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Samsung HMX-H205: low light HD camcorder outed March 4, 2010 6:00 pm by Ben Sillis

The Samsung HMX-H205 HD camcorder may not be as thin as Sanyo’s latest slinky moviebox, but its new imaging sensor promises much clearer images, even in low light. Read on for all the details on what the Samsung HMX-H205 packs in right here.

The new Samsung HMX-H205 top of the line HD camcorder comes with a beefy 32GB of solid state storage for stashing your videos on, as well as an SDHC card slot to bolster that further, but it’s the promise of a new BSI CMOS sensor on the Samsung HMX-H205 that has us excited. While we wouldn’t expect the same low light quality as expensive gear like the Nikon D3s, we’ll still take any improvements in dim light shooting at a mainstream level. The lens on the Samsung HMX-H205 boasts 20x optical zoom, and the camcorder can shoot H.264 video in 1080i at 60 frames per second, while a HDMI port means you can playback your film on a flatscreen if the 2.7-inch touchscreen onboard isn’t good enough.

Alongside the Samsung HMX-H205, three lower end models with the same sensor have been announced, the HMX-H204, with 16GB of solid state memory inside, the HMX-H203 (8GB) and the memory card-only HMX-H200. The Samsung HMX-H205 and the rest of the line ship in June, and we’ll bring you pricing as soon as we get it.

Samsung HMX-H205: low light HD camcorder outed