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March 2014

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March 2014

March 2014


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March 7- Friday Festival of the Arts Boca, 7:30 pm at Mizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton; Event runs through March 15. Call 866-571-2787.

March 15- Saturday Ban Cancer Concert, 6:30 pm at Esplanade Park, 400 SW 2 Street, Fort Lauderdale Call 954-260-9667.

ARC Broward’s “Delish 2014 - FIRE & ICE” Presented by The Wasie Foundation, 7 pm at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hilton, 550 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Call 954-746-9400.

Bobby Collins, 8 p.m. at Coral Springs Center for the Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs Call 954-344-5999.

Our Town America Festival, 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Coral Springs Sportsplex, 2575 Sportsplex Drive. Event runs through March 9th. Call 954-752-0126. Singer Deana Martin Honoring Her Father, Dean Martin, 7:30 p.m. at The Rrazz Room at Coral Springs Center for the Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Drive Call 954-344-5990. Panthers vs. Buffalo Sabres, 7:30 p.m. at BB&T Center, Sunrise Visit March 8- Saturday Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce Annual Mardi Gras Gala, Deer Creek Country Club, Deerfield Beach Visit City of Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival, 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Huizenga Plaza, 32 E. Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale Visit Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood Visit

March 2014

Paul Simon & Sting, 8 p.m. at BB&T Center, Sunrise Visit March 20- Thursday Disney On Ice: Rockin’ Ever After, 7 p.m. at BB&T Center, Sunrise Visit Fort Lauderdale Auto Show, Broward Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale; event runs through March 24. March 27- Thursday United Way of Broward County Wine Women & Shoes, 6 pm at Gallery of Amazing Things, 481 South Federal Highway Dania Beach Call 954-453-3725. March 28- Friday 12th Annual Boca Bacchanal, 6:30 pm at The Boca Raton Resort & Club, Boca Raton Visit

Wicked Book Weekend, 11:30 am to 4 pm, at Bahia Mar Fort Lauder- March 29- Saturday dale Beach, 801 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale Call 954-695-6400 Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Celebration, 10 am to 7 pm at Frost Park, 300 NE 2nd Ave, Dania Beach; event runs through March 30. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, 10:30 am at Historic Stranahan House MuCall 954-924-6801 seum, 335 SE 6th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale Call 954-524-4736. March 9- Sunday St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival, Noon to 6 pm, at Downtown Hollywood Call 954-921-3404.

Coral Springs Half Marathon and Wellness 5K, 6 a.m. at Coral Springs Sportsplex, 2575 Sportsplex Drive E-mail kelleinthezone@

March 12- Wednesday Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce Women In Business event, 11:30 am to 1 pm, Deerfield Beach Chamber Visit

Florida Derby, at Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino, 901 S. Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach Call 954-454-7000

March 14- Friday Tony Bennett with Antonia Bennett, 8 p.m. at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood Visit


Coral Springs Festival of the Arts, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Walk at Coral Springs, 2900 N. University Drive, Coral Springs Call 800-7390516.

City of Pompano Beach Music Under The Stars, 7 pm at the corner of Atlantic and Pompano Beach Blvd. Call 954-786-4111.

Pig Out ‘N Deerfield, Noon to 6 pm at Sullivan Park in Deerfield Beach Call 954-427-1050. March 30- Sunday South Florida Beauty Show, Broward Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale; event runs through March 31. Visit

March 2014



“How to Avoid Risky Back Surgery with a Breakthrough Non-Surgical Treatment and Reduce Your Pain Level Fast”

(Here’s how a brand-new non-surgical neck, back pain, & sciatica treatment – ROBOTIC LASER THERAPY – may end your pain and solve your herniated, bulging or degenerative disc problems.......)

You may be thinking “What IS going to happen to me if I can’t find a solution to my back pain or leg pain?” The answer to your question starts out hopeful. I’ll just go to my doctor and he will take care of me. But then something very odd happens to you. You discover your primary care physician may not be well- equipped to handle that job. He or she is busy treating infections, colds, fevers, diabetes, which they are very wellequipped to do. This is very apparent with your resulting drug prescriptions for Lortab, Neurotin, Flexeril or any other of the various prescribed pain medications. When the pain does not decrease, you go back to your doctor looking for a more appealing treatment. This time, it’s physical therapy – the thing you already can’t do. You already can’t bend over, twist, lift things, and now they want you to do more of it with a bunch of other back pain sufferers! Gimme a break. Now, you’ve really had it. You try massage as you read on the Internet massage may alleviate back pain – only to be disappointed. Now, you’re beginning to feel a little desperate. Your symptoms continue to grow and get worse. Here’s the list of your problems that you take to your next doctor: • A vice-like feeling in your low back or neck; very painful • Sitting, walking causes back and leg pain • Stabbing, knife-like pain in your low back or neck • Can’t turn over in bed without hurting, can’t sleep • Numbness in your toes, feet, fingers • Searing, intense radiating leg pain (sciatica) • Leg on fire, searing pain shoots into leg Back to your primary care doctor to tell him about your adventures, hoping he will have a different answer this time. He does. “We can inject pain drugs through a big needle in your spine (some would call it a “horse needle”). You cringe in fear but reluctantly agree at this point. “Now I will be fixed.” Or at least that’s what you’ve been led to believe. You have either no pain relief, some pain relief, a whole lot of pain relief, or it makes you have more pain. The second pain shot (oh, yes, there will be a second and a third) is usually less effective or not at all. Finally, your doctor recommends you see a “Specialist” (Back Surgeon) so he can do risky surgery. If you want to, read the article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, 2006-296 (20) p.2441-2450). You’ll see surgical patients and non-surgery patients turned out the same. Why even do the surgery? Risk of paralysis, death, infection, more pain. No thanks. So, back to the question: What are YOU going to do if you’re stuck between serious back pain or leg pain and surgery? Great news! A new, extremely effective non-surgical back and neck pain treatment is now available in Coral Springs, FL If you’re suffering from back or neck pain, leg pain, legs on fire, numb leg or toes or feel like a knife is stuck in your back, you owe it to yourself to check out this new technology.


March 2014

not require the use of drugs or surgery; side effects and risks are for the most part, non-existent! In addition, Robotic Laser Therapy may achieve results faster than other treatment options. What is a treatment with Robotic Laser Therapy like? The patient lays, fully clothed, face down, and experiences a very gentle, soothing sense of warmth. Most patients, if not all, sleep through the brief procedure. What Patients Are Saying About Robotic Laser Therapy: I can’t begin to tell you how much your Robotic Laser Therapy program has done for me. I used to have constant, severe low back pain and sciatica. I could barely stand to brush my teeth or walk through the grocery store. I had been to see just about every kind of doctor there is, and I just kept getting worse and worse. I had virtually quit all of the things I used to enjoy doing – golf, bowling, square- dancing, going to Dolphin football games – just about everything. My improvement has been continuous and steady – pain levels have dropped to a fraction of what they used to be, and I’m now able to do most of the things I used to do! Thank you, Dr. Craig Kuhlmeier, and thanks to your staff too!! Alexander Holbert, Parkland, FL

$20 Qualifying assessmenT

you don’t need to buy anything. but, you will find out if you qualify for this revolutionary new therapy. you won’t leave our office wondering if it’s something that could have helped you get rid of your pain. During your assessment, we’ll check out your: ligament stability, muscle function, pain levels, reflex response, disc condition, tendons, spinal alignment, pelvic leveling, x-rays, spinal flexibility, range of motion, balance & nerve function expires 03/31/14.

Call Today!

“Surely, there’s a different approach to treating cAll our 24 hour helpline AT back and neck pain!” Now, there is..........we are intro-ducing new, exclusive ROBOTIC LASER TECHNOLOGY to the South Florida area. coral springs spine How Does Robotic Laser Therapy Work? & nerve institute Robotic Laser Therapy is an innovative, scientifically- based, 9720 west sample road FDA-cleared technology that offers expedited healing and pain relief through a process known as photo-biostimulation. The coral springs, fl 33065 Robotic Laser delivers deep, penetrating photonic energy to bring dr. craig Kuhlmeier d. c. about profound physiological changes. ATP (Adenoside triphosphate) dr. Aliyah stotter d. c. is increased, inflammation and pain is reduced, and circulation pATienT And Any oTher person responsible for increased at the site of injury. Pain levels can drop dramatically after The pAymenThAsArighTTorefuseTopAy,cAncel,pAymenT just a few treatments!! The “Robot” is so smart it actually “knows” or be reimbursed for pAymenT or Any oTher service, exAminATion, or TreATmenT which performed As A which disc to treat! (Of course, we give it a little help.......!!) resulT And wiThin 72 hours of responding To The These changes in cellular chemistry are triggered by the laser AdverTisemenT for The free discounTed fee or beam, making it a true healing modality. Robotic Laser Therapy does reduced fee service, exAminATion or TreATmenT.


March 2014



March 2014

March 2014



March 2014

March 2014



March 2014

March 2014


EVENT TO BENEFIT THE JACK AND JILL CHILDREN’S CENTER, MARCH 12TH AT THE FRAN PAYNE SOCIETY OF FORT LAUDERDALE March 12th from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening, The Fran Payne Society will open its doors to welcome guests to yet another event benefitting the Jack and Jill Children’s Center. Established in 1942, the center represents the oldest non-profit provider in all of Broward County. In the early stages, its mission was to provide childcare for middle class women entering the workforce as their husbands were oversees in World War II. However as time evolved, so did the organization; moving their interests in helping single parent households with diminishing support systems. This community-based organization hosts several events year round whose proceeds serve to assist the community members in need of their services. Maria Meyer, Director of Development for Jack and Jill Children’s Center could not be more pleased with the endless support the organization continues to receive thereafter Fran Payne’s 38 plus years as the Executive Director. It is known, that the organization is what it is today due to Fran’s values and principles she set forth. As a result of her efforts, The Fran Payne Society was born, allowing her legacy to continue. “We are so appreciate of our donors who recognize the need to help the children in Broward County,” Meyer said so eloquently. Mr. Beth and Kenneth Simigran will host the affair. For many years, the pair has compassionately donated their time and effort to help a cause that is close to their hearts. As hosts, their goal is to entertain, while also making sure to educate their guests on the importance of giving back, in efforts to positively affect children involved in this cause. Worldwide known and Florida expanding, Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers® will cater the food and refreshments. Hector Rodriguez, Culinary Trainer of Giraffas in Florida, intends to provide only the healthiest and most ethnically handcrafted light bites to the affair, including, Frango crème de Limon, Sliced Contra filet steaks, Shrimp Moqueca, and Brigaderos. “Although catering is a new part of our business plan, I will be providing our food and services complimentary as a way to give back to a local organization who give back to its people everyday,” said Joao Barbosa, CEO of Giraffas USA. We would like to know if you would like to attend this event, to experience the Jack and Jill Children’s Center of Broward County and the vendors/individuals who will be donating their services during the evening. The involved parties are the hosts, Beth and Kenneth Simigran, Maria Meyer, Director of Development for the center, Maddie Camp, Marketing coordinator of the center, Joao Barbosa, CEO of Giraffas, and Hector Rodriguez, Culinary Trainer for Giraffas. Media must RSVP to Sophie Latish, Account Executive for Fresh Connect Solutions, LLC.

RSVP guidelines: Full name: Company: Title: Phone number: Thank you, Sophie Latish Account Executive, Fresh Connect Solutions, LLC. (973) 699-1569   March 2014    


March 2014



March 2014

March 2014



March 2014

March 2014



ith the acquisition of TPC Eagle Trace, ClubLink has definitely set itself apart as the premier golf organization in South Florida. With Eagle Trace in the fold, ClubLink now has a total of twelve 18-hole championship courses, and two 18-hole equivalent academy courses in the state of Florida. In the Fort Lauderdale area, in addition to TPC Eagle Trace, ClubLink owns the 54-hole Palm Aire Country Club, the 36-hole Woodlands Country Club and Heron Bay. ClubLink now owns or operates 53.5 18-hole championship, and six 18-hole equivalent academy courses in Florida, Ontario, and Quebec. “The acquisition of this prestigious golf club demonstrates our commitment to providing our more than 20,000 members, the opportunity to truly experience our One Membership, More Golf theme”, said ClubLink President and CEO Rai Sahi. “Since our founding in 1993, that has been our unique business model and one that continues to be very successful”, added Sahi. Opened in 1983 as the first memberbased club in the PGA Tour’s Tournament Players Club network, TPC Eagle Trace is a great, challenging golf course, designed by the renowned architect Arthur Hills. It became only the second TPC in existence, following the establishment of TPC Sawgrass, home of the Players Championship. Home of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic for nine years, Eagle Trace is the centerpiece of a luxury gated community of approximately 900 homes. Members in the “ClubLink family” will now have an even wider array of courses to choose from in South Florida, all within 30 minutes of each other in North Broward County. ClubLink Members will now be afforded the luxury to play one of the finest courses available in the network.


March 2014


ClubLink Members and guests will find six sets of tees that will certainly challenge their games. From the Championship Tees, the course plays to more than 7,000 yards, while the most forward tees measure a little over 5,100 yards. “TPC Eagle Trace is truly one of the best tests of golf I have ever played”, said Derek Fox, Head Golf Professional and Interim General Manager. ‘We have Members who have played here for 30 years and never get tired of the challenge”, Fox added. The layout has some unique characteristics for a Florida golf course, including an island green, and three greens surrounded by wooden bulkheads. Not one palm tree can be found on the property, which is a rarity in South Florida. “All four of the Par 3’s require precise tee shots as water and bunkers protect each green”. The 13th hole is our signature Par 4, demanding a well-struck tee shot to find the fairway. Out of bounds and water protect both boundaries of the hole. The Par 4 18th is perhaps the best finishing hole in Broward Country, as it can be stretched to 470 yards”, said Fox. Fox also made it a point to explain that while the PGA Tour is not part of the yearly schedule at Eagle Trace, “the golf course has stood the test of time as it currently plays host to the Champions Tour Q-School Final Stage every other year”. Located east of the Sawgrass expressway in Western Broward County, Eagle Trace is easily accessible from Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties. Whether a novice, or tour-caliber player, Eagle Trace is a golf course that offers every player a golf experience that will not soon be forgotten. ClubLink’s unique membership program has many different opportunities and price ranges to fit everyone’s budget. ClubLink ….. “One Membership, More Golf”. March 2014



By Brian Weidenbacher


hen I was informed about a chance meeting that was going to take place with Larry Berfond, I had absolutely no idea what was going to take place. After nearly three hours in his office, and a lunch break, I realized that trying to condense his life’s story to this point was an impossible task. To properly write about his accomplishments and life travels, the “story” would be about the length of War and Peace. During Larry’s college days, he worked for two years as a “co-concert” promoter on Long Island for Sly and The Family Stone ….. and the journey began. From there, his life took off and the doors of a different world opened for him. In 1969 he opened Yorkville Glass and China, a fine China glassware shop, supplying restaurants, the public (including movies and TV set such as The Godfather and the Exorcist), and the United Nations Consulates. By the time 1973 arrived,


March 2014

Larry was off to Florida and the adventure really unfolded. He opened additional China and Glassware Shops (Yorkville China and Glass in 1973). Soon, realizing that most people ate out and didn’t require dishes etc., he started Corner of the World Wine and Cheese in Tamarac. By the time 1974 arrived, Mr. Berfond’s Corner of the World led to Fine Wine Knowledge and Catering (Cartwheels). Many unique experiences and opportunities arose from this company. Larry began catering wine and cheese events for Miami celebrities on a regular basis, including William Paley (CBS TV / Warner Bros / Miami Seaquarium), and Jackie Gleason and The Inverrary Classic serving Presidents and luminaries visiting the yearly event. As the years rolled on by, Larry got the restaurant bug and in 1977 opened Lo-Cal Express Restaurant in Boca Raton. This “low-calorie” dining restaurant served Pita Bread Sandwiches and Salads, something unheard of and way before its time in the restaurant business. In 1979, Larry opened “Night Train”, which exploded onto “the” dining and music scene in

Boca Raton, featuring guitarists and fine wines, while infusing his daytime supply of healthy foods into the mix. The “idea man’s” creations led the newspapers to dub him, “Nouvelle Cuisine Found in Florida” (the new upcoming trend by Food Critics) ….. the place went crazy! Following the birth of his child, Larry decided that he did not want to work day and night, and “retired” at the age of 30. Like most people that retire at an early age, the itch for something new and exciting entered Larry’s realm of thought. What was next for this man of constant movement? Was his baptismal into the food world just a stepping stone for bigger and better accomplishments? Could a new adventure bring him to the pinnacle of his never-ending creations? Larry realized that he wasn’t ready to “pack it in”, and the wheels started to spin. What comes next might surprise most people, but after sitting down with this creative genius, I was ready for anything. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This first part of Larry Berfond’s tale is just the tip of the iceberg……. and it’s a BIG iceberg!

March 2014



By Dr. Craig Kuhlmeier



attling against aches and pains is “mission possible” for the M6 Robotic Class IV Laser. The unit is a totally robotized, multitargeted device, used to treat patients suffering from numerous pathologies affecting a wide area, or localized areas, allowing for automatic applications.

The laser works by employing two synchronized wavelengths of light, which transfers energy to damaged tissues at the cellular level. That light triggers metabolic reactions in the cell that stimulates healing, and reduces pain and inflammation. To be able to decrease the inflammation pathway and the swelling on a cellular level, it makes sense to decrease pain. High-intensity lasers have a photochemical effect that triggers the lymphatic system: substantially reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain. They have an analgesic effect on nerve endings. Analgesic simply means the reduction of pain. The laser amplifies pain relief. It’s high-intensity slightly, but comfortably, raises the temperature of deep tissues, micro-circulation increases and tissues receive nuch needed oxygen, water, and nutrients that facilitate healing. Micro-circulation refers to the blood supply of a small, defined area. The M6 Robotic Laser increases blood circulation wherever we use it, such as in the knee compartment. It is one way we help rehydrate the ligaments and meniscus. This reduces pain in the area, and speeds recovery of the damaged cells. Tendon and ligament injuries, herniated and bulging discs, sciatica, degenerative discs and joint conditions, neurological pain conditions, pre and post-surgical treatments, and much more are effectively treated by the M6 Robotic Laser. When a physical condition, or injury, affects mobility, or quality of life, there is one goal ….. a rapid return to every-day activities. Its use is cleared by the FDA and proven successful, as evidenced by extensive, credible studies conducted in our country’s finest institutions, including Harvard University. Dr. Craig Kuhlmeier & Dr. Aliyah Stotter D.C. the owner of Coral Springs Spine & Nerve, located at 9720 West Sample Road in Coral Springs. Call the 24 hour Helpline at 954-752-7373, and start on your way to a healthier you.


March 2014

March 2014


South Florida Ukulele Fest 2014 The South Florida Ukulele Fest 2014 (March 28-30) is bringing some of the best ukulele performers in North America for a full weekend of concerts, ukulele skills workshops, food trucks, ukulele shopping and family FUN in downtown Fort Lauderdale. On Friday, March 28th at 7:00 p.m., the South Florida Ukulele Fest 2014 kicks off with a FREE ukulele jam and concert at ArtServe, 1350 East Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale at Holiday Park which will feature members of the Florida Ukulele Network performing with ukulele enthusiasts from around the country attending the festival. Saturday, March 29th at 10 a.m. the South Florida Ukulele Fest 2014 takes over Esplanade Park, 400 SW 2nd Street in Downtown Fort Lauderdale across from the Museum of Discovery & Science with a full day of music, ukulele skills workshops, food trucks, shopping and family activities all day. Throughout the day, ukulele enthusiasts who wish to polish their musical skills can participate in various ukulele skills workshops being taught throughout the day and targeted for every skill level from beginners to experienced players. Lunch on Saturday, the ukulele skills workshops and the Sunday Luau are included in the price of the weekend pass ticket. Workshops seating is limited and is included with the weekend pass ticket available for $89


March 2014

for all events being held over the three-day festival. At 7 p.m. A FREE Concert under the stars starting at 7 pm and featuring performances by famous North American ukulele artists including The Barnkickers, Sarah Maisel & Craig Chee, Manitoba Hal, as well as local favorites Pacific Rhythms and culminating in a spectacular Hawaiian music performance featuring hula and fire dancers. All music -  all day for FREE, no tickets necessary. Ukulele Fest attendees can purchase raffle tickets for our highly anticipated ukulele raffle where several beautiful instruments and other fantastic prizes will be raffled to raise money for the FUN: Florida Ukulele Network and their work bringing ukulele music education and performances to people of all ages in the community.

Sunday, March 30th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekend pass holders will enjoy more music and great food at the Ukulele Luau Sunday Brunch in Esplanade Park where everyone is invited for bring their ukulele to jam in the Park. A limited number of Full Access Weekend Pass tickets are available for $89 for entrance to all South Florida Ukulele Fest 2014 events, workshops, lunch on Saturday and the Ukulele Luau Sunday Brunch and can be purchased at Now in its third year, the South Florida Ukulele Fest is an annual event presented by F.U.N.: Florida Ukulele Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2009 is based in South Florida. For more information about F.U.N. visit www.

March 2014


Why You Want an Agent - Direction, Protection and Attention


n the days of the computer world and internet accessibility to a multitude of information many home buyers and sellers are asking the question lately - “do I really need an agent?” Need? No. Want? Yes. The availability of pertinent information on-line has made the home buying experience a bit easier then it was just a decade ago - however, this does NOT in any way correlate to the demise of the Real Estate agent. While sites like, Zillow and the like do provide some “good” information they do not provide what is necessary to successfully close a transaction on your own. Finding a home and verifying value is of course a part of the home search and selling process, albeit a very small one. This due diligence process is simply a small piece of the pie. So why work with an agent? Quite simply for three crucial factors - Direction, Protection and Attention.



March 2014

I’ve often stated that “selling the home is the easy part” and what I mean by that is plain and simple - It IS easy to sell a home or find a home to buy. Obtaining a seller or buyer with your specific needs may be daunting and may take some time, but generally anyone can do it in the technology age. The days of print advertising, MLS “book” (listings were once listed in actual broker books before the internet), and a Rolodex full of buyers is no longer necessary to get your home

under contract. There are plenty of sites offering help in doing so - so why do you need an agent? Direction. An agent can and will direct you through the maze of a successful closing. It takes full time knowledge and experience to know what pitfalls to look out for. A “virgin” homebuyer simply doesn’t know these procedures and can and will often put themselves in a sticky situation with either the lender, mortgage holder, title company, inspection agent, escrow account holder, appraisal work, contract deadlines, etc. Not knowing the correct “direction” to move in a transaction can quickly put you back to square one often scratching your head wondering what you did wrong. Think of an agent as your guide - your Sherpa in the Real Estate journey. Would you climb Everest for the first time without a guide? Then why would you put such a large transaction in your own hands?


An agent also serves as true protection in your Real Estate transaction. Even if you know the way, if not properly trained to watch out for red flags throughout the sales and/or purchase process a buyer or seller can easily slip down a slippery slope. Did your buyer neglect to place the correct amount of funds in escrow? What retribution do you have? Did the seller take items out of the house that you had originally stated in contract? What do you do now? - Did the appraisal come back lower then contract price? - Is anyone at fault? Will the buyers not release escrow out of backing out of a deal after 3 weeks? Are you due that money? Did the inspection report come back showing matters unknown to seller? Who has to repair? - Will the HOA not approve your sale just days before clos-

ing? – Now what? The list goes on and on, I’ve dealt with horror stories throughout my career and luckily with time, knowledge and patience I have been able to get through them all - protecting my clients the whole way. Without my knowledge in these situations these people would be out not only a home they had their eye on but in a few instances they would have been out tens of thousands of dollars. Protection in these transactions is crucial - we are talking LARGE purchases here people!! Don’t go it alone.


We all need attention in this fast paced world. Cell phones, email, G4 speeds and the like have made our world move FAST. An agents job is obviously to stay on top of the entire transaction from contract to close. This has become tougher and tougher for sellers and/or buyers to maintain on their own. With most buyers/sellers having full time jobs themselves keeping up with the transaction is simply impossible. Without having a “wingman” giving you the attention you need and deserve you can and will put yourself in a situation that may at that point become unsolvable. I can’t speak for all agents, but my main goal when working with any buyers or sellers is to offer my complete and undivided attention WHENEVER they need it. True 24/7 availability and service, if you can’t move quickly in this environment you don’t stand a chance. And if you have a full time job, you simply can’t move quickly without an agent on your wing. Having a trusted professional looking out for your best interests and giving the attention you need and deserve is priceless - well that’s not true..... it’s 3%

March 2014




ill Daly was in a class by himself. His infectious smile, gentlemanly mannerisms, and amusing demeanor, contributed immensely to his business for the last 37 years. It was difficult not to like the man that always introduced himself to strangers as, “Bill Daly, Irish-Catholic from Philadelphia”. You immediately became his friend, and instantly realized that the way he presented himself was the same way he ran his business ….. with honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Through his legends of friends, and clients, Bill’s “one and done” legacy lives on today. Thomas Kuruvilla, a licensed


March 2014

By Brian Weidenbacher

agent that became a partner about 10 years ago, guides the agency with the same ideals that Daly applied when he started the company. Kuruvilla maintains the same direction with clients, both new and old, in selection of their insurance needs. Thomas takes care of each individual, making sure they are not over, or under, insured. His “hands on approach” reflects a by-gone era in insurance practices, answering customers questions, giving them the best coverage for their money, and helping them understand their coverage completely. As someone in the office commented, “it’s like having a bunch of little Bill’s running around”. Everyone is there to

carry on a tradition of serving clients with honest, friendly, quality service ….. the only way Bill Daly Insurance Agency, Inc. knows how to operate. Whether you’re searching for auto, business, homeowners, commercial, life, or health insurance, Bill Daly Insurance Agency, Inc. can supply you with the coverage you require. Call today at 954-753-0980, or email, for all your insurance needs. Located at 10235 West Sample Road, Suite 203 in Coral Springs, Bill Daly Insurance Agency, Inc. is awaiting your call, or visit, to help select a perfect coverage option for you.

March 2014


Introducing Atmos Rx


As We See It… A

By Brian Weidenbacher


hether you’re presently a smoker, looking to quit, or in need of products for your smoking needs, Smoke Stash is your one-stop supply store. Located at 6418 North University Drive in Tamarac, allow owner Shawn Mzayek to show you around his fully-stocked emporium. His knowledge, awareness, and expertise will lead you in the right direction for sound choices and reliable service in your selection of all your smoking requirements. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Smoke Stash will educate you concerning state-ofthe-art products, as well as directing you in finding what you’re looking for. Shawn and his staff pride themselves on customer


satisfaction, while stocking only the finest brands for every kind of smoker. Whether you’re in search of the finest cigar, or the perfect tobacco, hookahs and shisha, Smoke Stash has an amazing variety to choose from. Smoke Stash also has a complete stock of incense and scented candles to create and maintain a clean home while creating a relaxed atmosphere. “I have customers that have been smoking for years and after they try our products, they don’t want to go back to cigarettes”, Shawn said. His infectious smile and mannerisms create a relaxing atmosphere while shopping for that perfect product.

The most popular products at Smoke Stash are e-cigarettes, eHookahs, and eVaporizers; all healthy alternatives to cigarettes using an eLiquid that is much safer than tobacco smoke and does not include the harmful toxins and carcinogens. “It’s smoking in a new and different way. Instead of smelling like an ashtray, the scent is pleasant and it’s better for your body”, said Mzayek. Smoke Stash also carriesAtmosRX personal vaporizers, electronic hookah sticks, and Luxury Lites to help individuals stop smoking. AtmosRX personal vaporizers are available at reasonable prices for the entire kit. The product is stylish and easy to use. All you do is fill it with oil, press the power

button, inhale and exhale. Smoke Stash offers a wide variety of flavored oils for this product, so there are no odorous smells. The electronic hookah stick and Luxury Lites have no nicotine and costs considerably less than a pack of cigarettes. “They are stylish, tasty, and harmless”, added Mzayek. Stop by Smoke Stash and see for yourself the variety of smoking needs that a truly professional shop carries. Shawn, and his expert staff, can supply you with the perfect product for your smoking needs. Give them a call at 954-718-9000 and inquire about the many different items in the world of smoking. Smoke Stash ….. smoking with a personal touch!

Stop by and see Shawn at 6418 N. University Drive, Tamarac For more information, call 954-718-9000 March 2014

Too much, too soon?

while ago, I had a client ask if I could help her with her sick puppy. She was under a year old and weighed less than five pounds. She had been eating an all natural real food rotational diet, but suddenly became withdrawn, lethargic, with loose stool and coughing. Her owner wanted to know if there was a “special” food that would help. Since she’d been fed the all the right foods for a while, I immediately suspected that there may have been some other cause. Knowing the right questions to ask, lead me to the problem. The puppy had been taken to an animal hospital for grooming. While she was there, the veterinarian and the tech/groomer decided to do a “preventive” dip of sulfur and lime after being washed with a harsh shampoo. To add to the stress this puppy was experiencing, the veterinarian decided the puppy needed another booster vaccine. We are constantly stressing the dangers of so-called “preventatives,” including “vaccines” and that they should not be used as routine, but with extreme care and only when real problems are very probable. This puppy had been suffering the side effects of the vaccine, the effects of the toxic dip, and whatever combination these chemicals had created inside it’s tiny body. The owner was well-educated and a very caring fur-parent, so why did she not believe all the warnings she had seen and heard about vaccines and various drugs? Is it any different than us ignoring the long lists of warnings we see on those drug ads shown on television. We all too often blindly believe that our doctors and veterinarians are looking out for ourselves and our pet’s health and well-being. Unfortunately, they are not taught health. They are taught medicine. There is a big difference. Veterinarians have a further conflict in that they sell products and services that are unrelated to medicine. Why would you take your pet to a facility of sick animals for grooming or for a vacation stay? Let’s think! The animal hospital requires that their grooming and boarding clients must be vaccinated in order to prevent them from catching

something while they are there. They know the facility is exposed to all kinds of pathogens from the parade of sick animals they see daily. We can make decisions for ourselves and assume the resulting consequences. Our pets depend upon us to make the right choices. To do this right, we must ask the right questions of the right people. This puppy ended up to be okay once treated with a diet that included foods that aided in the detoxification of its’ tiny body and the pet parent learned a valuable lesson on not adding any more poison to that body. Once a toxin is put into a body, it is difficult to remove before it does its’ damage. The key here is to always ask yourselves, “why am I doing this” before you take any action and use careful consideration before selecting any health plan for your pet and for that matter for yourself as well…and that’s the way we see it. Bill Piechocki, nutritional and animal health specialist and Dr Diane Sudduth, DVM are principles at BioVance Animal Health which operates Fiesta Pet Deli in Pompano Beach, FL, and are also co-hosts of the #1 educational internet radio show. For over 40 years in the animal health field, they have provided us unparallel vision and information which they pass to their clients on a daily basis. You may reach them at www.BioVanceAHcom or 800-940-7387.

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The Best BBQ and Music in Town at the PigOut ‘n Deerfield By Nicol Jenkins

as backyard and professional BBQ cookers compete for prizes and bragging rights. If you think you can cook up the best BBQ in town, sign up for the backyard BBQ popular community event is back! Get registration at The Profesready for delicious BBQ and homesional Cooker registration can be found at town fun at the 7th Annual PigOut 'n out-professional-cooker_reg. Attendees will The event will take place on Saturday, vote for their favorite and cast the winner March 29th at Hillsboro Blvd. and the of the People’s Choice Award. Intracoastal in Sullivan Park in Deerfield Besides great tasting food, there will Beach. also be plenty of music to keep your feet Residents and visitors will get a chance tapping. The live bands include Steve to taste mouthwatering ribs and chicken


Minotti Band, Uproot Hootenanny, and Andrew Morris Band. The kids also won’t be left out, with the event offering plenty of free activities such as face painting, a bounce house, and much more. If you like BBQ and music, PigOut ’n Deerfield is the place to be! Tickets are available at the gates, or you can purchase them for 1 ticket for $10 at pigout-tickets/pig-out-tickets, or 4 tickets for $30 at http://www.deerfieldchamber. com/pigout-tickets/4-ticket-bundle.

Oakland Park Relay for Life Team Raising Funds to Fight Cancer

This Relay event is about the Oakland Park community coming together in the fight against cancer. The Relay for Life movement features community events that offer an inspiring opportunity to honor cancer survivors, promote how individuals can reduce their cancer risk, and raise money to help end cancer. Sign up your team now and join the residents of Oakland Park by showing your support at the event, which begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 25 and culminates at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 26. Relay for Life will be held at Fort Lauderdale High School, located at 1600 NE 4 Avenue. The all night event will include music, food and entertainment. The City of Oakland Park team, captained by Harvey Rambarath (954-630-4478) and Bruce Garrison (954-630-4502), has already raised more than $1,000 in donations and have several upcoming fundraising activities – including March 10 and April 14 at PDQ Restaurant, 3359 N. Federal Highway (mention Oakland Park Relay for Life team when ordering at the counter or drive-thru). To learn more about how you can get involved in Oakland Park Relay for Life, visit


Kitchen Bath Warehouse

itchen Bath Warehouse, located at 8055 W. Sample Road in Coral Springs, offers a wide range of in-stock decorator plumbing fixtures & hardware as well as bath vanities, toilets, shower panels, bath tubs, shower enclosures and the largest selection of cabinet hardware in South Florida. Once inside their store, you will see why decorators and contractors love doing business with KBW. The sales staff has over 50 years combined experience in the plumbing and hardware business. You will see brands you know and others you have never heard of that will no doubt transform your renovation project. The professionals at KBW will provide you with top notch customer service. Check out their full page ad in this issue as well as their coupon ad on page 6 of the coupon book for even bigger savings. You may also check them out at

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