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Samsung rolls out HMX-S and HMX-H series of 3D camcorders

With the three dimensional format entering consumer segments, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this technology take the consumer markets by storm.The recent 3D offerings are from Samsung in the form of full HD camcorders – the HMX-S series and the HMX-H series. Bringing a full 3D viewing experience to consumers, these camcorders are capable of connecting to Samsung 3D TVs and also support 3D via 2D-to-3D conversion technology. Users can shoot in 2D and display the content in 3D, enabling a more realistic and immersive experience. The all new HMX-S16 lets users shoot videos in Full HD and also display them on Samsung 3D TVs using Wi-Fi or HDMI cable connection. Samsung’s 3D TV featuring 2D-to-3D real-time converter ensures that the HD content shot on camcorders exhibits engaging 3D experience at home. “This is an industry milestone and a remarkable advancement in the role a camcorder can play in everyday life,” said Steve Mitchell, General Marketing Manager Samsung Digital Division. “Your camcorder is now a key to unlocking a world that is transforming the entertainment industry, and to see yourself in 3D is truly an unprecedented experience.” The connectivity capabilities of the HMX-S16 are said to go beyond cables and it serves as an essential tool. The device also comes with support for DLNA sharing via Samsung AllShare technology. It is also capable of uploading and sending videos wirelessly over Wi-Fi to a home PC or Samsung TV which also includes the newest line-up of 3D LED TVs.

Samsung rolls out HMX-S and HMX-H series of 3D camcorders by techgadget