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The Worldwide Leader in Automotive Appearance and Protection Services

Join the Worldwide Leader in Automotive Appearance and Protection Services Founded On Rust Protection Based on an innovative process developed by Kurt Ziebart to prevent automobiles from rusting, Ziebart International Corporation was founded in 1959. At that time, Kurt Ziebart opened his first location in Detroit, Michigan. The company quickly began expanding into neighboring cities in the Midwestern United States. In 1963, the first international location was opened in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We Didn’t Rest With Rust Over the decades, Ziebart has continued to expand its product offering, as well as develop products and technology to meet the ever-changing market conditions and growing needs of motorists. Once only known for rust protection, Ziebart now offers an array of proprietary product and service offerings, therefore setting us apart from any automotive franchise out there. We’ve developed our own products and application processes and have a product team dedicated to innovation. Diversifying our offerings based on consumer demand allows us to offer a wide selection of profit drivers to our franchise owners. We are the all-in-one stop for automotive aftermarket products and services. Ziebart’s global franchise network has grown to approximately 400 licensed locations in 30 countries with over 800 processing centers worldwide.

Master License Business Opportunity Ziebart International Corporation is seeking driven individuals to invest in a master franchise license who are committed to reaching their full potential by following a proven business model. Our franchise system is custom tailored for each country to market the consumer needs of that country. Ziebart provides each qualified prospect with valuable market information on his or her desired location for business. In addition, we provide a business development plan that contains details relating to market choice, site selection, and operational setup that go into launching successful Ziebart stores. Master licenses are sold on a country by country basis and give the individuals or companies that purchase them sole rights to the Ziebart name and proven business format. The master franchisee will be responsible for developing a sub-franchising network of Ziebart stores in an entire country. In addition, we provide all of the support tools necessary for long-term success. Brand recognition is everything in today’s consumer market. Trusted brand names have been cultivated over a number of years and present a greater opportunity for growth. Since 1959, Ziebart’s dedication to the automotive enthusiast has generated lifetime valued customers who are loyal to our brand and know what it stands for. In addition to a trusted name, when considering options for starting your own business, keep in mind that investing in a franchise provides you with a working business model, a strong support system, and a network of entrepreneurs just like yourself that you can learn and grow from.

Profit Centers We believe in providing a business model capable of producing efficient and profitable business operations. Profit opportunity lies in bringing only the best core product offerings to service a wide array of consumer demands in a growing market. Product and service offerings at the store level give consumers the all-in-one shopping experience. Professional detailing, protective films, and vehicle protection services are Ziebart’s three main profit centers. Professional Detailing

Professional automotive detailing is a $36 billion market that has a high earning potential from consumer spending. With our focus on high-end automotive detailing, which is a $6.5 billion industry worldwide, there are several opportunities for you to earn your share as a Ziebart Master Franchise owner. Our franchise owners deliver the highest quality results to consumers around the world using our proven systems for success. Protective Films

Protective films such as automotive window tint, paint protection film, and architectural film are a growing retail opportunity. Worldwide sales in the automotive film industry alone are estimated at $3.5 billion each year. Investing in a Ziebart Master License, you have the opportunity to earn profits by following our business model and support systems in all markets for window film. We are expanding rapidly in this area of service with our own, Ziebart branded protective films and processes, which maximize your profitability. Our diversified offerings provide quality and superior protection. Whether your market is commercial, automotive, or residential protective film, we have the widest array of protective film offerings under the sun!

Vehicle Protection Services

Vehicle protection is an industry with estimated worldwide sales of $2.5 billion annually. When you own a Ziebart Master License, you are able to offer products that no one else in the detailing market can provide. With paint, fabric, and rust protection, undercoating, and sprayed-on bed liners, Ziebart International Corporation is the leading innovator of automotive appearance and protection processes. Beginning with the pioneering of Kurt Ziebart’s rust protection formula, the Ziebart franchise has been known and trusted by consumers for over 50 years, making our franchise a good choice for brand recognition and earning potential. Optional Product and Service Offerings Based on Market Location

Ziebart meets consumer demand based on geographic location by providing superior products and services in growing industries that enhance and protect the appearance of vehicles. In addition to our main profit centers, visit to explore additional profit centers such as sprayed-on bed liners, undercoating, glass repair, scratch repair, accessories, and more.

Franchise Support Having over 50 years committed to the success of our franchise owners, Ziebart International Corporation provides our franchisees with all the tools necessary for long-term success. Complete with a refined and exceptional business format, sophisticated and technologically advanced support system services and high average gross margins, we are here to support you as a master franchise owner. Business Development Plan Each new Ziebart location requires a specific plan to guide the recently established business through its formative years. Based on Ziebart’s 50 plus years of business experience and operations, we will provide a Strategic Business Development Plan designed to guide you from the initial consideration of opening a business through the first year of operation. The plan documents in chronological order all details relating to market choice, site selection, and operational setup that go into launching a successful Ziebart store. In addition, Ziebart also provides onsite account acquisition and development to build relationships with local car dealerships and businesses that require services that we provide. Location Development We are committed to assisting you in finding prime locations for your Ziebart stores by reviewing your desired country in which to establish a master franchise. We consider business demographic characteristics, environmental conditions, and market conditions, especially those relating to vehicle ownership in that area. It is our goal to ensure that you have chosen the best locations for your new Ziebart business. After the proposed location sites have been approved, a Ziebart representative will draft a sketch of the proposed business centers, utilizing a layout that maximizes production space while presenting a clean and inviting showroom environment. We will also work with individuals that have an existing business structure.

Training Support and Resources Ownership of a Ziebart Master Franchise License means you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. You will have direct contact to our entire support staff at any time you need assistance with your business. To learn more about all resources available for your business, please visit

Marketing and Advertising Support We provide outstanding marketing support programs for our franchisees that are tested and proven to successfully increase store traffic, grow sales, and build lasting relationships with customers. There are many programs available to help grow your business. In addition, we develop websites for your locations and assist with managing your online promotional offers, Internet business listings, social media, online reviews, in-store point-of-sale materials, selling aids, and much more. Our marketing support staff is always available to customize the right marketing mix for your consumer market.

Grand Opening Support Prior to opening your doors to the public, our support staff will assist you in planning the grand opening events for your new business centers. You will be provided with the necessary marketing tools needed to make a big introduction to your business community that will leave a lasting impression. International Dealer Conferences Ziebart International Corporation hosts regional or international dealer conferences each year. These are important working conferences that provide Ziebart franchisees from around the world with new product information, along with updated sales and marketing programs. This is a great opportunity to connect with all Ziebart business owners and corporate staff.

Regional Marketing Meetings As a Ziebart franchise owner, it becomes crucial that you are regularly informed of the trends and methodologies of the automotive aftermarket industry that are influencing both your business and the broader industry. Ziebart’s regional marketing meetings are designed to educate you on current sales tactics, marketing topics, and management techniques that are of direct benefit to you as a Ziebart owner.

Get Started! Taking on a Ziebart Master License is a serious investment decision and we only select qualified candidates with the same level of commitment. To begin the selection process, contact Mike Riley, Senior Vice President, toll free at 800-877-1312 or email If you have already completed your contact profile through the Get Started menu at, you must now complete the enclosed personal profile and return it to our world headquarters for review. You may email a scanned version to, fax to 248-588-0431, or mail directly to: Ziebart International Corporation, Attn: Franchise Dept., P.O. Box 1290, Troy, MI 48007-1290.

Thomas E. Wolfe, President/C.E.O If you have questions regarding the qualification process or opportunity, please contact Ziebart’s Franchise Development Department toll free at 800-877-1312 or email

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