or the door part way to allow in fresh air. ★

Cliff Meehan (right) awards Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club’s Top Gun plaque to Richard Carlson (left).

Shooters Enjoy MVRGC Shoots On Sunday the 25th of November shot gunners came and enjoyed the crisp fall weather to compete in this year’s Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club’s Fall Shoot. Richard Carlson of Oak Bluffs bested 21 challengers to take the club’s 2012 first place and Top Gun fall honors for the second year in succession. Second place was picked up by past top gun winner Cooper Gilkes III while Michael Ferry, captured third place. Participants had to score highest in three categories in order to bring home the coveted plaque. Prizes were also awarded to the winners in the following individual disciplines: Mike Ferry, Bulls Eye; Dick Carlson, Over the Shoulder; Matt Gamache in the Standing Deer category. For the shotgunners who competed, this shoot gave them a chance to site in their guns for the upcoming deer season. In doing so, many took home canned hams that are donated by Cronig’s Market each year for this event while competing in the various events throughout the day. On Sunday, December 9th, 2012 under fine weather conditions, a group of 15 black powder enthusiasts competed for top prizes at Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club’s annual Black Powder Shoot. This year’s top honors went to Richard January 2013

Carlson of Oak Bluffs who won the primitive firearms title while Michael Ferry of West Tisbury captured the modern firearm title for the third consecutive year. Other prize winners in the individual categories were Ladi Navratil in the standing Deer Event, Michael Ferry in the bulls eye competition, Dick Carlson in the 2 timed shots event and Matt Cromwell picking up the blind drawing prize. The Bill Nicholson Award was presented this year to Matt Cromwell of Oak Bluffs. This plaque is presented each year since 2007 to the outstanding participant of the Annual Martha’s Vineyard Black Powder Championship in memory of Civil War and Primitive Firearm Enthusiast Bill Nicholson. The club congratulates all the other muzzleloaders who participated in this year’s shoot. The club also gives thanks to Tisbury’s Cronig’s Market and those individuals who donated prizes and food which helped make the day a success in both enjoyment and fundraising for the club’s children’s programs. To learn more about the club, please visit their website at <>. ★ The

From left, Dick Carlson, Michael Ferry and Matt Cromwell at Martha’s Vineyard Rod & Gun Club Fall Shoot.

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Notes from the Little Cabin: Books for a Weird Kid by Paul Kress

Winter was vacation time when I was growing up on our family farm during the 1930s. Barn mow filled with hay, corn safely in the crib, cords of wood cut, split and stacked. Vegetables and fruit preserved and stored for the long cold days ahead. Our crop of chicken, ducks, geese and spring lambs had been shipped to the city market in time for the holiday season. Work all done. Vacation time! Well, not quite. We still had a brook stock of poultry, a few cattle, a flock of sheep and four horses that had to be fed and watered every day. Not a big job, about an hour’s work for my father and me. Not exactly a vacation but plenty of time for loafing. There were limitations. This was the middle of the Great Depression. You didn’t spend money recklessly. Going to Bethel to see a movie had to be planned well ahead. It would be a great disappointment if you went, paid

your twenty cents, and found they were showing a single movie instead of the double-feature you expected. Even as isolated as we were, especially in winter, we farm kids found things to do in our free time. Visit a neighbor who liked to play checkers. Build something out of scrap lumber. Check for rabbit tracks in the snow. I had something extra books to read. This was unusual. At that time in our community, reading a book outside of school when you didn’t have to was considered rather weird. Not dangerous weird, just strange weird. I can’t claim I found this path to reading books all by myself. Two ladies were responsible for aiming (pushing) me in this direction. Miss Margaret Gillette came to the one-room school at Locust Ridge fresh from two years of normal school and with a real teaching certificate. Miss Gillette

Home sweet home in Alaska: Joe Nava’s “Little Cabin” comes complete with bear protection.

took on a building with no electricity or indoor plumbing, twenty-three students scattered through eight grades, and me. I was a standout. A six-year-old failure repeating first grade because those printed letters on a page were in an unbreakable code. Couldn’t read a lick. None of this discouraged Miss Gillette. She brow-beat the school board into buying a big table with six chairs, and a coal oil lamp as a reading and study place on cloudy, dull days. She also had two new doors with strong inside latches put on the outhouse. Told me that not learning to read was nonsense. Everyone could learn to read and I was no exception. The kids loved her. By the time of the Thanksgiving holiday, attendance was one hundred percent nearly every day. The parents were so pleased to have an educated teacher who knew her business that they were planning a big Christmas party just for her. Meanwhile, I had finished reading all of the first grade books and was looking for more. It was a dead end. The only book in our house was the Bible. There was no school library and the public library in the town was a few miles away and didn’t welcome country kids. That didn’t slow down Miss Gillette. Called me up to her desk one day, handed me a book and gave me instructions. I was to take the book, read it carefully, then read it to my mother. I should have detected a conspiracy, but I was young and innocent. Then I was to bring the book back and I would get another one. Mother was delighted. She thought the stories most

interesting. When I stumbled over a word, she would jump right in and we would study it together. There was never a word Mother didn’t know. I never knew she was so smart. Unfortunately, Miss Gillette left the Locust Ridge school at the end of the year to teach in a town school that had electric lights and indoor plumbing. She took her books with her. Didn’t matter, Mother had a plan. She broke with tradition the first Christmas after I had learned to read. Along with the usual presents of long underwear, socks and gloves, I got a book. A real book. Hardcover. A story about a boy who lived in Alaska. I could keep it and read it as many times as I wanted. And that was just the beginning. Mother’s relatives all came from the city and they loved to visit the farm for a fine country meal. They always brought some small gift for my parents. At Mother’s suggestion, I was included in the gift giving, with books preferred. I soon had a small but steady book income. It was also a thoughtful selection. By the time I entered my teen years, I had been introduced to the likes of Dickens, Hemingway and even some of Shakespeare’s plays written in modern English by a couple named Lamb. I don’t know what finally happened to my precious library. World War II took me away from Locust Ridge and when it was over, I returned for only a few brief visits. I do wonder what Miss Gillette and Mother would have thought had they known that someday there would be a book titled Notes From the Little Cabin, with my name on the front cover. I like to think they would be pleased and proud. ★

selection of a defibrillator than to our ammunition. After ten weeks of hard summer training we arrived at Camp Perry, moved into our hut and readied ourselves for the matches. The first day opened under an overcast sky and in the middle of the first relay a thunderstorm rolled in causing a range evacuation. After a delay we resumed shooting only to have a quick rain storm rip through during the second relay. Conditions settled for the standing and kneeling matches. After day one Remaly was standing tall in the senior category with an 1158-51X. Trailing close behind was Mellor, four points back, at 1154-52X. With a miss in the standing match I was well back carding an 1141-41X. It looked as if I was going to be hoist by my own petard and have to return in 2013 unless I had an outstanding performance with any sights. It would not be an easy task against so talented a duo holding such a lead. Overnight the tenor of the match changed suddenly. A violent wind storm roared in from Canada like an out of control freight train. Competitors came to the line in the morning to find the numerous tents and easy ups used for shelter little more than scraps of torn nylon and bent aluminum tubing. The 30 mile per hour one o’clock wind was gusting as much as ten miles per hour more and it would last all day. It was a

leader’s nightmare. In prone the winds, and some light rain, buffeted the shooters making it nearly impossible to hold the crosshairs within the ten ring. Having a low center of gravity I managed to pick up a few points on the lean and sinewy Len and the tall Ernie. Standing would be no cake walk. Just holding the sights on the frame was a Herculean task, never mind in the center of the bull. The wind was so wild that there were whitecaps in my bladder! My 304-3X, even with two misses, stood 40th in the field of nearly 300 shooters and allowed me to make up some of the distance between Len and gain a little on Ernie. It would, as it always seems to, come down to kneeling. The senior title was settled in the any sight kneeling match. Len and I went hammer and tongs knowing that the results of the match would determine the winner. In the end I built on the small surplus I had squirreled away in standing and my 355-3X against Len’s 354-5X gave me the edge. The ever gracious Len and Ernie offered me firm handshakes and smiles. As soon as the final bulletin was posted I called my wife to tell her the good news, reclaim her true love, and tell her that I was - mileage or not - indeed, the man I was ten years ago. ★

Hap’s Corner: A Quest For Everlasting Glory And True Love… by Hap Rocketto While not quite at the level of Galahad’s quest for the Holy Grail, Jason’s search for the Golden Fleece, Rama's mission to recover his wife Sita, or Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Junior’s hunt for the Lost Ark of the Covenant, I have also set out on a quest from time to time. On a January day a decade ago, my 55th birthday, I became eligible to vie for the Intermediate Smallbore Rifle Senior Three Position title. Perhaps biting off more than I could chew I rather cavalierly publically announced that I would shoot the match until I won the championship. As luck - and it was certainly more luck than skill - would have it I managed to sneak off with the prize that very year. Ten years later to the day, and certainly no wiser, I made the same imprudent proclamation for the senior crown. Margaret, my ever patient and wearily indulgent wife, rolled her eyes as I wrote a check with my mouth that she was uncertain my body would be able to cash. In response to me she quoted Marion Ravenwood from the aforementioned Raiders of the Lost Ark saying that, “You're not the man I knew ten years ago.”

“So much for true love,” thought I and to whit I replied ala “Indiana” Jones, “It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.” There followed the purchase, against the better advice of my favorite Transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau who wrote in Walden, “…beware of all enterprises that require new clothes…” of a new set of shooting garments, both a jacket and trousers, ammunition testing, and the writing of a training program. I was accompanied on this journey by Ernie Mellor who had made a few trips to Perry to shoot Three P and, at 70 years of age, was willing to be my training partner. Tom McGurl, who shoots with us on our winter league team, would also accompany us on this, his first trip to Perry for smallbore. Charlie Adams, another winter league companion, signed on as our Cornerman. We would also link up with Len Remaly, another senior, who agreed to shoot the team matches with us. With five guys, none younger than 65, it was suggested, perhaps unkindly, by our shooting coterie that we give more consideration to the


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Call 413-323-4052 9-4 days, 9-11 AM Saturday Estimates over the phone Quote on Examination DEALER - CLUB DISCOUNTS FOR VOLUME


FFL 1E-36592 The

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Outdoor Message™ January 2013

What’s In America’s Backyard? by Sierra Taylor

Welcome back to What’s In America’s Backyard? This month, you are going to learn about the Northern Lynx and the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, two mammals who inhabit North America. The Eastern Cottontail Rabbit measures about 14 to 19 inches in length, not including its tiny tail, which measures between 1 and 3 inches. They only weigh about 3 pounds. These rabbits typically eat plant materials like grasses, leaves, fruit, flowers, twigs, bark and berries. They also eat small arthropods such as snails and insects. Somewhat gross parts of this rabbit’s diet are its own moist droppings. Eastern cottontail rabbits eat their own droppings in order to maximize the nutrients they take from the previously digested food. Eastern cottontail rabbits’ mating season can vary by their location. In the southern parts of its habitats (Central America and northern South America), it will breed year round. In other habitats (United States and southeastern Canada), it will

breed from January to September. The gestation period of these rabbits is 25 to 35 days. Typically, there are 2 to 6 bunnies in a litter, but there can be as few as 1 and as many as 12. The mother rabbit will nurse the bunnies for four or five weeks before they can eat plants. These powerful rabbits have many adaptations that give them impressive survival skills. Their feet help them to reach speeds of 25 miles per hour! An eastern cottontail’s stubby tail serves a useful purpose – when the rabbit is running, it will display the white underside of its tail to distract predators, giving it a better chance of a safe getaway. Speaking of predators, animals that are trying to hunt this rabbit will have a hard time seeing them without being seen themselves. Eastern cottontail rabbit’s eyes are positioned high on the sides of its head as an advantage for seeing predators first. Two- to three-inch long ears can regulate the rabbit’s body temperature and are another aid in detecting potential enemies. Now, let’s learn about the Northern

Lynx. These predators are 32 to 52 inches long and 24 to 30 inches tall. Their tails can vary from 2 to 10 inches. Weight of a northern lynx can differ greatly from animal to animal – they can weigh anywhere from 10 to 85 pounds! This lynx is a carnivore that feeds on hares, rabbits, rodents, birds, carrion, fish and even d e e r . Snowshoe hares are the main part of their diet. A lynx will travel up to 12 miles in a night in search of a meal. It hunts by stalking its prey, then ambushing its unlucky dinner. Mating season for the northern lynx in all of its ranges (Canada, northern USA and most of Asia) occurs during the two early months of February and March. Following a gestation period of nine to ten weeks, a female lynx will give birth to one to five kittens per year. Mothers nurse their babies, known as cubs, for five months until they are able to eat an adult’s meat diet. Just like the eastern cottontail rabbit, the northern lynx has some pretty cool tricks up his sleeve. A lynx’s eyes are able to see a bird in the air two and a half miles away! Their large, furry, snowshoe-like

by Nancy Keaton - Now that I’ve decided to carry concealed women. Ignoring the fact won’t change it. every place I legally can, I have run into a · Shoulder carry. Remember, I work in challenge. How to carry. This is not a an office and wear office clothing. I don’t good conversation to have with some men wear a suit jacket and certainly wouldn’t or to try to read about in gun magazines wear one every day all day long. and on websites. They all seem to want to · Waist band carry. A possibility but tell me how there’s only one way that’s again not sure it would hide well under truly safe and if I don’t want to carry that my office clothes. way I shouldn’t carry at all. Yeah, that’s · Flashbang Bra Holster. Another helpful. I’ve read, researched, asked possibility, but I’m not sure how well it questions, and tried a few holsters. would work for me as I have a slight belly, Obviously, I don’t speak for all women, sit all day and tend to slouch a bit. I worry some will not have any of the same issues it could be really uncomfortable. I do, but I think the complexities that I · Purse carry. That’s what I’m currently discuss can be common for many people. doing. But most articles say never do that, Carry options I have considered: you can’t get to it fast enough. Never do · OWB (outside the waistband), but I’m that, someone could steal your purse. petite, short-waisted, and I wear office True, but I am a fanatic about keeping my clothing. Way too bulky and obvious. purse with me at all times. When walking, · IWB (inside the waistband). I would I keep a death grip on it and I NEVER need to buy all my clothes one size bigger lock it in my car. My frustration with to pull that one off. Yeah, that’s going to carry purses though, is that they are SO happen. Yes, I know I shouldn’t let that heavy. I finally found a regular purse with deter me, but let’s be honest and realistic a pocket that works well. I know, I know, here – it does! And it does for a lot of I read the articles that say never do that,

you need a holster. But for Pete’s sake, I will need another shoulder surgery if I carry one of those heavy leather purses! I know this because I have already wasted $100 buying two purses hoping they would work for me. · Ankle Carry. Now this one I like! I tried just putting my LCP in my sock (don’t worry, I just checked it out, I didn’t go out with my gun in my sock) and it could not be seen at all under my work slacks and jeans. Then what happened? I started reading articles saying never do that, the gun can get dirty. Never do that, you can’t draw while running. Very frustrating. These are not all of the choices available, just the main ones I have looked at so far. Something that would really be helpful for women is some sort of traveling “fashion show” or maybe a Tupperware-type party, where we could see and try out all the different options. I know, most men will laugh at this – they pick out their holsters like their jeans, just

walk into a store, look at the size, buy them and walk out. Again, let’s be realistic. Most women don’t do that with jeans and we aren’t going to be any different with our holsters. We need to try them on first! So what is best? It really is so individual due to body build, job and comfort level, so please don’t put up a lot of arguments against every way a woman suggests may work for her. While it may not bother some women, for others it can make them give up and not carry at all. And is that really what we want to happen? I intend to carry as often as possible so I’ll continue to research and try out as many options as I can. I have no doubt I will eventually find what works for me, whether others “approve” of it or not, and that’s what I will use. Because ultimately, should I ever need to defend myself, I am the one who will answer for whether it was a good choice for me. ★

activities within a day’s drive of their homes. Users can now search by location and activity, and the website will provide a list of federal recreation sites based on distance. Recreation sites are easily viewed on an interactive map, where users

can click on icons to see the name of the museum, refuge or seashore, then click through to learn more. Other new features include “Go Lists” that highlight destinations, events and activities under particular themes. ★

photos from Wildlife Explorer

paws enable them to walk on top of the snow. But if he does sink through, he has a plan B – his long legs allow him to move easily through deep snow. In the summer, fall and winter, the fur covering its body helps the northern lynx blend in with its surroundings when hunting. And have you ever wondered about that funny black tuft on the top of a lynx’s ears? What does it do? The purpose of these is currently unclear. However, some theories include boosting the lynx’s hearing abilities or assisting in spotting other lynxes. Next month, I plan to tell you lots of fun facts about the American Black Bear and the North American Beaver. Until then, have fun identifying what is in America’s backyard! ★

Women’s Concealed Carry: Where Do We Hide the Gun?

Interactive Maps Available for Download The Environmental Protection Agency's National Estuary Program (NEP), a placebased program to protect and restore the water quality and ecological integrity of estuaries of national significance, has released a first-ever interactive map, NEPmap, with more than a decade’s worth of NEP habitat data. NEPmap allows users to view water quality conditions in their estuary and surrounding watershed alongside NEP habitat projects. NEPmap users can also generate and print maps and reports, change map scales, turn on and off background layers, and interact with information points to provide a greater level of detail than a traditional static map. To access the NEPmap, visit < tml>. You can now download every USGS topographic map, from every state, at January 2013

every available scale, for free. Just visit the USGS’s online store at <>, click on “Map Locator & Downloader”, and select your desired map for downloading as a full-color pdf file. You can also browse (and download for free) the next generation of USGS maps from the growing USTopo series, which features multiple layers that can be turned on or off for viewing, including contour lines, aerial/orthographic images, and street names. Discovering recreational opportunities on public lands and waters is now more user-friendly at the recently-revamped website. The website makes it easy to plan and book trips to the nation’s parks, refuges, forests and other public lands. The website also serves as a “one-stop” shop for Americans to learn about hiking, fishing and other outdoor The




State NRA Certified Pistol Safety Courses

194 East Grove Street (Rt 28) Middleboro MA 02346 HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 - 5; Saturday 9 - 4 Closed Sunday and Wednesday

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2013 Licenses On Sale 2013 hunting, sporting, fishing, and trapping licenses are now available for purchase at all license vendor locations, MassWildlife District offices, the West Boylston Field Headquarters and on the internet at < ndex.htm> . Anyone 15 or older needs a license in order to fish in fresh water or to hunt. Minors 15-17 years of age may not purchase their license online, but must have certain documentation in their possession when making their license purchase at a MassWildlife District office or walk-in license vendor location. Freshwater fishing licenses for minors ages 15-17 years of age are free.

Endangered Species Fact Sheets

Want the facts on endangered species in Massachusetts? Visit MassWildlife’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species web page < species_info/mesa_list/mesa_list.htm> . Fact sheets for all state-listed birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, invertebrates and plants have been posted. (Sea turtles and five whale do not have fact sheets.) Each fact sheet includes an image or drawing of the species, a brief description, listing of similar species, habitat preferences, life history, range map, management recommendations and references.

Sign Up For Hunter Education In 2013 New and novice hunters of all ages are encouraged to make a New Year's resolution to sign up for a free Basic Hunter Education Course in the winter or spring months of 2013. Students who successfully pass the course will receive a Basic Hunter Education Certificate of Completion. All first-time hunters must have a government-issued Basic Hunter Education Certificate, in order to purchase a Massachusetts hunting or sporting license and it is also recognized for the purchase of hunting or sporting license in other states, Canada, and Mexico. In Massachusetts, the Basic Hunter Education Certificate of Completion also fulfills a training requirement that allows individuals 15 years of age or older you to apply for a firearms license with their local police departments. The

Mail: 100 Hartwell Street, Suite 230, West Boylston MA 01583 Phone: 508-389-6300 Email: Website: Massachusetts Hunter Education Program offers courses from January through October, and January 2013 courses will be posted soon at < ion/hed/hed_basic_listing.htm>. Additional 2013 courses will be announced monthly and students who want to be notified about courses in their area are encouraged to complete and submit an online form < ion/hed/forms/basic_request_form.htm> requesting notification. "Many people fail to consider signing up for a course in the winter or spring months because they aren't thinking about hunting," says MassWildlife Hunter Education Program Administrator Susan Langlois. "By completing a course early in the year, new hunters have time to apply for a firearms license, practice newly-acquired skills, and scout potential hunting locations." By law, the course must be at least 12 hours in length but is typically 15-16 hours to cover all required topics. Courses are offered in different formats to meet the public's needs. Some courses are scheduled over several weekday evenings. Some are conducted on weekends, while others are a combination of weeknights and weekend days. All classes are provided at no charge to the students. Topics covered during the Basic Hunter Education course include the safe handling of hunting arms and ammunition, hunting laws and ethics, wildlife identification, wildlife management, care and handling of game, and personal preparedness. It is the mission of the Massachusetts Hunter Education Program to train safe, knowledgeable and responsible hunters; to promote the wise management and ethical use of our wildlife resources; and to encourage a greater appreciation of the environment through education. Funding is derived from the sale of hunting and sporting licenses, and from federal excise taxes on firearms and archery equipment. Massachusetts offered its first hunter safety course in 1954, and to date has graduated more than 187,000 students. Graduates who have lost their certificates may obtain a duplicate by calling the Hunter Education Program office at 978772-0693, or completing an online form at < ion/hed/forms/dup_cert_form.htm> .

New Video On Blaze Orange

Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to check out a new short (5minute) video on the “Effectiveness of Blaze Orange” from Kalkomey Enterprises. See some excellent footage demonstrating how wearing fluorescent orange in the woods makes you highly visible to others. The video can be found on the MassWildlife website at the bottom

Traditional Archery, Muzzleloading Firearms & Accessories ● ● ●

of the Hunter Education Program page at < ion/hed/hed_home.htm> .

Broodstock Salmon Stocking Update

Broodstock salmon stocking took place in December. Each district received 124 fish, all from the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife's Roger Reed State Fish Hatchery in Palmer. The fish ranged in size from 5 to 12 pounds. To find out which lakes and ponds were stocked, contact the DFW District office in Ayer 978-772-2145; Belchertown 413-3237632; Bourne 508-759-3406; Dalton 413684-1646; or West Boylston 508-8353607 or visit the DFW website < es/anadromous/broodstock_salmon_stock ing.htm>.

Cottontail Survey Continues, Your Help Needed The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) is still asking the public’s assistance to assess the distribution and population of New England cottontails (Sylvilagus transitionalis), the only cottontail rabbit species native to the northeastern United States and rarely seen. Two kinds of cottontail rabbits are found in Massachusetts, the common nonnative Eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) and the New England cottontail. Division biologists want to remind hunters, highway department workers, animal control officers, and other interested citizens across the state to provide DFW with cottontail carcasses or cottontail skulls for the survey. Specimens from the central and western part of the state would be very helpful as there have been fewer submitted samples from these regions. The more samples collected from different parts of the state, the better the agency can understand where New England cottontails are found. Because it is virtually impossible to tell the two rabbit species apart in the field, DFW biologists need to examine skull characteristics or use DNA analysis. Carcasses or cottontail heads can be handled with gloves and should be placed in a plastic bag and frozen until they can be dropped off at a DFW District Office, DFW hatchery, or DFW's Field Headquarters in West Boylston. Please include a note with contact information, date of collection, and detailed location information such as town, street or land parcel. A marked topographic map or GPS coordinates are ideal, but any detailed

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Exotic Pets Illegal In Massachusetts

As the holiday season approaches, the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) has an important reminder to prospective exotic pet owners; Massachusetts has some of the strictest state regulations in the country governing the possession of both native and exotic wildlife by the average citizen. "Do not assume that any animal purchased in another state or through the internet is legal to possess in Massachusetts," cautions Dr. Tom French, Assistant Director of DFW's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. "The goal of these regulations is to protect both wildlife and people. In Massachusetts, only research entities, museums, nature centers, or educational institutions are granted permits for most kinds of wildlife." Before making any purchase, consult with a veterinarian to determine what kind of animal is suitable for your abilities, lifestyle and commitment to pet care, as well as the legal status of owning such an animal in Massachusetts. Information regarding the possession of captive or exotic wildlife in Massachusetts can be found at: < ng/keeping_wildlife.htm>. Dr. French recommends doing business with established and reputable Massachusetts pet shops rather than surfing the Internet, checking out Craigslist, or scanning the classifieds where sellers are not necessarily concerned with or aware of the laws that might affect potential buyers. "Store owners keep up with the laws," he notes. "The store owners were an effective lobby for making domestic ferrets a legal pet in Massachusetts and know their livelihood depends on doing business by the book. They'll be happy to sell you reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and mammals that conform to state laws, and they'll tell you if something you ask about is illegal." French also asks that anyone with knowledge of an illegally held wild or exotic animal to contact the Division at 508-389-6300 on weekdays during business hours or the Environmental Police at 800-632-8075 on any day of the week. "To avoid making a difficult situation more uncomfortable, we encourage owners with illegal wildlife to step forward and cooperate with us for the sake of the animals," said French. "If animals have to be confiscated, our goal is to find the best home in the most appropriate setting for the animal's health and well-being." ★


Exit 31 off Rt 495 HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10 am - 6 pm ● 11 miles West on Rt 119 Pepperell, MA Tuesday Call Ahead ● Saturday 10 am - 5 pm ● Sunday 1-5 pm Look for the Log Cabin -- Headquarters for the Traditional Hunter/Sportsman and Historical Reenactor --

Page 10

location information will greatly aid biologists. The cottontail survey is part of a rangewide effort called the New England Cottontail Initiative (NEC), focusing on distribution and habitat restoration of New England cottontails throughout New England and New York. The NEC Initiative involves partnerships with state and federal natural resource agencies, conservation organizations, and other large landowners focusing on surveys, habitat identification, and habitat restoration efforts.

January 2013

2013 Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licenses Vermont hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for the New Year are now available online at the Fish & Wildlife Department’s website <>. “Many people like to purchase new licenses for themselves, friends or relatives,” said Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry. “Whether you want to give a license as a gift or purchase it for yourself, we want to make it as easy as possible with our new online licensing system.” If you are purchasing a license for someone else, you must have the license recipient answer the questions and provide the information on the application, but you can assist them and use your own credit card to make the purchase. “While you are there, consider signing up in “Join Our Mailing List” to receive Vermont Fish and Wildlife news, and you

can also purchase a 2013 Fish and Wildlife calendar,” added Berry. Early season bear tags and licenses good for five years are new options available to Vermont’s hunters, anglers and trappers. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department announced that a “late season” bear tag good for bear hunting November 16-24, 2013 is included on each hunting license except the nonresident small game license. This late portion of the bear season coincides with the first nine days of the November rifle deer season. It also includes a four-day extension of the bear hunting season during the November deer season. A hunter who wishes to hunt bear in the “early season,” September 1November 15, 2013, must purchase a separate early season bear tag – residents $5, nonresidents $15. The purpose of the changes in bear hunting tags is to be able to best manage the black bear population by gathering more information about bear hunters and bears. v

Winter Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Registration opens January 7 for the 2013 Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) Winter Workshop, a one-day program where women can learn outdoor skills to enjoy during the winter months. The workshop will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2013 (snow date Sunday, February 17), at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Owl Brook Hunter Education Center in

2013 Birder Bands Now Available The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is excited to announce the release of the 2013 Birder Bands, which are a great way to support the Department’s non-game and endangered species programs.

These unique bands are modeled after actual bird bands the Department uses to monitor bird populations and make a great holiday gift for birders and outdoor enthusiasts. Through a $20 contribution, Maine Birder Band participants get officially registered and receive an individually numbered band. The band is about the size of a turkey band and can fit well on a binocular strap, camera, spotting scope or other equipment. The proceeds from the bands help fund critical non-game bird programs and supporters who wear the bands on gear raise awareness for the important work the Department does for bird conservation. “This is a great way for birders and naturalists to support MDIF&W and have January 2013

License Center and Temporary Office: 542 US Rte 302, Berlin VT 05641 Email: Phone: 802-241-3700 Mailing Address: 10 South, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05671-0501 Anyone who purchased a lifetime, permanent, five-year hunting, or five-year combination license before 2013 does not need to purchase the early season bear tag. The bear tag on each of those licenses is good for the entire bear season. The annual limit for bears has not changed. A hunter may harvest only one bear per calendar year. The five-year license option may appeal to dedicated hunters, anglers and trappers for a slight savings. For example, a resident fishing license for five years is $119, whereas if purchased at the 2013 rate of $25, the cost would be $125. The angler would have additional savings if the rate went up during the five years. Printed copies of the 2013 Hunting, Fishing & Trapping LAWS and GUIDE are available from license agents. The department’s website will soon have a link to an online version.

A nationwide survey revealed that Vermonters ranked second only to Alaskans in enjoying fish and wildlife resources recreationally in 2011. Sixtytwo percent of Vermonters went fishing, hunting or wildlife watching, or enjoyed a combination of these activities, while 64 percent of Alaskans did the same. Vermont led the New England states in hunting and fishing with 26 percent of residents participating in one or the other, or both. The funds created when hunters and anglers purchase Vermont licenses, about $6 million annually, are matched with $7 to 9 million each year in federal excise tax dollars on hunting and fishing equipment as well as boating fuels to underwrite most of the fish and wildlife conservation work done by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. ★

N.H. Fish and Game Department Headquarters 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301 603-271-3211

Holderness, N.H. A fee of $55 covers the workshop, lunch and most equipment use. Participants must be at least 18 years old. New Hampshire BOW programs are cosponsored by N.H. Fish and Game and the New Hampshire Wildlife Federation. A brochure describing the workshop (not the registration form) is available now at <>. If you are interested in attending, sign up soon after registration opens on January 7, 2013, (the application will be posted at as BOW workshops often fill

up quickly. Winter BOW participants choose a single activity to explore during the daylong workshop. They can learn how to ice-fish, explore winter outdoor survival skills, track wildlife on snowshoes, try snowmobiling (beginners only) or experience the popular ’Shoe and Shoot class, which is woodland target shooting on snowshoes. ★ photo courtesy of NH Fish & Game

Maine Fish and Game Department Headquarters 1284 State Street, Augusta, ME 04333-0041 (207) 287-8000 that support be visible for others to see,” said Bob Duchesne, author of Maine Birding Trail. Since 2009, the Maine Birder Band program has helped to fund the Department’s Bird Group efforts through voluntary donations from people in 27 states and three Maritime Provinces of Canada. To date, Maine Birder Band funds have supported Department efforts to study distributions and abundance of coastal marsh sparrow species, survey remaining grasshopper sparrow habitats and launch Maine eBird. The Maine Birder Band program is intended to provide the Maine birding community an opportunity to support MDIF&W’s non-game bird conservation efforts. Just as hunters and anglers fund Department efforts through license purchases, birders now have the chance to

become a participating constituency by helping fund non-game bird conservation. For more information or to purchase your 2013 Birder Band, call 207-2878000, visit our web site at or email

Becoming an Outdoors Woman Winter Weekend

February 22-24, 2013 at Bryant Pond 4H Camp & Learning Center Don’t let cabin fever get the best of you this winter! Join us for the 2013 Becoming an Outdoors Woman Winter Skills Weekend and learn how great the Maine outdoors can be during the colder months. This workshop will provide the opportunity for women who are 18 or

older to gain or improve skills in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation all in a safe and comfortable environment. Class sessions include winter survival, snowshoeing, ice fishing, archery, shotgun, cross country skiing, primitive skills, wild game cookery, map and compass, fly tying and shooting basics. The cost to attend is $225 and includes all meals, lodging, equipment and instruction. For more information or to download registration materials visit us online at You can also find us on Facebook at ★

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Hours: Tues.-Sat. 12 Noon - 6 pm


Law Enforcement Equipment, Inc.



Outdoor Message

305 River St, Waltham MA 02453 Page 11

THE MASSACHUSETTS SHOOTERS FOUNDATION 37 Pierce Street ● PO Box 306 ● Northborough, MA 01532 Phone 508-393-5133 Fax 508-393-5134 Web Email

President: David Tetzloff Secretary/Treasurer: Michael D. Yacino Directors: Al Bonney, Dee Bonney, Don Holmes, Coach Russ Doucette, Coach Kevin Winters, Joe Colbert

The Future Lies with a Strong Foundation by Michael D. Yacino

of instructors or coaches, step up and volunteer to fill those roles. Parents must become more involved with the shooting game if their children take an interest. We will continue to try and raise funds from those who have and don’t have junior shooters in their family. We will offer the proper training seminars that will assist the club programs in developing better junior athletes. Make a resolution that you will take a new young person to the range. Make a second resolution that you will take a young person hunting. Make a resolution to ask your son or daughter if they have a real interest in the outdoors as it relates to our activities and have them attend the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp in August. The Camp and the Foundation, work together to educate young people in the safe, ethical and responsible aspects of gun ownership and sportsmanship using trained professionals and peers already active in each program. If you are a parent with no previous experience in shooting or hunting but have a youngster who wants to learn, take

the time to learn with them. Shooting is one of the safest participatory sports out there, where mental training and discipline doesn’t include even a hint of violence. The sharing of techniques and ideas by one junior athlete to another is absolutely prevalent in this sport and helps build long lasting friendships. We all want to see the youth of America grow up bringing back the high standards America stood for in the past. We are becoming more and more aware that the very fiber of our nation has been torn at the core by events of the past 2 decades, but let’s not lose the chance to make a change…one shooter at a time. Join our defense team for junior shooters by making a contribution (see donation form on next page) and telling us any stories we can share about young shooters making their mark as a future positive gun owner. Send us pictures or invite us to come participate in one of your events where junior shooting athletes are competing. If we don’t do it, no one will. And the future will never see the changes we need. ★

Do we start the new year off with some resolutions, some criticisms of 2012, some lamenting about the elections, maybe some excuses for the sorry way our nation is heading or should it be any number of strange events that permeated the news? How about the resolutions and some resolves in particular that each one of you can share in helping to accomplish? The young people we all seem to be trying to help for various reasons are my first resolve. Ever since I incorporated the original GOAL Foundation (now much more appropriately named the Massachusetts Shooters Foundation) the main focus has been to engage more young people in our sport. You need only look to the tremendous response at our banquet last fall to see that our mission is on track. Let’s all resolve to make a contribution to that effort both with time and money.

Let’s promise to focus on the objective and not who gets credit, although there are certainly a host of organizations and individuals trying to take credit for someone else’s work. The rewards belong to the cause and it is only going to be successful if all gun owners pull in the same direction, absent the selfaggrandizement. Let’s resolve to provide a learning experience to all those young people who wish to learn about our cause through example and dedication to the customs and traditions of the gun owner, hunter, and sportsmen and women some long since gone. Clubs need to put forth more programs that give juniors a chance to learn, a chance to participate, a chance to advance in whatever discipline they choose. If it means building more facilities…then get to it. If it means more training and education

The 2012-2013 Massachusetts Shooters Foundation Conventional Smallbore Postal matches have begun! These matches are run with the goal of promoting the shooting sports among young people. When submitting scores, please be sure to include juniors complete names and birthdates on the score sheets as well as contact information for the club (club name, address, phone # and coach name). Postal certificates will be mailed on a monthly basis to the team captain or coach. Schedule: The postal matches run from November through April and we must have your score sheets by the 5th of the following month. For example: November’s postal scores must be received to us by December 5th and will be posted in January’s issue of The Outdoor Message. Clubs or organizations should submit scores once a month. The score sheets can be sent to The Mass Shooters Foundation, PO Box 306, Northborough, MA 01532. Or you can also email them to or fax them to 508-393-5134. Eligibility: Any Massachusetts boy or girl who has not yet reached their 20th birthday by December 31st of 2012 may

compete. Course of Fire: The Mass Shooters F o u n d a t i o n Massachusetts Shooters Foundation Postal Scores - November 2012 recommends that all Name Prone Standing Kneeling competitors fire the Club NRA Three Position Intermediate Junior Course; 20 shots Lenox Sportsman Club Kirklan Doherty 138 68 prone, 20 shots Lenox Sportsman Club Mack Litishin 181 1521st P, 1st K kneeling and 20 Lenox Sportsman Club Steve Bohin 166 110 1512nd K shots offhand. All firing will take place Lenox Sportsman Club Johnathan May 122 on the A-36 target. Lenox Sportsman Club Luke Hibbard 172 106 152P, 1st K Competitors may Lenox Sportsman Club Geno D'Agostino 149 96 132 participate in 1, 2 or Lenox Sportsman Club Baraq Polston 150 110 all 3 positions by firing 20 shots at two Sub Junior A-36 targets per Lenox Sportsman Club Tyler Coelho 118 63 position. Lenox Sportsman Club Mansel Marangoni 136 103 Awards: Award Lenox Sportsman Club Steven Silverman 158 106 1101st P, 2nd K certificates will be mailed to 1st, 2nd Lenox Sportsman Club Will Kipp 145 104 1542nd P, 1st K and 3rd place Lenox Sportsman Club Paddy Sullivan 130 59 94 shooters in each Lenox Sportsman Club Steve LaRochelle 139 91 category. 1st place Please feel free to submit any photos of requires a minimum of 3 shooters in the Intermediate Junior: born between your juniors and/or teams along with your category, 2nd place requires a minimum January 1, 1995 and December 31, 1997 postal scores! I'm sure they would love to of 5 or more shooters in the category and Junior: born between January 1, 1991 see those in The Outdoor Message! 3rd place requires a minimum of 10 or and December 31, 1994 There will be no fee charged to more shooters in the category. If you have juniors participating in Categories are as follows: December postals, those scores need to be participate in this program. The Sub Junior: born on or after January sent to us by January 5th. For a complete Massachusetts Shooters Foundation 1st, 1998 set of rules and to receive a copy of our believes that the importance of attracting postal score sheet, please call our office at new shooters is the highest priority. 508-393-5133. Please note that you do Donations are greatly appreciated. For NOT need to use our scoring sheet as long questions or details, please contact as you submit all the pertinent Michelle at 508-393-5133. ★ information!

Junior Smallbore Postal Matches

Your kids may know about firearms safety, but do their friends?

Junior Shooting Equipment For Sale

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program could save their life.

Call 508-393-5133 to invite Eddie Eagle to your school.

Preparing Training Schedule for 2013 The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation has begun setting up our training schedule for 2013 and will publish it here next month. Our aim is to contract with certified instructors who are able to cover a wide spectrum of courses for students, both young and old. Our all-volunteer Board of Directors and our part-time administrative assistant are working to create a new dedicated Page 12

team of instructors, committed to bringing valuable learning opportunities to the public. If you are interested in becoming a member of our training team or if there are particular courses you would like to see The Foundation offer, please contact Michelle at 508-393-5133 or send an email to ★ The

* ITEM: Champions Choice Prone Mat, like new, $50. * ITEM: Kowa Spotting Scope TS-502/Z zoom 20x-40x 50 mm lens 10 inch Grey, NIB, $150. * ITEM: 8# of Alliant Powder 2400 for $75. * ITEM: Four DY 887 Gold Medalist gas operated air rifles with sights, refill

tank and adapter. $1200 for the lot. * ITEM: 1907 wood LEFT HAND stock. This is a 3 Position stock, not a heavier prone stock and is in very good condition. Asking price $750. * ITEM: Champions Choice CC-542 Spotting Scope Zoom 12x-50x 60 MM 45 degree lens w/carry case, NIB, $75.

Items are FOB at our Northborough office. Shipping is available for an extra charge. All checks or money orders should be made out to the “Massachusetts Shooters Foundation”. Cash will also be accepted for items picked up. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please send an email to or call 508-393-5133. ★

Outdoor Message

January 2013

The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation would like to thank the following individuals and clubs for their generous donations!

Donate to The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation

E. Shuter, M. & J. Schunemann, D.S. Greene, J.J. Fish Jr., J. Nowak, Mannarino Charity, L. Camarra, D.W. Howe Jr., J. Zifcak, J. Bernstein, J. Sweeney, R. Williams, J. McAnespie, R. Doyon, D. Lagacy, D. Kowalski, P. Funkhouser, B. Miller, D. Freeman, C. Marujo, J. Larson, M. & C. Brunette of Crazy Horse Antiques, Mansfield Fish & Game, L. Nicholson Jr., Shrewsbury Sportsmen’s Club, S. & J. Rizzo, E. Johnson, Quinn Associates, Inc., R. Wittman, The Peter Patch Revocable Trust, Woodsman Rifle & Pistol Club, E.M. Hunter Jr., G. Darey, Barre Sportsman’s Club, K. Starbard, S.H. Konefal Jr., Westminster Rod & Gun Club and Millers Falls Rod & Gun Club.

Donor Thanks MSF for Shooting Bag given in thanks for his donation!

The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation that supports education and training programs for the responsible use and ownership of firearms. Funds are also used to help defray costs for our Junior Shooters to compete in national competitions.

Enclosed is my tax-deductible donation to The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation in the amount of: ___$25 will include a 1-year subscription to The Outdoor Message and a donor decal ___$100 will include a 1-year subscription, a donor decal and a shooters bag ___$500 will include a 1-year subscription, a donor decal, a shooters bag and a shooters shirt* ___$1000 will include a 1-year subscription, a donor decal, a shooters bag, a shooters shirt and a 3 season jacket* ___other amount $______

Monthly Pledges: If you are interested in making monthly pledges to The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation, please contact Michelle at 508-393-5133. You can arrange payments through or we can create a convenient payment booklet for you. Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _______________

* If eligible to receive shirt or jacket, please indicate size ________

Donations of $25 or more will include a subscription to The Outdoor Message. If you already receive The Outdoor Message and would like to give the subscription to a friend please list their mailing info here:

Dear Michelle, What a perfect gift for someone who is always losing or forgetting things when he goes on his trips in the outdoors. The bag is just the right size to hold binoculars, camera and all the odds and ends I seem to need in the outdoors. Please thank everyone in the Foundation and give them my wishes for a very happy holidays. Always my best, Paul Kress

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _______________

The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Send this completed form with check or money order to The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation, PO Box 306, Northborough, MA 01532. Credit card donations may be made through Simply click “Send Money” and enter email address


Gun Owners’ Buyers Guide ✮ ✮

Are you in need of a product or special service? Wouldn’t you like to know that you are giving your money to a business who believes in the same things you do? Following is a list of businesses who are owned or run by gun owners. They have agreed to give a donation to The Massachusetts Shooters Foundation for every reader who shops at their store or uses their services. So when you shop at these businesses, tell them you saw their listing in the Gun Owners Buyers Guide in The Outdoor Message! Participation is voluntary - the people listed have asked to be a part of this Guide. Help support fellow gun owners. Take advantage of the Gun Owners’ Buyers Guide.

Accounting/Tax Services L.A. Jones Tax & Accounting Services (L.A. Jones) Milford MA 508-634-2711

Acupuncture Acupuncture Center of Canton (Jeffrey S. Wernick, Lic. Ac., LICSW) Canton MA 781-8286636 Archery Supplies Eryleen Archery Pro-Shop (Emery Loiselle) Burlington MA 781-272-0244

Attorney Attorneys & Counsellors at Law (Josef J.D. Gazzola) 781-235-4989 Building/Remodeling Curtis K. Abbott Co Inc (Curtis Abbott) Charlton MA 508-248-4416 Mr Fix It (Eddy Provost) Worcester County MA 508-798-8216

Computer Consulting S&H Associates (Steven Sotsky) Framingham MA 508-656-0613

Concrete, Granite & Asphalt Cutting & Coring Concrete Cut & Core (Curtis Abbott) Charlton MA 508-248-7778 Constable/Notary Raymond Harris Constable Service, Dedham MA 781-326-7597 Northern Process Servers (Ronald Bertheim) Greater Lawrence MA 978-685-0093 Segal Constable Services (Len Segal) Sharon MA 781-784-5924

Consultant on Liquor Liability Issues Truth or Dare (Brad Greenfield) Wellesley MA 781-789-0675 Deep Sea Fishing Trips Tuna Hunter Fishing Charters (Gary Cannell) Rockport MA 978-407-1351 January 2013

Dentist Dental Care North (John Kozlauska, DMD) Lynnfield MA 781-334-2520

Electrical Contractor Morse Electric (Richard A. Morse) Rowley MA 978-948-2727 EJ Kennedy Master Electrician (Eric Kennedy) North Attleboro MA 508-TUGWIRE Firearms Instruction Joe Nava, Fairbanks AK 907-479-2340

Flooring Touchdown Carpet & Flooring (Doug Gibbs) Marlboro MA 508-480-8552

Graphic Design On Point Graphics (Steve Moore) Norton MA 508-942-8125 Gun Sales Mike’s Gun Shop (Jon Green) Northboro MA 508-369-9234 Gunsmithing LaRocca Gun Works (Mike LaRocca) Worcester MA 508-754-2887

Promotional Imprinting Gumption, Inc. (Joe Cassia) Malden MA 781322-6400 MCA Promo (Michael Amburgey) Lunenburg MA 978-582-3662 Real Estate Scharpenter Realty (Jack Scharpenter) Lakeville MA 508-946-5602 Peter Neslusan at the Mercure Group 508277-7503

Scaffolding Cape Cod Staging (Kevin Kelleher) New Bedford MA 508-992-2411, Cranston RI 401-941-6660

Security EJ Kennedy Security/Life Safety Systems Contractor (Eric Kennedy) North Attleboro MA 508-TUG-WIRE

Septic Inspection Lane Septic Inspection (Brian Lane) Walpole MA 508-212-2916

Signs, Truck Lettering, Graphics (Leonard Mort) Millbury MA 508-865-2382

Merchant Services/Credit Card Processing Stained Glass Strategic Payment Systems (Michael Roux) Custom Stained Glass (Jack Hurley) South Easton MA 508-238-0386 Canton MA 978- Steel Buildings 337-7126 Metal Building Concepts (Brian Robbins) Raynham MA 508-828-1368 Mortgage/Real Estate Loans Diamond Funding (Brian Hazard) Milford MA Surveying & Engineering 508-395-1559 Landmark Engineering of New England Optometrist Dr. Arthur Breen, Peabody MA 978-532-0097 Charlton Optical (David Snowdon) Charlton MA 508-248-1188

Outdoor Wood Furnace Crystal Rock Farm (Eliot Starbard) Oakham MA 508-882-0178 Plumbing & Heating Russo Plumbing and Heating (Steven Russo) Boston MA 617-201-8042 The

Outdoor Message

(Brian Lane) Norfolk MA 508-384-3064

TV & Satellite Pierce TV & Satellite (Richard “Ben” Pierce, Jr.) East Falmouth MA 508-548-4519 Website Development Gumption, Inc. (Joe Cassia) Malden MA 781322-6400 For more information about the Gun Owners’ Buyers Guide call 508-393-5133.

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President: Charles Hawkins, Sr.

PO Box 10177 - Cranston RI 02910 - 401-573-0260 Executive Officer: Joseph Graf

Treasurer: Stephen P. Hogan

NRA Board of Director Elections

Following are the names of the candidates for the NRA Board of Directors, whom the Nominating Committee selected as the most qualified candidates running. These names, along with several others who were not nominated by the Committee, will appear on the ballots which NRA voting members will receive in the coming weeks. Joe M. Allbaugh (Oak Hill, TX) Frank E. Bachhuber, Jr. (Wausau, WI) Carol Bambery (DeWitt, MI) Bob Barr (Smyrna, GA) Matt Blunt (Middleburg, VA) Pete Brownell (Grinnell, IA) Dave Butz (Swansea, IL) Richard Childress (Lexington, NC) Larry E. Craig (Boise, ID) Jeffrey S. Crane (Annapolis, MD) Joel Friedman (Pasadena, CA) Sandra S. Froman (Tucson, AZ) Marion P. Hammer (Tallahassee, FL) Graham Hill (Arlington, VA) Susan Howard (Boerne, TX) H. Joaquin Jackson (Alpine, TX) Tom King (E. Greenbush, NY) George Kollitides (Madison, NC) Karl A. Malone (Farmerville, LA) Oliver L. North (Bluemont, VA) Johnny Nugent (Lawrenceburg, IN) Ted Nugent (China Spring, TX) Lance Olson (Marengo, IA) James W. Porter, II (Birmingham, AL) Willie J. Robertson (W. Monroe, LA) Robert E. Sanders (Winston-Salem, NC) Dwight D. VanHorn (Hayden, ID) Don E. Young (Fort Yukon, AK)

Maine Coyote 1, Rhode Island Hogans Nothing

By Steve Hogan Ok, if you are following along from last month, I have a nice Maine 8 inch spike horn in my sights at 120 yards. It's not coming out of the tree line, and the light will be fading soon because of the overcast sky that has set in. The Deer

is stretched out, head down, quartering toward me and its now or never for the shot. At the report of the rifle the Deer flips back and I can hear it thrashing in the leaves back at the tree line to the left. Gail texts me "was that you" and calls me before I can text her back. I tell her to walk over and we'll walk down together to collect my Deer. I'm looking down the lane constantly and as I hang up suddenly the Deer blast across the lane from left to right scurrying low, tail down into the swamp. I know it's hit hard and not going far. While I wait for Gail to come over, Bill appears from his tree stand and asks "Did you get it?" "Yes," I say and we all walk down to check out what happened and to start the tracking process. There's hair, blood and tissue on the tree that was behind the Deer when I shot it so I take out my toilet paper and mark each patch of hair, drop of blood, or other sign with a single square of paper to establish a trail. It's getting hard to find signs with the small LED light I'm using and Bill has to go to town to pick up his granddaughter Mason so we drive the tractor back to the house. I get a bigger light and drop off my rifle. It would not look to good to have a spot light and rifle in the Maine woods at night at the same time! I take the tractor back to pick up the trail where I left off and as soon as I turn it off I know something's not right. It's been 45 minutes, tops, since I left the area and returned but I hear movement off in the darkness. I've been surrounded by Coyotes once before while walking out of these woods late one afternoon. There was a lot of howling and yips going on as they talked to each other sizing me up less than 40 yards away! It was one of the greatest moments in my lifetime to be the hunted instead of the hunter, but this was different. Other than hearing the movement there was no other sound, no howl, no yips as I went about my duty of tracking the sign of my Deer to its final resting place. Some hair, a drop of blood every 4 feet or so and then the find that made my spirit drop, the

This publication reaches all current members of the Rhode Island State Rifle & Revolver Association. To find out how to get your business name out to hundreds of RI sportsmens, contact for rates and information.

Assistant Executive Officer: Elizabeth Clupny

Secretary: Gail A. Hogan

stomach and its contents strewn across the ground. How could they have found it before me in only 45 minuets? I was heartbroken, angry at myself and the Coyotes. Kicking myself now for leaving and not just continuing with the smaller flashlight. You see we found the Deer - not mine anymore, but theirs, the Coyote's only 75 yards from where I found the stomach. They ripped it apart. It had bite marks everywhere. A sad end to what had been a great hunt. Never again will I leave a harvested animal alone in the woods without looking for it all night long if I have to. I've always been prepared to stay for two or three days with a full pack of equipment and supplies so there should be no reason for that to ever happen again! I take a ribbing all the time about "the pack" I carry. "What'd ya got in that thing?" is what most people ask when they see it, and if they ask for an item, whatever it is, it is probably in there. In closing, its another lesson learned, a valuable lesson on what not to do. Never underestimate Mother Nature or think you have it all figured out, for we are only a in her guest plethora of all things living around us. I think I'll do a little more Coyote hunting this next year! If they're giving you a problem where you live, give me a call! After all, now it's personal!

South Carolina Low Country Deer Hunting

By Ken Hoffman I grew up deer hunting in the Northeast and introduced my children to the sport at a very early age. They all enjoyed the walks in the woods and looking for deer sign but being in the Northeast, the deer density is pretty low so they were getting discouraged by not seeing a lot of deer. This resulted in none of my children bagging their first buck.

In 2010 while at the Springfield Sportsman’s Show (this year’s show is 2124 Feb. 2013), my two sons convinced me to look for an outfitter in South Carolina. Page 14


Outdoor Message

My son Ken had worked in South Carolina for about a year and while he didn’t have the opportunity to hunt there, he had friends who did, they always had venison in their freezers and they bragged about the 50+ deer per square mile. At the Show we met Bang Collins from Bang’s Paradise Valley Hunting Club in Ehrhardt, South Carolina. We spoke to Bang numerous times that day. In the weeks after the Show I contacted his references and all said that ‘no-one will work harder to get you a deer’. We booked a hunt in 2010 and we had four hunters and everyone bagged a buck. Our friend Joe Buban shot the monster of the trip which was a 5 1/2 year old 8 point buck. I am now hooked and have returned to hunt there every year. Sadly Bang Collins passed away unexpectedly in November 2011 but his

son Tom is now continuing his dad’s legacy of providing quality southern deer hunts. Tom and his staff go the extra mile to ensure that each new hunter has the opportunity to shoot their first deer. In fact all of my children, including my daughter Katie (pictured above), have shot their first buck there. In 2012 I shot the nice buck that is pictured below. My son Karl did shoot a doe to help me fill the freezer. Between Karl and myself, we saw a combined 67 deer during our trip this fall. During one afternoon a group of four hunters saw a combined 31 deer. South Carolina has a long rifle season. It begins when the bucks are in velvet on 15 August and ends on 1 January. Tom offers 3, 4 and 5 day hunts but will tailor the hunt to suit your needs. It is a long drive from Rhode Island so we normally book a 5 day hunt. Tom also offers hog and turkey hunts. Look for Tom at the Harrisburg, PA and Springfield, MA Sportsman’s Shows or contact him at 803-267-2825 or visit ★ January 2013

UXBRIDGE ROD & GUN CLUB West Street - PO Box 412 - Uxbridge MA 01569 Pres. Berube called the December 3, 2012 meeting to order at 7:02PM. Bob Holmes led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report

Chris Britt read the Secretary’s report. Joe Leonardo made a motion to accept; Bob Holmes seconded.

Treasurer’s Report

Paul Soares read the Treasurer’s report for Jerome Jussaume. Jon Quinn made a motion to tentatively accept the report as read, pending any questions for Jerome; Ed Gervais seconded.

Committee Reports

There were no reports from Archery, Audit, BMP, Club House, Forestry, Grounds, History, Kitchen, Newsletter, Pistol, Trap, WCL and Website.

Board of Advisors

Pres. Berube read the Board of Advisors report for Harry Romasco. The dues will remain the same as last year, they will not go up. Pres. Berube reported on the changes for renting the Club for private functions. With the new insurance, anyone renting the Club for a function will need to have their guests sign a Guest Hold Harmless Agreement, along with still filling out the application and putting down a deposit. Pres. Berube reported moving forward anyone who comes in as a new member from the Auxiliary List or the Waiting List will need to provide an FID or LTC card.

have subsided for the time being with our trapper taking out a couple of very large specimens. We’ll see in the spring just how well we did. As you know I have contacted Beaver Solutions for an estimate to install a beaver deterrent device at the spillway and I think that it’s something we should address as soon as possible in the spring. As I said before, the beavers are going to be an ongoing problem whether we like it or not. I believe they’re here to stay, so we need an annual maintenance program to deal with them over and above having the trapper come in annually as you approved at the last meeting. Please remember to use our pond at your own personal and safe discretion and to respect the space and rights of other members also!


Jon Quinn reported that they are closed right now for the deer season. This Sunday they will be stocking. Raffles are being held for birds. The game dinner will be held on February 9th. The dinner starts at 5:00 PM and its $25 per ticket. Tickets are limited. They’re also selling tickets for takeout.


Ray Moloney, Sr. reported his son repaired everything over on the range. The range seemed fairly clean.



Ed Gervais reported the waiting list is up to date with the information he has. Also, the list has been posted in the glass cabinet of the people who must switch from Auxiliary to Full Members.

Pres. Berube reported as of this date there are some nice fish being taken. Although with the start of hunting season, fishing at our pond is light. The ongoing beaver problems seem to

Durk Lawson reported that 18 out of 27 probationary members have completed all their requirements. It looks like 3 to 4

Pres. Berube is congratulating Willie Huber for being recognized for his lifetime achievements at the Club, by adding his name to the honorary plaque on the wall.

more will make it. This is the last month for work hours. A few meetings left to attend.

Old Business None

New Business Jack Briggs made a motion to establish the dues as recommended by the Board; Tom Bienkiewicz. Unanimously. Ed Pokornicki reported that he will be holding two kids classes: Black powder and a handgun. The handgun course will be a 2 to 3 day course. The courses will probably be starting in March. The classes

Work Hours

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototype l Production l Engineering l Consulting



Subscription Form The Outdoor Message is now available for individual subscriptions!

Outdoor Message

Augusta, ME

West Lebanon, NH Concord, NH

August Civic Center I-95, Exit 112S or 112A-N Fireside Inn 25 Airport Rd, I-89 Exit 20 Everett Ice Arena I-93 Exit 14 East

First Name

Mailing Address City

DiPrete Promotions, Inc. 2013 GUN SHoWS

Show Hours: Saturday 9-5 Sunday 9-2 January 2013

Last Name


Manchester, NH

Outdoor Message

New England’s Most Active Outdoor People


Radisson Hotel Center of NH 700 Elm St, I-293 Exit 5

70 Nemco Way Ayer, MA 01432 T: 978.772.9034 F: 978.772.3012

Judy Candage



are for kids 12 to 18 years old. If you have any questions or would like to sign your child up, please contact Ed at 508-2786002. Pres. Berube made a motion to add to the membership application, that the person applying must provide the Club with a copy of their FID or LTC card. Pres. Berube thanked Tim Barlow for the masonry work he did on the building and also for the work that he did sealing the problem with the roof. Bob Holmes made a motion to adjourn at 7:46pm; Joe Leonardo seconded. Respectfully submitted, Chris Britt, Secretary ★

Home Phone

Jan 12-13

Jan 19-20

Feb 16-17 Apr 13-14 603-225-3846 The


Postal Delivery 1 year/12 issues

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Electronic Delivery (include email address above) 1 year/12 issues ❒ $ 6.00

Enclosed is my ❒ Cash ❒ Check ❒ Money Order To pay by credit card, please visit our website at

Return form and payment to 37 Pierce Street, Northborough, MA 01532

Outdoor Message


Page 15


P.O. Box 258 East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02333 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We hope you had a great 2012 and wish you a great and prosperous new year in 2013!

Annual Elections

Nominations for club officers and directors for 2013 were closed at the December 3 business meeting. Nominations for Officers are: President, Ed Holmes Vice-president, Lorna Vasapollo Treasurer, Mike Scanlon Recording Secretary, Tim Santry Financial Secretary, Dick McMahon. We have 10 nominations to fill 8 slots for Directors. Director nominations are: George Andrews, Ed Souza, Walter Potaznick, Mike Vasapollo, Bill Ewell, Larry Winger, Tim Hill, Bob Phillips and Scott Blood. This means we have real election contests for Officers and Directors for 2013. An election ballot committee was appointed, Hugh Hurley and John Fabroski, to run the election. The election results will be posted on the club bulletin board the night of the election and published in the February newsletter. We would like to thank all the officers and directors who did a great job working for the club in 2012, especially Ed Holmes, who worked very long and hard for the good of the club in his first year as president and who foolishly agreed to run for re-election.

Sportsman’s Show

Our Annual Southeastern Mass. Sportsman's Show will be held on Saturday and Sunday, February 2 and 3, 2013 at our clubhouse on Burr Lane, off Union St. and route 18 in East Bridgewater. The show will run from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 9 AM to 2 PM on Sunday. This is the weekend of the Superbowl and we will close up early on Sunday afternoon so everyone has time to get home to watch the game. Our show committee chairman, Hugh Hurley, reported things are going very well, with almost all the tables sold already. There will be booths displaying and selling all types of hunting, fishing, camping, firearms and marine equipment. There will also be sportsmen's videos, raffles, refreshments and much more. To get more information call Hugh Hurley at 508-588-9327. Show flyers are ready for distribution now, so please pick up some and pass them out! You may pay your $80.00 dues for 2013 at the Sportsman’s Show this year. If you have not paid by February 7 business meeting you will automatically be dropped from the membership. Please pay by check only, no cash allowed. We are looking for all our members, but especially new members to pitch in and help setup, run and take down the show. We need help on Thursday evening,

Business Meeting - Thursday Jan 3 at 7 pm 2013 Sportsman’s Show - Saturday-Sunday Feb 2-3 Board of Directors - Thursday Jan 24 at 7 pm

January 31 to begin the setup and then Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday. Hugh is especially looking for more members to work the parking lots, especially in the mornings when they are the busiest. Dress very warmly for the cold outside! Kitchen help is also needed on both days. Come over to help for an hour or two or to spend the day, all help is appreciated! We need to get as many members as possible to turn out to support our club. The Sportsman’s Show is an excellent place to get to know other club members, especially for people who are new members.

3-D Archery

Our next 3-D archery shoot is on Sunday, January 6, 2013. Setup is on Friday, January 4, at 8:30 AM. Come on over to have coffee and donuts and help put the targets out.

Trap and Skeet

The membership voted for the first time in many, many years to increase the fee for a round of trap or skeet due to the rapidly increasing cost of clay targets. Effective January 1, 2013 a round of trap or skeet will cost $3.00 for members and $3.50 for non-members. This is still below the cost of many area clubs.

Youth Activities

Mike Scanlon reported that the youth archery is going very well with many new youngsters participating. Bill Doherty reported that the youth rifle program has gotten off to a great beginning with 27 youths signing up for the program. Thanks to Mike and Bill and all the members who support these youth activities!


our thanks to George Mclean for sharing this photo of a wet hawk! Send your photos to for use in a future issue.


I GNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NOT ONLY NO ExCUSE , IT CAN BE VERY ExPENSIVE AND LAND YOU IN JAIL . Contents: 1. Copy of Statutes Relating to hunting, Firearms, Rifles, Shotguns and Ammunition 2. Copy of Regulatory References 3. Copy of Gun Application Form with Suggestions on Filling Out 4. List of State Police Approved Gun Locks 5. Selected Federal Law and Statutory References 6. Summary of 1998-1999 statutory changes 7. Common Questions with Answers 8. Discussion and Case Law relating to Licensing, Firearm (possession and carrying), Purchase and Sale of Guns and Ammunition, Definitions, Firearms in a Motor Vehicle, Citizens Right of Arrest, Civil Liability (with Cases), Use of Force and Deadly Force (with Cases), Criminal Liability 9. Domestic Violence under Federal and State Law 10. Fully Referenced for case of use 11. Designed for Gun Owner - Police Officer - Attorney - Security Personnel - State Police Approved Instructors 12. Over 140 pages of valuable information. 8 1/2x11 pages lay flat for easy reading

We welcomed Andrew DelPrete as our newest Associate Member at the December business meeting. Congratulations to Andrew for moving up from Junior membership and we thank him for his continued support of the club. We also brought in Gillian Hand as our newest Junior Member.

Financial Reports

It is time again for all club members who handle club funds to fill out a simple end of year financial report so that all our bookkeeping will be kept in order. Our goal is to have everyone who handles funds report income and expenditures in the same standard way. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and our new treasurer, Mike Scanlon, will not have to chase people to get information!

Around The Club

Walter Potaznick offered thanks to Paul

Terry Goode

Also available... “Criminal Law Reference Handbook” and Motor Vehicle Law Reference Handbook” Cost: $17.95 each (includes tax and shipping)

Page 16



John Fabroski suggested that this has been a very busy year for members who supported all the new projects, repairs and maintenance tasks that have been accomplished at the club. John requested that the club take a little breather and slow down with new projects in 2013 so the members can relax a little bit and enjoy the facilities at the club after all the time and effort they had put in. Ed Holmes has asked members and committees to submit ideas for projects that they would like to see accomplished at the club in the future so that we can work up a list of priorities.


The last two shooting window positions at the left end of the rifle range have been modified to allow use of higher rifle rests at these two stations. Thanks to John Fabroski, George Andrews and the others who helped with the changes. Thanks to John Fabroski, Greg Tapp and Maurice and Justin Fisher for all their work in putting up the new roof over the outdoor pistol range shooting stations. They saved the club a lot of money by using mostly available materials. A reminder to everyone that shooting hours on the outdoor ranges are from 10:00 AM to sunset every day, out of respect for all of our neighbors. We have had a couple of instances of people starting early or shooting after sunset. This is a range violation and will be dealt with by the board of directors. We are still having a problem with some folks shooting high powered loads on the indoor pistol range and causing damage to the backstop. This is a serious safety violation and will be dealt with accordingly by the Directors.

Junior Conservation Camp

Please submit names of any youngsters from 13 to 17 years old who you would like to have the club sponsor to Junior Conservation Camp this coming August. All you need to do to get on the list is send in their name and address; we will get the formal applications filled out later. Please do not submit names for anyone who is not sure they want to attend the camp. We cannot afford to waste camp slots and funding on "no-shows". Final deadline to submit names is January 15, 2012. Sincerely Yours, Tim Santry ★

Tues & Wed 12 to 5 pm Thurs & Fri 10 to 7 pm Sat 9 to 4 pm

Collectors Firearms & Militeria

Civil and criminal sanctions are serious - Jail sentences added and expanded.

Cost: $24.50 (includes tax & shipping). Send check to William M. Cloran, Esq. 50 Union Street, Suite 1, Newton Centre, MA 02459 Phone 617-969-2001 Fax 617-969-6517

Clark and the others who helped in running a successful Turkey Shoot in December and congratulations to all those who won prizes! The Young Marines will be using the indoor pistol range on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 from 9 AM to 3 PM so the range will be closed for other uses during this time.

122 Bridge Street, Unit 9 Pelham NH 03076

Outdoor Message

603-635-9699 603-635-8443 January 2013


Davis Road - PO Box 101 Hanson MA 02341 Phone 781-293-9872


January Meetings

Please be advised that the next scheduled Business Meeting will be held at 7:30 PM on Thursday, January 10th, 2013. This is the date of our Annual Meeting as well as the Annual Election of Officers The January Board of Directors Meeting will be held at 7 PM on Thursday, January 24th, 2013.


It’s that time of year again! Hard to believe that 2012 is over and we are again looking forward to another New Year. With that being said, all members are reminded it is time to pay your annual club dues. Members who wish to pay their dues on Sunday Mornings in person (in the clubhouse) are reminded to please bring in only a check or a money order. Sorry folks, cash will not be accepted. Members wishing to “mail in” their payment are urged to do so as soon as possible. Again…checks and money orders only. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please Be Advised

All members are reminded that in order to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming Annual Election of Officers and thereby attend the Annual Meeting, your dues for the 2013 membership year must be paid in full.

Speaking of Dues: HRGC One-Year Membership Raffle (Valued at $150)

Mitch Soroko Our club will be offering a one-year membership raffle prize which will be transferable to any existing member. To enter just add $5.00 for each entry with your membership renewal payment and send it into the club. Members can also purchase chances online under the raffle tab on the club website or at the monthly meeting. Please feel free to enter as many times as you like. There will be one free membership drawn for each $300.00 of raffle proceeds collected. Therefore depending on the participation, multiple memberships can be given away. The drawing will be held at the February 14th, 2013 Business Meeting. You do not need to be present to win. For additional information please contact

14th Annual New Years Eve Non Event!!??

Karen & Kirk Obillo Now enjoying its own 14th year, “Our Annual New Year’s Eve Non Event.” How do we describe this event? Well as far as the Executive Board here at the Hanson Rod & Gun Club sees it, this program is completely “non endorsed, unauthorized, not certified, non backed, unapproved, unsanctioned and therefore unrecognized.” It is however a lot of fun and a decent number of our own “Board” members, club members, their guests and associates attend as an alternative to some of the more obvious and traditional New Year’s Eve festivities. The action begins at 5 PM on the Trap January 2013

Range. Members and guests take part in making a little noise by breaking some elusive clay pigeons and eventually retire to the clubhouse for a full course and very bountiful Chinese Buffet! Many years back this “undercover party” began as a half a dozen members looking for a better way create a bit more revelry and less “elbow bending” while celebrating the New Year holiday. It has grown in some recent years to have over forty or more attendees. This is a dry affair as we toast the New Year with apple cider!! It does however break up early enough for guests to still join in some late night howling. Interested members should contact Bob Preston at 774.406.1573 or Kirk Obillo at 781.293.7405.

Club Christmas Party

President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Mike Dunn Bob Preston Mitch Soroko Bill Segalla

*December Toy Drive a Big Success!!!

Executive Board: Dave Gonsalves Greg Williams Rick Zadrozny

Mitch Soroko This year’s club toy drive broke the record! As of December 8th our club had collected over 360 toys for a very worthy cause. Despite our sluggish economy our Toy Drive netted an additional 10 percent more toys than last year! Due to our member’s collective efforts we will assist over 100 local families in the towns of Halifax, East Bridgewater, Whitman as well as here in Hanson. If it weren’t for these efforts put forth solely by our organization, many of these kids would not have a very good Christmas. As members, we can be proud of this outcome. Hanson Rod & Gun Club members truly made a difference in people’s lives during the holiday season. A toy for a child to find on Christmas Morning will go a long way. Thank you in advance for all of your generosity!!

Angelo Nuby John Coyman Barbara Dunn

In the Bronze Division, First Place through Seventh Place were awarded to Kyle Grant, Dan Grant, Ron Anctil, Jack Ferry, Tim Sharon, Kyle Stenstrom and Charlie McGee. In the Silver Division, First place was awarded to Dylan Carpino and Second Place went to Jameson Dwyer. In the Gold Division, First Place went to Jim Dwyer and Second Place went to Angelo Nuby. Bob Preston took First Place in the Platinum Division. The title of “TOP GUN” and Club Champion went to Norm Preston’s grandson Adam Preston! It should be noted here that he even beat his dad Bob Preston by five birds!! Congratulations to all our club trap shooters.

Ladies’ Night

John Coyman All members are reminded that Ladies’ Night is scheduled for the Tuesday Evening of January 8th, 2012. Participants attending this event will learn the fine points of firearm safety as well as an introduction to handgun shooting. The action begins at 6 PM and the cost is $10 for the evening. Reservations are limited to 20 people. For details please contact Mitch Soroko at any club meeting.

Bob Preston Saturday Evening, December 8th was the Annual Club Christmas Party and a good time was had by all! It should be noted here that the clubhouse was decorated for the holidays in its own Christmas best! Even the deer and bear mounts on the wall were dressed for the holidays. This party Mike Hurney continues to grow in size Please be advised that the 2013 3D each year and this year was Archery Schedule is as follows: January no exception. Truthfully 13, April 14, July 28 and October 27. All we almost ran out of archers are asked to mark their calendars chairs!! appropriately. Help is needed to set up the Appetizers were made course on the immediate Saturday before available at 6 PM and each of these shoots. Additionally, help is attendees wetted their also needed late in the day of the shoot to appetizers on a selection of help break down the course and put the specialty gourmet cheese targets away. Work hours are available. spreads, spiced meat balls, Please see Fuzzy for details. gourmet stuffed mushroom caps, deviled eggs and our club Christmas Party was a big success not only for the attendees that evening but also for the kids who more. By 7 PM dinner was will be the recipients of over 360 toys! served which featured salad as well as a complete On Thursday evening, December 13, 2012 Italian Buffet with chicken parm, lasagna, the ballot for the upcoming club election ziti, sausage with peppers & onions. in January 2013 was finalized. There have Dessert featured Joanne Preston’s been some changes as a few folks who chocolate trifle. All the food was excellent Please be advised that Ray could use some were not going to run for office were help in the kitchen ASAP! Anyone as always!! nominated from the floor and decided to After everyone was very well fed, interested in contributing workhours is seek office. For the office of: Santa Claus (our own club secretary advised to contact Mike Dunn or Ray at Club President: Justin Jerome Mitch Soroko) made an arrival and any club meeting or at any Sunday Vice President: Steve Pagliuca, Bob entertained the numerous children who Morning Breakfast. Preston (incumbent for re-election) were in attendance. The table raffle this Treasurer: Bob Martin year offered a bountiful array of club Secretary: Bob Sullivan apparel, numerous food items as well as Two Open Board of Directors Seats: an assortment of various hardware prizes. Dick Shoughrow, Mike Dunn, Greg Congratulations goes out to member Matt Dan Grant Williams (incumbent for reOn Friday evening, November 16th, 2012, Feroli who won the Henry rifle!! election), Dave Gonsalves It should be noted here that over 360 a number of our club trap shooters and (incumbent for re-election) toys were collected for our annual drive. their families gathered at the Yangtze Chinese Restaurant of Bridgewater for (More on this later. Please read on!*) Finally it has to be stated that a good their annual awards night. The end of time was indeed had by all. Thank yous October marked the completion of the The Election of Club Officers and Annual go out to Jon, Mitch & Judy Soroko, Sixth Annual Norman C. Preston Spring Meeting are scheduled for Thursday, Elaine & Jon Coyman, Buddy Farnham, & Summer Trap League. Thirteen of our January 10,2013. Joanne & Bob Preston for organizing and club shooters were awarded trophies as Until next month…Bob P. ★ planning this event and all its details. We follows. also need to thank everyone who bought a ticket for the party, a ticket for the raffles, contributed food or raffle prizes, helped decorate, clean up or who helped divide and pack up the toys for delivery to the four church groups we contribute to. This event was indeed a success! Let’s be sure Credit card payments through PayPal. to do it again next year!!!

January 3D Archery Course


Hanson Rod & Gun Club Election Update

World Famous Hanson Claybusters

Reminder To Members

Order your subscription -- or purchase a subscription for a friend -- online!


Outdoor Message

Page 17

FIN, FUR AND FEATHER CLUB OF WELLESLEY AND NATICK Pistol and Rifle Report 2 January 9 January 16 January 23 January 30 January

Millis @ Southborough Riverside @ Millis Maspenock @ Millis Millis @ Hopedale Hopkinton @ Millis

As of this writing the Fin Fur and Feather Maspenock League team is undefeated. Every member who would like to shoot National Gallery Course at 50 feet with a .22 caliber handgun is welcomed to shoot with other members of the club. Only the top five scores for that particular evening are count as being “On the Team” for the match. Matches at each of the clubs start at 8:00 PM.

Skeet and Trap Report

Although it is wintertime we are still very active with outdoor shooting. Skeet and Trap are open each weekend from about 12 noon to 4 PM.

PO Box 272, 100 Larch Road - Millis, MA 02054-0272 508-376-2977

Take note that we have a new wireless release system on the trap field which is more sensitive and easier to set up. If you are on the Skeet and Trap committee please take the time to ask another member of the committee so you understand the setup and takedown of this new system.

New Members

Membership applicants in December: Robert Bell - Dover Carl D'Angio - Westwood Patricia Doyle - Needham Joseph Doyle - Needham Russell King - Needham John Kirkham - Medfield Michael Lane - Medfield Craig Lichtenstein - Medfield John McKinnon - Westwood Christopher O'Rourke - Medfield Christian Sampson - Chestnut Hill Note: The next New Member Safety

Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 20th at 11 AM.

Calendar of Events

January 2013 7 Board of Directors 8:00 PM Norfolk County League 7:00 PM 9 14 Annual Meeting and Elections 8:00 PM 17 Practical shoot 8:00 PM 20 New Member Safety Meeting 11:00 AM February 2013 4 Board of Directors 8:00 PM 10 New Member Safety Meeting 11:00 AM 13 Norfolk County League 7:00 PM 21 Practical Shoot 8:00 PM

Annual Meeting

The Annual General Membership Meeting of the club will be held on

Monday evening, January 14, 2013 starting at 8:00 PM. There will be a rollup from all the club committees on our 2012 activities along with the election of officers and directors for the 2013 season. Pizza and refreshments will be served after the meeting.

Club Web Page

Please visit our club web page at <> for a lot more information about the club and its activities. Many thanks to our webmaster Ken Wellington for much of the information published above.

Let Us Know!

If you've had an address change, please forward it to Greg Nealand at The Fin, Fur and Feather Club, P.O. Box 272, Millis, MA 02054, or email to . ★


Mailing: P.O. Box 687 - Townsend MA 01469 Location: 60 Warren Road Townsend MA

Meetings Board meetings: January 3, 2013 and January 31 at 6:30 PM Membership meetings: January 5, 2012 and February 2 at 3:00 PM. The December 1, 2012 membership meeting was called to order by Larry Bevis (Range Officer). There were 18 members present.

New Members

The club would like to welcome 1 new member this month- Matthew Proctor (Lunenburg)

Past Functions

The club held our annual Thanksgiving raffle in November. For those who attended you know that we tried something different at this raffle. Next year we will keep the same in mind, only instead we will be offering both meats and store certificates, and it will still be winner’s choice. The Basket that had a 20# turkey and a spiral ham and also a $100.00 gift certificate went to Dave Brooks. The $50.00 in cash went to Dennis Pimentel and the $25.00 in cash went to Ginny Schaufus. Thanks to all who not only sold ticket for this raffle but also bought them.

Upcoming Events

To start off the 2013 season the club will plan on holding an ice fishing derby on Sunday, January 20th. The derby will run

TOMB STONE Trading Company

Club phone 978-597-8733 * Secretary’s email: or Web site:

from 7 am – 1 pm. The fee to fish is $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for kids 14 and under. There are 3 cash prizes. Breakfast and Lunch will be available. Make sure you bring your own bait! Then set for February 3rd the club will hold our annual Valentine’s Day Meat and Gift Raffle. The raffle will run from 1 – 4 pm. There will be a variety of meats and certificates as well as items that may go along with the holiday! Scheduled for February 10th we will hold 3-D Archery Shoot. The shoot will run from 7 am – 12 noon. Breakfast and Lunch will be available. This is also a reminder to the members that both the range and pond will be closed on the 9th due to the set up of the course beginning at 8 AM. The ranges will also be closed the day of the shoot. The club has 2 more ice derbies scheduled for February 17th and the 24th. (Same rules apply as above as January 20th derby.)

New Business

2013 Calendar has been completed!

Good and Welfare

December and January we will be taking nominations for the following positions. President: None taken Treasurer: Ken Saucier Secretary: Brenda Saucier Board of Directors: (3 positions available) Carlos Pagan January is the last month for


Junction of Rt. 9 & Rt. 148 Brookfield, MA

HUGE SELECTION OF USED HANDGUNS - 1911’s in 10mm, 45, 38 super, 9mm Also - target, personal defense, cowboy, plinking, shotguns, rifles and much more.

Page 18

Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 12 PM to 7 PM Sat. 10 AM - 4 PM The

nominations so if you are interested in running for one of the above positions please contact an officer to let them know. Members are reminded that your daily fish catch is now 3 and juniors are at 2, until further notice. Not present to win the attendance drawing was Julien Fortin. The consolation prize was won by John Grafton. The 50/50 raffle was won by Moises Oyola. It was worth $29.00. 100 – Club winners. There were (5) $20.00 Winners: #54-Carlos Pagan (Bob) #47-Jason Moreau (Bob) #36-Eduardo Claveria (Vern) #98-Shana Convroy (Vern) #26-Bill Gerow (Bill) There were (2) $50.00 winners: #99-Jake Farnam (Bill) #99-Jake Farnam (Bill)

The (2) $75.00 winners were: #5-Bill Farnam (Bill) #75- Jim Lightfoot (Rick) The (1) $100.00 winner was #73-Bob Dion (Bob) The big winner of the day was #83Brenda Saucier (Brenda) (Thanks, Larry, for picking my number!) Get Well wishes go out to Pauline Souther who recently took a fall and wasn’t able to make the Thanksgiving raffle. Sympathies are also extended to her husband, Bob Souther, who recently lost a brother. With no further Business the meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Brenda Saucier ★

South Fitchburg Hunting & Fishing Club 60 Warren Road Townsend, MA 01469 Club’s Number- (978) 597-8733 2013 Calendar

Sunday, Jan. 20th...........Ice Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, Feb. 3rd ............Valentines Day Meat Raffle, 1 - 4 pm Sunday, Feb. 10th ..........3-D Archery Shoot, 7 am - noon Sunday, Feb. 17th ..........Ice-Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, Feb. 24th ..........Ice-Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Saturday, Mar. 2nd .........Annual Meeting/Banquet, 3 pm Sunday, Mar 24th ...........Easter Meat Raffle, 1 - 4 pm Sunday, April 14th ..........Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, May 5th.............Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, May 19th...........Meat & Seafood Raffle, 1 - 4 pm Saturday, June 8th .........Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, June 9th............Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, June 30th..........Meat & Seafood Raffle, 1 - 4 pm Sunday, Aug. 25th ..........Meat & Seafood Raffle, 1 - 4 pm Sunday, Sept. 15th .........Kid’s Only Derby, 9 am - 1 pm Sunday, Sept. 22nd ........Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, Oct. 6th.............Fishing Derby , 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, Oct. 20th...........Fishing Derby, 7 am - 1 pm Sunday, Nov. 17th ..........Slug Shoot, 12 pm Sunday, Nov. 17th ..........Turkey Raffle, 1 - 4 pm Sunday, Dec. 8th ............Holiday Raffle, 1 - 4 pm

Outdoor Message

January 2013


Next Club Event

PO Box 111 - 221 Spring Hill Road - Barre, MA 01005 978-355-4643 Email: ~ Website:

Prime Rib & Seafood Chowder $25, w Band - January 19th at 6 pm


New members for December were Tom Colyer and Steve Salvadore. Please be sure to welcome our new members when you see them! NOTE ON JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS: Junior membership status lasts until graduating from high school, or if continuing education is sought, when one graduates college. It is not only age based (18 years old).


Secretary, Treasurer and bar reports read & accepted.


Enjoy hunting season! We’ll start up again in the Spring. ☺



Youth Turkey Training Any youth interested in attending the training and then attending the Youth Turkey Hunt sponsored by the club, please call Rick French or Pepper Cooley after January 1st to register. If you have not attended the training before you must attend in order to participate in the hunt. Be sure if you have taken the course in prior years, and you wish to hunt this year, that you register. Registration to hunt is required. (POC Pepper Cooley 978-3556218 & Rick French 978-939-8946) VOLUNTEER MENTORS FOR YOUTH TURKEY HUNTERS: We need volunteers to mentor the attendees for this event. Please contact Rick French 978-939-8946. We need to be sure we have enough mentors for the attendees, especially the return hunters.

Kids Christmas Party

Party was a wonderful success. The children and parents who attended

enjoyed decorating the cookies, the visit by Santa Claus, hot cocoa and of course the presents that Santa brought each of the kids. Amazingly with Santa’s busy schedule he was able to make an appearance! A HUGE thank you to the Flemings and Joann Bousquet for calling the list of members and putting together a wonderful Sunday afternoon for the kids. They’re already planning for next year – and who knows, perhaps Rudolph will attend next year ☺.

Range Notes

No range notes for this month.

Club Reminders


Club Calendar

Monthly; Saturdays at 1 pm – Five Stand (Sporting Clays) JANUARY 2013 Thursday, 5th – 7:30 pm, Club Meeting Saturday, 19th - PRIME RIB & SEAFOOD CHOWDER, W/BAND, 6 pm 3rd Saturday at 9 am – Pistol HUNTER SAFETY COURSE: January 17, 28-29th at club (MUST BE SIGNED UP – see Mass Wildlife website for details) FEBRUARY 2013 Thursday, 2nd – 7:30 pm, Club Meeting Saturday, 5th – PRIVATE FUNCTION in the afternoon

MARCH 2013 Thursday, 1st – 7:30 pm, Club Meeting Saturday, 10th – GAME SUPPER, 6 pm Saturday, 30th – Youth Turkey Training (POC Pepper Cooley 978-355-6218 & Rick French 978-939-8946) ★

Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. Call Mike Klawitter with questions.

Sporting Clays

Five Stand: Starts up January, February, March and will be every Saturday at 1 pm.


Pistol shoots the 3rd Saturday of the month, in the am. Questions, call Bert DuVernay at 413-477-6529.

200 Yard Rifle

Mondays at 6 pm – come on out and shoot. Contact is Peter Stalker.

REMINDER: Crowd Control Managers

All members are urged to go online and take this ~30 minute course and get certified. The club is required before opening for any event to go through a safety checklist and have a Crowd Control Manager on site at each event. For renting the club you will be required as the sponsoring member to have this certification as you will be responsible for the checklist. When you finish the course, please provide a copy to the board secretary and treasurer as there must be: 1) One on site in a notebook which resides in the kitchen, 2) Must have the information in order for the maintenance of the liquor license as per MA state laws. Website address is <>, and click on the DFS-Crowd Manager Training. Special thanks to those members who have taken the course and submitted their certificates to be included in the onsite book as required.

Youth Pheasant Hunt

The pheasant hunt training and youth hunt was well received by those who attended this year. Thank you to those who assisted and attended, and those who participated. We hope to see y’all next year!

Big Buck & Doe Award

Be sure to sign up before the season gets rolling – and good luck to all y’all in the January 2013

Find your Fort Knox safe at

Eastern Security Safe

Many Models in Stock ● In-home delivery available Open in two locations! 23 Providence Street Mendon MA 1-877-644-7233


13 Bosworth Street West Springfield MA 413-781-1048

Outdoor Message

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Club Location: Mirimichi Road - Foxboro, MA 02035 Club Phone: 508-543-9887 Mailing Address: PO Box 902 - North Attleboro MA 02761

Web address: Email address:

Web Site

Get the most up to date information on what is happening at the club in the “Latest News & Calendars”. Check the web site and the Google Calendar for open hours, league dates and activities. In addition there is a staffing calendar which will make it easier to volunteer for staffing the 5-Stand and Warm Up coverage. Double check before you drive to the club.

of Skeet and Trap. The price is $11.50 per week for members or $13.50 per week for non-members. 50 targets each week. A signup sheet will be available in the warm up house or you can sign up by sending an email to the club’s email address. Registered Shoots for 2013. Plans for

Action Shoot Reminders: • 7:30 AM Setup; 8:30 AM Signup; 8:50 AM Shooters Meeting; 9:05 AM Start Time • NEW shooters are ALWAYS welcome! If a new shooter shows up at 8:00 AM, we would be happy to give them

Range Times

Skeet, Trap, 5-Stand: Wednesday, 5:00 to 8:00. Saturday & Sunday, 1:00 to 4:00. Open to the public. Sporting Clays: Saturday & Sunday, promptly at 1:00. Open to the public. Pistol & Rifle Ranges: Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to sunset. Sunday and Holidays from 12:00 PM to sunset. Open to members. Limited member guest visits (must sign in).

Membership News

Meeting Times

Board Meeting: 3rd Tuesday, monthly at 7:30 PM. Membership Meeting: 1st Tuesday of March, June, September and December at 7:30 PM.

Welcome to new members: David Lowe of Foxboro Christopher Hummel of Norwood

Outdoor Message Online


New member orientation is held at 9:00 AM on the 4th Sunday of each month. All new members must attend a session in order to get a gate fob. If you plan to attend, call Vinny Tuzzo. 508-543-7029 in advance.

Shotgun Sports News

A six week Fall Trap League has finished. There was a good sign-up - winners will be announced in the next issue. Winter Shotgun League. Our winter league will be another 12 week schedule, followed by a dinner get together at the end of the 12 weeks. Wednesday nights beginning January 9th. As we’ve done the past two years, it will be alternating weeks

Skeet registered shoots for 2013 are being planned. One will be a 4 gun event with folks shooting two gauges here, and two gauges at another club; final details in upcoming editions. Also monitor the website and calendar for dates and sign-up details.

Pistol & Rifle News

Scheduled Action Shoots are open to the public. During scheduled shoots, the rifle/pistol ranges are CLOSED to normal member use until approximately 1:00 PM. Always check the calendar before setting off to shoot at the range in case it is being used for an activity.


Come to the 34th Annual Southeastern Massachusetts Sportsman’s Show presented by the Standish Sportsman’s Association Burr Lane in East Bridgewater, MA



Hunting, Fishing, Guns, Taxidermy, Archery, Boats ents king Raffles Refreshm Free Par ADMISSIoN:

9 am to 2 pm


0off admissio n with th is ad

Adults $7.00 Children $1.00 For information call 508-588-9327 Page 20

some personal instruction before the shoot begins. • Ear protection, and eye protection with side protection, is required. For shoot information contact Paul Remick III, 508-384-4150 New activity. The Action Shoot schedule for the New Year will be posted on the web site. The recent Tactical Dynamics advanced training class (Nov 11th, 2012) held on site went very well. Joe Coyne observed the activities and came away with a very favorable report on the day. Joe thought the event was professionally run with a great emphasis on safety. The next event “Defensive Handgun I” will be held on Jan 18, 2013. Your membership allows for a 50% discount on the regular fees, so if you have an interest, check out their website <www.tacticaldynamicsfirearmstraining.c om>.


Outdoor Message

If you would like to receive The Outdoor Message via email, rather than in the newspaper format, please send the request to the club’s email address.

From the Editor

Dues are “Due”. A final reminder that dues renewal letters were sent out in early December. Club memberships expire on January 1, 2013. Also remember that gate fobs automatically deactivate on January 15th, for anyone whose dues are not paid. Fobs will be reactivated within 3 days of receiving your dues payment. Don’t forget any volunteer activity at the club helps pay towards your annual dues. Random Shot at left. Mini book review. “If it ain’t broke fix it” by Gil and Vicki Ash. If you wanted to seriously up your game with an emphasis on a ‘mount and shoot’ approach to clay shooting (particularly sporting) and hunting, here is a readable book which takes you from first principles to practice routines with good advice and homespun anecdotes. A bit heavy on the Texas charm but it’s a hook that he and his wife have built a shooting school around <>. I have a copy if anybody wants to take a look at before buying – Amazon and the usual outlets. Quote of the month. “The game of sporting clays ‘ain’t’ no thinking thing – it goes a little deeper than that.” Gil Ash Bring Your Snow Shovel. We have some plans for snow plowing to be done, but there are always some areas that need to be done with a shovel. If you come by to shoot after a snow storm, please bring a shovel and lend a hand. We are a 100% volunteer based club. If the membership doesn’t pitch in, some things just won’t get done. Log any time you spend shoveling on the work logs to obtain work credits towards next year’s dues. ★

January 2013


P.O. Box 543 - Holyoke, MA 01041 - 413-539-9345 -

RSO Course

President - Normand Desilets Secretary - Richard Asselin Directors - George Apgar, Jr. Vice-president - Joseph Knapik, Jr. Membership Secretary - William Burgess Joseph Kingsley Treasurer - Paul Cadorette Governor - Daniel Jones Marshall Johnson

The Holyoke Revolver Club will hold an NRA Range Safety Officer training course on January 12 at the club. Successful participants will receive NRA certification as RSO’s. Fees are $30 for HRC members and $75 for non-members. Enrollment is limited, and information is available at the club website or by calling the club phone at 413-549-9345.

Dues Time

Membership dues are being collected for 2013. A renewal form is included on this page. Membership Secretary Bill Burgess will accept applications during membership and directors’ meetings. Locks will be changed after New Year and electronic access cards will be cancelled for non-renewing members.

Junior Rifle

A new safety class for junior shooters will begin in January. Any youth ages 12 to 20 is eligible to take the course. Parental permission is required. Adult volunteers are needed to monitor the firing line during two evenings of the course. Jim Torrey is chief instructor. Several juniors are practicing for 2013 rifle matches.

Chronograph Session

Club members will have a chance to check their reloads for consistency and velocity when reloading instructor Ralph Rechenberger sets up his chronograph on the indoor range on February 2 from 8:30 to noon. No heavy magnums may be used, and the session is open only to HRC members. Other club members with chronographs are invited to participate if their machines will work indoors.

Shooting Orientation 101

Sandy Richard and Ann Robinson are planning a day of instruction and familiarization for new shooters. It will include an opportunity to try out various firearms prior to making a first purchase. Participants must have passed the HRC safety course or hold a current Massachusetts LTC. Time and place to be announced.

Shrine Circus

As it has done for several years, the club voted at the December meeting to purchase a full-page ad in the program for the 2013 Melha Shrine Circus. Shriner and HRC member and instructor Lou Redfern made the presentation to the club.

fundraiser for youth programs, range development and conservation programs. The drawing takes place throughout the month of March, with a new gun awarded every day when a ticket number matches the first three digits of the Mass. Daily evening lottery number. Tickets are $25.

Scholastic Steel Challenge

The club has purchased equipment to hold SSC matches for junior and adult members. The course of fire is an action match against a series of steel plate targets, and winners are decided by the shortest times. Adult range officers accompany each junior through the course, and safety is emphasized at all times. Guns used are .38 Special revolvers, 9 mm pistols or .22 rifles and pistols. Juniors must be HRC members and have a signed parental permission slip. SSC membership is $20 per year. There will be a safety training course for SSC at a date to be announced. Marshall Johnson and Joe Knapik are in charge.

Security Cameras

Cameras have been installed to monitor the interior of the building as well as the parking lot and 50-yard outdoor range. Images stored on the hard drive will only be reviewed if there is damage or suspicious activity at the club.

Automatic Target Carriers

The target carriers on two lanes of the indoor range have been fitted with electric target return motors to facilitate their use by handicapped shooters. Plans are under way to motorize all indoor range carriers.

Outdoor Message

For years the club has benefitted from using The Outdoor Message to deliver its news and notices, and HRC members have enjoyed keeping up with the news and with old friends at other clubs around New England. The Gun Owners Action League paid for the subscriptions of club members who were also members of GOAL, and the club paid for the others. Last year the board of directors of GOAL voted to end this benefit for its members. The club now pays for all subscriptions, which are available in both the traditional paper format or as an electronic newspaper, which costs the club one-third

Wax On

The club is seeking bids from contractors to strip and wax the tile floors once or twice a year. Interested parties should contact club president Norm Desilets.

Gun A Day Drawing

Tickets for the 2013 raffle are available from George Apgar. It is sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Friends of NRA as a January 2013

Plate Racks

The pistol target plates and the rubber bumpers on the outdoor racks have been replaced recently. The plates on the left are rated for .22 caliber, and will fall when hit with a .22. The plates on the right are for normal centerfire pistol rounds, and will fall when struck with a .38 or 9 mm, but not a .22. Neither set of plates should be shot with any rifle or shotgun rounds.


Following a recent discussion by the board of directors, the membership voted to purchase plastic ID carriers so that HRC members can display their membership cards. The badges are now required on all club ranges. Members are also required to sign in at the clubhouse door prior to using ranges.

New Members

Junior members Noah and Caleb Galko and Justin Mohr, all of Easthampton, and Andrew Holbrook of Holyoke were among the new members welcomed at the December meeting. Also joining were Jeffrey and Pamela Weeks of Belchertown, Ryan Connors of East Longmeadow, Danny DiRocco of Springfield, Thomas Lukasik of South Hadley, David Averill of Chicopee and Paul Laliberte of Easthampton. The club finished the year with 427 members, twice as many as a few years ago.

HRC Hats and Patches

Hats and jacket patches embroidered with the club’s logo are now available for sale from Membership Secretary Bill Burgess.

Group Memberships

The club encourages its members to join the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners’ Action League, the state rifle and pistol association. Ed Pelland is the club recruiter for both organizations, and handles membership applications and renewals for both. Club members can save $10 per year by paying for their NRA

memberships through Ed for $25, rather than the standard $35. Ed receives NRA points for each new membership or renewal, which he applies to NRA memberships for junior club members.

Fun Shoots

Dave Sparko conducts fun shoots on Tuesday evenings at the club. Competitors shoot .22 pistols at steel plates and a “Dueling Tree” of spinning targets, trying to move all of the discs to the opponent’s side of the tree. Match schedules will be posted on the club’s website and calendar.

Practical Matches

The club holds practical matches on the fourth Saturday of the month. New shooters should arrive at 9 am for safety instruction. Participants should bring a centerfire pistol or revolver and 100 rounds of ammunition, extra magazines and speedloaders, a holster, which is not a shoulder or crossdraw model, a baseball cap and eye and ear protection. Chris Fila is in charge. Volunteers are needed to set up the stages, and should arrive at 8 am.

Pistol Course

Holyoke Revolver Club conducts an NRA Basic Pistol course every month on the third Saturday. Successful participants receive both the NRA certificate and the Massachusetts state certificate required for firearms licenses. Information is available at the club website or by leaving a message on the club phone 413-5399345. The club is now listed on the NRA website and will appear on a zip code search for NRA instruction. The club has more than a dozen NRA-certified pistol instructors and Range Safety Officers. Volunteers are needed to monitor the firing line from 11 am to 3 pm. Marshall Johnson is chief instructor.


The club has established a Paypal account for payment of fees for the NRA Basic Pistol course. Information is on the website.

50/50 Raffle

Bruce Betsold won $39 at the December meeting. Gail Crenshaw’s name was drawn to win the members' drawing, but she was not present, so the money goes into the next jackpot. ★



High Power Clinic

The club will hold its annual rifle clinic on May 4. Participants will study the care and feeding of the M1, M1A and similar competition rifles and then shoot a highpower match in the afternoon. The course is open only to club members. Rifles and ammunition will be available. Rick and Dave Wallis are in charge.

as much. Anyone who would like to receive the online publication should contact Membership Secretary Bill Burgess to make the change, or to alert him if a household is receiving more than one copy of The Outdoor Message.

Robert Lombardi David Matuszek Ronald Mehlhorn

P.O. Box 543, Holyoke, MA 01041

Make checks payable to: Holyoke Revolver Club, Inc.


Address: City:

Tel No:


Occupation: Membership:


Firearms ID card - - Y N License to carry - - Y N


NRA Member - - Y N

GOAL Member - - Y N

Employer: __Annual ($85.00)

(Check membership desired)

__Spouse ($40.00)


__Over 65 ($50.00)

__Junior ($25.00)

As a member, I will abide by the by-laws and regulations of the Holyoke Revolver Club. I will also abide by the new visitor policy. Visitors may accompany a club member to the property, but neither party can shoot or handle firearms. Visitors may attend regularly scheduled events. I release from liability and responsibility the Holyoke Revolver Club and its membership.

Your Signature: ____________________________________________ Date:______________________________ The

Outdoor Message

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Depot Street, North Harwich MA 02645 - Club Lodge 508-432-4457 Mailing Address: PO Box 119 Harwichport MA 02646

President, Jim Gillespie 1st Vice President, George Baggitt 2nd Vice President, Dan Welch Treasurer, Ricardo Vasconcellos Secretary, Kim Johnson

Happy New Year to all our club members and their families.

Club Meetings

The next club Business Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013. Per usual, dinner will be served at 7 PM and the meeting will begin approximately at 8 PM. All members are urged to arrive early for a good seat. Please be advised that the January Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 7 PM.

Ninth Annual Shotgun Slug Shoot

Raffle Department

required to "pay such equivalent.." Clearly, says Maslack, Vermonters have a constitutional obligation to arm themselves, so that they are capable of responding to "any situation that may arise." Under the bill, adults who choose not to own a firearm would be required to register their name, address, Social Security Number and driver's license number with the state. "There is a legitimate government interest in knowing who is not prepared to defend the state

Jill and Al Savage Speaking of meetings! Members are reminded that the monthly raffle at each club meeting features a number of prizes from hunting paraphernalia, fishing poles, hardware, housewares and sometimes club merchandise. All members and their guests are encouraged to purchase raffle tickets to win some great prizes.

NRA Training

Peter Donovan This month’s scheduled NRA Home Firearms Safety Course will be held Tuesday, January 15th at 7 PM. Anyone interested in ascertaining Club President Jim Gillespie and his trophy from his November deer hunt in North Carolina. his or her firearm identification card (FID) or license to carry (LTC) is encouraged to attend this invaluable course. Space is limited and reservations are strongly recommended. Please contact Peter Donovan or George Baggitt at any club meeting. November’s course hosted 15 students!

Bob Preston Sunday, November 25th was the date of our Ninth Annual Shotgun Slug Shoot. This event draws it’s own crew of club regulars and each year we do see a few new faces. For a small entry fee of $5 each shooter had to utilize five shots to achieve their score. Retries were just $4 more. First Prize in the “Iron Sight Division” went again to Mike London, Second place was won by Peter Donovan. First Prize in the “Scope Division” was awarded to Jim Gillespie, Second Place went to Jim Hartley. Next year we will change the prize format to offer hams or holiday turkeys or to quote member fellow club Bob Fratus Sr. “WILL SHOOT FOR FOOD!!!”

This May Make Your Day

Trap Turkey Shoot

should they be asked to do so," Maslack says. Vermont already boasts a high rate of gun ownership along with the least restrictive laws of any state.... it's currently the only state that allows a citizen to carry a concealed firearm without a permit. This combination of plenty of guns and few laws regulating them has resulted in a crime rate that is the third lowest in the nation. "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." This makes sense! There is no reason why gun owners should have to pay taxes to support police protection for people not wanting to own guns. Let them contribute their fair share and pay their

Bob Bates On Sunday, November 18, 2012 our club held its own Trap Range based Thanksgiving Day Lucky Bird Turkey Shoot. Ten rounds of trap allowed ten lucky participants the opportunity to walk away with ten fairly decent sized turkeys to compliment their holiday tables. Congrats to shooter Joe Bison who won four birds and towards the end of the morning was spreading the wealth by giving some of his “walking birds” away to the first time junior shooters. Special thanks to Peter Morgavio, Andy Smith, Adam Preston, Rusty Crocker, Joe Bison as well as Dan Welch and his nephews Nigel and Liam who all helped with the loading of birds and the scoring of rounds. All members are reminded that Trap is shooting Saturday Mornings at 10 AM, Sunday Mornings at 9 AM as well as Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 12 noon. The cost to shoot is a mere $3.00 per round of 25 clay targets. Non members will pay just a dollar more! Our trap range is open to all whether you are a novice, a rookie, an expert or an ATA superstar. Everyone is welcome so come on down and join us for some shooting fun!

Mel Peck Vermont State Rep. Fred Maslack has read the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as Vermont's own Constitution very carefully, and his strict interpretation of these documents is popping some eyeballs in New England and elsewhere. Maslack recently proposed a bill to register "non-gun-owners" and require them to pay a $500 fee to the state. Thus Vermont would become the first state to require a permit for the luxury of going about unarmed and assess a fee of $500 for the privilege of not owning a gun. Maslack read the “militia” phrases of the Second Amendment as not only the right of the individual citizen to bear arms, but as 'a clear mandate 3D shoots are back and will be to do so'. He believes that held during January, February, universal gun ownership was March and April. Members advocated by the Framers of should mark their calendars for the Constitution as an the third Sunday of each of antidote to a "monopoly of Club Vice President George Baggitt had a successful hunting these months. The shoots begin force" by the government as trip to New Mexico, taking this ten point mule deer. George's at 7 AM and breakfast will be well as criminals. prize weighed in at over 200 pounds and had a rack of antlers available in the clubhouse. The that measured better than 22 inches. Nice shooting, George!! Vermont’s constitution first 3D Shoot is slated for states explicitly that "the own way. Sounds reasonable to me! NonSunday, January 20th, 2013. people have a right to bear arms for the gun owners do require more police to As for the weekly Wednesday night defense of themselves and the State" and protect them. This fee should go to paying shoots, business has continued to be brisk. those persons who are "conscientiously for their defense! Wednesday evenings continue to have as scrupulous of bearing arms" shall be many as 10 or more archers using the

3D Archery Shoot

Page 22


Outdoor Message

indoor range. Anyone with a compound bow, reverse curve or long bow is welcome. To all that have crossbows, please feel free to bring them along as well. The fun begins at 7:30 PM. Come on down members and throw some arrows!!

Membership & Workhours

George Baggitt All members are reminded that a current member must sponsor new applicants. All applicants and sponsors must be interviewed for membership. After submitting an application, all perspective new members will be contacted to schedule the interview. Anyone with a membership question is urged to contact George Baggitt at any club meeting. Please be advised that all new members who come into our organization during the 2012 - 2013 membership period are reminded that you are responsible to fulfill your obligatory commitment of four workhours. Failure to do so will result in a $50 assessment for the following year's dues.

Club Christmas Party

Dave Larosa The Annual Club Christmas Party scheduled for December 1st was a big success. The doors opened at 6 PM for appetizers and over 60 attendees wet their appetites on a variety of appetizers. A delicious ham dinner was served at 7 PM. Dessert was a choice of chocolate eclairs or cheese cake. There were cupcakes for the kids. Table raffles offered several styles of club apparel, a gun case as well as numerous food items. Shaun Baggitt went away that evening as the proud owner of the Henry Rifle. To make this party happen was no small undertaking. There were numerous amounts of planning, decorating, cleaning, shopping for food and cooking. Thank yous go out to Dan & Marsha Welch, Eileen and David LaRosa, Jill & Al Savage, Joanne and Bob Preston and Jimmy Gillespie.

Toys For Tots

Thank you to all members, guests and associates who donated an unwrapped toy to the club’s toy drive this year. At the Tuesday, December 11th Business Meeting, representatives of the Marine Corp came in to pick up our contribution. All toys collected from our club will be distributed to youngsters across Cape Cod. Your contribution will go to help make a local youngster happier on Christmas Morning. Given the condition of our local, as well as national economy, this effort is something we can be proud of. Again, thank you to all for your continued support of this program.

Do You Live In A “#$%&%$#” Barn?

Baxter Nash All members need to be reminded that the gate is to be closed and locked each time any member enters or exits the club facilities. The only exception to this rule is when the club is open to a public event such as trap shooting, scheduled 3D Archery events, Turkey Shoots, Slug Shoots and etc. Until next month….Bob P. ★ January 2013


P.O. Box 42 - McGill Lane - Milford, Mass. 01757 November 26, 2012 Meeting. After the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for our public servants and members of the armed services, the meeting was called to order by President Dick Zontini. There were 44 members in attendance. There were 2 new members voted in this month. Welcome to Maspenock David Burgess and Matthew Terrio.

Treasurer’s Report

Jeff Croteau presented the report.

Financial Secretary

Leo O’Rourke reported that there are 371 regular members, 77 life time members, 21 spousal, 23 junior rifle and 5 juniors, 8 students and 9 military. The total membership is 514. He noted that renewal cards are going out late. The new key card will be a lifetime card as long as your dues are paid. If the card is lost there will be a $10 replacement fee.

Recording Secretary

Minutes were sent to The Outdoor Message.


Dennis Dorr gave the directors report. The topics will be covered under committees. He reminded the members that due to the holiday, the next directors meeting will be on 12/12/2012 and the membership meeting will be on 12/17/2012.


New members may use their two free rounds either on Wednesdays, 6-9 PM, or on Sundays, 9 AM to whenever.

Rifle Range

Dave Kirschner reported that the components have been ordered. Once in, there will be a work party scheduled.

Junior Rifle

Dave Gregoire reported that there are 17 active juniors. The first match of the Maspenock League will be on December 1st. Maynard has joined in the league. There are 5 members of the advanced team. Work is being done on a logo that will represent the team. It should be ready

soon. The advanced team has traveled to 3 matches so far. They will be shooting in Palmyra, GA and Camp Perry as well as West Point. Dave noted that the expenses for traveling have totaled $10,000 so far. All of this money has been paid by the parents. The parents see the value in the program and encourage their child in the program in hopes of obtaining scholarships.

Indoor Pistol Range/ Outdoor Pistol

Charlie Bertrand noted that the outdoor range is still under construction. They need more materials to build up the berm, more T11 and flashing. An appropriation was requested and approved by the membership. The indoor team is still looking for shooters of all levels.

Fish and Game

Dewie reported that the bird season is over and went very well. He extended thanks to 2 new members (? Names) for picking up the birds, to Jerry Hilliard for putting out the birds and to Ron Jencks and Joe LaCroix.

Structure and Grounds

Tony Manbucca reminded the members that Ed Davis maintains the property. He treats it as his home. Ed requested some loam and arrangements will be made to have it delivered. Tony noted that there are some “mystery men” who come up and maintain the archery range. Thanks were extended to them and to Ed for all they do. Ed Davis was also thanked for the work he into put the Porketta dinner.


Archery is still looking for someone to chair a committee. A tree needs to be cut down. It is leaning from the recent storm and it is dangerous. The directors will work on getting it down.

Worcester County League

L.A. Jones reported the last meeting was held on 11/16 at Harvard. Upland bird season opened on October 13 and




The Powderhorn

210 BARNSTABLE ROAD HYANNIS, MASS. 02601 508-775-8975 HOURS: Mon- Fri 9 am to 5 pm Sat 9 am to 5 pm January 2013


pheasant stocking was conducted weekly. Pheasant hunting related complaints have been referred to the Environmental Police. Complaints involving hunting ethics were addressed by varying the dates, times, frequencies and locations of actual stockings. The goal of the pheasant stocking program remains to provide a recreational opportunity with an expectation of encountering a pheasant whenever a licensed hunter goes afield. Licensed hunters and trappers are reminded that there will be no online game checking during the fall of 2012. All hunted or trapped animals that require tagging must be brought to a check station as has been the case in the past. Online checking is expected to be available beginning with the spring 2013 turkey season. In Central District, sportsmen are reminded that the Westboro Field Headquarters has been closed and no game checking will be conducted. Deer hunters who used the Westboro Field HQ are advised to bring deer to Fin and Feather Sports in Upton for all seasons except the first week of shotgun season when the check station will be operated at the Upton State Forest. Other deer checking options in the area include the Central District office in West Boylston, Wayne’s Weaponry in West Boylston, Moe’s Bait and Tackle and A. Arena and Sons in Hopkinton. Trappers are advised to bring pelts that require tagging to the Central District office. Anglers are reporting landlocked salmon running up the Stillwater River following the rain events generated by hurricane Sandy and the subsequent nor’easter. Increased flow in the Stillwater serves as an attractant to salmon staging in the main body of the Wachusett Reservoir. The Reservoir closed to fishing November 30 while the Stillwater may be fished year round above the railroad crossing near the mouth of the river. The fall turkey season ran from October 22 through November 3. The season was expanded by one week following a regulation change passed by the Fisheries and Wildlife Board. The preliminary harvest figure for Central District check stations is 39 birds with one station yet to report. Anyone who would like to be an alternate delegate for WCL should speak


to L.A.

Old Business Jeff Croteau discussed the renewal letter issues. Jeff reviewed the letter with the attorney who represents the club. The questions were if the language violated the by-laws. No, it does not. Does the language waive an individual’s right to sue the club for personal injury sustained on club property. No, it does not. Does the language expose an individual member to liability for injuries caused by the actions of another member or guest. Yes, it can. The club attorney has suggested that the club work with him to draft a retraction letter and replace it with a waiver consistent with the bylaws that protects the club and members, both existing and new. He also suggested drafting a release for all private hall rentals. He noted that the bylaws are a mess. An appropriation was approved so that the attorney can work on the above recommendations and review the bylaws.

New Business

L.A. Jones held a fund raiser to benefit Toys for Tots. He was selling shot gun shell ornaments. Nominations were opened this month and will be reopened in December. There are 3 director positions that will expire. Members nominated and accepted for director positions were Tony Manbucca, Lloyd Currie and Buddy Mainini. Leo O’Rourke accepted the nomination for Financial Secretary and Michelle St.Gelais accepted nomination for recording secretary. Voting will take place in January. An election committee will be needed. Dave Gregoire was nominated to the committee. 2 more members are needed.

Good of the Club

The monthly cash raffle was won by Dewie Mann. He donated the money back to the club. It pays to attend meetings! After the meeting in December there will be a meal in celebration of Christmas. Motion was make to pay the billsApproved Motion to adjourn at 8:30. Respectfully submitted, Michelle St.Gelais ★

Outdoor Message CLASSIFIEDS

BOW CLEARANCE - 40% off MSRP on many new, non-current Top Model Bows from various manufacturers. See Photos, Descriptions, Prices on website w w w. e m e r y l o i s e l l e . c o m ERYLEEN ARCHERY 781-2720244. Also MATHEWS dealer. Wanted!! Military items for educational purposes and collection. Uniforms, swords, hats, medals, bayonets, flight jackets, helmets, flags. Anything - any

country. Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam. Longtime Historian and Collector. Also buying old guns and gun parts, old ammo and other related items. Paying cash, I buy it all! Call Randall 978-772-2563 U.S. SILVER DOLLARS WANTED. Paying $25 each. Also buying all other coins. Higher pay than coin shops or mall buyers. Call Lin at 781-956-8891.

CLASSIFIED RATES: $4.00 per insertion for 30 words or fewer. $1 for each additional group of 10 words or fewer. Advance payment required. Send check, payable to The Outdoor Message, to 37 Pierce Street, Northborough MA 01532.

Outdoor Message

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289 Rindge State Road (route #119) in Ashburnham, Massachusetts

Dear Fellow Sportsmen, Our monthly meeting was held on December 3, 2012. President Philip A. Madonia III welcomed all and opened the meeting at 7:31 PM with a moment of silence for deceased members. We are saddened to learn of the passing of Edson Karrela, he will be missed. President Madonia then led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Madonia said that he hoped everyone had a good Thanksgiving and noted that the new Dues rates will take effect on March 1, 2013.

Meeting Minutes

The Secretary read the minutes of the November 5, 2012 meeting. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as read.


Insurance renewal was received and various club mailings were also received.

Treasurer’s Report

James J. Belliveau reported that all bills received are paid and he has the new Membership Cards for 2013 back from the printer. He will have them at the January meeting for those members renewing. The new rates will be applicable. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read, motion seconded and passed.

House and Grounds

Dennis Ring reported that the damper may have a defect and the problem is being examined to determine the cause. He said that the alarm panel has been going off and the trip breaker will be left off until the cause of the malfunction is found and corrected. The propane tank has been filled. Dennis Ring reported that the Range cover has been shot through. We will

prosecute any person or persons to the fullest extent of the law. This is the second time this has occurred. President Madonia reported that the area across the highway from the Clubhouse will be plowed to allow parking of fifty vehicles and plowing to allow access to the Rifle and Trap Ranges will be accomplished. Parking along the side of the Highway is discouraged after snowstorms. Please park in the areas plowed for your convenience and safety.

Fish and Game

Leo B. Ross reported that over 125 Pheasant were stocked. He heard that two Deer were harvested on Club property. One member reported he had an eight point Buck at 182 pounds he got with arrow. Please let Leo know if you are successful during the Deer Season. The Ice Fishing Derby was discussed and it is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 17, 2013 from 7:00 AM to Noon. The dates for the Adult Members Fishing Derby and the Kids Fishing Derby and Chicken BBQ were announced. The members derby to be held on Sunday, April 28 from 7:00 AM to Noon. The Kids Fishing Derby and Chicken BBQ will be held on Sunday, May 19 from 8:00AM to Noon.

New Member Applications

Vice President Randy A. Nichols read the application of Dana James Ryll. A motion was made to accept and refer to the Board of Directors for final action. Once accepted, we hope you will participate in our activities and workdays.


Old Business None.

New Business ● President Madonia announced that tonight nominations for Officers and Directors will be taken from the floor. The Elections will take place at the February 4, 2013 membership meeting. Nominations for President: Philip A. Madonia III and Esther A. Erickson Nominations for Vice President: Randy A. Nichols Nominations for Treasurer: Pam Sager Nominations for Secretary: George F. LeBlanc Nominations for Four Director positions (Three Year Term): Jerry Nichols, Philip A. Madonia Jr., Dennis Ring, Richard E. Lundberg ● President Madonia reported that David Stanley has updated our website and keeping it current with club dates and events. ● Treasurer Belliveau said that he will have a new renewal form made to reflect the new rates effective on March 1st, 2013. All renewals will be at the new rate. ● Ken Rehler said that he invites suggestions on what the members would like to have the Kitchen offer, such as a Sunday brunch, Pork Loin meal, Spaghetti supper, etc. Any ideas are welcomed. He went to the restaurant supply company who sold us the refrigerator, which was received with slight damage, to see what he could get as compensation.


Attendance prize drawing; Member #365, James Sallila was not present. The next drawing on Monday, January 7, 2013 will be $280.00. The 50/50 was won by Terry Jordan.

Good and Welfare

No report.

Vice President Nichols reported that he

followed a vehicle which was loaded with mattresses and a water tank along Pierce Rd. The vehicle continued on past the corner where we have found rubbish and appliances in the past. All members are to report if you see anyone dumping trash along Pierce Rd or our property. Get a License Plate number and State if you observe any violations. He said that the 4 archery targets out back are in bad shape, they may be moved or replaced later. President Madonia wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. Happy Holidays to all. The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 PM. Respectfully Submitted Yours in Sportsmanship George F. LeBlanc, Secretary

Secretary’s Note

We will sponsor a camper to the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp. Boys and Girls ages 13 to 17 are eligible to attend, the classes fill quickly and anyone wishing to attend must have their Parent’s or Guardian’s written permission. Please contact Treasurer Belliveau at 978-342-5959 if you are interested.

Calendar of Events

Monday, January 7th: Range Orientation at 6:00 PM, Membership meeting at 7:30 PM. Monday, January 14th: Director’s meeting at 7:00 PM. Monday, February 4th: Range Orientation at 6:00 PM, Membership meeting at 7:30 PM. Monday, February 11th: Director’s meeting at 7:00 PM. Sunday, February 17th: Ice Fishing Derby from 7:00 AM to Noon Monday, March 4th: Annual Banquet Monday, March 11th: Range Orientation at 6:00 PM, Director’s Meeting at 7:00 PM ★

The Sportsman’s Calendar . . .Competitive Shooting Matches and Special Shooting Events


Dec 29: End of Year PTO Taunton Rifle & Pistol Club 430 East Britannia Street Taunton, MA Must pre-register Sid 774-473-7934


Springfield Sportsman’s Club 215 Wood Hill Road Monson, MA 413-267-9652 3rd Sunday, 1 pm Georgetown Fish & Game Club Lake Avenue Georgetown, MA Craig 508-265-2255 3rd Saturday, 10 am Lawrence Rod & Gun Club Webster Street Lawrence, MA Art 978-687-9504 ext 1

Jan 6: Tri-County 3D Archery Shoot Standish Sportsman's Assoc. 1 Burr Lane East Bridgewater PRACTICAL SHOOTS George 508 328-7327 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 4th Saturdays: Wednesdays 6 pm: Indoor Paper IDPA League Club Matches League S&W Shooting Sports Center Manville Sportsmen's Rod & Gun Club Springfield, MA 250 High Street 413-846-6400 Manville, RI 4th Sunday Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford North Hixville Road PIN & PLATE SHOOTS North Dartmouth, MA 1st Sunday Dave 508-984-9589 Cape Ann Sportsmen’s Club 4th Sunday 8:45 am: IDPA Matches 57 Cherry Street Nenameseck Sportsman’s Club Gloucester, MA Bacon Road 978-283-0304 Palmer, MA Norm 413-967-3797 1st Sunday

Page 24

Capitol City Jr. Rifle Club Augusta, ME SINGLE ACTION Julian 207-622-1157 Jan 5: Rhode Island State Junior SHOOTING Olympic Championship - Air Rifle 4th Sunday 1 - 4 pm Newport Rifle Club Manville Sportsmen's Rod & Gun Club Middletown, RI 250 High Street Michele Manville, RI 401-682-2400 Bob 401-773-7720 Jan 5: Vermont State Junior Olympic Championship - Smallbore Northfield Junior Rifles SPECIAL EVENTS Northfield, VT Jan 5: Connecticut State Junior Jack Olympic Rifle Championship - Air 802-485-3311 Rifle and Smallbore Rifle Jan 12-13: Gun Show Bridgeport Rifle Club Radisson Hotel at the Center of NH Stratford, CT 700 Elm Street Ryan Manchester, NH 203-952-7799 603-225-3846 Jan 5: Massachusetts State Junior Olympic Rifle Championship - Air Jan 19: Massachusetts State Junior Rifle and Smallbore Rifle Olympic Pistol Championship - Air Woburn Sportsmen’s Association Pistol and Sport Pistol 155 Middlesex Turnpike MIT Sport Pistol Team Bedford, MA Cambridge, MA Yin 978-257-0406 308-627-3776 Jan 5: Maine State Junior Olympic Jan 19-20: Gun Show Championship - Air Rifle Augusta Civic Center Jan 12: Maine State Junior Olympic 76 Community Drive Championship - Smallbore Augusta, ME The

Outdoor Message

603-225-3846 Jan 23 & Jan 27: 4P Junior Sectional Feb 9: Metric 3P Smallbore Taunton Rifle & Pistol Club 430 East Britannia Street Taunton, MA Jan 25-26: 4P Smallbore Rifle Open Sectional Feb 22-23: 3P Hudson Fish & Game 53 Pine Road Hudson, NH 617-594-2194 Feb 16-17: Gun Show Fireside Inn 25 Airport Road West Lebanon, NH 603-225-3846


Sundays 10 am, Wednesdays at noon: Winter League Petersham Gun Club 159 Nelson Road Petersham, MA Parker ★

January 2013


255 Snake Hill Road - Ayer, MA 01432 - 978-772-9748

New Members

Email: Website: Facebook:!/pages/Ayer-Gun-SportsmensClub/265885770137669

Jim Lacefield, Kathy Welcome Oostermun, Lindsay Lemere, Alan Griffin, James Fitzgerald and Frank Johnson.

Items Of Interest

To keep up to date on current events and activities visit us on Facebook or on our Website – both are listed above.

Boy Scouts

Troop 2 had their annual weekend on November 9th-11th. There were approximately 200 scouts this year roasting turkeys, etc. and camping out

President - Ernie Johnson Vice President - Buddy Shorey Treasurer - CJ Moore Secretary - Darlene Johnson Sergeant of Arms - Andrew Anderson Field Captain - Barry Schwarzel

DirectorsJared Clough, Todd Moore, Gail English, Gail Bruhn, Norman Reynolds, Miles Donell, Tom Horgan

back. We had rifle and shotgun shooting as well as archery. The pictures here are from the event.

Sunday Breakfast - 8-11 am

Breakfast is open to the public and it is a great way to come check the club out and meet some of us. We hope to see you there.


To view the meeting minutes look on the back bulletin board at the club or check your email.

Annual Banquet Plans are underway! Date: January 16th 2013 Cocktails: 5:00-6:30 PM Cost: $15.00 per person Dinner at 6:30 followed by music and dancing. Tickets will be available at the club after January 1st.

Outdoor Message

As members of the club you receive a copy of The Outdoor Message. It is now offered digitally so that you can receive it via email instead of the hard copy you now receive. This offers us a good savings per person per month. Please let Darlene know by either leaving a message with your email address at the club or emailing

Darlene at letting her know if you would rather receive this via email.




PO Box 83 - 7 Madison Street - Wrentham, MA 02093 508-643-1322 -

Junior Members

Meetings: Advisory Board: First Monday of the Month, 7 pm; General: Second Monday of the Month, 7 pm

Junior membership to the club is for ages 13-18 and is a yearly fee of $5.00.


The practice archery range now is lighted and open until 9 pm at night. Archery is shooting Wednesday nights at 6 pm. For more information or interest about archery or events you may contact Chuck DuPont 508-520-3339.


The range is a private range except during shoots. Other than those times, nonmembers are only to use the range as a guest when they are accompanied by a member in good standing. Competition shoots at the club are held on Sundays at 1 PM. The entry fee is $20. You will shoot 10 targets at 2 distances. The distances normally are 25 and 50 yards for rifle. The distances normally are 15 and 25 feet for pistol. Prizes of steaks or gift certificates are awarded to the highest shooter of each round. Shooters may only win twice, once at the closer distance and once at the further distance. The shoots are open to all. Plan on 50-60 rounds for rifle and pistol shoots, less for black powder and shotgun slug shoots.

Any ideas for future shoots would be greatly appreciated; you may contact John directly or email the editor with your comments. Range hours are 7 am to ½ hour after sunset Monday through Saturday, and 9 am to ½ hour after sunset on Sundays. The lighted Pistol Range is open until 9 pm each night. There will be no range use during scheduled archery events. If you are interested in doing reloading, and never knew how to get started, you can contact John Dennis and he will set something up. For more information or interest about the range or events you may contact John Dennis 508-384-7607.


Trap shoots every Thursday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10 am. The cost is $3 per round. There is to be no lead shot fired at the trap field. Wrentham Sportsman is a non-toxic shot only trap field. There will be no trap shooting during scheduled archery events. Newcomers are always welcome. There is always help for newcomers. The winter league is coming sooner than you think, so get to the trap range on Thursday night and get in some practice for the league season.

Please support our advertisers.

January 2013


Steel shot ammunition is always available at all trap shoots. For more information or interest about the trap range or events you may contact Dave Deschamps 508-883-7959.

Fish & Game

New members see the fish & game committee to get your work party hours signed off. Good luck hunting & fishing and be safe. For more information or interest in fish and game you may contact Gary "Who" Duquette at 508 384 3415 or e-mail at Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime.

Notes From the Kitchen

As always we are serving a meal on Meeting Nights. The cost is $5.00. Check at the club for details.

2012 Officers

President - Jim Stella First V.P. - Tom Stella Second V.P. - Dan Sbardella Rec Sec. - Keith Sharron Financial Sec. - Howie Treasurer - Taras Suchy

Do You Have a Story?

If you are a member and would like to have your story, photograph or information published in the next issue of The Outdoor Message, my contact information is Chuck DuPont email: ★



w w w. s l g u n s h o p . c o m

443 Fitchburg Road, Corner of Rte. 31 & 124 - Mason, NH 03048 Phone 603-878-2854 Fax 603-878-3905 Hours MoN-FRI 10 am - 7 pm; SAT 9 am - 6 pm; SUN Noon - 4 pm


Outdoor Message

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The Sportsman’s Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Education & Training


Hunter Education courses are generally offered through state agencies and are listed on their websites. Massachusetts <http://www. hed_course_schedule.htm>. In New Hampsire <http://www.wildlife.state.>. In Maine < education/safety/>. In Rhode Island < tres/fishwild/huntered/>. In Vermont < u_hunter.cfm>. In Connecticut < ?a=2700&q=429892&depNav_GID= 1633>.


Daily: NRA and Mass Certified Pistol Course and FID Card Course Distribution Firearms Services 10 Colonial Road Suite 209-C Salem, MA Must pre-register 978-741-0044 3rd Saturday: NRA Home Firearms Safety/Mass Basic Firearms Safety Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford North Hixville Road North Dartmouth, MA Must pre-register R.J. 508-676-9861 Last Thursday and Last Saturday: Basic Firearms Safety & Handling Worcester County Jail and House of Correction 5 Paul X Tivnan Dr West Boylston, MA Pre-register Julie 508-854-1800 x2442 Weekends/Monthly: MA Certified Pistol Course, Law Enforcement and Civilian Training Franklin County League 721 River Road Deerfield, MA Alan 413-863-2964 Quarterly: 2-day Defensive Handgun IM-SAFE Firearms Training Center Simsbury, CT Dennis 860-651-4911

TRAINING offered AS NEEDED: Mass Basic Firearms Safety Ayer Gun & Sportsmen’s Club Ayer, MA Dan 978-870-7298 NRA Basic classes, Advance Tactical classes Dynamic Incident Response Mike 781-258-6577 Mass Basic Firearms Safety, NRA Home Firearms Safety, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Rifle, NRA Shotgun Carver, MA John 508-728-5899 NRA Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Tactical Pistol, Concealed Carry, Private Accuracy Workshops Central Mass NRA Basic Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home; Private Shooting Lessons; Advanced Tactical and Concealed Carry Courses Central MA Area First Defense Firearms, Inc. 508-278-6844 FID & LTC Courses Cape Ann Sportsmen’s Club 57 Cherry Street Gloucester, MA 978-283-0304 NRA and Mass State Police Certified Pistol Course, Shotgun Shell reloading, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Refuse to be A Victim Hampden and Worcester Counties Conrad 413-739-3015 NRA Basic Pistol, NRA First Steps Hanson Rod & Gun Club Davis Road Hanson, MA

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NRA and MA State Police Certified Pistol Course Leominster, MA Michael 978-534-2484 Smallbore Rifle Courses Ludlow Fish & Game Sportsmen’s Road Ludlow, MA Al 413-782-2917 Craig 413-589-7093 Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety Millis, MA Paul 508-541-3164 NRA Basic Pistol and NRA Home Firearm Safety Plainville, MA Jeff 508-944-3797 NRA Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection; Mass Basic Firearms Safety; GLOCK Certified Instructor; GLOCK Armorer Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut Harry 401-965-4648 NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Home Firearms Safety, MA State Certified Shrewsbury, MA Mike 508-330-9430 Mass Basic Firearm Safety Course South Shore Charles 774-776-6494 Home Firearms Safety, NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun; Blackpowder Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun South Shore John 781-963-7785 NRA Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, Mass Basic Firearms Safety Swansea, MA Mike or Richard 401-413-2313 Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Shotshell & Metallic Cartridge Reloading Worcester, MA John 508-414-0491 Corporate Seminars & Workshops including workplace Violence and Women’s Safety Seminars. Custom programs available IM-SAFE Firearms Training Center Simsbury, CT Dennis 860-651-4911 MA/RI certified instructor, RI Pistol recertifications Tiverton, RI Steven 401-624-2649

Dracut, MA Tony 978-337-4044 Monthly. Must pre-register Hamilton-Wenham Rod & Gun Mike 978-815-6989 Every 3rd Saturday Hanson Rod & Gun Club Davis Road Every 2nd Wednesday Ludlow Fish & Game Sportsmen’s Road Ludlow, MA Les Every 3rd Saturday Holyoke Revolver Club 431 West Cherry Street Holyoke, MA 413-539-9345 3rd Sunday Brockton, MA Charles 508-238-1586 Saturdays & Sundays Instructional Shooting Inc. 164 Andover Street Lowell, MA Must pre-register 800-984-4867 Monthly Starfire Haverhill, MA Lynne & Edward 978-373-4325 Monthly - Must pre-register Eastern Rifle & Revolver Club 315 Walnut Street Lynn, MA Sonny 781-599-9882 Twice Monthly Western Massachusetts Robert 413-232-7700 Monthly Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training Foxboro, MA Rob 508.276.5730 or

Courses offered AS NEEDED: Ayer Gun & Sportsmen’s Club Ayer, MA Dan 978-870-7298 Blackstone Valley Area Blackstone Firearms Training LLC Fred Braintree, MA John 781-848-0047 Central Cape Area Harwich, MA Steven 508-432-8036 Central Massachusetts Central Massachusetts INSTRUCTOR TRAINING First Defense Firearms, Inc. Courses offered AS NEEDED: 508-278-6844 NRA Range Safety Officer Certification Holyoke Revolver Club Central Massachusetts Holyoke, MA Richard 508-876-9270 413 539-9345 or Central Massachusetts NRA Instructor & RSO Training Charlie 508-981-6402 Greater Lowell area Ken 978-692-6818 Hampden and Worcester Counties Conrad 413-739-3015 NRA Instructor Courses Instructional Shooting Inc. Holliston, MA 164 Andover Street Holliston Sportsmen’s Association Lowell, MA 137 Bullard Lane Must pre-register 800-984-4867 Ed 508-641-7854 Lenox, MA NRA Instructor Courses for Rifle, Lenox Sportsmen’s Club Shotgun, Pistol, Personal Protection, New Lenox Road Range Safety Officer and Reloading Lou 413-442-4550 Metallic or Shotgun Greater Lowell area IM-SAFE Firearms Training Center Ken 978-692-6818 Simsbury, CT Dennis 860-651-4911 Marlboro, MA Marlboro Fish & Game 1 Muddy Lane NRA BASIC PISTOL Mark 508-393-7575 Maynard, MA Wednesday Evenings Maynard Rod & Gun Club Cape Cod 45 Old Mill Road Steven 508-548-5879 Kenyon 508-361-4259 Sundays 1 pm New Bedford, MA Black North Firearms & Training Joe 508-863-0464 The

Outdoor Message Revere, MA Boston Firearms Training Center 796 Broadway Tom 781-284-6677 Sharon, MA Sharon Fish & Game 307 East Street Dan 781-784-5806 Shrewsbury, MA Mike 508-330-9430 South Shore/Cape Cod Steve 781-974-3920 South Shore John 781-963-7785 Southboro, MA Chuck 508-485-1430 Swansea, MA Mike or Richard 401-413-2313 Tewksbury, MA Stan 978-658-7308, 978-436-0639 Westboro, MA Self Reliance Firearm Training 290 Turnpike Road, Ste 6, Box 390 Steve 508-963-6073 Westford, MA Stony Brook Fish & Game Assoc. Jim 978-392-7996 Weymouth, MA Chris 781-812-2541 Weymouth, MA Weymouth Sportsmen’s Club Joseph


Courses offered AS NEEDED: Greater Lowell area Ken 978-692-6818 South Shore John 781-963-7785

NRA BASIC SHOTGUN Monthly Ludlow Fish & Game Sportsmen’s Road Ludlow, MA Ray 413-596-3288


Tuesdays, Thursdays 6 pm Black North Firearms & Training Dracut, MA Tony 978-337-4044 Weekly RKBA Personal Safety Training 129 No Main Street, Room 302 Mansfield, MA Jeff 508-944-3797 1st Tuesday and Thursday monthly Scituate Rod & Gun Club Rte 3A Scituate, MA 781-545-1510 3rd Saturday. Must pre-register Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford North Hixville Road North Dartmouth, MA R.J. Kozik 508-676-9861 3rd Sunday Brockton, MA Charles 508-238-1586 3rd Tuesday Cape Cod Fish and Game Off Depot Street North Harwich, MA Jack 508-394-9466 Evenings & Weekends Metrowest Boston, Eastern Mass Mike 508-734-1156 or

Courses offered AS NEEDED: Ayer Gun & Sportsmen’s Club Ayer, MA Dan 978-870-7298 Braintree, MA John 781-848-0047 Central Cape Area Harwich, MA Steven 508-432-8036 Central Massachusetts Central Massachusetts First Defense Firearms, Inc. 508-278-6844 Central Massachusetts Richard 508-876-9270 Clinton, MA 978-368-8065 Hampden and Worcester Counties Conrad 413-739-3015 Holliston, MA Holliston Sportsmen’s Association 137 Bullard Lane Ed 508-641-7854 Greater Lowell area Ken 978-692-6818 Marlboro, MA Marlboro Fish & Game 1 Muddy Lane Mark 508-393-7575 Maynard, MA Maynard Rod & Gun Club 45 Old Mill Road Kenyon 508-361-4259 Milford, MA Dave 508-243-1521 New Bedford, MA Joe 508-863-0464 Revere, MA Boston Firearms Training Center 796 Broadway Tom 781-284-6677 Shrewsbury, MA Mike 508-330-9430 South Shore John 781-963-7785 South Shore/Cape Cod Steve 781-974-3920 Southboro, MA Chuck 508-485-1430 Swansea, MA Mike or Richard 401-413-2313 Westboro, MA Self Reliance Firearm Training 290 Turnpike Road, Ste 6, Box 390 Steve 508-963-6073 Westford, MA Stony Brook Fish & Game Assoc. Jim 978-392-7996


Wednesday Evenings Cape Cod Steven 508-548-5879 Monthly Starfire Haverhill, MA Lynne & Edward 978-373-4325

Courses offered AS NEEDED: Ayer Gun & Sportsmen’s Club Ayer, MA Dan 978-870-7298 Central Cape Area Harwich, MA Steven 508-432-8036 Greater Lowell area - Offering In the Home and Outside the Home courses Ken 978-692-6818


Courses offered AS NEEDED: Greater Lowell area Ken 978-692-6818 ★

January 2013

The Sportsman’s Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Shooting Practices

ARCHERY Saturdays: Smallbore Rifle Wednesdays: Indoor Archery Old Colony Sportsmen’s Assoc. Woburn Sportsmen’s Association Forest Street 155 Middlesex Turnpike Pembroke, MA Bedford, MA George 781-871-0003 Sundays 5 pm: Smallbore Rifle Wednesdays 7 - 9:30 pm Lenox Sportsmen’s Club Rod & Gun Club of New Bedford 258 New Lenox Road North Hixville Road Lenox, MA North Dartmouth, MA Jeff 413-528-1343 Randy 508-636-4493 Sundays 6 - 9 pm: Smallbore Rifle Thursdays 7-9 pm Nenameseck Sportsman’s Club Monument Beach Sportsmen Club Bacon Road Dump Road off MacArthur Blvd Palmer, MA Monument Beach, MA Dick 413-283-3920 Club 508-759-5653 Junior High Power Rifle Team Barre Sportsman’s Club Reading Rifle and Revolver Club 221 Spring Hill Road Haverhill Street Barre, MA Reading, MA John 978-355-4071 Duane 978-317-2811 BLACK POWDER

Nimrod League of Holden Thursdays 6 - 10 pm, Saturdays 12 - 4 Coal Kiln Road pm Princeton, MA North Leominster Rod & Gun Club Sundays 10 am Lancaster Avenue Sippican Rod & Gun Club Lunenburg, MA TRAP & SKEET 215 Dexter Lane 978-840-6322 Rochester, MA Trap & Skeet: Sundays 9 am - 12 pm Trap: Sundays 9 - 11 am Paul 508-763-4226 Leominster Sportsmen’s Association Nashoba Sportsman's Club, Inc. Trap & Skeet: Sundays 1 - 3 pm; 1455 Elm Street 924 Main Street Thursdays 6 - 9 pm; Saturdays 1 - 3 pm Leominster, MA Acton, MA Easthampton Fish & Game Trap, Skeet, Modern Skeet, Five Stand: Trap Rt 10, College Highway Sundays 11:30 am - 4 pm Barre Sportsman’s Club Southampton, MA Trap, Skeet, Modern Skeet: Saturdays 221 Spring Hill Road 413-527-9340 11 am - 3 pm Barre, MA Skeet: Sundays 9 am - Noon; Ludlow Fish & Game Club Mike 508-867-8867 Tuesdays & Thursdays 5 - 8 pm Sportsman Road Trap: Sundays 9 am - 1 pm Stockbridge Sportsmen Club Ludlow, MA Swift River Sportsman’s Club Route 102 Marshall 413-585-8662 79 Moore Road Stockbridge, MA Trap: Sundays 1 - 4 pm Belchertown, MA Gary 413-298-3623 Fin Fur & Feather Club Sundays 10 am - 2 pm Paul 413-528-0859 35 Crystal Springs Road Standish Sportsman's Association Trap: Sundays 9 am - 1 pm; Mattapoisett, MA Off Burr Lane Sundays 8 am - 12 pm LADIES NIGHT Wednesdays 6 pm 508-758-6790 East Bridgewater, MA Leominster Sportsmen’s Assoc. Townsend Rod & Gun Club Trap: Mondays 5 - 9 pm Jan 12, Feb 12, Mar 19 John 508-378-7696 1455 Elm Street Emery Road Methuen Rod & Gun Club Hanson Rod & Gun Club Trap, Skeet, 5 Stand: Saturdays & Leominster, MA Townsend, MA Tyler Street 240 Davis Road Sundays 1 - 4 pm; Wednesdays 5 - 8 Jim 978-597-9121 Methuen, MA Hanson, MA pm CONVENTIONAL PISTOL Trap: Thursdays 6 pm - dusk Eli 978-683-3261 Must pre-register at Independent Sportsmen Club Mondays & Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm Trap: Sundays 10 am; Wednesdays 6 pm Trap & 5 Stand: Sundays 9 am - 1 pm Mirimichi Road Tiverton Rod & Gun Club Skeet & 5 Stand: Tuesdays 6 pm Maspenock Rod & Gun Club Foxboro, MA 1529 Fish Road dusk 1 McGill Lane PRACTICAL SHOOTS Trap: Sundays 1 - 4 pm Tiverton, RI Walpole Sportsmen’s Association Milford, MA Georgetown Fish & Game Club 1st & 3rd Monday 7:30 - 10 pm: John 508-675-2946 Lincoln Road Joe jhaiken3@yahoo.comt Lake Avenue IDPA Practice Tuesdays: Pistol League Walpole, MA Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 3:30 pm MA Georgetown, Harvard Sportsmen’s Club Cape Ann Sportsmen’s Club 508-668-6919 Fin, Fur & Feather Club Mike 978-463-9970 Littleton County Road 57 Cherry Street Trap: Sundays 1 - 4 pm 100 Larch Road Trap: Sundays 9 am - 12 pm Harvard, MA Gloucester, MA Westford Sportsmen’s Club Millis, MA Cape Ann Sportsmen’s Club Fall River Rod & Gun Club West Street 508-376-2977 57 Cherry Street Sanford Road Westford, MA Trap & Skeet: Sundays 10 am - 2 pm Gloucester, MA SINGLE ACTION Westport, MA Tom 978-692-4974 Skeet: Wednesdays until 1 pm 978-283-0304 SHOOTING Bob 508-995-7768 Sundays 12 - 4 pm; Tuesdays, Springfield Sportsmen's Club 3rd Saturday 9 am 1st Sunday 1 - 4 pm Thursdays & Saturdays 10 am - 4 Woodhill Road Trap: Sundays 1 - 4 pm; Wednesdays Barre Sportsman’s Club Manville Sportsmen's Rod & Gun Club 6:30 - 9 pm pm; Wednesdays 7 - 9 pm Monson, MA 221 Spring Hill Road 250 High Street Fall River Rod & Gun Club Skeet field 413-267-9230 Hanson Rod & Gun Club Barre, MA Manville, RI Sanford Road Al 413-222-8322 Davis Road Bert 508-413-6529 Bob 401-773-7720 Westport, MA Trap: Sundays 9 am; Thursdays 3 pm; Hanson, MA 508-673-4635 Saturdays 10 am 781-293-9872 HIGH POWER RIFLE Trap: Thursdays 7 pm Monument Beach Sportsmens Club Wrentham Sportsmen’s Assoc. Dump Road off MacArthur Blvd 1st Saturday 9 am, 3rd Sunday 1 pm: 7 Madison Street Monument Beach, MA CMP Wrentham, MA Club 508-759-5653 Hanson Rod & Gun Club Dave 508-883-7959 Trap, Skeet & Wobble Skeet: Saturdays Davis Road, off Elm Street Trap: Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm & Sundays 1 pm Hanson, MA Angle Tree Stone Rod & Gun Club Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm 781-293-9872 Skeet: Saturday & Sunday 12 - 4 pm 57 Kelly Boulevard 4th Sunday 1 pm: DCM Shoots Tuesday & Thursday 6 - 10 pm North Attleboro, MA Maspenock Rod & Gun Club Wallum Lake Rod Gun Club Joe 508-699-6730 McGill Lane, Milford, MA Trap & Skeet: Sundays 1 - 4 pm, 200 Brook Road Trap: Wednesdays 7 pm Dave 508-478-6211 Thursdays 6 - 9 pm SMALLBORE Harrisville, RI North Brookfield Sportsmens Club Southborough Rod & Gun Club Barre Sportsman’s Club JUNIOR 401-568-7171 or 401-568-5640 20 Boynton Road 254 Fruit Street 221 Spring Hill Road Trap: Sundays 9:30 am; Wednesdays North Brookfield, MA Hopkinton, MA Mondays 7 - 9 pm: Junior Rifle Barre, MA 5:30 pm 508-867-9216 Reading Rifle & Revolver Tony 978-355-4474 Manville Sportsmen's Rod & Gun Club Trap: Sundays 9 am 1 pm; Fridays Skeet: Sundays 9 am - 1 pm, Haverhill Street 250 High Street 12 - 3 pm; Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm Tuesdays & Thursdays 7 9:30 pm Reading, MA SPORTING CLAYS Manville, RI Cape Cod Fish & Game Trap: Sundays 9 am - Noon Bob 781-246-4860 Every Day 9 am - Dusk Depot Street Riverside Gun Club Mondays 6 -9 pm: Junior Archery Peace Dale Shooting Preserve Trap: Sundays 10 am - 1 pm; North Harwich, MA 16 Wilkins Road Hanson Rod & Gun Club Peace Dale, RI Saturdays 12 - 2 pm Bob Hudson, MA Davis Road, off Elm Street 401-789-3730 Smithfield Sportsman's Club Trap & Skeet: Saturdays & Sundays 10 Hanson, MA Saturdays & Sundays 1 - 4 pm Walter Carey Road, Off Route 5 am 2 pm; Wednesdays 10 am noon Trap: Sundays 10 am, Wednesdays 5 Independent Sportsmen Club Smithfield, RI 5-Stand & Sporting Clays: pm, Fridays 9 am, Saturday Noon Tuesdays 7 pm: Sporter Air Rifle Mirimichi Road Dave 401-949-1525 Wednesdays 10 am - noon; Saturdays Lawrence Rod & Gun Club Fridays 7 pm: Smallbore Rifle Foxboro, MA Trap: Sundays 10 am - 12 noon; 10 am 1 pm Webster Street Maspenock Rod & Gun Club Saturdays 9:30 am - 1 pm Thursdays 4 - 7 pm Old Colony Sportsmen’s Assoc. Lawrence, MA McGill Lane Western Mass Bird Dog Club Tiverton Rod & Gun Club 159 Forest Street John 978-470-0327 Milford, MA 87 Charles Farnum Road 1529 Fish Road Pembroke, MA Trap: Tuesdays 9 am - 12 pm Dave 508-243-1521 Granville, MA Tiverton, RI Dick 781-585-1875 Skeet: Thursdays 9 am 12 pm Wednesdays 6 pm: Smallbore Rifle Jim 413-538-8941 Clubhouse 401-624-3959 ★ Trap & Skeet: Sundays 9 am - 1 pm, Trap: Thursdays 6 - 9 pm Hanson Rod & Gun Club Saturdays Noon - 5 pm Davis Road, off Elm Street Fall River Rod & Gun Club Hanson, MA Sanford Road Rick 781-293-6185 List your club events free of charge in Westport, MA Wednesdays: Smallbore Rifle 508-673-4535 The Sportsman’s Calendar! Ames Rifle & Pistol Club Sundays 9 am - 12 pm 110A Canton Street Event Category: Cape Ann Sportsmen’s Club North Easton, MA ❑ Education & Training ❑ Competitive Events ❑ Informal shooting & practices 57 Cherry Street Bob 508-238-8563 Gloucester, MA Wednesdays: Smallbore Rifle Date of Event: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 978-283-0304 Sagamore Rifle Club Event Description: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sagamore, MA Sundays 1 - 4 pm Leon 508-888-2474 Event Location: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fin, Fur & Feather Wednesdays 5 - 9 pm: Smallbore Rifle 35 Crystal Spring Road ____________________________________________ Taunton Rifle & Pistol Club Mattapoisett, MA 460 Britannia Street Contact Person, Phone, Email: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 508-758-6790 Taunton, MA Sundays 10 am - 2 pm ____________________________________________ Sid 774-473-7934 Springfield Sportsmen's Club Saturdays: Junior Indoor Archery Woodhill Road Email: Manville Sportsmen's Rod & Gun Club Monson, MA 250 High Street Mail: The Sportsman’s Calendar, PO Box 306, Northborough, MA 01532 Al 413-222-8322 Manville, RI Thursdays 5:30 pm Barre Sportsman’s Club 221 Spring Hill Road Barre, MA Randy 978-632-8708


January 2013


Outdoor Message

Page 27


252 Wood Street ~ Woodville, Massachusetts 01784 508-435-4148 ~

Est. 1927

Meetings Members’ Meetings held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month, at 8:00 pm. New Membership interviews held on the 2nd Thursday of the Month, at 7:00 pm.

Calendar of Events 2013

(Please note new events, Porketta Dinner in March, Texas BBQ in May and Pot Luck Dinner in November.) 1/26/2013........Adult Ice Derby 2/2/2013..........Kids Ice Derby 2/3/2013..........Super Bowl Sunday 2/9/2013..........Game Feed 2/10/2013........Shoot 2/23/2013........Adult No Ice Date 2/24/2013........Kids No Ice Date 3/2/2013..........Horseshoe Banquet 3/10/2013........Meat Shoot 3/16/2013........Porketta Dinner 4/13/2013........Comedy Night 4/20/2013........Trout Derby 4/21/2013........Shoot 4/27/2013........Club Cleanup 4/28/2013........Greg Montalbano Day 5/4/2013..........Margarita Night 5/11/2013........Kids Fishing Derby 5/18/2013........Texas BBQ 8/3/2013..........Seafood Bake 8/24/2013........Club Cleanup 9/8/2013..........Chicken BBQ 10/5/2013........Comedy Night 10/26/2013......Adult Halloween Party 10/31/2013......Kids Halloween Party 11/23/2013......Pot Luck Dinner 11/28/2013......Thanksgiving 12/14/2013......Adult Christmas 12/15/2013......Kids Christmas Trap shooting is every Sunday at 1:30 pm.

Thanks & Well Wishes

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, and a Happy, Healthy and a Prosperous New Year!! Thank you to the entire membership for all your support this year and making this another great year!! Get well soon to Karl Dakai and Jim Neil.

New Members

Welcome Marianne Rososky and Richard Mancini.

Dues are Due

Dues were due by 12/31/12; anyone who has yet to pay their dues, the fee is now $90.00. Please arrange to have your dues arrive prior to 1/31/2013 in order to avoid

being dropped from the membership. Please contact the membership committee if you need to request a hardship and we will work out something. We value each and everyones membership.

Thanksgiving Dinner

It amazes me each year when the holidays come around, of how much generosity and goodness comes with this Holiday. We hosted our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, with a full house. It’s always such a pleasure to chat with the seniors and reminisce with them of Turkey Days gone by. As usual we had our traditional Turkeys and we served deep fried turkeys again this year, with special flavoring by Lee Wright and John Driscoll. The response of help this year was again heartwarming. Many donations were received this year, starting with George Payson who donated the first Turkey. Thank you to Betty Pratt for obtaining donations of pies by the chefs at Staples. We again had cash donations from many members, along with $100 donated from Mr. Desmond (Earle Pratt’s friend) and Mr. Straight (Lee Wright’s friend). Thank you to everyone who donated veggies and turkeys; who came down and peeled, diced (all fingers accounted for), cooked, washed pans, served and cleaned up. We also had nonmembers donate their time and sent over delicious pies and desserts. Thank you to all who made this dinner a huge success.

Adult & Children’s Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 8th approximately 84 people attended the adult Christmas party. Our feast included prime rib that just melted in your mouth; along with a chicken saltimbocca, mashed potatoes, green beans and butternut squash – all were delicious. We had asked to please bring a dessert and the table filled up with some mouthwatering delicacies. Thank you to everyone who donated. All the desserts that did not get eaten that night were put out at the children’s party Sunday... and pretty much devoured. All this for just $10.00 a person! You really can’t beat that price. We had Carl Adams DJ and he had everyone on the dance floor. 2014 Free Dues Raffle goes to Robert Main. Congratulations Bobby!! On Sunday December 9th we had 57 children attend the kid’s party. Santa was definitely a jolly ol’ soul as he handed out

Congratulations to Joe Shepard with another Massachusetts "monster buck" taken with his "Hoyt" bow! 14 pts

the presents, chatting with each child, asking them if they had been good this year. It is so rewarding to see the expressions on the children’s faces when Santa gives out their presents. The kids also were able to work on some crafts and coloring projects as well as eat pizza as they awaited Santa’s arrival. Everyone also enjoyed making ice cream sundaes! Thank you to all who participated in set up, clean up, shopping, wrapping, decorating and everything else that goes into getting ready for these two parties. We can’t do it without you!!

2013 TV Raffle

Tickets are on sale for the 2013 TV Raffle. 1st prize: Sony 46" LED/LCD/1080p/2D & 3D/ Motion Flow XR 480 2nd prize: 42" Panasonic LED/LCD/Full HD 1080p Drawing - Super Bowl Sunday 2013 Price $20.00 Only 100 Tickets being sold

The Outdoor Message

Please notify Karen Remillard ( if you are interested in obtaining The Outdoor Message via email. This will save the club money. If you have already responded to my original email then you are all set. The printed, mailed version of The Outdoor Message will still be available to those who do not have internet access or who simply prefer having a paper in hand.


We Buy Guns - “Active Cash for Idle Guns” Any and all types of guns: shotguns, handguns, antique guns, target guns, hunting guns, European guns, military guns, World War II guns, and helmets, Civil War guns and swords. One gun or entire collection.

Peter G. Dowd Fully Licensed and Insured Page 28

Peter G. Dowd

At home appointments may be arranged.

(508) 366-1999 The

30 Years Experience NRA Life Member GOAL Life Member

Outdoor Message


Do you have any pictures you’d like to have put in The Outdoor Message or on our website? Please send them over to anyone on the Website Committee, Gary Schultz, Karen Remillard, Schwarz Heidi or Kim Clark; you can send them with captions or without. Or send them to The Outdoor Message committee, Cherryl Barrett, Phil Goodwin, Tom Marcone or Karen Remillard


• If anyone knows of a member who is sick or hospitalized, please let us know. You can leave a message at 508-4354148. • Please remember to lock the gate behind you if you are the last or only person that is on the range on any given day. Please be considerate of others and pick up after yourself. • Trap Shooting - Come on down and bring a friend, weather permitting. Trap starts at 1:30 pm on Sundays. The public is welcome. • Trap Shooting on member meeting nights from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, if enough interest to open the range.


The club offers a $500 scholarship each year. Call the club, email David Laquidara at or go to our website for more info. Many local students have benefitted from our scholarship over the years.


If you’re interested in club clothing see Cherryl Barrett, or send an e-mail:

Hall Rentals

The hall is available for rentals, please contact, Kim Clark at: or leave a message at 508-435-4148

Club Website ★ January 2013

The Outdoor Message, January 2013  

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