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Breast Cancer路 Awareness TREND WATCH I Energy'Work Give clients good vibrations with spa services that target the body's natural healing powers.

hen Holtz Spa (holtzspa.com) manager Christine O'Grady went looking fo r an in digenous ingredient to use in her service menu, she wound up among the t rees. The Ottawa and Toronto-based spa's Spirit of the Forest Vibrational Therapy (80 min./S 195) utilizes the essences of Canadian evergreens, harvested from clippings and reduced down to what O'Grady calls their energetic imprints. "Trees are full of energy; all living things are," she says. "They wo rk on the emotions, which are directly linked to our mental and physical well-be ing:' The treatment begins with an energy assessment using Re iki. It's followed by a meditation session during wh ich the client is asked to focus on one specific tree. "It sounds odd, but w hen you let the tree in, you open yourself to its healing powers;' O'Grady says. The tree essences are then administered in four ways: First as an oral supplement, then sprayed over the body in a fine mist. Next, essence-infused oil is used during massage. Finally, the therapist rubs the essences into her palms to stimulate energy now betwee n the client and the tree "The idea of improving our health using a natural remedy is appealing to many of us;' O'Grady says.

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TheStar.com I Ontario outings I Want to purge that negative energy? Seek your inner tree

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Wednesda y, September 16, 2009 I T,'dil';;' Toronto Star l



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Want to purge that negative energy? Seek

your inner tree

It might sound nutty, but forest therapy rooted in tradition Sep 12, 2009 04: 30 AM CAROL PEREHUDOFF

SPECIAL TO THE STAR OTIAWA-"Imagine your feet are roots going into the ground .

Your hands are branches reaching into the sky," says Christine, my massage therapist, her pale hair gleaming in the soft light.

Maybe it's the New Age flute mUSiC, but I'm having a hard II' t :c'r~j)I'" NilTliHE SF.... PHOTG time becoming a tree . Maybe I A relaxing respite in the woods around Le Nordik Nature Spa helps eliminate need earthier music, like stress, root and branch . Wiccans chanting or wind-in­ the-leaves sounds. As it is, I'm all too aware this isn't a pine-filled forest but a treatment room in Ottawa 's Holtz Spa, a sleek urban day spa steps ~ ! I',), -tor, away from Rideau Shopping Centre and Parliament Hill. f'liht:

Still, I'm determined to connect. Energy therapies - treatments which work with energy fields in and around the body to remove blockages and restore balance - are one of 2009's hottest spa trends and I need to de-stress . For the past three weeks, I've been in .. moving hell," surrounded by boxes, suffocated by paint fumes and up to my ears in blinds

installations and air-con deliveries . This weekend in Ottawa is a

much-needed break, and if renewal means channelling my inner

tree, so be it.

The Spirit of the Forest Experience is a new treatment and uniquely Canadian - rare in an industry obsessed with exotic traditions like Thai massage, Ayurveda and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Developed by Holtz Spa, it taps into the vibrational energy of various Canadian trees by using essences made from tree cuttings that are distilled down until only their imprint - their energy - remains .




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1 1 ",

efJ .lr "-j r

~{)IP.!"I: d' I . ~

liif! i!Ji.hu'

eo,) f· }·I8i':r. •

Just the facts Holtz Spa, 45 Rideau St., 1­ 877-241-8889; www .holtzspa.com

It sounds a bit out there, but throughout history trees have been worshipped in one way or another. With roots that extend underground and branches that climb the sky, they were seen by pagans as connecting the mysterious realms of the underworld and the abode of the gods. For the Druids, particularly, they were sacred sources of healing , magiC and divination.

http://www.thestar.com/travel!ontariooutings/article/693 096



downtown Ottawa)

on the corner of bustling Rideau Street and ministerial Sussex Drive lies an oasis for many: cultural, spiritual and physical. Since 1985, those looking for the ultimate in relaxation or a boost of energy head to Holtz Spa and Sante Restaurant located at 45 Rideau Street An air of elegance and sophistication drifts through the pristine marbled lobby on the lower level. Following an elevator ride up one floor to the spa, the ambience continues now exuding a more com­ forting atmosphere. The spa offers a retreat fusing eastern healing therapies with western techniques making guests feel miles away from the surging pedestrian traffic of downtown Ottawa. This is the vision that owner Donna Holtom, who won the Wom­ an's Business Network's prestigious Business Woman's Achieve­ ment Award in 2000, had for her business more than two decades ago and remains strong today. The spa and restaurant have been fixtures in the corrununity for years and so has Holtom's influence. The successful business woman has played an active role shap­ ing the City of Ottawa from becoming the Chief of Staff for the late former mayor of Ottawa Marion Dewar in the late 1970s to manager of the Women's Credit Union in 1981 to owning her own world-class spa and restaurant focusing on health and wellness for the past 24 years.

"BORN IN OTIAWAAND RAISED in Ottawa," Holtom was independ­ ent from the get-go. Shortly after graduating from high school, she scored herself a clerical position in the finance department with the City of Ottawa. A time of great political growth and movement within Canada's municipal governments, Haltom soon became chief of staff for the beloved Marion Dewar, opening a door to a different world of opportunities. "Having the opportunity to work with someone like Marion Dewar was an amazing time in my life and one that helped shape many of my own political thoughts and ideas:' SPRJNG 2009



Marie-Josee Riel relaxes indoors at the Ofuro Spa in Morin Heights. Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, Montreal Gazette :l3

expert Anne Dimon has just come out with her third annual list of the best spas in Canada.

Here (from east to west) are some of Dim on's picks for best new spas in the country. You can see her complete 33-category 5: of Canada's best spas at www.traveltowellness.comibestspascanada.

Bes t New "Green" Day Spa: Infinima, Ste. Foy, Que. Ai ln fmima, in Ste Foy (about a IS-minute drive from Old Quebec City), the owners have introduced leading edge green practices," says Dimon. "The system is so 'smart,' we're told, that it 'steals' heat from an area that is too warm and delivers it to n area that is too cold." ~w\o\:' . in5nim1!.ca.

-'lost Exotic Outdoor Spa: Ofuro, Morin-Heights, Que. renched in a Japanese theme -- pagoda-style architecture, Japanese art, furnishings and sculptures are everywhere. Spa Ofu ro is Canada's most uniquely-decorated and exotic 'nature' spa." wWw. spaofuro.com Best New Alternative Therapy: Holtz Spa, Ottawa "Ho ltz Spa's new Spirit of the Forest -- Vibrational Healing Experience is a unique 80-minute experience involving the ,i brational resonance of the essences of Canadian trees. Following the lineage of Bach Flower Remedies, tree essences are be lieved to have special healing qualities that speak to emotional well-being and vitality. The treatment includes a verbal and i brational assessment, then a selection of an appropriate tree essence (or combination of several), a natural dry brushing over !.be entire body, a misting, a gentle massage, an energy balancing ritual and a relaxing tree essence beverage post-treatment." v."lW .holtzspa.com

Best Country Charm: Spa at the Inn on the Twenty, Jordan Village, Niagara:

"Nestled on the tiny, perfect main street of the teeny town ofJordan, the Spa at the Inn on the Twenty's defmitive 'country

cottage feel' is created with the help of furnishings and fixtures including, on the treatment beds -- country quilts ."

.\ ww _innonthetwe1;lty.com

Best Hiking Program: Coastal Trek, Courtenay, B.C.

The intimate, family-run Coastal Trek retreat, in Vancouver Island's Comox Valley, is all about health and hiking. A different

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d'-H I

h'H' o d o n t h o. interest" ? n d fi tne c s Je " p Jc of Q"ll~"-b:u~t)l re d nrocrramc: jn c ln d e J. loo q

-pa tripping - Elle Canada

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Spa tripping From the best massages to the prettiest pedicures, we travelled across Canada to give you our favourite. must-visit spas,

Le Scandinave, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Picture 5/6

Best hydrotherapy r ~s rel,"~nalion ~ou're aft!!. and don'l mind gelli"9 wei, think Le Scand,~ave _ An Ol/f!·old lI.ermal trad llion . mennoIMrapy •• known 10 cleanse Ihe skin. Improve phYSical conolt'omng and promote wellbeing. -- 2 ~1I~Orntlng allacts 011110 ScandinaVian b~!hs art' beSI ach,eved In linea sleps . firsl ",ann up 11'1 'he Fin""" .......a N Nor.,eg.an steam bath. Ihen chili-OWl In a' a Dlable RI\Ief Oulbac1. OF underneath a Nordic waterfal l Fill~lIy relax In the spa s tranq lrll nfllural surroundings ~'C· s ty>e

=... . --;; '.::,,6.(

Lit Scandlnave.s located at 428[, MOnloe R»an Monl Tlem~lanl. courttu'! 01 L~ ScaP'ldin-3'1!c

ae . 81lH2S-552~

Holtz Spa, Ottawa, Ontario

P,cture 616

Best massages

" '51 jl~p5 'rom Partlament Hli E.esl meet~ Nest f~f

" lc' lS' mlrldlb"'ly ano splrl, ".oe -I"nce . ComrroltleO Iv neilSllC U d? ~n .nr: . inoigtltlOUS healing lI'IerIlPI&S ilfld tre~llion~1 n1e<.ltC""' fDr ,,",'101 they .>U>Uf th~ glob<> i-<o llZ has Iht :a.g,,51 masseg. menu I~ Car.. acla. MorenlWvallw 111an ,nos. Ihe mOll! award.v~nmng fl~ds .n<;lude

;'dC' dd 3DunO Hootlilg Ritual ~ t>ral"' "

~ -·~ i c~;


using cry.tal s,ngin9 O')vns T,b8lert neal,ng bowts aud ru""'g forks tha, creale StlOlUJatlllQ H,e '>dll-ha.."ng ebilrlin. of DOOy ana 1;)I~d - aOO Spm 11 th.e Foresl "hien USI!S ': anadlsn tn:t' "~Sl: rtl;.t' , tr p10frnJl6 ·It.,.1i bell;Q


The 1'1010: Sp~ IS locotev 31 (5 RaJea" S', eol lr ,d Flo",. Olt }w8 'J ~" 6 11·241 7770 Wyr.e&), 0' -io)tz S-~


9/912009 --..iiI



can go spa-ing or

What makes them so different? With

you can step it up a

international training from top European

Markham is the resort atmosphere - a

notch and go - Holtz足

schools and world-class experience, these

"sanctuary" feel. "Everyone is a Vr.P,

mg! Choose from two

practitioners dare to dream.

make connections with everyone w


Therapies, such as the twin spas'

Holtz Spa in downtow n Ottawa, Ontario;

exclusive Sacred Sound Therapy and


or inside the Hilton Suites, Markham,

Vibrational Healing, are what Ottawa

O malio, a mere 30 minutes awa y from

613-241-7770 (Ottawa)

Business Development Manager Christine

Toronto. The Ottawa spa has renovated

or 905-470-8522 (Markham)

O 'Grady conceived of and developed ,

a 10.000-foot histori c building and its


ch:.lrm is characterized as cozy, warm , and

part" of the Holtz experience. Tibetan

intimate. In Markham, Holtz-goers will be

crystal singing bowls combined with

mesmerized by the $3.5 million facili ty,

aroma therapy massage reunite mind and




cascading nat ural







body. Vibrational "Spirit of the Forest"

glass staircase, curved walls a!ld clean

is a treatment imbued with Canadian

Jines, all of which evoke a Zen-inspired

fore st tree essences, associated with good

space. Both locations boast full services,


fitn ess studio and hair salon, in addition to aJ" anced skin care, anti-aging therapies; bridal. couples and corporate services; and award-\\inning Asian Fusion cuisine. Like beauty. howe ver, the real spa sub~lanCe

Acre ative, know ledgeable staff defines the Markham Spa also. "We're more than just bubbles and fluff," Markham Spa Director Gillian Kenny laughs. " We offer medical, holistic and therapeutic services,

is within . where the secret of the

where the secret of our success is a skilled

Hl)JlZ ~uC'ceS5 at either location is unveiled

staff They 're reaU y good at what they


a gtlted lot of weUne.

comes thrOllgh our door," Gillian says.



Enjoying hilarious outdoor

theatre by Ottawa's Company

of Fools (p.62)



Learning about 8,000 years in the history of a foreign culture from the 'The Greeks'

exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (p.76)

Connecting with the poets

of Young Griot Collective at

Hava Java cafe (p.57)


Checking out the free

Canada Day Celebrations at

the NAC (p.59)


o e

Picnicking at The Abbey

during Festival Alexandria


" Stitching up teddy in the

B"NS"W tent at the Teddy

Bears' Picnic (p.62)


Freshening up on cooking

and gardening skills at the

Midsummer Herbfest (p.60)

Getting patriotic at the RCMP Musical Ride Canadian Sunset Ceremonies (p.61) Exploring the spookier side

of Ottawa's past on Haunted Walks of Ottawa (p.73)


Paddling th rough the Ottawa River with MKC in the

City (p.80) Admiring the work of local


artists at the Nepean Fine Arts League Annual Exhibition (p.60)


Lounging on the patio and enjoying some great Tex-Mex

at Pancho Villa (p.53) Relaxing and pampering ourselves at the Holtz Spa (p.35)


~ Indulging a little curiosity with Venus Envy's products and workshops (p.38) Feeling nostalgic while browsing the wares at the Ottawa Antique Market (p.29)



Discovering hot new Canadian artists at gallery four seven nine (p.65)

G) Marveling at artists' unique work at Lafreniere and Pai Gallery (p.65)

. . , . . . What made your trip to Ottawa memorable? Send us a note (www.where.cajottawa/ _ contactus.htm ) and your memories may be published in an upcoming issue. 86

where.ca II

JULY 2008

As featured in

Spa guests are treated to a sampling of Sound Healing:

o .' "74470

"70301 Seads2008

Volume 9 Issue 2 $4.95

Display until July 31108

Publications Mail Agreement #40015592

Sound Healing uses voice or instruments to stimulate the body's own ability to heal itself. The instruments used in sound healing include Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and crystal singing bowls. The bowls come in different styles and make different sounds. Christine O'Grady, Massage Therapy Manager, discovered the instruments and instantly fell in love with this therapy. She showed them to owner Donna Holtom who instantly saw their unique value.





If you have some extra time to indulge, try this marathon spa session. A therapist massages steamed ginger compresses


onto your back, neck and shoulders to relieve muscle tension. A Japanese shi­ atsu massage - where deep pressure is applied to your acupuncture points to balance your body's energy systems - will follow. Then enjoy some warming ginger

filrling mr.$sed Ilm' bythl1

<::5011. why not pamp~r your·

If with ;)




tea while you inhale ginger-infused oxy­ gen to help boost your immune system


and ward off colds and flu. Finish with a

itlgcs·,ed. i~ knewn fm it!:

i i'1nClmm,,·w), iind immune-boO)ting

Ginger, when

raptrTici snd n ophrcdi


moisturizing facial treatment and an acu­ pressure facial massage.

L.en been toutlld .1:.



Cops revisit Bayshore hootout

Sometimes you don't have the time or the bucks for a full-fledged spa week­ 4 end. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge in a quick hour or two of R&R. Here are just a few of the intriguing , options available in Ottawa's day spas. One of the newest, designed to appeal to all senses, can be found at the swanky Holtz Spa (45 Rideau St., 613-241-7770, www.holtzspa.com). The Sacred Sound Healing Ritual ($195) uses arcane tools such as tuning forks, Tibetan healing bowls, and aromatherapy massage to relax mind and body.







Victorian wonder â&#x20AC;˘ reacquires original grandeur

DEC . 2006/JAN. 2007

15113"7015 8" '"


Petawawa padres keep the faith

~ ~



: .. '"74470

II' c,





Wxury 2005 Volwne 6 Issue 4 $4.95 D isplay until March 06

U;WllcatiOns Mail Agreement #40015592

allyouneed forSummer .&..L.LV'oth

cool tans PRO SECRETS

always solve the



tzspa.com), like Carmichael, a holistic approach. Reiki, therapeu­ tic touch, a range of massages (Holtz has th e largest massa ge menu in Canada), and traditiona l beauty treatments are all on the m enu. Ali of the products used by Holtz are botanical, and a number of homeo ­ pathic supplements and aromatherapeutic products are available. The big plus: a physician is Oil hand to provi.de MediSpa treatments such as Botox and Restylane, and clients can take advan tage of th e serv­ ices of a chiropractor. The cuisine-which is ASia n- style and is divine- is provided by Sa nte Restaurant next door. Our package . picks: 'express spa treatment with lunch ' (available Monday to Thursday from 11.30a111 to 2.30pm and includes massage, manicure, pedicure, facial , hair trea tment, or waxing, and hlllch-prices vary and are based on treatm ent chosen); 'fresh sta rt make-over' (moisturizing fa cial, eyebrow shaping, haircut, make-up application: $155); an d th e ' mother and daughter retreat' (European facial, m anicure, pedi­ cure, haircut: $365 for two.)

the magazinedevoted to the rejuvenation of body and soul


AYURVED1C TREATMENTS Some popular Ayurvedic treatments offered at spas across Canada include the following:

SHIRODHARA In this treatment, warm herbal oil, medicated milk, or buttermilk is poured in a steady stream on the forehead for 30 to 45 minutes followed by gentle scalp massage. It is an amazingly effective treatment for balancing the Yata dosha. It works on the cerebral system and helps relax the nervous system. It also improves the function of the five senses. It helps with insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as hair loss and fatigue . Literally translated, 'Shiro' means head and 'Dhara' means flow.

ABHAYANGA MASSAGE Abhayanga is the most widely used Ayurvedic massage. It includes a traditional Indian head, neck and full body massage. The purpose of Abhayanga massage is to help prevent physiological imbalances and to lubricate and promote flexibility of the muscles, tissues and joints. while releasing any toxins from the body. The classical texts of Ayurveda also indicate that daily oil massage promotes softness and lustre of the skin, as well as youthfulness.

Ayurveda is not just a fashio n fad, Christin e explains. "It has 5,000 years of documented holistic knowledge that has to be respected. The science ofAyurveda is very extensive and my advice to spa operators is to focus on a few of the better-known therapies and specialize in those areas." Holtz Spa has chosen to train its therapists :in the general knowledge of Ayurveda, the philosop hy, concepts and treatments. Says Cbristine, "Like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda has serious therapeutic value and the extensive use of natural herbs, pl ant-based oils and spices makes it very attractive to spa goers whose foc us is on total health and wellness."

Sonia Prashar is owner of Caya Group, importer of an authentic Ayurvedic line fro m India. She conducts training sessions in using this line at Canadian spas. For more information, visit W\1Jwcayagroup.com

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spa lifeonline.com


I T " II ~ : , ~J" ,, ~.::,>" ". ~ ,~. ,1.t C=::" ! ~ , c -: '- , ~ I II '. ~ ;JjJj ", .d. , ',j ~Ji . . Y(jJI l , ~ . . " ~ ;j , _ . :,~ _~ ". =" , II II II II II Sound therapy II qu ie~ly emerges II as acalm II way to ... II II 'People get an kinds of reactions. Some get II relaxed, others feel invigorated'

• • • • • •

w.;\:jtflOt>.rr· ,.

Thf[lW~~-r~ '~~':')I,[Y<?,~~il¥.l~flJ~HW

. ...



. r?Q,., .·\::!)U ,


t P i'


. :,. .


.. 0'.



' \ .."..-f. i 'T,"

.1 "


I - _..,


I, i




CI!y EdHor Don Ermen 739-511f faK739-8041

'''; .


clty@on.8unpub.com che811h.c8noe.c8

t1.~i\" ' L;,J:..;~:';i_:;!_


receives a sound

therapy massage at

Holtz Spa in Otta­

wa, As the mallet strokes the differ­ ent-sized bowls, a variety of sounds are said to pene­ trate deep inside

the body.


~/ :~~~~; -~



WHETHER it's tuned to AC/DC or Yanni, we all have our own internal fre­ quency that puts us in an exultant sound zone.

The marketing of sound has al­ ways been successful - the music business is proof of that. Modern science is now recognizing just how healing the right sounds can be and a new sound market is quietly emerging. "Sound therapy is ... starting to be taken more seriously," says Chris­ tine O'Grady, a sound therapist at Holtz Spa in Ottawa. "Mystics have always believed in its healing qual­ ities, along with shamanic healers, Tibetans and ancient Egyptians. Now science is starting to justify why it works." Since every organ, every cell, eve­ ry bone and every gland not only emits sounds but absorbs them, every sound - audible to the hu­ man ear or not - affects our health. Studies show sound waves pro­ duce changes in the autonomic, im­ mune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems of the body, Ultrasound technology, for example, can re ­ move kidney stones.



areas and disturbing sounds in the environment, the impact on our health gets an "F" flat. That's where sound therapy comes in. The newest method in­ volves vibrating tuning forks placed on a client's acupuncture points, as quartz crystal bowls are played with a rubber mallet above and beside the client. AJ; the mallet strokes the different-sized bowls, a variety of loud and resonating sounds are said to penetrate deep inside the body.

Releases 'blockages' "The sound from crystal bowls travels in sound waves and enters into the body, releasin g energy blockages that may be causing bad vibrations," says O'Grady. "Sound therapy works at a cellular level, it actually moves things around and it affects you on a physical, emo­ tional, and spiritual level. It really does have the ability to create change in you." Just as the beat of a drwn is said

Holtz Spa's Christine O 'Grady, on sound therapy

in less than a minute, sound thera­ py is said to do the same, tuning up the body in an extraordinary way. "When we're in a state of health, the vibrations in our body sound like an orchestra playing a symphony. When we have disease, the sound is out of tune," says O'Grady. "In sound therapy, we use very re­ laxing sounds - harmonics­ which are the sounds between notes," she says. "All the sound therapy we do is tuned to the frequency of 'o m' ­ one of the most·ancient sounds and it's also the measured frequency of the Earth as it travels around the sun. 'Om' can be thought of as our musical centre of gravity." While the internal benefits of sound therapy aren't completely known yet, the outward results seem to vary from person to person. "People get all kinds of reaction~ from this type of t~erapy," says O'G­ rady. "Some get relaxed, others feel invig?rated. We c!l~ use di~e:ent

(energy centres in the body) de­ pending on what the person needs." "There's a man by the name of Dr. Emoto who has done lots of experi­ ments photographing water while playing different kinds of [Ilusic ­ from Bach to heavy metal," says O'Grady. "He observed that while classical music creates beautiful crystals in the water, heavy metal do esn't create something so beautiful, There's something to that."

'Healing environmenf While the hums of crystal sound therapy are amazingly soothing and seemingly therapeutic on their own, sound therapists are warned of the impact they have making the mu­ sic. "Since our thoughts also have vi­ brations, they need to be pure when we create the music," says O'Grady. "Our thoughts will travel with the sound vibrations, so the intention of the person making the sound is im­ portant. There's a huge re sponsi­ bility on the part of the therapist to create a healing environment." . Whether it's the calm sound a conch shell makes when put to your ear, the pitter-patter of rain hitting the leaves of a thou sand trees in a forest, or the murmur of crystal bowl~ being, s~run~ in .h~n?on y,


by Amanda Mullin photography by Nancy Bell




.: •


Page 12

Pulling into the parking lot at the Hilton Suites Hotel in Markham, l'nl excited to stan my day of panlpering at tIle Holtz Spa. Only thirty minutes fronl downtown Toronto, this is an absolutely perfect escap,-, . I'rn here because rny signit1cant other thinks that I need S0l11e relief from rnv world, and he's right. It's all about lne todaY, and 1 couldn't be happier. Holtz offers some of Canada's 1nost innovative and luxurious spa treatnlents . 1'rn looking forward to this oasis that is going to r~juvenate ancl refresh rne.


Spalife Lu xury 2005



• • • • •

oltz Spa is a Premier Spa in Ontario, with a location in Ottawa and a franchise operation in Toronto. The flagship spa, steps away from the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, has catered to many famous politicians and diplomats . It is not unusual to find a Cabinet Minister, or even the Prime Minister himself having lunch at the spas' restaurant, Sante: a wonderful, second story, Asian inspired bistro. In 2003, 2004, and 2005, Holtz was awarded the Consumers' Choice Award . Their mission is to enhance the quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Today, the spa is recognized as a holistic hot spot featuring a fusion of integrated medicine focusing on the mind, body and spirit. Their newest addition is the Sonic Journey, where crystal healing bowls, tuning forks, and sound meditation are combined with massage, Thai bodywork, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote healing through vibration. Our internal organs respond to certain sound vibrations that are effective, not only for stress-related tension, but immune system problems, circulation, and emotional tension. The Ohm frequencies used in the treatment awaken cellular memories to heal on different levels. "The eighty minute treatment is very hands on," says Christine O'Grady, Sound Therapist and Holistic practitioner at Holtz in Ottawa. "Sound is incorporated at every level with crystal bowls and tuning forks used directly on muscle, tissue and acupuncture points." I want to experience the Crystal Healing Bowls therapy for myself, as it sounds intriguing. Slowing my breathing and closing my eyes, I focus my attention on the sounds of the crystal bowls. The 'Ohm' vibration surrounds me as the wand waves in circles inside the bowls creating a supernatural sound, like nothing I've ever heard. "Sound or vibration medicine is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by blockages in the energy channels of the body. When there is a blockage, the organ j~ question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency, and thus results in some kind of illness. Through sound, one can break up, dissolve, and release these blockages to promote self-healing," says O'Grady. Owner Donna Holtom says that at Holtz Spa they strive to look beyond the confines of our present health care system and seriously focus their attention on both the ancient systems of healing from the East, and science-based therapies from the West. This new field of integrative medicine involves complimentary health practitioners, professional bodyworkers

"Tile eigllty minute treatment is very ilands on," suys Christinc O·Grddy. Sound ThcrClplst ane! Holistic practitioner aT Holtz in Ot1awCl . "Sound is incorporaled at eve!) level With crystal bowls and tuning forl<s used clirec!ly 011 muscle. tissue anl! acupuncture points."

An Ottawa Instituti Holtz Spa Celebrate.s20 Y~TS of Promoting Well ness'in Ottawa Holtz Spa celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Centrally located at the corner ofRideau and Sussex, Holtz Spa is a favorite destination for many in Ottawa's political, business and embassy milieus who seek the latest and most exceptional wellness treatments. Owner Donna Holtz (who also sits on the Board of Leading Spas of Canada) observes that "people go to spas for theIr health, anci spas have in a way become the front line of health care in this country." Holtz Spa has a medical doctor on staff, who offers "everything from botox to detox."

Also available are Chinese medical acupuncture, crystal healing and other wellness services. Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is among the latest ofanti-aging therapies. A safe, effective and natural way for rejuvenating the face, this 6,OOO-year-old treatment can virtually erase fme lines, while reducing deeper lines and flfming skin around the neck and eyes. Crystal healing is a centuries-old treatment using actual crystal stones. At this spa, you will also find Canada's first-ever, state-of-the­ art Hydro Capsule. Providing a gentle Vichy shower, underwater massage and chromotherapy (the use of colored lights for healing purposes), the Hydro Capsule is a perfect prelude to body scrubs, salt glows and body wraps. The spa business in Canada is witnessing tremendous growth. Donna Holtz was a member of the Canadian Tourism Commission's Spa Wellness Task Force, which studied the impact the spa business was having on tourism-related decisions.Trends in Australia, Thailand and other countries show that there is considerable return on having spas listed as travel destinations, as more people travel abroad for special spa treatments. Canada has great spas and wants to ensure it is part of this growing international travel and wellness trend. In the meantime, Donna Holtz continues to work her magic at Holtz Spa, while helping to establish Canada's spa presence beyond Ottawa .•

A natural alternative to Botox and surgical face lifts, this treatment is very popular among stars in Hollywood. Based on a 3,000-year-old system of Chinese medicine, cosmetic acupuncture involves fine, disposable needles being placed in acu-points around the neck and eyes; then hands and legs.


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Muscle groups are stimulated to produce more collagen which then firms and tones the face. It can eliminate fine lines, reduce acne, help droopy eye lids, reduce bags under the eyes, and improve colour and vitality.

12 treatments are recommended; 80 minutes each treatment for $125 per visit, or a package price of 12 visits for $1249 52

74470"70301 Swnmer 2005 Volwne 6 Issue 2 $4.95 DispJayuntil .-\ugust 31/05 Mail Agreement #400 15592

Holtz Spa in Ottawa - www.holtzspa.com Founded on the principles of health and wellness, this Feng-Shui inspired spa offers calming and fragrant treatment rooms with an extensive menu of ancient and modem spa therapies paired with the most sophisticated high tech equipment available in the world. Dr. Blaise who has his doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine, gives treatments. He is also a massage therapist, of Naturopathy, and a Tai Chi inc;:trl1f'tM










HOLTZ HEAlTH AND BEAUTY SPA 45 Rideau St., 2nd Floor holtzspa.com (613) 241·7770 Although I have never ach ieved a true Zen-like state through medi tation, I imagine it must be similar to how I felt after my Shi Tao body rrea tmenr, which melds Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies. Operations manager and shiatsu thera­ Christine O'Grady worked 'on my body with a harmonious union of shiatsu, Swedish massage and hot stone therapy. My nose was delig/lted but not over-stimulated by the mois­ turizing aromatic massage oil. "It rea lly combines so man y things to give you an au thentic spa experience, so much more tha n just a mas­ sage," says O'Grady. The 80-minute treaanenr left me feeling peaceful and de­ stressed.

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Getting in touch All the gain with none of the pain. We're talking about Thai yoga massage. /l few years ago the Thai Trade Office invited Canadian spa owners to visit Thailand to learn about that country's famed therapies. Holtz Spa owner Donna Holtom was one of the lucky dele­ gates. Impressed, she took massage therapist Christine O'Grady on her next visit to Bangkok to train with the masters. Now the spa's Thai mas­ sage package is so popular with stressed-out Ottawans that Holtz has trained six therapists in the art of yoga massage , which has roots in Theravada Buddhism, Thailand's ~ational religion. So what's it all about-apart from feeling relaxed? The philosophy of yoga massage originated as a spiritual practice derived from the teachings of Buddha and , in the early days, was taught and practised in temples . With the arrival of the first Buddhist monks in Thailand around the second century Be, this healing art spread and was hande down orally from teacher to student . At some poi nt, the techniques were inscribed on stone tablets that now reside at Bangkok's famous Wat Po (Temple of the Dawn) . The tablets depict diagrams of the human body, showing the key energy lines and where to apply massage to stimulate circulat ion and e ffect healing. The method uses pressure, muscl e stretch ing , and compreSSion practised in gentl e, rhythmic , roc king movements .

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Just steps from the Chateau Laurier, the Holtz Spa has created an inviting ~ space that remains polished without a g:; J,:.l cookie-cutter designer setting. Massage CQ rooms may have colourful East Indian blankets rivers of stones and/or candles. One of two couples massage rooms has a whimsical ArabiMl-Nights-themed 10W1ge right outside . The offerings go well beyond the usual sports, Swedish and shiatsu mas­ sages, or even the ever-popular LaStone with hot basalt river rocks - all ofwhich are on the menu. Holtz's approach places a strong emphasis not only on working on stiff and tense muscles, but on pro­ • moting deep relaxation. A Thai massage, performed on futonlike mats on the floor while wearing loose cotton pyjamas (which are provided), can be followed by a Thai turmeric body scrub with jasmine rice. Even rarer on most spa menus is the Tui Na massage. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, massage therapists apply vigorous strokes to acupressure points and muscle groups to stimulate the flow of energy. But where Holtz truly surprises is in its encyclopedic offering of body treatments. Purists who prefer European-style algae wraps, urbanites searching for a tropicalflavoured salt scrub or chocolate wrap and divas longing to lie back for a Cham­ I pagne facial will all find something to suit The Parafango body wrap uses the same heated paraffin used in manicures, Sl :il sealing in mineral-rich sea muds and ~ smoothing dry skin. The Regalo del Mar :; exfoliating body scrub is a scrumptious ';:" concoction scented with lime, sandal­ ~ E wood, bitter orange and green tea. «'" <; Or you can relax by candlelight and ""-e soft music in the deep moisturizing Cleopatra Milk and Oil wrap. You'll en " "" be swathed in the spa's "soft pack" dry ~ ~ floatation system (one of only three in Canada). Essentially a tiny waterbed with :;; ""duvet," you float in tena water-filled c sion-free weightlessness coddled in a i~ warm blanket. Hour-long massages stat! u around $80 and full-body treatments $100 . from 8. ~ And if a weekend of indulgence il sOW1ds like something you wouldn't usu­ ~ ~ ally do, remember: no one has to know. ~ Ottawa has always been good at keep~ ing its guilty pleasures to itself II!! ~ ~ 0


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Holtz Spa offers shiatsu, Thai and Chinese massage.





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European wraps and urbanites searching for tropical scrubs will find them at Holtz

Purists who prefer

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

HOLTZ SPA Ottawa holtzspa.com; 6 13-241 -7770

"I (elt like a queen In their beauti(ul (acilities." - Patricia Spurr T his day spa has been serving up rejuvenating treatments to digni­ taries for almost two decade s. The new spa is in Markham . Ontario. Don't miss Thai Herbal Healing Therapies.

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The second installment of a three-part highlighting Toronto's best spas


• • • • • • • • •

Spa Surre dl r ,f



HO...TZ SPA 8500 Warden Ave" Hi lt on Suit es Ho tel, Markham, 905­ 47U-X522 Spa director: Cind~' Leung Year founded: 2001 Neighbourhood: rvl~rkham, west of Toronto Clientele: Female boomers, but getting youngt' r; pre­ dom inantly regula r cl ien tele, 15 per cen t male Vibe: Serene, relaxi ng oasis of calm Mission statement: "Holtz Spa works to improve qua lity of li fe th rough physical ,md men tal rejuve nation, self-esteem and a balance oi' Ileal th and wdlness, Our ongoing goal is to exceed tllC ex pecta tio ll s oj' our clientele wi th hands-on pJ'()fe ss i ol1~ 1 service,"


Number of treatment rooms: 1'1 Number of staff: More than <J()


Decor notes: Built on the princ i p~ls 01 feng shui, Holtz Spa has no stra ight wall s­ they're all curved, A spiral glass staircase with adj,Kent water-wall is th t' focal point. Simple ye t elegant fu rn ishi ngs, neu tral colou rs Refreshments: Full menu Most intriguing service: The absol utely incredible Holtz body cocooning, wh ich involves ,>x fuliatio n, a sh ower, the applica ti on of a mois turizer, then you're "'rapped and th e table you're I) ing on gently falls ou t from henea th, leaving )'l, u ll p3t ing io 18 inches of hea ted pressure-free wa ter fUI 15 minutes Top treatments: Body cocooning, signJture facial, 9U-minu te Thai ma ssage, mango body scrub, pedicu re Service our reader shouldn't leave without: Holtz " ..d) ,","1Ooing


; ~ UD1)

FUn-r}J U UD.f rJ

A the body and soul by Dana Alexander Photography by Christian Lalonde

Amid the hustle and bustle of the specialty shops, cafes and hotels on Ottawa's Rideau Canal stands the tranquil oasis known as Holtz Spa. One of Canada's most renowned and respected spas, the Holtz offers an exotic blend of spa therapies and nurturing services inspired by old-world healing disciplines - a unique spa experience that won the Consumer's Choice Award in 2003. Its selection of treatments is so distinctive that Holtz Spa's popularity has continued to set standards for the spa industry, both in Canada and internationally. Holtz Spa has two locations: in the shadow of the Peace Tower in downtown Ottawa, as well as in its world-class spa-hotel franchised to Hilton Suites Conference Centre and Spa in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Rumour has it that expansion plans may soon see another location in Vancouver, British Colwnbia, and that would only be a good


thing for spa goers in the West. Page 12

Spa Life Winter 2003

O ntar ic

The Feng Shui-inspired spa offers clients the 'Holtz theory of health and wellness.' Holtz holistic treatments are designed to create harmony of body, mind and spirit, and the decor and ambiance provide a quiet sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate. Highly trained estheticians and therapists use only the purest botanical products and innovative spa -----足.. technology to guarantee the Holtz standard of excellence. Holtz Spa Ottawa has been pampering dignitaries and professionals since 1985. Sacred sounds and enticing aromas encourage clients to leave their stress at the door. One of the most sought-after packages is the 'Holtz Romance'; a truly exceptional pampering experience for two, and a unique way to celebrate special occasions. It begins with a couples massage: one room, two beds, and two therapists to melt away aching muscles caused by stress and tension. An organic Mango Body Scrub with coconut and crushed black turtle beans is the perfect exfoliation before couples enjoy the Holtz Body Cocooning experience. This sensuously romantic interlude ends with warm lemongrass tea for two served in front of a cozy fireplace in the Orchid Lounge with light refreshments from the Holtz Asian-inspired Sante Restaurant. An almost visionary approach to health and wel1ness distinguishes Holtz in the spa industry. Massage therapies, body treatments and facials incorporate healing herbal remedies and

Spa Life Winter 2003

pure energy work, such as Reiki, Tui-na, Crystal and Gemstone Therapy, and Therapeutic Touch. The Holtz Signature Facial with glycolic wash, microdermabrasion, lymphatic massage and anti-aging formula is unsurpassable. The emphasis is on the experience, being touched with intention and healing through touch while being pampered to the extreme. I arrive at Holtz Spa for an early morning Shi-Tao body treatment, to ease the stress of a hectic workweek. A cheerful receptionist greets me with a smile and conducts me to the dressing room to snuggle into a plush terry robe and await my eagerly anticipated treatment. My therapist, Maria, explains the process and leaves me to relax among warm flannel blankets on the soft, comfortable massage table. She begins the treatment by massaging the fragrant Babor Scentao oil into my weary feet and uses hot river rocks to ease away my tired muscles. The treatment works from head to toe, front and back, and includes an acupressure facial massage using Babor Scentao moisturizer. Maria tops it off with a relaxing Shiatsu back massage. I am thoroughly relaxed and barely awake as I slip my de-stressed body - soaked in fragrant oils and creams - back into my robe. This is just what I needed, and I leave feeling completely rejuvenated. The recipe for Holtz Spa's success continues at their newest

Page 13

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soul soothing Freshen up with Bambou & Papyrus, a bright,

Green Tea Gardens' effervescent bath

energetic collection of Asian yin-yang tranquility.

delights are derived from extracts of

Enriched with hemp oil, bamboo and gingko

honeysuckle and ferns. Nature meets

biloba; glowing of crisp

science as Canada's own Patm e d'O r

ivy and lemon tree

intrigues with these and other mood-and颅

leaves; bursting happily

mind-awakening bath, body and home

with the fragrance of

collections. We found a great selection

rosemary and bergamot; Bambou & Papyrus is tantalizing. Think of a light breeze blowing white flowers while you warm yourself under a playful sun and smell the soft scents of cedar,

at Holtz Spas in Ottawa and Markham.

Ottawa Overnight


es we're Canadian! Get patriotic this summer with a family trip to our nation's capital. Kick back in luxury at the historic Failmont Chateau Laurier. "\.vhile dad and the kids take the plunge into the ultra art deco pool, mom gets quiet time at Holtz Spa under the watchful eye of guru Donna Holtem. Go for a few divinely decadent days. Visit website at www.holtzspa.com. 1II

sandal and musk. A magic moment in the Orient.

Spa away ..


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Three Winnipeg locations.

"The whole experience was great, fram wailing in the lounge , to having my facial, to walking out feeling like a new woman!" - ]eryce Smith

Giselle'S, whose name has long

been synonymous with skincare and

innovative spa treaments in

Winnipeg, has upped the pamper­

ing quotient with The Zone, an

expansion to its Meadowood Spa.

It features a luxurious lounge, din­

ing area and treatment rooms with

individual light and sound-system

controls. Specialty Giselle's Date

Night Facial.

giselle.ca; 204-956-5400 Two locations: Ottawa and Markham, Ont. "The staff remembered my name and

was glorious. They even modified a treatment to my request. I felt like the most important person there." - Maureen FarreU eveT)' treatment

A fixture in Ottawa since 1985, recently, Holtz Spa has gone through a redesign. They have also opened a new 5,800-square-foot Feng Shui-inspired spa at the Hilton Suites in Markham.

Specialty Swiss Goat Butter Cream Wrap on the spa's exclush Cocooning Bed.

houzspa .com

While we couldn't include evel one's favourite, here are a fe'll that received raves from both readers and contributors:

(1993) Victoria, BC

"It's like a kiss to the soul. The loca· tion, staff, atmosphere and facilities make it 0 total experience." - Nene Van Volsen Voted one of North America's top 100 hotels and resorts in 2002 by Tro·vel + Leisure magazine, this har­ bour-side resort offers a full-service European-style spa and extensive fi ness facilities. Specialty Deluxe Oasis Facial. Facilities Whirlpool, sauna, fitness room {universal gym, cardio area, free weights}, indoor pool in solariwn, indoor hot tub, squash and raquetball courts. Class Stability ball, water aerobics, boxin Change rooms Women's and men 500 sq. ft each. Dining Juice bar;


August 2000

ohashi massage A Ilealing art originating in Japan. ohashi massage uses the power of touch and pressure on tile body's acupressure point to invigorate and replenish the body and soul bv incre,'1<;;" q hl0Ar "n' " ~r d "TP­ r

'n ,-=;;tU· ··,

_ 11

::'·t-dl.l .


_ll:a,·la. lL '

. \IQU keep your clothes on Wllilf

practitioner uses a mix of meridian stretch, '" olnd relaxed pressure allover your body. The body's meridians. which channel ent--< IY throughout our system. are stimulated ,sing massage, acupressure and slliat~u ti le lower- and upper-back muscles). GrAAI 1(J'


__ .. _. ___ _

n !l lil l e



canada's fas~on magazine

I I I "


Your list of I Canada's best!



BEAUTY &HAIR fab spas salons • services HEALTH


tOR gyms trainers .. plastic surgeoAs MONEY & CAREER , ­ hot stocks and how to get a raise J




Owner Donna Holtom won Ottawa's Businesswoman's Achievement Award in 1999 and is a founding member of Spa Canada, a newly formed association of Canadian spas . Treatments: oxygen therapies, facials with lymphatic drainage and reflexology.


PLUS! 26 Pages of Fall 's st-Haves TRAVEL 9 Great Spiritual Retreats


Donna Holtom poses with Citizen publisher Russ Mills, who presented her with the Business Woman's Achievement Award during a gala last night at the Chateau Laurier.

Mother of three honoured

for business acumen


DOlUla Holtom has a vision. And it was her strong views on the role of com­ munity in her three Ottawa businesses that cap­ tured the attention of the Women's Business Network, which presented her with the presti­ gious Business Woman's Achievement Award at a Chateau Laurier gala last night. Ms. Holtom, who owns Sante Restaurant, Holtz Health & Beauty Spa, and the Sussex Club was welcomed by a sold-out crowd of 365. During the evening, she received several tributes that cited her as a tremendous leader and entrepreneur. The 47-year-old mother of three is also known for her volunteer work with, among others, the Tulip Festival, the Ottawa Art Gallery and the Na­ tional Arts Centre. She also runs art shows at her restaurant in an effort to promote local artists. Ms. Holtom was honoured by the award and sees the distinction as an opportunity to give back to the community. "I think it's all about role-modeling ... sharing information," she said. She attributes her family and her talented staff

for much of her success, which she says is based on specializing in areas that can be easily brought together: food, health and fitness. "I have a passion for what I'm doing - fine food, fine wine, pampering and great art. The whole intent was to bring that to the community." So what's next? She looks positively to the mil­ lennium for what she believes will bring in­ creased emphasis on her type of business. She hopes it will bring a new plateau for her compa­ ny, which already employs 40. "These are businesses that are so much a part of the future - health and wellness and the whole idea of healing," she said. That will be happening for the next 20 years." Five finalists were selected from among 19 women who were nominated for this year's top award. They are: Frances Balodis, international director of Music for Young Children; Laraine Kaminsky, president, Malkam Consultants Ltd.; Cindy Ann Sprague, vice-president, OmniMark Technologies Corp.; Julie Tubman, president, Tubman Funeral Homes; and Judith Yaworsky, president, Communications Consultants Ltd.

Profile for Theo Savides

Holtz Spa Presskit  

The luxurious Holtz Spa offers total health and wellness with holistic treatments designed to create harmony of body, mind and spirit. The d...

Holtz Spa Presskit  

The luxurious Holtz Spa offers total health and wellness with holistic treatments designed to create harmony of body, mind and spirit. The d...